[12:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> Hey bot thingey are you here as Ursuul????
[12:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> You have 10 seonds to respond
[12:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> *seconds
[12:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> k bye
[01:11] <Nobellion> Hey
[01:16] <Aaron99TR> Hi
[03:12] <TheGameNation> Guys? Anyone there?
[03:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> testing testing 1 2 3
[03:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> hm damn chat not fixed
[04:11] <Skye Sim> Hi!
[04:11] <Underslime> hi
[04:12] <Skye Sim> Does it say i'm afk now?
[04:12] <Underslime> Err... not yet ._.
[04:12] <Underslime> Oh, wait.
[04:12] <Underslime> When did you take that glichy chat pic on Ursuul's wall?
[04:14] <Underslime> Skye?
[04:14] <Underslime> You there?
[04:17] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[04:17] <SuperRobot9338> #lag
[04:18] <Underslime> hoi
[04:18] <Underslime> Lag?
[04:18] <Underslime> 
[04:21] <Underslime> perfectly normal.
[04:22] <Underslime> Why am i talking to myslef ;_;
[04:29] <Underslime> Dammit SR y u keep doing dat
[04:29] <Skye Sim> Ok I'm back.
[04:30] <Skye Sim> Uh.
[04:32] <Skye Sim> NOOOOOOO!
[04:42] <Skye Sim> Hi!
[04:43] <Skye Sim> Hi again!
[04:43] <Underslime> hi
[04:43] <Underslime> As i was saying-
[04:43] <Skye Sim> Why is your font red?
[04:44] <Underslime> What!? your font is red
[04:44] <Skye Sim> OH! It's a ping phrase!
[04:44] <Skye Sim> 
[04:44] <Underslime> Ping phrase?
[04:44] <Underslime> 
[04:44] <Underslime> What's that
[04:45] <Underslime> Wait ima search it up on google (lenny) 
[04:45] <Skye Sim> Top. What's your ping phrase? When it appears in Chat, you will be notified, if your sound is up.
[04:45] <Underslime> oh.
[04:45] <Underslime> Test
[04:46] <Skye Sim> So if i have 'hi' in my ping phrase box, every time somone says hi i will be notified.
[04:46] <Underslime> OH
[04:46] <Underslime> Nice
[04:46] <Skye Sim> You said hi, so i was notified.
[04:46] <Underslime> Ima test it out
[04:47] <Skye Sim> What should i say?
[04:47] <Underslime> Test for ping phrase!
[04:47] <Skye Sim> Test for ping phrase
[04:47] <Skye Sim> Did it work?
[04:47] <Skye Sim> Never mind him.
[04:47] <Underslime> Ye
[04:47] <Skye Sim> Cool!
[04:47] <Underslime> SR always does that >__<
[04:48] <Skye Sim> But ping phrases should be short. Here are mine:
[04:48] <Skye Sim> Skye
[04:48] <Skye Sim> Hi
[04:48] <Skye Sim> Hello
[04:48] <Underslime> Got it
[04:49] <Skye Sim> What should we talk about? 
[04:50] <Skye Sim> Noooooo!
[04:50] <Skye Sim> If this is being logged, I'm just talking to myself.
[07:21] <Tungster24> hio
[07:21] <Tungster24> anyone
[07:21] <Tungster24> im focken lonely
[11:42] <Ello gon'vor> it would build a great space tetrahedron?
[11:43] <Ello gon'vor> if would build a great space tetrahedron
[11:44] <Ello gon'vor> panzer, matrix, coloboma, final?
[11:46] <Ello gon'vor> [[Message Wall:ZathusTheMageV]] it free great space tetrahedron?
[11:48] <Ello gon'vor> far lands?
[11:52] <Ello gon'vor> i like eating bread?
[11:53] <Ello gon'vor> Minecraft - Far Lands
[12:04] <BestBMCplayer> Hi,{{USERNAME}}
[12:04] <Ello gon'vor> Minecraft - Far Lands
[12:04] <Ello gon'vor> watching youtube
[12:15] <Ello gon'vor> Far Lands in Indev and InfDev?
[12:27] <Ello gon'vor> Adoption:Blocks Mine - Kongregate
[12:28] <Ello gon'vor> Adoption:meowcat5 Account
[12:41] <Ello gon'vor> Adoption:dead
[12:41] <Ello gon'vor> oh,no it block miner can't connecting
[12:41] <Ello gon'vor> Fuckbye
[01:16] <Tungster24> hello
[01:16] <Tungster24> bye
[01:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> What is your problem Ozziene
[01:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> hm you're not here goddbye then
[01:38] <Underslime> Hm, all alone.
[01:38] <Underslime> Good.
[12:41] <Ello gon'vor> oh,no it block miner can't connecting
[12:41] <Ello gon'vor> Fuckbye
[01:16] <Tungster24> hello
[01:16] <Tungster24> bye
[01:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> What is your problem Ozziene
[01:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> hm you're not here goddbye then
[01:38] <Underslime> Hm, all alone.
[01:38] <Underslime> Good.
[01:49] <Ursuul> hello
[01:50] <Ursuul> test
[01:53] <Ozziene> aysha
[01:53] <Ozziene> ursuul
[01:53] <Ursuul> wot
[01:53] <Ozziene> kitty is abusing power in the wikia, go to off topic board
[01:53] <Ozziene> save me from trouble
[01:53] <Ursuul> I know
[01:53] <Ursuul> I’ve been getting ready to send them a message
[01:53] <Ursuul> I have been going through the deletion logs to make sure what you said was true
[03:48] <Sniperman22> ...
[04:19] <Ello gon'vor> block miner is disconnected D':
[04:19] <Ello gon'vor> free or deads
[04:19] <Oo1oo2oo3oo4> uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh...
[04:20] <Ello gon'vor> if block miner disconnected :(
[04:20] <Ello gon'vor> Be can't connecting on block miner
[04:22] <Ello gon'vor> A Secret Link:http: // HAJU
[04:22] <Ello gon'vor> A Secret Link: oza
[04:23] <Ozziene> no
[04:25] <Ello gon'vor> Youtube: THE NEW MINECRAFT FAR LANDS GLITCH! 
[04:29] <Ello gon'vor> Youtube: SCARY GLITCH FOUND in Minecraft!? 
[04:36] <Ello gon'vor> Youtube: The Edge of Minecraft - map limits
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:41] <Ello gon'vor> 
[04:42] <Ello gon'vor> it but that " "
[04:53] <Ello gon'vor> goodbye
[04:53] <Ozziene> ok. bye user
[06:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> testing again
[06:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> testing testing 1 2 3
[06:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> (grin) 
[06:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> ( \o )
[06:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> hmmmm
[06:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> pretty good
[06:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ozziene, I need you if you're there
[06:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> say "Aysh"
[06:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> (party) 
[06:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> Oh my gosh, they did it
[06:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> They fixed chat
[10:12] <Ursuul> well
[10:12] <Ursuul> let me get the source
[10:12] <Ursuul> for DCoW
[10:12] <Ursuul> so you can lookie
[10:12] <Count of Howard> kk
[10:13] <Ursuul> [[w:c:diepio-conception:MediaWiki:Illuminati.js|MediaWiki:Illuminati.js]]
[10:13] <Ursuul> I didn’t choose the name lol
[10:14] <Count of Howard> They're also importing ChatTags. Wut
[10:14] <Count of Howard> What is going on here.
[10:14] <Ursuul> dude I have no idea
[10:16] <Özün Oldun> gotta make sure bot works in this Chat so that I can port the log over to
[10:16] <Count of Howard> I'm really tempted to fork ChatTags to CoHDev and fix the doc-ready binder issue. I'm pretty sure that's a big part of these errors.
[10:17] <Ursuul> what’s stopping you?
[10:17] <Count of Howard> Laziness.
[10:17] <Ursuul> o I thought it was a moral reason lol
[10:17] <Ursuul> can rel8
[10:17] <Count of Howard> And the fact that I have about three other projects to work on as well.
[10:18] <Count of Howard> Pssh "moral reason"
[10:18] <Count of Howard> I steal code like there's no tomorrow.
[10:18] <Ursuul> Idunno, like “maybe I shouldn’t steal this code”
[10:18] <Ursuul> lol
[10:19] <Count of Howard> Nah, I give proper attribution where needed. 
[10:19] <Count of Howard> Why is DCoW importing their own version of CT with CT? That makes no sense.
[10:19] <Ursuul> Chap forgot to remove the duplicate 
[10:19] <Ursuul> I assume that the modified version overrides the imported version
[10:20] <Count of Howard> Yeah, it's placed after the vanilla import.
[10:20] <Count of Howard> Maybe you should try importing their version.
[10:20] <Ursuul> will do
[10:20] <Count of Howard> Or removing it altogether. I dunno.
[10:20] <Ursuul> meanwhile I’ll remove the dulicate 
[10:20] <Ursuul> duplicate*
[10:20] <Ursuul> ah, Özün Oldun just logged
[10:20] <Ursuul> looks like it’ll work
[10:21] <Count of Howard> Noice
[10:21] <Ursuul> brb editing the highlighted thread
[10:21] <Count of Howard> dew it
[10:24] <Ursuul> done
[10:24] <Ursuul> how much you wanna bet no one shows up cuz of confusion?
[10:25] <Count of Howard> Pretty likely. Maybe make a second highlighted thread?
[10:25] <Count of Howard> Or use Bannerzzzz
[10:25] <Ursuul> o
[10:25] <Ursuul> nu second highlighted thread, but banners iz gud idea
[10:26] <Count of Howard> Actually probz won't work, if people have clicked the banner away. The cookie is stored for three days.
[10:26] <Ursuul> welp
[10:26] <Ursuul> might as well dewit anyway
[10:26] <Ursuul> or unhighlight & re-highlight da thread
[10:26] <Count of Howard> Not much I can do about that either. Cookies are cookies.
[10:26] <Count of Howard> That might work.
[10:27] <Ursuul> people will be pissed lol but whatevs
[10:27] <Ursuul> not my fault Fandom can’t fix shiet ;-;
[10:27] <Count of Howard> Told you. I blame Rappy.
[10:28] <Ursuul> ey, shouldn’t you be eating? Or do you have mess halls that only open at certain times?
[10:29] <Count of Howard> Pssh, mess halls. I live at home son (for now at least).
[10:29] <Count of Howard> Yeah, I'll probz go make dinner in a second.
[10:29] <Ursuul> I lived on-campus for only a month, UVA
[10:29] <Ursuul> loved it but am poor
[10:30] <Count of Howard> :( On-campus life is da best.
[10:30] <Count of Howard> If you can get back on campus, do it.
[10:30] <Ursuul> Will try. I like the schedule freedom of online classes though, it lets my sleep schedule get as crazy as I want
[10:31] <Count of Howard> Yeah, speaking of that, for the longest time I was convinced you were living in the UK. Your sleep schedule is janked yo.
[10:31] <Count of Howard> Janked af.
[10:31] <Ursuul> I saw, I wuz stalking that thread
[10:31] <Count of Howard> Classic. Should have guessed as much.
[10:31] <Ursuul> apparently I can’t call people lads :(
[10:32] <Count of Howard> ^ That to had me confused.
[10:32] <Count of Howard> too*
[10:32] <Count of Howard> Now shuddup, gotta get dinner. I'll be back at 6.
[10:32] <Ursuul> cya
[10:32] <Count of Howard> kthxbye
[10:35] <Özün Oldun> hoi
[10:35] <Özün Oldun> ur early
[10:35] <Özün Oldun> lol
[10:59] <Ursuul> welcome to the Sandbox lads
[11:06] <Count of Howard> Sizable crowd tonight I see.
[11:06] <Ursuul> lol
[11:07] <Ursuul> last time it took 20 minutse
[11:07] <Ursuul> I just sat here thinking it was a horrible idea
[11:07] <Ursuul> then they all came in a huge wave
[11:07] <Count of Howard> Well, in some countries, it's rude to arrive right on time. 
[11:08] <Count of Howard> I'm sure that's their justification.
[11:08] <Ursuul> wo
[11:08] <Ursuul> wot*
[11:08] <Ursuul> is that an actual thing
[11:08] <Count of Howard> Yeah, I believe in Ecuador and Peru and such, if you arrive right on time, it means you're too eager.
[11:09] <Ursuul> I mean
[11:09] <Ursuul> I’m not a homophobe
[11:09] <Ursuul> but that’s kinda gay
[11:09] <Count of Howard> savage af
[11:09] <Count of Howard> Chat lagged real bad for a moment there.
[11:09] <Ursuul> yknow, maybe if I was going to install a bunch of chat scripts that didn’t work, I should’ve installed Tick Tack Toe
[11:09] <Ursuul> o
[11:10] <Ursuul> didn’t notice :/
[11:10] <Count of Howard> Is that a thing?
[11:10] <Ursuul> yeah apparently
[11:10] <Count of Howard> *facepalm*
[11:10] <Ursuul> my friend Teamerz said I should install it
[11:10] <Ursuul> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
[11:10] <Ursuul> I told him, now this was months ago when our chat was never dead, “no one will ever be bored enough to play that”
[11:11] <Count of Howard> Oh man, it [[w:c:dev:Tictactoe|is]] a thing. And Dess wrote it too. Wow.
[11:11] <Ursuul> lmao
[11:11] <Count of Howard> Install that asap.
[11:12] <Ursuul> might as well, I figure one more feather won’t break the camels back
[11:12] <Ursuul> brb installin’
[11:12] <Count of Howard> Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse: [[w:c:dev:DoTheHarlemShake|DoTheHarlemShake]]
[11:13] <Ursuul> lol
[11:13] <Ursuul> there’s a bunch I think
[11:13] <Count of Howard> In this case, ignorance actually is bliss.
[11:14] <Ursuul> Heh. So lad, you have meh undivided attention for the Sandbox. What do YOU want to see me break on the Wiki next?
[11:14] <Count of Howard> Break mah wall.
[11:14] <Ursuul> o
[11:14] <Smgamermat77> brb
[11:14] <Ursuul> but I already did tho
[11:14] <Count of Howard> On Diep, not CoHDev.
[11:14] <Count of Howard> Gotta break all teh walls.
[11:15] <Ursuul> One day lad, one day. I’m on a tight schedule when it comes to destruction though, I’m sure you understand.
[11:15] <Ursuul> Community Council threads just take up so much of my time
[11:15] <Count of Howard> I love how you tried some damage control by removing that thread on my Council wall. :P
[11:16] <Count of Howard> The link to the thread is now appended to your CoHDev masthead. You can't hide from the truth.
[11:16] <Ursuul> Lmao wasn’t even damage control. I just couldn’t keep looking at the “things are going well” title
[11:16] <Ursuul> the irony just hit me too hard
[11:16] <Count of Howard> It /was/ too perfect. 
[11:17] <Ursuul> I swear to god I laughed & cried so much I was snorting
[11:17] <Count of Howard> Only you could find a way to mess up that monstrously.
[11:17] <Ursuul> just the insanity of it all
[11:17] <Ursuul> well I mean
[11:17] <Ursuul> I DID break my own CC wall
[11:17] <Ursuul> trying to figure out what went wrong
[11:17] <Ursuul> luckily no one but Councilors can see that :)
[11:17] <Count of Howard> Dude same. I was dying when I saw the "oh dear god not again" because somehow I /knew/ you had fubar'ed in some epic manner.
[11:17] <Smgamermat77> You in a pickle or something?
[11:18] <Ursuul> nah lass
[11:18] <Ursuul> we’re just laughing at myself
[11:18] <Count of Howard> Just Urthpuuhl being a dingus as always.
[11:18] <Ursuul> you can’t see my screwups cuz you’re not council though :3
[11:18] <Ursuul> yup
[11:18] <Smgamermat77> op op
[11:18] <Ursuul> I tried to get SR to join Council
[11:18] <Smgamermat77> wikia council is a conspiracy
[11:18] <Smgamermat77> hiding teh truth from uz peeps
[11:19] <Ursuul> that’s actually an accurate description of what’s happening
[11:19] <Smgamermat77> ONE DAY - the government corruption will fall
[11:19] <Ursuul> (doubt) 
[11:19] <Smgamermat77> wait for real?
[11:19] <Ursuul> yeah we aren’t allowed to tell you anything
[11:19] <Ursuul> had to sign a contract, NDA
[11:19] <Count of Howard> There have been so many times I've wanted to spill some beans doe. :/
[11:19] <Smgamermat77> oh well that part's obvious
[11:19] <Ursuul> ME TOO!
[11:19] <Ursuul> I wanted to tell SR about the....
[11:19] <Ursuul> well
[11:19] <Ursuul> nothing
[11:19] <Smgamermat77> well no shit - because it makes you seem cool
[11:19] <Ursuul> ;)
[11:19] <Count of Howard> It sucks bruh.
[11:20] <Ursuul> srsly though a lot of these ideas would be helpful to have my Admins know about, so we could prepare
[11:20] <Ursuul> Which is why I’ve been trying to get them to Join Council
[11:20] <Smgamermat77> honestly, even if you told me some of the secret things wikia was doing behind our backs, I honestly wouldn't care because I never trusted fanDumb to begin with
[11:20] <Ursuul> both so that I could talk to them & so that we would have a stronger collective voice
[11:20] <Count of Howard> Staff might go for it; they've been recruiting like crazy lately.
[11:20] <Ursuul> ^
[11:20] <Ursuul> That’s what I told SR
[11:21] <Ursuul> he was basically like “eh”
[11:21] <Smgamermat77> he's not ready to make the jump?
[11:21] <Ursuul> nope
[11:21] <Smgamermat77> i don't blame him
[11:21] <Ursuul> he prefers the blue pill
[11:21] <Smgamermat77> I don't have enough attention capacity to give to the council anyways
[11:21] <Ursuul> literally you’re only required to participate twice a month
[11:21] <Count of Howard> You don't have to contribute that often.
[11:22] <Smgamermat77> I barely have enough to give to our own wiki lol
[11:22] <Count of Howard> ^
[11:22] <Smgamermat77> LAZINESS > all other demands
[11:22] <Ursuul> like most people don’t even contribute twice a month
[11:22] <Ursuul> like Atvelonis hasn’t contributed once since I joined
[11:22] <Ursuul> I thought I’d be able to get to know him a bit
[11:22] <Ursuul> nope
[11:22] <Smgamermat77> wait, if you're supposed to contribute twice a month, and you don't, why aren't ya fired or some crap?
[11:23] <Ursuul> not worth it
[11:23] <Ursuul> Fandom only fires people if they’re dead for months
[11:23] <Smgamermat77> it'd definitely be worth it to me
[11:23] <Smgamermat77> twice a month is nothing - I'd be harping yo asses on those deadlines
[11:23] <Ursuul> lol
[11:23] <Ursuul> go for it m9
[11:23] <Smgamermat77> no I meant if I was the manager of the council
[11:23] <Smgamermat77> or whatever manager position there is
[11:23] <Smgamermat77> if there even is one
[11:24] <Ursuul> there isn’t any leadership or council structure
[11:24] <Ursuul> it’s just Staff
[11:24] <Count of Howard> Yeah there's poor BertH
[11:24] <Smgamermat77> so it's a free for all?
[11:24] <Ursuul> ^
[11:24] <Ursuul> poor Bert
[11:24] <Ursuul> I have given him so much grief 
[11:24] <Ursuul> I’m pretty sure he may end up suicidal 
[11:24] <Smgamermat77> I figured one of the official heads would be the manager to keep everyone in check
[11:24] <Count of Howard> He and Rappy have you on some sort of blacklist.
[11:24] <Ursuul> ^
[11:24] <Smgamermat77> me?
[11:24] <Ursuul> Also Sm, the type of people they allow in are usually chill
[11:24] <Smgamermat77> or ursuul
[11:24] <Ursuul> me & Count
[11:24] <Count of Howard> Urthphuul
[11:25] <Ursuul> well, only Rappy hates count
[11:25] <Ursuul> both Rappy & Bert hate me
[11:25] <Smgamermat77> why does he hate you?
[11:25] <Smgamermat77> WHY DO PEOPLE HATE YOU TWO
[11:25] <Ursuul> Because I destroy his threads & double post on his wall :3
[11:25] <Count of Howard> Code reasons. I made him approve a lot of duplicate code.
[11:25] <Smgamermat77> double posting is nothing to complain about
[11:25] <Ursuul> same here
[11:25] <Ursuul> I routinely make him approve dozens of identical copies of code
[11:25] <Count of Howard> Same. lulz 
[11:26] <Smgamermat77> if someone complains about double posting, they deserve to be run over by a bus and then shot immediately.
[11:26] <Ursuul> he actually has edited most of my mediawiki pages at some point
[11:26] <Ursuul> because he was tired of my shit & turned the raw code into imports
[11:26] <Smgamermat77> oh cause you both do that mass export crap
[11:26] <Smgamermat77> riiiight
[11:26] <Smgamermat77> forgot about that
[11:26] <Ursuul> anyway Sm
[11:26] <Ursuul> since this is a Sandbox
[11:26] <Ursuul> you got any topics?
[11:27] <Ursuul> anything you want of ol’ Ursuul
[11:27] <Smgamermat77> wait this is a senior council (v2.0) meeting?
[11:27] <Smgamermat77> kappa 
[11:27] <Ursuul> no lol it’s sandbox
[11:27] <Ursuul> [[w:c:diepio:Project:Sandbox]]
[11:27] <Smgamermat77> I just came to watch a bunch of dumbasses kill each other (popcorn) 
[11:28] <Ursuul> :/
[11:28] <Count of Howard> I came to silently judge everyone.
[11:28] <Ursuul> (sad2) 
[11:28] <Ursuul> I came because I thought people actually wanted to show up
[11:28] <Ursuul> (sad) 
[11:28] <Smgamermat77> I mean, I didn't say I wasn't going to be one of those dumbasses fighting
[11:28] <Smgamermat77> (eh) 
[11:28] <Ursuul> lol
[11:29] <Ursuul> like we had almost 20 people last time
[11:29] <Smgamermat77> I posted an update for Zeach on the subreddit
[11:29] <Smgamermat77>
[11:29] <Smgamermat77> ignore the first comment
[11:29] <Ursuul> yeah it’s pretty even
[11:29] <Ursuul> half hate it half love it
[11:29] <Ursuul> I personally despise it with a passion 
[11:29] <Smgamermat77> I put in the suggestion about an option to toggle the theme
[11:29] <Smgamermat77> same here
[11:29] <Count of Howard> Same.
[11:29] <Smgamermat77> new theme looks terrible on my tv monitor
[11:29] <Ursuul> although to be fair you don’t notice it as much while playing
[11:29] <Smgamermat77> since my contrast is cranked up to 100%
[11:30] <Ursuul> it slows down PC tho
[11:30] <Smgamermat77> slows down?
[11:30] <Smgamermat77> boi - all it was was a color palette swap
[11:30] <Ursuul> yeah my game is noticeably slower
[11:30] <Smgamermat77> then he changed other shit too
[11:30] <Smgamermat77> the scheme won't cause lag
[11:30] <Smgamermat77> it
[11:30] <Smgamermat77> it's just changed values
[11:31] <Ursuul> (eh) 
[11:31] <Ursuul> I haven’t updated the emotes here since October
[11:31] <Ursuul> (itslegit) 
[11:31] <Ursuul> o hey
[11:31] <Ursuul> I was wrong
[11:32] <Ursuul> man last time I could barely get things done because there was so many people
[11:32] <Ursuul> :(
[11:32] <Count of Howard> All mah scripts just disappeared. Hold up.
[11:32] <Ursuul> wot
[11:32] <Ursuul> rip
[11:32] <Ursuul> (crying2) 
[11:33] <Count of Howard> Wut is happening with mah code
[11:33] <Ursuul> didn’t you write it (grin) 
[11:33] <Count of Howard> ....shuddup
[11:33] <Smgamermat77> WAT IZ HAPPENING???? -Medic, 2016
[11:34] <Ursuul> ohey I just got an email
[11:34] <Ursuul> rip Chat User Page Button
[11:35] <Count of Howard> Things still ain't working despite the removal of that script.
[11:35] <Ursuul> hmmm
[11:35] <Ursuul> script purge?
[11:36] <Count of Howard> I'm just gonna cry in a corner until cache is updated. 
[11:36] <Count of Howard> Where da party at?
[11:36] <Ursuul> no where 
[11:36] <Ursuul> party never started ;-;
[11:36] <Ursuul> man this is embarassing
[11:36] <Ursuul> ain’t gonna do a sandbox for a while
[11:37] <Smgamermat77> ye
[11:37] <Smgamermat77> no idea why nobody showed up
[11:37] <Count of Howard> Prolly location switch.
[11:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> *shrugs*
[11:37] <Ursuul> last time we had almost 20 peeps so I figured many would want to show up
[11:37] <Ursuul> yeah
[11:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah
[11:37] <Smgamermat77> dw chat is empty
[11:37] <Ursuul> chat bugs
[11:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol 
[11:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah simultaneously
[11:37] <Ursuul> anyway welcome to da lame party Aysh :)
[11:38] <Ursuul> what’s your topic lass
[11:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[11:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> Oh fuck
[11:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> *hides in a corner*
[11:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> I don't have one rn lol
[11:38] <Count of Howard> No one brought a topic. Classic.
[11:38] <Ursuul> welp
[11:38] <Smgamermat77> nobody does (eh) 
[11:38] <Ursuul> we do have
[11:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> How about..........PIZZA
[11:38] <Ursuul> ONE
[11:38] <Ursuul> topic
[11:38] <Ursuul> that was on the talk page
[11:38] <Smgamermat77> (Eh) 
[11:39] <Ursuul> It’s about, the [[w:c:diepio:Project:Rules/Style Guide|Style Guide]], about how we never finished it
[11:39] <Ursuul> we were so sick of writing rules that we let it sit by the wayside
[11:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> I mean, CoH is-
[11:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> feckin hell
[11:39] <Smgamermat77> Oh yeah, I saw that guide for about two seconds
[11:39] <Smgamermat77> then realized I already knew it
[11:39] <Count of Howard> There's a guide?
[11:40] <Ursuul> but It’s actually kind of important, because a lot of pages are in second tense, with “yous” & “Is”
[11:40] <Ursuul> well yeah
[11:40] <Ursuul> it’s not done
[11:40] <Ursuul> but it’s there, linked in the top nav
[11:40] <Count of Howard> Worst bureaucrat evar.
[11:40] <Smgamermat77> True - second person is terrible
[11:40] <Ursuul> which now that I’m on Council I know that no one looks at it
[11:40] <Ursuul> well tbh Count when I came back to power my goal was to have very few rules
[11:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> I said I would write an emoticon page if emoticons and chat game back good th-
[11:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> nvm
[11:40] <Ursuul> make things more of a Common Law esque area 
[11:41] <Ursuul> but everyone kept asking what the rules were, so we drafted them
[11:41] <Ursuul> now no one reads them :/
[11:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> You're doing fine, Ursuul
[11:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> yes we do
[11:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> uh
[11:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> *ugh
[11:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> can we have a happy topic plz
[11:41] <Ursuul> Aye I know. I like it this way tbh, it allows me to point at some rules whenever any upstarts ask why I banned them.
[11:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> I've got one
[11:41] <Ursuul> I can just point them at the rules list I know they didn’t read; I’m like the american legal system
[11:41] <Smgamermat77> Weren't you the only one who demanded rules, Ursuul?
[11:41] <Ursuul> Nope
[11:42] <Ursuul> I was originally for Common Law-esque rule
[11:42] <Ursuul> but Aysh
[11:42] <Smgamermat77> after that dumb thing you blew up about with captain
[11:42] <Ursuul> please, your topic
[11:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> nuh nuh smg
[11:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> -
[11:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> ummm ok
[11:42] <Ursuul> what dumb thing?
[11:42] <Ursuul> Aysh go on
[11:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> let's talk about Zeach, what the updates might mean, and smg's post on reddit
[11:43] <Ursuul> hmmm
[11:43] <Smgamermat77> the promotion and how you wanted only yourself to give promotions - EVEN THOUGH I specifically said I was joking, yet he gave it to me anyways, albeit it giving me absolutely no power in the long run
[11:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> and the "new style" TM
[11:43] <Ursuul> Alright, anything specific?
[11:43] <Ursuul> oh the new Style
[11:43] <Ursuul> Sm, that was because you honestly hadn’t earned it.
[11:43] <Ursuul> You have since then.
[11:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> no, nothing specific, it's meant to be broad
[11:43] <Ursuul> But at the time you were not doing much of anything.
[11:43] <Smgamermat77> tru tru - but I told captain I was kidding
[11:43] <Count of Howard> brb gotta check something
[11:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> also I would prefer if we didn't talk about that until the dramatic stuff is over
[11:43] <Ursuul> Cya lad
[11:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> k, CoH
[11:44] <Smgamermat77> it's not like the power gap was huge anyways - if anything it was nothing
[11:44] <Smgamermat77> since sentinel got blown up
[11:44] <QUEEN AYSHA> yay
[11:44] <Smgamermat77> and interns are non-existent now
[11:44] <Ursuul> At the time it was rather large, Discussion Mod powers can do a lot.
[11:44] <UltraReconKing> hi
[11:44] <QUEEN AYSHA> more peeps
[11:44] <Ursuul> We have two Interns, hello Ultra.
[11:44] <QUEEN AYSHA> this is alright
[11:44] <UltraReconKing> did i miss anything
[11:45] <Ursuul> Not much Ultra, we were just starting to get into the topics.
[11:45] <Ursuul> we’ll come back to Style Guide after Aysh has her topic.
[11:45] <Smgamermat77> at the time it was still nothing - I barely close threads, and I barely highlight threads. After you take away those two things, there's nothing left but a cool word on your user page ._.
[11:45] <UltraReconKing> aye
[11:45] <Ursuul> Yes but you have the potential to use a lot with it; it’s not about what you did, but what you were able to do.
[11:46] <Smgamermat77> able to do what? sit back and continue to do nothing? lol
[11:46] <Ursuul> Anyway, can we close that & move on to the updates & Zeach & Reddit n such?
[11:46] <Ursuul> Sm, you know what Disc Mods can do 😏 
[11:46] <Smgamermat77> yes - but you forgot my laziness
[11:46] <Ursuul> Again that is not relevant.
[11:46] <Smgamermat77> LAZINESS > all other demands
[11:46] <Smgamermat77> forget it - you're taking this too seriously
[11:47] <Ursuul> did ya see the 😏 
[11:47] <Smgamermat77> no cause I have a blank box
[11:47] <QUEEN AYSHA> hld on...
[11:47] <Ursuul> o rite u run a potato (grin) 
[11:47] <Smgamermat77> no - I just don't have dumb emoji useless fonts installed
[11:47] <Smgamermat77> (eh) 
[11:47] <Ursuul> that’s installed by default on all non-potatoes
[11:47] <Ursuul> so
[11:47] <Ursuul> (eh) 
[11:47] <Ursuul> ANYWAY
[11:48] <Smgamermat77> laptops are potatoes ._.
[11:48] <Smgamermat77> this ain't a laptop
[11:48] <Ursuul> Let us discuss the Updates Zeach has been putting out yes?
[11:48] <UltraReconKing> sure
[11:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> hold up one sec
[11:48] <Count of Howard> They suck. Need we say more?
[11:48] <Smgamermat77> ^
[11:48] <Ursuul> It looks to-
[11:48] <Ursuul> dang it
[11:48] <Ursuul> lol
[11:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm-
[11:48] <UltraReconKing> more tanks
[11:48] <Ursuul> The big thing with the update is pictures
[11:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> sorry I'm just a little busy
[11:48] <Smgamermat77> Nononononoono
[11:48] <UltraReconKing> more strategies
[11:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> we do need pictures
[11:48] <Smgamermat77> we don't need MORE tanks, we need BETTER tanks
[11:48] <Ursuul> We currently have pictures of the old color scheme that is not accurate.
[11:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> Smg is right
[11:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ursuul is also right
[11:49] <Smgamermat77> We need the Constructor to build wallz
[11:49] <UltraReconKing> i can start doing an overhaul
[11:49] <Smgamermat77> well everyone agrees that the new scheme sucks anyways
[11:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> ye see, I could be a much more useful asset to the wiki if i could only SCREENSHOT things
[11:49] <Ursuul> Of? Of the pictures?
[11:49] <Smgamermat77> WAIT A MINUTE
[11:49] <Smgamermat77> I have an idea
[11:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> so sorry-
[11:49] <UltraReconKing> the new classes' color scheme
[11:49] <Ursuul> Do tell Sm
[11:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> ^
[11:49] <Smgamermat77> What if.... we make it so that BOTH schemes for tanks can be viewed
[11:50] <Smgamermat77> in the infobox
[11:50] <Count of Howard> Tabbers.
[11:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol that is the plan
[11:50] <Smgamermat77> like two tabs
[11:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> XD
[11:50] <Ursuul> It’s not a pain.
[11:50] <UltraReconKing> oh, so like
[11:50] <Ursuul> It’s a really good idea.
[11:50] <Smgamermat77> once you do one - you copy and pastre
[11:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> .what?
[11:50] <UltraReconKing> tab 1 would be current
[11:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> I never said it was pain?
[11:50] <Smgamermat77> yes
[11:50] <UltraReconKing> it would show the new color scheme
[11:50] <UltraReconKing> tab 2 would be original
[11:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> I said plan Ursuu;
[11:50] <Smgamermat77> tab 1 is default new scheme, tab 2 is secondary old scheme
[11:50] <Ursuul> ^
[11:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> sounds good
[11:50] <UltraReconKing> then maybe
[11:50] <Ursuul> I like this idea
[11:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> but Ursuul
[11:50] <UltraReconKing> for SOME tanks
[11:51] <Smgamermat77> It's been done on other official wikis
[11:51] <UltraReconKing> like Predator, we could add
[11:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> why do you think I said it was a pain lol
[11:51] <Smgamermat77> hold on let me find an example
[11:51] <Ursuul> Count
[11:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> I said "that's basically the plan"
[11:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> just not the tabs
[11:51] <UltraReconKing> the predator's very first design
[11:51] <Count of Howard> Yes.
[11:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> the tabs is gr8
[11:51] <UltraReconKing> that would save so much space
[11:51] <Ursuul> Do you know how we could set it so that by default the template stayed the same, but when signifying image2 it turns into the tabber?
[11:51] <Smgamermat77>
[11:52] <Smgamermat77> Just to make it clear, I hate SAO
[11:52] <Ursuul> Also Aysh I am currently attempting to ignore my fuckup lol
[11:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> how can it be so hectc in here when there's only-
[11:52] <Smgamermat77> but they have the example I was looking for
[11:52] <Ursuul> making it real hard to sweep this under the rug
[11:52] <Count of Howard> [[w:c:p:Building Better Boxes: JavaScript Tabbers and Image Switches|That's basic tabber behavior]], if I understand you correctly.
[11:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> :/
[11:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> um
[11:52] <UltraReconKing> there's also tabbers on the rwby wiki
[11:52] <Ursuul> bad link
[11:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol Ursuul
[11:52] <Count of Howard> Shoot,
[11:52] <Smgamermat77> count ur link is broke
[11:52] <Ursuul> I mean, without the tabber showing up at all.
[11:52] <Smgamermat77>
[11:53] <UltraReconKing> 7 minutes left
[11:53] <Smgamermat77> whoops
[11:53] <Ursuul> If you set up a tabber the first tab always shows up, then adding content to the second makes the second tab show up
[11:53] <Count of Howard> [[w:c:p:User blog:Dark Yada/Building Better Boxes: JavaScript Tabbers and Image Switches|There it is.]]
[11:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> do any of yall watch pax?
[11:53] <Ursuul> I want the first tab, that you click, to not show up until two tabs are designated.
[11:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> sorry to go off topic
[11:53] <Ursuul> No I don’t.
[11:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> PAX East anyone?
[11:53] <UltraReconKing> PAX East?
[11:54] <UltraReconKing> whatever the hell that is
[11:54] <Ursuul> Also Ultra, we can stay & talk longer since we have less people than normal.
[11:54] <Count of Howard> If I understand you correctly, you're gonna want two templates bruh.
[11:54] <UltraReconKing> kk
[11:54] <Smgamermat77> Wait a minute - instead of TWO TABS, why not just have the main 1 tab like normal, but have the secondary old picture underneath the new scheme's picture?
[11:54] <Ursuul> hmmm
[11:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> under
[11:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> I mean-
[11:54] <Ursuul> Aye I can do that, just a pain.
[11:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> shit 
[11:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> I mean ULTRA
[11:54] <Ursuul> but I guess since we’ll be changing the template to add the pictures we can also change the template
[11:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> Search it up
[11:54] <Ursuul> so it will work
[11:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> pax east
[11:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> it's cool
[11:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> my dream is too go
[11:54] <UltraReconKing> oh
[11:54] <Smgamermat77> you could have two tabs with the two images, or just one tab with both images stacked vertically.
[11:54] <UltraReconKing> right
[11:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> second idea
[11:55] <Ursuul> I dislike the vertical stacking idea.
[11:55] <UltraReconKing> (actually can we talk in parantheses)
[11:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> .......
[11:55] <Smgamermat77> tru - it looks worse
[11:55] <UltraReconKing> (for off topic)
[11:55] <Ursuul> would take up too much space too
[11:55] <Smgamermat77> but easier
[11:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> (ursuul disagrees)
[11:55] <Count of Howard> Actually, no, there's probably a way to do what you want Urthphuul. I gotta brush up on mah Vanguard skillz, but it's prolly possible.
[11:55] <Count of Howard> I'll look into it.
[11:55] <Ursuul> Really?
[11:55] <Ursuul> Sounds excellent 
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