aka SomeGuy

  • I live in Salzburg
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is do something productive?
  • I am an Anime fan
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  • but more rpg like

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  • Ya have discord?

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  • making art for a new big gamemode concept, can you guess what it is?


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  • i'm just working on a new game, and it is looking even better than the other one i made in clickteam fusion 2.5, at the moment i only have one gamemode called Arcade, it is just the game i made in clickteam fusion but with better graphics.

    the new gamemode will be called vanilla, and it will have a huge arena.

    the gamemode will actually be normal but with more, like i hade the idea to add all possible types of polygon nests from triangle to decagon, also put new bosses, tanks and other things.

    i can't assure you that i will make this game but if i do.. it will be a nice game

    also i have written this post to only make a game, and that is... what will be the name of the game? _ _ _ _ _ _ _,

    it starts with E.

    also if you have a better name fotr this name just write it down, have a good time.


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    • also i'm making this game just for fun, and to know that if i make it somebody in this wiki will play it.

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    • It's me your old Diep Cards collaborator NSaurio, I will sure give it a try! Sorry for the late answer :p

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I am just planning to make a story called the steamlands, will need some time to do all the things

    here some images.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • it`s art i made just for fun , ask if you want to use it :D.

    Blitz Mage

    Blitz Mage





    Odyson Sphere

    Dyson Sphere


    Chooser Boss , spin the arrow , and the part that is pointed by the green zone of the arrow will pop out!


    The Broken Tanks , fought for our world but got injured in the process , use special armors to protect themselves


    Boss tank idea , water has 3 forms , normal , cold day and hot day

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  • So new update of Diep , the game that nobody plays and makes me cry , so most of the fatures are for the big arena gamemode only ! , so lets go to the fatures :

    -Added Pentagons !

    -Added Hexagons (Big Arena only) !!

    -Added Factory & Overseer enemy (Big Arena only) !!!

    -Added The Guardian boss in the Big Arena gamemoed from the Small Arena gamemode !!

    so , have fun with the Big Arena gamemode , for those who dont know the big arena is a gamemode that is unlocked by beating the guardian boss in the small arena gamemode , it spawns 2 Minutes after starting in the small arena .

    Download Link :

    Screenhots time ! : 
    0.5Screen 2

    A battle with an overseer in the big arena , there are also 2 Hexagons and 1 Pentagon .

    0.5Screen 1

    how the big arena looks in Clickteam fusion 2.5 , the program i use to make the game !

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • does it work ?

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  • new update for Diep , the game that copies but its singleplayer and its an endless game , features for this update is , also this game is made in Clickteam fusion 2.5 developer edition :

    -Gamemodes : the normal small Arena , and the big Arena that is locked !!!

    -Added boss in the small arena  gamemode , when killed it will unlock the Big Arena gamemode !!

    -New Graphics !!

    thats all for the update , the big arena gamemode , as its called , its a bigger arena as the smaller arena , here polygons & enemies spawn more frequently , also i am planning to add more polygons and enemies for the big arena gamemode ,

    Here is the link : 

    Big Arena Gamemode unlocked without beating the boss :

    Big Arena Gamemode Locked , you need to defeat the Boss :

    have fun with these screens : 

    0.4 Screen 1

    oh dat boss , it can spawn multiple smalll crashers that follow you but are easy to kill

    0.4 Screen 2

    also how it looks the select gamemode in the program where i make the game

    0.4 Screen 3

    the small arena how it looks in the program where i make this game .

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • new update for my small little game , features :

    -New Max Life & Health Regen Stats !!

    -New Big Enemy !

    -New Score System with high scores !!!

    there are still some things that i need to do like if the player touches polygons or the big enemy , the player will not get damaged so i need to do collisions

    then Screenshot time : 
    0.3 Screen 3
    0.3Screen 1
    0.3Screen 2

    Download link:

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    • A FANDOM user
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