[11:59] <ArenaCloser1337> (He shoots out the banana inside of him)
[11:59] <ArenaCloser1337> (And it regenerates)
[11:59] <ArenaCloser1337> (So, you have to make the missile fall on him)
[12:00] <TBOO-Y> (o ok)
[12:00] <TBOO-Y> (dats kewl
[12:00] <ArenaCloser1337> (TBOO-Y)
[12:00] <ArenaCloser1337> (How would you work?)
[12:01] <ArenaCloser1337> (Are you stompable or we have to throw back what you throw?)
[12:01] <TBOO-Y> (i die in one hit, but im extremely annoying)
[12:01] <ArenaCloser1337> (Meh)
[12:01] <ArenaCloser1337> (TBOO-Y)
[12:01] <TBOO-Y> (or maybe more, i didn't work it out yet)
[12:01] <TBOO-Y> (wut) 
[12:02] <ArenaCloser1337> (Don't make yourself easy to kill)
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> (wow i didn't know that was an emote)
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> (ok)
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> (imma work it out later)
[12:02] <ArenaCloser1337> (It's supposed to be somewhat of a challenging game)
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> (k)
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> (how about Teamerz)
[12:02] <ArenaCloser1337> (Teamerz is a boss in the ocean)
[12:02] <ArenaCloser1337> (So...)
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> (ye)
[12:02] <The named BOSS> (ASK ME TOO ASK ME ASK ME)
[12:03] <ArenaCloser1337> (Wait)
[12:03] <ArenaCloser1337> (I need to do TBOO-Y's boss concept)
[12:03] <TBOO-Y> (i have an idea for myself i guess)
[12:03] <The named BOSS> (mk)
[12:03] <TBOO-Y> (just do Teamerz)
[12:03] <ArenaCloser1337> (Teamerz?)
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> (ill just teleport around and shoot at people with my turret)
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> (occasionally)
[12:04] <ArenaCloser1337> (And, we have to stomp on you)
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> (ill pop out a grenade)
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> (you throw it back at me)
[12:04] <ArenaCloser1337> (TBOO-Y)
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> (that's how)
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> (ok wut)
[12:04] <ArenaCloser1337> (That would be kinda hard for a second world boss)
[12:04] <ArenaCloser1337> (And, since you're in a cave...)
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> (then i just make a chase)
[12:05] <ArenaCloser1337> (You could make stalactite fall from the ceiling)
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> (ture)
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> (true*)
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> (maybe shoot at stalactite to make it fall)
[12:06] <ArenaCloser1337> (And, when you stomp on the ground to make them fall...)
[12:06] <ArenaCloser1337> (Taco has to stomp on you)
[12:06] <TBOO-Y> (or maybe you get a range weapon that you can shoot the stalactite with, if im under it you kill me)
[12:06] <TBOO-Y> (skip me for now)
[12:06] <ArenaCloser1337> (nah)
[12:06] <ArenaCloser1337> (Just a stomp)
[12:06] <TBOO-Y> (k)
[12:06] <ArenaCloser1337> (You shoot sometimes)
[12:07] <TBOO-Y> (that's good)
[12:07] <TBOO-Y> (next boss)
[12:07] <ArenaCloser1337> (Teamerz)
[12:07] <ArenaCloser1337> (Teamerz is a mothership)
[12:07] <TBOO-Y> (ye)
[12:07] <ArenaCloser1337> (I know...)
[12:07] <TBOO-Y> (lel)
[12:07] <ArenaCloser1337> (The little ships from the motherships could go in a straight line randomly while you have to avoid them)
[12:08] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:08] <TBOO-Y> sounds nice
[12:08] <ArenaCloser1337> (And then, when there's no ship left)
[12:08] <ArenaCloser1337> (Teamerz acts like one of the ship)
[12:09] <ArenaCloser1337> (And, you have to shoot him with AC1337)
[12:09] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:09] <ArenaCloser1337> (Lemme explain...)
[12:09] <TBOO-Y> makes sense
[12:09] <ArenaCloser1337> (You can't bring everybody in the boss room)
[12:09] <ArenaCloser1337> (Only one will fight the boss)
[12:10] <TBOO-Y> So if you choose anyone else you are ded
[12:10] <ArenaCloser1337> (And it's decided depending on how the boss works)
[12:10] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:10] <ArenaCloser1337> (You don't choose 'em)
[12:10] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:11] <TBOO-Y> next
[12:11] <The named BOSS> (dang)
[12:11] <ArenaCloser1337> (Radium212)
[12:11] <TBOO-Y> Radium
[12:11] <ArenaCloser1337> (Yup)
[12:11] <TBOO-Y> ninja'd
[12:11] <ArenaCloser1337> (I chose Radium)
[12:11] <ArenaCloser1337> (Weird, isn't it?)
[12:11] <ArenaCloser1337> (so...)
[12:11] <TBOO-Y> Radium seems like the entire opposite of ice tbh
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> so yeh
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> (That's why I chose her XD) 
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> interesting choice lol
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> (or he)
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> so anyways
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> (Maybe I could use IceTudor)
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> (Yeah_
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> (That would make more sense)
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> he has Ice in the name true
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> but he is a golden slime
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> (IceTudor it is)
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> (The boss will be a golden slime)
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> just make him more iceish'
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> (But, wait)
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:12] <The named BOSS> (will each boss have seperate themes or will there just be like a reg boss theme, fake final boss theme, and true final boss theme?)
[12:13] <ArenaCloser1337> (BOSS)
[12:13] <The named BOSS> (?)
[12:13] <TBOO-Y> BOSS, we didn't work out moosik
[12:13] <ArenaCloser1337> (That's kinda what I wanted)
[12:13] <ArenaCloser1337> (Anyways)
[12:13] <The named BOSS> so no special boss themes?
[12:13] <ArenaCloser1337> (IceTudor would make himself an ice shield)
[12:13] <ArenaCloser1337> (And, you play as Tidal in this boss)
[12:14] <ArenaCloser1337> (With boss, you will have to throw blocks on the ice shell of IceTudor)
[12:14] <TBOO-Y> (k)
[12:14] <ArenaCloser1337> *Tidal, not boss)
[12:14] <TBOO-Y> (to break it)
[12:14] <ArenaCloser1337> (Yep)
[12:14] <ArenaCloser1337> (When you throw a block to him when he doesn't have a Ice shield, he rebuilds an ice shield)
[12:15] <TBOO-Y> ahk
[12:15] <ArenaCloser1337> (Ice bounces arround to stomp you)
[12:15] <ArenaCloser1337> (Doh, there's a limit to his jump height and lenght)
[12:15] <ArenaCloser1337> (So, you have to move alot)
[12:15] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:16] <ArenaCloser1337> (Which is difficult considering Tidal cannot move while he controls a block) 
[12:16] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:16] <TBOO-Y> next would be...
[12:16] <TBOO-Y> BOSS
[12:16] <TBOO-Y> ofc
[12:16] <TBOO-Y> BOSS the boss
[12:16] <ArenaCloser1337> (Oh yes)
[12:16] <ArenaCloser1337> (BOSS is a concept that I wanted to use a while ago)
[12:17] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:17] <The named BOSS> hm
[12:17] <ArenaCloser1337> (It's basically a boss with multiple phases)
[12:17] <The named BOSS> YESSSSSSSSSSSS
[12:17] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:17] <ArenaCloser1337> (The way the phase works...)
[12:18] <ArenaCloser1337> (Is like a ghost)
[12:18] <ArenaCloser1337> (and the RPs)
[12:18] <ArenaCloser1337> (Where he controlls stuff)
[12:18] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:18] <ArenaCloser1337> (First, he manipulates a machine that generates robots)
[12:18] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:18] <TBOO-Y> makes sense
[12:18] <ArenaCloser1337> (When you destroy a robot, you get it's broken part)
[12:19] <ArenaCloser1337> (You have to throw the broken parts into the machine to hurt boss)
[12:19] <ArenaCloser1337> (When the machine is destroyed, BOSS will get out of it and chase you)
[12:19] <ArenaCloser1337> (You simply have to stomp on him)
[12:19] <ArenaCloser1337> (Then, he'll controll another machine)
[12:19] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> how many machines
[12:20] <ArenaCloser1337> (3)
[12:20] <The named BOSS> 3?
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:20] <The named BOSS> o yay
[12:20] <ArenaCloser1337> (NINJA'D)
[12:20] <ArenaCloser1337> (Anyways)
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul
[12:20] <ArenaCloser1337> (Wait)
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> im assuming you have to lose to Ursuul
[12:21] <ArenaCloser1337> (No)
[12:21] <ArenaCloser1337> (He's the guard to the throne room)
[12:21] <The named BOSS> hm
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> or just beat Ursuul and get rekt by Rifle man
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> Rifleman*]
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> Rifleman**
[12:21] <ArenaCloser1337> (Alright)
[12:21] <ArenaCloser1337> (Boss's second machine)
[12:21] <ArenaCloser1337> (BOSS controlls some sort of claw)
[12:22] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:22] <ArenaCloser1337> (That quickly tries to catch you)
[12:22] <ArenaCloser1337> (It's pretty hard to avoid)
[12:22] <The named BOSS> the 3rd machine better be something like a core warship OR ELSE
[12:22] <TBOO-Y> you jump on the claw?
[12:22] <ArenaCloser1337> (Yeah)
[12:22] <TBOO-Y> klol
[12:22] <ArenaCloser1337> (BOSS)
[12:22] <TBOO-Y> uhh BOSS
[12:22] <ArenaCloser1337> (Your third machine is just a tank)
[12:22] <ArenaCloser1337> (sorry)
[12:22] <TBOO-Y> having a whole warship seems a but OP
[12:23] <TBOO-Y> bit*
[12:23] <ArenaCloser1337> (A real life looking tank)
[12:23] <The named BOSS> not a whole warship, duh
[12:23] <TBOO-Y> ye
[12:23] <The named BOSS> and can we negotiate the tank part?
[12:23] <TBOO-Y> @AC
[12:23] <ArenaCloser1337> (Nah, it's just a tank)
[12:23] <TBOO-Y> BOS
[12:23] <TBOO-Y> You said it had to be a warship
[12:23] <The named BOSS> not a warship
[12:23] <TBOO-Y> Warship = whole warship
[12:23] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:23] <The named BOSS> its a term
[12:23] <The named BOSS> i mean like
[12:23] <The named BOSS> nevermind
[12:24] <ArenaCloser1337> (Is a tank okay?)
[12:24] <TBOO-Y> say battlecruiser or whatever
[12:24] <TBOO-Y> the class of it is but idc
[12:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Battlecruiser?
[12:24] <The named BOSS> core battlecruiser.
[12:24] <TBOO-Y> no
[12:24] <TBOO-Y> like
[12:24] <The named BOSS> o rilly
[12:24] <The named BOSS> hm
[12:24] <The named BOSS> idk
[12:24] <TBOO-Y> i was talking to AC'
[12:24] <TBOO-Y> not you
[12:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Not a diep tank tboo
[12:24] <ArenaCloser1337> a real tank
[12:24] <TBOO-Y> I KNOW
[12:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Oh
[12:24] <ArenaCloser1337> sorry
[12:25] <ArenaCloser1337> I'm really sorry
[12:25] <TBOO-Y> Do you think i cant read or something
[12:25] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:25] <ArenaCloser1337> idk
[12:25] <TBOO-Y> its ok
[12:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Anyways
[12:25] <The named BOSS> btw im still making big core
[12:25] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:25] <ArenaCloser1337> After beating the really annoying claw
[12:25] <The named BOSS> and im still obsessed with core thingas
[12:25] <The named BOSS> things
[12:25] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:25] <ArenaCloser1337> You have to beat some sore of tank
[12:25] <ArenaCloser1337> *sort
[12:25] <The named BOSS> nu
[12:25] <TBOO-Y> just a tank
[12:25] <The named BOSS> nu
[12:25] <TBOO-Y> a tank is pretty strong imo
[12:25] <The named BOSS> no tnk
[12:26] <The named BOSS> tnak
[12:26] <The named BOSS> tank
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> a ship would fly and be kinda op because Taco needs melee combat
[12:26] <ArenaCloser1337> BOSS
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> like jumping
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> Taco is required for this battle
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> so ground stuff
[12:26] <The named BOSS> i mean
[12:26] <The named BOSS> like
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> cos decent ship flyers would fly rly high and beat the crap out of Taco
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> so tank
[12:26] <ArenaCloser1337> Here's what your boss looks like, kinda:
[12:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Your third phase
[12:27] <ArenaCloser1337> But a bit harder, of course
[12:27] <The named BOSS> hell no
[12:27] <ArenaCloser1337> WTF boss
[12:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Why don't you always want complicated stuff
[12:27] <The named BOSS> it doesnt have tobe a spaceship or flying thing
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> uhh
[12:28] <ArenaCloser1337> Why isn't a tank okay?
[12:28] <The named BOSS> i just think a tank in a 2d game would be stupid
[12:28] <The named BOSS> i guess
[12:28] <The named BOSS> idk
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> then it wouldn't make sense
[12:28] <ArenaCloser1337>
[12:28] <ArenaCloser1337> This is an example
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> cuz people with a brain would just go high up
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> even though it doesn't fly
[12:28] <Banarama> hi
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> youre basically calling yourself stupid
[12:28] <ArenaCloser1337> TBOO-Y
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> so tank
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> not spaceship
[12:28] <The named BOSS> um no duh
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> cuz op
[12:28] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah
[12:29] <ArenaCloser1337> Tank is good and simple
[12:29] <TBOO-Y> btw AC i saw the vid
[12:29] <The named BOSS> TBOO-Y obviously its not going to be a thing that normally flies if it doesnt fly
[12:29] <ArenaCloser1337> BOSS
[12:29] <TBOO-Y> well yeah
[12:29] <ArenaCloser1337> Please
[12:29] <ArenaCloser1337> It's my game
[12:29] <ArenaCloser1337> It's my rules
[12:29] <The named BOSS> well
[12:29] <ArenaCloser1337> >:(
[12:29] <The named BOSS> chill out
[12:29] <The named BOSS> well
[12:29] <ArenaCloser1337> I said it's a tank
[12:29] <The named BOSS> its kinda me that we are talking about atm
[12:29] <TBOO-Y> rip
[12:29] <The named BOSS> i said its not
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> eh
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> BOSS
[12:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Is a tank too bad for you or something?
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> this is you so its kinda a mutual decision
[12:30] <The named BOSS> ^
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> Ac and I both voted tank
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> so its tank either way ._.
[12:30] <ArenaCloser1337> BOSS: Accepts being a faqing claw in 2nd phase but doesn't accept to be a tank
[12:30] <ArenaCloser1337> wtf
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> plus AC kinda owns the thing
[12:30] <The named BOSS> so its gonna be 2/3s tank? (roll)
[12:30] <The named BOSS> (troll) 
[12:31] <TBOO-Y> Good idea
[12:31] <ArenaCloser1337> What?
[12:31] <TBOO-Y> we can have the other 1/3 be a piece of sh*t
[12:31] <TBOO-Y> so choose
[12:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Alright
[12:31] <The named BOSS> nah
[12:31] <The named BOSS> actually
[12:31] <TBOO-Y> either have 2/3 tank and 1/3 piece of shit, or 100% tank
[12:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Lemme tell you what are the things
[12:31] <ArenaCloser1337> the phases
[12:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Alright...
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> Phase 1: Robot machine
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> Phase 2: Claw
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> we knoww
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> Phase 3: Tank
[12:32] <The named BOSS> 3: not a tank
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> IT'S DEFINITIVE
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> NEXT
[12:32] <The named BOSS> its not
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> WE VOTED
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> IT IS
[12:32] <The named BOSS> well technically
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> BOSS
[12:32] <The named BOSS> you two chose the first 2
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> Next, whether you like it or not =)
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> ok well
[12:32] <The named BOSS> i should choose the last one...?
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> Don't take it as a mutual decision
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> ok fine, what do YOU want
[12:32] <The named BOSS> MWAHAHAH
[12:33] <ArenaCloser1337> BOSS
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> Just a question
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> a quick damn question
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> what even IS it that you want
[12:33] <The named BOSS> mk
[12:33] <The named BOSS> a tank
[12:33] <ArenaCloser1337> BOSS: "A tank in a 2D game is stupid"
[12:33] <ArenaCloser1337>
[12:33] <ArenaCloser1337> Is that stupid?
[12:33] <The named BOSS> thats stupid
[12:34] <The named BOSS> even though it is probably my fav boss in that game even though i never played it
[12:34] <ArenaCloser1337> Well, it's not my fault if you hate 2D games
[12:34] <The named BOSS> i dont
[12:34] <ArenaCloser1337> Then, what's your problem with the tank?
[12:34] <The named BOSS> i just said i changed my mind
[12:34] <ArenaCloser1337> Okay then
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> (NVM)
[12:35] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Anyways
[12:35] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Ursuul
[12:35] <The named BOSS> but it has to be MY kind of tank
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> (BOSS)
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> It'll be similar to that:
[12:35] <The named BOSS> lolno
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Not exactly that
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Look
[12:35] <TBOO-Y> I can put together something
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> I just said similar
[12:35] <TBOO-Y> BOSS
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> Just deal with it
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> ._.
[12:36] <The named BOSS> lolno
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> Moving on
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Take it chill, BOSS
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Ursuul
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> Ye
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Now...
[12:36] <The named BOSS> you take it chill first
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Ursuul is the guard
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> of the throne room
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul needs to have multiple phases
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> of Rifleman
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> Yes
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Of course
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> It's the final boss in the bad ending
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> True
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> So anyway
[12:36] <The named BOSS> so lemme think of what the third phase will be like
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> What are the attacks
[12:37] <The named BOSS> in my fite
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> And also how many phases
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Maybe Ursuul could have a hammer?
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> Ohhhh
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> Nice idea
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> YES
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> THE BAN HAMMER
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> TEH*
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> jk
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> It wouldn't insta-kill, doh
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> ye
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> That's just cheap
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> So...
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> dat would be too op
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> anyway
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Basically...
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Ursuul is king dedede
[12:38] <The named BOSS> it would be a bit like this maybe, not at all like the looks, but a bit of the attacks would be kinda like this 
[12:38] <ArenaCloser1337> What?
[12:38] <The named BOSS> ugh
[12:38] <The named BOSS> im still thinking of my third phase srry
[12:39] <ArenaCloser1337> BOSS
[12:39] <ArenaCloser1337> It's already decided
[12:39] <TBOO-Y> ye
[12:39] <ArenaCloser1337> And it's simple
[12:39] <The named BOSS> no its not sorry
[12:39] <TBOO-Y> anyways
[12:39] <The named BOSS> i mean yes its simple
[12:39] <TBOO-Y> uhh BOSS
[12:39] <The named BOSS> but its not decided
[12:39] <TBOO-Y> Its decided
[12:40] <TBOO-Y> 2-1
[12:40] <TBOO-Y> ._.
[12:40] <The named BOSS> exactly
[12:40] <The named BOSS> you had the first 2 phases, i have the last
[12:40] <ArenaCloser1337> This is basically Ursuul's first phase:
[12:40] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:41] <ArenaCloser1337> I don't want too many phase for ursuul, doh
[12:41] <ArenaCloser1337> *phases
[12:41] <ArenaCloser1337> Just 2 phases, please
[12:41] <TBOO-Y> Well ofc
[12:41] <TBOO-Y> 2 phases
[12:42] <TBOO-Y> finished the vid
[12:42] <TBOO-Y> looks pretty cool
[12:42] <TBOO-Y> that can be first phase'
[12:42] <ArenaCloser1337>
[12:43] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:43] <ArenaCloser1337> Skip at 1:16
[12:43] <ArenaCloser1337> This is basically the second phase
[12:43] <ArenaCloser1337> Of course, not exactly the same
[12:44] <The named BOSS> actually
[12:44] <TBOO-Y> finished the vid
[12:44] <TBOO-Y> make it harder'
[12:44] <TBOO-Y> looks wayyy too easy
[12:44] <ArenaCloser1337> Well, TBOO-Y
[12:44] <ArenaCloser1337> Ursuul is defeated in another way
[12:44] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[12:44] <ArenaCloser1337> in this game
[12:44] <TBOO-Y> what would dat be
[12:44] <ArenaCloser1337> Instead of throwing stars
[12:45] <TBOO-Y> well ofc
[12:45] <ArenaCloser1337> You have to stomp on him
[12:45] <ArenaCloser1337> for the first phase
[12:45] <TBOO-Y> ye
[12:45] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:45] <TBOO-Y> then what
[12:45] <ArenaCloser1337> But, the second phase...
[12:45] <TBOO-Y> take his shit and throw it back
[12:45] <ArenaCloser1337> Exactly
[12:45] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:45] <TBOO-Y> Rifleman
[12:45] <TBOO-Y> Rifleman just needs to have something related to rifles
[12:46] <TBOO-Y> for da puns obv
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> Meh
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> So...
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> When you arrive at Rifle
[12:46] <TBOO-Y> I mean he has a rifle factory
[12:46] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> @TBOO-Y
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> oh right
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> He'll have a sniper rifle
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> why not
[12:46] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:46] <TBOO-Y> ye
[12:46] <TBOO-Y> anyways
[12:47] <ArenaCloser1337> Rifleman is like: "Mwahahahaha! You'll never defeat me!
[12:47] <ArenaCloser1337> Taco is like: "Not so fast! I'll use these trinkets!"
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> And then taco becomes buffed by the trinkets
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> And so the duel beggins
[12:48] <TBOO-Y> Buffed? Nah, more like "becomes super powerful"
[12:48] <TBOO-Y> Cuz
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> *begins
[12:48] <TBOO-Y> Rifleman must be a feking skilled hacker
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> "buffed"
[12:48] <TBOO-Y> so yeh
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> I mean...
[12:49] <ArenaCloser1337> He took many hacking lessons
[12:49] <ArenaCloser1337> jk
[12:49] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[12:49] <ArenaCloser1337> Anyways
[12:49] <TBOO-Y> any examples?
[12:49] <ArenaCloser1337> Idk
[12:49] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:50] <ArenaCloser1337> Let's say...
[12:50] <ArenaCloser1337> Rifle attacks you with codes and stuff
[12:50] <TBOO-Y> o
[12:50] <TBOO-Y> no puns :(
[12:50] <TBOO-Y> xD
[12:50] <ArenaCloser1337> And then, sometimes, he goes behind the background
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[12:51] <ArenaCloser1337> and he shoots you with riffle
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> Cool
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> That's kinda like what snipers do
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> also
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> When you say "code"
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> I'm assuming he throws 1s and 0s
[12:51] <ArenaCloser1337> Yes
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> pretty much every code attack lel
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> but its looks cool
[12:51] <ArenaCloser1337> The 0s bounce and he 1s go in a straight line
[12:52] <TBOO-Y> nice
[12:52] <ArenaCloser1337> Anyways
[12:53] <TBOO-Y> wat nao
[12:53] <ArenaCloser1337> After you defeat Rifle by stomping on him alot of times
[12:53] <ArenaCloser1337> You actually didn't defeat him
[12:53] <ArenaCloser1337> yet
[12:53] <TBOO-Y> second phase
[12:54] <ArenaCloser1337> In the second phase, he becomes some sort of "code monster"
[12:55] <TBOO-Y> cool
[12:55] <ArenaCloser1337> He's basically a slime monster but the slime is code
[12:55] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:55] <ArenaCloser1337> Not only he throws code...
[12:56] <ArenaCloser1337> But everywhere he moves gets temporarly "Code"
[12:56] <ArenaCloser1337> In another word...
[12:56] <ArenaCloser1337> THE SLIME IS LAVA
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:56] <ArenaCloser1337> (Using memes to explain since 1942, kids!)
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> And he also throws codes missile, instead of using a rifle
[12:57] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> To beat his second form...
[12:57] <TBOO-Y> You could say...
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> You'll have to do the same thing as the banarama boss
[12:57] <The named BOSS> gtg bye
[12:57] <TBOO-Y> His rifle is long GUN!
[12:57] <TBOO-Y> bye BOSS
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> XDDD
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> bye boss
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> deflect his shit?
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> You'll have to make the missiles hit Rifleman
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> Not really reflecting 
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> k
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> Since he follows you
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> kinda like Mad Dummy in Undertale
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> holy shit i still remember Undertale?
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> It's fine
[12:59] <TBOO-Y> lel
[12:59] <ArenaCloser1337> So, after you beat his second phase
[12:59] <TBOO-Y> so wut after you beat Rifleman?
[12:59] <TBOO-Y> ok ninja'd
[12:59] <ArenaCloser1337> THIRD PHASE MADAFAQA
[12:59] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[01:00] <TBOO-Y> oh and btw
[01:00] <TBOO-Y> if i ever make a game
[01:00] <TBOO-Y> imma come to you and say "good luck beating yourself"
[01:00] <TBOO-Y> anyways
[01:00] <TBOO-Y> wuts third phase
[01:01] <TBOO-Y> (suffering) 
[01:01] <ArenaCloser1337> You know that kind of demon final boss?
[01:01] <ArenaCloser1337> From, idk?
[01:02] <TBOO-Y> no
[01:02] <TBOO-Y> im guessing its a code demon
[01:02] <TBOO-Y> messed up
[01:04] <TBOO-Y> uhh
[01:07] <ArenaCloser1337> Sorry
[01:07] <ArenaCloser1337> I lagged hardcore
[01:07] <ArenaCloser1337> anyways
[01:07] <ArenaCloser1337> Yea
[01:07] <ArenaCloser1337> It's some sort of code demon
[01:07] <TBOO-Y> k
[01:07] <ArenaCloser1337> with a scythe
[01:08] <TBOO-Y> nice
[01:08] <ArenaCloser1337> And, his scythe...
[01:08] <ArenaCloser1337> INSTA-KILLS
[01:08] <TBOO-Y> im guessing this is gonna be a difficulty spike
[01:08] <ArenaCloser1337> Well 
[01:08] <TBOO-Y> gneshak
[01:08] <ArenaCloser1337> Final bosses are usually a difficulty spike
[01:08] <TBOO-Y> lmao yeah
[01:09] <TBOO-Y> btw
[01:09] <TBOO-Y> [[File:ImBadAtArt.PNG]] heres some crappy art i made
[01:10] <ArenaCloser1337> Not that bad
[01:10] <ArenaCloser1337> Anyways
[01:10] <TBOO-Y> he changes to ROFLman
[01:10] <TBOO-Y> jk
[01:11] <ArenaCloser1337> Riflegod can also summon a meteor shower
[01:11] <TBOO-Y> k
[01:11] <TBOO-Y> cool
[01:12] <ArenaCloser1337> He can also do a...
[01:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Oh...
[01:12] <ArenaCloser1337> I know
[01:13] <ArenaCloser1337> First, he does some scythe swings
[01:13] <TBOO-Y> ok
[01:13] <ArenaCloser1337> Second, he summons a previous boss with less hp
[01:13] <ArenaCloser1337> While that happens, there's a meteor shower
[01:13] <TBOO-Y> nice
[01:13] <ArenaCloser1337> So, it's like a gauntlet
[01:14] <TBOO-Y> cool
[01:14] <ArenaCloser1337> When you defeated the boss, the meteor shower ends and there's a rock left
[01:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Since there's something covering the weak point, here's what you have to do...
[01:14] <TBOO-Y> the rock instantly kills you and defecates on your dead body JK
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> break the rock?
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> jump on it 2534958764 times?
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> claw it?
[01:15] <ArenaCloser1337> Throw the rock with Tidal Wave to break the weak point's protection 
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> ok
[01:15] <ArenaCloser1337> And then, shoot the weak point with AC1337
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> ok
[01:15] <ArenaCloser1337> By performing a jump switch shoot
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> k
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> Can I do some of the death scenes?
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> Huh?
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> What do you mean?
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> nvm
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> wut happens next
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> You will battle each boss
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> But...
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> Nice
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> There's a probelm
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> *problem
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> Teamerz
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> wut
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> why
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> is a water boss
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> Omg
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> True
[01:17] <ArenaCloser1337> I have an idea
[01:17] <TBOO-Y> wut
[01:17] <TBOO-Y> he fills the room with water
[01:17] <TBOO-Y> maybe
[01:17] <TBOO-Y> also
[01:17] <ArenaCloser1337> "Room"
[01:17] <ArenaCloser1337> There's no room
[01:17] <TBOO-Y> whatever you call it
[01:17] <TBOO-Y> ok, where doe sthis take place?
[01:17] <TBOO-Y> last time i saw it was in the castle
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> one second
[01:18] <TBOO-Y> k
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337>
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> Skip to 1:06
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> It kinda takes place here
[01:19] <ArenaCloser1337> But, it's not the same boss, of course
[01:19] <ArenaCloser1337> It's kind of a good exemple, doh
[01:19] <ArenaCloser1337> *example
[01:19] <ArenaCloser1337> Anyways
[01:20] <ArenaCloser1337> You have to hit the weak point on how much bosses there are
[01:21] <ArenaCloser1337> And, then...
[01:21] <TBOO-Y> when they are all defeated, then what
[01:21] <TBOO-Y> ok heres some problems
[01:21] <TBOO-Y> bosses sometimes rely on terrain
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> so you don't have the place suddenly have water everywhere
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Terrain will pop-up
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> or have the ceiling grow stalactites
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> when they need it
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> ok
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> And, the summoned boss are just copies
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> k
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> they're monochrome
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> k
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> anyways, what happens after
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> they all die
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Well...
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> You hit him
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> And, he goes infront of you
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> And fights side by side
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> kinda
[01:23] <TBOO-Y> ok
[01:23] <TBOO-Y> then, after you beat that, but happens
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> BOOM
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> YOU WIN
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> :D
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Of course there's cutscenes
[01:24] <TBOO-Y> My idea of a death scene: Yells and angry line, but halfway, he turns red and implodes, then explodes in a brilliant variety of colors
[01:24] <TBOO-Y> All tahts left is some dust
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> That becomes 0s and 1s
[01:24] <TBOO-Y> YES
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> and slowly dicipates
[01:25] <TBOO-Y> Ye
[01:25] <TBOO-Y> Dats a pretty good one
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> So, that fight
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> needs all 3 of us
[01:25] <TBOO-Y> ye
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Taco, me and tidal
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Which is cool
[01:25] <TBOO-Y> ye
[01:25] <TBOO-Y> i have an idea
[01:25] <TBOO-Y> when you win'
[01:25] <TBOO-Y> you also get a boss rush mode
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> You unlock boss rush and hard mode
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> :P^
[01:26] <TBOO-Y> k
[01:26] <TBOO-Y> :P
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> No easy mode
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> cuz if you suck
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> then, you suck
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> faq you
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> jk
[01:27] <TBOO-Y> lol
[01:27] <ArenaCloser1337> So...
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> We got all the bosses figured out
[01:28] <TBOO-Y> yep
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> Also
[01:28] <TBOO-Y> ?
[01:28] <Puffyy> hi
[01:28] <TBOO-Y> hi
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> The fact that I'm the character that fights the boss teamerz is ironical
[01:28] <TBOO-Y> how so
[01:28] <Puffyy> teamer
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> since I hate water levels
[01:28] <Puffyy> teamer
[01:28] <TBOO-Y> Lol 
[01:29] <Puffyy> z
[01:29] <Puffyy> teamerz did you get invite
[01:29] <Puffyy> thign
[01:29] <ArenaCloser1337> Puff
[01:29] <TBOO-Y> Teamerz is away I think
[01:29] <ArenaCloser1337> We're talking about a video game we should make
[01:29] <ArenaCloser1337> Also, TBOO
[01:29] <Puffyy> o
[01:29] <TBOO-Y> ?
[01:29] <ArenaCloser1337> I have some experience in making video games
[01:29] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[01:29] <ArenaCloser1337> so, don't worry
[01:29] <TBOO-Y> K
[01:30] <TBOO-Y> Oh and another thing
[01:30] <TBOO-Y> can we have JOHNKILLER1 be a bonus boss
[01:30] <TBOO-Y> cuz hes a shitty vandal
[01:30] <ArenaCloser1337>
[01:30] <ArenaCloser1337> I make games
[01:30] <TBOO-Y> ok
[01:30] <ArenaCloser1337> When I have nothing to do
[01:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Try this:
[01:31] <ArenaCloser1337>
[01:31] <TBOO-Y> do you know about the auto smasher battle on scratch?
[01:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah
[01:35] <TBOO-Y> pretty fun
[01:35] <TBOO-Y> easy tho
[01:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Well
[01:35] <ArenaCloser1337> It's an auto-smasher
[01:35] <ArenaCloser1337> what do you expect?
[01:36] <ArenaCloser1337> gtg
[01:36] <ArenaCloser1337> bye
[01:37] <TBOO-Y> :/
[02:10] <BattleDroid56568> Hello
[02:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> dead
[03:24] <ItzDracius> ded
[03:33] <BattleDroid56568> Des
[03:33] <BattleDroid56568> dee
[05:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis>
[05:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> i made this thing
[05:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> kek
[05:06] <Teamerz> o
[05:07] <Teamerz> noice
[05:18] <Puffyy> teamerz
[05:18] <Puffyy> invite or no
[05:23] <Teamerz> oh shiet she hasnt gotten back on that yet
[05:23] <Teamerz> hang on
[05:24] <Puffyy> rip
[05:24] <Teamerz> ish on her profile
[05:24] <Teamerz> *facepalm*
[05:24] <Teamerz>
[05:27] <Puffyy> alright
[05:27] <Puffyy> thanks
[05:28] <Teamerz> np
[05:30] <ItzDracius> yay
[05:30] <ItzDracius> 5 subs
[05:42] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> oh bai the wai
[05:43] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I made that game as a contest with Peri to who can make the best joke game xD
[05:43] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> for whatever reason
[05:44] <Teamerz> o lol
[05:45] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> did ya see the comments of it
[05:47] <Teamerz> nu not rly
[05:47] <Teamerz> focused moar on playing it
[05:47] <Teamerz> oh ye i remember, you wanted to show me ur loominerty mine thing?
[05:48] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ye
[05:50] <Teamerz> den lesgo
[05:51] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> k i'm already onne
[06:59] <IceTudor> bak
[06:59] <IceTudor> from meh deep sloop
[07:01] <ItzDracius> hello
[07:01] <IceTudor> itz didnt go full lewd 
[07:01] <IceTudor> holy shit how.
[07:01] <IceTudor> HOW
[07:01] <IceTudor> HOOOOOOOW
[07:02] <ItzDracius> No idea.
[07:05] <Teamerz> *yawn*
[07:05] <ItzDracius> lol
[07:06] <Teamerz> we just did like
[07:06] <Teamerz> a 12 hour long DWA session
[07:06] <ItzDracius> ok
[07:06] <Teamerz> and damn thats exhausting when you have to control 4+ characters for the whole time
[07:07] <ItzDracius> ok then
[07:18] <ItzDracius> dead chat
[07:18] <BattleDroid56568> Is chat still dead?
[07:18] <BattleDroid56568> Hello BTW
[07:18] <ItzDracius> kinda
[07:19] <BattleDroid56568> Anyway, lets talk about random stuff to make it more active.
[07:19] <IceTudor> anyone here want Half-Life 3?
[07:19] <BattleDroid56568> No tha...
[07:19] <BattleDroid56568> Wait
[07:19] <BattleDroid56568> Half Life?
[07:19] <BattleDroid56568> Tudor, what do you mean?
[07:20] <IceTudor> Cause i'm working on Half-Life: Lambda Return
[07:20] <IceTudor> its a game battle
[07:20] <IceTudor> but you
[07:20] <IceTudor> but its violent
[07:20] <IceTudor> so i doubted you'd know it
[07:20] <IceTudor> anyways
[07:20] <IceTudor> Lambda return is basically HL3
[07:20] <BattleDroid56568> IDC about violence.
[07:21] <BattleDroid56568> I've seen bloody adtion movies a lot and don't hesitate with blood and violence at all.
[07:21] <IceTudor> oh well then
[07:21] <IceTudor> i dont think you're grossed out by head eating face hugger like things
[07:21] <IceTudor> along with an alien race that tries to take over 
[07:21] <BattleDroid56568> facehuggers from alien?
[07:21] <IceTudor> i WARN YOU
[07:21] <BattleDroid56568> Oh yeah
[07:22] <IceTudor> half life is much darker than your puny action movies
[07:22] <BattleDroid56568> K
[07:22] <BattleDroid56568> You say it's darker
[07:22] <BattleDroid56568> So IT IS.
[07:22] <BattleDroid56568> Thanks for the warning Tudor.
[07:22] <IceTudor> it is
[07:22] <IceTudor> even for me
[07:23] <IceTudor> its dark as shit
[07:23] <IceTudor> both visually and dark as in fucked up
[07:23] <BattleDroid56568> Darker than an annoying warning of a nuclear bomb notice on TV.
[07:24] <ItzDracius> ok
[07:24] <ItzDracius> 33 demon levels
[07:24] <BattleDroid56568> The annoyance of a nuclear bomb warning on TV.
[07:25] <BattleDroid56568> Say a bad word if you think it is annoying
[07:25] <BattleDroid56568> Mostly b*****d.
[07:25] <IceTudor> i hate you
[07:26] <IceTudor> how is a NUCLEAR BOMB WARNING ANNOYING?
[07:26] <IceTudor> ITS USEFUL
[07:26] <IceTudor> would you rather die by painful radiation or live in a bunker
[07:26] <IceTudor> for a bit
[07:26] <BattleDroid56568> It is useful, I was talking about the noise it makes.
[07:26] <BattleDroid56568> It isn't scary tho
[07:26] <IceTudor> anyways
[07:27] <BattleDroid56568> And yes, I would live in a bunker.
[07:27] <IceTudor>
[07:27] <IceTudor> thats just the first game
[07:27] <IceTudor> theres also a 2nd
[07:27] <IceTudor> 2.1th
[07:28] <IceTudor> 2.2nd
[07:28] <IceTudor> Blue shift
[07:28] <IceTudor> Opposing force
[07:28] <IceTudor> 5 of them
[07:28] <IceTudor> 8* because lost coast and deathmatch
[07:29] <BattleDroid56568> It looks like C.O.D
[07:30] <BattleDroid56568> You were also right, it was gory. I have seen some blood on the floor.
[07:30] <BattleDroid56568> In real life, it would be A LOT.
[07:32] <IceTudor> COD?
[07:33] <IceTudor> fuck that peice of crap
[07:33] <IceTudor> HL is older than it
[07:33] <IceTudor> it was the father
[07:33] <IceTudor> as someone would say
[07:33] <IceTudor> with shooters and storytelling in games
[07:33] <BattleDroid56568> And...
[07:35] <ItzDracius> ...
[07:35] <BattleDroid56568> ItzDracius
[07:36] <BattleDroid56568> This chat is WAAAAY too dead.
[07:36] <BattleDroid56568> 😒
[07:36] <BattleDroid56568> I will come back when it ois more active.
[07:37] <BattleDroid56568> AND WHEN ICE LEAVES.
[07:37] <BattleDroid56568> So bye especially to you Tudor.
[07:44] <ItzDracius> ded
[07:45] <ItzDracius> O MY
[07:45] <ItzDracius> DEJA VU
[07:51] <IceTudor> oh yay
[07:51] <IceTudor> since i stay here all day
[08:00] <ItzDracius> lol ice
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