[07:27] <TBOO-Y> sure
[07:27] <TBOO-Y>
[07:28] <Captain Hayden> What are the rules?
[07:29] <Ursuul> bless this lad: [[Thread:115836#20]]
[07:29] <TBOO-Y> LOL
[07:29] <IceTudor> heres other issues that i have
[07:29] <Aufmerksam> Ursuul.
[07:29] <Aufmerksam> I have to thank you for the helpful attitude.
[07:30] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[07:30] <Özün Oldun> I LIIIIIIIVE
[07:30] <IceTudor> 
[07:30] <Ursuul> @Aufmerksam you are welcome :)
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> gg Hayden
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> oh
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> ....
[07:31] <Ursuul> rip
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> .-.
[07:31] <Aufmerksam> Okay.
[07:32] <Aufmerksam> My future Staff possibilty ended.
[07:32] <Teamerz> my chat crashed
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> for a further guide on how to use Factory, ask Teamerz
[07:32] <Aufmerksam> Edits got (again) wasted.
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> oh ok
[07:32] <Teamerz> im here
[07:32] <Teamerz> wot did i miss
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> a lot of stuff
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> Enpan changed his name
[07:32] <Teamerz> i know that already
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> to Aukmerfsam
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> oh
[07:32] <Teamerz> next
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> 3 vids
[07:32] <Aufmerksam> Oh.
[07:32] <Ursuul> I replied in da thread
[07:32] <Teamerz> next
[07:32] <Aufmerksam> Look at the sidebar.
[07:33] <Aufmerksam> All golden stars almost.
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> alsowe were talking about viruses and stuff
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> and web saftey
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> and shit
[07:33] <Teamerz> k.
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> then a brief clamor about Enpan changing his name, that's all
[07:34] <Teamerz> k
[07:34] <Ursuul> I’m getting back to work lads, adios
[07:35] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:35] <TBOO-Y> dammit
[07:35] <TBOO-Y> i got wasted again
[07:35] <TBOO-Y> (d2) 
[07:35] <Teamerz> wot
[07:36] <Aufmerksam> Lesson: Destroyer Classes are not good against Max Pen. Factory.
[07:37] <TBOO-Y> yep
[07:37] <Teamerz> only if the factory doesnt make a mistake
[07:37] <Teamerz> if it does you can end them easily
[07:37] <Aufmerksam> Like TBOO did.
[07:37] <Aufmerksam> I got killed, but my remaining bullet "wasted" him.
[07:37] <Teamerz> lol
[07:38] <Aufmerksam> Nope.
[07:38] <Aufmerksam> Not the Triplet.
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> yeah Triplet isn't good against Fac either
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> when i see a Factory if i use a counter i use Battleship
[07:39] <Teamerz> wot
[07:39] <Teamerz> factory is basically a counter to battleship
[07:40] <TBOO-Y> nah
[07:40] <TBOO-Y> lol gg Auk
[07:40] <Aufmerksam> Is the typo "Auk" intentional.
[07:40] <Aufmerksam> *?
[07:40] <TBOO-Y> ...
[07:40] <TBOO-Y> its Auf
[07:40] <TBOO-Y> im an idiot
[07:40] <Aufmerksam> No problem.
[07:40] <TBOO-Y> Hi Auf
[07:41] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[07:41] <Aufmerksam> Hi.
[07:41] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[07:42] <TBOO-Y> i literally have to use a class with increased range in a Sandbox match
[07:42] <TBOO-Y> cuz im bad at predictions
[07:42] <Teamerz> well i mean
[07:42] <Teamerz> if thers 5+ peeps then ye it makes some sense
[07:43] <Aufmerksam> I will be right back.
[07:43] <Teamerz> i will be left front
[07:43] <Aufmerksam> Teamerz.
[07:43] <Aufmerksam> Please.
[07:44] <IceTudor> gtg
[07:44] <TBOO-Y> Teamerz
[07:44] <Teamerz> ?
[07:44] <TBOO-Y> if a tank had a barrel and a spawner, would it be genderfluid?
[07:45] <Teamerz> actually 
[07:45] <Teamerz> me and some peeps discussed about dat a few days ago
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> ok
[07:45] <Teamerz> and im not gettin into this again
[07:45] <Teamerz> lol
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> lol k
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> holy shit
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> 4 admins in a row
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> column*
[07:46] <Teamerz> wot
[07:46] <TBOO-Y> everyones an admin except me and Auf
[07:46] <TBOO-Y> look at the row beside the chat
[07:46] <Teamerz> ye but ozun and banana r afk 100% of the tim
[07:46] <TBOO-Y> idc
[07:46] <TBOO-Y> .3.
[07:46] <Teamerz> "i do care"
[07:46] <TBOO-Y> .3.
[07:46] <Teamerz> yes i know
[07:46] <Teamerz> :3
[07:46] <TBOO-Y> ikr
[07:46] <TBOO-Y> I know wrong
[07:46] <Teamerz> i know left
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> but right isn't wrong
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> left is wrong
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> but wrong is right
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> and right is right
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> which means left is wrong, which is also right
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> which is right but also wrong
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> even though right is right
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> cuz both are one thing
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> so wrong is right
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> but right isn't wrong
[07:48] <TBOO-Y> which means left isn't right but isn't wrong
[07:48] <TBOO-Y> but there is no middle
[07:48] <TBOO-Y> so its in a superposition of being in a superposition and not
[07:48] <TBOO-Y> you can use this as punishment for Zathsu
[07:49] <Teamerz> um
[07:49] <Teamerz> dats not a good punishment tho
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> but then the superposition is the superposition
[07:50] <TBOO-Y> which means its phasing between being a superposition and being a superposition
[07:50] <TBOO-Y> which means its not a superposition
[07:50] <TBOO-Y> but both superpositions are the superposition
[07:50] <TBOO-Y> so its a superposition that doesn't exist
[07:50] <TBOO-Y> but it exists and it doesnt
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> which makes a superposition inside the superposition at the time where it exists]
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> but when the other superposition doenst exist this one still exists
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> so they combine'
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> but they dont
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> so another superposition
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> but that crosses the xyz line
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> so there is another superposition in the 4th dimension
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> which is a superposition of a superposition to be a superposition combined with a superposition or a superposition that doesn't exist
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> which is the first superposition
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> i long to see this in the chat log
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> yknow
[07:53] <Teamerz> you long?
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> i short
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> wait
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> "i long"
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> Teamerz no
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> but i short
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> which is long
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> but isnt'
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> so its a superposition that may or may not exi- k ill stop now
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> k ill go now
[07:56] <Teamerz> hang on i wasnt looking
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> hi Diepmon
[07:56] <Teamerz> you short?
[07:56] <Teamerz> well i pants
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> well i hat
[07:56] <Teamerz> well i shirt
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> well i socks
[07:56] <Teamerz> well i shoe
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> lmao Diepmon
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> couldn't stand it
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> anyway
[07:57] <Teamerz> couldn't lay it
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> well i jock
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> couldn't sit it
[07:57] <Teamerz> couldn't bystand it
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> hi chapsteck
[07:57] <Teamerz> yas
[07:57] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> three more days until school, going to open house
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> couldn't fuck it
[07:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> which also means three more days until my activity increases
[07:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> yay xD
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> oh ok
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> yay
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> i have like a month until school
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> lllllluuuuucccckkkk
[07:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ;~~~~~~~~~~~;
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> btw
[07:58] <Teamerz> *pats chap*
[07:58] <Teamerz> its ok
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> when does ur summer break start'
[07:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> my summer was cut short due to a change in schedule
[07:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> rip
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> normally tho
[07:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> but next year it'll be back 2 normal
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> oh ok
[07:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> it started on june 7 I think
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> oh
[07:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> but now it's may 28
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> ours starts on july 1
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> see
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> this is why
[08:00] <TBOO-Y> its kinda fair
[08:00] <TBOO-Y> you go earlier
[08:00] <TBOO-Y> i leave later
[08:00] <Teamerz> well mine starts on june 23th normally
[08:00] <Teamerz> so >:(
[08:00] <TBOO-Y> lel
[08:00] <Teamerz> no not rly
[08:00] <Teamerz> it ends on dat date actually
[08:00] <Teamerz> but shh
[08:00] <TBOO-Y> k
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> wouldn't want people to mob you
[08:01] <Teamerz> yeh
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> or one man ary you
[08:01] <Teamerz> im not a mob
[08:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> i'm saying this summer break started on june 7
[08:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> lol
[08:01] <Teamerz> one man ary
[08:01] <Teamerz> lmao
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> army
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> armies
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> arm
[08:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> one man ary
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> severed arm
[08:01] <Teamerz> armemes
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> severed head
[08:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> severed sou
[08:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ll
[08:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> shit
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> severed head and guts cut out for the carrion to feast upon
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> and the eyes
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> "well, that escalated quickly"
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> :D
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> (slavery) 
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> Zathsu's face
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> (crying) 
[08:03] <TBOO-Y> no
[08:03] <TBOO-Y> (crying2) 
[08:04] <TBOO-Y>
[08:07] <Luigi1006YT> :^[giant])
[08:07] <Zathsu> wot
[08:08] <TBOO-Y> hi Zathsu
[08:09] <Teamerz> hi bathsu
[08:09] <Luigi1006YT> (Crying2) 
[08:11] <TBOO-Y> WTF
[08:11] <TBOO-Y> im not ready
[08:12] <Luigi1006YT> [small]oh thanks for not letting me regen
[08:12] <TBOO-Y> that's what you get
[08:12] <TBOO-Y> killing me when im not ready
[08:12] <TBOO-Y> do that again and get AC spawnkilled
[08:21] <TBOO-Y> who is "fuckyou"
[08:21] <TBOO-Y> Zathsu?
[08:22] <Teamerz> nah
[08:23] <Luigi1006YT> e
[08:23] <TBOO-Y> k
[08:25] <TBOO-Y> who is "fuckyou"
[08:25] <Teamerz> chances r pointing towards iron
[08:25] <TBOO-Y> btw C means im afk
[08:25] <TBOO-Y> oh
[08:25] <TBOO-Y> lol he just left
[08:25] <TBOO-Y> true
[08:25] <Teamerz> and he just left teh arena
[08:25] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[08:26] <TBOO-Y> why is Iron so triggered about something
[08:26] <TBOO-Y> or he just might be a troll
[08:26] <TBOO-Y> eh
[08:26] <Teamerz> havent seen him speak a whole lot
[08:26] <TBOO-Y> acs and doms and mothership just ruin sandbox
[08:26] <TBOO-Y> hi Iron
[08:26] <TBOO-Y> i need to ask u something
[08:27] <TBOO-Y> are you "fuckyou" in the sandbox?
[08:27] <Zathsu> Back
[08:27] <Iron7225> hello
[08:27] <Zathsu> Was playing the RotMG xD
[08:27] <Teamerz> Fron-
[08:27] <Iron7225> ??
[08:27] <Iron7225> what's is the sandbox?
[08:28] <Zathsu> So I was heavily not focused on chat at all
[08:28] <Teamerz> meh u didnt miss anythin
[08:28] <Zathsu> But now Im 3/8
[08:28] <Iron7225> i have not enter in the sandbox
[08:28] <TBOO-Y> oh, really?
[08:28] <TBOO-Y> ok
[08:28] <Iron7225> I'm just going to watch the video , and leave
[08:29] <Teamerz> rip zatshoo
[08:29] <Iron7225> You misunderstood it :)
[08:29] <TBOO-Y> hey Teamerz
[08:30] <Teamerz> ?
[08:30] <TBOO-Y> since we are both Pentashots, lets make all polygons pentagons again
[08:30] <Teamerz> with pentashot?
[08:30] <Teamerz> dats a bad idea
[08:30] <Teamerz> lol
[08:30] <Luigi1006YT> iks de
[08:31] <Iron7225> //
[08:31] <Iron7225> konnichiwa
[08:32] <Iron7225> i'm watching this
[08:32] <Iron7225>
[08:39] <Iron7225> ?
[08:41] <Iron7225> welcome
[08:41] <Iron7225> to
[08:41] <Iron7225> the
[08:41] <Iron7225> chat
[08:41] <Iron7225> room
[08:41] <The named BOSS> First bastion and now furystar?
[08:42] <The named BOSS> The dev(s) of are WAY more active and stuff than zeach 
[08:42] <The named BOSS> Hi
[08:43] <Luigi1006YT> e
[08:43] <The named BOSS> Hi
[08:43] <The named BOSS> TBOO-Y
[08:44] <Iron7225> welcome!
[08:44] <The named BOSS> Hi
[08:44] <The named BOSS> ... to the chat?
[08:45] <Luigi1006YT> wait lemme make an e out of e
[08:45] <Luigi1006YT> _________
[08:45] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[08:45] <Luigi1006YT> e
[08:45] <Luigi1006YT> eee
[08:45] <Luigi1006YT> e
[08:45] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[08:45] <Iron7225> 111111
[08:45] <Iron7225> 1
[08:45] <Iron7225> 1111
[08:45] <Iron7225> 1
[08:45] <Iron7225> 111111
[08:45] <The named BOSS> MAKE AN E OUT OF ES OUT OF ES
[08:46] <Luigi1006YT> no
[08:46] <Luigi1006YT> :^)
[08:46] <The named BOSS> Wellll 
[08:46] <The named BOSS> Hmmmm
[08:46] <Iron7225> OOO H
[08:46] <Iron7225> O O H
[08:46] <Iron7225> O O HHH
[08:46] <Iron7225> O O H H
[08:46] <Iron7225> OOO H H
[08:46] <Aufmerksam> What did I miss?
[08:47] <Iron7225> O O
[08:47] <The named BOSS> Um
[08:47] <Teamerz> this godamn square
[08:47] <The named BOSS> Not much I guess
[08:47] <Iron7225> \(O^O)/aaaa~~
[08:47] <TBOO-Y> ikr
[08:47] <TBOO-Y> fucking square lmao
[08:47] <The named BOSS> Except an E made of of es 
[08:47] <Iron7225> \($o$)/ m o n e y~~~
[08:47] <Luigi1006YT> memes
[08:47] <Luigi1006YT> mem
[08:47] <Luigi1006YT> m
[08:47] <Luigi1006YT> mem
[08:47] <Luigi1006YT> memes
[08:48] <Iron7225> (@_@ )/(my eye??)
[08:48] <Aufmerksam> (For anyone who doesn't know, I am AM Waves.)
[08:48] <The named BOSS> I saw
[08:48] <Iron7225> \\\\\(** OoO)///// nooo!
[08:48] <Iron7225> (T_T) cry
[08:49] <Iron7225> (*^oo^*) pretty pig
[08:50] <The named BOSS> And hi TBOO
[08:50] <Iron7225> (√_√) my eye.... bleeding
[08:51] <Iron7225> (down) p( OvO)h (up)
[08:51] <Iron7225> cute
[08:54] <Teamerz> okey im done
[08:54] <TBOO-Y> yey'
[08:54] <Teamerz> dis square aint givin up
[08:54] <Luigi1006YT> e
[08:54] <The named BOSS> TBOO
[08:54] <Teamerz> wait we did it
[08:54] <Iron7225> (O O)
[08:54] <Iron7225> (>o<)
[08:55] <Iron7225> |
[08:55] <Teamerz> after 2 hours of killing a square
[08:55] <Teamerz> we did it
[08:55] <TBOO-Y> lol yeah
[08:55] <TBOO-Y> wut BOSS
[08:55] <Teamerz> so..
[08:55] <Teamerz> whot now
[08:55] <Iron7225> mmmOlllO)mmm (go die!
[08:55] <TBOO-Y> we can do a defend the pentagons sorta thing
[08:55] <TBOO-Y> or...
[08:56] <Teamerz> or..?
[08:56] <The named BOSS> I'm on mobile
[08:56] <Iron7225> (OnO) / * / * // snowy and rain
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> we can have no life nd make all polygons triangles using Overlord
[08:56] <Iron7225> Goodbye!
[08:56] <Teamerz> lma o
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> so
[08:56] <The named BOSS> And I want to test out a new spaceship thingy
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> which one
[08:56] <Teamerz> im just gonna sit here lol
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> lmao\
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> me too
[08:57] <The named BOSS> Um
[08:57] <Teamerz> welp
[08:57] <Teamerz> talk about timing
[08:57] <The named BOSS> Imma destroy something
[08:58] <TBOO-Y> nooooooooooo
[08:58] <TBOO-Y> now imma make all polygons triangles
[08:58] <The named BOSS> Or somebody, like this random memelandian over here!
[08:58] <Luigi1006YT> probably [verysmall]erebu
[08:58] <The named BOSS> *looks at random memelandian*
[09:01] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *teleports to boss and back every second*
[09:02] <The named BOSS> *rams into erebu when they teleport to boss*
[09:02] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is dizzy*
[09:03] <The named BOSS> *a big core rams into them and fires lasers at them*
[09:03] <Graviatar> hi
[09:04] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *phases through core*
[09:04] <TBOO-Y> i made a triangle empire
[09:04] <TBOO-Y> hi grav
[09:04] <Teamerz> hi grab
[09:04] <The named BOSS> *the big core slams into teamz*
[09:06] <Graviatar> hey teamz
[09:06] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *teleports to the core and back every second*
[09:06] <Teamerz> hows life grab
[09:06] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: [big]PUMPED [small]UP [big]KICKS
[09:06] <4L01510 1337> hi
[09:07] <Teamerz> hi 4l0
[09:07] <The named BOSS> *it electrocutes erebu and rams teamz again*
[09:07] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *teleports back in time to not get electrocuted*
[09:08] <The named BOSS> *it electrocutes them when they teleport back*
[09:08] <Teamerz> well boss
[09:08] <Teamerz> u cant ram someone who isnt there
[09:08] <Teamerz> so
[09:08] <The named BOSS> You ARE here though 
[09:08] <The named BOSS> so
[09:08] <Teamerz> im not.
[09:08] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: Ow!
[09:08] <The named BOSS> You are now
[09:09] <Teamerz> you cant just decide dat
[09:09] <The named BOSS> Too late I already did
[09:09] <Teamerz> yeah no
[09:10] <The named BOSS> Yeah yes
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> nah
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> nah no
[09:10] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *eats a pack of popcorn*
[09:11] <TBOO-Y> *Erebu is still fucking on the Core*
[09:11] <Luigi1006YT> [giant]what
[09:11] <TBOO-Y> (yeah)
[09:11] <Teamerz> someone talked about fucking
[09:11] <Teamerz> (lenny) 
[09:11] <TBOO-Y> (you didn't say anything about- TEAMERZ NO about teleporting back)
[09:11] <TBOO-Y> 
[09:11] <Teamerz> l0l
[09:11] <TBOO-Y> l0l
[09:12] <Luigi1006YT> 0l0
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> hey Teamerz
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> i suck at diep
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> (lenny) 
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> (lenny) 
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> (lenny) 
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> 
[09:12] <Teamerz> you suck huh
[09:12] <Teamerz> (lenny) 
[09:12] <The named BOSS> *the big core locates TBOO-Y*
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> Hi
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> Its me again
[09:13] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: [small]oh, at least the core didnt find me here.
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> You doing anything [giant][rainbow]you shouldn't?
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> *big core keeps scanning
[09:14] <The named BOSS> Big core MKI: FRIEND OR FOE...
[09:15] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is still on top of the core and tries to be as quiet as possible*
[09:16] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: NOPE
[09:17] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *instantly jumps off of the core*
[09:17] <The named BOSS> Big core MKI: WHERE DID TBOO-Y GO?
[09:18] <TBOO-Y> I'm here
[09:18] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *wheeze*
[09:18] <The named BOSS> *it fires it's lasers at tboo y*
[09:19] <TBOO-Y> Nope
[09:20] <TBOO-Y> *pushes button*
[09:20] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *walks back to house*
[09:20] <The named BOSS> *it zips toward tboo and rams them*
[09:20] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: beep beep S C H L E E P- *goes to sleep*
[09:20] <TBOO-Y> *2 Guardians attack the Big Core
[09:21] <The named BOSS> *the big core attacks them with its 4 lasers*
[09:24] <TBOO-Y> *while the Big Core is distracted, TBOO-Y shoots all of the blasters
[09:25] <Teamerz> weapons no shorter functional
[09:25] <TBOO-Y> weapons no superposition functional
[09:25] <Teamerz> weapons yes superposition functional
[09:26] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI: MUST REPORT BACK TO MONARCH
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> but then the superposition is the superposition 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> which means its phasing between being a superposition and being a superposition 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> which means its not a superposition 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> but both superpositions are the superposition 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> so its a superposition that doesn't exist 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> but it exists and it doesnt 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> which makes a superposition inside the superposition at the time where it exists] 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> but when the other superposition doenst exist this one still exists 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> so they combine' 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> but they dont 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> so another superposition 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> but that crosses the xyz line 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> so there is another superposition in the 4th dimension 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> which is a superposition of a superposition to be a superposition combined with a superposition or a superposition that doesn't exist 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> which is the first superposition 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> i long to see this in the chat log 
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> yknow no, i shall confuse you with stuff i said to Teamerz earlier
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> I said this to Teamerz
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> *Big Core's AI gets very hot and is unstable
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> "hot"
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> (lenny) 
[09:28] <Graviatar> -
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> so "hot" its unstable, someone might rape it
[09:28] <Graviatar> -_-
[09:28] <Graviatar> ok bye
[09:28] <The named BOSS> Big core MKI: *fzzt*MUST REPORT TO MONAR*crackle* FOR REPAIRS
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> [s]kill me[/s]
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> k
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> hi
[09:29] <TBOO-Y> *punches Big Core to the ground
[09:29] <TBOO-Y> *drills Big Core into the ground
[09:29] <TBOO-Y> *to an underwater water sourse, Big Core's barriers rupture and turn off*
[09:29] <TBOO-Y> *source
[09:29] <Teamerz> someone talked about rape?
[09:29] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *wakes up*
[09:30] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *goes outside*
[09:31] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: did something sound like coke? C:
[09:32] <Teamerz> welp
[09:32] <Teamerz> afk
[09:32] <Teamerz> eatin
[09:34] <The named BOSS> *the big core tries to fly away, unsuccessfully*
[09:36] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is eating a popcorn packet*
[09:37] <Aufmerksam> Actually.
[09:37] <Aufmerksam> Do not touch TheNamedBOSS's core.
[09:38] <Aufmerksam> If it explodes...
[09:38] <The named BOSS> ?
[09:38] <Aufmerksam>
[09:38] <Aufmerksam> This happens.
[09:38] <Aufmerksam> (bad attempt at joke.)
[09:39] <The named BOSS> XD
[09:39] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: oh nice i'm bored as usual
[09:40] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *sigh*
[09:40] <Aufmerksam> Because it's filled with weird thing, which is not identified by humans yet.
[09:40] <4L01510 1337> (gtg, bye)
[09:40] <Aufmerksam> Bye.
[09:40] <The named BOSS> Bye!
[09:41] <Aufmerksam> I was actually planning that clip for my Game Mode Conception
[09:41] <Aufmerksam> *.
[09:45] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: e
[09:47] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *teleports randomly*
[09:49] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: this is how bored i can get
[09:49] <The named BOSS> *the big core tries to fly away, but it's engines are broken*
[09:50] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *teleports next to the core*
[09:50] <Aufmerksam> Don't touch it.
[09:50] <Aufmerksam> You saw the clip.
[09:50] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[09:50] <TBOO-Y> im back
[09:50] <The named BOSS> *it keeps trying to fly away*
[09:50] <TBOO-Y> just looked at
[09:50] <TBOO-Y> you know whats the 3rd result for the word grundo?
[09:50] <TBOO-Y> 
[09:51] <The named BOSS> *the big core stops*
[09:51] <The named BOSS> What?
[09:51] <TBOO-Y> when you drink irish whiskey through your ass on the 11th sunday of the month
[09:51] <The named BOSS> Oh okay
[09:51] <TBOO-Y> i should leave now
[09:51] <TBOO-Y> brb
[09:54] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *touches the core*
[09:54] <Luigi1006YT> [big]EVERYTHING DIES THE END I GUESS
[09:55] <The named BOSS> *it electrocutes erebu but does not explode*
[09:55] <The named BOSS> Oh right it must have been made out of a DIFFERENT unknown material
[09:57] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: [small] at least that other...[verysmall]MELON [small]isn't here.
[09:57] <The named BOSS> *slams into erebu*
[09:58] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is shivering*
[10:02] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: wait, who was tha- [big]OH MY GOD
[10:04] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is shivering even more*
[10:04] <The named BOSS> *digs claws into erebu's back*
[10:06] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *screams in pain*
[10:07] <The named BOSS> *barbs extend form the tips of the claws, in erebu's back*
[10:08] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is at 52% health*
[10:10] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: [verysmall]
[10:11] <The named BOSS> *Yanks out Claws, the barbs getting caught a bit, dealing extra damage*
[10:12] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is at 34% health*
[10:13] <The named BOSS> *flies up to erebu's head, and slams into erebu's head*
[10:14] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is at 1% health and faints*
[10:14] <Pariscat11> dooot
[10:14] <Pariscat11> -An black pentagon would spawn-
[10:15] <The named BOSS> *flies up, and stabs Claw into back of erebu's head*
[10:15] <Theelementalmaster> *Teleports behind boss and throws him into the distance before he can*
[10:16] <Pariscat11> B.P: What's going on?
[10:16] <The named BOSS> Dammit
[10:16] <Theelementalmaster> You don't shoot a downed man, or kick a dead horse, or stab a knocked out erebu
[10:16] <Pariscat11> -B.P would glow, healing Erebu very slowly-
[10:16] <Luigi1006YT> *A Couple Of Minutes Later*
[10:17] <The named BOSS> *the trashed big core is still stuck, weapons busted, engines also busted, and smoking slightly*
[10:17] <Luigi1006YT> *Erebu is now at full health*
[10:18] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: oh, thanks for healing me!
[10:18] <Pariscat11> B.P: Let's take them out!
[10:18] <Theelementalmaster> *Throws 5 grenades at big core*
[10:18] <The named BOSS> *they all don't do much damage*
[10:18] <Pariscat11> -B.P would ram Big Core, depleting lots of health-
[10:19] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI: FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE- *fzzt*
[10:19] <Theelementalmaster> *A few explosion snakes spawn, and bite the big core*
[10:19] <The named BOSS> *and besides we aren't really using health *
[10:20] <Pariscat11> B.P: Well, atleast my name doesn't take a long time1!
[10:20] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI: PLEASE FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE...
[10:20] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Alpha:*ssssSSSSSSSSSSSS[giant]SSSSSSSSSS*
[10:20] <Pariscat11> B.P: I may look small, but I'm no weakling.
[10:21] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *eats a popcorn pack*
[10:21] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:[giant]SSSSSSSSSSS
[10:21] <Pariscat11> -B.P would look at Big Core MKI-
[10:21] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI: DO NOT DESTROY A CRASHED BIG CORE...
[10:22] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Kilo:SSSSSSSSSSSSSS *Bites the big core going through the armor easily*
[10:22] <Theelementalmaster> Hey look a pack of explosion snakes
[10:22] <Theelementalmaster> Those are rare
[10:22] <Pariscat11> -B.P would glow, removing the blackness, and revealing.... an ordinary pentagon-
[10:22] <The named BOSS> *the big core tries to fly away again*
[10:23] <Pariscat11> -B.P would recoat and slam on the Big Core-
[10:23] <The named BOSS> Big core MKI: PLEASE STOP THIS...
[10:23] <Theelementalmaster> *The explosion snakes fly after it, biting out the engines, weapons and armor*
[10:23] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Alpha:SSSSSSxSSSSSSSSSS
[10:24] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Kilo:NOOOOO YO- NOOO IM SPEAKING YOUR LANGUAGE
[10:24] <The named BOSS> *the engines were already broken and the weapons were all busted, the big core was unsuccessful in its trying to fly away*
[10:24] <Theelementalmaster> *They all go for the armor*
[10:24] <The named BOSS> *the big core sparks and smokes*
[10:25] <Theelementalmaster> *Omega manages to get through the armor, and calls for the others*
[10:25] <Theelementalmaster> *They all go through the hole in the armor*
[10:26] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI: PLEASE STOP... MERCY?
[10:26] <Pariscat11> B.P: Well, we got through.
[10:26] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:We don't take kindly to trespassers.
[10:27] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *Turns Into Erebu-X*
[10:27] <Theelementalmaster> *The explosion snakes get to the center and stop*
[10:28] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu-X: [big]i ain't messin' with no pickles
[10:28] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:Maybe if you didn't crash into our land when we weren't around to absorb the explosion maybe this wouldn't be happening
[10:30] <Theelementalmaster> *The snakes tear up the armor from the inside out, leaving only the center*
[10:30] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu-X: *spawns 8,000 battleship-drones*
[10:30] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:You have 5 seconds to give us an explosion
[10:30] <Theelementalmaster> 5
[10:30] <Theelementalmaster> 4
[10:30] <Theelementalmaster> 3
[10:30] <Theelementalmaster> 2
[10:30] <The named BOSS> *something explodes*
[10:30] <Theelementalmaster> 1
[10:31] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:Too small, now goodbye
[10:31] <The named BOSS> *and the rest of the armor explodes, leaving only the core*
[10:32] <Luigi1006YT> *The 8,000 battleship-drones slowly approach the core*
[10:33] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:*Strange war call*
[10:34] <Theelementalmaster> *Hundreds of more explosion snakes appear*
[10:34] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI: I CAN SEE I AM NOT MAKING IT OUT OF THIS...
[10:34] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu-X: you definately aren't.
[10:35] <Luigi1006YT> *The 8,000 battleship-drones attack the core*
[10:35] <The named BOSS> *the core electircutes them all, destroying them before they can reach the core*
[10:36] <Theelementalmaster> *A EMP Explosion Snake goes through the core fast*
[10:36] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Tango:ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzZZZZZZZZZZ
[10:36] <The named BOSS> *the core shuts off*
[10:37] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu-X: *spawns 8,000 Erebu's*
[10:37] <Theelementalmaster> [verybig]WELCOME TO THE WUN WUN STOTY
[10:37] <Theelementalmaster> FAIL
[10:38] <Theelementalmaster> JES
[10:38] <Theelementalmaster> I THOUGHT I COULD DO IT
[10:38] <Theelementalmaster> BUT STOTY IS BACK
[10:38] <The named BOSS> *boss zips over and looks at the explosion snakes *
[10:39] <Luigi1006YT> *Erebu-X And The 8,000 Erebu's Look At Boss*
[10:39] <Theelementalmaster> Omg
[10:39] <Theelementalmaster> i hurt realised
[10:39] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu-X: don't set off the ear-rape bomb :^[giant])
[10:39] <Theelementalmaster> one of the achievement in is shiny!
[10:40] <Theelementalmaster> *The explosion snakes look at boss*
[10:40] <The named BOSS> *the core slowly starts to roll away, still turned off*
[10:40] <Theelementalmaster> *The omega goes through it*
[10:41] <Theelementalmaster> *The omega is a normal explosion snake*
[10:41] <The named BOSS> *it smokes and sparks, but does not explode*
[10:41] <The named BOSS> *it turns back on*
[10:41] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu-X: i don't like watermelons in my opinion
[10:41] <Theelementalmaster> *The omega goes through it a few more times*
[10:41] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI's core: WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF THIS?
[10:42] <The named BOSS> *it still does not explode*
[10:42] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:We demand explosions
[10:42] <Pariscat11> B.P: Huh?
[10:42] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI: WHY?
[10:42] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:It makes us stronger
[10:43] <Luigi1006YT> *All The 8,000 Erebu's Shout "Wake Me Up Inside"s Lyrics*
[10:43] <Luigi1006YT> ear machine [big]B R O K E
[10:43] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI: PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE
[10:43] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:Fine
[10:44] <Theelementalmaster> *Omega Rams the big core really hard*
[10:45] <The named BOSS> *it quickly goes rolling away from the hit, the core is cracked*
[10:45] <Luigi1006YT> *The 8,000 Erebu's Surround The Core*
[10:46] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:*Rally call*
[10:46] <Theelementalmaster> *The other snakes are now following omega*
[10:47] <The named BOSS> *the core of the big core is rolling away*
[10:48] <Theelementalmaster> (I have a horrible joke)
[10:48] <The named BOSS> (?)
[10:48] <Theelementalmaster> (Omg it's so bad, r u sure u want to hear it?)
[10:49] <Theelementalmaster> Brb
[10:50] <The named BOSS> (Sure)
[10:52] <Theelementalmaster> Ok
[10:52] <Theelementalmaster> I can't say it
[10:52] <Theelementalmaster> Its so bad
[10:52] <Theelementalmaster> and it'll probably trigger someone here
[10:52] <The named BOSS> Ok
[10:52] <Theelementalmaster> (I'll just say this, it's related to one of the characters in this RP)
[10:52] <The named BOSS> *the big core's core is still rolling away*
[10:53] <The named BOSS> (One of the characters?)
[10:53] <Theelementalmaster> (ye)
[10:53] <The named BOSS> (Is it an actual user?)
[10:53] <The named BOSS> (The character?)
[10:53] <Theelementalmaster> (no)
[10:53] <Theelementalmaster> (E)
[10:53] <The named BOSS> (Good)
[10:54] <Theelementalmaster> [verysmall]Its related to erebu
[10:54] <Luigi1006YT> did someone say e
[10:54] <Teamerz> e
[10:54] <The named BOSS> Oh good can you maybe say it,
[10:54] <Theelementalmaster> What do you call Erebu on Halloween?
[10:54] <The named BOSS> ?
[10:55] <Theelementalmaster> Ere-BOO
[10:55] <The named BOSS> Yeah I saw that coming
[10:55] <Teamerz> what about on holloween?
[10:55] <Luigi1006YT> *Spams The Circle Button On PaRappa The Rapper 2*
[10:55] <Theelementalmaster> *Goes invisible and Secretely teleports behind boss*
[10:56] <Theelementalmaster> [giant]HEERRREEES JOHHNNNY, wait I'm not johnny
[10:56] <Luigi1006YT> *7,999 Erebu's And Erebu-X Disappear*
[10:56] <Luigi1006YT> *Only 1 Erebu Is Left*
[10:56] <The named BOSS> HOLY CRAP
[10:57] <The named BOSS> WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!
[10:57] <Theelementalmaster> Fighting is not always the way to go
[10:57] <The named BOSS> *rams into elemental*
[10:57] <Theelementalmaster> [giant][c="darkred"]HERES YOUR END
[10:58] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: probably is for the melon :^))))))))
[10:58] <Theelementalmaster> *Throws boss into the omega snake*
[10:58] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Pmega:*Tries to bite boss*
[10:58] <The named BOSS> *tries to fly away and ecsape*
[10:59] <Pariscat11> [c="black"] Woah woah woah, stop it!
[10:59] <Pariscat11> [Black is the Black Pentagon]
[10:59] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:I do whatever I want, this IS my land after all.
[10:59] <Theelementalmaster> *The omega follows it*
[11:00] <The named BOSS> Nonono
[11:00] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *shoots and rams boss*
[11:00] <The named BOSS> *flies away at max speed*
[11:00] <The named BOSS> *wobbles a bit*
[11:00] <Theelementalmaster> *The omega follows faster*
[11:01] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:*War call* *All snakes are now following boss*
[11:01] <The named BOSS> Oh no
[11:02] <Theelementalmaster> Brb
[11:05] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"] uh-oh
[11:06] <The named BOSS> ...
[11:06] <TBOO-Y> back
[11:06] <Luigi1006YT> e
[11:06] <TBOO-Y> hi there
[11:07] <TBOO-Y> is Pariscat new?
[11:07] <TBOO-Y> or like really old
[11:07] <TBOO-Y> this is the margin of "i don't know them"
[11:08] <The named BOSS> *the big core is still stuck and boss is still flying away*
[11:10] <Teamerz> pariscat is uh
[11:11] <Teamerz> fairly new to DW
[11:11] <Teamerz> but not that much to DCOW
[11:15] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKI: MONARCH WILL KNOW ABOUT THIS!
[11:17] <The named BOSS> Um
[11:17] <The named BOSS> Hi
[11:17] <The named BOSS> Chat is dead
[11:18] <Theelementalmaster> I'm going into Ursuuling mode I think
[11:18] <Pariscat11> hey teamerz
[11:18] <Pariscat11> dw and dcow are merging
[11:18] <Pariscat11> so i decided to residence here
[11:18] <The named BOSS> Wait ele what about the rp?
[11:18] <Theelementalmaster> *My physical self begins GLITCHING*
[11:19] <Theelementalmaster> F---uuuu
[11:19] <Theelementalmaster> Stay about 50ft away from me
[11:19] <The named BOSS> *the big core is STILL stuck*
[11:24] <Theelementalmaster> *Glitches more*
[11:24] <Theelementalmaster> How abouuuut 50ft so you won't [c="darkred"]DIE [verysmall]Im back
[11:25] <The named BOSS> *one of these , closed, comes*
[11:26] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:Damnit TEM stop being ev-eh
[11:26] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: [small]oh great an even bigger problem
[11:26] <Theelementalmaster> I think I'll be the biggest problem if you don't run away from me
[11:27] <Theelementalmaster> *Reality very close to me bends*
[11:27] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: e
[11:27] <Theelementalmaster> WHY DID HE HAVE TO RETURN AT THIS TIME
[11:27] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *teleports back to the house*
[11:27] <The named BOSS> *it fires it's 4 lasers that are exposed at elemental *
[11:27] <Theelementalmaster> *Dissapears, and reapers, way more evil then before, with menacing red eyes and cuts everywhere*
[11:28] <Theelementalmaster> [c="darkred"]YOU COUDLVE STOPPED ME
[11:28] <Theelementalmaster> [c="darkred"]BUT YOU DIDNT
[11:28] <Theelementalmaster> [c="darkred"]YOU JUST WATCHED
[11:28] <The named BOSS> *it opens up and fires it's 14 lasers at elemental multiple times*
[11:28] <Theelementalmaster> *Teleports onto the big core and immediently tears up the armor*
[11:28] <Theelementalmaster> *Red explosion in the middle of the big core*
[11:29] <Theelementalmaster> Explosion Snake Omega:EXPLOSIONS!
[11:29] <Theelementalmaster> [c="darkred"]YOU DIDNT DO ANNYTHING ABOUT IT
[11:29] <The named BOSS> *the big core MKII closes again and fires the 4 exposed lasers crazily*
[11:29] <Theelementalmaster> -*Tears off the weapons*
[11:30] <The named BOSS> *it opens and fires the 10 intact lasers at elemental*
[11:30] <Theelementalmaster> [c="darkred"]NOW ITS TIME FOR YOU ALL TO [giant]PAY
[11:31] <Theelementalmaster> *Jumps into the hole in the armor and splits the big core in half*
[11:31] <Theelementalmaster> *And strikes both halfs with red lightning*
[11:32] <Theelementalmaster> [c="darkred"]Not even hell could prepare you for what your about to face, not even the gods themselves could save you now...
[11:32] <The named BOSS> *it does not split completely, but one of the um, things that open to reveal the weapons explodes and one of the cores explode*
[11:32] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKII: OH NO...
[11:33] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Ha
[11:33] <Theelementalmaster> [c="B82A2D"]That was just the first part of what your about to face
[11:33] <Theelementalmaster> [c="B82A2D"]HEY
[11:33] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKII: ...
[11:33] <Theelementalmaster> [c="B82A2D"]WHAT HAPPENED
[11:34] <Theelementalmaster> HOW DID I?
[11:34] <The named BOSS> *it tries to fly away, but ends up crash landing*
[11:34] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Nope you weakling your not taking control
[11:34] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Never again
[11:34] <Theelementalmaster> *Glitches*
[11:34] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Look at him TRYING to take over the home he calls his "Body"
[11:35] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKII: MERCY?
[11:35] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]NEVER
[11:35] <Theelementalmaster> *Strikes the Big core with more lightning*
[11:35] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is eating popcorn*
[11:36] <Theelementalmaster> *And summons popcorn*
[11:36] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]But my protocol is not to hurt you
[11:36] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]I don't know why
[11:36] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: e
[11:36] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *teleports next to the summoned popcorn*
[11:36] <The named BOSS> *the big core MKII is smoking and stuff*
[11:36] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Despite me being the superior version of myself, I can't kill you. And I wont
[11:37] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"][shadow="black"]Heh
[11:37] <Theelementalmaster> *Strong red lightning strikes the big cores engines*
[11:37] <The named BOSS> *they explode*
[11:38] <Theelementalmaster> *The sillouhete from before comes back*
[11:38] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKII: ...
[11:38] <Theelementalmaster> ???:Good lord what do we have here...
[11:38] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]I HAVE ASCENDED ABOVE YOU
[11:38] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"] oh boy...
[11:38] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]the fights just got real
[11:39] <Theelementalmaster> ???:I made you who you are, I can easily remove it
[11:39] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]NO YOU CANT
[11:39] <Theelementalmaster> ???:Your just an accident 
[11:39] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]TO HELL WITH YOU 
[11:39] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]stop it please
[11:39] <The named BOSS> Big Core MKII: MONARCH WILL BE HEARING THIS...
[11:39] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]we need less arguments
[11:39] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]AND I HATE ARGUMENTS
[11:44] <Theelementalmaster> WHY ARE U TALKING
[11:44] <Theelementalmaster> OH NO
[11:44] <Theelementalmaster> ITS ALIVE
[11:44] <Luigi1006YT> OR NOT
[11:44] <Theelementalmaster> OZUN DONT KILL US
[11:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> AAAAAAH
[11:44] <Luigi1006YT> wardrobe
[11:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ITS....SPEAKING!!!
[11:44] <Theelementalmaster> *Black pentagon is forced back and a wall of spikes from hell surround the two evil entities*
[11:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ITZ ALIIIVE
[11:45] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[11:45] <Theelementalmaster> *The other one is Hourglassacres alter ego...HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ*
[11:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> AAAAH
[11:45] <Theelementalmaster> OZUN UR ALIVE
[11:45] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]I CAN SIMPLY BREAK THOSE EASILY!
[11:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> i wonder if i pm the bot...
[11:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._.
[11:45] <The named BOSS> Great now I'm stuck in a tree
[11:45] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]-Smashes through the spikes-
[11:45] <Theelementalmaster> *The spikes expand, damaging the black pentagon*
[11:46] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is still eating popcorn*
[11:46] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:For your own safety you should stop 
[11:46] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"] THOUGHT I DIED?
[11:46] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]LET US SETTLE THIS
[11:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Bananaramadamasublamatonamacaramozama
[11:47] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (backsaway) 
[11:47] <Pariscat11> (backsaway2)
[11:47] <Pariscat11> (backsaway) 
[11:47] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (shinyl
[11:47] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (shiny2) 
[11:47] <Theelementalmaster> *It begins thundering... Raining....blood? And red thunder*
[11:47] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]YOU ARE WEAK, JUST LIKE HIM
[11:47] <Mr.BigWallofText3> O shit free koolaid son
[11:48] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:You lack something we all have, a brain. 
[11:48] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]that's blood, you dummy
[11:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dangit
[11:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Close enough
[11:48] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]I HAVE ALREADY WON
[11:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> jk xD
[11:48] <Luigi1006YT> (Erebu sarcasm mode activate)
[11:49] <Theelementalmaster> *The spikes shatter out away from the two dark entities*
[11:49] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]I DIDNT DO THAT
[11:49] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: what is this strawberry flavoured kool-aid :^[giant])
[11:49] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]IT'S BLOOD
[11:49] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:Don't lie...
[11:49] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[11:49] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:It might have a disease
[11:49] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:Don't drink it
[11:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [big] ¬w¬
[11:50] <Theelementalmaster> *The spikes rebuild and shatter again*
[11:50] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ey [big] BOSS
[11:50] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]i have some good koolaid :^[verybig](
[11:50] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: :^[giant])))))
[11:50] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]HOW BOUT WE SETTLE THIS THE OLD FASHIONED WAY?
[11:50] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (backsaway) 
[11:52] <Zathsu> Hello everyone! ^_^
[11:52] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]-throws diseased blood at erebu-
[11:52] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]HELLO ZATHSU, I HAVE RETURNED. HA HA HA HA
[11:52] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *phases through the blood*
[11:52] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"][Better get out, zathsu]
[11:52] <Theelementalmaster> [verysmall]Please run
[11:52] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"][Rp is going [verybig]ON[b]]
[11:52] <Theelementalmaster> (I think zathsu is ok with it)
[11:53] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: what was that for?
[11:53] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]YOU REMEMBER ME?
[11:53] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ozan cun SPEEK1!1
[11:53] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Alright time for... Stuff
[11:53] <Teamerz> oh hi zathsu
[11:53] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]hey zathsu
[11:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Archprophet: *Sees incoming danger and runs but falls down random stairs for comical reasons*
[11:54] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]seriously
[11:54] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]What the hell are you doing here!?
[11:54] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]you had to do this mrbigwalloftext
[11:54] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: at least that phase ability i have is useful.
[11:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[11:55] <Theelementalmaster> [b][c="#B82A2D"]Now, it's time to make this storm worse
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