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The FANDOM mobile app can be downloaded & used to read the Wiki’s articles & participate in Discussions. It serves as a convenient alternative to viewing the Wiki via mobile web browser.


FANDOM App (download)
FANDOM App (download)

Usage information


The FANDOM App, or consolidated app, is a multipurpose mobile application that allows readers to:

  1. Create or maintain an existing FANDOM account & edit their Bio.
  2. Access FANDOM Editorials.
  3. Select any of 800+ popular FANDOM Wikis (including the Wiki), enabling users to:
    • Read that Wiki’s articles, &
    • Participate in that Wiki’s Discussions


To use the FANDOM App to view the Wiki, click the center-left tab (it appears as a 3x3 grid) & from the “Find your Fandoms…” search, just type in “” & follow that Wiki. Afterwards, you’ll be able to enter this Wiki via the top of the home tab, or by clicking the fourth tab (the Profile tab) & then visiting the “Your Fandoms” column, where will be listed with any other Wikis you have followed.

To enter, simply click the Fandom once you have located it, & then you will be brought to a navigation panel which should enable you to arrive at any of our articles. Alternatively, you can use the search to arrive at a specific article, or click the “SURPRISE ME” button which displays a completely random article. Also in this navigation panel is a “Discussions” tab, which naturally opens our Discussions for you to dive in. Information on how to use Discussions can be read here, & you can view a list of all your posts in our Discussions by going all the way back to the Profile tab mentioned earlier, in the “Recent Activity” column.

General information

  • Allows FANDOM Editorial access.
  • Uses the universal FANDOM light theme.
  • Displays articles in the Mercury (mobile) skin, which is white.
  • Available on both iOS & Android.
  • Allow account creation & limited settings changes such as avatar uploading.
  • Allow Bios to be edited.
The FANDOM App cannot:

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