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  1. Do not stray off-topic.
  2. Do not be abusive.
  3. Blogs must not be low-effort.

These apply both to blogs themselves and to blog comments, but that is essentially all you need to know. If you’d like details about what constitutes each offense, keep reading.

For Blog Posts

  1. Content that is wholly unrelated to or the Wiki.
  2. Gibberish, gobbledygook that makes no sense to anyone (spam).
  3. “Complaint” or “grievance” posts; those belong in the Wiki Category.

For Blog Comments

  1. Content that has nothing whatsoever to do with the blog post being commented on.
  2. Gibberish, gobbeldygook that makes no sense to anyone (spam).

For both Blog Posts & Comments

  1. “Callout” posts which primarily target a specific individual (use Message Wall for constructive criticism).
    • This includes harassment and verbal abuse.
  2. Disruptive code (zalgo, autoplay, or any other code that extends beyond the content area/disrupts basic functionality in some way).
  3. Links to pornographic websites or malware.
  4. Outright spam.
  5. Plagiarism.

For Blog Posts

Low effort blogs are generally blogs that:

  1. have fewer than three paragraphs / sections that are four sentences each.
  2. have fewer than 200 words.
  3. are difficult for readers to digest.
  4. have the majority of its focus be Off-Topic (as defined previously).
  5. have the majority of its content copied over from articles, with little to no changes.

First offenses

Content that violates these policies will usually be deleted by a Moderator with or without warning.

Repeat offenses

A warning may be given if Moderators routinely need to take down content which you post.

Extreme abuse

If the warning fails to stop the violations, or if a violation is particularly graphic, then a block may be levied.

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