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Talk PageAll Diep.io Wiki Staff (with the exception of Code Administrators) can block users and individual IP addresses. Blocked users or those with blocked IP addresses will still be able to read the Wiki, but will not be able to edit, upload files, add Comments, or Chat. They may also not be able to use their Message Wall depending on the block settings chosen.

Why people are blocked

Blocking is totally up to the discretion of the blocking Staff member, with few exceptions. Here are some common actions that will lead Staff to justifiably block users:

Block Protocols

  • Staff should rarely use IP Blocks, and even Admins shouldn’t use IP Blocks that last more than a month, since they affect more than just the person being blocked.
  • Staff normally shouldn’t grant infinite blocks unless the user is an avowed spammer or vandal, although Admins may do so for whatever reasons they deem fit.
    • Year-long bans should also be used sparingly, unless it’s particularly severe or a repeat offense.
  • Staff should rarely disable Message Wall editing, although Admins can at will.
  • Block reasons should be clearly defined in block summaries.
  • No insults or “one-ups” should ever be in a block summary, only neutral explanations.
  • Sockpuppet accounts, if found, should always be given a permanent block until its owner’s identity can be found. Only Tolerated Alts should be left alone.
  • Profile Pages of users who are blocked for extended periods of time should typically be protected for the duration of the block, to stop vandals from damaging those pages while the owners cannot protect them.
  • Staff members should not be blocked by fellow Staff; they will be demoted first if necessary.

Appealing a block

Below are tips for how to successfully appeal your block.

What you should do

  • Use your Message Wall to politely post your appeal (if you can). Only post once, and don’t argue with anyone if they tell you no.
  • If you can’t use your Message Wall, then you should go to the blocking Staff member’s Message Wall on Community Central to ask, politely and no more than once, to appeal or shorten their block.
  • Alternatively, you may ask a single Admin to repeal the block instead, via their wall on Community Central. If it was an Admin who blocked you however, then you will have to talk with that Admin.

If you are told no, then you should wait for the block to expire or leave and join another Wiki you like.

What you should never do

  • Attempt to contact or harass users from this Wiki about your block, for any reason whatsoever.
  • Attempt to contact the blocking Staff members on a Wiki other than Community Central.
  • Pester Staff continually to unblock you after they have told you no.
  • Ask other Staff members to be unblocked after one has already told you no.
  • Attempt to create sockpuppets and use them to circumvent the block.

If a blocked user is found doing any of these things, the block may be increased by a year. If it happens twice, it may be increased to infinite.

How to block

If you have the necessary rights, you can go to Special:Block; from there enter the user and the desired block settings. This panel can also be reached from a specific user’s Contributions Page.

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