The Green Square is the fourth-strongest Polygon in It gives 1,000 XP upon destruction and is noticeably stronger than a regular Square. The only Polygons known to be stronger are the Green Triangle, the Green Pentagon, and the Alpha Pentagon. It has equal health and body damage to a Pentagon.


A clear image of a green square.

  • A Level 1 Tank will need fifteen hits to kill a Green Square. This results in a reward of 66.67 EXP per hit.
    • If you manage to destroy a Green Square at Level 1, you will skip the next 15 Levels, instantly landing you at Level 16.
  • A Necromancer can make this Polygon one of its Drones by crashing into it or touching it with its current drones. The resulting drone will be the same as a drone made from a Yellow Square. However, the green square drone will give you EXP when it is killed, unlike other drones.
  • When you are killed by this shape, it will say “You were killed by: Square” instead of “You were killed by: Green Square”, as they are practically the same thing, only the Green Square is much rarer.
  • The Pentagon has the same HP as the Green Square, which is 100 HP.
  • It can be found in most likely 2 Teams, Domination, 4 Teams, and any other game mode. It is much rarer in Sandbox mode because the map is smaller and it won't have much room to spawn in.


  • Shiny! — Kill a green polygon (Listed as “???” due to the secret nature of Green Shapes)


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