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There are three mobile apps that can be downloaded & used to read the Wiki’s articles & participate in Discussions; one for iOS & one for Android. They serve as a convenient alternative to viewing the Wiki via mobile web browser.


FANDOM App (download)
FANDOM App (download)
Community App (download)

Usage information

FANDOM App for iOS & Android


The FANDOM App, or consolidated app, is a multipurpose mobile application that allows readers to:

  1. Create or maintain an existing FANDOM account & edit their Bio.
  2. Access FANDOM Editorials.
  3. Select any of 800+ popular FANDOM Wikis (including the Wiki), enabling users to:
    • Read that Wiki’s articles, &
    • Participate in that Wiki’s Discussions

To use the FANDOM App to view the Wiki, click the middle tab (it appears as a 3x3 grid) & from the “Find your Fandoms…” search (which also shows up when first opening the App), just type in “” & follow that Wiki. Afterwards, you’ll be able to enter this Wiki via the top of the home tab, or by clicking the third tab (the Profile tab) & then visiting the “Your Fandoms” column, where will be listed with any other Wikis you have followed.

To enter, simply click the Fandom once you have located it, & then you will be brought to a navigation panel which should enable you to arrive at any of our articles. Alternatively, you can use the search to arrive at a specific article, or click the “SURPRISE ME” button which displays a completely random article. Also in this navigation panel is a “Discussions” tab, which naturally opens our Discussions for you to dive in. Information on how to use Discussions can be read here, & you can view a list of all your posts in our Discussions by going all the way back to the Profile tab mentioned earlier, in the “Recent Activity” column.

Community App for Android


The Wiki Community App is a Wiki-specific mobile application that allows readers to:

  1. Create or maintain an existing FANDOM account & edit their Bio.
  2. View Wiki articles from either the English, Spanish, Russian, or Chinese Wikis.
  3. Participate in the English, Spanish, Russian, or Chinese Wiki Discussions.

Unlike the FANDOM App, this Community App is dedicated solely to the Wiki & its international equivalents, thus content & Wiki Discussions are listed first & foremost. Wiki articles can be browsed via the navigation panel in the “Home” tab, or via search, while Discussions can be accessed via the “Discussions” tab. A list of your posts in Discussions can be found by clicking on one’s username in Discussions, & from here the “Bio” can also be edited.

General information

  • Allows FANDOM Editorial access.
  • Uses the universal FANDOM light theme.
  • Displays articles in the Mercury (mobile) skin, which is white.
  • Available on both iOS & Android. Wiki Community App:
  • Does not allow FANDOM Editorial access.
  • Uses a custom dark theme.
  • Displays articles in a custom blue & black Community App skin.
  • Only available for Android.
Both apps can:
Both apps cannot:
  • Be used to edit articles.
  • Be used to participate in Forum, utilize talk pages, or add Comments.
  • Be used to enter Chat, or to otherwise interact with the Wiki outside of Discussions.

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