aka Utkar

  • I live in District 7
  • I was born on July 22
  • I am Male
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  • it still says i'm blocked. 

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  • you're back

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  • Hey there Utkar. We've been concerned about your inactivity as of late, as it's been well over a month since your hiatus began with no noticeable improvement, and you've generally not used your rights as of late. Unfortunately, this means that we have to relieve you of your staff rights.

    Although we appreciate your many contributions moving pages and making automatic edits, it appears you don't have much of a need for your Sentinel rights anymore. I hope that you can resume editing later down the road.

    I feel good :)

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  • You've been gone for quite some time now, what's up? Are you just busy for now?

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  • User:RubberDuckie3/Overlord_2.0

    1. Why was this moved to userspace? I don't see anything wrong with it.
    2. You seemed to have moved this to the wrong user. Wasn't this made by Type: Sparky?
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    • It was linked on RubberDuckie's navbox, and since most of his conceptions don't meet the Policies, I just move all of them. Thanks for pointing this out, though

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  • I have edited User:Grudgeholderr/Quadruplet (Pulty) so that it matches the policies (I think). Can you please move it back to the Concept namespace now? Thank you.

    —|| Grudgeholderr ||— 02:30, February 5, 2018 (UTC)

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  • I know you were in jest, but your comment to Ozziene was hurtful and not funny. Please keep this in mind in the future.

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  • Thread:152804#30

    When Moving Pages, Please:

    1. Remove Author template.
    2. Remove categories.
    3. Remove any redlinks you find.
    4. Check "WhatLinksHere".

    This "Unknown author" category is provided here for convinecne

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  • I asked the other Sentinels to come to this thread.

    Sentinels have gained three new rights:

    • The ability to move user pages (for when people make mistakes with renaming to userspace).
    • The ability to delete.
    • The ability to mark pages as Patroled.
    The first one just makes your job easier, & I think you guys already know you shouldn’t rename random people’s user-pages for no reason lol, but the other two are big.


    You only have deletion, you cannot restore pages or view deleted text or any of the like, just deletion; this is to make sure that you always have to come to Community Administrators when you want to restore a page / fix a mistake, so be careful when deleting since you cannot fix your own mistakes.

    The tool itself exists to help with deleting broken redirects, spam pages, & on rare occasions, with outright deleting anon-created conceptions that don’t meet Fanon Policies. If you are also a Moderator, you can use this right to skip marking blogs for deletion & just outright delete bad blogs which don’t adhere to Blog Policies, but sole-Sentinels should leave that to Mods & Community Administrators.

    That is about the extent of what you should be using this right for. There are very few circumstances wherein you might also be permitted to use deletion rights, such as if you own the page (i.e. it is your own conception / user subpage / user blog). 9 times out of 10, if your deletion doesn’t fall into any of those categories, you should probably ask an Admin for clarification before deleting.

    One last, important thing regarding deletion; always, always, always check WhatLinksHere before you ever delete a page, & make sure it is 100% empty. Now that you guys have these rights, you are held to higher standards, so if we find that you have been deleting pages without clearing WhatLinksHere, you might actually risk being completely demoted. It’s this serious, so please remember to clear that.


    This is a job that will make everyone’s job a million times easier. It can be used for all edits, but where it really counts is in Special:NewPages. You will notice that several of the entries have yellow tint; this means the page has not been patrolled. If you click the link to the page, at the very bottom you can see a [Mark this page as patrolled] link. If you click that, it marks a page is having been checked by Staff.

    So how is this useful? Well, if you see a new conception, & you add categories to it or whatever & it otherwise meets the Fanon Policies, then you can mark it as patrolled; this means no one else needs to check that page. If after the one-week grace period, a conception still doesn’t meet the Fanon Policies, & you move it to the User namespace / remove categories, then you can mark it as patrolled since you have already checked it. Also note that if a page doesn’t meet the policies & it’s still in the grace period, you should NOT mark it as patrolled since it may need to be checked later.

    The four big namespaces you need to check when patrolling are the following: With ToD & concept though, you should never be moving pages into user-space until the Fanon namespace is all done. You can still mark pages as patrolled if they meet the Fanon Policies, but if they do not, just leave them be & don’t patrol them.
    Since it was asked for, I expect nothing less than calm responsibility when deleting, but with patrolling, it offers the potential to make the jobs of your peers much easier as an added bonus, so the person who makes sure to patrol pages from Special:NewPages is immediately going to be seen as a team-player. That’s all I have to say to you guys, just remember to keep this in mind.
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    • Patrolling 101

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    • Ah damn, I’m not the best person to ask then lol, I mainly find the patrol tool to be useful for NewPages. I suggest you read recent changes patrol for more info, but this is a basic rundown:

      • There’s two kinds of patrolling, autopatrol & manual patrol.
        • Autopatrol is admins-only. Any edit they make is always automatically marked as patrolled.
        • Manual patrol is when someone with the patrol right (admins, Sentinels) manually marks an edit as OK. Once patrolled, it loses its yellow background in NewPages.
      • You can patrol a new page by clicking it from NewPages, scrolling to the bottom, & clicking the Mark as patrolled button.
      • You only patrol an edit or a page when it has been checked & does not need anything done to it / improvement on it anymore.
      • There is an extension that allows users to patrol from RecentChanges, but I think it is disabled on our Wikia (& we don’t really need it).
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