Twelve zodiacs, twelve stages...

The Zodiac is a powerful, multi-stage boss that spawns only in Cosmic Mode and is based on the Signs of the Zodiac.


The Zodiac is composed of 12 different bosses that are fought one after the other. Each one is based off a different Zodiac sign, and is a differently coloured circle with their Zodiac sign on their forehead, 2 angry red eyes and a golden set of weapons. Each Phase has multiple attacks at his/her disposal, including 3-4 Common Attacks, 3-4 Rare Attacks and 1 Ultimate Attack, used when the Phase only has 20% health left. This Ultimate Attack is usually extremely deadly and is used as a last resort. It also can only be used once, by each Phase. When a Phase uses his/her Ultimate Attack, the zodiac symbol on his/her head will glow white.

Preliminary Phase

After Cosmic Mode has run for 18 hours of its 24, Zodiac arrives, first spawning right at the black hole. The form the Zodiac takes here is a circle with all 12 Phases. For one minute this juggernaut is invincible and rages through the arena, shattering tanks with its power. A message is then broadcasted: "Perhaps a trial by combat would be more fair..." and the other 11 vanish, leaving behind Aries. Phase I has begun.

Phase I - Aries

Forceful, driven, impetuous, and strong, Aries combines the raw power of Capricorn and the energy of Sagittarius. His pure strength and personality are tempered with an agile mind, creating an especially deadly combination...

Right after the spawn message is broadcasted to the server and the other 11 Zodiac Phases leave, the Aries phase of Zodiac begins. Aries's spawn location varies slightly, but is almost always fairly close to the central black hole. Aries then ruthlessly hunts down tanks, in a somewhat random manner—pursuing for minutes a group of tanks and then suddenly wandering off to get a lone tank.

Aries has two different weapons, something somewhat unusual. The first is a dark red helmet that has one strong, twisting ram horn on either side. These horns have razor sharp tips and continually drip the blood of the tanks they have killed. The other weapon is a heavy spiked mace that strikes with frightening speed and power.

Aries has at his disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Brained: Aries slams a tank with his mace, dealing phenomenal damage. A fast, simple, and deadly attack, but one that can be avoided without too much trouble.
  • Head Flick: Aries twitches his head, sending one of the horns at blinding speed toward a tank that has ventured too close. Very short range.
  • Face-Mace: Aries slams his head on the ground, doing light damage to all tanks nearby, then slams his mace on the ground, doing more damage to all tanks nearby.
  • Swing of Death: Aries swings his mace. It has much better range and speed than the "Brained" attack, although damage is significantly reduced.

Rare Attacks

  • Shepherd: Aries swings one his long horns towards a tank, forcing it to move straight into the path of his heavy mace.
  • Mace of Fire: Aries's mace suddenly ignites with blazing fire, and he swings it at players, using the "Swing of Death" attack. It does extra damage and heats the ground it passes over, doing light damage to tanks that touch the ground before it cools.
  • Split Mace: Aries swings his mace, like in "Swing of Death", but its head splits, releasing eight miniature mace heads, which go in opposite directions. The mace heads are very fast, have an infinite range, and do lots of damage.
  • Half Face Slam: Aries's horns suddenly move, one of them pointing forward and one pointing backward. Aries then stabs a tank, head on, with the frontal horn.

Ultimate Attack

  • Drums of Doom: Aries summons a second mace and starts moving around the map with double his normal speed, slamming the maces on the ground (or on the unfortunate tanks that get chased down) at a very, very high rate. The resulting earthquakes do light damage to all nearby tanks. Aries also leaves a near-impassible trail of fire behind him, which he uses to trap tanks. After one minute, the second mace will disappear, and the normal fight will resume. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase II - Taurus

A sturdy, reliable, and stubborn warrior, Taurus does not surrender. Once he does something, he sticks to it, no matter what. Although as inflexible as the Earth from which he came, Taurus is slow to anger. But when he does get angry, nothing will get in his way...

Right after Aries is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Taurus phase of Zodiac begins. Taurus's spawn location varies but is always near a small group of tanks (no more than five). The way Taurus acts for the rest of the battle is principally determined by what the tanks do: either Taurus moves on and starts building or he chases down tanks.

Taurus has two weapons. The first is a brown-green hammer, with which he launches attacks or builds structures. He holds the hammer in one hand. His other hand is a weapon. With his powerful fist, he crushes tanks easily. He also has a pair of horns on his head, but they aren't used for anything and are just there. Taurus also has medium health, heavy resistance to damage, and very slow movement speed. His detection range is standard.

Taurus has at his disposal several attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Punch: Taurus punches a tank with his fist. This is a fast attack, but it does not deal an inordinate amount of damage.
  • Crush: Taurus slams his fist at a tank. While Punch is a simple Jab, in this attack Taurus directly targets a small space and sends his first on a downward trajectory. It's a fast, deadly attack but can be dodged by moving a few squares.
  • Meteor Construction: Taurus slams his hammer a few times at the ground, creating and releasing a Meteor within seconds.
  • Planet Wall: Taurus slams his hammer twelve times in a semi-circle. At each of the twelves places where his hammer strikes, a Dwarf Planet appears.

Rare Attacks

  • Hook: Taurus launches a hook at a tank. Either the tank meets his onrushing fist, or it gets damaged by the Meteor which he simultaneously builds with his hammer...
  • Sun Generator: Taurus rapidly hits the ground twenty times in the same spot, building a Sun, which does damage to all tanks nearby. This attack takes five-ten seconds.
  • Meteor Machine Gun: Taurus uses his hammer at blinding speed to create a near-unbroken stream of Meteors, which he aims at tanks. After five to ten seconds, he stops the stream.
  • Bash 'n Smash: Taurus swings his hammer at a tank. The hammer does heavy damage to whatever it touches, as do the eight Meteors (one in every direction) which the attack also releases.

Ultimate Attack

  • Power of the Earth: Taurus punches a hole in the ground and grabs a second hammer. He then moves around the map at 1.5x the speed, while continually pounding his drums. Random Meteors, Dwarf Planets, and Comets frequently appear in his vicinity. Whenever he sees a tank, he creates a Red Sun which has a 25% higher chance of becoming a Supernova. He also causes nearby already existing Planets to Fuse into Suns. After two minutes of this, he punches another hole in the ground and puts the second hammer back where it belongs. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase III - Gemini

Gemini is not just a twin nature. Gemini is a twin boss: half of its extraordinary power goes into one manifestation and half goes into another. And while they are certainly different in personality and attack style, both are deadly in the extreme...

Right after Taurus is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Gemini phase of Zodiac begins. Before anything else is said about Gemini, it must first be noted that Gemini has two manifestations. Gemini can switch between this whenever he pleases and each has its own health pool and slightly different design. They also have very different personalities. The first is imaginative and restless, always wanting to try something new. The second is sullen and nervous, but has just as much creative power as the first.

Gemini's spawn location depends on which personality he first has. With the first, he spawns fairly far from the Black Hole, in a unique and interesting area. With the second he spawns reasonably close to the Black Hole. And with the first, he proceeds to seek out all that is interesting and new. With the second, he obliterates anything new on sight.

For a weapon, Gemini has a staff, with which he can deal many devastating and various blows. While both personalities have the staff, their versions are different. His first, restless personality's version has 6 spikes near its tip, while his second, sullen personality's version has an orb at the tip instead.

The Gemini have at their disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

Personality I

  • Net: Gemini fires a net out of his staff that contains anything it touches for thirty seconds. Upon breaking, it does 50 damage to whatever is inside.
  • Swing: Gemini, upon seeing a new tank, gets nervous and instantly swings his staff, dealing adequate damage. Immediately after this attack, Gemini charges after the now-fleeing tank using the Chase attack.

Personality II

  • Planetary Thrust: Gemini uses his staff to generate a Dwarf Planet, which remains at the end of his staff. He then jabs the planet at nearby tanks, using the planet's damage to hurt them.
  • Wind Rush: Gemini slams his staff into the ground, sending a gust of air at nearby tanks. This attack pushes tanks very far and does moderate damage.

Rare Attacks

Personality I

  • Chase: Gemini chases a tank, slamming it with this staff, until either the tank dies, the tank outruns Gemini, or something else comes to distract Gemini.
  • Conundrum: Gemini's sees a tank and can't decide whether to use Net or Swing, so Gemini does both at the same time.

Personality II

  • Cosmic Blast: Gemini fires a fast, powerful blast of energy at a tank, dealing massive damage.
  • Harvest of the Planets: Gemini uses his staff to summon enough wind to surround a tank or group of tanks with Meteors, Planets, and the like by pushing said structures into place.

Ultimate Attack

  • Ultra Personality Switch: Gemini, without any warning, suddenly uses the wind to nearly double his movement speed. Five seconds after this, he starts switching personalities every 1/4 second. And before he switches, he always launches one attack. This continues for one minute. Unlike all other Ultimate Attacks, this attack is used twice, once at 30% health and once at 10%.

Phase IV - Cancer

Cancer is difficult to describe. Sometimes he is hyper, loyal, energetic, a fearsome whirwind of harnessed energy. At other times, he is sullen, cunning, and conniving. While sometimes he uses speed, body damage, and brute force to win the day, at other times he uses much more dangerous methods...

Right after Gemini is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Cancer phase of Zodiac begins. Cancer is not a fixed entity. He is always changing, always different. And this restless nature applies not only to his personality but also to his body damage, speed, and detection range—at times they are incredibly high and at other times, incredibly low.

Cancer's spawn location is, as can be guessed, always different. Near the black hole, near tanks, far from the black hole, far from tanks. His attack method is always various, for sometimes he instantly seeks out tanks, whilst other times he lays cunning traps for them, whilst other times he retreats into the shadows of the map.

Cancer has two weapons. Both are knives but they are as different as two knives can be. One is long, slim, and straight with a simple heavy handle. The other is shorter, fatter, and ends with a wicked curve.

Cancer has at his disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Thrust: Cancer lunges and punches his long knife straight at a tank. High speed and damage, but easy to dodge.
  • Flick: Cancer quickly throws his shorter knife at a tank or group of tanks. The throw is fast and sudden but doesn't do much damage if it scores a hit.
  • Reaper: Cancer spreads his arms out wide with a knife in each hand. He then sweeps them together, destroying any tanks that get caught in the trap.
  • Knife-Bow: Cancer's long knife suddenly turns into a bow, and he uses it to fire a speedy arrow (i.e. his shorter knife) at a tank.

Rare Attacks

  • Boomerang: Cancer throws his shorter knife, like in the Flick attack, except that it suddenly turns around and aims right for the tank that dodged it previously (if the tank did not successfully dodge the first pass, the attack turns into Flick).
  • UltraChop: Cancer slams a tank twenty times with his long knife while moving at high speed. Low damage per hit but they stack up quickly...
  • Indestructible Reaper: Cancer acts like he's doing Reaper, except that he does it in such a way that the tanks end up close to his body, not close to the knives. And then with a burst of speed and suddenly insane Body Damage, he kills them.
  • Serrated Punch: Cancer holds his knives with the blades pointing down and starts throwing fast punches. But these punches have sharp, sharp edges...

Ultimate Attack

  • Wrath of the Crustacean: Cancer stops moving, and he uses his long sword to cut a circle in the air. Then, the circle explodes into three extra short swords and seven extra long swords, and they assume a formation around Cancer so that he now resembles a crab (see image). The long swords will wave about as if Cancer was swimming, and they dice everything upon contact. The short swords are even deadlier, being able to reach out and slice tanks apart in less than a second. Cancer will rush around, attempting to both slice tanks with long swords and grab tanks directly in front of him with short swords. This lasts for 3 minutes, and when the attack ends, the extra swords will fly out in random directions and impale everything they come across before eventually disappearing after 5 seconds, with the long swords traveling in straight lines and the short swords arcing in flight like a boomerang. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase V - Leo

If any of the phases of Zodiac is "king", it would have to be Leo. His power is incredible, his leadership unmatchable, his stats untouchable. But with every strength comes a weakness. He uses his power with wild abandon, he is incredibly prideful, and he often places himself in positions where his stats are to no avail. But don't let that fool you...

Right after Cancer is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Leo phase of Zodiac begins. It begins, quite literally with a bang: Leo exploding out of the black hole in a flash of fiery light. Instantly, he asserts himself, randomly destroying structures, summoning enemies, killing tanks, or converting them to his side.

Leo's spawn location is, as already stated, directly at the black hole. From there he moves wherever tanks are, the more the better. In fact, Leo has an inordinate fascination with fighting dozens of tanks at once, so many that he actually starts to lose. But of course, that never happens, does it?

Leo has just one weapon, which is a massive, jeweled broadsword. Its straight blade is deadly sharp and very, very lengthy. But Leo also has a couple... ornamental items. The first is a swirling purple cloak and the second is a minimalist but still decadent crown. Truly Leo is a king.

Leo has at his disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Point: Leo accelerates, lunges, and thrusts his broadsword with incredible speed at a tank. Insanely high damage, enough to actually cut a Spike in half.
  • Blade: Leo draws back, baiting tanks in, before swinging his sword in a wide arc. Fairly speedy but not too damaging.
  • Feel the Power: Leo acts like he's performing the Blade attack, but only does it so that tanks are drawn close to his body. A burst of speed and he rams into them, using his high body damage to great effect.
  • Fireball: Leo points his sword at a tank. After a one-second pause, the tip blasts a speedy fireball at the tank in question.

Rare Attacks

  • Flaming: Leo does the Blade attack, except that this time the sword is blazing with fire, leaving a trail of dangerous sparks behind, damaging tanks even if it doesn't touch them, and dealing extra damage.
  • Napoleon: Leo, after suffering unusually high damage, swings back his cape and sword, leaving his front open to attack. An appropriate quote is broadcasted, while all bullets that hit him bounce with double speed back at their firers.
  • Ring of Fire: Leo's crown shines unusually brightly. After ten seconds, he surrounds himself with a ring of fire that quickly expands outward in a pulse, up to the FoV of a Ranger.
  • Convert: Leo's cloak swirls and after five seconds, he points his sword at the tank closest to him and converts him to Leo's team. If the tank resists and has an unusually strong will, it simply becomes a Sun.

Ultimate Attack

  • Long Live The King: Leo teleports to a random corner of the arena, seemingly unusual of him to do. Then, he raises his sword, which will draw in the tank that did the most damage to him. Leo then swings his sword repeatedly, but not at the tank who was drawn in. Instead, he creates an endless stream of Meteors that pour out from his sword. He will shoot Meteors everywhere, creating a large sea of them, before throwing the tank he drew in earlier into the Meteors, doing immense damage to it. Leo continues to create Meteors for 1 minute before teleporting back to the central black hole, creating three Red Suns and throwing them at tanks. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase VI - Virgo

Virgo is the epitome of organization, neatness, and cleanliness. Everything must be on time, according to plan, efficient, and well thought out. Even the slightest imperfection must instantly be fixed, even if that means destroying hordes of tanks...

Right after Leo is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Virgo phase of Zodiac begins. And how does it begin? That question is easy to answer, since it always begins precisely the same. Of course, at some point there is some variety but the plan to deal with the variety is always in place. Nothing surprises Virgo.

Virgo's spawn location is exactly 300 squares from the Black Hole. From there, Virgo instantly begins her Attacks, orbiting, as it were, near the Black Hole and guarding it against all invaders. After a lengthy period of this, tanks tend to avoid the Hole, so Virgo starts to conduct regular patrols farther afield.

Virgo has one weapon— a scroll. Yes, it is a weapon and yes, it is deadly. This ancient manuscript and its corresponding quill may not look anything like Leo's broadsword, but its just as devastating, although she uses it much less frequently.

Virgo has at her disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Double Octuple Blast: Virgo writes a word on her scroll. A crackle is heard, followed by eight Meteors one in each direction. A second later, eight more are fired. This is by far the most frequent attack.
  • Gun 'em Down: Virgo writes a sentence on her scroll. After a few seconds, she summons a Gunner Ship, which appears in a flash of blue light.
  • Protection: Virgo hurriedly scribbles some on her scroll. Instantly she is surrounded by ten Dwarf Planets.
  • Area Denial: Virgo writes a few words and then flourishes her scroll. A Sun appears in the direction where she aimed her scroll.

Rare Attacks

  • Heavy Duty: Virgo, after suffering slightly heavier damage than normal, writes several sentences on her scroll and looks up expectantly. A few seconds later, two Heavy Ships and one Heavy Support Ship appear in flotilla formation.
  • Protection II: Virgo quickly writes a bit on her scroll. Instantly, she is surrounded by ten Planets.
  • Random Raider: Virgo hesitantly writes some on her scroll, then adds a bit more. She anxiously and uncharacteristically peers around before a random Starship appears directly in front of her. This is a somewhat common attack, but Virgo's least favorite.
  • Comet Strike: Virgo, after suffering a certain amount of damage from a tank furiously writes some on her scroll. Immediately a line of three Comets speed toward the offending player.

Ultimate Attack

  • Fan Fiction: Virgo will grab her scroll, unroll it so that it becomes very long, and begins to write on it very quickly and seemingly happily. While she does this, ghostly apparitions (about the same size as Virgo) of 10 random bosses from the whole game will appear next to her. Virgo then stops writing, looks at her summoned bosses happily, and continues to write very quickly on her scroll. The summoned bosses will then attack the tanks very furiously and with double their usual attacking power. While they attack, Virgo will continue to write even more on her scroll until 5 minutes have passed. When 5 minutes have passed, Virgo suddenly stops writing and looks at her scroll incredulously as she realizes she has run out of space. She then rolls up her scroll as all the summoned bosses explode into Meteors, then opens it again, having reset her writing. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase VII - Libra

If Leo is dangerous due to brute strength, Libra is the opposite. She effortlessly reads the thoughts, plans, and motives of her enemies, using this information to easily conquer them with any number of techniques, from clever traps to actually turning them onto her side.

Right after Virgo is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Libra Phase of Zodiac begins. Libra will target the place with the weakest tanks, i.e. the place where tanks have the least XP. Libra, upon spawning, immediately begins to attack and destroy/convert tanks near her. Her attack style is dependent on how much the tanks damage her. Weaker tanks will be killed, and stronger ones will be converted.

Libra, unlike all other stages of the Zodiac, is blindfolded. Do not let this fool you however, for Libra sees all. She wields 2 weapons. One of those is a set of scales. It has multiple uses, from serving as a double-sided flail to weighing the worthiness of her opponents. The other is a mallet, mainly used for hitting but also used for other purposes...

Libra has at her disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Whack: Libra jumps to some tanks and hits them with her mallet. Does medium-high damage, but can be dodged rather easily.
  • Pursuit: Libra spins her scales around and creates 5 Meteors. She then directs those Meteors towards tanks that are attempting to flee from her.
  • Reformation: Libra whacks her mallet on the ground once, and a tank is drawn to her. Libra then hits it with her scales once, turning it into an ally of hers.
  • Net of Justice: Libra throws her mallet at some tanks. Her mallet, just before impact, will abruptly stop before releasing 20 Traps in all directions. Libra then rushes over, grabs her mallet and promptly slams it on the targeted tank, doing heavy damage.

Rare Attacks

  • Weighing: Libra will raise her scales high in the air as it drags tanks near it. When enough tanks are near her, Libra sweeps her scales at them, grabbing them and forcing them onto the scales' pans. Once five tanks are on each pan, Libra raises her scales into the air. The side with the higher amount of total XP will be heavier, and Libra will convert them into her own. The side with less total XP will be lighter, and once Libra has gotten her converted allies off the scales, she will slam her scales onto the ground, killing all tanks on the lighter side.
  • Judgement: Libra slams her mallet on the ground once, and one tank gets dragged towards her uncontrollably. The tank stops in front of Libra, and she holds her scales in front of it. If the tank has killed one of the previous incarnations of the Zodiac at least once, it is converted to Libra's team. If not, Libra swings her scales at it, doing heavy damage.
  • Silence: Libra repeatedly slams her mallet on the ground, creating a slight rumbling. All tanks take light damage, and cannot fire for 10 seconds.
  • Objection: Libra spins her scales around for 5 seconds before swinging it at incoming bullets, deflecting them back to their senders with double damage.

Ultimate Attack

  • Final Verdict: Libra takes off her blindfold, revealing her eyes which constantly glow white. Libra whirls her scales around, creating a blur. Homing Meteors constantly spawn from her scales, and they track down tanks that have done low damage to her. Meanwhile, Libra slams her mallet on the ground extremely rapidly, summoning in a random type of Starship with each strike. Simultaneously, Libra herself releases golden lasers from her previously blindfolded eyes. If the target of these lasers has done over 5000 damage to any former stage of Zodiac (including Libra herself), it is converted into Libra's ally. If not, heavy damage will be done to it. The attack ends after 3 minutes, when Libra stops spinning her scales and slamming her mallet, re-dons her blindfold and resumes the battle. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase VIII - Scorpio

Scorpio is clever and moody. Sometimes he's bold, seeks out tanks, and quickly destroys them. At other times, he is reclusive and draws tanks towards him to their downfall.

Right after Libra is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Scorpio Phase of Zodiac begins. Scorpio spawns in a fairly populated area that still, nevertheless, features tanks who are mostly alone, instead of being in large convoys. Scorpio tends to stay in an area for a long time, killing every tank he can, before moving on, although occasionally with a shift of mood he randomly moves somewhere else.

Scorpio has two weapons. The first is a large net. Besides its obvious ability to catch tanks, it also has hidden and deadly barbs... The second weapon is much more obvious. A long-shafted spear, it possesses a delicate point which contains powerful venom. In short, don't get touched by either, unless you wish for a slow and oh-so-painful death.

Scorpio has at his disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Jab: Scorpio lazily jabs his spear directly at a tank. Easy to dodge but not easy to recover from.
  • Swish: Scorpio tosses his net at a tank. Very slow but once caught, there's no getting out.
  • Venom: Scorpio points his spear at a tank. After a one-second pause, venom spews out of the tip, causing light damage to everything it touches.
  • Javelin: Scorpio draws back his spear and throws it at a high velocity towards the tank farthest away from him that's still in his Fov.

Rare Attacks

  • Net Bomb: Scorpio balls up his net and then throws it at a tank. After a few seconds it suddenly explodes, reaching its full size and length. It also releases a bit of harmful poison.
  • No Survival: Scorpio launches the Swish attack, instantly followed by two Jab attacks and a Venom attack for good measure.
  • Encirclement: Scorpio swings his net like a whip in one direction and his spear in the other, while moving quickly towards a tank. The net result, if it succeeds, is death.
  • Pike Strike: Scorpio's FoV suddenly increases. Using this improved FoV, he starts launching the Jab attack at high speed... except that the spear is vastly longer and can strike tanks a LONG way away.

Ultimate Attack

  • Sea of Toxins: Scorpio taps his spear on the ground 3 times, and it shoots an endless stream of venom from its tip onto the floor, covering the arena swiftly. This continues until the whole arena is covered in venom. Tanks who come into contact with the venom will slowly take damage worth 5% of their maximum health every 3 seconds until their health pool reaches... one. Not zero. Once the arena is covered in venom, Scorpio wraps his net around his spear, sticks it in the venom and stirs it around so fast that a whirlpool is created. This whirlpool steadily sucks in tanks, and when tanks are sucked into the whirlpool, they cannot get back out and will eventually come into contact with the net-spear combination and die. This lasts for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, Scorpio stops stirring, unwraps his net from his spear, and sticks the spear into the venom again, where it sucks all the venom back in. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase IX - Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an energetic, optimistic Zodiac phase. Always curious, he zooms around the map at high speed, looking for the most interesting sights. Even though this desire for discovery can lead to incredible challenges, Sagittarius handles them all with ease.

Right after Scorpio is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Sagittarius phase of Zodiac begins. His spawn location varies, but one thing remains the same: it's always in the most interesting area of the map, interesting being defined as with the most unique combinations of tanks, enemies, polygons, and action.

Sagittarius has one weapon, a powerful longbow which always has an sharp arrow on the string. He uses this weapon with deadly accuracy and power. His attacks are bolstered by his incredible movement speed, although this is offset by his low body damage and FoV.

Sagittarius has at his disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Target Practice: Sagittarius turns, faces a tank, and carefully aims his bow. The resulting shot has incredible speed and damage, but the tank gets a fair warning...
  • Energy Arrow: Sagittarius quickly fires an arrow glowing with heat. It does extra damage and leaves a trail of fire behind it.
  • Split: Sagittarius acts like he's doing Target Practice, but the arrow fired splits into two. This results in both arrows missing the original target, but has the potential to hit tanks that decide to run early.
  • Range: Sagittarius's FoV quickly increases to double its normal amount as he instantly aims and fires an arrow. This attack has long range, but reduced accuracy.

Rare Attacks

  • Explosion: Sagittarius fires an arrow at the nearest Moon, Planet, or Sun. Directly after contact, the target explodes, spraying the area with flames.
  • Mounted Archer: Sagittarius summons a horse of fire and begins galloping around the map at very hight speed while firing numerous arrows.
  • Meteor-Power: Sagittarius fires an arrow with a rope in front of it. On the rope are two Meteors which give the arrow exceptional speed and a damage bonus.
  • Machine Bow: Sagittarius begins firing low-damage low-accuracy arrows at very high speed. Although this attack lasts but tens seconds, it results in about fifty arrows.

Ultimate Attack

  • Exploration: Sagittarius broadcasts a quote to the server, "I wish to explore all of the domain..." Seconds later, he covers himself with a cloud of fire, which gradually dissipates to reveal twelve different Sagittarius's, each with 400 health. Each one goes in a different direction at max speed, firing arrows continually, typically of the Energy Arrow and Meteor-Power variants. Even after they lose all their health, they continue to fight until all twelve are defeated. When this happens, they head back to their starting point, are covered in a cloud of fire, which slowly vanishes to reveal Sagittarius once more. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase X - Capricorn

Reliable and tough, Capricorn is a steady warrior that uses the power of the earth. His combat style is generally predictable, besides the occasional and potent flash of brilliance.

Right after Sagittarius is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Capricorn phase of Zodiac begins, somewhere near the central black hole, and immediately starts to charge tanks.

Capricorn has a pair of large, curving horns that do heavy damage. They block 25%, reflect 25%, let through 25%, and let through in reduced form 25% of projectiles. Beyond that, he has no other conventional weapons. Capricorn also has very high health, decent resistance to damage, and unusually good movement speed. However, he is not very agile and can be dodged without a whole lot of trouble.

Capricorn has at his disposal several attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Ram: Capricorn charges straight toward one tank and slams it with his horns, doing heavy damage.
  • Slash: Capricorn charges toward one tank, then moves his head to the side and slashes with the tip of one horn, instantly killing all but the toughest of tanks.
  • Butt: Capricorn charges straight toward one tank with his head lowered. Move speed is increased drastically, but he cannot change directions. Fairly heavy damage.
  • Horn Slam: Capricorn charges straight toward one tank and gouges it multiple times with his horns. Reduced damage and speed, but if he gets you...

Rare Attacks

  • Hoofquake: Capricorn moves in a jerky hopping manner that creates mini earthquakes, doing moderate damage to all tanks nearby.
  • Berserk Mode: Capricorn moves twice as fast, does more damage, attacks much more often, etc. for a few minutes.
  • Trap: Capricorn shakes his head and both horns fly off and circle around a tank or group of tanks. Capricorn then goes in for the kill...
  • Minions: Capricorn summons dozens of minions as big as a tank. The minions are equipped with horns and attack players till killed.

Ultimate Attack

  • Stampede!: Capricorn becomes invulnerable and creates six clones of himself without the Zodiac symbol that form an arrowhead shape, with the actual Capricorn in the lead. They proceed to run around the arena at a very high speed, trampling and doing immeasurable damage to any tank that is unfortunate enough to get caught under the horde of Capricorns. Each Capricorn clone has 500 health, and for the stampede to stop and for Capricorn to take damage again, all Capricorn clones must be killed. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase XI - Aquarius

Different from the rest and deeply reliant on the mysterious depths of the ocean, Aquarius is rather strange. She relies on her mind and prefers to stay away from others. And only foolish tanks disturb her quiet...

Right after Capricorn is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Aquarius phase of Zodiac begins. Aquarius spawns near tanks, but in the least crowded area possible and beings to attack tanks, though she generally waits till they disturb her, unlike the wildly aggressive Capricorn.

Her one weapon is a water jar, but disregard it at your peril, for she can launch incredibly powerful attacks from this simple object. Also and unlike most of the other Zodiac phases, Aquarius uses her Rare Attacks very frequently. Aquarius in all other ways is in the middle—decent health, body damage, speed, and detection range.

Aquarius has at her disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

  • It's only a... CLUB: Aquarius suddenly swings the water jar at a nearby tank with devastating speed, dealing decent damage.
  • Warning: Aquarius throws the water jar at a far-away tank. This attack has high speed but does only light damage. Often used to deter tanks from advancing.
  • Roll: Aquarius crouches and sends the water jar rolling at a tank. It does high speed and massive damage but is easy to dodge.
  • Jab: Aquarius jabs the water jar straight at a tank. Only medium damage, but very fast and near-impossible to dodge.

Rare Attacks

  • Rage Mode: Aquarius smashes the jar on the arena floor, sending razor-sharp shards, large numbers of Meteors, and deadly water in every direction.
  • Hose: Aquarius aims the water jar at players, blasting them with water, which knocks them back and does light damage (although it very, very quickly adds up).
  • Glass of Starship: Aquarius dumps the contents of the water jar on the ground... except that the contents include dozens of Starships, which instantly attack players. This attack is very rare.
  • LightJar: Aquarius points the jar's mouth at players, blasting them with Red Sun-esque radiation and light.

Ultimate Attack

  • Rage of the Sea: Aquarius picks up her water jar, holds it to where her mouth should be, and drains the contents of her water jar in one gulp. Then, she gets +50% damage resistance and proceeds to perform Rage Mode exactly once, but this time her water jar can be seen visibly breaking and shattering into pieces. After that, Aquarius will only use It's only a... CLUB and Jab during this period, but with twice damage. This lasts for 5 minutes, and once the 5 minutes end, Aquarius tosses her now-broken water jar at tanks, and it explodes into water. Said water will slow tanks caught in it, and if tanks remain in it for more than 10 seconds, they slowly take 5% of their max health's worth of damage, and will eventually drown. Aquarius, after tossing her water jar, will then pull out a new water jar from her back and resume the fight. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Phase XII - Pisces

Pisces is one of the strangest phases of the Zodiac. She's dreamy, artistic, but dangerous? Many tanks who don't know better would say not. Ah, but they are wrong. Pisces's attacks are an art form. While executed absent-mindedly, they are much more deadly than they seem...

Right after Aquarius is killed and the spawn message is broadcasted, the Pisces phase of Zodiac begins. Pisces's spawn location is completely random, sometimes in the center of a tank group, sometimes far, far away. Pisces then wanders through the arena, leaving no tanks behind to tell the tale of her passing...

Pisces has two weapons, both of them razor-sharp fins. Her effortless usage of them is more graceful than that of a skilled fencer, but much less precise and concentrated. This elite skill makes up for Pisces's slow speed, poor body damage, and mediocre health pool.

Pisces has at her disposal multiple attacks:

Common Attacks

  • Flick: Pisces drifts along and suddenly swipes a fin at a tank. Very fast and heavily damaging.
  • Block: Pisces carelessly blocks bullets/traps/drones with a swing of her fins. Can also lightly damage tanks.
  • Yawn: Pisces slowly moves her fins outward. During this attack, the fins are invisible... And deadly, for one hit can vaporize most tanks.
  • Three Times the Charm: Pisces quickly strikes three times with her fins at one tank. Each hit does only moderate damage.

Rare Attacks

  • Waltz: Pisces suddenly moves forward quickly and steps to the side, slashing a tank with her fins.
  • Double Flick: Pisces drifts along and suddenly swipes a fin at a tank. But when they try to dodge, all they meet is her other fin...
  • Detach: Pisces points a fin at a tank, and it suddenly detaches, racing towards its target with incredible speed but no change of direction.
  • Helpers: Pisces summons two mini-Pisces, each with three hundred health, that help her until killed. These mini Pisces do almost as much damage and are even faster than she is. However, they are much smaller.

Ultimate Attack

  • Jaws of Death: Pisces gains a large pair of jaws, resembling that of a shark. She proceeds to chase down tanks nearby at a frightening speed, completely different from that of her normal speed. If Pisces manages to catch up with a tank, she opens her large jaws and bites down, doing heavy damage and also healing for half that much damage. Attacking Pisces in this state will only slow her down slightly and do 10% of its normal damage, but it is what is needed for Pisces to stop her feeding frenzy; In order to stop Pisces, tanks must cooperate and slow her down enough for her to not eat a tank and heal for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, Pisces's mouth will close and disappear, and the fight resumes. Like all Ultimate Attacks, this is only used once.

Concluding Phase

After Pisces is killed, all 12 phases of the Zodiac respawn at the Black Hole. While the message, "You think you've won, don't you?" is broadcasted, almost all the phases of Zodiac become invincible and are about to kill everything in rage when they are stopped by Aquarius, who states: "Don't. As much as I hate to admit it, the tanks have won fairly." The other phases glare at her for a while, then nod in agreement. Leo then broadcasts another message to the server: "Very well. Mark our words, warriors. While you have bested us today, you will fall at the hands of others, if not us again." They then head back to the Black Hole which they begin orbiting. Their orbit speed increases and increases till with a blinding flash they explode, sending out a shockwave that kills everything in the arena. Tanks, due to the permanent death mechanic in the (Extended) Tale of Diep, are teleported to Imperium much like when using a Teleportation Amulet. Both Cosmic Mode and Zodiac have, at that point, ended.

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