[2018-09-06 23:34:31] <Özün_Oldun> [d="くそ オートトリアングゥ"] The web urls are changing... This... Why does my luck still suck?
[2018-09-06 23:35:51] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] eh?
[2018-09-06 23:35:58] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] what do you mean the URLs are changing?
[2018-09-06 23:49:47] <Özün_Oldun> [d="くそ オートトリアングゥ"] Fandom.
[2018-09-07 00:10:29] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] Ah yeah, we covered that in the latest WU. Just remember that the old links will keep working
[2018-09-07 00:10:36] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] So don’t have to change anything
[2018-09-07 07:58:15] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Fall Out Wave"] Asian
[2018-09-07 07:58:35] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Fall Out Wave"] does that mean I don't need to care about <#362982289539465217>
[2018-09-07 11:47:58] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] <@!352668428386959361> no it’ll affect the entire world
[2018-09-07 11:48:18] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] Non-EU citizens can spread the word to any Europeans they know
[2018-09-07 11:48:33] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Fall Out Wave"] i don't know any
[2018-09-07 14:25:43] <Özün_Oldun> [d="くそ オートトリアングゥ"] FML mee 6 is down
[2018-09-07 14:26:13] <Özün_Oldun> [d="くそ オートトリアングゥ"] Install iSuicide by Tim Cook
[2018-09-07 21:44:05] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Royalbaby"] hold on i missed alot. is fandom being attacked by europe?
[2018-09-07 21:49:58] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Royalbaby"] by some copyright thing?
[2018-09-07 22:14:23] <Özün_Oldun> [d="DonutKing"] Not attacked directly but still
[2018-09-07 22:14:49] <Özün_Oldun> [d="DonutKing"] An indirect attack is still an attck
[2018-09-07 22:50:21] -!- Özün Oldun has joined Special:Chat
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