aka I don't share personal informationonline

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on September 29
  • My occupation is Playing Minecraft
  • I am Male
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  • First, click Toggle Edit. Notice this will add a barrel? Well it's only in what i call Ghost Mode. Use the tools to make your Tank just right for you. Let's begin the list of tools, shall we?

    The list starts below:


    Body: This tool changes the body shape and type.

    Body Damage: How much damage the body does.

    Colour: Choose what colour your tank is.

    Invisibility: Chooses if your tank can be invisible. Some examples include Stalker.

    Drone Limit: How many drones can be there.

    Necro Limit: How many Necro Dronees.

    Border Style: Choose your tank border.

    Radius: The size of your BODY.


    Barrel: Choose the current Ghost Mode barrel's type.

    Can Shoot?: Can the selected barrel shoot? You're probably thinking, "What kind of silly option is that? Of course you want it to shoot!

    And thats Part 1 done! The other stuff you wont need as a beginner.

    Don't forget to contribute to my wall a lot, and follow me. Message me on my wall and request a blog. I currently don't do blogs. So if over 5 people request me to do blogs, I will. Tanks A Lot!

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  • Hey VerxURANIUM, we’re glad to have you, & we hope to be seeing you around more!

    Here’s a few links to help you dive into our Community — check ’em out!
    Discussions Helping Out Wiki Discord
    Discussions is a place where you can talk about diep, brainstorm ideas, plan parties, & more. Be sure to read the Discussions Guidelines! Not sure where to start helping out? Have no fear! The Community Page is filled with great community projects. Our Discord is home to friendly users, discussion ranging from editing tips to game strategies, and fun bots & games! Check it out, and join the community!
    The Rulez Fandom Help Our Staff
    Check out our Policies for all the important guidelines here. Make sure to read the Style Guide before editing articles! Not sure how to start? Fandom's help page library is a great resource to begin with. You can edit either visually or by source code. Our Staff are friendly people who have higher rights on the Wiki. You can always talk to them for assistance!
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