The Zyngus is a Second Generation Boss added on September 5th 2017. Zyngus is not a Dual Base Boss, unlike Black Blizzard, and Enigmatrix. Zyngus is a strange Boss, with a strange design. Zyngus has Four Spawners, and Four Reflectors.


The Zyngus by itself

Zyngus had a strange base design, being a cyan circle, but with an Astra shape cut out in the middle. Mounted on the body, there are Four Spawners, and 4 Reflectors.



Zyngus' always spawn with 32 Asterisk drones on hand. If they are destroyed, they respawn. They attack the top 10 players, and have the speed of a Booster moving backwards.


Zyngus has 4,500 health, like many other Generation Two Boss Tanks. Zyngus has the speed of a defender.


1. Intensive

  • Zyngus' drone spawning production quadruples.

2. Complication

  • Zyngus' empty middle section glows red, and a pulse comes out, damaging enemies, and giving them a sort of EMP effect, disabling them from shooting, or controlling drones.

3. Pre-Test

  • Zyngus rams 5 tanks. If they get rammed, they get trapped in the empty space in the tank, taking gradual damage.

4. Test A

  • Tanks in the center are forced to squeeze together, as the reflector shrinks into the tank. Only activates after Pre-Test

5. Test B

  • Tanks are hit with an insane blast, instantly killing some. If there is more than 1 tank left, then they are fused together.


  • Everytime Zyngus dies, Astra spawns.
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