[11:55] <Theelementalmaster> *It also begins raining acid, but not nearly as much as rain*
[11:55] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]-blocks off the acid with a black shield-
[11:55] <Zathsu> *lightning strikes*
[11:55] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: [small]DAMMIT WHY
[11:55] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]*Causes red lightning*
[11:55] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *teleports back to the house*
[11:55] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Pathetic...
[11:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Archprophet: no one
[11:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ....
[11:55] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Another evil entity
[11:56] <Zathsu> *shadowy finger points at Mr.BigWallofText3*
[11:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Maybe
[11:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ew
[11:56] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]ONLY I CAN STAND IN THIS WORLD
[11:56] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: ok nice i'm safe now i guess
[11:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Pointing is r00d
[11:56] <Zathsu> Archprophet: IMMMMPOOOOSSSSTTTTEEERRRRRR!
[11:56] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:Please ignore this cocky teenager who thinks he is god
[11:56] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]oh, hi archprophet
[11:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Archpuppet: FUCK MY DISGUISE!
[11:56] <Zathsu> *raises both arms and releases a massive fireball storm at Mr.Big*
[11:56] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]HEY
[11:56] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]kek
[11:56] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]YOU STUPID HOURGLASS LOVER
[11:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Eeeeeeeeeeeee
[11:56] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]it's archpuppet too
[11:56] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]hey hourglas
[11:56] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]ARCHPROPHET, HOURGLASS, ARCHPUPPET
[11:57] <Pariscat11> [c="Black"]LET'S DEFEAT THAT TEENAGER TOGETHER
[11:57] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]BRING IT ON
[11:57] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: some op evil guy vs a teen who is over-confident? i'll watch!
[11:57] <Mr.BigWallofText3> *blocks fireballs with marshmallows effectively making a nice snack*
[11:57] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]MORTAL
[11:57] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]HA
[11:57] <Zathsu> Eh
[11:57] <Pariscat11> [Just so you're wondering, black text is a Black Pentagon]
[11:57] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *teleports back out with a few packs of popcorn*
[11:57] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]By the way I'm not a teen
[11:57] <Zathsu> I dont even really care or wanna do this
[11:57] <Zathsu> I just saw the opprotunity and took it
[11:57] <Zathsu> But carry on
[11:57] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Im about 1434 years old, due to me being a demigod and being immortal
[11:57] <The named BOSS> *is still stuck in tree*
[11:58] <Theelementalmaster> [b][c="#B82A2D"]I WILL KILL ALL THE OTHER DARKNESS, ONLY I CAN STAND
[11:58] <Mr.BigWallofText3> *Archrprophet sits on his chair and eats chips like a lazy bastard*
[11:58] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Burp
[11:59] <Zathsu> *lightning claps again*
[11:59] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]BRING IT ON
[11:59] <Mr.BigWallofText3> *Archprophet finds a dorito in the middle of the cushion and eats it. Panzer is not happy with this.*
[11:59] <Pariscat11> [c="pink"]HELLO
[11:59] <Pariscat11> [c="pink"]I AM THE POWERFUL PINK CYCLONE
[11:59] <Teamerz> *Panzer will remember that.*
[12:00] <The named BOSS> What if I said I was some sort of ancient demonic evil darkness being thing that was billions of years old?
[12:00] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[12:00] <Pariscat11> [c="black"] uhhh what are you doing cyclone, you're a maelstrom
[12:00] <Pariscat11> [c="pink"]OH, I'M A MAELSTROM
[12:00] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]I WOULD KILL YA
[12:00] <Pariscat11> [c="black"]stupid pink maelstrom
[12:00] <Luigi1006YT> hey temz
[12:00] <Luigi1006YT> [giant]beefy beef
[12:00] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [big] Barn Ham
[12:00] <Pariscat11> [c="pink"]i'm beefed up, and can take alotta damage
[12:00] <The named BOSS> Well okay
[12:00] <Pariscat11> [c="black"] -Rams elemental-
[12:01] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: i prefer popcorn over beef e
[12:01] <The named BOSS> Good for you, what does pink even mean?
[12:01] <Pariscat11> [c="pink"]It's like a crasher.
[12:01] <TBOO-Y> [giant][rainbow]-\_("/)_/- OOPS, JUSTCOMN BY
[12:01] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]HELLO
[12:01] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]ITS ME AGAIN
[12:01] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [rainbow] °^°
[12:01] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]NOT MY PATHETIC WEAKER SELF
[12:01] <Pariscat11> [c="pink"]There are crashers, pink squares, pink hexagons, pink heptagons and me, the Pink Maelstrom
[12:02] <Theelementalmaster> (Red means my evil self)
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> [giant][rainbow Would you like a pet racist?
[12:02] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]This is boring! I haven't even killed anything yet!
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> fuck
[12:02] <Theelementalmaster> Pet Racist:*Racist sentence*
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> [giant][rainbow]Woud you like a pet racist?
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> oh gr8
[12:02] <TBOO-Y> i cant type
[12:02] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: oh wiw a button
[12:02] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [small] how can archprophets' appearance be crapped on he is a ball
[12:03] <Pariscat11> [rainbow] I AM THE NORMAL MAELSTROM
[12:03] <Pariscat11> [rainbow] YOU ALL KNOW THE BASIC POLYGONS
[12:03] <The named BOSS> Well I may or may not be an ancient evil, but not a demon or anything
[12:03] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]THAT'S WHAT I AM MADE OF
[12:03] <The named BOSS> MAY OR MAY NOT BE
[12:03] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Whatever
[12:03] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [rainbow] RAAAAAAAINBOW
[12:03] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: RELEASE THE HOUN- i mean POPCORN!
[12:03] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]I need a battle
[12:03] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *presses button*
[12:03] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (popcorn hounds)
[12:03] <Luigi1006YT> IT'S RAINING POPCORN
[12:03] <TBOO-Y> [verysmall]yep[small]yep[medium]yep[moderate]yep[big]yep[verybig]yep[extrabig]yep[giant]yep
[12:03] <The named BOSS> Wow you sound kinda like me
[12:04] <Pariscat11> [yt="ZENzrPekdgo"] [rainbow] dangit i forgot to find a good song
[12:04] <Theelementalmaster> XD
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[12:05] <The named BOSS> Anyways that reminds me
[12:05] <Mr.BigWallofText3> POPCAWRN
[12:05] <The named BOSS> I want to kill something or fight Somebody or destroy things
[12:05] <Pariscat11> [rainbow] not spongetale, dangit
[12:05] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]IF NO ONE EVIL HERE WANTS TO FIGHT ILL MARK YOU AS MORTALS
[12:06] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *camoflagues in the ground to hide from boss*
[12:06] <Mr.BigWallofText3> S.....sponge....tale?...SPONGE TALE? °~°
[12:06] <Theelementalmaster> Sponge Tail
[12:06] <Pariscat11> [y="Of5G86dz4og&t"]
[12:06] <Theelementalmaster> Spuge
[12:06] <TBOO-Y> [rainbow][giant]k[extrabig]k[verybig]k[big]k[moderate]k[medium]k[small]k[verysmall]k
[12:06] <Pariscat11> [yt="Of5G86dz4og&t"]
[12:06] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Splooge
[12:06] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[12:06] <Theelementalmaster> SSSPLLLLOOOO
[12:06] <Pariscat11> [yt="Of5G86dz4og&t"]
[12:06] <Pariscat11> (uhh why is yt broken)
[12:06] <TBOO-Y> [giant][rainbow]FAILURE
[12:06] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Splooge material
[12:06] <Pariscat11> [y="Of5G86dz4og&t"]
[12:06] <Theelementalmaster> Yt=Youtube
[12:06] <Pariscat11> [Yt="Of5G86dz4og&t"]
[12:06] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (nuke) 
[12:07] <Pariscat11> (yt="Of5G86dz4og&t")
[12:07] <Luigi1006YT> [yt=hKVHUYcjQvs]
[12:07] <Luigi1006YT> [yt="hKVHUYcjQvs"]
[12:07] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]10 seconds before I make the storm a lot worse
[12:07] <Theelementalmaster> 5
[12:07] <Theelementalmaster> 0
[12:07] <Luigi1006YT> WHY DOES THIS EXIST
[12:07] <Mr.BigWallofText3> 50?
[12:07] <Pariscat11> [yt="Of5G86dz4og&t"]
[12:08] <The named BOSS> Mark us as mortals?
[12:08] <Theelementalmaster> *It begins flooding, seas of blood*
[12:08] <Pariscat11> [yt="Of5G86dz4og&t]
[12:08] <Theelementalmaster> *Well*
[12:08] <Pariscat11> (omg i cant get it)
[12:08] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *jumps out of camoflague*
[12:08] <Theelementalmaster> *Blood begins flooding the area*
[12:08] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: oh my god even more kool aid :^[giant])
[12:08] <Pariscat11> [yt="Of5G86dz4og&t"]
[12:08] <The named BOSS> Oh great
[12:08] <The named BOSS> Perfect
[12:08] <Pariscat11> (yt="Of5G86dz4og&t")
[12:08] <The named BOSS> Glad I'm in a tree
[12:09] <Pariscat11> [yt="DvuqjJXJM6c"]
[12:09] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Can some sort of demonic monster fight me(
[12:09] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Cuz I'm bored
[12:09] <The named BOSS> Well...
[12:09] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: why does this kool-aid taste like blood :^[giant](
[12:09] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]today's your lucky day
[12:09] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]because i am very powerful
[12:09] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Ok
[12:09] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: k
[12:09] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]1 to 2 million health
[12:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [blue] is it this easy
[12:10] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Nope
[12:10] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Nvm
[12:10] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._.
[12:10] <Luigi1006YT> [c=red] test
[12:10] <Luigi1006YT> .3.
[12:10] <Pariscat11> it's
[12:10] <The named BOSS> WELL
[12:10] <Pariscat11> "red"
[12:10] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [c=1]._.
[12:10] <Mr.BigWallofText3> No
[12:10] <The named BOSS> Hmmmm
[12:10] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Crap
[12:10] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]
[12:10] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]
[12:10] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]
[12:10] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Vs about 1 quadrillion in your measurements?
[12:10] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]guess what?
[12:11] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]i got other friends too
[12:11] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: what?
[12:11] <Luigi1006YT> >bad timing
[12:11] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]That's as down as I can g-BRING IT
[12:11] <Pariscat11> -All of the Maelstrom Family appear-
[12:11] <Luigi1006YT> >AAAAAAAAA
[12:11] <Pariscat11> [c="grey"] I am Metal Cyclone. Nothing special, i only take 1 damage per hit
[12:11] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]So ur a battle cats enemy
[12:11] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]cool
[12:11] <Theelementalmaster> (I get it I think)
[12:11] <Pariscat11> (I confuse cyclone with maelstrom)
[12:12] <Theelementalmaster> (Cuz the titanium cyclone in battle cats only takes 1 damage per hit)
[12:12] <Pariscat11> [c="black"] I AM THE BLACK MAELSTROM. I CAN CLOAK MYSELF.
[12:12] <Luigi1006YT> build a wall[verysmall]cat
[12:12] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]I AM THE REGULAR MAELSTROM.
[12:12] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]NOTHING SPECIAL TOO
[12:12] <Tacocat247> Hi
[12:12] <Theelementalmaster> TACO!!
[12:13] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]BRING IT [c="black"]BRING IT [c="pink"]BRING IT [c="grey"]BRING IT
[12:13] <Tacocat247> :)
[12:13] <Pariscat11> [dangit]
[12:13] <Pariscat11> [c="pink"] bring it on you little b**ch
[12:13] <Theelementalmaster> *Immedienty causes a hurricane, which aims at the metal cyclone doing 50 hits per second*
[12:13] <The named BOSS> Wellllll 
[12:13] <Tacocat247> Sorry sir
[12:13] <Theelementalmaster> *Strikes the pink one with red lightning*
[12:13] <Tacocat247> This is a christian server so no swearing
[12:13] <Tacocat247> jk
[12:13] <Pariscat11> [c="pink"] -dodge-
[12:13] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Taco I'd beware 
[12:14] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]This is the form where
[12:14] <Tacocat247> Hi Luggy!
[12:14] <Tacocat247> ?
[12:14] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Well stuff happened
[12:14] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]In August 1
[12:14] <Pariscat11> [c="pink"]get ready for your best nightmare
[12:14] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]WE WILL TAKE YOU DOWN
[12:14] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Yeah right
[12:14] <Pariscat11> [c="black"]INDEED
[12:14] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: so, if it's 1 damage per hit...
[12:14] <Theelementalmaster> *Causes red explosions in the maelstorms group*
[12:14] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: gunner is basically a weakness
[12:14] <Pariscat11> -Black would vanish, Pink would zoom around Theelemental very fast, and the rainbow cyclone would simply sit there-
[12:15] <Pariscat11> -Metal would fall onto Theelemental-
[12:15] <Theelementalmaster> *Latches onto pink and begins tearing out pieces of pink in the most painful way possible*
[12:15] <Pariscat11> -It would damage him very fast, and Metal wouldn't take much damage-
[12:15] <Pariscat11> -The pink polygons would attack you-
[12:15] <Theelementalmaster> *Also spawns another hurricane which does 1000 hits per 5 seconds*
[12:15] <Pariscat11> -Pink would begin spinning intensely, knocking you off-
[12:16] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]GUYS
[12:16] <Theelementalmaster> You have 77,777 health
[12:16] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]WE NEED SOMEONE ELSE
[12:16] <Theelementalmaster> *Latches on to pink again*
[12:16] <The named BOSS> This is amusing
[12:16] <Pariscat11> -The pink polygons would again hit you-
[12:16] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]She wouldn't dare come near me 
[12:16] <Pariscat11> -Black would ram you, depleting lots of your health-
[12:16] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]After what happened a long time again
[12:16] <Theelementalmaster> *Latches onto black and tears a massive piece off of black*
[12:16] <Pariscat11> (Black enemies have more body damage than they do health)
[12:16] <Pariscat11> -The black polygons would spin around, then ram you-
[12:17] <Pariscat11> -Pink would ram you-
[12:17] <Zathsu> What
[12:17] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]we need some help
[12:17] <Theelementalmaster> *Then forms a giant cloud which continuously strikes the maelstorms*
[12:17] <Zathsu> I have been called
[12:17] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Zathsu, remember what happened
[12:17] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Do you want me to do that again?
[12:17] <Pariscat11> -The maelstroms would die except for Pink and Rainbow, who just kept dodging-
[12:17] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Probably no
[12:17] <Zathsu> Yeah no
[12:17] <Pariscat11> -Then Black and Metal come back, as well as a new comer-
[12:17] <Theelementalmaster> *Latches onto pink and finishes them*
[12:17] <Pariscat11> -The white maelstrom-
[12:17] <The named BOSS> *flies up, not with engines, but with microbots carrying them*
[12:17] <Tacocat247> Hi
[12:18] <Pariscat11> -The white maelstrom would spit a beam of white squares at theelemental-
[12:18] <Theelementalmaster> *Deflects them at the white maelstorm*
[12:18] <Pariscat11> (Average health for a white square is 300x that of a regular square)
[12:18] <Pariscat11> -It would catch them-
[12:18] <TBOO-Y> hi
[12:18] <Tacocat247> hi
[12:18] <TBOO-Y> back
[12:18] <Pariscat11> -Then comes a Circle, which was immune to physical attacks, including ramming-
[12:18] <TBOO-Y> we have the squad here now
[12:19] <TBOO-Y> TEM, me and Taco
[12:19] <Pariscat11> (Ya need to use magic (AKA fire polygons at it to damage it))
[12:19] <Theelementalmaster> *Teleports onto white maelstorm and dumps a gallon of acid onto it*
[12:19] <Pariscat11> -It would absorb it-
[12:19] <Theelementalmaster> (Hey that's what I'm best at)
[12:19] <Pariscat11> -After all, it was literlaly a giant circle-
[12:19] <The named BOSS> Hmm
[12:19] <Luigi1006YT> >latency
[12:19] <Theelementalmaster> *Causes more lightning to hit them all*
[12:19] <Pariscat11> -The maelstroms would collaborate-
[12:19] <Pariscat11> -and press a button-
[12:19] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *goes to sleep*
[12:20] <Pariscat11> -The lightning would hit everything else-
[12:20] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]You can't fight alone?
[12:20] <The named BOSS> I need to make annoying names for everyone
[12:20] <Theelementalmaster> *It doesnt*
[12:20] <Pariscat11> -damn you're a godmodder-
[12:20] <Theelementalmaster> *I control it*
[12:20] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]WE TRIED TO STOP YOU, BUT HERE WE GO
[12:20] <Theelementalmaster> *It simply dissapates*
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> uhh
[12:20] <Pariscat11> -They would merge, forming the Ultimate Maelstrom-
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> Taco PM
[12:20] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]You just made my job 10x easier, thanks
[12:20] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]GOOD LUCK DESTROYING US
[12:20] <Tacocat247> hi\
[12:21] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]I HAVE ALL OF THE ABILITIES OF THE MAELSTROMS!
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> oh gr8
[12:21] <Theelementalmaster> *Immediently uses a lot of magic attacks on it*
[12:21] <Pariscat11> -Ultimate would vanish, and ram Theelemental many times-
[12:21] <Pariscat11> -And stay behind you-
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> dammit
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> 
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> 
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> 
[12:21] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]I'm trying to play fairly 
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> lag
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> i need to refresh
[12:21] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]WE HAD TO DO THIS
[12:21] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]WE HAVE TO PROTECT THE WORLD
[12:21] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]If you don't stop ramming me I will end your existence as a whole
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> back
[12:21] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]i wasn't gonna destroy the world
[12:22] <Pariscat11> Ultiamte would spit out Rainbow Cyclone
[12:22] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Do I look like a demon?
[12:22] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]NICE JOB TRYING TO DEFEAT US
[12:22] <The named BOSS> KILL ALL OF THEM AT ONCE
[12:22] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]Rainbow is right. I can fuse again and everyone will be back.
[12:22] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Mad Science will break apart your rules 
[12:23] <Pariscat11> Quickly, the ultimate cyclone would unfuse
[12:23] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]*Chants something strange*
[12:23] <Pariscat11> Each cyclone would attack their own target
[12:23] <Theelementalmaster> *HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ spawns near me*
[12:23] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:Whhaaat,
[12:23] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]They don't want to fight a fair fight
[12:24] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]Good luck trying to even damage us.
[12:24] <Pariscat11> -Ultimate would teleport rapidly around Theelemental-
[12:24] <The named BOSS> Hmmmm
[12:24] <Tacocat247> Bored
[12:24] <Pariscat11> -They unfuse and all ram you, then refuse-
[12:24] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:I don't feel like fighting again
[12:25] <The named BOSS> Well, I guess my annoying name would be melon...
[12:25] <Tacocat247> Poke
[12:25] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:Even though I'm like you
[12:25] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]hey melon
[12:25] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:Except I'm actually smart
[12:25] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]if you even dare to attack us, we will kill you
[12:25] <The named BOSS> HEY TBOO-Y 
[12:25] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:But fine...
[12:25] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]We are servants of Li'l Tboo, and we can summon him.
[12:25] <TBOO-Y> what
[12:26] <Zathsu> LOL
[12:26] <The named BOSS> Okay good for you, trying to get me to attack you
[12:26] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:[rainbow]*Goes into his True Form*
[12:26] <The named BOSS> What would your annoying name be?
[12:26] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *dreams of shooting watermelons*
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> Hey, I'm TBOO-Y
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> >:(
[12:26] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]COME ON, LI'L TBOO!
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> ...
[12:26] <Pariscat11> -Ultimate would be overshadowed by a tiny TBOO-
[12:26] <The named BOSS> Well I'm making a list of annoying names, mine is melon
[12:26] <The named BOSS> Hmmmm
[12:26] <Pariscat11> Li'l TBOO: What's wrong, Ultimate?
[12:27] <The named BOSS> Ruby?
[12:27] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:[rainbow]The Only reason I'm fighting with you is Becuase they are using TBOO's
[12:27] <Pariscat11> [c="orange"]These faintheads can't defeat us.... We need new forces.
[12:27] <Pariscat11> Li'l TBOO: Alright, got it!
[12:27] <Pariscat11> -Li'l TBOO would decrease Hourglassacre's level to 1-
[12:27] <Theelementalmaster> *HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ immediently causes all the parts of the ultimate to disintegrate*
[12:27] <Theelementalmaster> *It doesnt*
[12:28] <Pariscat11> (TBOO is the most powerful thing ever)
[12:28] <The named BOSS> TBOO-Y
[12:28] <The named BOSS> TBOO-Y
[12:28] <Pariscat11> (Li'l TBOO is his weaker half-brother)
[12:28] <Theelementalmaster> *HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ says your too op and makes lil Tboo a rock*
[12:28] <Pariscat11> -Li'l TBOO would respawn-
[12:28] <The named BOSS> ALREADY DONE
[12:28] <The named BOSS> NOPE
[12:28] <Pariscat11> (There's a reason he's a TBOO)
[12:28] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:*Kills Little Tboo again*
[12:28] <Pariscat11> -He would keep respawning-
[12:29] <Tacocat247> (Paris. TBOO is 2 OP, so ban)
[12:29] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:I won't stop killing you until you concede defeat
[12:29] <The named BOSS> *lil TBOO stops respawning*
[12:29] <Pariscat11> -Meanwhile the Black Cyclone would be escaping-
[12:29] <Pariscat11> -He would get outside the arena-
[12:29] <Pariscat11> -And cloak-
[12:29] <Zathsu> TBOO ban (grin) 
[12:29] <Teamerz> onu
[12:29] <Pariscat11> -He would watch behind him-
[12:29] <Teamerz> no tboo ban
[12:29] <Teamerz> D:
[12:30] <Pariscat11> -He would get past the absolute end-
[12:30] <Pariscat11> 
[12:30] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:Until you concede defeat, I won't stop killing you.
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> no
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> don't ban me
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> :(((((
[12:30] <Pariscat11> -He got outside the arena itself-
[12:30] <The named BOSS> TBOO-Y
[12:30] <Teamerz> oh tboo-y
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> lmao what
[12:30] <Teamerz> yeh you can ban him
[12:30] <Pariscat11> -He would be huffing and puffing-
[12:30] <Teamerz> but not normal tboo
[12:30] <Pariscat11> (Li'l TBOO is weaker than TBOO, about a fifth of its power)
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> TBitch-Y
[12:30] <Theelementalmaster> My annoying name is Temmie
[12:30] <The named BOSS> Hmmmm
[12:30] <Pariscat11> (Also Teamerz, can ya be the TBOO itself?)
[12:31] <Theelementalmaster> TBOO IS TOO OP
[12:31] <Pariscat11> [c="black"]come and get me, temmie
[12:31] <Teamerz> well paris
[12:31] <The named BOSS> I mean like a name that annoys the person who is nicknamed that
[12:31] <The named BOSS> Like
[12:31] <Pariscat11> -You couldn't get out of the arena's absolute border-
[12:31] <Teamerz> there are 2 ways of becoming the TBOO
[12:31] <Theelementalmaster> (u can't use my annoying name in Rps)
[12:31] <The named BOSS> TBOO-Ys annoying name could possibly be ruby?
[12:32] <Pariscat11> (black cyclone can call anyone their annoying name)
[12:32] <Pariscat11> [c="black"]na na na temmie come get me
[12:32] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:*Uncloaks Black Maelstorm and kills them*
[12:32] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:Dont be annoying
[12:32] <The named BOSS> HEY RUBY
[12:32] <Pariscat11> (You cant get outside the arena)
[12:32] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:We don't want a evil demigod to get angry
[12:32] <Pariscat11> (Only maelstroms and any kind of TBOO can)
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> no
[12:32] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:Im warning you
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> my annoying name
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> is
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> TBitch-Y
[12:33] <The named BOSS> I make the annoying names
[12:33] <Pariscat11> -Black Cyclone would fuse into the Ultimate Cyclone, and unfuse-
[12:33] <The named BOSS> So it's ruby
[12:33] <Pariscat11> (now i'm gonna be using names)
[12:33] <Pariscat11> B.M: Alright guys, you're back!
[12:33] <Pariscat11> P.M: Yeah, i'm back!
[12:33] <Pariscat11> R.M: Let's go!
[12:34] <Pariscat11> M.M: I think we should, Rainbow Cyclone.
[12:34] <Pariscat11> W.M: Yeah
[12:34] <Pariscat11> -They then go very far out-
[12:34] <Pariscat11> -Polygons started to spawn again-
[12:34] <TBOO-Y> Hi, BOSS
[12:34] <Pariscat11> B.M: hey melon, can you get us?
[12:35] <The named BOSS> Hi, ruby-
[12:35] <TBOO-Y> Bye, BOSS *puts BOSS right in front of them
[12:35] <The named BOSS> ...
[12:35] <Pariscat11> -You ram into nothingness-
[12:35] <TBOO-Y> Have fun
[12:35] <Pariscat11> -Thus you instantly die-
[12:35] <TBOO-Y> *teleports away*
[12:35] <The named BOSS> *flies in the air*
[12:35] <Pariscat11> -It was in the air, too-
[12:35] <Pariscat11> -The Maelstroms weren't being hurt-
[12:35] <The named BOSS> *surprisingly non dead*
[12:35] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:*Disabling OP Opponent Protocal*
[12:35] <Pariscat11> B.M: -insert spongebob laugh-
[12:35] <TBOO-Y> HE IS A ROBOT
[12:35] <Pariscat11> WARNING
[12:35] <Pariscat11> WARNING
[12:35] <Pariscat11> WARNING
[12:35] <Pariscat11> DELETE VIRUS?
[12:35] <Tacocat247> :^)
[12:36] <Pariscat11> -B.M picks Yes-
[12:36] <Pariscat11> -The protocol fails-
[12:36] <The named BOSS> I'M A DRONE, RUBY!
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> (what Taco)
[12:36] <Tacocat247> (idk)
[12:36] <Pariscat11> M.M: YES! WE'RE ALIVE!
[12:36] <Theelementalmaster> *U just made Hourglassacre the counter to everything*
[12:36] <Pariscat11> (The protocol failed)
[12:36] <Pariscat11> (Thus he can't delete the maelstroms)
[12:36] <Theelementalmaster> *THATS NOT THE PROTOCOL*
[12:36] <Pariscat11> -They would bump into Li'l TBOO really far away from the arena-
[12:37] <Pariscat11> -About the area where the game crashes on the glitch area-
[12:37] <Pariscat11> -They would move on, and leave itself-
[12:37] <Theelementalmaster> HÖÜRGŁÁŚŠĀÇRĘ:*OP Opponent Protocol Disabled*
[12:37] <Pariscat11> R.M: What's that place? -gazes at Facebook-
[12:37] <The named BOSS> (We weren't even in diep in the first place lmao)
[12:38] <Pariscat11> Li'l TBOO: Facebook.
[12:38] <Pariscat11> (i meant
[12:38] <Theelementalmaster> [c="#B82A2D"]Uhh, thanks Hourglassacre...
[12:38] <Pariscat11> --They would enter Facebook-
[12:38] <The named BOSS> (Not those either)
[12:38] <Pariscat11> (well then they exited where you were)
[12:38] <The named BOSS> *boss is waiting for them*
[12:38] <Tacocat247> brb
[12:38] <The named BOSS> *somehow in facebook*
[12:38] <Pariscat11> -They would come out, with likes, shares and replies all over them-
[12:39] <Pariscat11> -They would like, share and reply you-
[12:39] <The named BOSS> *boss follows silently*
[12:39] <Theelementalmaster> [verybig]Im not gonna contribute to absolutely stupid RP like this
[12:39] <Pariscat11> -The Maelstroms would dust off-
[12:39] <The named BOSS> Absolutely stupid us right
[12:39] <The named BOSS> Is
[12:39] <Pariscat11> W.M: Well, atleast we're outta here!
[12:39] <Pariscat11> -They would re-enter the place-
[12:39] <Theelementalmaster> [giant]Fix it now or August 1 wil-not that, make it normal again or the MBZ will follow
[12:40] <Pariscat11> -The grey area would be there-
[12:40] <Pariscat11> -They would move back to the arena-
[12:40] <Theelementalmaster> *A explosion snake is slithering around*
[12:40] <The named BOSS> *and get 1HKOd by boss*
[12:40] <Pariscat11> -The explosion snake cannot get out of the absolute bounds-
[12:40] <Pariscat11> -Thye would have gotten to the arena by that time-
[12:41] <Pariscat11> -They would respawn outside the area-
[12:41] <Theelementalmaster> *Explosion snakes are invincible*
[12:41] <Theelementalmaster> *THIS ISNT DIEP*
[12:41] <The named BOSS> *they are all dead the end*
[12:41] <Theelementalmaster> *NOR FACEBOOK*
[12:41] <Pariscat11> -They would go to Dropbox, and get out of the phone-
[12:41] <Pariscat11> (this is the emoji movie)
[12:41] <Theelementalmaster> [giant]GOD DAKN
[12:41] <Pariscat11> (JKJKJK)
[12:41] <The named BOSS> Omfg what the hell
[12:41] <Pariscat11> -They would travel to the firewall, and get through-
[12:41] <Theelementalmaster> [giant]NO, I WILL KILL EVERYTHING YOU LOV- ok sorry that's brutal
[12:41] <Pariscat11> -They would fly around a bunch of nothingness-
[12:42] <Theelementalmaster> I vote for RP END
[12:42] <Theelementalmaster> Votes
[12:42] <Pariscat11> -They would stop in front of a sphere-
[12:42] <Pariscat11> -It was the border of the computer-
[12:42] <The named BOSS> Rp end pls
[12:42] <Theelementalmaster> [[o][u]Yes:2] [No:0]
[12:42] <Pariscat11> -Li'l TBOO would look inside-
[12:42] <Pariscat11> (this is my rp, you can't force me to)
[12:42] <Theelementalmaster> (-_-)
[12:43] <Theelementalmaster> (you didn't start this)
[12:43] <Theelementalmaster> (Boss, and Luigi did)
[12:43] <The named BOSS> *boss lands on lil TBOOs head and kills them in one hit*
[12:43] <The named BOSS> Yeah
[12:43] <Pariscat11> -You got outside the computer-
[12:43] <Theelementalmaster> [[o][u]Yes:2] [No:0] 
[12:43] <Pariscat11> (but this segment is mine)
[12:43] <Theelementalmaster> Votes for ending this Trash RP
[12:43] <Theelementalmaster> [[o][u]Yes:2] [No:0]
[12:43] <The named BOSS> IT'S MINE AND LUIGIS 
[12:43] <Pariscat11> -The maelstroms would get out-
[12:43] <Pariscat11> -Then travel to another sphere, thus creating another rp-
[12:44] <Pariscat11> -They would end up in another arena-
[12:44] <Pariscat11> -It was nothingness-
[12:44] <Theelementalmaster> *OP Tanks flood the arena*
[12:44] <Pariscat11> -Then the maelstroms would evaporate, creating the first Polygons-
[12:44] <Pariscat11> (stop) 
[12:44] <TBOO-Y> (i vote for ending the trash rp)
[12:44] <Pariscat11> (This is a new RP)
[12:44] <TBOO-Y> (votes for ending: 3)
[12:44] <Theelementalmaster> [[o][u]Yes:3] [No:0]
[12:44] <Pariscat11> (When i say I, the rp will let everyone else in)
[12:44] <Pariscat11> The polygons would duplicate slowly
[12:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Royale: Hi
[12:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Royale: help
[12:45] <Pariscat11> (Royale isn't in the rp you douchebag)
[12:45] <Theelementalmaster> I'd rather watch paint dry then being a part of this rp
[12:45] <Theelementalmaster> (PARIS)
[12:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ¿^¿
[12:45] <Pariscat11> -An square would start painting the arena white-
[12:45] <Theelementalmaster> (THATS RUDE)
[12:45] <The named BOSS> *boss kills all of the polygons*
[12:45] <The named BOSS> I WIN HAHA
[12:45] <Pariscat11> (i didn't say I yet)
[12:45] <Theelementalmaster> *
[12:46] <The named BOSS> WELL TOO BAD
[12:46] <Pariscat11> -The polygons would continue to duplicate-
[12:46] <Zathsu> Wow waiy
[12:46] <Pariscat11> -Boss only seeing them-
[12:46] <Zathsu> No need to call people douchebags lol
[12:46] <The named BOSS> YOU LOSE NA NA
[12:46] <Pariscat11> -He can't interact with the polygons-
[12:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I mean your not wrong but y
[12:46] <Tacocat247> Back
[12:46] <Theelementalmaster> [[o][u]Yes:3] [No:0][[o][u]Yes:3] [No:0][[o][u]Yes:3] [No:0]
[12:46] <TBOO-Y> (hi Taco)
[12:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> jk lel
[12:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh
[12:46] <The named BOSS> *they die from something*
[12:46] <Theelementalmaster> Votes to End the RP:
[12:46] <Theelementalmaster> [[o][u]Yes:3] [No:0]
[12:46] <Pariscat11> -TnB would turn into a basic Tank-
[12:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Hello :Г
[12:46] <Pariscat11> -and no, you're not in the rp yet-
[12:46] <Theelementalmaster> *The guardian spawns*
[12:46] <Pariscat11> -when i say I, it will start-
[12:47] <Pariscat11> -Crashers would mutate from Triangles-
[12:47] <Theelementalmaster> But DIEP Rps are boring
[12:47] <Pariscat11> -They would duplicate once more-
[12:47] <The named BOSS> *tnb turns back into a drone, not the diep kind*
[12:47] <TBOO-Y> (no)
[12:47] <Pariscat11> -Some will duplicate faster, some will duplicate slower-
[12:47] <TBOO-Y> (I like Diep RPs a lot better)
[12:47] <Pariscat11> (TBOO can join the RP)
[12:47] <Theelementalmaster> (Why?)
[12:48] <The named BOSS> Man this rp is garbage let's do an actual, like ciep new rp
[12:48] <The named BOSS> Pls
[12:48] <Pariscat11> -There would be a Pentagon Nest in the arena now-
[12:48] <The named BOSS> No
[12:48] <Pariscat11> -It was 3x3 background tiles-
[12:48] <Pariscat11> -It would reach it's capacity-
[12:48] <The named BOSS> *the Pentagons all die*
[12:48] <Pariscat11> (wow)
[12:48] <Theelementalmaster> (Boss)
[12:48] <Pariscat11> (just let the polygons colonize the massive arena)
[12:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (triggered) 
[12:48] <Theelementalmaster> (If you don't like it ignore it)
[12:49] <The named BOSS> Nevr 
[12:49] <Pariscat11> The Guardian has spawned!
[12:49] <The named BOSS> I am a part of this rp now
[12:49] <Theelementalmaster> (better then making enemies)
[12:49] <Pariscat11> -It would actually protect the pentagons-
[12:49] <The named BOSS> But I am better than these dumb polygons
[12:49] <Pariscat11> -TnB turns into a simple Tank, not being able to change-
[12:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> tHE gORDON of the RaMSAY has SPAWneD
[12:49] <Theelementalmaster> *A TBOO Lite Spawns, and dies due to this... RP?*
[12:49] <Pariscat11> (stop mr)
[12:49] <Pariscat11> (you can only be tanks rn)
[12:49] <The named BOSS> *they don't change in the first place*
[12:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> lol ok
[12:49] <Theelementalmaster> JOHN CENA HAS SPAWNED
[12:49] <Pariscat11> -Alpha Pentagon would finally appear-
[12:50] <TBOO-Y> Huh, this place looks nice
[12:50] <Theelementalmaster> CHUCK NORRIS HAS SPAWNED
[12:50] <Theelementalmaster> I AM TRIIGGERED
[12:50] <Pariscat11> -it was only polygons, the guardian and tanks-
[12:50] <The named BOSS> *and proceeds to kill the alpha pentagon*
[12:50] <TBOO-Y> (when will you say I)
[12:50] <TBOO-Y> 
[12:50] <Theelementalmaster> BEWARE OF THE TRIGGERED TEM
[12:50] <The named BOSS> *and boss*
[12:50] <TBOO-Y> (no shut up BOSS lmao XD)
[12:50] <Pariscat11> -An Alpha Pentagon would spawn-
[12:50] <The named BOSS> DID I RUIN IT YET?
[12:50] <The named BOSS> *and boss kills it*
[12:50] <Pariscat11> -This one outside of the nest, but every 100 pentagons is 1 Alpha Pentagon-
[12:50] <Pariscat11> -Pink Squres would begin to appear-
[12:51] <Pariscat11> -Boss takes extreme damage quick-
[12:51] <Theelementalmaster> *A TBOO spawns in the outer reaches of the map and begins building the arena closers*
[12:51] <The named BOSS> *boss kills the rest of the pentagons*
[12:51] <Pariscat11> (Pink Squares will only target enemies at level 30+)
[12:51] <Pariscat11> (And no, only me and TBOO-Y are in the rp)
[12:51] <Pariscat11> (go make your own rp_
[12:51] <Theelementalmaster> (Ok)
[12:51] <The named BOSS> GOOD IDEA
[12:51] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ooh barned
[12:51] <Theelementalmaster> Im calling for the RP Ban Hammer
[12:51] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[12:51] <Pariscat11> -The polygons would reappear very quick-
[12:51] <The named BOSS> CIEP NEW RP START
[12:51] <Pariscat11> -And it would be a big arena-
[12:51] <The named BOSS> Oh
[12:52] <Pariscat11> -It would have lots of pentagon and hexagon nests-
[12:52] <The named BOSS> Taco isn't uere
[12:52] <The named BOSS> Here
[12:52] <The named BOSS> Nvm
[12:52] <Pariscat11> -And there was a Heptagon Nest-
[12:52] <Pariscat11> -Now one other person can join the rp now-
[12:52] <Theelementalmaster> *The entire map is erased cuz [giant]FK THIS*
[12:52] <The named BOSS> YESSSSSS 
[12:52] <Pariscat11> -The polygons would become more durable, and the map can't be erased-
[12:52] <The named BOSS> CIEP NEW RP START PLS
[12:52] <Pariscat11> (about 10% stronger than average polygon)
[12:52] <Theelementalmaster> Boss
[12:52] <Theelementalmaster> We can do it in DCP Maybe
[12:52] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (tem and boss are trying to destroy the arena xD)
[12:52] <Pariscat11> (mr you can join)
[12:52] <TBOO-Y> (TEM, move it to DCP)
[12:53] <Pariscat11> (either as a polygon or as a tank)
[12:53] <Theelementalmaster> *The arena closers the TBOO built have came*
[12:53] <The named BOSS> NO THIS RP MUST END
[12:53] <Pariscat11> -The ACs and the TBOO didn't exist-
[12:53] <Theelementalmaster> IT WAS GOOD AT THE START
[12:53] <Theelementalmaster> WHY DID YOU RUIN IT
[12:53] <The named BOSS> YES
[12:53] <Pariscat11> -Just polygons, the Guardian and tanks existed-
[12:53] <Pariscat11> (Move it if you want the rp to begin)
[12:53] <The named BOSS> LET'S OVERWRITE THIS RP
[12:53] <Pariscat11> (well this is a new rp)
[12:53] <TBOO-Y> (BOSS and TEM, go to DCP for another rp)
[12:53] <The named BOSS> TEAMZ FIGHT ME
[12:53] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (backsaway) 
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> (sigh)
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> (BOSS and TEM)
[12:54] <Pariscat11> -An Alpha Square would spawn-
[12:54] <Pariscat11> -Multiple, to be exact-
[12:54] <The named BOSS> RUBY STOPPPPP
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> (Go. To. DCP. For. Another. RP.)
[12:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ruby?
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> (done) 
[12:54] <Pariscat11> (You can join MrBigWall)
[12:54] <The named BOSS> I CAN TOO
[12:54] <Pariscat11> (No only Mr)
[12:54] <The named BOSS> YAY
[12:54] <The named BOSS> NO ME TOO
[12:54] <Pariscat11> (This RP will exclude OP tanks)
[12:55] <Pariscat11> (But up to level 90 exists)
[12:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Nah im just gonna watch lol thanks :Г
[12:55] <Pariscat11> (So Superposition is actually real)
[12:55] <The named BOSS> OH SO I'M IN I'M NOT AN OP TANK
[12:55] <The named BOSS> *starts killing off the polygons*
[12:55] <Pariscat11> (It's gonna take too long)
[12:55] <Pariscat11> (The polygons will replenish before you can)
[12:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ((nuke))
[12:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._,
[12:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._.
[12:56] <The named BOSS> *nukes the entire arena*
[12:56] <Pariscat11> (Unless you are Panzer. He can affect the entire RP)
[12:56] <The named BOSS> OOOH I'M PANZER NOW OKAY
[12:56] <Pariscat11> -Pink Polygons would survive, except for the Crasher-
[12:56] <Theelementalmaster> Unauthorized Use of panzer
[12:56] <Pariscat11> (no tanks)
[12:56] <Pariscat11> (tanks, not panzer)
[12:56] <Theelementalmaster> This RP has been sued
[12:56] <The named BOSS> *closes arena with panzer power*
[12:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Pantser
[12:56] <Pariscat11> -An new arena would appear, this time away from everyone else-
[12:56] <Pariscat11> -Outside the Realm-
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> (TEM and BOSS, for te 4th time, GO TO DCP)
[12:56] <The named BOSS> *it closes too*
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> 9BOSS, GO TO DCP)
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> 
[12:56] <The named BOSS> Nah this is fun now
[12:56] <Pariscat11> -It would encompass the entirety of outside the Realm-
[12:57] <Pariscat11> -So you literally destroyed yourself-
[12:57] <Theelementalmaster> I'm so freaking triggered right now I'm almost turning into a pet racist, and nobody likes that
[12:57] <Pariscat11> -The arena would respawn-
[12:57] <The named BOSS> *it closes and deletes itself*
[12:57] <Graviatar> hi
[12:57] <Teamerz> well this chat is active like it wasnt for months
[12:57] <TBOO-Y> hi grav
[12:57] <Teamerz> hi grav
[12:57] <Pariscat11> (The Realm is gone, and so are you)
[12:57] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (inb4 when your the DM but that one guy doesnt want to play)
[12:57] <TBOO-Y> (done) 
[12:57] <Pariscat11> (Teamerz, Mr.BigWall, TBOO, only you can join for now)
[12:57] <Teamerz> um
[12:57] <Zathsu> God I wish I knew what was happening
[12:57] <Teamerz> i dont even know whats going on
[12:57] <TBOO-Y> (ok?????)
[12:57] <Pariscat11> (zathsu wanna join a RP?)
[12:57] <Graviatar> hey zathsu
[12:57] <Pariscat11> -Polygons would appear-
[12:58] <Teamerz> can someone explain?
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> Taco
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> pls no Ursuuling
[12:58] <Zathsu> To be fair, I wish I cared what was happening
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:58] <Graviatar> what's goin on?
[12:58] <Pariscat11> -An barrier would exclude TnB-
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> imma explain
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> so first
[12:58] <Theelementalmaster> I'm going to my own world
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> this explains how diepio was made
[12:58] <The named BOSS> *destroys the barrier*
[12:58] <Pariscat11> -More polygons would spawn-
[12:58] <Theelementalmaster> *Goes into my own world and spawns a nuclear hammer*
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> first the arena came
[12:58] <Pariscat11> -and you destroy yourself-
[12:58] <Graviatar> ...
[12:58] <The named BOSS> Only it is shit
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> it expanded, then polygons
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> then nests
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> then Alpha Polygons
[12:58] <Pariscat11> -Polygons would group up, forming the first nests-
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> then the first tank spawns
[12:58] <The named BOSS> And I cannot be destroyed so (eh) 
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> bla bla bla
[12:58] <Pariscat11> (help me zathsu)
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> basically
[12:59] <Pariscat11> (i can't get tnb outside of the rp)
[12:59] <Pariscat11> (atleast kick him)
[12:59] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (basically paris is making a rp and BOSS doesnt like it at all)
[12:59] <TBOO-Y> (BOSS is vehemently rejecting the RP)
[12:59] <Graviatar> Guhh
[12:59] <The named BOSS> GWAHAHAHA
[12:59] <Pariscat11> -Polygons would continue spawning outside the nests-
[12:59] <Graviatar> (pm zathsu :L)
[12:59] <Pariscat11> -You had to get through a firewall to join the RP-
[12:59] <Pariscat11> -No password was known-
[12:59] <Pariscat11> -It would let everyone but Boss in-
[12:59] <Pariscat11> -And it would kill BOSS if he got past-
[12:59] <The named BOSS> *becomes the password and enters the rp*
[12:59] <Pariscat11> (only polygons)
[01:00] <Pariscat11> -BOSS would be erased-
[01:00] <TBOO-Y> (BOSS, stahp)
[01:00] <Pariscat11> -He would not be allowed in the RP-
[01:00] <The named BOSS> *and becomes unkillible*
[01:00] <The named BOSS> Well
[01:00] <Pariscat11> -BOSS didn't exist-
[01:00] <Pariscat11> -He can't reverse this-
[01:00] <The named BOSS> You can't make me not in this rp
[01:00] <Graviatar> *teleports boss into an alternate universe*
[01:00] <Graviatar> done.
[01:00] <Pariscat11> -Li'l TBOO would spawn, watching the RP-
[01:00] <The named BOSS> I just did
[01:00] <The named BOSS> *teleports back*
[01:00] <Teamerz> whots the problem
[01:00] <Pariscat11> -He would decrease TNB's level to 0-
[01:00] <Graviatar> and this is why I don't randomly do rps
[01:00] <Pariscat11> (Boss is rejecting my RP)
[01:00] <Teamerz> ikr
[01:00] <Theelementalmaster> *Teleports boss to the door to my own world where whoever i allow in is a omnipotent being*
[01:01] <Pariscat11> (This is how Diep formed)
[01:01] <The named BOSS> No
[01:01] <Pariscat11> (Also, the worlds are seperate)
[01:01] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh yeah grav good work on the ToD title theme (clap) 
[01:01] <The named BOSS> It's not
[01:01] <Teamerz> well maybe if you guys didnt godmod 24/7 it wouldnt end up like that
[01:01] <Pariscat11> -More polygons would spawn-
[01:01] <Pariscat11> -Li'l TBOO was still watching-
[01:01] <The named BOSS> This is a shitty rp
[01:01] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (that wasnt supposed to be a sarcastic clap)
[01:01] <Pariscat11> (Li'
[01:01] <Pariscat11> (Li'l TBOO is the guardian of this universe)
[01:01] <Teamerz> @mr.big agreed
[01:01] <Theelementalmaster> *The door opens*
[01:01] <Zathsu> True
[01:01] <Pariscat11> -The first alpha polygons would spawn-
[01:01] <Pariscat11> -Alpha Squares first-
[01:02] <Zathsu> Everyone just tries to be as unrealistic as possible
[01:02] <Teamerz> ikr
[01:02] <TBOO-Y> ??????
[01:02] <Zathsu> Unwilling to follow some sort of rule set
[01:02] <Pariscat11> -Also, in this version of Diep, alpha polygons can exist outside Nests, but very rare-
[01:02] <Zathsu> Like "Dont be fucking invincible"
[01:02] <The named BOSS> Okay, maker-of-stupid-rps, pls stop
[01:02] <TBOO-Y> BOSS, you stop
[01:02] <Teamerz> or
[01:02] <The named BOSS> Never
[01:02] <Teamerz> "you cant be able to teleport for no reason"
[01:02] <Pariscat11> (Li'l TBOO watches this RP and protects it)
[01:02] <Theelementalmaster> Boss, go through the door
[01:02] <TBOO-Y> do not ruin an rp because you don't like it
[01:02] <Pariscat11> (I might have to make Circles exist)
[01:02] <TBOO-Y> that's not readonable
[01:02] <Graviatar> *Turns Zathsu into a Zathsu*
[01:02] <Pariscat11> -The first circle spawns-
[01:02] <The named BOSS> Does it lead to dcp?
[01:03] <TBOO-Y> BOSS, go to DCP for your own rp
[01:03] <Theelementalmaster> Yes and it leads to a world where you are omnipotent 
[01:03] <The named BOSS> Ooh
[01:03] <Pariscat11> -It would move faster than the Square-
[01:03] <Pariscat11> -And protect the Triangle Nests-
[01:03] <Pariscat11> -Crashers originated from the Pentagons-
[01:03] <Pariscat11> -And so came the possibility of bosses-
[01:03] <The named BOSS> Let's pm everybody the dcp EXCEPT Paris
[01:03] <Pariscat11> The Guardian has spawned!
[01:03] <The named BOSS> I'm sad now
[01:03] <The named BOSS> And that means-
[01:03] <Pariscat11> -It would be a slightly larger Crasher with a Crasher spawner that can spawn 5 crashers-
[01:03] <Teamerz> u guys r acting like dcp is a top secret place
[01:03] <Teamerz> its not.
[01:04] <The named BOSS> Someone is gonna have a bad time- no, overused
[01:04] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Whats dcp?
[01:04] <Teamerz> diep custom polygons wiki
[01:04] <Zathsu> DCP?
[01:04] <Zathsu> Oh
[01:04] <The named BOSS> Burn in hell- nope
[01:04] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ooh
[01:04] <Teamerz>
[01:04] <Zathsu> Eh
[01:04] <Graviatar> aka Tacocat's testing zone
[01:04] <Zathsu> No reason to use it
[01:04] <Teamerz> it used to be an actual conception wiki but its now just taco's test zone
[01:04] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Boss you have "Bite my shiny metal ass"
[01:04] <Zathsu> Yeah
[01:04] <Teamerz> and he uses it aswell as some other people to talk secretly
[01:04] <The named BOSS> Hmmmm?
[01:05] <The named BOSS> HMMMM?
[01:05] <Graviatar> yep
[01:05] <Pariscat11> (Hey Zathsu, Teamerz)
[01:05] <Theelementalmaster> Fact:There's a achievement in Called "Shiny!"
[01:05] <Pariscat11> (Wanna join the RP as polygons?)
[01:05] <Graviatar> Mr.big 
[01:05] <Graviatar> (futurama?)
[01:05] <Teamerz> im only gonna join a RP with peeps dat arent gonna be omnipotent
[01:05] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Yup
[01:05] <Teamerz> or control the universe
[01:05] <Pariscat11> (Li'l TBOO only watches the RP)
[01:05] <Graviatar> Yrah
[01:05] <Graviatar> I'm done with that stuff
[01:05] <Teamerz> yeh no.
[01:05] <Graviatar> it's boring
[01:05] <Pariscat11> (He will alarm the Arena Closers if anyone tries to destroy all of the polygons)
[01:05] <Zathsu> True
[01:06] <Teamerz> i jus want a normal rp for wonce
[01:06] <Graviatar> ^
[01:06] <Pariscat11> (You can avoid that if you don't destroy all of the polygons)
[01:06] <Pariscat11> -Li'l TBOO would vanish-
[01:06] <Graviatar> X-x
[01:06] <Teamerz> the fact that you control a world destroying entity doesnt help u know
[01:06] <TBOO-Y> i want a normal rp
[01:06] <TBOO-Y> no rp shit
[01:06] <TBOO-Y> i mean
[01:06] <TBOO-Y> no op shit
[01:06] <The named BOSS> YES RUBY
[01:06] <Pariscat11> (Li'l TBOO is only the watcher)
[01:07] <Mr.BigWallofText3> .Ω.
[01:07] <Teamerz> u still control him.
[01:07] <Teamerz> and he still has near infinite power
[01:07] <Graviatar> *Pick a tank class and fight off wave after wave of polygon invasions*
[01:07] <Pariscat11> (more than infinite, actually)
[01:07] <Teamerz> thats even worse.
[01:07] <Pariscat11> (he can just alarm the arena closers)
[01:07] <TBOO-Y> uhh
[01:07] <Pariscat11> (level 90 tanks can atleast fend off the arena closers for a while)
[01:07] <Teamerz> ye but i dont like RPs
[01:07] <Teamerz> so leik
[01:07] <Graviatar> hm ok
[01:08] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lvl 90 tanks? 
[01:08] <Pariscat11> The polygons would begin mutating, creating different polygon types
[01:08] <Graviatar> eh
[01:08] <Teamerz> i like the RPs like the ones with guardian Y 
[01:08] <Pariscat11> One would become plated with metal, and became the first Metal Polygon
[01:08] <Teamerz> and where it was created
[01:08] <Teamerz> prob the best RP that happened here
[01:08] <Graviatar> (Teamz, can we be less op with our rps)
[01:08] <Teamerz> yeh sure
[01:08] <Pariscat11> (NEW RP)
[01:08] <Pariscat11> An square would spawn.
[01:08] <Zathsu> Lets use chat to chat
[01:08] <Graviatar> (I feel like guardian Y is too powerful last one)
[01:08] <Zathsu> Thats a good idea
[01:08] <Pariscat11> Then more squares would spawn.
[01:09] <Teamerz> well i mean
[01:09] <Teamerz> ur teh one who decides how powerful he is
[01:09] <Teamerz> so
[01:09] <Pariscat11> Soon the arena would just be squares
[01:09] <Pariscat11> (Li'l TBOO is much weaker in this RP)
[01:09] <Graviatar> (well, aparently you seem to not change, lol)
[01:09] <Pariscat11> (All he can do in this is signal the Arena Closers)
[01:09] <Teamerz> well i dont mind trying to nerf my split ability
[01:09] <Pariscat11> (you can be a split square teamerz)
[01:09] <Graviatar> I kind of wish you did to be honest :3
[01:10] <Teamerz> yeh sam
[01:10] <Teamerz> but
[01:10] <Pariscat11> (when killed, you split into three squares connected to eachother, that can fuse back into a split square)
[01:10] <Teamerz> ish kinda hard to find a nerf to that
[01:10] <Graviatar> yeah
[01:10] <Teamerz> i dont mind reverting to the teamerzs being only 1 in one tho
[01:10] <Teamerz> instead of like
[01:10] <Teamerz> 360k in one
[01:10] <Zathsu> How about you cant sell their organs
[01:10] <Zathsu> To make infinite money
[01:10] <Teamerz> no
[01:10] <Teamerz> i cant make infinite >:(
[01:10] <Graviatar> no
[01:10] <Teamerz> the world doesnt have infinite money..
[01:10] <Teamerz> yet
[01:10] <Graviatar> probably never
[01:10] <Teamerz> plus,
[01:10] <Pariscat11> btrp
[01:10] <Teamerz> i gotta make myself a horrible reputation somehow
[01:10] <Teamerz> amirite.
[01:11] <Graviatar> lol
[01:11] <Pariscat11> The first Triangles would spawn
[01:11] <Zathsu> You dont already have a horrible reputation?
[01:11] <Teamerz> i can always make it worse
[01:11] <Teamerz> :p
[01:11] <Zathsu> You own a 'slave'
[01:11] <Teamerz> no, its a pet
[01:11] <Teamerz> :3
[01:11] <Pariscat11> (Zathsu, Teamerz, ya can join)
[01:11] <Zathsu> Oh whatever ;3
[01:11] <Graviatar> a destructive superpower
[01:12] <Teamerz> *pets zathsu*
[01:12] <Teamerz> ...>:3
[01:12] <Graviatar> and also Guardian Y
[01:12] <Teamerz> i wouldnt mind 101 sammiches either
[01:12] <The named BOSS> *lands on teamz heax*
[01:12] <The named BOSS> *head*
[01:12] <Graviatar> Oh boy
[01:12] <Graviatar> this again
[01:12] <Teamerz> yeh.
[01:12] <Pariscat11> -you would be a tank-
[01:12] <Zathsu> Yes
[01:12] <Zathsu> Pet
[01:13] <Zathsu> *makes sammiches*
[01:13] <Graviatar> *pets zathsu*
[01:13] <Zathsu> lmao
[01:13] <Zathsu> :3
[01:13] <Teamerz> but grav
[01:13] <The named BOSS> *lands on grav's head*
[01:13] <Teamerz> even tho my clones shall only be 1 in one,
[01:13] <Teamerz> they still have the ability to eat/drink from their eyes
[01:13] <Mr.BigWallofText3> SaMMICH
[01:13] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (sammiches)
[01:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (sammich)
[01:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> No?
[01:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._.
[01:14] <Zathsu> I would gladly like to have some of potato rewards turned into pet rewards
[01:14] <Zathsu> heheh
[01:14] <Teamerz> whot even r pet rewards
[01:14] <Teamerz> do u mean like
[01:14] <Theelementalmaster> You get +1 Pet Racist!
[01:14] <Teamerz> teh cat treats or somethin
[01:14] <The named BOSS> And suddenly blaster cannon core!
[01:14] <Pariscat11> -An sammich would spawn-
[01:14] <Pariscat11> (Bosses have to be weak)
[01:14] <Theelementalmaster> Only zathsu makes the sammiches
[01:14] <Teamerz> (slavery) 
[01:15] <Zathsu> No
[01:15] <Pariscat11> (They are all banned if they are regular strength)
[01:15] <Zathsu> Like what you did before
[01:15] <Zathsu> Oh more sammiches?
[01:15] <Pariscat11> (Right now)
[01:15] <Zathsu> *making even more*
[01:15] <Teamerz> uh
[01:15] <Teamerz> i did a lot of things b4
[01:15] <Teamerz> but okey
[01:15] <Theelementalmaster> go into maximum overdrive
[01:15] <The named BOSS> What?
[01:16] <Teamerz> *pets zathsu moar*
[01:16] <Zathsu> Te reward
[01:16] <Zathsu> YES
[01:16] <Zathsu> 
[01:16] <Zathsu> >:3
[01:16] <Teamerz> oh okey.
[01:16] <Theelementalmaster> Go into maximum overdrive
[01:16] <The named BOSS> What do you mean "no", Zathsu?
[01:16] <Pariscat11> Polygons would fill the arena
[01:16] <Pariscat11> Which was very massive
[01:16] <Theelementalmaster> Suddenly, a Cat
[01:17] <Teamerz> exactly.
[01:17] <Pariscat11> if they are very weak
[01:17] <Pariscat11> around the strength of a pentagon with ranged attacks
[01:17] <Teamerz> *starts eatin sammiches with eyes*
[01:17] <Teamerz> yknow, maybe i should go see a doctor about this
[01:17] <Pariscat11> the bosses must be very weak right now
[01:17] <Theelementalmaster> Suddenly, a Kitten appears
[01:17] <Teamerz> to check* 
[01:17] <The named BOSS> NO METROIDS?
[01:17] <The named BOSS> WHAT?
[01:17] <Pariscat11> how weak will they be
[01:18] <Theelementalmaster> Suddenly, the Kitten finds the cat
[01:18] <Zathsu> ...
[01:19] <Theelementalmaster> They live happily ever after
[01:19] <Teamerz> *pets zathsu some moar*
[01:19] <Teamerz> well dis is easier than getting hundreds of potatoes
[01:20] <Pariscat11> An rock would spawn
[01:20] <Zathsu> Its relaxing too
[01:20] <Pariscat11> (this is the beginning of worlds)
[01:20] <Zathsu> Unlike trying to find a place to keep all the potatoes
[01:20] <Teamerz> ikr
[01:20] <The named BOSS> *slams into teamz on accident*
[01:20] <Teamerz> well i mean i did get you a giant potatoe oven
[01:20] <Teamerz> thing.
[01:21] <Pariscat11> (k rp is public)
[01:21] <Pariscat11> (be tanks rn)
[01:21] <Pariscat11> (just tanks)
[01:21] <Teamerz> *gently tosses boss away*
[01:21] <Pariscat11> (like the first mode of a tank)
[01:21] <The named BOSS> Ouch
[01:21] <The named BOSS> *lands on teamz head*
[01:21] <Teamerz> *tosses boss away again*
[01:22] <Zathsu> I can shield you from BOSS
[01:22] <Zathsu> With...
[01:22] <Zathsu> POTATOES
[01:22] <The named BOSS> Ouchhh 
[01:22] <Teamerz> o that sounds good
[01:22] <Zathsu> *puts up potato wall between BOSS and us*
[01:22] <Teamerz> u is smart zathsu
[01:22] <Teamerz> *pets moar*
[01:22] <Theelementalmaster> We need to build a wall
[01:22] <The named BOSS> *teleports on top of zathsu's head*
[01:23] <Teamerz> <_<
[01:23] <Zathsu> *rests head*
[01:23] <Pariscat11> Black Pentagon: alright i'm done with this
[01:23] <Theelementalmaster> Only Teamz can touch-nevermind
[01:23] <Zathsu> Yes
[01:23] <Pariscat11> -new rp-
[01:23] <Zathsu> Wait what
[01:23] <Theelementalmaster> Dont read that
[01:23] <Zathsu> BOSS is there
[01:23] <Teamerz> mm yes only i can touch
[01:23] <Zathsu> *throws BOSS away and relaxes again*
[01:24] <The named BOSS> *lands on teamz head*
[01:24] <Teamerz> hang on.
[01:24] <Teamerz> *grabs potatoe scepter and impales boss with it*
[01:24] <Teamerz> there we go
[01:24] <The named BOSS> Argh!
[01:24] <Theelementalmaster> Boss is a pirate
[01:24] <Teamerz> *sticks scepter in wall*
[01:24] <The named BOSS> *crashes to the ground*
[01:24] <Teamerz> okey so wat was i doing
[01:24] <The named BOSS> *nvm*
[01:24] <Teamerz> oh ye
[01:25] <Theelementalmaster> Look at pirate dying
[01:25] <Teamerz> *resumes petting*
[01:25] <The named BOSS> *is stuck to wall*
[01:25] <The named BOSS> Hey!
[01:25] <Teamerz> >.>
[01:25] <Teamerz> quiet
[01:25] <The named BOSS> NO!!!!!!!
[01:25] <Theelementalmaster> Shadap Pirate
[01:26] <Zathsu> *is soothed leaning against Teamerz*
[01:26] <Zathsu> Yesh
[01:26] <The named BOSS> YOU SHADDAP
[01:26] <Theelementalmaster> Pirate we don't care
[01:26] <Theelementalmaster> Dont make me merge your two names
[01:26] <Theelementalmaster> Pick one or the other
[01:26] <Theelementalmaster> Melon or Pirate
[01:26] <Teamerz> shhh. zathsu ish relaxing.
[01:26] <The named BOSS> SHADDAP
[01:26] <Teamerz> *continues petting*
[01:26] <Theelementalmaster> Melon or Pirate
[01:27] <TBOO-Y> (slavery) 
[01:27] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[01:27] <Pariscat11> guys
[01:27] <Pariscat11> new rp k?
[01:27] <Theelementalmaster> Cuz you said "Argh"
[01:27] <Theelementalmaster> It sounded like Yarr
[01:27] <The named BOSS> ...
[01:27] <Theelementalmaster> So
[01:27] <The named BOSS> No not new rp
[01:27] <Theelementalmaster> Melon or Pirate
[01:27] <The named BOSS> Fine
[01:27] <Pariscat11> yes new rp
[01:28] <The named BOSS> Nope
[01:28] <Zathsu> Ive decided petting is nice
[01:28] <Zathsu> Even if it is dehumanizing ;3
[01:28] <Pariscat11> zathsu
[01:28] <Pariscat11> new rp?
[01:28] <Pariscat11> 
[01:28] <Teamerz> well i mean
[01:28] <Teamerz> it doesnt rly matter if you are a pet
[01:28] <Teamerz> :3
[01:28] <Zathsu> Heh
[01:28] <The named BOSS> You can rp by yourself if you like but you cannot stop this rp
[01:28] <Theelementalmaster> Melon or Pirate or Potato
[01:28] <The named BOSS> *flies out of wall*
[01:28] <Pariscat11> i started the rp melon
[01:29] <Pariscat11> -The big arena with polygons begins to vanish-
[01:29] <Theelementalmaster> Bosses Name is now:MelonPiratePotato 
[01:29] <Theelementalmaster> Becuase he didn't choose
[01:29] <The named BOSS> *pulls potato scepter out and snaps it in half*
[01:29] <Theelementalmaster> Temz
[01:29] <Teamerz> *grabs boss*
[01:29] <Theelementalmaster> He broke your spear of justice
[01:29] <Teamerz> Bad.
[01:29] <Pariscat11> it would be erasing the potato wall now
[01:30] <Pariscat11> slowly, since in this rp potatoes are powerful
[01:30] <Zathsu> :O
[01:30] <Zathsu> He broke the scepter
[01:30] <Theelementalmaster> *Prepares demigod powers*
[01:30] <Zathsu> Now I am
[01:30] <Zathsu> U N R E L A X E D
[01:30] <Zathsu> >:(
[01:30] <Teamerz> dont b zathsu
[01:30] <Pariscat11> the potatoes would erase faster
[01:30] <Pariscat11> and then it begins to erase the area under the potato roof
[01:30] <Zathsu> The roof isnt made out of potatoes
[01:30] <Teamerz> *wraps chains all around boss before flinging him and bashing him against walls with them*
[01:30] <Teamerz> would b nice if it was tho
[01:31] <Pariscat11> oh
[01:31] <Theelementalmaster> *Summons a crate of potatoes and cooked potatos*
[01:31] <Pariscat11> well then it begins to erase the arena more
[01:31] <Theelementalmaster> Raw or Cooked
[01:31] <Pariscat11> it begins to erase thelemental
[01:31] <Theelementalmaster> ni
[01:31] <Theelementalmaster> No
[01:31] <Theelementalmaster> I can't be erased 
[01:31] <The named BOSS> (We aren't in an arena l0l)
[01:31] <Theelementalmaster> *Builds M
[01:31] <Teamerz> *chains boss to the ceiling*
[01:31] <Theelementalmaster> *MLG WALL*
[01:31] <Pariscat11> it can erase him anyways
[01:31] <The named BOSS> (And this rp is separate from your stupid world dumb diep thing rp)
[01:31] <Theelementalmaster> It cant
[01:32] <Pariscat11> it begins to erase the mlg wall, teamerz and zatahsu
[01:32] <Teamerz> *sits back next to zathsu before petting her again*
[01:32] <Teamerz> dealt with :p
[01:32] <Puffyy> oh
[01:32] <Theelementalmaster> *It doesnt*
[01:32] <Puffyy> whhat is this
[01:32] <Theelementalmaster> *Dont trigger me again*
[01:32] <Zathsu> Lol
[01:32] <Theelementalmaster> *I won't be nice this time*
[01:32] <Zathsu> IDK
[01:32] <The named BOSS> (Yeah we should vote to ban Paris from rps or something)
[01:32] <Puffyy> oh
[01:32] <Zathsu> Is this an RP?
[01:32] <Zathsu> Because Im feeling it :D
[01:32] <Teamerz> no, this is real
[01:32] <Pariscat11> the rp is gone
[01:32] <Theelementalmaster> It's canon except for the erasing part
[01:32] <Pariscat11> and a new one begins
[01:32] <Theelementalmaster> Thats RT
[01:32] <Theelementalmaster> "ReTard"
[01:32] <The named BOSS> LMAO
[01:33] <Theelementalmaster> (grin) 
[01:33] <The named BOSS> Good job elemental
[01:33] <Puffyy> k
[01:33] <Theelementalmaster> Sorry XD
[01:33] <Puffyy> im gonna go back to 
[01:33] <Puffyy> dying
[01:33] <The named BOSS> I almost forgive you for the melon pirate thing incident
[01:33] <Pariscat11> an new rp begins to form
[01:33] <Pariscat11> it pauses at 3 background blocks
[01:34] <Zathsu> Nope
[01:34] <Pariscat11> and then the rp is coated with polygons
[01:34] <Teamerz> o and zathsu
[01:34] <The named BOSS> *tries to get free of the chains*
[01:35] <Zathsu> Yes, Teamerz?
[01:36] <Teamerz> you have permission to quit the castle at any time tomorrow
[01:36] <Zathsu> Eh
[01:36] <Teamerz> *continues petting*
[01:36] <Zathsu> I like you
[01:36] <Zathsu> :P
[01:36] <Zathsu> Enough to stay
[01:36] <The named BOSS> HELP
[01:36] <Teamerz> only because of the petting aint it
[01:36] <Teamerz> :3
[01:36] <Zathsu> heheheheheh
[01:36] <Zathsu> And teh potatoes
[01:37] <Zathsu> P&P time with Teamerz (grin) 
[01:37] <The named BOSS> HEELLLPPPP
[01:37] <Teamerz> lol
[01:37] <Zathsu> Petting and Potatoes
[01:37] <Teamerz> i should probably make a special kind of potatoes named "petatoes"
[01:37] <The named BOSS> Get me free of these chains
[01:38] <Zathsu> :O
[01:38] <Zathsu> GENIUS
[01:38] <Graviatar> May I help with the creation of those teamz?
[01:38] <The named BOSS> I do not like being on the ceiling
[01:38] <Teamerz> mayb.
[01:38] <The named BOSS> GRAV HELP
[01:38] <Puffyy> ok im gonna die forever now
[01:38] <Zathsu> k
[01:38] <Zathsu> c u then
[01:38] <Teamerz> o ok
[01:38] <Teamerz> i already dug your tomb
[01:38] <Teamerz> if u can go lay in it its gonna save us the work of transporting the body
[01:40] <Zathsu> Boom
[01:40] <Teamerz> okey enough petting for now
[01:40] <Zathsu> Lets put him in
[01:40] <Zathsu> :O
[01:40] <Zathsu> Fine
[01:40] <Teamerz> okey
[01:40] <The named BOSS> HELP PLEASE
[01:41] <The named BOSS> I'LL DO ANYTHING
[01:41] <Teamerz> *grabs puffyy's feet*
[01:41] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Wtf is going on?? XD
[01:41] <Theelementalmaster> Don't do it [c="darkred"]DO IT
[01:41] <Teamerz> uh
[01:41] <Teamerz> were throwing puffyy into their tomb
[01:41] <Teamerz> and we are going to kickstart petatoes
[01:42] <Graviatar> *Sponsered by Gravi's now Pentagon Pies*
[01:42] <Mr.BigWallofText3> +10 points
[01:42] <Graviatar> *new*
[01:42] <Theelementalmaster> I wanna see "Maxinum Overdrive of making sammiches", I heard it's fake but real at the same time
[01:42] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Pentagon pies must be a thing
[01:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Wait...
[01:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> If you fed pentagon pies to a pentagon...
[01:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> OH NO
[01:43] <Graviatar> nah
[01:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> lol
[01:43] <Graviatar> those aren't actual pentagons
[01:43] <Teamerz> just pentagon shaped pies
[01:43] <Graviatar> I eat pentagon pies all the time
[01:43] <Graviatar> (the pies are always blue)
[01:43] <Zathsu> What flavor are they
[01:43] <The named BOSS> *breaks free of the chains*
[01:43] <Theelementalmaster> I'll force feed a pentagon pie to a alpha pentagon
[01:43] <Teamerz> pie flavor.
[01:43] <Graviatar> Blueberry
[01:43] <Zathsu> Figured
[01:43] <Teamerz> or that
[01:44] <Teamerz> wait
[01:44] <Teamerz> lemme go see whot the original page says
[01:44] <Pariscat11> I eat pie pies
[01:44] <Graviatar> they are also blue
[01:44] <Pariscat11> i eat graviatar pies
[01:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (nuke) 
[01:44] <Teamerz> ye grav was right
[01:44] <Teamerz> its bluberry
[01:44] <Theelementalmaster> *Goes into Defender Disguise and finds a alpha pentagon*
[01:44] <Teamerz> and they take 10 minutes to make
[01:44] <Teamerz> wait no
[01:44] <Teamerz> its 10 minutes bake time
[01:44] <Theelementalmaster> Uhhh hi....
[01:45] <Teamerz> close enough
[01:45] <Graviatar> you mean my new Gravi's Pentagon Pie™
[01:45] <Teamerz> if u say so
[01:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[01:45] <Teamerz> there are also pentagon cakes
[01:45] <Graviatar> Yeah they also come in cake and biscuit forms too
[01:45] <Pariscat11> and there are petatoes
[01:45] <Theelementalmaster> *Gives a pentagon pie to the alpha*
[01:46] <Theelementalmaster> What do you say about this?
[01:46] <Teamerz> one slice of pentagon cake takes 35 seconds to make
[01:46] <Teamerz> and 5 mins for a full cake
[01:46] <Graviatar> if you are a pentagon you can make on out of thin air, watch
[01:46] <Graviatar> (snaps hand)
[01:46] <Teamerz> *starts dragging puffyy into their tomb*
[01:46] <Graviatar> BOOM PIE
[01:46] <Graviatar> oh wait
[01:46] <Graviatar> that's just how pentagons spawn..
[01:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dammit pentagons have it good. (sees tank raid) nevermind...
[01:47] <Graviatar> Pentagon: (triggered) 
[01:47] <Theelementalmaster> Alpha Pentagon, what do you say about this *Displays the pentagon pie*
[01:47] <Pariscat11> hey teamerz
[01:47] <Teamerz> ?
[01:47] <Pariscat11> -shows teamerz the petatoe-
[01:47] <Zathsu> Petatoes
[01:47] <Zathsu> What do they do?
[01:47] <Teamerz> aaaaaaa
[01:47] <Teamerz> *throws it away*
[01:47] <Zathsu> That makes them different from potatoes?
[01:47] <Teamerz> zathsu must not know about them yet
[01:47] <Teamerz> it has to be a surprise
[01:47] <Graviatar> I also bake Hexagon Potpies and Sassafras Gingerbread cookies
[01:47] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Holy crap
[01:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Yes
[01:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> xD
[01:48] <Theelementalmaster> ALPHA PENTAGON! What do you say about this *Displays the Pentagon Pie*
[01:48] <Teamerz> hexagon ham sandwich and hexagon honey biscuits
[01:48] <Graviatar> oh yeah and also square grilled-cheeses
[01:48] <Graviatar> and triangle-doritos
[01:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (square) 
[01:48] <Pariscat11> -the alpha pentagon becomes a pentagon pie-
[01:49] <Graviatar> ah
[01:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Tf
[01:49] <Theelementalmaster> *Talking directly to the alpha pentagon* Alpha Pentagon, what do you say about this? *Displays the pentagon pie*
[01:49] <Theelementalmaster> *It doesnt*
[01:49] <Graviatar> Do you want a Crasher-doodle 
[01:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ©
[01:50] <Theelementalmaster> Please Alpha Pentagon, your going into an advertisement 
[01:50] <Pariscat11> let's do a new rp pls zathsu
[01:50] <Graviatar> (snicker doodle... cookie reference)
[01:50] <Mr.BigWallofText3> >M>
[01:50] <Zathsu> nuuuu
[01:50] <Graviatar> nuu
[01:50] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Naw
[01:50] <Teamerz> *starts shoveling dirt into puffyy's tomb*
[01:50] <Graviatar> *Hands Teamerz an Octagon Cheesecake*
[01:51] <Theelementalmaster> *Finds ANOTHER alpha pentagon*
[01:51] <Teamerz> <.<
[01:51] <Theelementalmaster> Hello Alpha Pentagon, what do you say about this? *Displays pentagon pie*
[01:51] <Pariscat11> aaaaa
[01:51] <Pariscat11> the arena is getting deleted
[01:51] <Pariscat11> save us all
[01:51] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Why are nonagons the only polygons that have females lil
[01:51] <Teamerz> *eats a part of the cheesecake*
[01:51] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[01:51] <Pariscat11> aaaa
[01:51] <Teamerz> good shtuff
[01:51] <Pariscat11> it's comin to us
[01:52] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (lenny) 
[01:52] <Pariscat11> -the arena skies turn black, as the arena ground begins to dissipate-
[01:52] <Zathsu> *Paris continues in his quest to relevancy*
[01:52] <Mr.BigWallofText3> *next episode....*
[01:52] <Pariscat11> AAAAA
[01:52] <Pariscat11> HELP
[01:52] <Pariscat11> -the alpha pentagon is erased-
[01:52] <Pariscat11> -all polygons are panicking-
[01:52] <Graviatar> They taste good and they are made by Graviatar
[01:53] <Graviatar> doen.
[01:53] <Teamerz> hm
[01:53] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Chef grav
[01:53] <Pariscat11> -all of the polygons are gone-
[01:53] <Teamerz> *sticks half of the cheesecake in my eye and starts blinking*
[01:53] <Teamerz> tastes good
[01:53] <Pariscat11> WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE
[01:53] <Graviatar> I'm a baker. not a chef
[01:53] <The named BOSS> *boss fires an anti hivemind laser in teamz face*
[01:53] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh.
[01:54] <Pariscat11> -grabs a square, triangle and pentagon gem-
[01:54] <Teamerz> *blocks by throwing dirt in the laser and moving to the side*
[01:54] <Graviatar> though I can be one if you like :3
[01:54] <Pariscat11> -fuses them, creating a new portal to a new rp-
[01:54] <Pariscat11> HURRY GUYS
[01:54] <Pariscat11> GET IN THERE
[01:54] <The named BOSS> No
[01:54] <Teamerz> okey.
[01:54] <Pariscat11> -Jumps in-
[01:54] <Graviatar> *throws an oversized cork and blocks portal*
[01:54] <Zathsu> *just standing nearby innocently as usual*
[01:54] <Graviatar> hjtehehehhee
[01:54] <The named BOSS> That new rp will be stupid
[01:54] <Pariscat11> -The cork is in-
[01:54] <Teamerz> *starts spraying flowers and roses on puffyy's tomb*
[01:54] <Pariscat11> -As Grav and TNB are slowly erased-
[01:54] <Graviatar> eh
[01:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[01:55] <Pariscat11> -Grav's health bar starts to crumple-
[01:55] <Teamerz> so uh
[01:55] <Teamerz> anyone want to say a word
[01:55] <The named BOSS> *boss erases the thing erasing them*
[01:55] <Teamerz> <.>
[01:55] <The named BOSS> HA
[01:55] <Pariscat11> HURRY!
[01:55] <Graviatar> *hands teamerz a Heptagon cheese burger, with extra cheese and bacon*
[01:55] <Pariscat11> GET IN!
[01:55] <The named BOSS> A WORD
[01:55] <Pariscat11> -You can't-
[01:55] <The named BOSS> I did
[01:55] <The named BOSS> So HARD
[01:55] <Pariscat11> you can get in the portal
[01:55] <The named BOSS> HA*
[01:55] <Pariscat11> that's all you can do to stop it
[01:55] <The named BOSS> Nah
[01:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I guess.
[01:55] <The named BOSS> Nah
[01:55] <Pariscat11> -TNB is almost erased-
[01:55] <Teamerz> o
[01:55] <The named BOSS> Nah
[01:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (eh) 
[01:55] <Pariscat11> -only 1% of his health bar remains-
[01:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I guess
[01:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh
[01:55] <Pariscat11> -rip tnb, rip grav-
[01:55] <Pariscat11> -the arena begins erasing more-
[01:56] <Zathsu> Woah
[01:56] <Theelementalmaster> Whatever
[01:56] <The named BOSS> I don't have an hp bar 
[01:56] <Teamerz> *gives cheesecake to zathsu and starts engulfing heptagon cheeseburger*
[01:56] <Pariscat11> well you're still being erased
[01:56] <Graviatar> *hands Mr.BigWall a miniature pentagon pie with a candle on top*
[01:56] <The named BOSS> Because these rps don't have HP THINGS
[01:56] <Pariscat11> -the heptagon cheeseburger is erased-
[01:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :D
[01:56] <Zathsu> What
[01:56] <Zathsu> I eat it?
[01:56] <The named BOSS> And besides
[01:56] <Teamerz> if you want to
[01:56] <The named BOSS> I will respawning
[01:56] <Pariscat11> -teamerz is slowly erased-
[01:56] <The named BOSS> Respawn*
[01:56] <Pariscat11> HURRY GUYS!
[01:56] <Pariscat11> YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!
[01:56] <Pariscat11> -You can't respawn-
[01:56] <Graviatar> it's half of an octagon cheesecake
[01:56] <Graviatar> for Zathsu
[01:56] <Pariscat11> -It erased your existance-
[01:56] <Teamerz> yeh
[01:56] <Pariscat11> -Pulls everyone else in-
[01:56] <The named BOSS> I can
[01:57] <Pariscat11> -We were all polygons-
[01:57] <Teamerz> still a lot considering zathsu never eats
[01:57] <Theelementalmaster> *Im a demigod*
[01:57] <Graviatar> It's not even that big
[01:57] <Pariscat11> -you are still a square-
[01:57] <Theelementalmaster> *Not a polygon*
[01:57] <The named BOSS> *dies*
[01:57] <Pariscat11> -the arena begins to come back-
[01:57] <The named BOSS> I'm not a Square
[01:57] <Pariscat11> -as the squares materialize-
[01:57] <The named BOSS> I'm a drone
[01:57] <Graviatar> Pari you know that most of us are not interested at all in your RP right now, sorry.
[01:57] <The named BOSS> Not the diep kind
[01:57] <Theelementalmaster> *Im a demigod*
[01:57] <The named BOSS> Yeah grav is right
[01:58] <Pariscat11> The arena would continue to come back, as more polygons appear
[01:58] <Pariscat11> Certain spots of the arena come back
[01:58] <Graviatar> sigh
[01:58] <Pariscat11> phew
[01:58] <Zathsu> ?
[01:58] <Pariscat11> atleast we're not erased
[01:58] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[01:58] <The named BOSS> You cannot force us into the world of stupidity (the name of your rp)
[01:58] <Graviatar> anyways, try the cheesecake zathsu
[01:58] <101cooler> hello
[01:58] <Teamerz> okey im done burying puffyy
[01:58] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[01:58] <The named BOSS> BOOM
[01:58] <Pariscat11> (it's literally called world)
[01:58] <Teamerz> *goes back to petting zathsu*
[01:59] <The named BOSS> The worlds of stupidity*
[01:59] <Graviatar> *Hands Boss a sassafras gingerbread cookie*
[01:59] <101cooler> whats going on tonighht?
[01:59] <Pariscat11> just world
[01:59] <101cooler> k
[01:59] <Pariscat11> you can't control the rp
[01:59] <Pariscat11> world is a rp
[01:59] <The named BOSS> Oh okay
[01:59] <Pariscat11> -The arena would continue to materialized-
[01:59] <The named BOSS> Yeah
[01:59] <Pariscat11> -as more squares spawn-
[01:59] <The named BOSS> I wouldn't want to control your dumb rp
[01:59] <Pariscat11> -a triangle materializes-
[01:59] <101cooler> so you guys are playing a rp of exploding kittins
[01:59] <The named BOSS> And besides
[02:00] <101cooler> look it up
[02:00] <The named BOSS> I'm in a different rp
[02:00] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Omh
[02:00] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Omg
[02:00] <Graviatar> *Hands Cooler a Square Grilled Cheese sandwich*
[02:00] <Zathsu> Oh yay
[02:00] <The named BOSS> So HA 
[02:00] <Zathsu> Being petted again
[02:00] <Pariscat11> GRAV
[02:00] <Pariscat11> WE ARE POLYGONS
[02:00] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Cooler knows exploding kittens
[02:00] <Teamerz> i decided you deserved it
[02:00] <Zathsu> :D
[02:00] <Graviatar> Pari
[02:00] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Yay
[02:00] <Pariscat11> -we begin to round and a short barrel comes out of the body-
[02:00] <Graviatar> sh
[02:00] <Zathsu> Paris
[02:00] <Graviatar> shhhh
[02:00] <101cooler> (i have the card game thats acully called Exploding Kittins on my desk next to me
[02:00] <Zathsu> Enough
[02:01] <Zathsu> No one is switching to your irrelevant RP
[02:01] <Pariscat11> (lol 101 that's real?)
[02:01] <Teamerz> im still gonna need a new scepter tho :<
[02:01] <101cooler> (yeap
[02:01] <The named BOSS> I'm not a polygon or tank
[02:01] <Graviatar> Zathsu have you tried your Octagon cheesecake?
[02:01] <The named BOSS> AFTER I BROKE IT HAHA
[02:01] <Zathsu> No but I will
[02:01] <Graviatar> k
[02:01] <101cooler> (its a real russian roulete card game of kittins)
[02:01] <Zathsu> *takes bite*
[02:01] <Pariscat11> (Hey guys, i think im gonna do something)
[02:01] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I know that game :D
[02:01] <101cooler> (look it up)
[02:01] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I knew that game by myself
[02:01] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :3
[02:02] <Graviatar> Mr.Big, how's your miniature pentagon pie?
[02:02] <Pariscat11> (pm me if you want a link)
[02:02] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Well its FIVE STARS (troll6) 
[02:02] <101cooler> Cooler:what is this?
[02:02] <Graviatar> :D
[02:02] <The named BOSS> (Good go do something other than trying and failing to force us into the world of idioticness 
[02:02] <The named BOSS> )
[02:02] <Graviatar> I may open up a restaurant soon! 
[02:03] <The named BOSS> Yay
[02:03] <Graviatar> Gravi's Polygon Bakery! 
[02:03] <Teamerz> that'd be nice lol
[02:03] <Pariscat11> help
[02:03] <The named BOSS> Fight me grav 
[02:03] <The named BOSS> No
[02:03] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Bacteria cleaned by phages
[02:03] <Pariscat11> my keyboard was broke
[02:03] <The named BOSS> Good for you
[02:03] <Mr.BigWallofText3> D:
[02:03] <Graviatar> *hands over a sassafras gingerbread cookie to TNB*
[02:04] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Be careful boss, THATS A SPICY MEME (troll6) 
[02:04] <Theelementalmaster> I'll help build it
[02:04] <Graviatar> LOL
[02:04] <Graviatar> 
[02:04] <The named BOSS> Why the gingerbread cookie, and besides, drones don't eat
[02:04] <101cooler> (guys if u are in Taco's ciep rp make some online drawings for me because when i become a youtuber imma make the rp into a animated movie)
[02:04] <Zathsu> Sassafras
[02:04] <Zathsu> Is a spicy meme
[02:04] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Do i get a prrrrrrromtion?
[02:04] <Mr.BigWallofText3> *o
[02:04] <Graviatar> Sassafras is a spicy troll (troll6) 
[02:04] <101cooler> (NOT THE CAT PUNS)
[02:04] <Theelementalmaster> [big]OHHHHHH SASSAAAFRR*High pitched* AAAAAAAAAASSSS
[02:04] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (lenny) 
[02:05] <The named BOSS> Cooler idk if you are serious but eh
[02:05] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Fifty shades of Sassafras
[02:05] <Graviatar> I kind of want to record myself reading every single quote and making sassafras speak them all
[02:05] <Theelementalmaster> DO IT DO IT DO IT
[02:05] <Theelementalmaster> DO IT
[02:05] <Mr.BigWallofText3> We need a sassafras voice actor.
[02:06] <Graviatar> <
[02:06] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Who will do that doh?
[02:06] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Grav?
[02:06] <Graviatar> Ye
[02:06] <Theelementalmaster> I see three possible options
[02:06] <Zathsu> Thats exactly how it'll be too.
[02:06] <Zathsu> Sassafras will spawn and then suddenly all the kids will just high pitch squeal his name
[02:06] <Theelementalmaster> Your mom, Defender or someone else
[02:06] <Zathsu> As they record their silly YT videos
[02:06] <Graviatar> wait
[02:06] <Mr.BigWallofText3> You will be the voice of the memeist hexagon?
[02:06] <Graviatar> Yeah
[02:06] <Teamerz> oh god zathsu why
[02:06] <Teamerz> xD
[02:06] <Pariscat11> just to remind you
[02:06] <Theelementalmaster> Temz
[02:06] <Pariscat11> you can't force anyone not to join
[02:06] <Teamerz> ?
[02:06] <Theelementalmaster> -3 days
[02:07] <Teamerz> -2**
[02:07] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Grav when are you gonna do it tho
[02:07] <Pariscat11> i was thinking about something
[02:07] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Yes?
[02:07] <Graviatar> whenever I get the chance to :l
[02:07] <The named BOSS> And paris can't force anyone to join
[02:08] <Theelementalmaster> I'd say sassafras has that one failed anime voice actor voice
[02:08] <Zathsu> I wont voice anything xD
[02:08] <Zathsu> Lol yes
[02:08] <Teamerz> i wouldnt mind voicing shtuff 
[02:08] <Teamerz> tho im horribl at engrish
[02:08] <Pariscat11> rip
[02:08] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Zathsu voice archie but fails
[02:09] <Pariscat11> xD
[02:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I can voice beli. (troll6) 
[02:09] <Graviatar> you can't
[02:09] <Graviatar> he can't speak
[02:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (joke ._.)
[02:09] <Graviatar> lol
[02:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (that was the joke.)
[02:09] <Pariscat11> kekekekekekek
[02:09] <Graviatar> (IK)
[02:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (rage) 
[02:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Heeeee
[02:10] <Zathsu> LIke I said, I did an Archprophet voice
[02:10] <Pariscat11> yeeeeeeeee
[02:10] <Zathsu> But it'd be weird if I did it xD
[02:10] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ??
[02:10] <Teamerz> ye but u can always add effects on it
[02:10] <Zathsu> It really does sound way different than my own voice
[02:10] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Share it share it
[02:10] <Zathsu> Well you cant hear my voice in this chat, can you?
[02:10] <Zathsu> lol
[02:10] <Teamerz> ya we can
[02:10] <Zathsu> O_O
[02:10] <Teamerz> we hear everythin you say
[02:11] <Teamerz> we see everythin you do
[02:11] <Teamerz> we kno all
[02:11] <Pariscat11> wiw wew waw
[02:11] <Zathsu> Well you cant see everything I do
[02:11] <Graviatar> no
[02:11] <Zathsu> My laptop camera is covered
[02:11] <Zathsu> ;3
[02:11] <Teamerz> we are the loominert- oh okey
[02:11] <Graviatar> I don't know what zathsu says
[02:11] <The named BOSS> Wellllll 
[02:11] <Graviatar> I mean how it sounds*
[02:11] <Graviatar> derp
[02:11] <Theelementalmaster> Dat camera in the shower doe
[02:11] <Teamerz> well we have installed cameras in your houses
[02:11] <Theelementalmaster> dafuq
[02:11] <Teamerz> >:0
[02:11] <Theelementalmaster> who installed that
[02:11] <The named BOSS> *rams teamz*
[02:11] <Pariscat11> .-;
[02:11] <Teamerz> *slaps boss*
[02:11] <Theelementalmaster> Who put a camera in her shower
[02:11] <Theelementalmaster> thats just
[02:12] <Theelementalmaster> Wrong
[02:12] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Temz lives under zathsus bed confirmed?
[02:12] <Teamerz> lmao
[02:12] <Pariscat11> -SPAWNS A PORTAL-
[02:12] <Mr.BigWallofText3> gah
[02:12] <Pariscat11> if you wanna barricade from rip go here
[02:12] <Pariscat11>
[02:12] <Zathsu> Lol
[02:12] <Zathsu> Never watch me shower
[02:12] <Zathsu> xD
[02:12] <Teamerz> okey.
[02:13] <Zathsu> Oh hi, Clorax, dont ask
[02:13] <Teamerz> lmao
[02:13] <Da Clorax> Is it ok if I ask a random disturbing question
[02:13] <Theelementalmaster> We located it in the drain
[02:13] <Teamerz> sure
[02:13] <Zathsu> You walked in a very out of context moment
[02:13] <Zathsu> Sure
[02:13] <Theelementalmaster> Its fine
[02:13] <Da Clorax> Is it normal for your dog to erm...
[02:13] <Theelementalmaster> Its actually a tiny camera on the drain
[02:13] <Teamerz> i dont has a dog so idk
[02:13] <Teamerz> well zathsu counts as a pet
[02:13] <Zathsu> :3
[02:13] <Da Clorax> 01101000011101010110110101110000 your cat
[02:13] <Da Clorax> When both are boys
[02:14] <Teamerz> no dats not normal
[02:14] <Da Clorax> Translate that
[02:14] <Teamerz> dats even worse.
[02:14] <Zathsu> I think I get it
[02:14] <Zathsu> :|
[02:14] <Zathsu> And probably not
[02:14] <Da Clorax> And they're both babies
[02:14] <Zathsu> Oh good
[02:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> OH NO
[02:14] <Teamerz> dey dont know what dey r doing.
[02:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> lol
[02:14] <Teamerz> dey r just havin fun
[02:14] <Teamerz> uh
[02:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ye
[02:14] <Teamerz> cough.
[02:14] <Da Clorax> So is that normal or not
[02:14] <Teamerz> not rly.
[02:14] <Teamerz> mayb its normal, but eitehr way its not right lmao
[02:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> But tey don kno
[02:15] <Zathsu> Ive been asked weirder questions
[02:15] <Zathsu> By weirder people
[02:15] <Theelementalmaster> The Salty Humpoon
[02:15] <Zathsu> About more personal stuff 
[02:15] <101cooler> o my god
[02:15] <Zathsu> lmao
[02:15] <101cooler> STOP TEAMERZ
[02:15] <Teamerz> ?
[02:15] <Teamerz> stop wut
[02:15] <Teamerz> okey im stoppin
[02:15] <Theelementalmaster> We located the camera in your shower to a bandit hideout in the MBZ
[02:15] <Da Clorax> Wait
[02:15] <Teamerz> *stops petting zathsu*
[02:15] <Da Clorax> I have to change my profile
[02:15] <Da Clorax> Because of this relevation
[02:15] <Teamerz> dont worry its not happening again lol
[02:16] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Meanwhile....the "Secrets" of Archprophet and Archprophte
[02:16] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Archprophte
[02:16] <Theelementalmaster> Should we send the drill missiles to the bandit hideout?
[02:16] <Graviatar> And remember! REALITY IS AN ILLUSION, THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM. BUY GOLD, BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:17] <Zathsu> Lol
[02:17] <101cooler> lele
[02:17] <Theelementalmaster> OMG LOOK BEHIND YOU ITS A MURDERER
[02:17] <Theelementalmaster> idk
[02:18] <Pariscat11> (nuke) 
[02:18] <Pariscat11> boom rip
[02:18] <Teamerz> zathsu
[02:19] <Teamerz> *hands debris of broken scepter* do you want teh remaining potatoes on it or
[02:19] <Theelementalmaster> *Builds a P-P-Potatizza sppuuuperar*
[02:19] <Zathsu> Sure
[02:20] <The named BOSS> *zips over and snatches debries*
[02:20] <Teamerz> *shotguns boss*
[02:20] <Teamerz> nu
[02:20] <Teamerz> *grabs debris and hands them to zathsu*
[02:20] <The named BOSS> *Falls to ground*
[02:20] <Teamerz> dont ask me where i keep the shotgun
[02:20] <The named BOSS> Help
[02:20] <Teamerz> *hides shotgun in eye socket*
[02:21] <Teamerz> give me 5 hours boss.
[02:21] <Pariscat11> -puts a fan on thenamedboss-
[02:21] <Pariscat11> fanon TnB
[02:21] <Theelementalmaster> *Tries to stab boss with the P-P-Potatizza sppuuuperar*
[02:21] <The named BOSS> *breaks fan*
[02:22] <101cooler> CHICKEN BISCUIT RAIN
[02:22] <The named BOSS> I AM CANNON
[02:22] <The named BOSS> CANON*
[02:22] <Pariscat11> -puts a can on tnb-
[02:22] <Ursuul> hi
[02:22] <Teamerz> sure u r
[02:22] <Teamerz> hi ursuul
[02:22] <Theelementalmaster> Ok
[02:22] <Pariscat11> -puts a fan on ursuul-
[02:22] <Theelementalmaster> GUYS ACT NATURAL
[02:22] <The named BOSS> GIVE ME A CANNON
[02:22] <Pariscat11> fanon ursuul
[02:22] <Teamerz> k
[02:22] <Teamerz> *drops a cannon on boss, crushing him*
[02:22] <The named BOSS> *throws can away*
[02:22] <Theelementalmaster> Well Tamatoa hasn't always been this glam...
[02:22] <Ursuul> is Zathsu alive
[02:22] <Teamerz> yeh kind of
[02:22] <Pariscat11> -puts a can on teamerz-
[02:23] <Pariscat11> CANON TEAMERZ XD
[02:23] <Teamerz> semi alive
[02:23] <Zathsu> Welcome, master Ursuul
[02:23] <Ursuul> henlo
[02:23] <Zathsu> idk
[02:23] <Teamerz> uh
[02:23] <Ursuul> wot
[02:23] <Theelementalmaster> THATS PLAIN WRONG
[02:23] <Zathsu> brb
[02:23] <Teamerz> [small] not me
[02:23] <Pariscat11> [verybig]GIMME A CAN
[02:24] <The named BOSS> *flies back up into the air, repaired somehow*
[02:24] <Theelementalmaster> *Searches through the universe and who did it was....*
[02:24] <Zathsu> Back
[02:24] <Teamerz> Front-
[02:24] <The named BOSS> *zips away*
[02:24] <Theelementalmaster> It was
[02:24] <Pariscat11> -temmie finds a can-
[02:24] <Theelementalmaster> *Shoots boss*
[02:25] <Theelementalmaster> *No*
[02:25] <Theelementalmaster> *U don't control me*
[02:25] <The named BOSS> [c="violet"] test
[02:25] <101cooler> (nuke) 
[02:25] <Theelementalmaster> [giant]BOOSSSSSSSSSS
[02:25] <Theelementalmaster> [b]DID YOU SET UP THAT CAMERA
[02:25] <The named BOSS> THAT IS NOT VIOLET
[02:25] <The named BOSS> NO
[02:25] <Pariscat11> -an can appears on tnb-
[02:26] <Pariscat11> -takes the can-
[02:26] <101cooler> u wot m8?
[02:26] <Pariscat11> -puts it on ursoul-
[02:26] <Theelementalmaster> MY INSTINCTS SAID YOU DID
[02:26] <The named BOSS> AND BESIDES 
[02:26] <Theelementalmaster> The locator said the source is moving in the exact way you are
[02:26] <The named BOSS> WHAT?
[02:27] <Theelementalmaster> *Shows locator, and wherever boss moves it moves*
[02:27] <The named BOSS> Well it must be broken or something
[02:27] <Theelementalmaster> Explain or I will bring back your new name
[02:27] <Zathsu> ._.
[02:27] <Theelementalmaster> No
[02:28] <Theelementalmaster> Explain now
[02:28] <Zathsu> Is BOSS the shower peeper
[02:28] <The named BOSS> Well if I did do it I have no idea that I did it if I did
[02:28] <Teamerz> lmao
[02:28] <The named BOSS> I bet teamz did 
[02:28] <Theelementalmaster> Tell us now or we will shotgun you
[02:28] <Theelementalmaster> Eh
[02:28] <Teamerz> wot did i do
[02:28] <Pariscat11> ALRIGHT GUYS
[02:28] <Pariscat11> IF YOU DON'T STOP
[02:28] <Pariscat11> THE ARENA MIGHT BE ERASED
[02:28] <Theelementalmaster> We don't care
[02:28] <The named BOSS> *zips away*
[02:28] <The named BOSS> Yeah
[02:28] <Theelementalmaster> *Grapples boss back*
[02:29] <The named BOSS> *teleports away*
[02:29] <Pariscat11> GUYS
[02:29] <Theelementalmaster> *Forcefully teleports boss back*
[02:29] <Theelementalmaster> ADMIT IT
[02:29] <Theelementalmaster> Im not
[02:29] <Zathsu> PARIS
[02:29] <The named BOSS> SHUT UP
[02:29] <Theelementalmaster> this isn't the arena
[02:29] <Zathsu> We're not in your little game
[02:29] <Theelementalmaster> This is MLGILLUMINATIM8
[02:29] <The named BOSS> And besides-
[02:29] <The named BOSS> WHAT?
[02:30] <The named BOSS> THIS IS WHAT?
[02:30] <Theelementalmaster> I think
[02:30] <Theelementalmaster> But
[02:30] <Theelementalmaster> ADMIT IT NOW OR AI
[02:30] <The named BOSS> Want me to show you the best music in a sonic game ever?
[02:30] <The named BOSS> Or?
[02:31] <Theelementalmaster> Don't bribe me
[02:31] <Theelementalmaster> No price will work
[02:31] <The named BOSS>
[02:31] <Theelementalmaster> Admit
[02:31] <The named BOSS> Well
[02:31] <The named BOSS> Show me the camera
[02:31] <Zathsu> HOLY CRAP
[02:31] <Zathsu> BIT HEROES UPDATE
[02:31] <Teamerz> you didnt know?
[02:31] <Zathsu> ZOMBIE INVASION
[02:31] <Theelementalmaster> Idc
[02:31] <The named BOSS> WAT 
[02:31] <Zathsu> Well I knew
[02:31] <Teamerz> i had the counter counting down for the update
[02:32] <Theelementalmaster> I can't play it so
[02:32] <Zathsu> They update it weekly
[02:32] <Zathsu> But ITS AN INVASION
[02:32] <Teamerz> literally refreshed as soon as it updated
[02:32] <Zathsu> And you can use Town NPCs as familiars
[02:32] <Teamerz> yeh ik
[02:32] <Teamerz> pretty kul
[02:32] <Theelementalmaster> *The camera is in a box*
[02:32] <Theelementalmaster> See that camera?
[02:32] <Theelementalmaster> Thats the camera
[02:32] <The named BOSS> Hm
[02:32] <The named BOSS> Well
[02:33] <The named BOSS> That camera is garbage
[02:33] <101cooler> suddenly,chicken biscuits
[02:33] <Theelementalmaster> Something you would use
[02:33] <The named BOSS> I would never use a camera like that
[02:33] <Theelementalmaster> So 
[02:33] <Theelementalmaster> Admit it
[02:33] <The named BOSS> I would use one of these or these
[02:33] <Theelementalmaster> Or risk dismantlement 
[02:34] <The named BOSS> *shows elemental a tiny tiny tiny camera, and one that blends in with its surroundings*
[02:34] <Theelementalmaster> *The camera in the box is that*
[02:34] <The named BOSS> Well, it is true that all of the facts point towards it being me
[02:34] <The named BOSS> What?
[02:34] <Theelementalmaster> Well
[02:35] <Theelementalmaster> Admit it and mercy will be given 
[02:35] <Theelementalmaster> Maybe
[02:35] <The named BOSS> Oh you are trying to FRAME me aren't you?
[02:35] <Theelementalmaster> *The camera is wet*
[02:35] <Zathsu> Doing the Invasion right now
[02:35] <The named BOSS> Well I'm not putting up with that
[02:35] <Zathsu> Oh wow
[02:35] <Teamerz> its a neat mode
[02:35] <The named BOSS> *self destructs*
[02:35] <Theelementalmaster> Hey, that worked
[02:35] <Theelementalmaster> Wait
[02:35] <Theelementalmaster> he can respawn
[02:36] <The named BOSS> *respawns, but...*
[02:36] <The named BOSS> *as this giant tank*
[02:36] <101cooler> suddenly,chicken biscuits come flooding in from a sink
[02:36] <Ursuul> done
[02:36] <Ursuul> fug
[02:36] <The named BOSS> MWAHAHA
[02:36] <Ursuul> finally finished all the Polygon Pagez
[02:37] <Teamerz> nic
[02:37] <Theelementalmaster> *Explodes it*
[02:37] <Theelementalmaster> ok
[02:37] <The named BOSS> *fires huge beam cannon at a wall, destroying the whole wall*
[02:37] <The named BOSS> *it doesn't explode*
[02:37] <Teamerz> also ursuul
[02:37] <Ursuul> wot
[02:37] <Teamerz> iz der any smol tasks i could do
[02:37] <101cooler> *a mech comes in and shoots everyone and buries them is chicken biscuits*
[02:38] <Pariscat11> -eats the chicken biskits-
[02:38] <Ursuul> there is a pretty menial task you could pitch in with, but you absolutely could not fuck around with it
[02:38] <Teamerz> uh
[02:38] <Teamerz> whot iz it
[02:38] <Theelementalmaster> *Jumps outside and turns into Super Mechagodzilla*
[02:38] <The named BOSS> *the tank fires it's beam cannon at the mech, pretty much destroying it*
[02:38] <Theelementalmaster> :^[giant])
[02:38] <Zathsu> Got through 20 waves of zombies
[02:39] <Theelementalmaster> *Fires at boss with all my weapons*
[02:39] <Ursuul> I am replacing Interlanguage Links with this new Template: [[Template:Interlang]]
[02:39] <The named BOSS> *fires at elemental with all of the tanks weapons*
[02:39] <101cooler> *a chicken biscuit nuke is dropped by a plan
[02:39] <Ursuul> it will make updating the links down the road a million times easier
[02:39] <101cooler> e
[02:39] <Theelementalmaster> *Stomps boss*
[02:39] <Teamerz> okey so..
[02:39] <Ursuul> look at mah latest edit
[02:39] <Ursuul> see wot I did?
[02:40] <The named BOSS> *the tank holds up, and the beam cannon fires at the foot, leaving a huge hole in it*
[02:40] <Theelementalmaster> *It does not*
[02:40] <Teamerz> uh
[02:40] <Theelementalmaster> What happened to recent wiki activity?
[02:40] <The named BOSS> *it does*
[02:40] <Theelementalmaster> *It doesnt*
[02:40] <Theelementalmaster> *Super Mechagodzilla is too heavy*
[02:40] <Ursuul> ignore the recent wiki activity for now
[02:40] <Zathsu> I was gonna say
[02:40] <101cooler> *about 50 chicken biscuit nukes are dropped*
[02:40] <Ursuul> it's my bad, will be back to normal as soon as bot finishes
[02:40] <Zathsu> Thought it was just me
[02:40] <Theelementalmaster> Ok
[02:40] <The named BOSS> *the tank is just as heavy*
[02:41] <The named BOSS> *if not more*
[02:41] <Theelementalmaster> *It cat
[02:41] <Theelementalmaster> *Cant
[02:41] <Ursuul> the bot only has like 700 pages to delete
[02:41] <Teamerz> im not sur wot dat implize
[02:41] <The named BOSS> *it is*
[02:41] <Ursuul> so it's almost done
[02:41] <Theelementalmaster> *Super Mechagodzilla is way bigger*
[02:41] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ozun SPEEEKS!
[02:41] <Theelementalmaster> *Picks up the tank and throws it out*
[02:41] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Hiss
[02:42] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :<
[02:42] <The named BOSS> *the tank telefrags mecha godzilla, doing massive damage*
[02:42] <Ursuul> Zathsu I presume ye saw Kirkburn rite
[02:42] <Zathsu> Yup
[02:42] <101cooler> (suddeenly chicken bisuicts)
[02:42] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (suddenly kazoo)
[02:42] <Theelementalmaster> *IT DOESNT*
[02:42] <Ursuul> for the record, if I had known back in the day that it would take two bloody months to do the merge, I would not have proposed it
[02:42] <Zathsu> Yeah same
[02:43] <The named BOSS> *the tank explodes*
[02:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Gah
[02:43] <The named BOSS> *so does mecha godzilla*
[02:43] <Ursuul> yeh, but we're two months in, & it would take a whole lot longer to undo it at this point, plus Staff will do the transfer next week & hopefully shortly after that it'll all be done
[02:43] <Theelementalmaster> *I survive*
[02:43] <Ursuul> (overly optimistic)
[02:44] <Teamerz> i don get it.
[02:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (rage) 
[02:44] <Ursuul> wot don't you get Temz
[02:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Its teh marge
[02:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> MARGE
[02:44] <101cooler> *more chickin biscuits nukes*
[02:44] <The named BOSS> *mecha godzilla is basically trashed*
[02:44] <Ursuul> [[Quad Tank?diff=prev&oldid=228825]]
[02:44] <Teamerz> ye that
[02:44] <Teamerz> exactly
[02:44] <Teamerz> whot teh fok is that
[02:44] <Ursuul> Read the documentation of [[Template:Interlang]]
[02:44] <Ursuul> read the syntax bit
[02:44] <Teamerz> k
[02:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Quad tank?
[02:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ?
[02:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> .
[02:46] <Teamerz> w8 so if i understand it correkly
[02:46] <Zathsu> The Gauntlet dude is a real good tank
[02:47] <The named BOSS> *respawns as the same tank*
[02:47] <Teamerz> i insert teh template at the bottom of le page and den write for example: |en = Arena Closer for all teh languages in the list?
[02:47] <The named BOSS> *smashes through wall*
[02:48] <101cooler> *a mech shoots everybody with a MiniChickenGun
[02:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Hello?
[02:48] <Ursuul> yes. you have to use source editor to see the interlanguage links, but you would paste [[User:Ursuul/Sandbox|this]] on the page, & then put the pagenames into the template.
[02:48] <Ursuul> 
[02:48] <Ursuul> For example, [ [ de: Whatever ] ] would become |de = Whatever
[02:48] <Ursuul> in teh template
[02:48] <The named BOSS> Henlo 
[02:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> c:
[02:49] <Ursuul> "status" would always be "review"
[02:49] <Teamerz> k but
[02:49] <Theelementalmaster> McGuffin Gun
[02:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Sorry i thought chat was ded for a moment ¬w¬
[02:49] <Theelementalmaster> wot
[02:49] <Teamerz> am i just simply supposed to put for example Arena Closer after every ='s
[02:49] <Ursuul> no
[02:49] <Ursuul> if you read the code already on the page, there are specific links already there
[02:49] <Ursuul> I get example
[02:49] <Ursuul> Arena Closer page
[02:50] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Brb
[02:50] <Ursuul> Arena Closer has this:
[02:50] <Ursuul> <!-- Interlanguage Links -->
[ [ zh:伺服器清除者 ] ]
[ [ es:Arena Closer ] ]
[ [ fr:Arena Closer ] ]
[ [ pl:Arena Closer ] ]
[ [ ru:Arena Closer ] ]
[ [ vi:Arena Closer ] ]
[ [ tr:Arena Closer ] ]
[ [ pt-br:Arena Closer ] ]
[02:50] <Ursuul> you would replace it with
[02:51] <Ursuul> {{Interlang
[02:51] <Ursuul> |status = review
[02:51] <Ursuul> |de =
[02:51] <Ursuul> |es = Arena Closer
[02:51] <Ursuul> |fr = Arena Closer
[02:51] <Ursuul> |hu =
[02:51] <Ursuul> |it =
[02:51] <Ursuul> |ja =
[02:51] <Ursuul> |ko =
[02:51] <Ursuul> |pl = Arena Closer
[02:51] <Ursuul> |pt-br = Arena Closer
[02:51] <Ursuul> |ru = Arena Closer
[02:51] <Ursuul> |sv =
[02:51] <Ursuul> |tr = Arena Closer
[02:51] <Ursuul> |vi = Arena Closer
[02:51] <Ursuul> |zh = 伺服器清除者
[02:51] <Ursuul> }}
[02:51] <Zathsu> Wow
[02:51] <Teamerz> y r some of dem empty
[02:52] <Teamerz> dey dont have a page on those wikis?
[02:52] <Ursuul> because there is no equivalent page on the other wikis
[02:52] <Ursuul> yes
[02:52] <Ursuul> exactly
[02:52] <Teamerz> dat sounds like a long af job to do
[02:52] <Ursuul> it is, & I am currently doing it myself. You don't have to do even a tenth of it, but if you want to pitch in a little bit, I would appreciate it
[02:53] <Teamerz> okey.. how many do you want me to do
[02:53] <Ursuul> however many you can, or care to do
[02:53] <Ursuul> but before you do, I would want to see you try out one to make sure you did it right
[02:53] <Teamerz> if you say dat im just gonna do one and procrastinate after lol
[02:53] <Ursuul> (eh) 
[02:54] <Ursuul> if I give ye a too high number you won't do any
[02:54] <Ursuul> so
[02:54] <Teamerz> den gib a not high number
[02:54] <Ursuul> ah I have an idea
[02:54] <Teamerz> wat
[02:54] <Ursuul> do all of the Overseer & Trapper branches
[02:54] <Ursuul> also, to give you an idea of the depth of the project
[02:54] <Ursuul> for every page on the English Wiki you do, I have to go to all of the pages on the other Wikis
[02:54] <Ursuul> & do the same thing
[02:55] <Teamerz> .-.
[02:55] <Ursuul> so for the Arena Closer page, there are 8 pages in other languages
[02:55] <Ursuul> I would then have to go do all 8 of those pages
[02:55] <Ursuul> so anything you do will help, even a little
[02:56] <Teamerz> now i feel bad for not doing all of dem
[02:56] <Ursuul> it ok lad
[02:56] <Ursuul> it won't get done overnight 
[02:56] <Ursuul> it will take quite a while
[02:56] <Ursuul> if you & I both did one page a day
[02:56] <Ursuul> we would be done in a few months
[02:56] <Teamerz> one page a day huh
[02:57] <Teamerz> sounds like something i could do
[02:57] <Ursuul> yeh, I have been doing like 10 pages a day (including the pages on other wikis) but I cannot sustain it, I need to roll it back so that I can get back to Vanguarding
[02:57] <Ursuul> but 1 page a day would be awesome
[02:58] <Teamerz> well im still the master of procrastination but whenever ill get bored ill try to do some
[02:58] <Ursuul> otay
[02:58] <Ursuul> thx m80
[02:58] <Teamerz> tho
[02:58] <Teamerz> imma go do a test to see if i dont phuk everything up
[02:58] <Ursuul> ok
[02:58] <Ursuul> do a test on....
[02:58] <Ursuul> Overseer
[02:58] <Teamerz> oki.
[02:58] <Teamerz> w8 am i supposed to use source editor
[02:59] <Ursuul> yes, you can add ?action=edit&useeditor=source to the end of the page URL to force it to use source
[02:59] <Teamerz> or i can just switch to source.
[02:59] <Ursuul> yep
[03:00] <Ursuul> everyone should use source TBH
[03:00] <Teamerz> k here goes nothing
[03:02] <Ursuul> henlo Underslim
[03:02] <Underslime> I AM BACK BOIZ
[03:02] <Underslime> Oh
[03:02] <Ursuul> :)
[03:02] <Underslime> Why has the page count suddenly increased?
[03:02] <Underslime> Is like 700 pages or something
[03:02] <Ursuul> ignore it, it will be back to normal shortly
[03:02] <Underslime> Oh
[03:02] <Teamerz> so do i still link it even when ders no info on it
[03:03] <Underslime> I thought the merge was done ;-;
[03:03] <Ursuul> what do you mean Temz?
[03:03] <Teamerz> liek
[03:03] <Ursuul> unfortunately not Underslime, but Kirkburn left a reply in a thread about it
[03:03] <Underslime> oh
[03:03] <Underslime> brb checkin it
[03:03] <Teamerz> on teh german wiki, ders a page for overseer but only like 2 infoboxes with no info
[03:03] <Teamerz> only teckst
[03:03] <Ursuul> link it anyway
[03:03] <Zathsu> Oh hey
[03:03] <Zathsu> Its Under
[03:03] <Teamerz> k
[03:03] <Ursuul> it would be way too much fuckin' work to only link to "legit" pages
[03:04] <Ursuul> we could not possibly keep track
[03:04] <Ursuul> so we link to any that exist
[03:04] <Ursuul> in the hopes that some German will click the link & be like "wtf there's nothing here" & then edit it
[03:05] <Underslime> I suddenly remembered about my fantasy tank I put on a blog. Ima update it
[03:05] <Ursuul> dewit fam
[03:05] <Zathsu> Yay! Finally got Ballroom Gown cosmetic in Bit Heroes.
[03:05] <Ursuul> btw Slime
[03:05] <Zathsu> Now I can look stylish af
[03:05] <Ursuul> did you see the whole Interlang Template talk or?
[03:06] <Underslime> wot
[03:06] <Underslime> No
[03:06] <Ursuul> czech log, if you want to help out with a sorta-big project
[03:06] <Underslime> hmm
[03:06] <Ursuul> it is low priority tho, so if you just happen to be editing a page then helping out there could be helpful
[03:07] <Ursuul> but there's no insanely pressing need to get it done yesterday
[03:07] <Teamerz> dis is so hard
[03:07] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Hai
[03:07] <Ursuul> how hard Temz
[03:07] <Ursuul> how is it**
[03:08] <Teamerz> how te fok am i supposed to know which abbreviation magyar is
[03:08] <Mr.BigWallofText3> .
[03:09] <Ursuul> m8 you don't actually have to click the links
[03:09] <Teamerz> whot.
[03:09] <Teamerz> wot do u mean
[03:10] <Ursuul> m8, [ [ hu:Whatever ] ] is the Hungarian (Magyar) link to the "Whatever" page on the Hungarian Wiki. You remove [ [ hu:Whatever ] ], & you add "|hu = Whatever" to the Template in the code
[03:10] <Ursuul> you don't have to click the language link, it will automatically be correct
[03:10] <Ursuul> as long as you don't change the "Whatever" text
[03:10] <Teamerz> i know that.
[03:10] <Zathsu> (shiny2) 
[03:10] <Teamerz> but that doesnt help me figure out what abbreviation the magyar one is
[03:11] <Teamerz> or any of the other ones
[03:11] <Ursuul> you don't need to figure it out tho, you just need to replace the code
[03:11] <Teamerz> .
[03:11] <Teamerz> (face3) 
[03:11] <Teamerz> (done) 
[03:11] <Ursuul> why do you need to know what Magyar means?
[03:12] <Teamerz> cos i was goin on every wiki goin to find the overseer page and if it was dere
[03:12] <Teamerz> and den i was figurin out which abbreviation the wiki's language was
[03:12] <Ursuul> I already did that for you. If the page is in the "Checked" category, then I already searched through the Wikis to make sure the links are correct.
[03:12] <Teamerz> okey lets try this again
[03:12] <Ursuul> If it is in "Language Cleanup" then I have not checked it, you should ignore those pages
[03:14] <Teamerz> ok is dis correct.
[03:16] <Zathsu> Teamerz
[03:16] <Ursuul> yes, but one thing; when you convert to the template, make sure "status = review", not "status = checked"
[03:16] <Teamerz> okey
[03:16] <Teamerz> imma go change dat den
[03:16] <Zathsu> Big is singing me a Teamerz We Are Number One parody in PM
[03:16] <Teamerz> oh yes that
[03:16] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Yes
[03:16] <Teamerz> it was invented yesterday
[03:16] <Teamerz> a masterpiece.
[03:16] <Zathsu> lol
[03:16] <Ursuul> no need Temz
[03:16] <Mr.BigWallofText3> By me.
[03:16] <Zathsu> xD
[03:16] <Teamerz> o ok
[03:16] <Zathsu> Keep going
[03:17] <Ursuul> having it equal review will put it in the review category & I will come around to check your work
[03:17] <Ursuul> & to do the other wikis
[03:17] <Ursuul> going to their pages & adding the same template
[03:17] <Ursuul> if you have it as "= checked" then I will not know to go through & do those pages
[03:18] <Teamerz> so doez dat mean i add review to all of those i do anyway
[03:19] <Ursuul> pretty much every page you do you should add review, hell, you can actually remove the "Checked" category when you do it, because if it is in "review" it shouldn't be in "checked", but if it is in both categories then I will review it anyway so it is not a big deal
[03:19] <Ursuul> but so long as "status = review" the template will automatically add the review category 
[03:19] <Teamerz> okei
[03:19] <Teamerz> so i did good? :D
[03:19] <Ursuul> yes! :D
[03:19] <Teamerz> yeeey
[03:19] <Zathsu> Yay
[03:19] <Zathsu> Good job Master Teamerz
[03:20] <Teamerz> tanks
[03:20] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dun dun dun
[03:20] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (nuke) 
[03:20] <Ursuul> ye gg
[03:20] <Teamerz> i moved a muscle for once
[03:20] <Teamerz> lol
[03:20] <Ursuul> one tiny thing tho, although you might not be able to control it & it doesn't really matter
[03:20] <Zathsu> He didnt have me or a clone do it
[03:20] <Teamerz> whot
[03:20] <Pariscat11> hi
[03:20] <Ursuul> you have two spaces in front of the equals signs for some reason
[03:20] <Teamerz> ye i added a space
[03:20] <Teamerz> wos i not supposed to
[03:21] <The named BOSS> *fires beam cannon at wall, destroying the a wall completely*
[03:21] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ouch :c
[03:21] <Ursuul> naw they should be empty unless there is a page. [[Overseer?diff=cur]]
[03:21] <Teamerz> so i dont add spaces after the ='s?
[03:21] <Ursuul> not unless there is a page, in which case there should be a single space followed by teh page name
[03:21] <Ursuul> teh
[03:21] <Ursuul> teh
[03:22] <Teamerz> kei.
[03:22] <Ursuul> dangit Opera doesn't have text-replace 
[03:22] <Teamerz> well dis is easier than i thought
[03:22] <Ursuul> for all muh typos
[03:22] <Ursuul> ye ye ye a lot of stuff I do is easy & menial once you get the hang of it
[03:22] <Ursuul> you just have to take 5 minutes to figure it out
[03:22] <Ursuul> then it seems really simple
[03:22] <Ursuul> boring even
[03:23] <Teamerz> but
[03:23] <Teamerz> im still considered the master of procrastination right?
[03:23] <Ursuul> ye
[03:23] <Teamerz> (d1) 
[03:23] <Ursuul> (grin) 
[03:24] <Zathsu> No
[03:24] <Zathsu> Ursuul is master of procrastination
[03:24] <Teamerz> u wot
[03:24] <Underslime> No
[03:24] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Bak
[03:24] <Underslime> I am.
[03:24] <Underslime> I am lord of procrastination
[03:24] <Zathsu> Under is lord. Ursuul is master.
[03:24] <Zathsu> Temz is.
[03:24] <Zathsu> You just are.
[03:24] <Underslime> ^
[03:24] <Teamerz> im wot
[03:25] <Teamerz> a dot?
[03:25] <Zathsu> You are
[03:25] <The named BOSS> *destroys random things*
[03:25] <Teamerz> fair enough
[03:25] <Teamerz> im so lazy i cant even have a title >:D
[03:26] <Ursuul> lol
[03:26] <Zathsu> Me
[03:26] <Ursuul> I will be quite giddy once all the links have been converted to teh template, because then we can do all sorts of things to them & have it effect the links all across the wikis
[03:27] <Ursuul> we can change the order by editing a single page, such as if one wiki becomes more prominent, we can change the way the links work, we could even turn it into a large navbox
[03:27] <Ursuul> by having it use the same template, editing one page will allow us to change teh way they work on ALL pages on ALL Wikis
[03:27] <Ursuul> & you could do it without editing every single damn page
[03:27] <Ursuul> which is what I have been doing
[03:28] <Ursuul> See, the best work is just trying to figure out ways to be lazy down the road
[03:29] <Ursuul> >productive laziness
[03:30] <Ursuul> damn Özün Oldun is still deleting pages that start with "the"
[03:30] <Ursuul> literally 300-400 pages all start with "The" in the title
[03:30] <Zathsu> O_O
[03:30] <Ursuul> christ lads
[03:30] <Zathsu> Wait what
[03:30] <Mr.BigWallofText3> "The Avatar of Panzer"
[03:30] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[03:30] <Ursuul> r u confuzzled 
[03:30] <Zathsu> Ozun is deleting pages where that start with The?
[03:30] <Mr.BigWallofText3> "The archprophet"
[03:30] <Zathsu> No, its just Archprophet
[03:30] <Mr.BigWallofText3> "All sons of panzer"
[03:30] <Ursuul> it is deleting all conceptions that were temporarily brought over for a test run
[03:31] <Zathsu> Oh
[03:31] <Ursuul> 2,500ish pages
[03:31] <Zathsu> I thought you meant legit deleting every page that started with 'The' and I was mortified
[03:31] <Ursuul> lmao
[03:31] <Ursuul> naw
[03:31] <Zathsu> All the Sons of Panzer start with The
[03:31] <Zathsu> xD
[03:31] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ye. WHY
[03:31] <Teamerz> that woulda been hilarious
[03:31] <Ursuul> I only brought the pages over because Fandom Staff cannot transfer the Templates
[03:31] <Ursuul> so I imported them in a fashion that would bring over every template used in teh main namespaces
[03:31] <Ursuul> so we will have templates
[03:32] <Ursuul> then fandom staff will come in later
[03:32] <Mr.BigWallofText3> All sons of panzers names are actually "The" confirmed
[03:32] <Ursuul> & import every page again, only with the full edit histories
[03:32] <Ursuul> I had 2 delet em cuz it would cause a collision if they were around when Fandom Staff did the import
[03:33] <Ursuul> jesus christ
[03:33] <Ursuul> >Concept:The Contraption
[03:33] <Ursuul> just got deleted
[03:33] <Ursuul> literally an hour ago it deleted >Concept:The Absorber
[03:33] <Ursuul> it is only on the Cs
[03:33] <Ursuul> out of ALL THE PAGES THAT START WITH "The"
[03:34] <Banarama> HI
[03:34] <Ursuul> from now on every page I see that starts with "The" I will rate 0/10
[03:34] <Zathsu> Hey Banana
[03:34] <Banarama> I AM OF JOINS!
[03:34] <Ursuul> no
[03:34] <Ursuul> I kek u
[03:34] <Teamerz> well 0 of my pages start with the
[03:34] <Teamerz> so thats good
[03:34] <Banarama> ^
[03:34] <Ursuul> ^
[03:34] <Ursuul> dang flabbit
[03:34] <Zathsu> TRIMUVIRATE :D
[03:34] <Banarama> ^
[03:34] <Teamerz> triumvibrate
[03:34] <Ursuul> WE WUZ ROMANZ N SHIET
[03:34] <Banarama> ^
[03:35] <The named BOSS> TEAMZ FIGHT ME
[03:35] <Ursuul> well
[03:35] <Banarama> also ursulu
[03:35] <Teamerz> no :D
[03:35] <Ursuul> it WOULD be a Triumvirate 
[03:35] <Zathsu> When in Rome you do like the Romans do
[03:35] <Ursuul> if Zathsu was in Council ;))))
[03:35] <Banarama> we got 2 mini-projects for everyone to eat up once the merge iz done
[03:35] <Ursuul> which we are working on eh?
[03:35] <Pariscat11> ding
[03:35] <Zathsu> Yeh
[03:35] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:35] <ItzDracius> Hello...
[03:35] <Banarama> hi
[03:35] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:35] <Underslime> hi
[03:35] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:35] <Ursuul> Since I am Vanguard then I am obviously Octavian 
[03:35] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:35] <Banarama> dis is an admin meeting
[03:35] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I landed a 15 hit....
[03:35] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:35] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ;_;
[03:35] <Banarama> hmmmm
[03:35] <Teamerz> yeh
[03:36] <Teamerz> every non-admins out
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Zathsu> And Im Useless
[03:36] <ItzDracius> ohwow
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Ursuul> Everyone who isn't an admin pls leave
[03:36] <Zathsu> ;3
[03:36] <Banarama> wait this is First Triumvirate?
[03:36] <Zathsu> What
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Ursuul> ;^)
[03:36] <ItzDracius> It's full of admins
[03:36] <Underslime> wtf
[03:36] <Teamerz> underslime and grav too
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <ItzDracius> What about Tidal?
[03:36] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Okay.
[03:36] <Pariscat11> rip rip rip
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Teamerz> tidal isnt even here
[03:36] <Underslime> why is everything 7 days ago
[03:36] <Banarama> or is this Second Triumvirate
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Ursuul> Banarama the second Triumvirate was so much better
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Banarama> ok
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Whoever is not admin leave?
[03:36] <Pariscat11> v
[03:36] <Teamerz> cmon people go away.
[03:36] <Banarama> wasn't the 2nd one the one with ceasar?
[03:36] <ItzDracius> ^
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <ItzDracius> v
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Pariscat11> cmon guys let's make a paradox
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Banarama> forgive me my roman knowledge is a bit musty
[03:36] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:36] <Ursuul> the first one was Caesar 
[03:37] <Pariscat11> < is not stupid
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <Banarama> oh
[03:37] <Pariscat11> v is stupid
[03:37] <ItzDracius> [verysmall] I wanna be a furry...
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <ItzDracius> ok
[03:37] <Ursuul> the second one was Octavian who was basically Caesar but he didn't die
[03:37] <ItzDracius> No one read that...
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <Zathsu> Lol
[03:37] <Pariscat11> i wanna be a furry
[03:37] <Pariscat11> git rekt
[03:37] <Teamerz> v
[03:37] <Teamerz> ^
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <Banarama> OH YEAH
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <Banarama> I remember now
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <ItzDracius> v
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <ItzDracius> ^
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <Banarama> Cesear was the guy who killed the republic
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <Ursuul> there are two Marcuses in the second one
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:37] <Banarama> Octavian was the 1st real emeror
[03:37] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <ItzDracius> emeror
[03:38] <Ursuul> so Zathsu & Banarama are both Marcus
[03:38] <Banarama> I got the two mixed up
[03:38] <Pariscat11> v this tells the truth 
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <Pariscat11> ^ this tells the truth
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <Zathsu> :O
[03:38] <Pariscat11> STOP BOS
[03:38] <Zathsu> lol
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <Pariscat11> ._.
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <ItzDracius> lol
[03:38] <Teamerz> boss pls.
[03:38] <ItzDracius> ^
[03:38] <The named BOSS> Who is BOS?
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <Ursuul> who is gonna be Marcus Antonius & who is gonna be Marcus Aemilius Lepidus
[03:38] <Pariscat11> v is boss, watch out he is a bot
[03:38] <Banarama> Must be 2nd, because this is actually stable
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <Teamerz> boss can u stop
[03:38] <Pariscat11> rip
[03:38] <Banarama> and no one will die
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <Teamerz> >_>
[03:38] <Ursuul> ye definitely second
[03:38] <Pariscat11> v this is a truth
[03:38] <Ursuul> the first one fell apart basically immediately 
[03:38] <The named BOSS> Not unless you fight me
[03:38] <Pariscat11> oops
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <Ursuul> traitorous senators
[03:38] <Pariscat11> v this is a truth
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:38] <Teamerz> well the alternative is a kek
[03:38] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:39] <Teamerz> so im fine with not fightin u
[03:39] <The named BOSS> O kay then
[03:39] <Ursuul> Alright Pariscat, BOSS, that is enough.
[03:39] <Zathsu> heheheheheheheheheheheheh
[03:39] <Ursuul> >who is gonna be Marcus Antonius & who is gonna be Marcus Aemilius Lepidus?
[03:39] <ItzDracius> v ok
[03:39] <Pariscat11> v tells teh truth
[03:39] <Ursuul> answer meh Zathsu
[03:39] <Pariscat11> xD
[03:39] <Zathsu> Ummmmmmm
[03:39] <Zathsu> idk
[03:39] <Ursuul> Antonius or Lepidus pick
[03:39] <The named BOSS> [giant] [b] [c="scarlet"] ^
[03:39] <Zathsu> Antonius
[03:39] <Teamerz> lepidus sounds less common
[03:39] <Zathsu> I guess
[03:39] <Banarama> I get antony
[03:39] <Pariscat11> v tells the truth
[03:39] <Ursuul> 2L8
[03:39] <The named BOSS> Oh sure whatever 
[03:39] <Banarama> ugh
[03:40] <Pariscat11> kek
[03:40] <Teamerz> rip bana
[03:40] <Banarama> fine lepidus
[03:40] <Zathsu> No Bana can have Ant
[03:40] <Ursuul> now ur a Leper 
[03:40] <Ursuul> o
[03:40] <The named BOSS> That looks like scarlet to me
[03:40] <Zathsu> I dont care either way
[03:40] <Ursuul> so Zathsu is Leper
[03:40] <Banarama> oh ok
[03:40] <Pariscat11> banana can have antvenom?
[03:40] <Ursuul> Bana is Antony 
[03:40] <Banarama> Antony looks like less douche-baggy accourding to wikipedia
[03:40] <Banarama> i had to brush up on roman history
[03:40] <The named BOSS> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[03:40] <Ursuul> Antony was less douche-baggy but he definitely died real bad in the video game
[03:40] <Pariscat11> v tells the truth
[03:40] <Pariscat11> ^tells the truth
[03:40] <Banarama> oh ye
[03:40] <Ursuul> Dante's Inferno was lit
[03:41] <Zathsu> Lol
[03:41] <ItzDracius> ok
[03:41] <Teamerz> ye but if antony is less douche baggy
[03:41] <ItzDracius> 9 Circles?
[03:41] <Teamerz> then zathsu is definitely not antony
[03:41] <Pariscat11> I MADE MY PARADOX
[03:41] <Pariscat11> para-BOX
[03:41] <ItzDracius> lolno
[03:41] <Zathsu> Wait a second
[03:41] <Zathsu> TEAMERZ
[03:41] <ItzDracius> The book though.
[03:41] <Teamerz> ?
[03:41] <Ursuul> it is like God of War but BIBLICAL 
[03:41] <Teamerz> :D
[03:41] <Banarama> ADMIN PARTAYYYYYY
[03:41] <Ursuul> Temz you would like Dante's Inferno 
[03:41] <ItzDracius> Ok...
[03:41] <Teamerz> rly
[03:41] <Teamerz> wot iz it
[03:42] <ItzDracius> More admins.
[03:42] <Zathsu> ADMIN PARTY
[03:42] <Ursuul> do we have all admins here?
[03:42] <Ursuul> every single admin
[03:42] <ItzDracius> Nah
[03:42] <Teamerz> i think so
[03:42] <ItzDracius> Taco isn't here yet
[03:42] <Teamerz> is radium admin?
[03:42] <Ursuul> naw
[03:42] <Teamerz> taco isnt admin
[03:42] <Ursuul> Radium is DIsc Mod
[03:42] <Ursuul> Disc*
[03:42] <Teamerz> hang on lemme check
[03:42] <ItzDracius> oh ok...
[03:42] <Pariscat11> eggzactly
[03:42] <Banarama> all the admins are here :D
[03:42] <ItzDracius> latency is bad
[03:42] <Banarama> also Antony suits me best
[03:42] <Banarama> "Antony detested Octavian and spent most of his time in the East, while Lepidus favoured Antony but felt himself obscured by both his colleagues"
[03:42] <Zathsu> Hahahahahahahahahahahaheretics *laugh as I push you into the sun*
[03:42] <Banarama> -Wikipedia
[03:42] <Ursuul> lmao
[03:42] <Ursuul> I am certainly comfortable in my role as Octavian 
[03:42] <ItzDracius> I better get off here.
[03:42] <Banarama> they match one to one almost perfectly
[03:42] <Teamerz> yes we have every single admins
[03:42] <Ursuul> he was the glorious leader 
[03:43] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:43] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:43] <Banarama> I hate Ursuul and gain power from a distance
[03:43] <Zathsu> You do so much more stuff
[03:43] <The named BOSS> Okay I'm done
[03:43] <Pariscat11> sdltghsrkgnsrkjgarg -mutters gibberish as i put the sun into a place where it should be deleted-
[03:43] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:43] <Zathsu> Both of you xD
[03:43] <Zathsu> BOSS
[03:43] <ItzDracius> Bye..
[03:43] <Ursuul> while Antony basically spent all his time in the East up Cleopatra (KD)'s skirts
[03:43] <Ursuul> literally all he did
[03:43] <The named BOSS> Ik I went overboard
[03:43] <Ursuul> & never got anything done
[03:43] <Banarama> makin' love
[03:43] <Ursuul> ;^)
[03:43] <Zathsu> ;3
[03:43] <The named BOSS> Kick me
[03:43] <Teamerz> ursool
[03:43] <Pariscat11> -hits tnb with a plank-
[03:43] <Ursuul> wot Temz
[03:43] <Banarama> love affair :P
[03:43] <Pariscat11> -hits him into the ground-
[03:43] <The named BOSS> DAMMIT
[03:43] <Teamerz> whotz dantinferno
[03:44] <Pariscat11> -then puts him in the same area as the sun-
[03:44] <ItzDracius> jk
[03:44] <Ursuul> Dante's Inferno is a vidya gaym like God of War
[03:44] <Ursuul> in playthrough
[03:44] <Teamerz> o
[03:44] <ItzDracius> It's also a cool book.
[03:44] <Ursuul> but in story it is all about Dante's Inferno, or the hell part of it
[03:44] <Pariscat11> diep.pied
[03:44] <The named BOSS> [verysmall] ^
[03:44] <Ursuul> you go through the 9 circles of hell & face your sins
[03:44] <Teamerz> ill take a look at it tomoro
[03:44] <Ursuul> usually by killing them with a scythe 
[03:44] <Zathsu> Ok no
[03:44] <Pariscat11> 5000 things you must not do in diepio
[03:44] <The named BOSS> KICK ME
[03:44] <The named BOSS> NOW I ORDER YOU
[03:44] <Ursuul> in fact you start the game by killing DEATH HIMSELF
[03:44] <ItzDracius> (Shiny2) 
[03:44] <Teamerz> whot
[03:44] <The named BOSS> OR ELSE
[03:45] <Teamerz> dat sounds overkill
[03:45] <Pariscat11> i wanna do something
[03:45] <Pariscat11> shhhhh
[03:45] <Ursuul> Death was actually a chump
[03:45] <Teamerz> but if you kill death does that mean no one can die anymore?
[03:45] <Ursuul> apparently not
[03:45] <Ursuul> plus ur already dead
[03:45] <Pariscat11> shhhhhhhhhhhhh please stop
[03:45] <Teamerz> how does dat work
[03:45] <Ursuul> & you are going to hell
[03:45] <Zathsu> Norwegian is my favorite non-English version of Shiny
[03:45] <Ursuul> so they are also already dead
[03:45] <ItzDracius> ^
[03:45] <Ursuul> so it doesn't really matter
[03:45] <ItzDracius> oh come on
[03:45] <Pariscat11> ifrs
[03:45] <ItzDracius> i hate latency
[03:45] <Pariscat11> guys
[03:45] <Teamerz> actually it doze
[03:45] <Pariscat11> let's do something
[03:45] <The named BOSS> JUST KICK ME PLS
[03:45] <Teamerz> cos if that was the case,
[03:45] <Pariscat11> 5000 things not to do in
[03:45] <Teamerz> then death couldnt die
[03:45] <ItzDracius> You can just leave @Boss.
[03:45] <Pariscat11> 1. be a square
[03:45] <Teamerz> cos if it did then it couldnt die
[03:46] <Pariscat11> 5000 things not to do in diep
[03:46] <Pariscat11> 1. be a square
[03:46] <The named BOSS> IM BORED
[03:46] <Pariscat11> guys
[03:46] <Ursuul> stop quESTIONING THE LOGIC OF THE GAYM
[03:46] <ItzDracius> alt + F4?
[03:46] <Pariscat11> let's make a list of things not to do in diepio
[03:46] <Teamerz> nO
[03:46] <Zathsu> Ursuul, thats how I feel when people ask about ToD
[03:46] <Pariscat11> things not to do in diepio
[03:46] <Zathsu> Lmao
[03:46] <Pariscat11> be a square
[03:46] <Ursuul> lol
[03:46] <Pariscat11> xD
[03:46] <Ursuul> like the freaking SPEAR THING
[03:46] <Pariscat11> things not to do in diepio
[03:46] <Zathsu> I was trying to explain The Void yesterday
[03:46] <Pariscat11> excoose me
[03:46] <Zathsu> And everyone was like... FUCKIN WHY
[03:46] <Ursuul> that tank that has the spear on the SAME SIDE AS THE CANNON
[03:46] <ItzDracius> MERGE WHERe!?
[03:46] <Pariscat11> guys?
[03:46] <Teamerz> how is that useful tho
[03:46] <Pariscat11> i wanna do something
[03:47] <Ursuul> your bullets will slow you down!
[03:47] <Pariscat11> things not to do in
[03:47] <Pariscat11> be a square
[03:47] <Pariscat11> ram a alpha pentagon
[03:47] <The named BOSS> KICK ME PLS 
[03:47] <Teamerz> unless you can turn the turret infinitely fast
[03:47] <Ursuul> ok
[03:47] <Teamerz> its useless to habe a spear
[03:47] <ItzDracius> then*
[03:47] <Pariscat11> yay
[03:47] <Ursuul> wow my text is green
[03:47] <Zathsu> Oh wow Ursuul name green
[03:47] <Pariscat11> hey guys
[03:47] <Zathsu> In kick message
[03:47] <Pariscat11> let's do something
[03:47] <Teamerz> ursuul is zombea confirmed
[03:47] <Ursuul> oh it's because of [[MediaWiki:Global.css]]
[03:48] <Ursuul> it bleeds thru apparentleh 
[03:48] <Pariscat11> things not to do in
[03:48] <Underslime> brb
[03:48] <Pariscat11> be a square
[03:48] <Pariscat11> ram a alpha pentagon
[03:48] <Pariscat11> go afk as a smasher
[03:48] <ItzDracius> make a list of things not to do in
[03:48] <Ursuul> it should only be green outside of
[03:48] <Ursuul> like on Community Central it should make meh green
[03:48] <Ursuul> lemme test HTML
[03:48] <ItzDracius> lemme smash
[03:49] <Ursuul> I see why
[03:49] <Ursuul> the <body> Tag has all of its classes stripped away
[03:49] <Zathsu> Already almost 11
[03:49] <The named BOSS> Yay I'm bored and gonna play bit heroes now
[03:49] <Ursuul> the green is only supposed to work on wikis that are not <body class="wiki-diepio">
[03:49] <Zathsu> Invasions, BOSS
[03:49] <Ursuul> because it does not have the wiki class in chat, it works when it should not
[03:49] <Ursuul> very interesting 
[03:49] <ItzDracius> Oh hey...
[03:50] <ItzDracius> Still corrupt staff.
[03:50] <ItzDracius> Great kill me.
[03:50] <Ursuul> wot
[03:50] <ItzDracius> (not in DW though)
[03:50] <Ursuul> o
[03:50] <Zathsu> :|
[03:50] <Pariscat11>
[03:50] <ItzDracius> This is complete bs.
[03:50] <Zathsu> I love how every player works together in Invasions
[03:50] <Ursuul> Paris please do not post game threads in Discussions
[03:50] <Ursuul> that belongs in [[Board:Off-Topic]]
[03:50] <Pariscat11> oh
[03:50] <Pariscat11> can you move it there?
[03:50] <Pariscat11> just askin
[03:51] <Ursuul> I cannot move it there
[03:51] <Ursuul> you can remake the post however
[03:51] <ItzDracius> This discord server is gonna make me mental
[03:51] <Ursuul> I got kicked from Discord for shitposting 
[03:51] <Ursuul> by a freaking 14 year old
[03:52] <Zathsu> lmao
[03:52] <ItzDracius> I'm so happy
[03:52] <Ursuul> (who happens to be a Community Central Chat Mod)
[03:52] <ItzDracius> for being left out
[03:52] <Ursuul> oh
[03:52] <Ursuul> rip
[03:52] <ItzDracius> because of bad staff
[03:52] <Zathsu> Who?
[03:52] <Ursuul> who is bad staff
[03:52] <Ursuul> it's Banarama isn't it?
[03:52] <Zathsu> RCD recently made me a mod in his server lmao
[03:52] <ItzDracius> most of the bad staff in bejeweled discord server
[03:52] <Ursuul> ooooooooo
[03:52] <ItzDracius> actually
[03:52] <Pariscat11> [[Thread:127940]]
[03:52] <ItzDracius> all of them
[03:52] <Ursuul> Discord Staff
[03:53] <Ursuul> OH MY GOD
[03:53] <Pariscat11> guys
[03:53] <ItzDracius> kill me nao
[03:53] <Ursuul> it is [big]STILL[/big] in the "The"s!
[03:53] <Pariscat11> can someone respond?
[03:53] <Pariscat11> [[Thread:127940]]
[03:54] <Ursuul> Every single page that starts with "The" now has my undying hatred 
[03:54] <Ursuul> by undying I mean it'll probably last 10 minutes 
[03:54] <ItzDracius> This is agitating me.
[03:54] <ItzDracius> For two days...
[03:54] <ItzDracius> I ranted about this yesterday.
[03:55] <Pariscat11> hey ursuul
[03:55] <Pariscat11> do you hate this?
[03:55] <Pariscat11> [[Thread:127940]]
[03:55] <Pariscat11> it's meant to be a joke thread
[03:56] <Ryu Moon ahmad> ingin cheat diep io
[03:56] <Pariscat11> ....
[03:56] <Zathsu> Welcome
[03:56] <Pariscat11> hey guys
[03:56] <Pariscat11> reply to this
[03:56] <Pariscat11> [[Thread:127940]]
[03:56] <Pariscat11> you don't have to
[03:57] <Zathsu> (shiny) 
[03:57] <Ursuul> Zathsu did you read latest Staff bl0g
[03:57] <Zathsu> Wot.
[03:58] <Zathsu> Link me.
[03:58] <Pariscat11> excuse me zathsu
[03:58] <Ursuul> uhhhhhhhh
[03:58] <Pariscat11> can you reply to this?
[03:58] <Pariscat11> [[Thread:127940]]
[03:58] <Zathsu> :|
[03:58] <Ursuul> [[w:User blog:BertH]]
[03:58] <Pariscat11> i'm scanning it for replies
[03:58] <ItzDracius> There's a rule in the discord server:
[03:58] <Ursuul> [big]happening
[03:59] <ItzDracius> Do not bug the staff to add more roles. No begging to be promoted.
[03:59] <Zathsu> Ahhhhh
[03:59] <Pariscat11> what happening
[03:59] <Zathsu> I see... ;)
[03:59] <Ursuul> you don't see do you ;^)
[03:59] <ItzDracius> I haven't begged to be promoted.
[04:00] <ItzDracius> Which is obviously disrespectful.
[04:00] <Ursuul> Dracius just go to another server den
[04:00] <Zathsu> Yes I do
[04:00] <Zathsu> Its about migrating Forums to Discussions
[04:00] <Pariscat11> guys
[04:00] <Pariscat11> i'm waiting
[04:01] <Pariscat11> someone reply please
[04:01] <Pariscat11> [[Thread:127940]]
[04:01] <Ursuul> ye but now they've ANNOUNCED it, they almost outright said that as soon as the highlight function comes out it [i]happening
[04:01] <Zathsu> :OOOOOO
[04:01] <Ursuul> >alarmism intensifies
[04:02] <Zathsu> Paris, please stop posting the link. Everyone has seen it and you cant force people to reply to your thread.
[04:02] <Ursuul> aye & it is considered [[Project:Chat|spam]] at this point
[04:02] <Teamerz> ive seen it approx 5 tims
[04:03] <Ursuul> lemme just post a plethora of colorful lenks
[04:03] <Banarama> hi ursulu
[04:03] <Banarama> wow a 14-year-old keked you
[04:03] <Banarama> shame…
[04:03] <Ursuul> ur L8
[04:03] <Ursuul> keep up fam
[04:04] <Banarama> which dumb server is that
[04:04] <Banarama> Diep Colony?
[04:04] <Zathsu> Who was it?
[04:04] <Teamerz> les kek them
[04:04] <Teamerz> and i mean physically
[04:04] <Ursuul> naw it was C.Syde's
[04:04] <Ursuul> & the 14 year old is a CCChat Mod
[04:04] <Ursuul> so
[04:04] <Banarama> rip
[04:05] <Banarama> also Dracius
[04:05] <Ursuul> >Attempting to delete [[Concept:The Slicer]]
[04:05] <Banarama> was is Diep Colony?
[04:05] <Ursuul> honestly at this point I never even go there but they keep spamming @everyone so much that I hate them
[04:06] <Banarama> I swear if we get another drama case we're shutting down our integration with that 12-year-old drama hole once and for all
[04:06] <Zathsu> >:/
[04:06] <Banarama> I mean it's ok
[04:06] <Zathsu> Midgets disrespecting master Ursuul
[04:06] <Banarama> but you have to ask yourself
[04:06] <Banarama> do the pros outweight the cons
[04:06] <Ursuul> honestly Discord has not been real successful for us, Lenk's was ok for a while but it died. Colony is full but we have no influence over it.
[04:06] <Ursuul> I don't even really like Discord
[04:07] <Teamerz> im not goin on colony in dat caze
[04:07] <Teamerz> ill stay with teh other one
[04:07] <Ursuul> ain't it ded tho
[04:07] <Teamerz> ye it iz
[04:07] <Ursuul> honestly I wouldn't mind replacing our DiscordIntegrator module with a DiscussionsFeed
[04:08] <Ursuul> so you see the latest posts anywhere on the site
[04:08] <Ursuul> it is already spammed to App & Mobile users so
[04:08] <Zathsu> Lol
[04:08] <Zathsu> Yeah no one even uses the Discord
[04:08] <Ursuul> yeh
[04:09] <Zathsu> I'd be okay with that change
[04:09] <Zathsu> :P
[04:09] <Ursuul> also we still don't have an iOS version of our Community App & I am not happy about it
[04:09] <Teamerz> still better than whoteber shit is goin on in diep colony
[04:09] <Ursuul> >Attempting to delete Concept:The Super-Speeder
[04:09] <Ursuul> THE
[04:09] <Ursuul> [big][b][i]THE
[04:09] <Teamerz> at least its not the super speedo
[04:10] <Banarama> [b][i][big]THE
[04:10] <Ursuul> [i]> Attempting to delete Concept:The Three Musketeers
[04:10] <Ursuul> rip the three musketeers 
[04:10] <Pariscat11> are you deleting mighty bomburr?
[04:11] <Ursuul> I'm not actually deleting the originals just the copies
[04:11] <Ursuul> the originals will be brought over by Staff
[04:11] <Ursuul> at some point
[04:11] <Teamerz> that sounds..
[04:11] <Teamerz> original
[04:11] <Teamerz> :^)
[04:11] <Pariscat11> mighty bomburr is actually related to a battle cats cat of the same name
[04:12] <Ursuul> > Attempting to delete Concept:The Wall
[04:12] <Ursuul> noooo[b]oooooo[big]oooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO
[04:12] <Ursuul> (wall) 
[04:12] <Ursuul> (build)
[04:12] <Ursuul> aw
[04:12] <Pariscat11> (backsaway) 
[04:12] <Teamerz> im going to build a great The Wall
[04:12] <Ursuul> > Attempting to delete Concept:The World
[04:12] <Ursuul> lmao
[04:12] <Ursuul> >deletes earth
[04:13] <Pariscat11> wot
[04:13] <Teamerz> lmao
[04:13] <Pariscat11> u just deletd urself
[04:13] <Banarama> Ursuul
[04:13] <Ursuul> FINALLY DONE THE "The"s
[04:13] <Pariscat11> since you are on earth
[04:13] <Ursuul> yes Bana
[04:13] <Banarama> [serif][b][big]REFRESH CHAT PLOX
[04:13] <Pariscat11> The this message began with an "The"
[04:13] <Pariscat11> xD
[04:13] <Ursuul> did you screw around with anything bana
[04:14] <Zathsu> Everything starts with a The
[04:14] <Banarama> enter js test mode
[04:14] <Teamerz> really?
[04:14] <Banarama> I added a serif tag to chat
[04:14] <Teamerz> so im a The teamerz
[04:14] <Banarama> so we can all pretend to be ursuul
[04:14] <Teamerz> and u r a The zathsu
[04:14] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]the ursuul
[04:14] <Ursuul> why did u screw with ChatTags to add ur crappy fonts >:(
[04:14] <Teamerz> a the ursuul
[04:14] <Banarama> [serif][b][big]HI I AM URSUUL
[04:14] <Ursuul> but I don't use serif
[04:14] <Pariscat11> [rainbow]-flips off banarama-
[04:14] <Banarama> >Georgia
[04:14] <Banarama> >crappy
[04:14] <Banarama> pls
[04:14] <Banarama> you do
[04:14] <Teamerz> ursuul uses normal tho
[04:14] <Teamerz> doesnt he
[04:15] <Banarama> in chat anyway
[04:15] <Ursuul> yeah mine is normal
[04:15] <Ursuul> I don't use fonts m8
[04:15] <Banarama> o wait its my personal css
[04:15] <Ursuul> lmao
[04:15] <Banarama> rip
[04:15] <Teamerz> lmao rekt bana
[04:15] <Ursuul> gg 
[04:15] <Banarama> well either way serif iz kewl
[04:15] <Teamerz> (rekt) 
[04:15] <Ursuul> lol
[04:15] <Ursuul> also mine is (was) Old Standard TT
[04:15] <Zathsu> xD
[04:15] <Ursuul> I find it endearing that bana loved my old fonts so much that he preserved them in his personal CSS
[04:16] <Ursuul> so that he can always gave upon their old glory
[04:16] <Pariscat11> this is what i put in my own thread
[04:16] <Pariscat11> Rp in a RP in a RP
[04:16] <Pariscat11> 
[04:16] <Pariscat11> Mispelling
[04:16] <Pariscat11> 
[04:16] <Pariscat11> Ramming into a invisible Stalker hacker
[04:16] <Pariscat11> 
[04:16] <Pariscat11> Hacking
[04:16] <Pariscat11> 
[04:16] <Pariscat11> Have a name starting with "The" (ursuul will delete you)
[04:16] <Pariscat11> dat last one tho
[04:17] <Ursuul> I cannot go to sleep until Özün finishes deleting ugh
[04:17] <Ursuul> imma get snax while I wait
[04:17] <Pariscat11> ursoul
[04:17] <Ursuul> wot
[04:18] <Pariscat11> like the last "Things not to do in" post?
[04:18] <Pariscat11> at the end it has this
[04:18] <Pariscat11> Have a name starting with "The" (ursuul will delete you)
[04:18] <Ursuul> I don't really like forum games personally
[04:18] <Teamerz> yeh saem
[04:18] <Pariscat11> but see it?
[04:18] <Ursuul> but you play in them like 10,000 times more than me Temz
[04:18] <Banarama> ye
[04:18] <Banarama> I like forum games
[04:18] <Ursuul> I think I participated in one once, maybe twice
[04:19] <Banarama> that's why I'm not Public Enemy No. 1
[04:19] <Ursuul> lol
[04:19] <Pariscat11> hey ursuul
[04:19] <Ursuul> Bana lives in eternal envy of my good tastes
[04:19] <Ursuul> yea
[04:19] <Banarama> because I actually do forum games every so often
[04:19] <Pariscat11> i like this
[04:19] <Teamerz> uh ursuul
[04:19] <Ursuul> ya
[04:19] <Pariscat11> ^i like you
[04:19] <Teamerz> nowaday i only post in the wish corrupting one once a week
[04:20] <Ursuul> thx Paris
[04:20] <Ursuul> 
[04:20] <Ursuul> >only post once a week
[04:20] <Teamerz> ya.
[04:20] <Ursuul> I haven't played a forum game since, like, last year I think
[04:20] <Pariscat11> ^no i love u
[04:20] <Ursuul> o
[04:20] <Teamerz> ye but lets say i would have done it once every week for one year
[04:20] <Ursuul> (d1) 
[04:20] <Teamerz> thats still 1/365 for u and 52/365 for me
[04:20] <Teamerz> only 52 more times
[04:20] <Teamerz> >:(
[04:20] <Teamerz> not 10k
[04:21] <Ursuul> math is evil
[04:21] <Ursuul> um
[04:21] <Pariscat11> rip my life
[04:21] <Banarama> NO >:(
[04:21] <Pariscat11> (d2) 
[04:21] <Ursuul> Zathsu help
[04:21] <Banarama> math iz gud
[04:21] <Teamerz> zathsu busy
[04:21] <Teamerz> but i can help
[04:21] <Ursuul> geometry help
[04:21] <Ursuul> o
[04:21] <Teamerz> -falls on floor and snores-
[04:21] <Ursuul> algebra help
[04:22] <Pariscat11> ^i love u
[04:22] <Teamerz> trigonometry help
[04:22] <Pariscat11> (d3)
[04:22] <Pariscat11> (D2) 
[04:22] <Banarama> maths iz gud when you actually have a brain and don't set the gradient direction to 1000 degrees because you think that makes it cooler
[04:22] <Pariscat11> (d2) 
[04:22] <Ursuul> lmao
[04:22] <Teamerz> lmao
[04:22] <Banarama> calculus help
[04:22] <Teamerz> Imap*
[04:22] <Pariscat11> love help
[04:22] <Banarama> lmao
[04:22] <Banarama> laughing my ass on
[04:22] <Pariscat11> help me i cant restrict my feelings
[04:22] <Ursuul> 1000 is obviously a valid degree
[04:22] <Teamerz> [[User:love]]
[04:22] <Teamerz> love can help
[04:22] <Banarama> it is ursuuul
[04:23] <Pariscat11> xD
[04:23] <Banarama> but it's retarded
[04:23] <Banarama> it's a sign of incompetence
[04:23] <Banarama> and unsuitability for admin
[04:23] <Ursuul> >bana calls me incompetent
[04:23] <Ursuul> >ironic
[04:23] <Teamerz> is it a wood sign or a metal sign
[04:23] <Banarama> plastic
[04:23] <Pariscat11> i wanna give you my suul ursuul
[04:23] <Ursuul> what does that even mean
[04:23] <Banarama> soul
[04:23] <Teamerz> he wants u to reap his soul
[04:23] <Ursuul> ok
[04:24] <Ursuul> *gets scythe*
[04:24] <Pariscat11> (XD) 
[04:24] <Teamerz> *holds box that containz soulz*
[04:24] <Ursuul> ALMOST DONE [[Special:PrefixIndex/Concept:]]
[04:24] <Pariscat11> -the soul explodonates teamerz-
[04:24] <Pariscat11> (xd) 
[04:24] <Banarama> URSULU
[04:24] <Pariscat11> ursoul
[04:24] <Banarama> MY BURFDAI IZ TMRW
[04:24] <Teamerz> im gonna make you a banana cake
[04:24] <Teamerz> :D
[04:25] <Banarama> so wish me happeh burfdai at the sandbox ;^)
[04:25] <Pariscat11> -throws hearts at ursuul-
[04:25] <Pariscat11> (Here goes a RP)
[04:25] <Ursuul> otay
[04:25] <Pariscat11> (d1) 
[04:25] <Teamerz> >only goes to sandbox to shout burfdai
[04:25] <Teamerz> >:0
[04:25] <Ursuul> w8
[04:25] <Ursuul> over in Ameryka it is already the 12th
[04:25] <Pariscat11> (d1) : hi
[04:25] <Ursuul> Happeh birthdai
[04:25] <Pariscat11> (d1) : hoi ursuul
[04:25] <Banarama> danks m8
[04:25] <Pariscat11> (d1) : ursuul?
[04:26] <Teamerz> over in kanada is already 12th
[04:26] <Pariscat11> (d1) rip
[04:26] <Teamerz> so happi birday
[04:26] <Pariscat11> i live in yoo ssss yay
[04:26] <Pariscat11> (d1) 
[04:26] <Pariscat11> (xd) 
[04:26] <Pariscat11> oops
[04:27] <Pariscat11> poops
[04:27] <Ursuul> nearly done the deletions 
[04:27] <Pariscat11> i love ursuul
[04:27] <Ursuul> I still haven't gotten snax yet
[04:27] <Teamerz> go do it
[04:27] <Teamerz> damnit
[04:28] <Ursuul> Imma get snax
[04:28] <Teamerz> go.
[04:28] <Teamerz> now.
[04:28] <Pariscat11> ^ (d2) 
[04:28] <Ursuul> & a drink to toast the day satan thrust bana upon my life >:)
[04:28] <Pariscat11> ^ (d1) 
[04:28] <The named BOSS> Teamz fight me
[04:28] <Teamerz> no
[04:28] <Teamerz> :3
[04:28] <Pariscat11> nao dun hurt ursuul
[04:29] <The named BOSS> *is still a huge tank, fires huge beam cannon at teamz*
[04:29] <ItzDracius> (d2_
[04:29] <ItzDracius> sdfj
[04:29] <ItzDracius> (d2) 
[04:29] <ItzDracius> oh
[04:29] <Pariscat11> (d2) 
[04:29] <ItzDracius> (d3)
[04:29] <Teamerz> *is still not there*
[04:29] <Pariscat11> dun hurt ursuul
[04:29] <Pariscat11> or i will kills yu
[04:30] <Pariscat11> -hug ursuul-
[04:30] <The named BOSS> *fires it at ursuul*
[04:30] <Pariscat11> -slashes tnb into dust-
[04:31] <Pariscat11> -then burns the dust and it turns into ash-
[04:31] <Pariscat11> -throws the ash into a lake-
[04:31] <ItzDracius> [verysmall] I want to be a furry.
[04:31] <Pariscat11> -then roasts the lake-
[04:31] <Pariscat11> -then takes the ash-
[04:32] <Pariscat11> -and cuts it up into atoms-
[04:32] <Pariscat11> (idfk)
[04:32] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[04:32] <Pariscat11> -hacks-
[04:32] <The named BOSS> *as the same giant tank*
[04:32] <Pariscat11> -removes tnb's respawn ability-
[04:32] <Pariscat11> -then the process repeats-
[04:32] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[04:33] <Pariscat11> (i clearly removed your respawn ability)
[04:33] <Pariscat11> (all to protect ursuul)
[04:33] <The named BOSS> ( I am this tank)
[04:33] <Zathsu> Woah what happened
[04:33] <Zathsu> Went away for like ten minutes
[04:33] <The named BOSS> *respawns anyways*
[04:33] <Pariscat11> i coldn't restrain how much i loved ursuul
[04:34] <Teamerz> eh nothing
[04:34] <Pariscat11> and then tnb shot teamerz and ursuul
[04:34] <Teamerz> ursuul went to grab a snax
[04:34] <Pariscat11> i literally killed tnb to protect ursuul
[04:34] <Pariscat11> then he respawned
[04:34] <Teamerz> and now apparently paris and boss are destroying stuff
[04:34] <Pariscat11> i removed his respawning power
[04:34] <Pariscat11> then killed him again
[04:34] <Pariscat11> and he respawned anyway
[04:34] <Zathsu> Oh lol
[04:34] <Zathsu> Makes sense
[04:34] <Pariscat11> then ursuul left
[04:34] <Pariscat11> rip
[04:34] <Teamerz> also
[04:34] <Zathsu> Paris and BOSS destroying stuff
[04:34] <Teamerz> i wouldnt mind another potatoe scepter :3
[04:34] <Pariscat11> -digs a grave-
[04:34] <Pariscat11> -puts ursuul in it-
[04:35] <Pariscat11> -covers the grave with dirt-
[04:35] <Pariscat11> -then slashes the cannon off of tnb-
[04:37] <The named BOSS> Shit
[04:37] <Skye Sim> Yo peeps
[04:37] <Teamerz> hi
[04:38] <The named BOSS> *fires all of the other turrets and stuff in random directions*
[04:38] <The named BOSS> Hi
[04:38] <Skye Sim> [font="elephant"]Hippo font
[04:39] <Zathsu> Welcome
[04:40] <ItzDracius> [giant] Furry
[04:40] <Pariscat11> -chops up tnb and leaves only the mind-
[04:40] <ItzDracius> ;p;mp
[04:40] <ItzDracius> lolno
[04:40] <Teamerz> Welcome front-
[04:41] <The named BOSS> What was that for?
[04:41] <The named BOSS> And how do you even...
[04:41] <Zathsu> brb
[04:41] <Skye Sim> What, BOSS?
[04:41] <Teamerz> aw that didnt annoy zathsu? D:
[04:42] <Skye Sim> That's sad
[04:42] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> active mode activate
[04:42] <The named BOSS> Paris
[04:42] <Teamerz> wo chap
[04:42] <The named BOSS> I'm sad now
[04:42] <Teamerz> you cant just do that
[04:42] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> lies
[04:42] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> xD
[04:42] <Teamerz> thats impossible for you to do
[04:42] <Teamerz> >:0
[04:42] <Teamerz> you do not have neough activity points to activate that skill
[04:42] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> but I have 143 inactivity points :3
[04:43] <Teamerz> you can trade them for 1 activity point
[04:43] <Teamerz> >:0
[04:43] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> but you need the negate skill to do so
[04:43] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> >:0
[04:44] <Teamerz> well..
[04:44] <The named BOSS> Halp 
[04:44] <Teamerz> I guess its time to unleash my troo powr then
[04:44] <Skye Sim> (chapsteckd)
[04:44] <The named BOSS> Paris y
[04:44] <Teamerz> *throws frog at chap*
[04:44] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> GASPPP
[04:44] <Teamerz> FROG I SHOOZE YOU
[04:44] <Pariscat11> -kills TNB-
[04:44] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> -temz has gained 5 frog points-
[04:44] <Teamerz> >:D
[04:44] <Skye Sim> 2 teamz anyone?
[04:45] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> D:<
[04:45] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> shore
[04:45] <Teamerz> and even worse
[04:45] <Teamerz> *spends frog points and throws 2.5 more frogs at chap*
[04:45] <Teamerz> >:0
[04:45] <Zathsu> Back
[04:45] <Skye Sim> Anything to get away from temz right Chap?
[04:45] <Zathsu> Teamerz I swear
[04:45] <Teamerz> Front
[04:45] <Skye Sim> 2 teams, Zathsu?
[04:46] <Zathsu> >:|
[04:46] <Teamerz> did i annoy?
[04:46] <Teamerz> :D
[04:46] <Zathsu> Temz
[04:46] <Teamerz> yas?
[04:46] <Zathsu> And no, cant Skye :/
[04:46] <Skye Sim> Ey temz you didn't say Zathsu I curse
[04:46] <Zathsu> soz
[04:46] <Skye Sim> OK then
[04:46] <The named BOSS> *respawns as a drone*
[04:46] <Skye Sim>
[04:46] <The named BOSS> *lands on zathsus head*
[04:47] <Teamerz> *grabs bow and arrow*
[04:47] <Teamerz> dont worry zathsu i got this
[04:47] <Zathsu> Ugh
[04:47] <Zathsu> Wait a second
[04:47] <Teamerz> i totally practiced my archery for 10 years
[04:47] <The named BOSS> Wait no
[04:47] <Zathsu> *puts up potato wall in front of myself except BOSS*
[04:48] <The named BOSS> *flies off of zathsus head (
[04:48] <Skye Sim> Cool Temz
[04:48] <Zathsu> *uses potato to hold BOSS in place*
[04:48] <Pariscat11> -eats the potatoed-
[04:48] <Zathsu> crap
[04:48] <Teamerz> *hundreds of arrows hit the potatoes but none go past the hole*
[04:48] <Teamerz> well fuq
[04:48] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep tackles zathsu*
[04:48] <The named BOSS> *lands on zathsus head again*
[04:49] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep lightly punches zathsu*
[04:49] <Teamerz> *stands on top of boss*
[04:49] <Teamerz> *fires arrow into him*
[04:49] <Teamerz> >:D
[04:49] <Zathsu> why chap ;~;
[04:49] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep runs*
[04:49] <Teamerz> *throws boss at chep*
[04:49] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep falls*
[04:49] <The named BOSS> *explodes*
[04:49] <Teamerz> no one touchezathsu
[04:49] <Zathsu> Master I've been assaulted
[04:49] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[04:49] <Zathsu> *runs to Teamerz for pets*
[04:50] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep lands on zathsu from the explosion*
[04:50] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *low on health*
[04:50] <The named BOSS> *lands on chap's head*
[04:50] <Teamerz> <.<
[04:50] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep does a flip*
[04:50] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *off a cliff*
[04:50] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep dies*
[04:50] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *respawns*
[04:50] <Teamerz> hang on zathsu
[04:50] <Teamerz> *digs tomb for chep, puts body in it and fills it with dirt before throwing flowers and roses on it*
[04:51] <The named BOSS> *flies off of their head before getting smashed*
[04:51] <Teamerz> *walks back to zathsu and starts petting her*
[04:51] <The named BOSS> Um
[04:51] <ItzDracius> Uploading a video right now.
[04:51] <The named BOSS> *lands on teamz head*
[04:51] <Teamerz> boss
[04:51] <Teamerz> if you dont get off
[04:51] <Teamerz> i swer
[04:51] <The named BOSS> Don't hurt me
[04:51] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep smashes his own grave to the ground*
[04:51] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *die grave, die*
[04:51] <Teamerz> then git off
[04:51] <The named BOSS> Why?
[04:51] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep nukes*
[04:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *ded
[04:52] <Teamerz> do you want to get hurt or not
[04:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep lags*
[04:52] <ItzDracius> ...
[04:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep dies out of nowhere*
[04:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep digs a grave for themselves*
[04:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep creates a time paradox*
[04:53] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep implodes
[04:53] <The named BOSS> No
[04:53] <The named BOSS> But I'm not getting off
[04:53] <Zathsu> Yay pets
[04:53] <Teamerz> well your problem
[04:54] <Pariscat11> -eats the energy-
[04:54] <The named BOSS> What?
[04:54] <Teamerz> *pulls shotgun out of eye socket and fires at boss with it while petting zathsu*
[04:54] <Pariscat11> -then implodes and that implosion implodes-
[04:54] <Pariscat11> -and then-
[04:54] <Pariscat11> -space dust-
[04:54] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *something happens*
[04:54] <Pariscat11> (d1) 
[04:54] <The named BOSS> *Falls of of teamz head and lands on zathsus head*
[04:55] <Pariscat11> GIMME DAT BOSS
[04:55] <Teamerz> n0t while im petting her
[04:55] <Teamerz> >:CCCCC
[04:55] <Pariscat11> -Eats Boss-
[04:55] <Teamerz> *shotgunz boss once moar*
[04:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> tRIGGERED
[04:55] <Zathsu> ;~;
[04:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep slowly creeps up on temz*
[04:55] <Zathsu> I just want to be comfortable
[04:55] <Teamerz> AAAA
[04:55] <Teamerz> CREEP
[04:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep trips*
[04:55] <Zathsu> And petted
[04:55] <Pariscat11> -eats the chat-
[04:55] <Teamerz> *slaps chep with eye*
[04:55] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[04:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep begins stabbing paris to death for reasons you would only understand if you were me*
[04:55] <The named BOSS> *stabs Zathsu in the back with claw*
[04:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep is in pain*
[04:55] <Zathsu> Lol no
[04:55] <Zathsu> ;3
[04:56] <Zathsu> Fine
[04:56] <Zathsu> oof
[04:56] <Teamerz> (triggered) 
[04:56] <Pariscat11> -oofs the oof-
[04:56] <Zathsu> Uses healing magic to close wound.
[04:56] <Pariscat11> (done) 
[04:56] <Zathsu> Should be in asterisks
[04:56] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep puts bandaids over the healed would*
[04:56] <Zathsu> I know very limited magic
[04:56] <The named BOSS> *stabs them multiple times, and rams into zathsus head*
[04:56] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep calls the ambulance*
[04:56] <Zathsu> From potatomancy to lesser heals
[04:56] <Teamerz> *empties shotgun magazine in boss before pummeling him on the floor*
[04:56] <The named BOSS> Ouch
[04:56] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *ambulance runs over boss*
[04:56] <Teamerz> *starts decapitating boss with katanas*
[04:56] <Teamerz> fooken
[04:56] <Teamerz> stahp
[04:56] <The named BOSS> Double ouch
[04:57] <Teamerz> *roundhouse keks boss*
[04:57] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep pokes temz*
[04:57] <Teamerz> dont make me uze the cylinderz boss
[04:57] <Pariscat11> -decapitates a cylinder-
[04:57] <The named BOSS> *flies into a wall and comes crashing to the ground*
[04:57] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chopstarks continues to poke temz*
[04:57] <Teamerz> *turns to chep*
[04:57] <Pariscat11> oh wait
[04:57] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep lags*
[04:57] <Pariscat11> i forgot i'm a chopping stick
[04:57] <Teamerz> *pokes chep with a pokestick*
[04:57] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *how dare*
[04:57] <Teamerz> actually,
[04:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep does things*
[04:58] <Teamerz> *grabs chep and pummels boss with him*
[04:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *gasp*
[04:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *boss takes in all of da bullets*
[04:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep runs*
[04:58] <Pariscat11> -pokes the pokestick with chep-
[04:58] <The named BOSS> ARGH 
[04:59] <The named BOSS> *does not explode*
[04:59] <The named BOSS> Anyone?
[04:59] <Teamerz> *impales boss with pokestick*
[04:59] <The named BOSS> *does not explode*
[04:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep begins spazzing on the ground like a broken ragdoll*
[04:59] <The named BOSS> Help! Paris?
[04:59] <ItzDracius> ...
[04:59] <Zathsu> ;~;
[04:59] <Teamerz> oh
[04:59] <Teamerz> right
[04:59] <Teamerz> uh
[04:59] <Pariscat11> -stabs tnb-
[04:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *somewhere in a continent over seas, a random tree explodes*
[04:59] <Teamerz> *throws pokestick with boss in the cell*
[05:00] <Zathsu> *raises single potato using magic and flings it at BOSS*
[05:00] <Teamerz> *closez door*
[05:00] <Pariscat11> -and then puts tnb's grave in a crap pile-
[05:00] <Teamerz> *goes back to petting zathsu*
[05:00] <Teamerz> sorri about that.
[05:00] <ItzDracius> brb
[05:00] <The named BOSS> *explodes*
[05:00] <Zathsu> :D
[05:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep then pours gasoline over boss's grave*
[05:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep sets it on fire*
[05:00] <Teamerz> >.>;
[05:00] <Zathsu> *lightly purrs like a cat as I rub Teamerz's arm with my head*
[05:01] <The named BOSS> *respawns and immediately decaptiates Paris, killing them, and throws the body off a cliff into an ocean*
[05:01] <Teamerz> '<.<;
[05:01] <Zathsu> See? Isnt this so much better than bad chat? :3
[05:01] <Teamerz> well
[05:01] <Teamerz> i hav to admit
[05:01] <Teamerz> ur correct for wonce
[05:01] <Pariscat11> -becomes TNB-
[05:01] <Pariscat11> -so he has to kill himself LOL-
[05:01] <ItzDracius> ok
[05:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep sneaks up on zathsu, puts a pet tag on zathsu saying zathsu*
[05:01] <The named BOSS> *explodes*
[05:01] <The named BOSS> *becomes paris*
[05:01] <Pariscat11> -he kills himself forever-
[05:01] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[05:01] <Pariscat11> -exists by myself-
[05:02] <Pariscat11> -nobody can morph into me-
[05:02] <The named BOSS> *nobody can morph into me either*
[05:02] <ItzDracius> keys
[05:02] <Teamerz> w8 a sec does dat mean zathsu is gonna bekom half cat
[05:02] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep ascends to a higher level of sanity*
[05:02] <Zathsu> No
[05:02] <Zathsu> Not neccesarily
[05:02] <The named BOSS> *lands on zathsus head*
[05:03] <Teamerz> 1/8 cat?
[05:03] <Zathsu> I dont uh... think :/
[05:03] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep is now ascended*
[05:03] <Zathsu> I dont know how it works
[05:03] <Teamerz> okey
[05:03] <ItzDracius> ok
[05:03] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep shall traverse the lands, being far too sane*
[05:03] <ItzDracius> Is the merge done already?
[05:03] <Skye Sim> Not yet
[05:03] <Teamerz> *throws boss away before petting zathsu on teh head*
[05:03] <Pariscat11> OH NO
[05:03] <ItzDracius> Oh it is?
[05:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *until he slaps zathsu on the face"
[05:04] <The named BOSS> ARE YOU GOING TO GET A TAIL?
[05:04] <ItzDracius> Finally.
[05:04] <Zathsu> ITS SO SOOTHING
[05:04] <Pariscat11> -Boss would partially disappear-
[05:04] <The named BOSS> No its not
[05:04] <Pariscat11> LOOK AT YOURSELF
[05:04] <Zathsu> :O CHAP
[05:04] <The named BOSS> *and partially reappaear*
[05:04] <Teamerz> rip.
[05:04] <The named BOSS> Eh I can respawn 
[05:04] <Pariscat11> -Boss would be slowly erased-
[05:04] <Pariscat11> -No respawning now-
[05:04] <The named BOSS> *and they respawn*
[05:04] <Pariscat11> -you just triggered li'l tboo-
[05:04] <Teamerz> chap
[05:04] <Pariscat11> -an arena closer would spawn on TnB-
[05:04] <Zathsu> Nope
[05:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wot
[05:05] <The named BOSS> (grin) 
[05:05] <Pariscat11> -then that would disappear-
[05:05] <Teamerz> thou shall not slap zathsu
[05:05] <Teamerz> with no punishment
[05:05] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep flees*
[05:05] <Pariscat11> (grin) 
[05:05] <Teamerz> >:C
[05:05] <The named BOSS> *lands on chaps head*
[05:05] <Pariscat11> -TnB would be gone-
[05:05] <Pariscat11> -FOREVER-
[05:05] <Pariscat11> GUYS
[05:05] <Pariscat11> WE NEEDA GET OUTTA HERE
[05:05] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep goes to space*
[05:05] <Teamerz> g00d
[05:05] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep lands on Ganymede*
[05:05] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep questions his life*
[05:05] <Teamerz> *pets zathsu on teh head again*
[05:05] <Pariscat11> -Space was being erased as well-
[05:06] <Pariscat11> -Ganymede begins to disappear-
[05:06] <Pariscat11> -Chep would be erased-
[05:06] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep reappears Ganymede*
[05:06] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep is triggered*
[05:06] <Pariscat11> -The sky would be erased, revealing blackness-
[05:06] <Pariscat11> -Just blackness-
[05:06] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *and far too sane to be erased*
[05:06] <Teamerz> [small] if everyone keeps entering teh castle with no permission teamerz is gonna become paranoid lmao
[05:06] <Zathsu> I dont like to be hurt ;~;
[05:06] <Pariscat11> -The stars themselves would be erased-
[05:06] <Zathsu> Mean Chap
[05:06] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep is floating in an endless void with Ganymede*
[05:06] <Teamerz> ish ok zathsu.
[05:06] <Teamerz> ish ok.
[05:06] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep questions his sanity*
[05:06] <Zathsu> Lol
[05:06] <Pariscat11> -You would see the last glimpse of the Sun before all of space is gone-
[05:07] <Pariscat11> -The arena was halfway erased-
[05:07] <Pariscat11> GUYS
[05:07] <Teamerz> you get pets for consolation
[05:07] <The named BOSS> *respawns, immune to all erasing things*
[05:07] <Pariscat11> WE NEEDA GET OUT OF HERE
[05:07] <The named BOSS> HAHA YOU CANNOT STOP ME
[05:07] <Pariscat11> -TnB would spawn in the erased area and take damage forever-
[05:07] <Zathsu> I dont think Paris realizes nobody cares
[05:07] <Zathsu> ;3
[05:07] <Zathsu> We're not living in your game
[05:07] <The named BOSS> *latches onto paris, and drags them back*
[05:07] <Pariscat11> -He couldn't move-
[05:07] <Teamerz> shhhh
[05:07] <Teamerz> just relaks
[05:07] <Teamerz> *pets on hed*
[05:07] <The named BOSS> I WILL TAKE YOU WITH ME
[05:07] <Zathsu> Ok
[05:07] <Pariscat11> -Erases self-
[05:07] <Zathsu> ...
[05:07] <Zathsu> -w-
[05:07] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *now chap, in the endless void he is in, realizes that he must continue*
[05:07] <Pariscat11> -The latch slowly gets deleted itself-
[05:07] <The named BOSS> Well okay nevermind screw this
[05:08] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep revives joopiter and all of its moons*
[05:08] <The named BOSS> *lands on teamz head*
[05:08] <Pariscat11> -You could only revive the core-
[05:08] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep creates a new planet*
[05:08] <Pariscat11> -TnB would literally look like a mechanical Ball-
[05:08] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *this planet is called paris the antelope 6
[05:09] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep sends paris the antelope towards paris*
[05:09] <The named BOSS> *respawns as a drone*
[05:09] <Pariscat11> -the planet would be erased-
[05:09] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *aka earth*
[05:09] <Pariscat11> -and i didn't exist-
[05:09] <Pariscat11> -the arena would be almost gone-
[05:09] <The named BOSS> -boss would be the only thing left-
[05:09] <Zathsu> ...
[05:09] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *suddenly, chep recreates everything*
[05:09] <Teamerz> *keeps petting zathsu's head*
[05:09] <Teamerz> shhh
[05:09] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *gasp*
[05:09] <Zathsu> Ok
[05:09] <Zathsu> ...
[05:09] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *except for paris*
[05:09] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *ugly*
[05:10] <Pariscat11> -chap would have a broken hexagon body-
[05:10] <Pariscat11> -and the arena was pitch black-
[05:10] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep turns in to...*
[05:10] <Pariscat11> -the arena would slowly come back-
[05:10] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *his old profile picture*
[05:10] <The named BOSS> *boss is still a drone*
[05:10] <Zathsu> I think you're all forgetting this is reality
[05:10] <Zathsu> ;3
[05:10] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *gasp*
[05:10] <The named BOSS> *lands on zathsus head*
[05:10] <Zathsu> Master Teamerz get him off >:(
[05:10] <Teamerz> >.>
[05:11] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep creates paris the antelope 6 clones all over the place*
[05:11] <Teamerz> okey uh
[05:11] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *sends them towards paris*
[05:11] <Teamerz> im gonna use a special technique i have been practicing
[05:11] <Pariscat11> -the planets would hit the arena-
[05:11] <Pariscat11> -as i didn't exist-
[05:11] <Pariscat11> -the sky would be back-
[05:11] <Teamerz> *eye starts rocketing towards boss to knock him off of zathsu's head before returning in its original location*
[05:11] <Zathsu> :O
[05:11] <Teamerz> dat hurtz
[05:11] <Zathsu> That was weird
[05:12] <Pariscat11> -every planet would be back-
[05:12] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *everyting is pretty much chaos now*
[05:12] <Teamerz> ey at least i didnt have to stop petting you
[05:12] <Pariscat11> -the polygons would come back-
[05:12] <Teamerz> :>
[05:12] <Pariscat11> -and i respawn-
[05:12] <Pariscat11> -as black pentagon-
[05:12] <Zathsu> ^w^
[05:12] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep teleports paris in the middle of space*
[05:12] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep throws a paris the antelope 6 at them*
[05:12] <The named BOSS> *lands on zathsus head again*
[05:12] <Pariscat11> -i would dodge-
[05:12] <Zathsu> >_<
[05:13] <Pariscat11> -you would lose your powers-
[05:13] <Zathsu> *swats at BOSS*
[05:13] <Pariscat11> -as the entire universe is back-
[05:13] <Pariscat11> -i would fall to the arena-
[05:13] <Teamerz> *wraps boss around with one of my eyes and holds him in the air*
[05:13] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *upon losing chep's powers, chep ascends to a higher level of sanity
[05:13] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep is now lord sanity*
[05:13] <Teamerz> teh pain
[05:13] <Pariscat11> hey teamerz
[05:13] <Teamerz> guh
[05:13] <Pariscat11> i'm back
[05:13] <The named BOSS> Oh crap
[05:13] <Teamerz> dats good to kno
[05:13] <Teamerz> (suffering) 
[05:14] <Teamerz> ^temz rn
[05:14] <The named BOSS> [s] Awwww they are back
[05:14] <Zathsu> Ew
[05:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep pets zathsu in an "uncomfortable" position (lenny) *
[05:14] <Zathsu> Master
[05:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *jk*
[05:14] <Teamerz> whot
[05:14] <Zathsu> You're ugly
[05:14] <Pariscat11> good thing chap stopped the erasing of the universe in the last moments
[05:14] <Teamerz> ;_
[05:14] <Teamerz> ;_;
[05:14] <Zathsu> No Chap pls more
[05:14] <Zathsu> P E T 
[05:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep pets zathsu moar*
[05:14] <Pariscat11> -pets zathsu using self-
[05:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep overdrives*
[05:14] <Zathsu> R E Q U I R E S P E T T I N G A N D A T T E N T I O N
[05:14] <Pariscat11> -then begins to melt-
[05:14] <Teamerz> *eye retracts*
[05:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep ascends to a third level of sanity*
[05:15] <Pariscat11> -i would be a blob-
[05:15] <Pariscat11> -the blob would jump off-
[05:15] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *everything around chep becomes sane*
[05:15] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *paris is now a sane human being*
[05:15] <Teamerz> *starts petting zathsu with both hands*
[05:15] <Pariscat11> -the blob would hit chap-
[05:15] <Pariscat11> -i would still be a blob-
[05:15] <Zathsu> *overwhelmed with peace and relaxation as I am petted by everyone*
[05:15] <Pariscat11> -as i was melted-
[05:15] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep is very confused*
[05:15] <Zathsu> WHY DOES IT FEEL SO GOOD
[05:15] <Pariscat11> -you saw a jumble of black barrels and deployers-
[05:15] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep pets zathsu some more*
[05:15] <Zathsu> Now I know why cats like it so much
[05:16] <Pariscat11> -then two melted eyes appear on two deployers-
[05:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep is scared*
[05:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep, at a level of sanity he is at now, deletes the eyes*
[05:16] <Pariscat11> -It would morph into 6 hexagons and a pentagon fused together-
[05:16] <Zathsu> *continues denying the existence of Paris*
[05:16] <Pariscat11> -and the eyes would reappear-
[05:16] <The named BOSS> Immmm noT saa-ne do I LOOK SannneeE to yuUoooUuu?
[05:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep must make everything make sense*
[05:16] <Pariscat11> -the blob would roll over to teamerz-
[05:17] <The named BOSS> O Kay then that's not good
[05:17] <Pariscat11> -you heard a bunch of voices chanting "You are us....."-
[05:17] <Zathsu> Listening to this on loop rn. Its TOO GOOD:
[05:17] <Pariscat11> -It would inch closer to Teamerz-
[05:17] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep fucking deletes everything creepy that paris has made due to his powers of sanity*
[05:17] <Pariscat11> -It would stay there-
[05:17] <Teamerz> >_>
[05:17] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep godmods*
[05:17] <Pariscat11> -As Chep cannot control it-
[05:17] <Pariscat11> -The volume of the voices increases-
[05:18] <Zathsu> *slaps Paris eight times to make him come to his senses*
[05:18] <Teamerz> zathsu no
[05:18] <Pariscat11> -i was 6 hexagons and a pentagon melted together-
[05:18] <Zathsu> Sorry
[05:18] <Teamerz> u r not becoming one with the relaxation
[05:18] <Pariscat11> -and i attached to the hand-
[05:18] <Teamerz> >:(
[05:18] <Zathsu> *ashamed*
[05:18] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep in turn gives paris an ultimate sanity slap*
[05:18] <Pariscat11> -you would attach-
[05:18] <Teamerz> *goes back to only petting with one hand*
[05:18] <Pariscat11> -the blob would begin to reel in chep-
[05:18] <Zathsu> ^w^
[05:18] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep pets zathsu some more, with two hands*
[05:18] <The named BOSS> Okay that could be bad
[05:18] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep is too sane to do this*
[05:18] <The named BOSS> *zips away*
[05:19] <Pariscat11> -chep would become part of the blob-
[05:19] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep isn't part of lob*
[05:19] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> blib*
[05:19] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> blob*
[05:19] <Teamerz> lmao
[05:19] <Pariscat11> -you attached to it-
[05:19] <Pariscat11> -and it slowly merged to you-
[05:19] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep is no longer attached*
[05:19] <Teamerz> wait a sec
[05:19] <Zathsu> ?
[05:19] <The named BOSS> Um
[05:19] <Pariscat11> (it was fusing more and more of itself with you)
[05:19] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep slaps Paris again*
[05:19] <Teamerz> this just gave me the greatest idea for petatoes
[05:19] <Zathsu> :O
[05:19] <Zathsu> Lemme hear!
[05:19] <Zathsu> Please! :D
[05:19] <Teamerz> mm
[05:19] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wot's petatoes
[05:19] <Pariscat11> -you had two melting hexagons floating above your head, and a pentagon would be attached to you-
[05:19] <Zathsu> I know its supposed to be a surprise but...
[05:19] <Teamerz> an upcoming product
[05:20] <Pariscat11> -two small hexagons would be attached to that pentagon-
[05:20] <Teamerz> yes it iz, zathsu
[05:20] <The named BOSS> I'm just going to... not go near that... scanning... amalgamate?
[05:20] <Zathsu> IVE BEEN GOOD PLS
[05:20] <Zathsu> :3
[05:20] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep ignores paris because this is terrifying*
[05:20] <Teamerz> thats y u have been receiving all these pets
[05:20] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *xD*
[05:20] <Pariscat11> -the blob would unfuse from chapsteck-
[05:20] <Zathsu> o yeh
[05:20] <The named BOSS> Okay that is VERY bad
[05:20] <Pariscat11> -it would come towards tnb-
[05:20] <Teamerz> BUT
[05:20] <The named BOSS> *zips away*
[05:20] <Teamerz> i will allow u to know
[05:20] <Pariscat11> -it would fuse into the barrel form-
[05:20] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep realizes his sanity powers saved him*
[05:20] <Teamerz> that it includes petting
[05:20] <The named BOSS> *barrel form?*
[05:20] <Zathsu> :D
[05:20] <Pariscat11> (you became one with the blob for some time)
[05:21] <Pariscat11> (the barrel form consists of black barrels and black deployers)
[05:21] <Pariscat11> -the eyes would open-
[05:21] <Pariscat11> -and it would walk like a human being-
[05:21] <Teamerz> howeber i cant work on petatoes while im petting yo- oh wait
[05:21] <Teamerz> *calls clone to go work on petatoes*
[05:21] <Pariscat11> -It would leave little bits of itself behind, as it was still melting-
[05:21] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep pets zathsu, overdrive mode*
[05:21] <Pariscat11> -it would transform into the polygon mode-
[05:21] <The named BOSS> *I am a drone, like, a flying thing with 2 little propellers, size of a watermelon, a laser gun*
[05:21] <Zathsu> SO HAPPY
[05:22] <Pariscat11> (polygon mode is 6 hexagons and a pentagon melted together)
[05:22] <Zathsu> SO MUCH PETTING
[05:22] <Pariscat11> A chain of two hexagons would unmelt form the pentagon
[05:22] <Pariscat11> And it would "pet" zathsu
[05:22] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep goes to space and flies to paris the antelope 6, which is still there after all this time*
[05:22] <Teamerz> would you like
[05:22] <Teamerz> a glass of milk *showz glass of milk to zathsu*
[05:22] <Zathsu> :O
[05:22] <Zathsu> You know I like milk :P
[05:22] <Teamerz> mhm
[05:22] <Pariscat11> There would be some green goo in Zathsu's hair
[05:22] <Zathsu> Especially chocolate milk
[05:22] <The named BOSS> Woahkay not going near that thing
[05:22] <Teamerz> o
[05:22] <Teamerz> hang on
[05:22] <The named BOSS> Um
[05:23] <Pariscat11> It would refuse into the hexagon and pentagon "circle"
[05:23] <Teamerz> *tosses glass of milk away and calls a clone*
[05:23] <Teamerz> -2 minz later-
[05:23] <Zathsu> *eyes turn wide toward spilled glass of milk* O_O
[05:23] <Teamerz> *hands 2 liters of chocolate milk to zathsu*
[05:23] <Pariscat11> the circle would drink the milk by using a hexagon
[05:23] <Zathsu> Even better
[05:23] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I'm going to draw myself as a triple-ascended lord of sanity lol
[05:23] <Pariscat11> and it would melt even more
[05:24] <Teamerz> enjoy
[05:24] <Pariscat11> It would somehow retain the same form, just melting more
[05:24] <Zathsu> :D
[05:24] <Teamerz> *pets moar*
[05:24] <Zathsu> *drinking chocolate milk*
[05:24] <Pariscat11> It would grapple to Teamerz, and begin to melt with him
[05:24] <Pariscat11> "You are us....."
[05:24] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep pets zathsu some moar*
[05:24] <The named BOSS> NOT GOING NEAR THAT
[05:24] <The named BOSS> EVER
[05:24] <Pariscat11> Teamerz would melt to the back of the pentagon
[05:25] <Pariscat11> The blob would fall over
[05:25] <Zathsu> Being treated so good :3
[05:25] <Pariscat11> Then the green hexagons would glow
[05:25] <Teamerz> i like how all of this started over me bringing zathsu being a pet too far
[05:25] <Pariscat11> (this amalgamate cannot die)
[05:25] <Pariscat11> -it would launch teamerz off-
[05:25] <Pariscat11> -it would float towards TnB-
[05:25] <The named BOSS> Um
[05:25] <Pariscat11> -It would take the chain of hexagon-
[05:25] <The named BOSS> *zips away*
[05:25] <Pariscat11> -And pet him-
[05:26] <The named BOSS> No thanks
[05:26] <Zathsu> I dont mind it, master Teamerz :P
[05:26] <The named BOSS> Um
[05:26] <Pariscat11> -It would turn back into the regular poly form-
[05:26] <The named BOSS> Heh heh, I'm going to leave now 
[05:26] <Pariscat11> -It boops Zathsu-
[05:26] <Teamerz> well its fine by me
[05:26] <The named BOSS> *teleports away*
[05:26] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *>boops zathsu*
[05:26] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *nobody*
[05:26] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *EVER*
[05:26] <Pariscat11> The blob would look at Teamerz
[05:26] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *messes*
[05:26] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *with*
[05:26] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *zathsu
[05:26] <Pariscat11> "You are us....."
[05:27] <Pariscat11> It would move towards Teamerz
[05:27] <Teamerz> >.>
[05:27] <Pariscat11> (now i need the melted polygon form for my avatar)
[05:27] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep attacks Paris multiple times*
[05:27] <Zathsu> :P
[05:27] <Pariscat11> (can anyone sketch it?)
[05:27] <Pariscat11> -It absorbs each hit-
[05:27] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I
[05:27] <Teamerz> okey zathsu
[05:27] <Teamerz> the petatoes r readi
[05:27] <Zathsu> They are!
[05:27] <Teamerz> yas.
[05:27] <Zathsu> :D
[05:27] <The named BOSS> *teleports back and fires a laser at it*
[05:27] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I'm a terrible sketcher, I want someone to sketch meh >:D
[05:27] <Pariscat11> the blob would be in the petato farm
[05:27] <Pariscat11> it would be absorbing all of the petatoes
[05:27] <Pariscat11> apparently to fuel itself
[05:27] <Teamerz> *grabs petatoe from a clone's hand*
[05:28] <Teamerz> zathsu
[05:28] <Teamerz> i present to you
[05:28] <Pariscat11> the blob would steal the petato
[05:28] <Zathsu> :O
[05:28] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *but zathsu*
[05:28] <Pariscat11> nom nom nom
[05:28] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep has a mongo*
[05:28] <Teamerz> teh petatoes: they are like potatoes but they have a very soft magical potatoe hand on them which can pet you
[05:28] <Pariscat11> It would float away
[05:28] <Zathsu> oooooooooh
[05:28] <Pariscat11> there was only one petato left
[05:28] <The named BOSS> Whew 
[05:28] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep sets the mongo in zathsu's lap*
[05:28] <Teamerz> and they are still edible
[05:28] <Zathsu> If I eat it will it feel like Im being pet.
[05:28] <The named BOSS> It didn't go near me
[05:29] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> "sure"
[05:29] <The named BOSS> Well
[05:29] <Teamerz> if you eat it..
[05:29] <Teamerz> uh
[05:29] <Pariscat11> The blob would boop TnB
[05:29] <The named BOSS> ...
[05:29] <Pariscat11> Unfortunately, TnB would become part of the blob
[05:29] <Teamerz> chances are it will pet you from the inside until the acid dissolves dem
[05:29] <Zathsu> ooh
[05:29] <Zathsu> Sounds weird
[05:29] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *unfortunately, it's not butter*
[05:29] <Teamerz> yeh
[05:29] <Zathsu> But imma try it
[05:29] <Zathsu> *eats a petato*
[05:29] <Teamerz> okey
[05:29] <Teamerz> *grabs bag of petatoe and opens it*
[05:30] <The named BOSS> *self destructs inside of the blob*
[05:30] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep sneaks a mongo in the petatoe bag*
[05:30] <Pariscat11> gtg
[05:30] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> bai
[05:30] <Pariscat11> lets do this 2morrow morning
[05:30] <Teamerz> bai
[05:30] <Zathsu> Bai
[05:31] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> dead
[05:31] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ye the only admins rule stopped!
[05:31] <Mr.BigWallofText3> OH
[05:31] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> NVM LAG
[05:31] <Mr.BigWallofText3> no
[05:31] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> oops caps
[05:31] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh hi
[05:31] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> xD
[05:31] <Teamerz> well,
[05:31] <Zathsu> Eh, no one was listening to Paris or taking what he was doing seriously anyway. xD
[05:31] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ?
[05:31] <Zathsu> BACK TO PETTING
[05:31] <Zathsu> :D
[05:31] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> xd
[05:31] <Mr.BigWallofText3> What happened?
[05:31] <Teamerz> *puts a petatoe on zathsu's head and it starts petting her*
[05:31] <Teamerz> i dont hav to do the head anymor
[05:31] <Zathsu> yey
[05:32] <The named BOSS> *respawns and fires a laser at zathsu*
[05:32] <Zathsu> *ducks for cover*
[05:32] <Zathsu> y
[05:32] <Mr.BigWallofText3> "I dont have to do head anymor"
[05:32] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep attempts to sneak a mongo in the petatoe bag*
[05:32] <Teamerz> zathsu no
[05:32] <Teamerz> ur supposed to embrace the pets
[05:32] <Zathsu> But I had a laser shot at me :O
[05:32] <Zathsu> But... ok
[05:32] <Zathsu> *lets petato do its magic*
[05:32] <Teamerz> if u hadnt ducked i coulda blocekd it
[05:33] <Teamerz> *grabs giant frying pan*
[05:33] <Mr.BigWallofText3> To be a teamerz number one
[05:33] <The named BOSS> Nonono
[05:33] <Teamerz> oh yes
[05:33] <Zathsu> *is soothed immensely by petato and closes eyes to embrace the petting, and stops paying attention things*
[05:33] <Mr.BigWallofText3> You have to catch a zathsu on the run
[05:33] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *CHEP THROWS A MONGO AT ZATHSU*
[05:33] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *notice it*
[05:33] <Teamerz> *catches mid air*
[05:33] <Mr.BigWallofText3> WHAT IS A PETATO??
[05:33] <The named BOSS> *lands on bigwalloftext's head*
[05:33] <Teamerz> n0 interuptening
[05:33] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ow
[05:33] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._.
[05:33] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *says chep, being a nuisance*
[05:34] <The named BOSS> Um
[05:34] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep replaces the petatoe on zathsu's head with a mongo*
[05:34] <Zathsu> What the?
[05:34] <Teamerz> *slaps chep with the mongo*
[05:34] <Zathsu> Whats a mongo?
[05:34] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Whats a petato?
[05:34] <Teamerz> im gonna feed you the mongos if you dont stahp
[05:34] <Teamerz> >:0
[05:34] <Zathsu> A petato is a potato that pets you
[05:34] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh.
[05:34] <Zathsu> Master Teamerz made them for me
[05:34] <Teamerz> also mr.big
[05:34] <Teamerz> copy-pasted:
[05:35] <Teamerz> teh petatoes: they are like potatoes but they have a very soft magical potatoe hand on them which can pet you
[05:35] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> But I made the mongos myself :c
[05:35] <Zathsu> Now I can be petted while master Teamerz does other more important stuff :P
[05:35] <Teamerz> well i mean
[05:35] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> they're like mangos, but better
[05:35] <Teamerz> i dont mind petting u aswell
[05:35] <Zathsu> :D
[05:35] <Teamerz> cos i have clones to do the important stuff
[05:35] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> can I pet u? :D
[05:36] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ...
[05:36] <Zathsu> YES :D
[05:36] <Zathsu> Being pet by other people is more genuine than by the petato
[05:36] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (petting zoo)
[05:36] <The named BOSS> *flies over to chep and lands on their head*
[05:36] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *pets the Zathsu*
[05:36] <Teamerz> *starts petting zathsu on the back*
[05:36] <Zathsu> *snuggles against Chap* :3
[05:36] <Teamerz> tru
[05:37] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *teh zathsu is the best creature evah*
[05:37] <Teamerz> well technically since it wouldnt be right to pet you in the inside
[05:37] <Teamerz> i guess we can let the petatoes do dat
[05:37] <Zathsu> Lol
[05:38] <Teamerz> *shows a fistfull of petatoes at zathsu*
[05:38] <Teamerz> to zathsu*
[05:38] <Zathsu> We all deep down know what Teamerz means by "pet you in the inside"
[05:38] <Zathsu> ...
[05:38] <Teamerz> mmm yes
[05:38] <Skye Sim> gtg bye
[05:38] <Teamerz> bai
[05:38] <Zathsu> Ooh Petatoes
[05:38] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[05:38] <Skye Sim> WHOOSH!
[05:38] <Zathsu> WAIT I HAVE A GREAT IDEA
[05:38] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Skye sim: "nope."
[05:38] <The named BOSS> *lands on chap's head*
[05:38] <Teamerz> ?
[05:39] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._.
[05:39] <Zathsu> *runs away to bathtub and fills it with petatoes*
[05:39] <Zathsu> *submerges myself in it up to my neck*
[05:39] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ew
[05:39] <Teamerz> :O
[05:39] <Teamerz> genius
[05:39] <Teamerz> *pets zathsu's head*
[05:39] <Teamerz> at least i can still do dat
[05:39] <Zathsu> It tickles all over but I love it
[05:39] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ¬w¬
[05:39] <Zathsu> ^w^
[05:40] <Teamerz> this is zathsu's heaven
[05:40] <Teamerz> utopia
[05:40] <Teamerz> thing
[05:40] <Mr.BigWallofText3> °w°
[05:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep runs away and begins watching utub lol*
[05:40] <Teamerz> [s] and then zathsu wakes up and realizes this was just a dream
[05:40] <The named BOSS> *lands on zathsus head (
[05:41] <Zathsu> NOOOOOOOOOO
[05:41] <The named BOSS> *
[05:41] <Zathsu> Not a dream
[05:41] <Zathsu> Bad
[05:41] <Zathsu> *pinches self*
[05:41] <Teamerz> lmao
[05:41] <Zathsu> *confirms is not dream*
[05:41] <Teamerz> um.
[05:41] <Teamerz> reasons ok
[05:41] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (eh) 
[05:41] <Teamerz> one of my clones even has hair made out of C4
[05:41] <Teamerz> so i dont see why a girrafe is surprising
[05:41] <Zathsu> *feels Teamerz. Is not a giraffe*
[05:41] <Mr.BigWallofText3> S h i t
[05:41] <Zathsu> I need to just RELAX
[05:42] <Zathsu> RELAX ZATHSU
[05:42] <Teamerz> yes
[05:42] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (i wake up) WHAT THE FUCK
[05:42] <Teamerz> relacks
[05:42] <Zathsu> *sinks further into petato bath feeling ecstasy*
[05:42] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ew.
[05:42] <Teamerz> u should get some in ur inside
[05:42] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ecstasy?
[05:42] <Teamerz> [small] dat sounds so wrong
[05:42] <The named BOSS> *lands on zathsus head*
[05:43] <Zathsu> Hey its not August 3rd
[05:43] <Teamerz> *throws boss away*
[05:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [big] MAGICAL HAND.
[05:43] <Teamerz> tru
[05:43] <Teamerz> *pets zathsu's head*
[05:43] <Zathsu> This is a lot better
[05:43] <Zathsu> :3
[05:43] <The named BOSS> *shoves teamz into petato tub*
[05:43] <The named BOSS> *and zips away*
[05:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ...
[05:43] <Teamerz> >.>
[05:43] <Teamerz> well uh
[05:43] <Teamerz> that happened
[05:43] <Zathsu> TEAMERZ
[05:43] <Teamerz> hi
[05:43] <Zathsu> GET OUT
[05:44] <Zathsu> :|
[05:44] <Teamerz> actually dis is very comfortable
[05:44] <Zathsu> Well...
[05:44] <Zathsu> It is, yes
[05:44] <Zathsu> BUT
[05:44] <Teamerz> itz not like were naked or anythin >:(
[05:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Cough how did you get in this predictiment cough cough photo cough
[05:44] <Zathsu> ...
[05:44] <Zathsu> The petatoes couldnt get through my clothes
[05:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ew.
[05:44] <Teamerz> ...
[05:44] <Teamerz> did you..
[05:44] <Zathsu> lmao
[05:44] <Teamerz> oh god
[05:44] <Zathsu> SO pls
[05:44] <Zathsu> Exit tub
[05:45] <Teamerz> i have a better idea
[05:45] <Zathsu> No you dont
[05:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[05:45] <Teamerz> get ur clothes back on and get out of the tub
[05:45] <Teamerz> *walks outside with bag of petatoes*
[05:45] <Zathsu> Ok den
[05:45] <Zathsu> *that happens*
[05:45] <Teamerz> -5 mins later-
[05:45] <Teamerz> ok zathsu come out >:(
[05:45] <Zathsu> *comes out*
[05:46] <Teamerz> *showz pool filled with petatoes*
[05:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> When you do long tasks by saying you did it (triggered) 
[05:46] <Teamerz> if only life worked like that
[05:46] <Zathsu> ikr
[05:46] <Teamerz> also,
[05:46] <Zathsu> "Easier said than done" would have a whole new meaning
[05:46] <Teamerz> *shoves zathsu into petatopool*
[05:46] <Zathsu> AHHHHH
[05:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[05:46] <Zathsu> oooooooh
[05:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol(?)
[05:47] <Teamerz> now derz no problem with taking ur clothes off
[05:47] <Zathsu> *is carried across petatoes like a crowd I just stagedived into*
[05:47] <Teamerz> cos we cant see thru petatoes anyway
[05:47] <Zathsu> Well no duh
[05:47] <Teamerz> *divebombs into petato pool*
[05:47] <Zathsu> *holds petato up to eye*
[05:47] <Zathsu> Yeah cant see through it
[05:47] <Zathsu> *it pets my face*
[05:47] <Zathsu> These things are so awesome
[05:48] <The named BOSS> *drops lit match into petato pool*
[05:48] <Teamerz> indeed
[05:48] <Zathsu> *nothing happens cuz they're fuckin potatoes with arms*
[05:48] <Teamerz> no
[05:48] <Teamerz> only 1 hand
[05:48] <Teamerz> no armz
[05:48] <The named BOSS> Huh
[05:48] <Teamerz> cos +1 weird point
[05:48] <Teamerz> wait a sec
[05:48] <The named BOSS> Oh well
[05:48] <Teamerz> thats actually
[05:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I guess you can say....THEY GET THE JOB DONE
[05:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> HEEHEHHEHE
[05:48] <The named BOSS> It was worth a try
[05:48] <Teamerz> a GREAT idea
[05:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (shiny) 
[05:48] <Teamerz> i should make the petatoes able to warm you up
[05:48] <Teamerz> >:0
[05:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> GET IT BECAUSE..uh..._.
[05:49] <Zathsu> Welcome, Banana
[05:49] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chep flies back for youtubeland*
[05:49] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> from*
[05:49] <Zathsu> Chap 
[05:49] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wot
[05:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Chop
[05:49] <Zathsu> We filled a whole pool with petatoes
[05:49] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :O
[05:49] <Zathsu> And im not naked anymore so dont worry
[05:49] <ItzDracius> ...
[05:49] <Teamerz> *shoves chep in petatopool*
[05:49] <Banarama> hi
[05:49] <Zathsu> ._.
[05:49] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :O
[05:49] <Zathsu> Welcome Banana
[05:49] <Teamerz> [small] would b nice if you were
[05:49] <Teamerz> cough
[05:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> "Im not naked anymore"
[05:49] <The named BOSS> Hmmm 
[05:49] <Zathsu> You didnt just read that
[05:49] <ItzDracius> lol
[05:50] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *places a mongo in the pool*
[05:50] <Mr.BigWallofText3> NO. (punch)
[05:50] <The named BOSS> I need to figure out ways to screw everything up
[05:50] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> CHAT WEIRDNESS LEVEL: IIIIIIIIIIIII__ (WEIRD)
[05:50] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :p
[05:50] <Mr.BigWallofText3> *accidentally breaks pool and burns potatoes and then falls*
[05:51] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Woops (eh) 
[05:51] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[05:51] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wall weirdness level: 69
[05:51] <Teamerz> petatoes arent flammable tho
[05:51] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dangit
[05:51] <Teamerz> they can be baked tho
[05:51] <Teamerz> which is nice
[05:51] <The named BOSS> I tested it myself
[05:51] <Zathsu> A baked petato
[05:51] <Mr.BigWallofText3> D:
[05:51] <Teamerz> :o
[05:51] <Zathsu> I can imagine its pets are warm :3
[05:51] <The named BOSS> The fire thing
[05:51] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> WOT ABOUT A SALTED MONGO
[05:51] <Teamerz> thats a great idea
[05:51] <Mr.BigWallofText3> mmmm
[05:51] <Teamerz> *starts pumping petatoes out of the pool*
[05:52] <Mr.BigWallofText3> To be a teamerz number one
[05:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *destroyed a petatoe for not being a mongo*
[05:52] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ok
[05:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> destroys*
[05:52] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (chap gets demoted)
[05:52] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dun dun dun
[05:52] <The named BOSS> Bored
[05:52] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[05:52] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Heres a potato
[05:52] <The named BOSS> Either...
[05:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> GASO
[05:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> GASP
[05:52] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> >gaso
[05:53] <Zathsu> *eagerly awaiting the taste and pets of a baked potato at Teamerz's side*
[05:53] <The named BOSS> Suddenly blaster cannon core, or suddenly metroids, would make me not bored
[05:53] <The named BOSS> Petato*
[05:53] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Chap you must do something amazing to get your place back.
[05:53] <Teamerz> *sitting next to chain of clones that are making baked petatoes*
[05:53] <Teamerz> you know,
[05:53] <Teamerz> im glad i have clones.
[05:53] <Zathsu> Same
[05:53] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Holy shit wait
[05:53] <Teamerz> must be a pain to be them
[05:53] <The named BOSS> And I'm glad that I can respawning infinitely
[05:54] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> but I don't have clones :c
[05:54] <The named BOSS> Respawn*
[05:54] <The named BOSS> OH WELL
[05:54] <Zathsu> Teamerz not only has clones, he has me
[05:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Both teamerz and robbie rottens have clones
[05:54] <Teamerz> yes
[05:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> IT HAS BEGUN
[05:54] <Zathsu> Im mostly just for standing around and looking cute tho :3
[05:54] <Zathsu> I do stuff
[05:54] <Teamerz> and making sammiches
[05:54] <Zathsu> But a lot of the massive labor is left to the clones
[05:54] <Teamerz> which basically became essential for my clones' lives
[05:54] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I do nothing
[05:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I CAN LOOK CUTE TOO
[05:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (tries)
[05:54] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> except rack up inactivity points
[05:54] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> xd
[05:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (fail)
[05:54] <Teamerz> ew thats not cute
[05:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ;_;
[05:54] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :c
[05:55] <Teamerz> points for effort tho
[05:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *tries to look cute*
[05:55] <Zathsu> wait wait wait, my turn
[05:55] <Zathsu> *stares at Teamerz*
[05:55] <Zathsu> :3
[05:55] <Teamerz> aww
[05:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Fack
[05:55] <Teamerz> *pets zathsu's head*
[05:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *stares at teamers*
[05:55] <Zathsu> :D
[05:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :3
[05:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> teamerz*
[05:55] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._.
[05:56] <Teamerz> *in trance from zathsu trying to look cute*
[05:56] <Zathsu> :D
[05:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> >:/
[05:56] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *performs a dangerous unpet on zathsu*
[05:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (twiggeres)
[05:56] <Zathsu> ;~;
[05:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dangit
[05:56] <Zathsu> I was...
[05:56] <Zathsu> unpet
[05:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (reverse pet)
[05:56] <The named BOSS> GWAHAHAHA 
[05:56] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (Is that possible?)
[05:57] <Teamerz> technically ye
[05:57] <Zathsu> Master Teamerz
[05:57] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (eh) 
[05:57] <Zathsu> Chap unpet me ;~;
[05:57] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> MWAHAHAHAHA
[05:57] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> 
[05:57] <Teamerz> well i cant go back in time yet
[05:57] <Mr.BigWallofText3> °Ω°
[05:57] <Teamerz> *repets zathsu*
[05:57] <Zathsu> *leans against Teamerz*
[05:58] <Mr.BigWallofText3> can i pet you with my BRASS KNUCKLES
[05:58] <Zathsu> Um...
[05:58] <Zathsu> preferably not
[05:58] <Mr.BigWallofText3> >:D
[05:58] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh
[05:58] <Mr.BigWallofText3> All around me are familiar faces
[05:58] <The named BOSS> *a huge spaceship the size of a city or something flies far above zathsus head, and stops*
[05:58] <Teamerz> *places a baked petato on zathsu's back*
[05:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *unpets zathsu once more*
[05:59] <Teamerz> you deserve it
[05:59] <Zathsu> :O
[05:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> -1 pet
[05:59] <Zathsu> *falls over overwhelmed with warmth and pettedness*
[05:59] <The named BOSS> *the spaceship fires a huge anti hivemind laser at teamz*
[05:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *begins growing GMOd potatoes*
[05:59] <Teamerz> *catches zathsu while being shielded by forcefield around the castle*
[05:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *potatoes finish growing
[05:59] <Teamerz> ey dont fall
[06:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *places an unpetatoe next to zathsu*
[06:00] <Zathsu> *walks away from unpetato*
[06:00] <The named BOSS> *it lands, crushing everything in like a 10 mile radius*
[06:00] <Teamerz> zathsu no
[06:01] <Zathsu> Im trying to be relaxed
[06:01] <Teamerz> oh wait
[06:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *tosses a bucket of unpetatoes at zathsu*
[06:01] <Zathsu> *shrieks as they hit me*
[06:01] <Zathsu> >:(
[06:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> -1000 pets
[06:01] <The named BOSS> *and explodes, destroying the planet*
[06:01] <Teamerz> *throws baked petatoes on the unpetatoes, making them lose their grip*
[06:01] <Zathsu> *runs into bathroom again and locks the door behind me*
[06:01] <Zathsu> *sound of petatoes filling bathtub sounds*
[06:02] <Teamerz> zathsu those are only petatoes
[06:02] <Teamerz> *knocks on door with bag of baked petatoes*
[06:02] <Teamerz> >.>
[06:02] <Zathsu> Slide them under the door
[06:02] <Zathsu> Oh wait
[06:02] <Teamerz> okey.
[06:02] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *bakes a few unpetatoes*
[06:02] <The named BOSS> *slams into teamz from behind*
[06:02] <Teamerz> *slides baked petatoes under door one by one*
[06:02] <Zathsu> Actually wait
[06:02] <Teamerz> *slides under door from impact*
[06:02] <Teamerz> ow
[06:02] <Zathsu> Get me a blowtorch
[06:02] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *dumps baked unpetatoes through the vents*
[06:02] <Teamerz> uh
[06:02] <Zathsu> AHHHHHHH
[06:02] <Zathsu> *dives into bathtub*
[06:03] <Teamerz> well dats awk-
[06:03] <Zathsu> You werent supposed to come in here
[06:03] <Teamerz> well i wasnt trying to
[06:03] <Teamerz> >_>
[06:03] <Zathsu> I was doing it my way
[06:03] <Zathsu> Now get out
[06:03] <Teamerz> uh
[06:03] <Teamerz> <.<
[06:03] <Zathsu> Slide under the door again
[06:03] <Teamerz> im not even gonna ask
[06:03] <Zathsu> NOW >_<
[06:03] <Teamerz> *leaps out through window*
[06:03] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> (temz caught zathsu naked?)
[06:03] <Zathsu> *locks window*
[06:03] <Teamerz> *barricades window from outside*
[06:03] <Zathsu> Now leave me in petato peace
[06:04] <Teamerz> well tbh chap
[06:04] <Teamerz> worse happened lol
[06:04] <Zathsu> *sinks into petato bathtub up to neck*
[06:04] <The Tidal Wave> Sup
[06:04] <The named BOSS> *door explodes for no reason*
[06:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *continues dumping unpetatoes through the vents*
[06:04] <Zathsu> Welcome, Tidal
[06:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> also, gtg
[06:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> bai
[06:04] <Teamerz> o bai
[06:04] <Zathsu> *unpetatoes land on the bathroom floor outside bathtub*
[06:04] <Zathsu> Bai Chap
[06:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> REMEMBER MEEEEEEEE
[06:04] <Teamerz> k
[06:04] <The named BOSS> I WOONNNT
[06:04] <Zathsu> Help Im scared to get out. Unpetatoes all over the floor. He was dumping them through the vents.
[06:05] <Teamerz> well zathsu
[06:05] <Teamerz> teh only way i can eradicate them is..
[06:05] <Teamerz> going in
[06:05] <Teamerz> >_>;
[06:05] <Zathsu> >_>
[06:05] <The named BOSS> Well
[06:05] <The named BOSS> I'm leaving this planet
[06:05] <Zathsu> lmao
[06:05] <Zathsu> *uses potatomancy to slide unpetatoes under the door*
[06:05] <Zathsu> NEVERMIND
[06:05] <The named BOSS> *slides them back under door*
[06:05] <Teamerz> *slides under door with a towel covering my eyes*
[06:06] <Teamerz> im here
[06:06] <Zathsu> I said NEVERMIND
[06:06] <The Tidal Wave> bye chap
[06:06] <Teamerz> well they came back in
[06:06] <Zathsu> *throws petato at Teamerz*
[06:06] <Teamerz> mmm dat feels good
[06:06] <Teamerz> mmmmmm
[06:06] <Zathsu> Just take the unpetatoes and leave
[06:06] <Teamerz> oh right
[06:07] <The named BOSS> *accidentally rams into door so hard it comes crashing down, and boss zips away*
[06:07] <Teamerz> *sweeps floor from unpetatoes and overcoocks them with blowtorch until dey become dust*
[06:07] <Teamerz> you also wanted a blowtorch
[06:07] <Zathsu> Yes
[06:07] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :<
[06:07] <Zathsu> Leave room now
[06:07] <Teamerz> *hands blowtorch in wrong direction*
[06:07] <Zathsu> Pls
[06:07] <Teamerz> im still blindfolded u kno
[06:07] <The named BOSS> Um
[06:07] <Zathsu> *takes blowtorch*
[06:07] <Teamerz> so just take it
[06:07] <Zathsu> Now leave
[06:07] <Teamerz> okey
[06:07] <Zathsu> Room
[06:07] <Zathsu> Now
[06:07] <Teamerz> *runs into a wall*
[06:08] <Zathsu> And close door behind you
[06:08] <Teamerz> k
[06:08] <Zathsu> *uses potatomancy to have potatoes guide Teamerz out*
[06:08] <The named BOSS> The door kinda exploded
[06:08] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Wtf all "im still blind folded" "close the door behind you"
[06:08] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Idk
[06:08] <Teamerz> *rushes outside the door and replaces it with anotehr one*
[06:08] <The named BOSS> Hm
[06:08] <Zathsu> *locks door using potatoes*
[06:08] <Teamerz> *locks door using key*
[06:08] <Teamerz> >.>
[06:08] <The named BOSS> How can I ruin everything?
[06:08] <Zathsu> *continues being pet by petatoes*
[06:08] <Teamerz> *removes towel on my eyes*
[06:09] <Zathsu> This was our most genius idea yet! ^w^
[06:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Wait is teamerz' ZATHSUS" slave now?
[06:09] <Zathsu> No
[06:09] <Teamerz> is it just me or
[06:09] <Zathsu> He just respects me more
[06:09] <Zathsu> Or something
[06:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh
[06:09] <Zathsu> idk
[06:09] <The named BOSS> HOW?!
[06:09] <Teamerz> i just had that deja vu feeling with the door
[06:09] <Teamerz> and the bath of petatoes
[06:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Nice
[06:10] <Zathsu> *loud purring noises from other side of door*
[06:11] <Teamerz> <.<
[06:11] <Teamerz> some stuff is goin on in der
[06:11] <Teamerz> and i dont want to kno
[06:11] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (grin) 
[06:11] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Is it this cat
[06:11] <Teamerz> no its zathsu
[06:11] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh
[06:11] <Teamerz> you can go check teh cam room if you want
[06:11] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Tf
[06:11] <Teamerz> i hav a cam in the bathroom anywai
[06:11] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh
[06:11] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Yay(?)
[06:12] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Hello
[06:12] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Teedel weeve
[06:12] <Zathsu> *asleep in bathtub of petatoes*
[06:12] <The named BOSS> Y'know what, I'm bored
[06:12] <The named BOSS> And when I'm bored
[06:12] <Teamerz> *looking at camera in bathroom*
[06:12] <Teamerz> >.>
[06:12] <Teamerz> she cant drown right?
[06:12] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Zathsu: ARRRHHJAHAHAJ
[06:12] <The named BOSS> [c="maroon"] I GET DESTRUCTIVE
[06:13] <Mr.BigWallofText3> o
[06:13] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Nice
[06:13] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (grin) 
[06:14] <The Tidal Wave> ...WAS I URSUULING?!
[06:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Unlock
[06:14] <Zathsu> What
[06:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Wtf autocorrect
[06:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> xD
[06:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ok
[06:14] <The Tidal Wave> agh
[06:14] <Zathsu> Oh I thought you wanted me to unlock the door
[06:14] <Zathsu> Cuz no
[06:14] <The Tidal Wave> agh
[06:14] <The Tidal Wave> i think i was Ursuuling for a bit
[06:14] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I think so
[06:14] <The Tidal Wave> anyways what did i miss
[06:15] <The named BOSS> [c="orange"] Um, what do you THINK you missed?!
[06:15] <Zathsu> Did you hear about petatoes?
[06:15] <The Tidal Wave> yes
[06:15] <The Tidal Wave> and you bathing in them
[06:15] <The named BOSS> Oh great now I broke something
[06:15] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Zathsu is playing with magical hands in a locked room
[06:15] <Zathsu> Teamerz found out I like to be pet. So he made potatoes that pet you
[06:15] <Mr.BigWallofText3> >.>
[06:15] <Teamerz> baked petatoes*
[06:15] <Mr.BigWallofText3> <.<
[06:15] <Teamerz> upgraded.
[06:15] <The named BOSS> [c="green"] Oh no oh no oh no...
[06:15] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._.
[06:15] <Teamerz> remember.
[06:15] <Teamerz> i spent 5 mins making the upgrade >:(
[06:15] <The named BOSS> DAMMIT
[06:16] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [green]....
[06:16] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Fail
[06:16] <The Tidal Wave> it's [color="#something"]
[06:16] <The Tidal Wave> i think
[06:16] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [color=#green] naw
[06:16] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Naw
[06:16] <Teamerz> [c="red" ]
[06:17] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Oh :<
[06:17] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [c=red] ye
[06:17] <Mr.BigWallofText3> NO
[06:17] <The Tidal Wave> [color="#000000"][font="agency fb"]this should work
[06:17] <Teamerz> "'s
[06:17] <The named BOSS> [c="purple"] Okay, how can I fix this, and why is this happening?
[06:17] <Teamerz> you forgot the "
[06:17] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ah.
[06:17] <The Tidal Wave> [color=#000000][font="agency fb"]test
[06:17] <The named BOSS> It is c not color
[06:17] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ok well in going to try this sometime else anyways
[06:17] <Mr.BigWallofText3> So..
[06:17] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Continue!
[06:18] <Zathsu> *emerges from bathroom*
[06:18] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"]
[06:18] <Zathsu> Dont ask
[06:18] <The named BOSS> [c="red" ]
[06:18] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (grin) 
[06:18] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (lenny) 
[06:18] <Zathsu> *pulls petato out of hair*
[06:18] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (shiny) 
[06:18] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"]test
[06:18] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (shiny2) 
[06:18] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (troll6) 
[06:18] <Teamerz> zathsu
[06:18] <Zathsu> Yes?
[06:18] <The Tidal Wave> [c=red][font="agency fb"]test
[06:18] <The named BOSS> [c="indigo"] What do you think you are doing, Teamerz?
[06:18] <Teamerz> let me present my newest invention
[06:19] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"]just gonna stick to black
[06:19] <Zathsu> Ok :D
[06:19] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Yay(?)
[06:19] <Zathsu> O_O
[06:19] <Teamerz> *throws one at zathsu's face*
[06:19] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"][giant]Teamerz, no.
[06:19] <Zathsu> oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[06:19] <Mr.BigWallofText3> *zathsu vibrates so fast she phases through walls*
[06:19] <Teamerz> however i only have one
[06:20] <Teamerz> for now
[06:20] <The named BOSS> [c="lightgreen"]Probably not a good thing...
[06:20] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"][giant]Don't make any more ok?
[06:20] <Teamerz> oh im going to make more
[06:20] <Mr.BigWallofText3> [big] NO
[06:20] <Teamerz> but only to be used when zathsu does a good
[06:20] <Teamerz> *grabs vibrating baked petatoe back*
[06:20] <Zathsu> ;~;
[06:20] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ©
[06:20] <Zathsu> I liked that one
[06:21] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ....
[06:21] <Mr.BigWallofText3> >.>
[06:21] <Teamerz> hence y you have to do goods
[06:21] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ¬w¬
[06:21] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"][giant]wait what
[06:21] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"][giant]wait what
[06:21] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"]and lag.
[06:21] <Teamerz> *stocks vibrating baked petato in eye pocket*
[06:21] <Zathsu> Almost 1:30
[06:21] <Zathsu> After all this discovery into a new world of myself
[06:21] <Zathsu> I need schleep
[06:21] <The named BOSS> [c="lightblue"] Can somebody help me fix this?
[06:22] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"][giant]i keep double-posting when lag
[06:22] <The named BOSS> *explodes*
[06:22] <Teamerz> but zathsu
[06:22] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[06:22] <Teamerz> D;
[06:22] <Zathsu> What?
[06:22] <Zathsu> :3
[06:22] <Teamerz> i hav one mor gift
[06:22] <Teamerz> b4 u go to schleep
[06:22] <Zathsu> ooooo
[06:22] <The named BOSS> [c="lightgreen"]It worked...?
[06:22] <The named BOSS> Dammit
[06:22] <Zathsu> What is it, master Teamerz?
[06:22] <Teamerz> go look in ur bedrum
[06:22] <The named BOSS> Somebody help fix this, Tidal?
[06:22] <Zathsu> *walks into bedroom*
[06:22] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"]good night zathsu
[06:22] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"]good night zathsu
[06:22] <Teamerz> *the bed is covered with a sheet of baked petatoes*
[06:22] <Zathsu> Goodnight :P
[06:23] <The Tidal Wave> [c="#000000"][font="agency fb"]DAMNED LAG
[06:23] <Teamerz> good nit.
[06:23] <Zathsu> OMG
[06:23] <Teamerz> :>
[06:23] <Zathsu> See you tomorrow :P
[06:23] <Teamerz> yes.
[06:23] <The Tidal Wave> sweet dreams
[06:23] <Teamerz> sea you tomoro
[06:23] <The named BOSS> Goodbye
[06:23] <Zathsu> Will definitely have sweet dreams
[06:23] <Zathsu> In this petato bed
[06:23] <The named BOSS> [c="darkred"] See you... in hell
[06:24] <The named BOSS> Yeah, I really need to get this fixed
[06:24] <The named BOSS> TIDAL
[06:24] <Teamerz> for once i feel good for zathsu
[06:24] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Aye
[06:24] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Hallo?
[06:24] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ooh noo
[06:24] <The named BOSS> TIDAL
[06:24] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Chat ded?
[06:24] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ..
[06:24] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[06:25] <The named BOSS> [c="orange"] TIIIDAALLLLLL
[06:25] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Hi
[06:25] <The named BOSS> HELP FIX THAT!
[06:25] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Fix what
[06:25] <The Tidal Wave> i'm lagging realy badly so i might double-post
[06:25] <The Tidal Wave> really*
[06:25] <The Tidal Wave> argh
[06:25] <The Tidal Wave> lag's gone for now
[06:26] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I gtg i guess
[06:26] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ;~;
[06:26] <The named BOSS> [c="purple"] Bye!
[06:26] <The named BOSS> TIDAL
[06:26] <Teamerz> o
[06:26] <Teamerz> bai
[06:28] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[06:28] <The Tidal Wave> LAG
[06:28] <The Tidal Wave> hi drac
[06:28] <The Tidal Wave> Fix what?
[06:29] <The named BOSS> [c="darkred"] You see, th-[c="orange"] THIS!!
[06:30] <The Tidal Wave> the color?
[06:30] <The named BOSS> And like...
[06:30] <The named BOSS> Yeah
[06:30] <The Tidal Wave> ah Drac is Ursuuling
[06:30] <The Tidal Wave> so fix the color.
[06:31] <The named BOSS> It seems like, for example, when it's orange I end up screaming, when it's green I'm like scared or whatever
[06:31] <Teamerz> kiling you will probably fix it
[06:31] <Teamerz> *grabs boss*
[06:31] <The Tidal Wave> *pours bleach and paint thinner all over BOSS's text
[06:32] <The Tidal Wave> test
[06:32] <ItzDracius> wait
[06:32] <ItzDracius> ....
[06:32] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[06:32] <ItzDracius> back
[06:32] <The named BOSS> Um...
[06:32] <ItzDracius> what?
[06:32] <The named BOSS> Hello
[06:32] <ItzDracius> Phasing?
[06:32] <The Tidal Wave> um...
[06:32] <The Tidal Wave> LAGGGGGGGGGGGGG
[06:32] <The Tidal Wave> 
[06:32] <ItzDracius> yeah
[06:33] <The Tidal Wave> good god, the chat lag is insane.
[06:33] <Teamerz> well now that zathsu is gone..
[06:33] <Teamerz> imma go sleep
[06:33] <The Tidal Wave> bye teamz
[06:33] <Teamerz> bai bai
[06:34] <The named BOSS> [c="lightpurple"] Tidal, could you figure out a way to actually fix this, please?
[06:34] <The named BOSS> Ugh
[06:35] <The named BOSS> [c="orange"] THAT DIDN'T HELP, WHATEVER YOU DID!
[06:35] <The named BOSS> This is really a pain
[06:35] <The Tidal Wave> test
[06:36] <The Tidal Wave> ok not lagging for once
[06:36] <The Tidal Wave> NOPE
[06:36] <The Tidal Wave> 
[06:36] <The named BOSS> Tidal?
[06:36] <The Tidal Wave> LAG!
[06:36] <The Tidal Wave> Insane, insane LAG!
[06:36] <The Tidal Wave> *tazes BOSS*
[06:36] <The named BOSS> Argh this is giving me a... circuit ache?
[06:36] <The named BOSS> OUCH!
[06:37] <The Tidal Wave> did that do anything?
[06:37] <The Tidal Wave> lag?
[06:37] <The named BOSS> [c="darkorange"] WHY YOU LITTLE!
[06:37] <The Tidal Wave> no lag.
[06:37] <The Tidal Wave> lag?
[06:37] <The Tidal Wave> LAG!
[06:37] <The Tidal Wave> 
[06:37] <The named BOSS> [c="orange"] I AM GOING TO POUND YOU INTO THE GROUND!
[06:38] <ItzDracius> ok
[06:38] <ItzDracius> But seriously
[06:38] <ItzDracius> lag
[06:38] <The Tidal Wave> It's called shock therapy, ever heard of it?
[06:38] <The Tidal Wave> GUHHH
[06:38] <ItzDracius> [giant] LAG MUCH
[06:38] <The Tidal Wave> *tazes boss more*
[06:38] <The Tidal Wave> [giant]LAG MUCH!
[06:38] <The Tidal Wave> Al
[06:38] <ItzDracius> Is it okay for you all
[06:38] <The Tidal Wave> Ah
[06:38] <The Tidal Wave> NO
[06:39] <The Tidal Wave> SERIOUS LAG
[06:39] <ItzDracius> [verysmall] For me to be a furry?
[06:39] <The named BOSS> [c="darkblue"] STOP IT!
[06:39] <ItzDracius> =dsifhapodifhpaoef
[06:39] <The Tidal Wave> [verysmall]ok
[06:39] <ItzDracius> This lag is so bad
[06:39] <The Tidal Wave> yeah
[06:39] <The Tidal Wave> for now it's ok
[06:39] <ItzDracius> not really
[06:39] <The Tidal Wave> for me
[06:39] <The named BOSS> [c="maroon"] I am going to make sure you experience pain like you have never before...
[06:40] <The Tidal Wave> test
[06:40] <The Tidal Wave> lag?
[06:40] <The Tidal Wave> not lag
[06:41] <The named BOSS> Argh 
[06:41] <The named BOSS> Fix it please...
[06:41] <The Tidal Wave> eh let me try
[06:41] <The Tidal Wave> *opens boss's circuit board*
[06:42] <The Tidal Wave> let's see...
[06:42] <The Tidal Wave> aha
[06:42] <The Tidal Wave> disconnected wire.
[06:42] <The Tidal Wave> *connects it*#
[06:42] <ItzDracius> ...
[06:44] <The named BOSS> I think it worked!
[06:44] <ItzDracius> okay
[06:44] <The named BOSS> I think it-
[06:44] <ItzDracius> 42% uplading
[06:44] <ItzDracius> uploading*
[06:45] <The named BOSS> [c="lightorange"] What did you do?
[06:45] <ItzDracius> I'm uploading a video...
[06:46] <The named BOSS> [c="orange"] WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU DID, TIDAL?!
[06:47] <The Tidal Wave> Guuuuuh
[06:47] <The Tidal Wave> lag
[06:47] <The Tidal Wave> I connected a disconnected wire?
[06:47] <The named BOSS> It didn't fix anything,..
[06:47] <The named BOSS> ...
[06:49] <The named BOSS> [c="black"] GAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
[06:49] <The Tidal Wave> latency test
[06:49] <ItzDracius> 58% uploading
[06:49] <ItzDracius> cool
[06:50] <Banarama> [serif][b][big]HI
[06:50] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[06:51] <The named BOSS> It hurts, link a lot... what wire did you touch...
[06:51] <ItzDracius> okay
[06:51] <ItzDracius> Video link:
[06:51] <ItzDracius>
[06:52] <The Tidal Wave> of course
[06:52] <The Tidal Wave> Eh, all wires lookes the same
[06:52] <The Tidal Wave> looked*
[06:52] <ItzDracius> Is the video nice?
[06:53] <The Tidal Wave> maybe
[06:53] <The Tidal Wave> maybe
[06:53] <The Tidal Wave> guh, so much lag
[06:53] <The named BOSS> *shuts off*
[06:53] <The Tidal Wave> excuse my double-posting
[06:54] <The Tidal Wave> is chat ded
[06:54] <The Tidal Wave> yes it is
[06:55] <ItzDracius> 75% uploading
[06:55] <ItzDracius> okay
[06:55] <The named BOSS> *boss is stiff shut off, and smoking a bit*
[06:58] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[06:59] <The Tidal Wave> nope, ursuuling.
[07:00] <The named BOSS> *boss turns on for a moment*
[07:00] <ItzDracius> 91% uploading
[07:00] <ItzDracius> nearly done
[07:00] <The named BOSS> Could you try and fix it...?
[07:00] <The named BOSS> *and then turns back off again*
[07:03] <The named BOSS> *turns back on*
[07:03] <The named BOSS> Hello...
[07:05] <The named BOSS> Nevermind
[07:08] <The Tidal Wave> test
[07:08] <The Tidal Wave> dead
[07:08] <The named BOSS> D-d-d-dead
[07:58] <The Tidal Wave> *ursuuling intensifies*
[07:59] <The Tidal Wave> hi...?
[08:00] <The Tidal Wave> Enpan, is this you?
[08:00] <Aufmerksam> YEs.
[08:00] <Aufmerksam> *Yes.
[08:00] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[08:00] <Aufmerksam> My new image.
[08:00] <Aufmerksam> I mean, my new account.
[08:00] <The Tidal Wave> why tho
[08:01] <Aufmerksam> Could you get in Community Sandbox?
[08:01] <The Tidal Wave> it's out?
[08:02] <Aufmerksam> It ended on 10 AM today.
[08:02] <The Tidal Wave> probably not then
[08:02] <Aufmerksam> They did this for Westerners I think.
[08:02] <The Tidal Wave> most likely i was asleep.
[08:02] <Aufmerksam> USA-Canada.
[08:03] <Aufmerksam> No.
[08:03] <Aufmerksam> Sorry.
[08:04] <Aufmerksam> What time stamp do you use?
[08:06] <The Tidal Wave> uh...
[08:06] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[08:07] <The Tidal Wave> 12/08/2017?
[08:09] <Aufmerksam> 13/08/2017.
[08:20] <TheTriplet> hi
[08:21] <TheTriplet> rip chat.
[08:21] <Aufmerksam> Hi.
[08:21] <TheTriplet> oh
[08:21] <Aufmerksam> Chat dies frequently.
[08:21] <TheTriplet> XD hi
[08:21] <TheTriplet> ikr
[08:22] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[08:22] <Aufmerksam> I think you use Eastern time.
[08:23] <Aufmerksam> For EST it's 15:00 to 17:00.
[08:24] <TheTriplet> for me it's 10:24 AM
[08:24] <Aufmerksam> For UTC it's 19:00 to 21:00
[08:25] <Aufmerksam> The Community Sandbox will be 20:00-22:00 for you then.
[08:26] <TheTriplet> k
[08:27] <TheTriplet> i sleep a bit too late so i might be in the community sandbox
[08:27] <Aufmerksam> 22:00 is not late at all.
[08:27] <TheTriplet> yep
[08:27] <TheTriplet> i sleep like at 23:30
[08:28] <TheTriplet> one time i started to sleep at around 1:15
[08:28] <Aufmerksam> I do around 1 AM to 1:30 AM.
[08:28] <Aufmerksam> Science doesn't want sleeping workers.
[08:29] <The Tidal Wave> more than one time i didn't sleep at all
[08:30] <Aufmerksam> How late do you have to stay to be in 4:20 and play
[08:31] <Aufmerksam> Still, can't quite get what "Westerners" do.
[08:31] <ItzDracius> ...
[08:33] <TheTriplet> ez
[08:34] <ItzDracius> ok
[08:37] <TheTriplet> let's make some more
[08:52] <TheTriplet> rip chat ;-;
[09:00] <IceTudor> 4:20
[09:00] <IceTudor> hehehe
[09:00] <IceTudor> and what did you say you do around 1 AM to 1:30 am?
[09:00] <IceTudor> i hate how short it shows the chat before me
[09:01] <IceTudor> ...
[09:01] <The Tidal Wave> chat didn't show you joined
[09:02] <IceTudor> i wake up at 7:00 and sleep at 1:00
[09:02] <IceTudor> hardcore insomniac problems
[09:03] <IceTudor> [u]O[/u].[u]O[/u]
[09:03] <IceTudor> but i never feel like sleeping
[09:03] <IceTudor> unless i'm sick as shit
[09:03] <IceTudor> harr heer harr harr
[09:04] <IceTudor> help.
[09:04] <The Tidal Wave> how
[09:04] <The Tidal Wave> you tell mw
[09:04] <The Tidal Wave> me*
[09:04] <The Tidal Wave> how do i help you
[09:04] <IceTudor> knock me out.
[09:04] <IceTudor> jk
[09:04] <IceTudor> tho i still barely get sleep
[09:05] <IceTudor> add that with schizofrenia, bipolar, indigestion, prolonge chlorine inhalation, prolonged smoke inahaltion, phsycopathy and sociopathy
[09:05] <IceTudor> and you preety much are fucking mentally and physically ill to the point of people being impressed by it.
[09:06] <IceTudor> insomnia, schizofrenia, bipolar, indigestion, prolonge chlorine inhalation, prolonged smoke inahaltion, phsycopathy and sociopathy
[09:06] <IceTudor> what a nice fucking list right?
[09:07] <The Tidal Wave> Can you not shove anything you have in front of our faces every single day?
[09:07] <The Tidal Wave> Besides Slime rancher, i'm fine with that.
[09:09] <IceTudor> mk
[09:09] <IceTudor> also that isnt everything
[09:09] <IceTudor> =P
[09:09] <IceTudor> kill me plox
[09:09] <The Tidal Wave> k
[09:09] <The Tidal Wave> i would if i could
[09:10] <The Tidal Wave> but 1. it's illegal
[09:10] <The Tidal Wave> 2. i don't know where you live but even if i did know i couldn't just randomly get a plane ticket to Romania
[09:10] <The Tidal Wave> 3. i have no weapons
[09:13] <The Tidal Wave> 4. your family, relatives and friends would be sad, assuming they don't all despise you like i do.
[09:13] <The Tidal Wave> jk
[09:13] <The Tidal Wave> but still.
[09:13] <The Tidal Wave> I would if i could.
[09:15] <IceTudor> well then
[09:15] <IceTudor> anywas
[09:15] <IceTudor> i just discovered the gravi of SRFW!!!
[09:15] <IceTudor> instead of making tanks look like ingame
[09:15] <IceTudor> or well the AM
[09:15] <IceTudor> idk rly
[09:15] <IceTudor> just similar to the game
[09:16] <IceTudor> they make slimes and foods and stuff similar
[09:16] <IceTudor> =P
[09:16] <The Tidal Wave> welp
[09:16] <The Tidal Wave> congrats i guess
[09:17] <IceTudor>
[09:17] <IceTudor> this girl is the gravi of srfy
[09:17] <IceTudor> or am
[09:17] <IceTudor> again
[09:17] <IceTudor> not sure
[09:17] <IceTudor> am/fallen i say more
[09:17] <IceTudor> since gravi is more fanon like
[09:17] <The Tidal Wave> true
[09:20] <IceTudor> also she's much nicer than ol' grumpy grav
[09:20] <The Tidal Wave> grumpy?
[09:20] <The Tidal Wave> And LAG
[09:20] <The Tidal Wave> meh
[09:22] <The Tidal Wave> i'm bored
[09:22] <The Tidal Wave> so
[09:22] <The Tidal Wave> Ice
[09:23] <The Tidal Wave> If SRW and SRFW accepts you then are you gonna stay here or not?
[09:27] <The Tidal Wave> latency test
[09:27] <Aufmerksam> She probably uses Illustrator.
[09:28] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[09:28] <The Tidal Wave> chat's particularly laggy today
[09:28] <The Tidal Wave> ugggh
[09:32] <IceTudor> not for a long time
[09:32] <IceTudor> if you guys come
[09:32] <IceTudor> you may be able to make conceptions and shit with me there
[09:32] <IceTudor> else
[09:32] <IceTudor> you can stay here
[09:32] <IceTudor> and do nothing
[09:32] <IceTudor> at
[09:32] <IceTudor> .
[09:32] <IceTudor> all.
[09:32] <IceTudor> because this place is rotting
[09:32] <IceTudor> i need to find a substitute
[09:32] <IceTudor> to this wiki
[09:33] <IceTudor> and srfw is not having any plans or hurries on merging right now
[09:33] <The Tidal Wave> you have SR and SRF wikis
[09:33] <IceTudor> ya
[09:33] <IceTudor> both
[09:33] <IceTudor> like dw and dcow
[09:33] <IceTudor> except no damn merge
[09:33] <IceTudor> and little relation inbetween
[09:33] <The Tidal Wave> you already found a substitude
[09:33] <IceTudor> perfectly like this
[09:33] <IceTudor> but better.
[09:33] <IceTudor> i know
[09:33] <Aufmerksam> I actually had an idea for an instance for Slimes.
[09:33] <IceTudor> i will however come back from time to tinme
[09:33] <IceTudor> oh?
[09:33] <IceTudor> tell me
[09:33] <IceTudor> you can make it
[09:33] <IceTudor> i mean
[09:33] <IceTudor> you got a new profile
[09:34] <IceTudor> you could 
[09:34] <Aufmerksam> Thorn Slime.
[09:34] <IceTudor> try a new wiki?
[09:34] <IceTudor> oh
[09:34] <IceTudor> thats actually a good idea am.
[09:34] <IceTudor> i can already imagine what it could be like
[09:34] <IceTudor> see
[09:34] <IceTudor> theese ideas
[09:34] <IceTudor> simple
[09:34] <IceTudor> but very creative
[09:34] <Aufmerksam> I need to make an art for it tough.
[09:34] <IceTudor> are good!
[09:34] <IceTudor> oh
[09:34] <Aufmerksam> *though.
[09:35] <IceTudor> just ask kunzite
[09:35] <IceTudor> or make it yourself
[09:35] <IceTudor> kunzite makes it very ingame like
[09:35] <IceTudor> very.
[09:35] <IceTudor> i can imagine a green slime with small spikes on it
[09:35] <IceTudor> is that right or not am?
[09:35] <IceTudor> just asking
[09:35] <Aufmerksam> Not green.
[09:35] <IceTudor> oh
[09:36] <IceTudor> small spikes on it though?
[09:36] <IceTudor> wait a sec
[09:36] <IceTudor> yay
[09:36] <IceTudor> congrats
[09:36] <IceTudor> your slime is original
[09:36] <IceTudor> its not made already
[09:36] <IceTudor> =P
[09:37] <IceTudor> also
[09:37] <IceTudor> the srfw community is very nice tbh.
[09:37] <IceTudor> little drama as i can see
[09:37] <IceTudor> am
[09:37] <IceTudor>
[09:38] <IceTudor> the wiki rules say you have to follow that for a slime page
[09:38] <IceTudor> the idea is whatever you want
[09:38] <IceTudor> but follow the layout
[09:38] <IceTudor> is what it says
[09:39] <Aufmerksam> Thorn Slime will be hard to create as I have no idea of the game, at all.
[09:40] <IceTudor> oh
[09:40] <IceTudor> then look at SRW for a bit
[09:40] <IceTudor> the slime rancher wiki
[09:40] <IceTudor> non fanon
[09:40] <IceTudor> the CANON one
[09:41] <IceTudor> tho its easy to make conceptions when you realise
[09:41] <IceTudor> you do need srw before srfy
[09:41] <IceTudor> to know stuff like areas food, diets, other slimes
[09:41] <IceTudor> etc
[09:41] <IceTudor> also i can imagine it being similar to the rock or crystal slime
[09:41] <IceTudor> hurting you if you go near it
[09:43] <Aufmerksam> I don't know if this is possible but...
[09:44] <IceTudor> every thing is
[09:44] <IceTudor> in fanon am
[09:44] <The Tidal Wave> he's not done.
[09:44] <Aufmerksam> It throws those thorns every 10 seconds, in 8 directions.
[09:44] <Aufmerksam> Every compass direction.
[09:45] <ItzDracius> I've seen gameplay of slime rancher
[09:45] <ItzDracius> it looks good imo
[09:45] <IceTudor> thats a nice idea am
[09:45] <IceTudor> you should add it
[09:45] <IceTudor> i like it
[09:45] <IceTudor> adds challange to the game
[09:45] <IceTudor> like it should have
[09:45] <The Tidal Wave> hey Ice
[09:46] <IceTudor> it already has it with rarity and tarr
[09:46] <IceTudor> ya tidal
[09:46] <The Tidal Wave> when are you leaving for SRW?
[09:46] <IceTudor> itz
[09:46] <IceTudor> it is
[09:46] <IceTudor> not really
[09:46] <IceTudor> i will come back from tiem to time tidal
[09:46] <IceTudor> im just starting to install into those wikis rn
[09:46] <IceTudor> so
[09:46] <IceTudor> kinda now
[09:46] <The Tidal Wave> about how long an interval?
[09:46] <IceTudor> eh
[09:46] <IceTudor> a few days
[09:46] <IceTudor> man
[09:46] <IceTudor> i miss ac
[09:46] <IceTudor> he was the shit in rping
[09:46] <IceTudor> and a friend
[09:47] <IceTudor> a good one too
[09:47] <The Tidal Wave> guh
[09:48] <IceTudor> so
[09:48] <IceTudor> am has good ideas
[09:49] <IceTudor> i have ingame like ideas
[09:49] <IceTudor> and kunzite has ingame like art.
[09:49] <IceTudor> actually am has more of ingame like challanges
[09:49] <IceTudor> and good ideas too though
[09:49] <IceTudor> this makes a perfect trio man.
[09:49] <Aufmerksam> I am not so comfortable asking for art.
[09:50] <The Tidal Wave> @Ice you talk like Sam plans on joining SRFW.
[09:50] <The Tidal Wave> and lag
[09:51] <Aufmerksam> Tabby Star and Mercury. Seems she likes science a bit.
[09:52] <IceTudor> hehe
[09:52] <IceTudor> auf
[09:52] <IceTudor> do it
[09:52] <IceTudor> no prob
[09:52] <IceTudor> the srfw community is nice
[09:53] <IceTudor> the staff arent like the staff here
[09:53] <IceTudor> lewd, savage and just horrible overall
[09:53] <IceTudor> except tidal
[09:53] <IceTudor> tide u fine
[09:53] <Aufmerksam> That's nice to here.
[09:53] <IceTudor> and bananu.
[09:53] <Aufmerksam> *hear.
[09:53] <IceTudor> ik
[09:53] <The Tidal Wave> eh, the staff here are fine
[09:53] <IceTudor> the srfw community was happy to accept me
[09:53] <The Tidal Wave> stop hating on them.
[09:53] <The Tidal Wave> except team
[09:53] <The Tidal Wave> z
[09:53] <IceTudor> but they are much worse than srfw tho.
[09:53] <IceTudor> and zath
[09:53] <IceTudor> and urs
[09:53] <IceTudor> and 
[09:53] <IceTudor> ...
[09:54] <IceTudor> yahh
[09:54] <The Tidal Wave> stop.
[09:54] <IceTudor> you get it
[09:54] <IceTudor> anyways
[09:54] <The Tidal Wave> Zathsu and Ursuul are ok.
[09:54] <IceTudor> eh
[09:54] <IceTudor> cant say that after the lewd shit they did.
[09:54] <IceTudor> no thanks
[09:54] <The Tidal Wave> Banarama i believe is fine
[09:54] <IceTudor> sam
[09:54] <IceTudor> they should accept you like me
[09:54] <IceTudor> even the small guys are happy to get people
[09:54] <IceTudor> the wiki is really damn gud overall
[09:55] <The Tidal Wave> He's the lewd one and even that's mostly decreasing.
[09:55] <Aufmerksam> I say, Ursuul was very nice to me in my almost 1 year existence in the Wiki.
[09:55] <IceTudor> mk
[09:55] <IceTudor> tho zath, temz, aysh and urs i think
[09:55] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[09:55] <The Tidal Wave> fail
[09:55] <IceTudor> did some really damn lewd shit some time ago
[09:55] <IceTudor> you all remember dont you
[09:56] <The Tidal Wave> That has been decreasing vastly.
[09:56] <IceTudor> yeah
[09:56] <IceTudor> but that cannot be forgotten
[09:56] <The Tidal Wave> Don't hate on them just for one thing they did.
[09:56] <IceTudor> temz still does shit liike that
[09:56] <IceTudor> one thing.
[09:56] <IceTudor> anyways
[09:56] <IceTudor> lets stop this 
[09:56] <The Tidal Wave> I've been trying to control it.
[09:56] <IceTudor> oh thanks then tide
[09:56] <IceTudor> ...
[09:56] <IceTudor> that isnt sarcasm
[09:56] <IceTudor> just horrible timing for me to say it.
[09:56] <IceTudor> anyways
[09:56] <IceTudor> am
[09:56] <Aufmerksam> I am thinking...
[09:57] <IceTudor> mk
[09:57] <Aufmerksam> Yes.
[09:57] <IceTudor> take your time
[09:57] <IceTudor> the srfw community likes stuff like this
[09:57] <IceTudor> alot
[09:57] <Aufmerksam> Look at the 20th of July Chat.
[09:57] <Aufmerksam> It is exactly what mentioned above.
[09:57] <IceTudor> heres a guide on how to install yourself in the wiki a bit
[09:57] <IceTudor> 1
[09:57] <IceTudor> make a slime
[09:57] <IceTudor> 2 
[09:57] <IceTudor> make a food
[09:57] <IceTudor> 3
[09:57] <IceTudor> a toy (optional)
[09:57] <The Tidal Wave> why so laggy, laptop?
[09:58] <IceTudor> 4
[09:58] <Aufmerksam> Crude and unpleasent.
[09:58] <IceTudor> a location
[09:58] <IceTudor> 5
[09:58] <IceTudor> an item (again, optional)
[09:58] <IceTudor> food slime and location are crucial
[09:58] <IceTudor> and 6
[09:58] <IceTudor> new concept (yet again, optional)
[09:58] <IceTudor> you can look at mine am
[09:59] <IceTudor> i think your thorn slime would fit in glass deserty
[09:59] <The Tidal Wave> so laggy
[09:59] <IceTudor> cause a desert
[09:59] <IceTudor> ...
[09:59] <IceTudor> and
[09:59] <IceTudor> cacti
[09:59] <IceTudor> with thorns
[09:59] <IceTudor> tho cacti have more of sticky bumps than thorns tin sr
[09:59] <IceTudor> anyways
[09:59] <Aufmerksam> Hotchell-Nilensk Plateu.
[09:59] <The Tidal Wave> what?
[09:59] <Aufmerksam> Where Thorn will live.
[09:59] <IceTudor> OH
[09:59] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[09:59] <IceTudor> oops capsloc
[10:00] <IceTudor> nice
[10:00] <IceTudor> so you made a location too
[10:00] <IceTudor> have you decided a diet and food yet
[10:00] <IceTudor> or not
[10:00] <IceTudor> just asking
[10:00] <IceTudor> heres a quick info on slimes btw
[10:00] <IceTudor> they eat food
[10:00] <IceTudor> their fav food gives double plorts
[10:00] <IceTudor> plorts are valuable
[10:00] <IceTudor> they sell for a default price and fluctuate in a ceirtan range
[10:00] <IceTudor> in newbucks
[10:00] <IceTudor> or v (greek nu) bucks
[10:00] <IceTudor> not sure
[10:00] <IceTudor> and their diets can be
[10:01] <IceTudor> other diet (stuff like mushrooms, water, ash and shit), fruits, veggies, meat
[10:01] <The Tidal Wave> please organize what you say into a full sentence instead of bits.
[10:01] <The Tidal Wave> no offense
[10:01] <IceTudor> largos are a slime that ate a plort that isnt of its own kind, making it larger and having the ability of the other slime
[10:02] <IceTudor> their risks can be if they have a risk on the rancher or while ranching
[10:02] <IceTudor> the rancher btw
[10:02] <Aufmerksam> If you ask for story, Hotchell Thornshell and Nilensk Thornshell were 2 brothers who built a (now very old) mine on the plateu.
[10:02] <IceTudor> oh
[10:02] <IceTudor> thats a good story
[10:02] <IceTudor> fits well with the hobson and stuff thing
[10:03] <IceTudor> great start am
[10:03] <IceTudor> no seriously
[10:03] <IceTudor> you did as good as i did
[10:03] <IceTudor> but i didnt add a story
[10:03] <IceTudor> well lkinda
[10:03] <Aufmerksam> Now the mine is obsolete.
[10:03] <IceTudor> the permafrost mountains were the biggest volcanoes on the far, far range
[10:03] <IceTudor> but after the ice age came
[10:04] <IceTudor> they froze over with an ice slowly cooling down itself
[10:04] <IceTudor> now instead of the hottest
[10:04] <Aufmerksam> Thornshell mine was abandoned 275 years ago.
[10:04] <IceTudor> thyey are the coldest place on the far far range
[10:04] <IceTudor> huh
[10:04] <IceTudor> good
[10:04] <IceTudor> the volcanoes soon 
[10:04] <IceTudor> after freezing over
[10:04] <IceTudor> were used as mines
[10:04] <IceTudor> too.
[10:04] <IceTudor> but after the mines died out
[10:04] <IceTudor> their wood got burnt
[10:05] <IceTudor> their passages were now more like caves
[10:05] <IceTudor> a large
[10:05] <IceTudor> vast
[10:05] <IceTudor> system
[10:05] <IceTudor> covering the ground of the far far rang
[10:05] <IceTudor> range**
[10:05] <IceTudor> below it all.
[10:05] <IceTudor> slimes
[10:05] <IceTudor> after being a largo
[10:05] <IceTudor> and eating another random plort
[10:05] <Aufmerksam> "His thorns are as sharp as his mind."
[10:05] <IceTudor> will turn into a tarr
[10:05] <IceTudor> heh
[10:05] <Aufmerksam> The block quote.
[10:05] <IceTudor> nice.
[10:05] <IceTudor> thats a good idea. am
[10:05] <The Tidal Wave> hoo boy
[10:05] <IceTudor> you fit well in the community!!!
[10:05] <IceTudor> congrats!
[10:06] <IceTudor> you can now plan your food
[10:06] <IceTudor> should be simple
[10:06] <Aufmerksam> Because actually, Thorn is a reference to myself.
[10:06] <IceTudor> hah
[10:06] <Aufmerksam> Very cold.
[10:06] <IceTudor> mk
[10:06] <IceTudor> hmm
[10:06] <IceTudor> thinking of food now am
[10:06] <IceTudor> maybe
[10:06] <IceTudor> cactus fruits?
[10:06] <IceTudor> ooh
[10:07] <IceTudor> =OOOOOOOO
[10:07] <Aufmerksam> No.
[10:07] <IceTudor> NOT JUST IN SLIME RANCHER!!!
[10:07] <IceTudor> well then
[10:07] <IceTudor> and it is a cactus fruit
[10:07] <IceTudor> weird
[10:07] <The Tidal Wave> You just realized?
[10:07] <IceTudor> ye
[10:07] <IceTudor> never heard of it
[10:07] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[10:07] <IceTudor> we dont usually have cactus fruits in romania
[10:07] <The Tidal Wave> meh
[10:08] <Aufmerksam> Diet: Meat.
[10:08] <Aufmerksam> Favourite: Hotchellberry. (Will be thought and added)
[10:08] <IceTudor> ooh
[10:08] <Aufmerksam> Only grows on H&N Plateu.
[10:09] <IceTudor> ok
[10:09] <IceTudor> ooh
[10:09] <IceTudor> berries
[10:09] <IceTudor> they could be interesting
[10:09] <IceTudor> so
[10:09] <IceTudor> bushes
[10:09] <IceTudor> not trees now
[10:09] <IceTudor> interesting
[10:09] <IceTudor> i like it am
[10:09] <IceTudor> i also have an idea
[10:09] <IceTudor> could we have the plateu next to my permafrost mountain?
[10:09] <Aufmerksam> Go for it.
[10:10] <IceTudor> it already connects the glass desert to the indigo quarry
[10:10] <IceTudor> it would fit
[10:10] <IceTudor> would the plateu be reddish
[10:10] <IceTudor> like
[10:10] <IceTudor> the dry reef is yellow/orange
[10:10] <IceTudor> your plateu could be reddish or something
[10:10] <IceTudor> my permafrost mountains are bluish-grey
[10:11] <Aufmerksam> The cliff part will be red-yellow (alternating.) The top is vegatated, with grass and trees.
[10:11] <IceTudor> yeah
[10:11] <IceTudor> kinda thought of that
[10:11] <IceTudor> hey auf
[10:11] <IceTudor> the plateu could have anomalies like the glass desert
[10:11] <IceTudor> with sand storms maybe
[10:12] <Aufmerksam> And the old mine's hole.
[10:12] <Aufmerksam> A large hole in the ground, maybe some visible ores.
[10:12] <IceTudor> god i just got an idea
[10:12] <IceTudor> the minery
[10:12] <IceTudor> a new extractor
[10:12] <IceTudor> could get materials from the plateu
[10:13] <IceTudor> you think its good?
[10:13] <Aufmerksam> You must get permission from Hotchell and Niolensk, whom are both long gone.
[10:13] <IceTudor> heh
[10:13] <IceTudor> am
[10:13] <IceTudor> you have a really good start
[10:13] <IceTudor> good job!
[10:14] <IceTudor> i love it!
[10:14] <Aufmerksam> This is not my kind of thing, but, still having some "fun" as you call.
[10:14] <IceTudor> uhh
[10:14] <IceTudor> imma finish my night slime
[10:14] <IceTudor> rn
[10:14] <IceTudor> mk?
[10:16] <IceTudor> ahh
[10:16] <IceTudor> i love slime rancher at night
[10:16] <IceTudor> so calmin
[10:16] <IceTudor> calming**
[10:16] <IceTudor> seeing all those phosphor slimes fly
[10:16] <IceTudor> softly glowing
[10:16] <IceTudor> being happy
[10:16] <IceTudor> and calm.
[10:17] <The Tidal Wave> and I'm just watching you two rant about Slime Rancher whilst having 0 idea on what's going on.
[10:17] <Aufmerksam> I am not ranting.
[10:17] <Aufmerksam> Just an idea storm, then the end.
[10:18] <The Tidal Wave> whatever
[10:19] <The Tidal Wave> i consider you two combined ranting.
[10:20] <IceTudor> ??
[10:20] <IceTudor> eh anyways
[10:20] <IceTudor> wait
[10:21] <IceTudor>
[10:21] <IceTudor> yay
[10:22] <IceTudor> now for the glow guava
[10:23] <IceTudor> also
[10:23] <IceTudor> i like how you named them Hotchell Thornshell and Nilensk Thornshell
[10:23] <IceTudor> not just
[10:23] <IceTudor> mike and some random guy
[10:23] <IceTudor> fits slime rancher
[10:25] <The Tidal Wave> test
[10:31] <The Tidal Wave> dead?
[10:31] <The Tidal Wave> nope, just lagging.
[10:31] <The Tidal Wave> nope, dead chat.
[10:35] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[10:36] <Aufmerksam> Same.
[10:37] <The Tidal Wave> i guess you could make NW Artillery?
[10:37] <The Tidal Wave> chat's [b]really[/b] laggy today
[10:38] <Aufmerksam> Not laggy here.
[10:39] <The Tidal Wave> to me it's really laggy
[10:40] <The Tidal Wave> had to reload at least 20 times
[10:40] <IceTudor> same as am here
[10:40] <The Tidal Wave> and i Ursuuled a bit
[10:40] <The Tidal Wave> hey Sam, why'd you change your name and account?
[10:41] <IceTudor>
[10:45] <The Tidal Wave> lag?
[10:45] <The Tidal Wave> nope, dead.
[10:49] <The Tidal Wave> bored.
[10:51] <Radium212> Hi
[10:51] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[10:51] <The Tidal Wave> my chat's really laggy
[10:51] <The Tidal Wave> today at least
[10:51] <Radium212> I'm usually fine
[10:51] <The Tidal Wave> same
[10:51] <The Tidal Wave> but today it's insanely laggy
[10:52] <Aufmerksam> Hi.
[10:52] <Aufmerksam> Nope.
[10:52] <Aufmerksam> Late.
[10:53] <Aufmerksam> Who is Sam?
[10:53] <The Tidal Wave> you, i guess
[10:53] <The Tidal Wave> I'm not typing Aufmerksam every time i want to talk to you
[10:54] <IceTudor> just say am.
[10:54] <The Tidal Wave> no
[10:54] <IceTudor> aufmerksam
[10:54] <The Tidal Wave> AM is dead.
[10:54] <IceTudor> aufmerksam
[10:54] <IceTudor> aufmerksam
[10:54] <IceTudor> ???
[10:54] <IceTudor> y do
[10:54] <The Tidal Wave> so is Enpanzran, i think
[10:54] <The Tidal Wave> meh
[10:54] <IceTudor> he is am.
[10:54] <The Tidal Wave> meh
[10:54] <Aufmerksam> I accept AM.
[10:54] <Aufmerksam> I accept AUf.
[10:54] <Aufmerksam> *Auf.
[10:54] <The Tidal Wave> Auf.
[10:54] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[10:55] <IceTudor> life is not without death
[10:56] <IceTudor> and death is not without life
[10:56] <Aufmerksam> And that word was irrelevant.
[11:03] <The Tidal Wave> *chat lag intensifies*
[11:03] <The Tidal Wave> i may have gotten Taco internet disease
[11:05] <The Tidal Wave> test
[11:10] <The Tidal Wave> test
[11:10] <The Tidal Wave> ok, not so laggy
[11:11] <The Tidal Wave> for now
[11:18] <Luigi1006YT> [giant]e
[11:19] <The Tidal Wave> hi luigi
[11:25] <The Tidal Wave> test
[11:32] <The Tidal Wave> test
[11:34] <IceTudor> does anyone here drink elderberry juice
[11:34] <IceTudor> its a thing in romania
[11:34] <IceTudor> "socata"
[11:34] <IceTudor> like lemonade
[11:34] <IceTudor> but its elderberries instead of lemons
[11:34] <The Tidal Wave> what's elderberry
[11:35] <IceTudor> damn
[11:35] <IceTudor> i knew it
[11:35] <IceTudor> barely anyone knows what elderberries are
[11:35] <IceTudor> lol.
[11:35] <The Tidal Wave> test
[11:36] <The Tidal Wave> test
[11:36] <IceTudor>
[11:36] <The Tidal Wave> GODDAMNED LAG!
[11:36] <IceTudor> tho we usually use the flower
[11:36] <IceTudor> not the berry
[11:36] <IceTudor> more of a tea that gets formed after months
[11:36] <The Tidal Wave> oh.
[11:36] <IceTudor> we put a twigs i think
[11:36] <IceTudor> or flowers
[11:36] <The Tidal Wave> [b]oh.
[11:36] <IceTudor> in a large jar with water
[11:36] <IceTudor> cold water
[11:37] <IceTudor> or normal
[11:37] <IceTudor> whatev
[11:37] <IceTudor> close it
[11:37] <The Tidal Wave> Elder.
[11:37] <IceTudor> wait a few months
[11:37] <IceTudor> elderberry juice
[11:37] <IceTudor> aca
[11:37] <IceTudor> SOCATAAA
[11:37] <The Tidal Wave> it's aka
[11:37] <The Tidal Wave> also known as
[11:37] <IceTudor> aka**
[11:37] <IceTudor> i know
[11:37] <IceTudor> also
[11:37] <IceTudor> its actually quite sweet and good
[11:37] <IceTudor> much sweeter
[11:38] <IceTudor> than you think
[11:38] <IceTudor> its like orange juice sweet
[11:38] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[11:38] <IceTudor> Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
[11:38] <IceTudor> Energy	305 kJ (73 kcal)
[11:38] <IceTudor> Carbohydrates
[11:38] <IceTudor> 18.4 g
[11:38] <IceTudor> Dietary fiber	7 g
[11:38] <IceTudor> Fat
[11:38] <IceTudor> 0.5 g
[11:38] <IceTudor> Protein
[11:38] <IceTudor> 0.66 g
[11:38] <IceTudor> Vitamins
[11:38] <IceTudor> Vitamin A equiv.	(4%) 30 μg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Thiamine (B1)	(6%) 0.07 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Riboflavin (B2)	(5%) 0.06 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Niacin (B3)	(3%) 0.5 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Pantothenic acid (B5)	(3%) 0.14 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Vitamin B6	(18%) 0.23 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Folate (B9)	(2%) 6 μg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Vitamin C	(43%) 36 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Minerals
[11:38] <IceTudor> Calcium	(4%) 38 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Iron	(12%) 1.6 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Magnesium	(1%) 5 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Phosphorus	(6%) 39 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Potassium	(6%) 280 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Zinc	(1%) 0.11 mg
[11:38] <IceTudor> Other constituents
[11:38] <IceTudor> Water	79.80 g
[11:38] <IceTudor> just here
[11:38] <IceTudor> for y
[11:38] <IceTudor> y'**
[11:38] <The Tidal Wave> hoo boy.
[11:38] <The Tidal Wave> suddenly wall.
[11:39] <The Tidal Wave> test
[11:41] <IceTudor> tho elderberry juice isnt a think in amercia
[11:41] <IceTudor> in romania its so popular
[11:41] <The Tidal Wave> eh
[11:41] <IceTudor> we got a fanta soda with elderberry flavor
[11:41] <IceTudor> =P
[11:41] <IceTudor> thing**
[11:41] <The Tidal Wave> national culture
[11:41] <IceTudor> ya
[11:41] <IceTudor> you should try
[11:41] <IceTudor> its great tbh
[11:41] <The Tidal Wave> [s]america has none
[11:41] <IceTudor> kinda like tea
[11:41] <IceTudor> a bit.
[11:41] <IceTudor> a month old one
[11:41] <IceTudor> but its very sweet
[11:41] <The Tidal Wave> I would try it if i could get my hands on it
[11:42] <The Tidal Wave> idk if it sells in HK or not
[11:43] <IceTudor> not sure
[11:43] <IceTudor> its a yellowish white flower
[11:43] <IceTudor> on trees
[11:43] <IceTudor> hmm
[11:43] <IceTudor> "Sambucus javanica (Chinese elder; southeastern Asia)"
[11:43] <IceTudor> maybe you can get some.
[11:43] <IceTudor>
[11:44] <IceTudor> "It is found naturally in Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China (except in the north)"
[11:44] <IceTudor> " It is a perennial herb or a small shrub 1–2 m (3 ft 3 in–6 ft 7 in) tall."
[11:44] <IceTudor> "Parts of the plant are used locally, variously as analgesics, blood purifiers, bowel and bladder stimulants, or even for poison.[4] It is also believed to be an aid against numbness, rheumatism, spasms, swelling, and trauma, as well as for general bone and circulatory health."
[11:44] <IceTudor> i think it sells
[11:44] <IceTudor> and yes elderberry is healthy as shit.
[11:47] <The Tidal Wave> test
[11:47] <IceTudor> oh it seems socata is mainly from romanian culture
[11:47] <IceTudor>
[11:48] <IceTudor> so yeah
[11:48] <IceTudor> from the flowers
[11:48] <IceTudor> not leaves
[11:48] <IceTudor> not beries
[11:48] <IceTudor> flowers
[11:48] <IceTudor> ...
[11:48] <IceTudor> man im thirsty for some rn
[11:48] <IceTudor> shame i dont have some.
[11:51] <The Tidal Wave> damned lag
[11:51] <IceTudor> tidal
[11:51] <IceTudor> just asking
[11:51] <IceTudor>
[11:51] <IceTudor> just go around
[11:51] <IceTudor> do you think its a better wiki than this one?
[11:51] <IceTudor> i do.
[11:52] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[11:53] <IceTudor> is srfw better than dw/dcow
[11:53] <The Tidal Wave> yes?
[11:53] <IceTudor> not in game wise
[11:53] <IceTudor> but community wise
[11:53] <IceTudor> dramawise
[11:53] <The Tidal Wave> what
[11:53] <IceTudor> i say its much healthier than this dump of a wiki we're in currently
[11:53] <IceTudor> we need to fix this
[11:53] <IceTudor> make it berrer
[11:53] <IceTudor> like srfw
[11:53] <IceTudor> look how happy the users there are!
[11:53] <The Tidal Wave> what's the question
[11:54] <IceTudor> is srfw
[11:54] <IceTudor> healthier
[11:54] <IceTudor> as a wiki
[11:54] <IceTudor> than dcow/dw
[11:54] <The Tidal Wave> i have not seen SRFW's community.
[11:54] <IceTudor> i say yes
[11:54] <IceTudor> explore a bit there
[11:54] <IceTudor> we need to make it similar
[11:54] <IceTudor> we need to clean up this wiki
[11:54] <IceTudor> that wiki is actually very old btw
[11:56] <The Tidal Wave> I'd say we'd be happier once the merge is finally done.
[11:56] <The Tidal Wave> Conceptions.
[11:57] <The Tidal Wave> then we'd have stuff to talk about in the chat.
[11:59] <IceTudor> nah
[11:59] <IceTudor> nope
[11:59] <IceTudor> merge is even ignored now
[11:59] <IceTudor> even i dont care bout it
[11:59] <The Tidal Wave> "even you"
[11:59] <The Tidal Wave> Of course you don't care about it
[11:59] <IceTudor> i did before
[11:59] <IceTudor> now im bored rantin bout it
[11:59] <IceTudor> its obsolete now.
[11:59] <The Tidal Wave> you're not even a part of this wiki anybore.
[11:59] <The Tidal Wave> anymore*
[12:00] <IceTudor> eh ya tbh
[12:00] <IceTudor> im moving
[12:00] <The Tidal Wave> like you said, you're only here for the chat
[12:00] <IceTudor> you can adopt my pages if you want
[12:00] <The Tidal Wave> yeah
[12:00] <IceTudor> but only some may
[12:00] <The Tidal Wave> I better do that before Taco does.
[12:00] <The Tidal Wave> some?
[12:00] <IceTudor> am, you, taco and ac
[12:00] <IceTudor> can adopt them
[12:00] <IceTudor> and fallen
[12:01] <IceTudor> ofcourse the last 2 if they caome back
[12:01] <IceTudor> come** of course**
[12:01] <The Tidal Wave> honestly the merge better finish soon.
[12:01] <IceTudor> eh
[12:01] <IceTudor> who cares tbh
[12:01] <The Tidal Wave> ME.
[12:01] <IceTudor> anyways
[12:01] <IceTudor> tidal
[12:01] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[12:02] <IceTudor> would you think gold slimes should be a plush or figurine
[12:02] <IceTudor> i mean
[12:02] <IceTudor> its gold
[12:02] <IceTudor> but its supposed to be squishy
[12:02] <IceTudor> i think a figurine with sections that can push in could be
[12:02] <IceTudor> or a plush
[12:02] <IceTudor> oh 
[12:02] <The Tidal Wave> I've seen a Shrek figure made of 24k gold once.
[12:02] <IceTudor> a gilded plush
[12:02] <IceTudor> lol.
[12:02] <IceTudor> wow.
[12:02] <IceTudor> talk about rich memes.
[12:02] <The Tidal Wave> with embedded diamonds.
[12:02] <IceTudor> fucking hell
[12:03] <IceTudor> you're making me jeallous now
[12:03] <IceTudor> stahppp
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> Gold Slime could be made into a plush or a god accessory.
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> gold8
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> gold**
[12:03] <IceTudor> oh
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> not god
[12:03] <IceTudor> yeah
[12:03] <IceTudor> or a gilded plush
[12:03] <IceTudor> plush with gold bits
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> i guess
[12:03] <IceTudor> or a slime
[12:03] <IceTudor> an actual slime.
[12:03] <IceTudor> with face accessories
[12:03] <IceTudor> omg yes.
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> meh
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> not that interested in slime rancher tbh
[12:03] <IceTudor> lmao a puddle slime would just be a water balloon with a face
[12:03] <IceTudor> also
[12:04] <IceTudor> this is weird
[12:04] <The Tidal Wave> what is
[12:04] <IceTudor> tarr die when touching water
[12:04] <IceTudor> but can eat a puddle slime
[12:04] <IceTudor> which is like a fucking kiloliter of water
[12:04] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[12:04] <The Tidal Wave> oversight in the game.
[12:04] <IceTudor> and fire slimes
[12:05] <IceTudor> but dont eat gold slimes (gold does nothing to your body, you can drink vodka with gold flakes)
[12:05] <IceTudor> GENIUS
[12:05] <The Tidal Wave> does a Tarr die when touching fire?
[12:05] <IceTudor> no
[12:05] <IceTudor> but they're litteraly just ash
[12:05] <IceTudor> the fire slimes
[12:05] <The Tidal Wave> then fire slimes are edible to it.
[12:06] <IceTudor> DECOMPOSED ASH
[12:06] <IceTudor> but they dont eat gold slimes
[12:06] <IceTudor> which still are slime
[12:06] <The Tidal Wave> the Puddle slime is an oversight.
[12:06] <IceTudor> but eat ash and water?
[12:06] <The Tidal Wave> IDK
[12:06] <IceTudor> ikr
[12:06] <The Tidal Wave> Tarr logic.
[12:06] <The Tidal Wave> Ask the SR devs, not me.#
[12:06] <IceTudor> sr devs are actually nice
[12:06] <The Tidal Wave> be back in a while
[12:06] <IceTudor> even held a twitch stream some days ago for questions
[12:16] <Luigi1006YT> e
[12:18] <The Tidal Wave> back
[12:18] <The Tidal Wave> if this merge does not complete soon, then the wiki will die once and for all.
[12:18] <Luigi1006YT> yup
[12:20] <Tungster24> herro
[12:20] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[12:21] <Tungster24> so, whats going on
[12:21] <The Tidal Wave> nothing.
[12:21] <The Tidal Wave> the chat is dead
[12:21] <Tungster24> bored as usual
[12:21] <The Tidal Wave> mhm
[12:22] <Tungster24> usually is dead when there is nothing to say
[12:22] <The Tidal Wave> yeah
[12:22] <The Tidal Wave> merge soon plz
[12:22] <Tungster24> well,
[12:22] <Luigi1006YT> How to make an e out of e's:
[12:22] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[12:22] <Luigi1006YT> e
[12:22] <Luigi1006YT> eee
[12:22] <Luigi1006YT> e
[12:22] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[12:22] <The Tidal Wave> then we can have something to talk about
[12:22] <Tungster24> i have a idea, that is probably not gonna get accepted
[12:23] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[12:23] <Tungster24> make up random planets in our mind
[12:23] <The Tidal Wave> ok...?
[12:24] <Tungster24> P3303b: a planet out of plasma (7703C)
[12:24] <The Tidal Wave> nah
[12:24] <Tungster24> so no
[12:24] <The Tidal Wave> i'm too lazy to think of these
[12:24] <Tungster24> ?
[12:25] <Tungster24> k :c
[12:25] <Tungster24> you dont have to list everything, even just the property might work
[12:25] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[12:25] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[12:26] <The Tidal Wave> B2820a, a planet covered in lava
[12:26] <The Tidal Wave> test
[12:28] <101cooler> heytungster
[12:28] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[12:28] <101cooler> long time no see
[12:28] <The Tidal Wave> didn't see you enter chat
[12:28] <101cooler> weird
[12:28] <Tungster24> K2-863+5b
[12:28] <Tungster24> planet with twice the size because of alien civilisation
[12:28] <Tungster24> yeah
[12:28] <Tungster24> i did not see you in a while
[12:28] <Tungster24> last time i say you was at a rp
[12:29] <101cooler> well i belive the wikia is reaching the nuclear apocalpse of nothing new amirite
[12:29] <The Tidal Wave> not really
[12:29] <101cooler> yeah and that was a LONG time ago
[12:29] <The Tidal Wave> once the merge ends we can make conceptions again
[12:29] <Tungster24> and btw
[12:29] <The Tidal Wave> and we'll have stuff to talk about.
[12:29] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[12:29] <Tungster24> i know the reason
[12:30] <The Tidal Wave> Diep stopped updating
[12:30] <101cooler> yep
[12:30] <Tungster24> why was no updates
[12:30] <Tungster24> is because
[12:30] <101cooler> thats what i was talking about
[12:30] <The Tidal Wave> why
[12:30] <Tungster24>
[12:31] <Tungster24> new game of zeach
[12:31] <Tungster24> i think
[12:31] <Aufmerksam> Hi.
[12:31] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[12:31] <Tungster24> oh, hi
[12:31] <Tungster24> do i remember you or something?
[12:31] <The Tidal Wave> zeach don't abandon us like dis
[12:31] <Aufmerksam> Returned to the WASP 12b?
[12:31] <The Tidal Wave> Aufmerksam = Enpanzran = AM Waves
[12:31] <Tungster24> i think, this one does not have a certain name
[12:32] <The Tidal Wave> make a new one
[12:32] <The Tidal Wave> let me ask Ursuul
[12:32] <Aufmerksam> By the looks of it, similar to TrEs 2b.
[12:33] <Aufmerksam> Very dark red with same marron lines over it.
[12:34] <Aufmerksam> Her?
[12:34] <The Tidal Wave> nope
[12:34] <Aufmerksam> His.
[12:34] <The Tidal Wave> already exists.
[12:34] <The Tidal Wave> wiki*
[12:34] <The Tidal Wave> abort mission.
[12:34] <101cooler> ABORT
[12:35] <101cooler> well this wikia is officaly dead
[12:35] <101cooler> with update info
[12:36] <The Tidal Wave> someone contact zeach.
[12:36] <The Tidal Wave> tell him to update diep more
[12:37] <101cooler> I CANT TUNGSTER CAN U
[12:38] <The Tidal Wave> test
[12:38] <The Tidal Wave> diep is ded
[12:39] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[12:40] <Aufmerksam> Maybe e-Mailing is an option.
[12:40] <The Tidal Wave> you do it
[12:40] <The Tidal Wave> someone else at least
[12:41] <The Tidal Wave> i can't handle officials
[12:47] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[12:55] <The Tidal Wave> anyone??
[12:55] <Graviatar> hi but bye
[12:55] <Graviatar> *POOF*
[12:55] <The Tidal Wave> bye
[12:57] <ItzDracius> AHH
[12:57] <ItzDracius> I REALLY WANT TO BE A FURRY
[12:57] <ItzDracius> k
[12:57] <ItzDracius> the chat is ded
[12:58] <The Tidal Wave> mhm
[12:58] <ItzDracius> you already know this
[12:58] <The Tidal Wave> what
[12:58] <The Tidal Wave> ded chat or furry?
[12:59] <ItzDracius> both
[12:59] <Aufmerksam> What?
[01:00] <ItzDracius> I ADMIT IT OKAY
[01:03] <The Tidal Wave> ded
[01:09] <Aufmerksam> I wonder.
[01:09] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[01:09] <Aufmerksam> What happens when you PM Özün Oldun?
[01:10] <The Tidal Wave> let me test it
[01:10] <The Tidal Wave> nothing happens i guess
[01:11] <Aufmerksam> I mean, does it reply, or null.
[01:13] <The Tidal Wave> She does not reply.
[01:13] <The Tidal Wave> for now
[01:18] <ItzDracius> MINING AWAY
[01:18] <ItzDracius> IDK
[01:18] <ItzDracius> WHAT MINE NOW
[01:18] <ItzDracius> ILL MINE THIS ANYWAY
[01:18] <ItzDracius> IN THIS MINECRAFT DAY
[01:18] <ItzDracius> SO BEAUTIFUL
[01:18] <The Tidal Wave> ...?
[01:18] <The Tidal Wave> please don't spam in chat
[01:19] <4L01510 1337> hi
[01:19] <The Tidal Wave> Sup
[01:19] <4L01510 1337> lag
[01:19] <Tungster24> hello
[01:20] <Tungster24> havent seen you in quite a while
[01:20] <The Tidal Wave> My internet's not good today
[01:20] <The Tidal Wave> i lagged a lot in chat
[01:20] <The Tidal Wave> even Ursuuled a bit
[01:21] <4L01510 1337> i have 2 options: good computer+bad internet OR bad computer with good internet
[01:23] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[01:23] <ItzDracius> i have 1 option:
[01:23] <ItzDracius> bad computer with bad internet
[01:23] <The Tidal Wave> i'm honestly not sure if it's my computer or my internet
[01:23] <The Tidal Wave> i think it's the former
[01:28] <ItzDracius> [verysmall] where's that fursuit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[01:28] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[01:28] <The Tidal Wave> [verysmall]don't drag me into this
[01:28] <4L01510 1337> [verysmall]wot
[01:28] <ItzDracius> I EMBRACE IT
[01:29] <ItzDracius> [verybig] AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME
[01:31] <The Tidal Wave> just don't drag me into it and i'm good
[01:33] <ItzDracius> MUAHAHAHA
[01:34] <The Tidal Wave> i can't
[01:34] <The Tidal Wave> i'm too (shiny) 
[01:35] <ItzDracius> [verysmall] but aren't you interested?
[01:36] <The Tidal Wave> nope not at all
[01:36] <The Tidal Wave> nyet
[01:36] <The Tidal Wave> (nope) 
[01:36] <ItzDracius> ok
[01:37] <The Tidal Wave> 不,完全没有
[01:37] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[01:37] <ItzDracius> it was lit
[01:37] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[01:37] <ItzDracius> yes, everything at all
[01:38] <4L01510 1337> 不,完全没有
[01:38] <4L01510 1337> No, nothing at all
[01:38] <ItzDracius> yeah
[01:38] <ItzDracius> ik
[01:41] <TheTriplet> hi
[01:42] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[01:42] <4L01510 1337> hi
[01:42] <TheTriplet> i posted on corrupt-a-wish 2
[01:42] <TheTriplet> just saying
[01:44] <TheTriplet> ;-; chat got killed
[01:45] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[01:46] <TBOO-Y> hi guys
[01:46] <TBOO-Y> I found a problem in ToD
[01:46] <TheTriplet> same
[01:46] <TheTriplet> hi
[01:46] <TheTriplet> ?
[01:46] <4L01510 1337> hi
[01:46] <The Tidal Wave> helo
[01:46] <TBOO-Y> Alpha and Beta Squares
[01:46] <The Tidal Wave> hello*
[01:46] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[01:46] <TheTriplet> ??
[01:46] <TBOO-Y> you know why they are a problem?
[01:46] <The Tidal Wave> grav
[01:46] <The Tidal Wave> why?
[01:46] <TBOO-Y> Necromancers :3
[01:46] <TheTriplet> tod? theory of diepio?
[01:47] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[01:47] <TBOO-Y> no
[01:47] <The Tidal Wave> no
[01:47] <TBOO-Y> Tale of Diep
[01:47] <The Tidal Wave> ^
[01:47] <TheTriplet> oh
[01:47] <TBOO-Y> imagine
[01:47] <TBOO-Y> a huge alpha square
[01:47] <ItzDracius> TAIL of diep
[01:47] <TBOO-Y> controlled by a necro
[01:47] <The Tidal Wave> Imma ask Zathsu.
[01:47] <TBOO-Y> coming straight for ya
[01:47] <The Tidal Wave> Drac, no
[01:47] <TBOO-Y> ok
[01:47] <ItzDracius> COMING STRAIGHT FOR YA
[01:47] <Luigi1006YT> e
[01:47] <TBOO-Y> meanwhile...
[01:47] <TheTriplet> k
[01:47] <TheTriplet> destroyer.
[01:47] <ItzDracius> DESTROYER
[01:48] <TheTriplet> 2-3 bullets
[01:48] <TBOO-Y>
[01:48] <TheTriplet> and boom
[01:48] <TBOO-Y> nope
[01:48] <TheTriplet> ?
[01:48] <TBOO-Y> its an alpha square
[01:48] <TBOO-Y> like 6 hits
[01:48] <TBOO-Y> and remember
[01:48] <TheTriplet> btw i'm 'not thetriplet'
[01:48] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[01:48] <TBOO-Y> a squares health gets multiplied by like 3 when it gets hit by a necro
[01:48] <The Tidal Wave> hoo boy
[01:48] <TBOO-Y> so...
[01:48] <The Tidal Wave> it's probably uncontrollable
[01:49] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[01:50] <ItzDracius> I'M A FURRY
[01:50] <TheTriplet> ;-;
[01:50] <The Tidal Wave> sorry tboo-y
[01:51] <The Tidal Wave> Luigi, you sure you wanna play as Young anything?
[01:51] <The Tidal Wave> You'll get slaughtered.
[01:52] <TheTriplet> LOL
[01:52] <Luigi1006YT> and i just did
[01:52] <Luigi1006YT> :^[giant])
[01:55] <TheTriplet> disconnected
[01:55] <TBOO-Y> dude
[01:55] <TBOO-Y> don't pick my counter
[01:55] <TheTriplet> party link again?
[01:55] <TheTriplet> /
[01:55] <TheTriplet> ?
[01:55] <TBOO-Y> right after I kill you
[01:55] <TBOO-Y>
[01:55] <TBOO-Y> that's not cool
[01:55] <TheTriplet> k
[01:55] <TheTriplet> thx
[01:55] <TheTriplet> me?
[01:55] <The Tidal Wave> me i think
[01:55] <IceTudor> back
[01:55] <IceTudor> o was afk.
[01:55] <The Tidal Wave>
[01:55] <The Tidal Wave> 
[01:55] <IceTudor> god
[01:56] <IceTudor> >200 messages
[01:56] <TheTriplet> hi
[01:56] <IceTudor> tf
[01:56] <IceTudor> chat didnt die?
[01:56] <IceTudor> lol
[01:56] <TheTriplet> yep
[01:57] <TBOO-Y> oops
[01:57] <TBOO-Y> sry
[01:57] <TBOO-Y> uhhh
[01:57] <TBOO-Y> dude
[01:57] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[01:57] <The Tidal Wave> for real.
[01:58] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[01:58] <The Tidal Wave> i put 0 speed
[01:58] <The Tidal Wave> i put 0 speed
[01:59] <TBOO-Y> k
[02:01] <The Tidal Wave> Auto turret DO SOMETHING!
[02:01] <TBOO-Y> nope
[02:01] <TBOO-Y> my strategy is to make sure the turret cant see me
[02:02] <The Tidal Wave> F**K MY BAD AIMMMMMMMM
[02:03] <TheTriplet> ...
[02:03] <The Tidal Wave> what's young booster doing
[02:03] <TBOO-Y> DAMMIT
[02:04] <TBOO-Y> I can never give the alpha pentagon to my teammates
[02:04] <TBOO-Y> cuz
[02:04] <TBOO-Y> drones r too strong
[02:04] <The Tidal Wave> don't touch the alpha with your drones then
[02:05] <TheTriplet> y u wanted to kill me?
[02:05] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[02:05] <TBOO-Y> dude
[02:05] <TBOO-Y> I'm reducing it
[02:05] <The Tidal Wave> if Triplet is young booster
[02:05] <TBOO-Y> so they can kill it
[02:05] <TheTriplet> ?
[02:05] <TBOO-Y> but I'm so impatient
[02:05] <TBOO-Y> I keep doing it
[02:05] <The Tidal Wave> then who's growing tank
[02:05] <TheTriplet> me
[02:06] <The Tidal Wave> you're both growing tank and young booster
[02:06] <TheTriplet> no
[02:06] <TheTriplet> only growing tank
[02:06] <The Tidal Wave> who's young booster then and can i kill it
[02:06] <TheTriplet> idk
[02:07] <TheTriplet> why
[02:07] <The Tidal Wave> exp denial 101
[02:07] <TheTriplet> why?
[02:07] <TBOO-Y> no steal kill
[02:07] <TheTriplet> k
[02:07] <The Tidal Wave> not steal kill
[02:07] <TBOO-Y> >:O
[02:07] <The Tidal Wave> i suicided into triplet
[02:07] <TheTriplet> i shot you because i was confused
[02:07] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[02:07] <TheTriplet> that's how i killed you
[02:07] <TheTriplet> ?
[02:08] <The Tidal Wave> let me try bullet auto smasher
[02:08] <TBOO-Y> k
[02:08] <TheTriplet> k
[02:08] <TBOO-Y> I use an all rounded auto smasher
[02:08] <The Tidal Wave> nope.
[02:08] <TBOO-Y> 2 much dronez
[02:08] <The Tidal Wave> i'm not taco, can't use glass auto
[02:10] <TBOO-Y> uhhh
[02:10] <The Tidal Wave> ok that was a afil.
[02:10] <TBOO-Y> taco doesn't use glass either
[02:11] <TBOO-Y> I use 1/7/7/3/6/6/3/0
[02:11] <TheTriplet> omfg
[02:11] <TheTriplet> fallen overlord
[02:11] <TheTriplet> ;-;
[02:11] <The Tidal Wave> i just realized i put 0 drone speed
[02:11] <TBOO-Y> LOL
[02:11] <The Tidal Wave> can i go landmine
[02:11] <The Tidal Wave> i wanna go landmine
[02:12] <Luigi1006YT> boop
[02:12] <The Tidal Wave> ahhh
[02:12] <TheTriplet> yep
[02:12] <TheTriplet> get rekt.
[02:13] <TheTriplet> rekt
[02:13] <TheTriplet> killed an alpha pentagon.
[02:15] <TheTriplet> ...
[02:15] <TheTriplet> pls
[02:15] <TBOO-Y> and 2v1
[02:16] <Luigi1006YT> [giant]not the 2v1
[02:16] <ItzDracius> oh gosh
[02:17] <ItzDracius> this is so bad
[02:17] <ItzDracius> karaoke
[02:17] <ItzDracius> MY EARS
[02:18] <The Tidal Wave> ok i'm using landmine even if it gets me rekt by TBOO-Y
[02:18] <Pariscat11> hey tungster
[02:18] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[02:18] <Pariscat11> hi
[02:18] <Pariscat11> hi tung
[02:18] <The Tidal Wave> i need to get some kind of kill
[02:18] <TheTriplet> lol
[02:19] <TheTriplet> guys look at my status
[02:19] <TheTriplet> :P
[02:19] <Pariscat11> guys
[02:19] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[02:19] <The Tidal Wave>
[02:19] <The Tidal Wave> 
[02:19] <TheTriplet> ??
[02:20] <Pariscat11> how much avatar of panzers would it require to equal a tboo
[02:20] <The Tidal Wave> idk
[02:20] <TBOO-Y> WTF DUDE, why I get no xp
[02:20] <The Tidal Wave> no less than 1000
[02:20] <IceTudor> hi paris
[02:20] <IceTudor> new game i just started making conceptions for
[02:20] <IceTudor> slime rancher
[02:20] <Pariscat11> i made a conception
[02:20] <Pariscat11> the predator slime
[02:21] <Pariscat11> it eats the two most common slimes ingame: pink and tabby
[02:21] <Pariscat11> and there's a small number of them
[02:22] <Pariscat11> good conception rite ice?
[02:22] <TBOO-Y> stop the 2v1s
[02:23] <TheTriplet> k
[02:23] <Tacocat247> Hello there
[02:23] <Pariscat11> Slime rancher
[02:23] <IceTudor> eh
[02:23] <IceTudor> kinda
[02:23] <TheTriplet> hi
[02:23] <IceTudor> also wait
[02:24] <IceTudor> 2 most common are pink and tabby?
[02:24] <4L01510 1337> hi
[02:24] <IceTudor> i thought pink and phosphor
[02:24] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[02:24] <Pariscat11> phospor spawns at night
[02:24] <Tacocat247> *Making a new theme*
[02:24] <Pariscat11> and tabby spawns at day and night
[02:24] <The Tidal Wave> oh hi taco
[02:24] <Pariscat11> so basically
[02:24] <Tacocat247> Hi
[02:24] <Pariscat11> tabby and pink
[02:24] <IceTudor> but tabby is more rare
[02:24] <Pariscat11> although it will ocasionally target tarrs
[02:24] <IceTudor> it still makes my point
[02:24] <IceTudor> no need for time
[02:24] <IceTudor> just how many
[02:24] <IceTudor> space not time
[02:24] <IceTudor> lmao
[02:25] <Pariscat11> it can kill a tarr in 8 bites at day
[02:25] <Pariscat11> and 16 bites at night
[02:25] <IceTudor> the tarr would kill it until that
[02:25] <IceTudor> lmao
[02:25] <TheTriplet> ups
[02:25] <IceTudor> also think simple
[02:25] <The Tidal Wave> suddenly DW chat becomes SRW chat.
[02:25] <IceTudor> not like that
[02:25] <TheTriplet> sry
[02:25] <TheTriplet> lemme stop
[02:25] <IceTudor> something like
[02:25] <IceTudor> glow guava
[02:25] <IceTudor> favorite of the night slime
[02:25] <IceTudor> or something
[02:26] <IceTudor> chilli volcanoes
[02:26] <IceTudor> or maybe think of a story
[02:26] <IceTudor> and
[02:26] <IceTudor> well
[02:26] <IceTudor> ehhh
[02:26] <IceTudor> hunter slime
[02:26] <IceTudor> saber slime
[02:26] <IceTudor> i dont think we should add more cat slimes
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> I said
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> stop
[02:26] <IceTudor> kinda enough
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> the'
[02:26] <The named BOSS> I'm guessing Paris is talking about a world's conception or something and ice is talking about slime rancher
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> 2v1s
[02:26] <Tacocat247> Hi TBOO
[02:26] <IceTudor> 4 already
[02:26] <IceTudor> lucky
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> hi
[02:26] <IceTudor> tabby
[02:26] <IceTudor> hunter
[02:26] <IceTudor> saber
[02:26] <IceTudor> ehgh
[02:26] <The Tidal Wave> BOSS
[02:26] <The named BOSS> I didn't get a Hi
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> 3 billion people are 2v1ing me rn
[02:26] <Pariscat11> predator slime and hunter slime together makes you have a bad time
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> hi BOSS
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> V
[02:26] <The named BOSS> Hello
[02:26] <TBOO-Y>
[02:26] <The Tidal Wave> They're both talking about Slime rancher
[02:27] <Pariscat11> as it gains an extra two damage points
[02:27] <The named BOSS> I just happen to be on mobile
[02:27] <IceTudor> wha?
[02:27] <IceTudor> hunter slime doesnt hurt you
[02:27] <IceTudor> oh
[02:27] <The Tidal Wave> also I'm going full "Kill everyone i see" ok?
[02:27] <IceTudor> the largo.
[02:27] <IceTudor> eh
[02:27] <IceTudor> tidal
[02:27] <IceTudor> im more like
[02:27] <The Tidal Wave> ...?
[02:27] <IceTudor> mutilate and destroy anything in my path
[02:27] <The Tidal Wave> we're plaing diep.
[02:27] <The Tidal Wave> playing*
[02:27] <IceTudor> its like a unnecessairly violent delete button
[02:27] <IceTudor> oh.
[02:27] <TheTriplet> ups
[02:27] <IceTudor> ....
[02:27] <IceTudor> well...
[02:27] <TheTriplet> sryyyy
[02:28] <IceTudor> thats awkward.
[02:28] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[02:28] <The Tidal Wave> also Taco
[02:28] <TheTriplet> sry
[02:28] <IceTudor> so wait
[02:28] <IceTudor> paris
[02:28] <Tacocat247> ?
[02:28] <The Tidal Wave> I got your internet
[02:28] <IceTudor> you have SR?
[02:28] <IceTudor> kewl
[02:28] <IceTudor> i do
[02:28] <Pariscat11> [yt="suTn2XkVEbQ"]
[02:28] <Pariscat11> i don't
[02:28] <IceTudor> o rip
[02:28] <Pariscat11> but i heard about it from one of my friends
[02:28] <IceTudor> is it wierd that i find lucky slimes and gold slim,es really often?
[02:28] <Tacocat247> Tacnet Syndrome has spread to TTW
[02:28] <IceTudor> they get annoyingly often sometimes
[02:29] <TheTriplet> trolled
[02:29] <The Tidal Wave> mhm
[02:29] <The Tidal Wave> tacnet.
[02:29] <IceTudor> [yt="RkbIC9dKU_8"]
[02:29] <The Tidal Wave> though it's not as bad as this morning
[02:29] <IceTudor> noone like action?
[02:30] <IceTudor> its the railer music
[02:30] <Pariscat11> slimed ranchers
[02:30] <IceTudor> its basically reef music but beefed up and sped up
[02:30] <The Tidal Wave> Ice, Paris, can you do this in PM? Only you two talk about Slime Rancher for now
[02:30] <The Tidal Wave> you are free to decline
[02:31] <IceTudor> also am now
[02:31] <IceTudor> because am just got sr fandom
[02:31] <IceTudor> as i see
[02:31] <IceTudor> since he made a conception
[02:31] <IceTudor> 3 actually
[02:31] <IceTudor> 4***
[02:31] <Pariscat11> icy tudor
[02:31] <IceTudor> story, place, slime and food.
[02:31] <IceTudor> ya
[02:31] <Pariscat11> the predator slime is found wherever the pink slime is
[02:32] <IceTudor> this place has variety because of me
[02:32] <The Tidal Wave> can you use the SRFW chat
[02:32] <IceTudor> nein.
[02:32] <IceTudor> now we have tpt people and sr people here
[02:32] <The Tidal Wave> this chat is meant for diep people
[02:32] <Tacocat247> ^
[02:32] <Tacocat247> And RP's
[02:32] <IceTudor> and drama
[02:32] <The Tidal Wave> tbh RPs shouldn't be here either
[02:32] <IceTudor> and lewd shit that temz and zath do.
[02:32] <The Tidal Wave> not drama
[02:32] <IceTudor> yes yes
[02:33] <IceTudor> and reunions
[02:33] <IceTudor> this is Kongregate chat ffs
[02:33] <TheTriplet> guys
[02:33] <Tacocat247> But tbh, anything goes here as long as it doesn't break any rules.
[02:33] <IceTudor> but worse.
[02:33] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[02:33] <Pariscat11> -throws 6 hexagons and 1 pentagon melted together at tacocat-
[02:33] <IceTudor> with lewdity included
[02:33] <Tacocat247> No
[02:33] <IceTudor> even if it breaks rules
[02:33] <TheTriplet> wanna do a mega trapper battle?
[02:33] <IceTudor> since teamz logic.
[02:33] <Tacocat247> @Paris please
[02:34] <The Tidal Wave> Please use the SRFW chat
[02:34] <TBOO-Y> sure
[02:34] <The Tidal Wave> not you
[02:34] <TBOO-Y> Mega Trapper ftw
[02:34] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[02:35] <TheTriplet> XD
[02:35] <TBOO-Y> gg
[02:35] <TheTriplet> anyone else?
[02:35] <The Tidal Wave> Ice, Teamz has reduced his lewd behaviour already
[02:35] <IceTudor> [yt="RniWfLBelx0"]
[02:35] <IceTudor> still has it
[02:36] <The Tidal Wave> it is not an excuse to put SR and SRF stuff here
[02:36] <The Tidal Wave> I've been trying to cut down Teamz's behaviour if i can.
[02:37] <The named BOSS> How is that possible?
[02:37] <The Tidal Wave> As in his lewd behaviour involving Zathsu..
[02:37] <TheTriplet> gg
[02:37] <TBOO-Y> gg
[02:37] <TheTriplet> 1:1
[02:37] <TheTriplet> pushed you
[02:37] <The Tidal Wave> I try to keep it down to a minimum or none if possible.
[02:37] <Tacocat247> My new theme is going great
[02:37] <The Tidal Wave> ok cool
[02:38] <Pariscat11> 3uauBFhaj0I why flowey why
[02:38] <Pariscat11> [yt="3uauBFhaj0I"] oops
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[02:38] <TBOO-Y> gg
[02:38] <TheTriplet> 1:2
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> is that aimed at anyone?
[02:38] <TBOO-Y> first to 3 wins
[02:38] <Pariscat11> no
[02:38] <TheTriplet> anyone else wanna join the battle?
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave>
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> 
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> anyone?
[02:39] <Tacocat247> Nu
[02:39] <Tacocat247> Working on a theme
[02:39] <TheTriplet> gg.
[02:39] <TBOO-Y> gg
[02:39] <Tacocat247> I am waiting for TEM if he comes
[02:39] <The Tidal Wave> yeah
[02:39] <TBOO-Y> k
[02:40] <The Tidal Wave> but RPs quite honestly do not fit in the chat
[02:40] <The Tidal Wave> i mean it was acceptable in DCoW chat
[02:40] <The Tidal Wave> but not quite here, tbh
[02:40] <The Tidal Wave> but not quite here, tbh
[02:40] <TheTriplet> ;-;
[02:40] <TBOO-Y> gg
[02:41] <Pariscat11> we don't have dcow now
[02:41] <The Tidal Wave> guhh
[02:41] <Pariscat11> so just rp here
[02:41] <The Tidal Wave> double posting
[02:41] <TheTriplet> guys anyone wanna join the megatrapper battle?
[02:41] <The Tidal Wave> I said was
[02:41] <The Tidal Wave> i mean idk if Zathsu allows it
[02:41] <Tacocat247> brb
[02:41] <The Tidal Wave> but i'd say we do it on the MLG8 wiki chat.
[02:42] <TheTriplet> :o
[02:42] <TBOO-Y> gg
[02:42] <TBOO-Y> close lmao
[02:42] <TheTriplet> you killed me when you had like 1 hp
[02:42] <TheTriplet> k
[02:42] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[02:43] <The named BOSS> Fight me Somebody 
[02:43] <The Tidal Wave> not here
[02:44] <TBOO-Y> trappers are cool
[02:44] <TheTriplet> can i just spin around pls?
[02:44] <TBOO-Y> sure
[02:44] <TheTriplet> yep ikr
[02:44] <TheTriplet> i thought a mega trapper battle would be boring
[02:44] <TheTriplet> lol
[02:44] <TBOO-Y> lol imma sit in da corner
[02:44] <TheTriplet> it's like my 3rd time doing one
[02:44] <TheTriplet> k
[02:44] <TheTriplet> me too
[02:44] <TheTriplet> in opposite one
[02:45] <TBOO-Y> k
[02:45] <The named BOSS> TEAMZ FIGHT ME
[02:45] <TBOO-Y> hi Teamerz
[02:45] <Tacocat247> Hi again
[02:46] <Teamerz> hi
[02:46] <The named BOSS> Fight me 
[02:46] <Teamerz> >doesnt even say hi
[02:46] <Teamerz> yeh no
[02:46] <The Tidal Wave> hello teamz.
[02:46] <Teamerz> hi
[02:46] <TheTriplet> hi
[02:47] <TBOO-Y> hi
[02:47] <The named BOSS> Hi
[02:48] <TheTriplet> HI
[02:48] <Teamerz> hi
[02:48] <The named BOSS> Who here can fight me?
[02:48] <TheTriplet> me
[02:48] <TheTriplet> jk
[02:48] <TheTriplet> i'm too lazy
[02:48] <4L01510 1337> trashnet
[02:48] <TheTriplet> ?
[02:49] <The named BOSS> Ruby?
[02:49] <4L01510 1337> disconected for no reason
[02:49] <4L01510 1337> hi
[02:49] <The named BOSS> Can you fight me?
[02:49] <Graviatar> holy macaroni and cheese
[02:49] <TBOO-Y> ?
[02:49] <Graviatar> so many people on chat
[02:49] <TBOO-Y> ikr
[02:49] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[02:49] <Graviatar> Hey
[02:50] <TBOO-Y> 16 peeps
[02:50] <TBOO-Y> nooooo
[02:50] <TBOO-Y> 15
[02:50] <TBOO-Y> :(((((((
[02:50] <Graviatar> taco internet = (nuke) 
[02:50] <TBOO-Y> the diepio wikia army will destroy the mg clan
[02:50] <Graviatar> eh
[02:50] <Graviatar> I don't even care
[02:51] <4L01510 1337> my internet= (nuke) [verybig]x10
[02:51] <Teamerz> oh hi grab
[02:51] <TBOO-Y> "grab" lmao
[02:51] <Tacocat247> New Theme progress: Amazing
[02:51] <TBOO-Y> hey there Tacocat
[02:51] <TBOO-Y> ok
[02:51] <TBOO-Y> cool
[02:51] <TBOO-Y> Tacocat isi tacocaT
[02:52] <TheTriplet> XD
[02:53] <The named BOSS> Bored
[02:54] <The named BOSS> Fight me, anyone ANYONE FIGHT ME
[02:54] <TBOO-Y> BOSS
[02:54] <TheTriplet> hi
[02:54] <Tacocat247> Internet finally gave out
[02:54] <TBOO-Y> the Community Sandbox is today
[02:55] <Graviatar> taco pm
[02:55] <Graviatar> nvm
[02:55] <The named BOSS> Not what I meant
[02:55] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[02:55] <Luigi1006YT> e
[02:55] <Luigi1006YT> eee
[02:55] <Luigi1006YT> e
[02:55] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[02:55] <The named BOSS> And I'm gonna miss 8t
[02:55] <The named BOSS> It
[02:55] <The named BOSS> Oh well
[02:56] <The named BOSS> And fight me someone 
[02:56] <TBOO-Y> no
[02:57] <The Tidal Wave> no
[02:57] <Pariscat11> i wonder if diep aus exist
[02:57] <Graviatar> ToD technically if you consider it to be pre-alpha
[02:58] <The Tidal Wave> and all of DCoW actually
[02:58] <Graviatar> yeah
[02:58] <Pariscat11> what about a swapped diep?
[02:58] <4L01510 1337> i'm planning to make some pages when the merging ends...
[02:58] <The named BOSS> Paris can you fight me?
[02:59] <Pariscat11> or an diep where you have to play multiple times, each time one of the polygons fuses with the other polygons
[02:59] <The Tidal Wave> BOSS, no one is gonna fight you.
[02:59] <Pariscat11> possibly even a swapped ToD
[02:59] <The named BOSS> Dangit 
[02:59] <The named BOSS> Anyone please?
[02:59] <Pariscat11> who will archprophet swap with
[03:00] <The named BOSS> Idk
[03:00] <The named BOSS> Paris could you fight me ?
[03:00] <Pariscat11> no
[03:00] <The named BOSS> Fine
[03:00] <Pariscat11> hey TTW
[03:00] <Pariscat11> who will swap with archprophet
[03:01] <The Tidal Wave> Archprophet is not a polygon.
[03:01] <Pariscat11> ik
[03:01] <The Tidal Wave> and what do you mean by swap?
[03:01] <Pariscat11> in the swapped ToD, everything will get swapped except for gamemodes and polygons
[03:02] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[03:02] <The Tidal Wave> idk
[03:03] <Pariscat11> i can say polygon mother might be a potential swap for panzer
[03:04] <Pariscat11> who else could swap with panzer?
[03:05] <Pariscat11> who thinks archprophet should swap with lakys
[03:06] <TBOO-Y> uhh
[03:06] <TBOO-Y> Lakys or Lacus
[03:06] <TBOO-Y> there are 2
[03:06] <Pariscat11> Lacus
[03:06] <The Tidal Wave> More like Archprophet swap with Polygon Mother
[03:06] <The Tidal Wave> and Ice?
[03:06] <Tacocat247> ._.
[03:07] <The Tidal Wave> You there?
[03:07] <The Tidal Wave> hi taco
[03:07] <Pariscat11> I would think....
[03:07] <Pariscat11> Archie - Lacus
[03:07] <Pariscat11> Polygon Mother - Panzer
[03:08] <Pariscat11> idk about the sons of panzer
[03:09] <IceTudor> bak
[03:09] <TheTriplet> k
[03:09] <Pariscat11> hey guys
[03:10] <Pariscat11> let's think up an tale of diep au where everything but polygons and gamemodes are swapped
[03:11] <The named BOSS> Nah
[03:11] <The named BOSS> That's kinda dumb imo 
[03:12] <TBOO-Y> the sons of panzer are switched with their hardes t counter
[03:14] <The Tidal Wave> Ice?
[03:14] <The Tidal Wave> You there?
[03:16] <TheTriplet> idk
[03:17] <The named BOSS> Idk
[03:19] <TheTriplet> iDk
[03:19] <The Tidal Wave> hi again
[03:19] <Tacocat247> hi
[03:19] <TheTriplet> hi
[03:19] <ItzDracius> I WANT TO BE A FURRY
[03:20] <ItzDracius> ok
[03:20] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[03:20] <ItzDracius> Just wanted to tell everyone.
[03:21] <TheTriplet> k
[03:21] <TheTriplet> btw sry so much for offtopic but does anyone play geometry dash?
[03:21] <The Tidal Wave> nope
[03:21] <TheTriplet> ;-;
[03:21] <The named BOSS> Nope
[03:22] <The named BOSS> I dont play it
[03:23] <Luigi1006YT> ye
[03:24] <The named BOSS> Fight me Luigi
[03:24] <Tacocat247> Hi again
[03:24] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[03:24] <TheTriplet> disconnected
[03:25] <The named BOSS> Hi taco
[03:25] <The named BOSS> Will you fight me?
[03:25] <TheTriplet> hi cat
[03:25] <The named BOSS> Okay good I heard "yes"
[03:25] <TheTriplet> luigi you play gd?
[03:25] <The Tidal Wave> no one's gonna fight you, boss.
[03:26] <The named BOSS> *zips toward taco*
[03:26] <TheTriplet> k
[03:27] <Aufmerksam> Hi to everyone who came in my absence.
[03:27] <The named BOSS> Hi
[03:27] <Tacocat247> Hi
[03:27] <The named BOSS> TACOO 
[03:27] <Tacocat247> ?
[03:27] <The named BOSS> *fires laser at taco*
[03:27] <Tacocat247> No
[03:27] <The named BOSS> Yes
[03:27] <Tacocat247> Im working on something goddammit (xd) 
[03:28] <The named BOSS> Well
[03:28] <The named BOSS> *fires more lasers at taco*
[03:28] <Aufmerksam> End of transmission.
[03:28] <TheTriplet> <span class="me-username">* <span>TheTriplet</span></span> wants to stop The named BOSS *
[03:28] <Banarama> hi
[03:28] <TBOO-Y> <span class="me-username">* <span>TBOO-Y</span></span> kicks everyone out of the rp lol gg BOSS
[03:28] <The Tidal Wave> Boss, please no
[03:28] <TheTriplet> hi
[03:28] <Banarama> im bored
[03:29] <TheTriplet> me too
[03:29] <The Tidal Wave> hi banana
[03:29] <The Tidal Wave>
[03:29] <The Tidal Wave> 
[03:29] <TBOO-Y> k
[03:29] <The named BOSS> What huh ruby what did you do?
[03:29] <Aufmerksam> What happened?
[03:29] <The Tidal Wave> nothing important
[03:30] <TBOO-Y> if you call me that one more time...
[03:30] <Pariscat11> ruby
[03:30] <TBOO-Y> no
[05:08] <TheTriplet> [[Thread:3]] and [[Thread:4]] too
[05:11] <TheTriplet> [[Thread:666]] best thread ever :P lol
[05:11] <TheTriplet> get rekt chat
[05:14] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[05:14] <TheTriplet> same
[05:17] <TheTriplet> chat is killed
[05:21] <The named BOSS> Fight me
[05:21] <The Tidal Wave> no
[05:22] <Pariscat11> I will if I can be Li'll TBOO
[05:24] <TheTriplet> wb ozun
[05:24] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[05:24] <The Tidal Wave> OZUN!
[05:24] <The Tidal Wave> You're back!
[05:25] <Tacocat247> AEOOU
[05:25] <The named BOSS> Fine
[05:25] <The named BOSS> Fight me
[05:25] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[05:25] <Tacocat247> Hi
[05:25] <The named BOSS> But I'm warning you
[05:25] <The named BOSS> Hi
[05:25] <The Tidal Wave> no one's fighting you
[05:25] <The named BOSS> Lil TBOO will not stand a chance
[05:26] <The named BOSS> Um Tidal
[05:26] <TheTriplet> in
[05:26] <The named BOSS> Look at what Paris said
[05:26] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[05:26] <The named BOSS> No
[05:26] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[05:26] <TheTriplet> where
[05:26] <The named BOSS> In Chat, duh
[05:26] <TheTriplet> no
[05:26] <TheTriplet> it will be a rp so no
[05:26] <The Tidal Wave> be back in a while
[05:26] <Tacocat247> *Waiting for TEM&
[05:27] <TheTriplet> i'm bored
[05:28] <The named BOSS> PARIS
[05:28] <The Tidal Wave> back
[05:29] <TheTriplet> let me edit some pages i guess
[05:29] <The Tidal Wave> BOSS
[05:29] <The named BOSS> No
[05:29] <The Tidal Wave> i'll fight you if it's in the MLG8 chat
[05:30] <The named BOSS> Fine
[05:30] <The named BOSS> The lag on that chat
[05:30] <The Tidal Wave> not lagging for me
[05:30] <The Tidal Wave> this chat is laggier#
[05:30] <The named BOSS> Nope
[05:31] <The named BOSS> The mlg chat is leggy af 
[05:31] <The named BOSS> Laggy 
[05:31] <The named BOSS> Same difference
[05:35] <TheTriplet> edited twin flank
[05:36] <TheTriplet> anyone?
[05:36] <101cooler> Rp?
[05:36] <TheTriplet> ?
[05:36] <Tacocat247> Wating for TEM
[05:36] <The Tidal Wave> not yet
[05:36] <TheTriplet> what tem?
[05:36] <Tacocat247> LUGGY! :D
[05:36] <The Tidal Wave> TheElementalMaster
[05:36] <Tacocat247> (TEM Is [[Message Wall:Theelementalmaster]]
[05:36] <101cooler> The undertale temme?
[05:36] <101cooler> oh lol
[05:37] <Tacocat247> Parmesan Cheese :^)
[05:37] <101cooler> AND CHICKEN BISCUITSSS
[05:38] <101cooler> xD
[05:38] <Tacocat247> loplop
[05:38] <TheTriplet> oh
[05:38] <Tacocat247> @Triplet Good edit
[05:38] <TheTriplet> thx
[05:39] <Tacocat247> Yw
[05:40] <TheTriplet> i was bored so i edited something
[05:40] <Tacocat247> k
[05:40] <The named BOSS> Good edit?
[05:41] <TheTriplet> ?
[05:43] <The named BOSS> What are you talking about though?
[05:44] <TheTriplet> ????
[05:45] <TheTriplet> dum
[05:45] <TheTriplet> um
[05:45] <TheTriplet> oversser
[05:45] <TheTriplet> on machine gun
[05:45] <TheTriplet> typo.
[05:45] <The named BOSS> Oh okay
[05:46] <TheTriplet> k
[05:46] <101cooler> 5 hours later
[05:46] <TheTriplet> done
[05:46] <TheTriplet> made the edit
[05:46] <TheTriplet> wanna see it?
[05:47] <The named BOSS> Hm
[05:47] <The named BOSS> Bored
[05:47] <TheTriplet> same
[05:48] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[05:48] <Luigi1006YT> e
[05:48] <Luigi1006YT> eee
[05:48] <Luigi1006YT> e
[05:48] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[05:48] <TheTriplet> nice
[05:48] <TheTriplet> L
[05:48] <TheTriplet> L
[05:48] <TheTriplet> L
[05:48] <TheTriplet> L
[05:48] <TheTriplet> LLLLL
[05:50] <Pariscat11> Moomoo anyone?
[05:50] <TheTriplet> why
[05:51] <Pariscat11> if you do,
[05:51] <Pariscat11> join battl
[05:51] <TheTriplet> k
[05:51] <TheTriplet> but why
[05:51] <Pariscat11> unskippable ad
[05:51] <Pariscat11> gg
[05:52] <TheTriplet> gg
[05:52] <TheTriplet> destroyer is nothing
[05:52] <TheTriplet> it's ez to kill
[05:57] <TheTriplet> dead chat
[05:57] <Zathsu> Hello everyone.
[05:58] <TheTriplet> hi
[05:58] <TheTriplet> lol while you joined i was reading your final hurrah blog XD
[05:58] <Teamerz> hi zathsu
[05:59] <Zathsu> Well Final Hurrah was like the weekly update of three weeks ago lol
[05:59] <Zathsu> Merging Attrition is the new one
[05:59] <TheTriplet> yep
[06:00] <TheTriplet> i made an edit to twin flank and machine gun
[06:00] <TheTriplet> best tpyo ever at machine gun
[06:00] <TheTriplet> :p
[06:00] <The named BOSS> ZATHSU
[06:01] <Zathsu> Yes BOSS?
[06:01] <Teamerz> hes prob gonna ask u to fite
[06:01] <TheTriplet> i thought that too
[06:01] <Zathsu> No. I've already made plans.
[06:01] <Zathsu> *pulls out petato*
[06:02] <Teamerz> also
[06:02] <TheTriplet> (potato)
[06:02] <TheTriplet> ;-;
[06:02] <Teamerz> while "testing" the petatoes i found out that they cause an addiction
[06:02] <The named BOSS> FIGHT ME
[06:02] <TheTriplet> (petato)
[06:02] <TheTriplet> ?
[06:02] <Zathsu> I might have noticed a little something else too
[06:02] <Zathsu> But eh
[06:02] <Teamerz> hm?
[06:03] <TheTriplet> what's a p[e]tato?
[06:03] <Zathsu> Its a potato that pets you.
[06:03] <Teamerz> they are also baked
[06:03] <Zathsu> Teamerz found out I like being petted so he made these.
[06:04] <TheTriplet> oh
[06:04] <Teamerz> i also thought about making petato gloves
[06:04] <TheTriplet> sry for typo lol
[06:05] <The named BOSS> Petato gloves?
[06:06] <The named BOSS> What?
[06:06] <Teamerz> ya
[06:06] <Teamerz> petato gloves.
[06:06] <101cooler> .........
[06:06] <101cooler> Rip chat amirite
[06:07] <Zathsu> *leans in closer to Teamerz*
[06:07] <Teamerz> <.<;
[06:07] <The named BOSS> What would those do?
[06:07] <Teamerz> dont make your cute face
[06:07] <Teamerz> pls
[06:07] <Zathsu> :3
[06:07] <101cooler> (Nope) 
[06:07] <Teamerz> ;.;
[06:08] <101cooler> (nope) 
[06:08] <Teamerz> *starts petting zathsu*
[06:08] <Zathsu> :D
[06:08] <Luigi1006YT> e
[06:08] <The named BOSS> What would those do? You never answered my question
[06:09] <Teamerz> oh right uh
[06:09] <Teamerz> zathsu was distracting me <.<
[06:09] <Teamerz> basically,
[06:09] <Zathsu> Sorry master Teamerz ;~;
[06:09] <Teamerz> SHHHH *pets head*
[06:09] <Teamerz> baiscally they would act as giant petatoes but you can control the hands
[06:09] <The named BOSS> Just tell me
[06:09] <The named BOSS> Oh
[06:10] <Teamerz> and it would be better than normal hands because
[06:10] <Teamerz> their hands are super soft
[06:10] <The named BOSS> Oh okay
[06:10] <Pariscat11> The blob would return
[06:10] <Pariscat11> In its barrel form (that black barrel and deployer form)
[06:11] <The named BOSS> Oh great
[06:11] <The named BOSS> This again
[06:11] <Zathsu> Eh~
[06:11] <Teamerz> zathsu no
[06:11] <Zathsu> You can ignore it if you want. 
[06:11] <Teamerz> *pets head*
[06:11] <Zathsu> *silences*
[06:11] <Teamerz> :>
[06:12] <Pariscat11> It would pet Teamerz
[06:12] <Pariscat11> (really it doesn't wanna hurt you)
[06:12] <The named BOSS> Um
[06:13] <Pariscat11> It would attempt to pet TnB
[06:13] <The named BOSS> Nonono
[06:13] <The named BOSS> *zips away*
[06:13] <Teamerz> *drops petatoes on zathsu while petting her head*
[06:13] <TheTriplet> i hate my internet
[06:13] <Zathsu> ^w^
[06:14] <Pariscat11> (All of the amalgamates only have 1 health, but you can never kill them, because they absorb all of the damage)
[06:14] <The named BOSS> *lands on teamz back*
[06:14] <TBOO-Y> I'm back
[06:14] <Pariscat11> The blob would pet Zathsu
[06:15] <TBOO-Y> Another bob merges with the current blob
[06:15] <Zathsu> I dont care who does the pets. It feels good :3
[06:15] <Pariscat11> (it has two forms only)
[06:15] <TBOO-Y> k
[06:15] <Pariscat11> (also the blob leaves some pieces of itself when it pets you)
[06:15] <Teamerz> *equips petatoe gloves*
[06:16] <The named BOSS> *stabs claws into Teamerz back*
[06:16] <TBOO-Y> *pets Zathsu* why tf am I doing this
[06:16] <Teamerz> *starts petting zathsu with them*
[06:16] <The named BOSS> *and stays on Teamerz back*
[06:16] <Teamerz> <.<
[06:16] <TBOO-Y> *kicks BOSS off
[06:16] <TBOO-Y> *gives BOSS a virus :3*
[06:17] <The named BOSS> *flies up, and lands on TBOO-Ys head*
[06:17] <The named BOSS> *what do you mean by virus?*
[06:17] <TheTriplet> i hate my internet.
[06:17] <TBOO-Y> 8something that ruptures BOSS' system*
[06:18] <The named BOSS> *boss ends up falling off and clawing at the air*
[06:19] <Zathsu> What even is BOSS?
[06:19] <Zathsu> I also just realized how cool of a welcome to the wiki message we have
[06:20] <The named BOSS> What do you mean?
[06:20] <Ursuul> henlo
[06:20] <Zathsu> Welcome, master Ursuul.
[06:20] <Ursuul> Sandbox in 40 minutes
[06:20] <Zathsu> o yeah
[06:20] <Zathsu> Do we have to clean up the petatoes when that happens?
[06:20] <The named BOSS> I'm like a drone, but with 8 spider Claw leg things for ground movement and stuff
[06:21] <Zathsu> Thats what I thought
[06:21] <Teamerz> probably
[06:21] <Teamerz> unless you want to hold some on you
[06:21] <TBOO-Y> potatos ftw
[06:21] <Zathsu> Yes
[06:21] <Ursuul> yeah you’ll need to stop goofing around when the Sandbox happens pls
[06:21] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[06:21] <Zathsu> *puts petatoes in hood*
[06:21] <Teamerz> iznt the sandbox made to goof around >:(
[06:21] <TBOO-Y> so yeah
[06:22] <TBOO-Y> hi Banarama
[06:22] <The named BOSS> *explodes, respawns and lands on TBOO-Ys head*
[06:23] <TBOO-Y> *puts BOSS in the prison
[06:24] <The named BOSS> Hey
[06:24] <Pariscat11> -The blob would move over to BOSS-
[06:24] <Pariscat11> -It would begin to become the cell-
[06:24] <The named BOSS> Uh oh
[06:24] <Pariscat11> -The cell would unlock-
[06:24] <Pariscat11> -The door out of the cell would open-
[06:25] <Pariscat11> -It would exit the cell, and the door of the cell would still be open-
[06:25] <The named BOSS> Um... okay... thankks...
[06:25] <The named BOSS> *zips away, out of the door*
[06:25] <Pariscat11> -It would get out of the prison-
[06:26] <Teamerz> w888
[06:26] <Teamerz> the sandbox is in 40 mins?
[06:26] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul
[06:27] <TBOO-Y> can I mak my Primary Topic now
[06:27] <Pariscat11> The blob would pet TBOO-Y
[06:27] <TBOO-Y> or do I have to wait
[06:27] <TBOO-Y> uhhh... ok...
[06:27] <Pariscat11> TBOO-Y had a small amount of green goop on the top of him
[06:28] <Pariscat11> (d2) 
[06:28] <Zathsu> Back
[06:28] <Pariscat11> i loaf you ursuul
[06:28] <The named BOSS> Hm
[06:28] <Teamerz> Front-
[06:28] <Pariscat11> please respond to me ursuul
[06:28] <Zathsu> I wanna be pet more >_<
[06:28] <Zathsu> But I think I need to do more goods
[06:29] <Teamerz> ya you do
[06:29] <Ursuul> imma get shower before the sandbox
[06:29] <Ursuul> be back in a half our to start
[06:29] <Zathsu> Ok :D
[06:30] <Teamerz> zathsu
[06:30] <Teamerz> me wants 101 sammiches and a potatoe scepter
[06:30] <Zathsu> Yes master Teamerz?
[06:30] <Teamerz> >:0
[06:30] <Zathsu> Ok
[06:30] <The named BOSS> After I broke the last email
[06:30] <Zathsu> *making 101 sammiches*
[06:30] <The named BOSS> One*
[06:30] <Teamerz> (slavery) 
[06:30] <Zathsu> There is no way one autocorrected to email
[06:31] <Zathsu> I mean, Teamerz, you can totally see why I like teh pets
[06:31] <Zathsu> I have long hair xD
[06:31] <Teamerz> mhm
[06:31] <Teamerz> *starts eating potatoes with eyes*
[06:32] <Pariscat11> The blob would boop Teamerz
[06:32] <The named BOSS> For some reason it deleted the on when I typed it and then the e auto corrected to email
[06:32] <TBOO-Y> *pets Zathsu*
[06:33] <Teamerz> okey enough potatoes
[06:33] <Zathsu> *snuggles into TBOO*
[06:33] <Teamerz> *starts eating sammiches*
[06:33] <The named BOSS> *lands on TBOO-Ys head*
[06:33] <The named BOSS> Don't hurt me
[06:33] <TBOO-Y> I need personal space O_o
[06:34] <The named BOSS> Well too bad
[06:34] <Pariscat11> The blob would make three chains of its hexagons, and pet Zathsu, TBOO and TnB all at once
[06:34] <TBOO-Y> >:O
[06:34] <TBOO-Y> *puts BOSS down
[06:35] <The named BOSS> *lands on TBOOs head again*
[06:36] <TBOO-Y> ...
[06:36] <TBOO-Y> *puts BOSS in pison
[06:36] <Zathsu> *begins constructing new potato scepter*
[06:36] <TBOO-Y> prison*
[06:36] <TheTriplet> k
[06:36] <TheTriplet> this is all rps
[06:36] <TheTriplet> bye
[06:36] <The named BOSS> *teleports onto TBOOs head again*
[06:36] <Zathsu> Well one is actually simulated reality
[06:36] <Zathsu> Oh whatever
[06:38] <Zathsu> MASTER TEAMERZ
[06:38] <Teamerz> huh
[06:38] <TBOO-Y> *puts BOSS on the floor and steps on him
[06:38] <Zathsu> *proudly presents new potato scepter*
[06:38] <Teamerz> :o
[06:39] <Teamerz> *grabs scepter*
[06:39] <Pariscat11> The blob would snatch it
[06:39] <The named BOSS> *not much damage is done, flies up and lands on TBOOs back *
[06:39] <Teamerz> this will be perfect
[06:39] <The named BOSS> Ruby ruby ruby
[06:39] <Zathsu> *slowly leans inward toward Teamerz with a smol grin*
[06:40] <Pariscat11> nom nom nom
[06:40] <Teamerz> ..okay
[06:40] <Teamerz> you deserve it
[06:40] <The named BOSS> RUUUBBBYYYYY
[06:40] <Teamerz> *pets zathsu*
[06:40] <Zathsu> *light purrs*
[06:41] <TBOO-Y> stahp BOSS
[06:41] <Teamerz> ...
[06:41] <Teamerz> okay you deserve moar
[06:41] <The named BOSS> Okay, I will, Ruby
[06:41] <Teamerz> *hands vibrating baked petatoe*
[06:41] <Pariscat11> The blob would look towards TBOO-Y and TnB
[06:42] <Pariscat11> It would go into the ground, and take control of a giant hammer
[06:42] <Pariscat11> Then it would smash TnB multiple times
[06:42] <Zathsu> :o
[06:42] <TBOO-Y> thx
[06:42] <Zathsu> *lies down and puts on back*
[06:42] <Zathsu> It feels good
[06:42] <Pariscat11> It would turn into a bunch of wingdings
[06:42] <The named BOSS> *does not explode, but is heavily damaged, and waving claws in the air, trying to get upright*
[06:42] <Teamerz> *pets head* i imagine.
[06:43] <Pariscat11> Then it would turn back to the hammer
[06:43] <Pariscat11> Then it would smash TnB more
[06:43] <TheTriplet> nice rp
[06:43] <Zathsu> Its not an RP
[06:43] <The named BOSS> *explodes*
[06:43] <Zathsu> Its simulated reality
[06:43] <Zathsu> ;3
[06:43] <Teamerz> yeh
[06:43] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[06:43] <Zathsu> An RP is when you arent yourself
[06:43] <Zathsu> Silly fool
[06:43] <The named BOSS> *fires laser at the blob*
[06:43] <Zathsu> *laughs as you fall into sun*
[06:43] <Pariscat11> The blob would absorb the laser
[06:43] <The named BOSS> ???
[06:44] <Pariscat11> Then red text would cycle very fast
[06:44] <The named BOSS> *fires a missle at the blob*
[06:44] <Pariscat11> It was that of the undertale Amalgamate text when the amalgamate gets hit
[06:44] <Teamerz> also im working on a new invention (once again_
[06:44] <Pariscat11> The red text would cycle again
[06:44] <The named BOSS> Erm
[06:44] <The named BOSS> That worked
[06:44] <The named BOSS> Not.
[06:44] <Zathsu> OOH NEW INVENTION
[06:44] <Zathsu> Can I see?
[06:44] <Zathsu> :3
[06:44] <The named BOSS> *lands on teamz head*
[06:44] <Pariscat11> (i'm the blob)
[06:44] <Teamerz> well technically you've already seen it..
[06:44] <Teamerz> and its going to be a surprise
[06:45] <Pariscat11> (btw the only time i talk is in quotations)
[06:45] <Zathsu> ooooooooohhhhhh
[06:45] <The named BOSS> *fires anti hivemind laser in teamz face multiple times*
[06:45] <Teamerz> im sure you will like it
[06:45] <Teamerz> *smashes boss with giant frying pan*
[06:45] <Zathsu> Cant you see Teamerz has reformed?
[06:45] <Zathsu> Hes not nearly as evil anymore :3
[06:45] <The named BOSS> Ouch
[06:45] <Zathsu> He values the simple things now. Like petting me :D
[06:45] <The named BOSS> *Falls to the ground*
[06:46] <Teamerz> well i mean
[06:46] <The named BOSS> I'm still the main antagonist though
[06:46] <Teamerz> i have my clones to take care of doing the evil stuff
[06:46] <Pariscat11> The blob would use its hexagons like arms to pick up Zathsu
[06:46] <Pariscat11> And then it would pet Zathsu
[06:47] <The named BOSS> *gets up, walks over using Claw things, over to teamz*
[06:47] <Pariscat11> The blob would move away from Teamerz
[06:47] <The named BOSS> Teamz
[06:47] <Teamerz> *rests feet on boss*
[06:47] <The named BOSS> Um
[06:47] <Zathsu> Lol
[06:47] <Teamerz> thats convenient
[06:47] <Zathsu> You using BOSS as a footrest?
[06:47] <Teamerz> yep
[06:47] <The named BOSS> *stabs teamz foot*
[06:47] <Pariscat11> The blob would then sit on Teamerz's foot
[06:47] <The named BOSS> PAY ATTENTION
[06:48] <Pariscat11> insert red text here
[06:48] <The named BOSS> Er
[06:48] <Teamerz> >_>
[06:48] <Teamerz> *spartakeks boss*
[06:48] <Pariscat11> It would catch Boss
[06:48] <Pariscat11> and Boss would become part of the blob
[06:48] <The named BOSS> Oh no
[06:48] <The named BOSS> *explodes*
[06:48] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[06:48] <The named BOSS> Whew
[06:48] <Pariscat11> you can't explode once you're part of the blob
[06:48] <Pariscat11> you can't die
[06:48] <Pariscat11> since it's amalgamated
[06:49] <Zathsu> *standing nearby sucking on petato*
[06:49] <Pariscat11> It would get TnB
[06:49] <The named BOSS> *transfers consciousness over to a different drone on the other side of the planet or something*
[06:49] <Pariscat11> and fuse to him
[06:49] <The named BOSS> *a war drone*
[06:49] <The named BOSS> *teleports near teamz*
[06:50] <Teamerz> oh
[06:50] <Pariscat11> It would digest the dead TnB
[06:50] <Teamerz> *rests feet on boss again*
[06:50] <Teamerz> you came back :D
[06:50] <Pariscat11> "Pick me.... pick me.... "
[06:50] <The named BOSS> I have many different tricks-
[06:50] <The named BOSS> Hey!
[06:50] <Pariscat11> The blob would be waiting for TnB to get spartakeked
[06:50] <The named BOSS> *a war drone is like half the size of a person*
[06:51] <The named BOSS> *flies up into the air and fires 2 anti hivemind miniguns at teamz*
[06:51] <Pariscat11> "You're a mothership, Teamerz. Not a person."
[06:51] <TBOO-Y> multiship*
[06:51] <TBOO-Y> and also
[06:51] <Teamerz> no im a person 
[06:51] <TBOO-Y> he has a humanoid form
[06:51] <Teamerz> *reflects with giant frying pan*
[06:51] <TBOO-Y> and hes a person
[06:51] <The named BOSS> *keeps firing 2 antihivemind miniguns at teamz*
[06:51] <Ursuul> alright almost showtime
[06:51] <Ursuul> this is gonna be big
[06:51] <TBOO-Y> yey
[06:52] <TBOO-Y> 9 min
[06:52] <Zathsu> Welcome back, Master Ursuul
[06:52] <Ursuul> Bana you definitely wanna stay for this Sandbox
[06:52] <TBOO-Y> imma watch some vids
[06:52] <Zathsu> I might need to start picking a main master...
[06:52] <Ursuul> I got some idears in my head that you definitely wanna hear
[06:52] <The named BOSS> I'm going to miss it
[06:52] <Ursuul> just pick me Kappa 
[06:52] <The named BOSS> IDEARS 
[06:52] <Zathsu> Its tiring listing a name every time one of three people talk to me
[06:52] <Zathsu> I need to just be able to say master
[06:52] <Zathsu> :P
[06:52] <Ursuul> lol
[06:52] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul
[06:52] <Ursuul> yes TBOO-Y?
[06:52] <Pariscat11> (How to change name?)
[06:52] <TBOO-Y> Can we make the Primary Topic now like you did or do we have to make it once we start
[06:52] <101cooler> RIPPP CHAAAAATTTTT
[06:53] <Zathsu> Teamerz has done so much more for me, but Ursuul has always been there and was original :P
[06:53] <Zathsu> Well, more for me in regards to the simulated world
[06:53] <TBOO-Y> kay
[06:53] <Zathsu> Ursuul in regards to effecting reality has been a better master ;3
[06:54] <TBOO-Y> when Sec comes back he will come back to more name changing'
[06:54] <Teamerz> well
[06:54] <TBOO-Y> AH HA HA HA!!!!
[06:54] <Ursuul> 5 minutes to Sandbox
[06:54] <Pariscat11> (csans) test
[06:54] <Teamerz> i gotta remind you im a fulltime nolifer
[06:54] <Ursuul> I am full to bursting with this first topic
[06:54] <TBOO-Y> wut
[06:54] <Pariscat11> is there even a comic sans serif
[06:54] <Pariscat11> (serif) test
[06:54] <Zathsu> True Temz
[06:54] <Zathsu> Also youve pet me
[06:54] <Pariscat11> (comicsans)
[06:54] <Teamerz> yas
[06:54] <Pariscat11> (cs)
[06:54] <Zathsu> Ursuul hasnt even tried ;3
[06:54] <Pariscat11> help me ursuul
[06:54] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul doesn't answer my question ;-;
[06:54] <Pariscat11> how to do comic sans
[06:54] <TBOO-Y> oh
[06:54] <101cooler> Zathus Zaech has left for a new game
[06:55] <TBOO-Y> its [font="Comic Sans"]
[06:55] <Teamerz> whos zathus
[06:55] <Zathsu> o damn
[06:55] <TBOO-Y> nvm
[06:55] <Zathsu> Time to legally take over with ToD
[06:55] <TBOO-Y> [font="Comic Sans" ]
[06:55] <TBOO-Y> then typw
[06:55] <TBOO-Y> stuff
[06:55] <TBOO-Y> k
[06:55] <TBOO-Y> cool
[06:55] <Pariscat11> [font="Comic Sans"]keked
[06:55] <TBOO-Y> glurb
[06:55] <The named BOSS> Teamz
[06:55] <Pariscat11> [font="Comic Sans"]i have the worst font ever
[06:55] <TBOO-Y> nu
[06:55] <Teamerz> woth
[06:55] <The named BOSS> What?
[06:55] <Pariscat11> [font="Comic Sans"]comic sans
[06:55] <The named BOSS> Starblast wiki?
[06:55] <101cooler> 4 DA UPDATES
[06:56] <101cooler> Space blast that's zeach's new game
[06:56] <Pariscat11> [font="Comic Sans"]insert comic sans here
[06:56] <Pariscat11> [font="Aster"]zzzz
[06:56] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]test
[06:56] <Zathsu> Its like that one episode of Spongebob for me, where Gary has to pick between Spongebob and Patrick.
[06:56] <Zathsu> And Spongebob is like "May I remind you who did... *blah blah blah* for you?" but then just goes to Patrick for his cookie.
[06:56] <Zathsu> Ursuul is Spongebob, Teamerz is Patrick, and the cookie is being pet.
[06:56] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]wingdings bro
[06:56] <Ursuul> ok almost time
[06:57] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]i can speak wingdings
[06:57] <Ursuul> lol
[06:57] <Teamerz> :D
[06:57] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]i need someone to understand me
[06:57] <Zathsu> Paris pls
[06:57] <Pariscat11> I speak in wingdings
[06:57] <Ursuul> only difference is that I haven’t even reminded you about anything Zathsu ;^)
[06:57] <Zathsu> I know
[06:57] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]See?
[06:57] <Ursuul> I am just so awesome that you cannot help but remember (grin) 
[06:57] <IceTudor> what fuk hapen while i gone
[06:57] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]wingdings [font="comic sans"]kek
[06:57] <Zathsu> I have to pick between Ursuul and Temz as me master
[06:57] <101cooler> (Nuke) 
[06:57] <Zathsu> Banana is just dum and hasnt done anything
[06:57] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]gimme a wing
[06:57] <Teamerz> lel
[06:58] <Zathsu> So hes out of the question
[06:58] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]translate me
[06:58] <Zathsu> Paris pls again
[06:58] <101cooler> (nuke) em
[06:58] <Pariscat11> but i speak wingdings
[06:58] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]i do(d1)
[06:58] <Ursuul> ok let us begin the SANDBOX
[06:58] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]ye
[06:58] <Zathsu> Yeah but
[06:58] <TheTriplet> ursuul
[06:58] <Teamerz> oh okey
[06:58] <Zathsu> Its also S P A M in some regards
[06:58] <The named BOSS> Are u speaking windings rn?
[06:58] <Ursuul> [big][b]SANDBOX TIME LADS
[06:58] <TheTriplet> how do i join the sandbox?
[06:59] <TheTriplet> pls
[06:59] <TheTriplet> how
[06:59] <Teamerz> *hides loose petatoes in zathsu's hood*
[06:59] <Zathsu> *pushes all the petatoes under a bedsheet*
[06:59] <Zathsu> Yes
[06:59] <Pariscat11> yes i am tnb
[06:59] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]see?
[06:59] <Ursuul> @TheTriplet the first hour is just talking about Wiki stuff in chat, the second hour is gaming
[06:59] <The named BOSS> Huh
[06:59] <Luigi1006YT> e
[06:59] <Ursuul> Paris please calm down
[06:59] <Zathsu> /announce SANDBOX TIME
[06:59] <Ursuul> now let us do the first topic
[06:59] <TheTriplet> i know
[06:59] <TheTriplet> but
[06:59] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]:O
[06:59] <Ursuul> Alright, first topic is a doozy. The topic is; [b]re-evaluating the way our Staff work[/b], especially the way Administrators do. I would like to consider completely changing up the way we do things, so as to more easily let skilled users help in as many areas as they can.
[06:59] <Ursuul> 
[06:59] <Ursuul> Let me preface this by saying; the only real difference between Admins & Content Mods is that Admins can do two things; edit MediaWiki, & appoint new Staff members. There are a lot of skilled coders on our Wiki who we would want to be able to edit MediaWiki, but who are not necessarily responsible enough to be leaders, so I want everyone to think; wouldn’t it be better if some coders could help our Wiki, without taking the risk of giving them too much power? There’s a way to do that, by changing up what permissions each user-group has, so would everyone want to hear me out?
[06:59] <TheTriplet> how do we go in it?
[06:59] <The named BOSS> Looks like regular text to me
[06:59] <Pariscat11> [font="Wingdings"]is it simbols?
[06:59] <Teamerz> erm ursuul
[06:59] <Zathsu> I'd be willing to hear this out Ursuul
[07:00] <Zathsu> And Paris
[07:00] <TheTriplet> k
[07:00] <Teamerz> i think u forgot they can block people too
[07:00] <Zathsu> Enough with the Windings, last warning
[07:00] <Ursuul> @Temz all Staff can block people
[07:00] <Ursuul> all rollbacks can
[07:00] <Ursuul> on this Wiki anyway
[07:00] <TheTriplet> idk how to join sandbox rip
[07:00] <Pariscat11> kek gonna weit
[07:00] <Ursuul> Triplet you just join the discussion
[07:00] <Teamerz> wht.
[07:00] <TheTriplet> k
[07:00] <Ursuul> the gaming part of the Sandbox is in an hour
[07:00] <TheTriplet> ikr
[07:00] <Teamerz> dat doesnt seem right but k
[07:00] <Zathsu> So there is a way to change up the permissions of each user group?
[07:00] <TBOO-Y> SANDBOX
[07:00] <The named BOSS> Paris are you wingding speaking rn?
[07:00] <Ursuul> so Zathsu, since you are paying attention, I’ll address you & anyone else who wants to listen
[07:00] <Ursuul> & Temz as well
[07:00] <Zathsu> Ok
[07:01] <Pariscat11> [font="papyrus"]TEST
[07:01] <Zathsu> Stop
[07:01] <Zathsu> no fonts pls serious time
[07:01] <Zathsu> Gud
[07:01] <TBOO-Y> wait
[07:01] <TBOO-Y> I think, we can make a new user group?
[07:01] <TBOO-Y> 
[07:01] <The named BOSS> Green name?
[07:01] <The named BOSS> Huh
[07:01] <TBOO-Y> I mean
[07:01] <Ursuul> So, what I am proposing is that we change three groups; Content-Mods, admins, & Bureaucrats 
[07:01] <Zathsu> Alright
[07:01] <TBOO-Y> Oh ok
[07:02] <TBOO-Y> so
[07:02] <Ursuul> Content mods would become "code admins", they would have the ability to delete pages n such, but they would also be able to edit MediaWiki & change code
[07:02] <The named BOSS> Ursuul has a turquoise name on the kick message
[07:02] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[07:02] <Zathsu> I didnt even know there was a way to change the permissions of user groups.
[07:02] <TBOO-Y> That makes sense
[07:02] <Zathsu> @BOSS cause hes a vanguard
[07:02] <Ursuul> @Zathsu our Rollbacks have been changed in just such a fashion 
[07:02] <Ursuul> to be able to block
[07:02] <The named BOSS> Makes sense 
[07:02] <101cooler> Hey I'll be on sandbox later
[07:02] <Zathsu> I see
[07:02] <TBOO-Y> Oh yeah
[07:02] <Teamerz> dat doesnt seem very safe but oki.
[07:02] <TBOO-Y> Forgot the block feature
[07:02] <TBOO-Y> So
[07:02] <Ursuul> the second group that would be changed is Admins; they would LOSE the ability to edit MediaWiki, but keep everything else
[07:03] <TBOO-Y> Wait, wait wait wait a minute
[07:03] <Zathsu> Why would that be the case?
[07:03] <TBOO-Y> So Content Mods can edit MeduiaWiki, right
[07:03] <Zathsu> Are we putting Content Mods and Admins on the same level now, then?
[07:03] <TBOO-Y> MediaWiki*
[07:03] <TBOO-Y> Yeah
[07:03] <Ursuul> Because @Zathsu
[07:03] <Ursuul> Admins would be the "leaders", those who are only given Admin rights because they are responsible enough to choose new Staff
[07:03] <Zathsu> Ah I see
[07:03] <TBOO-Y> So...
[07:03] <Ursuul> but they wouldn’t necessarily need to be coders
[07:03] <Ursuul> so we could make non-coders into admins
[07:03] <Ursuul> without worrying that they will mess things up
[07:04] <Teamerz> so content mods and admins are gonna be on the same level
[07:04] <Ursuul> not quite
[07:04] <TBOO-Y> Not nessesarily, but they may want to code
[07:04] <Ursuul> they cannot be precisely compared
[07:04] <Zathsu> So now Content Mod (now Code Admin) would be on the same level as Admin, and when coming up from the prior rank they would be given one based on their coding or leadership prowess?
[07:04] <Teamerz> i kno.
[07:04] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[07:04] <Teamerz> but basically.
[07:04] <Zathsu> Ah
[07:04] <TBOO-Y> Uhh...
[07:04] <TBOO-Y> So
[07:04] <Ursuul> @Zathsu: Admins would be able to promote Code Admins
[07:04] <TBOO-Y> Heres what I'm confused about
[07:04] <Ursuul> so in a way Admins are above Code Admins still
[07:04] <TBOO-Y> Why remove MediaWikia from Admins?
[07:04] <TBOO-Y> 
[07:04] <TBOO-Y> I mean
[07:04] <Zathsu> That is a good question
[07:05] <TBOO-Y> They may want to code too, but no permissions
[07:05] <Ursuul> @TBOO-Y because Admins would become "leaders", chosen for their responsibility, not their coding skill
[07:05] <Zathsu> Who's to say an admin is not good at both?
[07:05] <Teamerz> ye but ursuul
[07:05] <Ursuul> @Zathsu
[07:05] <TBOO-Y> ^ @Zathsu
[07:05] <Teamerz> thats not a reason to make them UNABLE to do it
[07:05] <Ursuul> if you are good at both we can give you both rights
[07:05] <TBOO-Y> Ah ok
[07:05] <Zathsu> Oh true
[07:05] <Teamerz> whot if i just want to change my chat color
[07:05] <TBOO-Y> That makes much more sense
[07:05] <Ursuul> @Temz we wouldn’t want non-coders to be able to touch MediaWiki
[07:05] <Teamerz> i gotta ask someone else?
[07:05] <Ursuul> Temz you have personal CSS files for that
[07:05] <Ursuul> which you can use
[07:05] <Teamerz> -_-
[07:06] <Zathsu> I can see now.
[07:06] <Zathsu> What is the proposed change to Bureaucrats?
[07:06] <TBOO-Y> Well, it seems pretty good overall now that you explain
[07:06] <TheTriplet> so
[07:06] <TBOO-Y> Bureaucrats?
[07:06] <Ursuul> Basically let me recap for those who are still confused:
[07:06] <Ursuul> Admins would be able to:
[07:06] <Ursuul> Moderate anywhere,
[07:06] <Ursuul> Block,
[07:06] <Ursuul> Promote Staff such as Content Mods (Code Admins), Rollbacks, Chat Mods, Disc Mods, & maybe also other Admins if we decide it
[07:06] <Ursuul> then Content Mods would just gain the ability to Edit MediaWiki
[07:06] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[07:07] <TheTriplet> i still don't know how to join the sandbox
[07:07] <TBOO-Y> So
[07:07] <Ursuul> Triplet you are in the Sandbox
[07:07] <TBOO-Y> Ya
[07:07] <TheTriplet> is it in the chat?
[07:07] <TheTriplet> k
[07:07] <TBOO-Y> This is the first part lmao
[07:07] <Teamerz> but ursuul
[07:07] <Ursuul> ok, so does everyone understand that? & Temz this is just a proposal, please let me explain everything before we debate the finer points
[07:07] <Teamerz> if we can all just edit our personal CSS thing then why not remove colorz for everyon
[07:07] <TBOO-Y> ...
[07:07] <TBOO-Y> It would be the default color for rank
[07:08] <TBOO-Y> you can change it
[07:08] <Ursuul> @Temz Staff only have colors, standardized colors, so that other users can see that they have rights
[07:08] <TBOO-Y> Yeah, they COULD change it though, right?
[07:08] <TBOO-Y> Colors
[07:08] <Teamerz> den y do you and zathsu have different colorz
[07:08] <Teamerz> ur both bureaucrats
[07:08] <Teamerz> same for me and SR
[07:08] <TheTriplet> i love how luigi just joins and leaves
[07:08] <Ursuul> no, they could not, they would need a code admin to do it
[07:08] <Ursuul> @Temz
[07:08] <TBOO-Y> They dont
[07:08] <Ursuul> you only see colors because you’re staff
[07:08] <Ursuul> non-staff see standard colors
[07:08] <Teamerz> ye so
[07:08] <Ursuul> to non-staff me & Zathsu have same colors
[07:08] <Teamerz> i know.
[07:09] <TBOO-Y> Yeah
[07:09] <Zathsu> Yes
[07:09] <Ursuul> But we would be more than happy to change your Staff colors (that only Staff can see) Temz
[07:09] <TBOO-Y> So, what is the change for Bureaucrats?
[07:09] <Ursuul> or if you just want your own personal colors that only you see, you can use personal CSS files
[07:09] <Ursuul> ok Bureaucrats 
[07:09] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:09] <Ursuul> I did this last because it is a very minor change
[07:09] <TBOO-Y> Oh ok
[07:09] <Teamerz> like i said doesnt solve it, you would be the one changin it, not me
[07:10] <TBOO-Y> Teamerz
[07:10] <Ursuul> Temz not all Staff can change it
[07:10] <Ursuul> most Staff have to ask
[07:10] <Ursuul> almost all Staff have to ask actually
[07:10] <TBOO-Y> oh ok
[07:10] <Teamerz> i kno
[07:10] <Ursuul> but anyway Bureaucrats 
[07:10] <Teamerz> but instead of just letting adminz have mediawiki edit ability u just make me hav to ask fer it
[07:10] <Teamerz> woteber
[07:10] <Teamerz> go on
[07:11] <TBOO-Y> ya
[07:11] <TBOO-Y> go on
[07:11] <TBOO-Y> with the topic
[07:11] <Ursuul> Yes that is the case Temz
[07:11] <Ursuul> 
[07:11] <Ursuul> Bureaucrats would gain the ability to do very technical things such as BulkEditTemplateType (something Vanguards do often), & also do very massive things such as edit the ThemeDesigner or change [[Special:WikiFeatures]]
[07:11] <Zathsu> Ah yes
[07:11] <Ursuul> ONLY Bureaucrats could do these things, because they affect so much that only Bureaucrats should be trusted with that
[07:11] <TBOO-Y> Cool
[07:11] <TheTriplet> i wonder why this wiki has no jokes i think it's a bit too serious
[07:11] <Zathsu> True
[07:11] <Zathsu> I know the implications some of those have.
[07:12] <TBOO-Y> Wait, hold the phone
[07:12] <TBOO-Y> Special:WikiFeatures is a lttle too far in my opinion
[07:12] <TBOO-Y> I mean
[07:12] <Ursuul> what do you mean?
[07:12] <TBOO-Y> trust
[07:12] <TheTriplet> anyone answering my question?
[07:12] <TBOO-Y> that's alright
[07:12] <TBOO-Y> TheTriplet, you can do yours later
[07:12] <TheTriplet> k
[07:12] <TBOO-Y> so
[07:13] <TheTriplet> ?
[07:13] <Ursuul> @TBOO-Y currently all Admins can change WikiFeatures, but if an Admin were to actually change it right now I might demote them on the spot, the changes that happen when you screw around with that are so huge that they MUST be very carefully controlled
[07:13] <TBOO-Y> I think Special:WikiFeatures should be decided by more people, otherwise we would have edit wars in WikiFeatures
[07:13] <Zathsu> Indeed
[07:13] <Zathsu> Ursuul
[07:13] <Zathsu> Well no TBOO, more people having control over WIkiFeatures results in more edit wars there
[07:14] <Ursuul> @TBOO-Y The Community could still change WikiFeatures if they got together & voted for something, but a single admin acting alone shouldn’t be able to just change it at will
[07:14] <TBOO-Y> Well no that's not what I mean
[07:14] <Ursuul> As a Bureaucrat we would change it for the community if they asked
[07:14] <TBOO-Y> Well yes Ursuul
[07:14] <TBOO-Y> That's exactly what I meant thx
[07:14] <Ursuul> ok
[07:14] <Ursuul> ok so does everyone [i]understand[/i] what it is that I am proposing?
[07:14] <TBOO-Y> Yes
[07:14] <Zathsu> Yes
[07:15] <Ursuul> Ok, so now we should address the implications of that
[07:15] <Ursuul> if we did this, Content Mod would become a separate sort of group that coders could very easily join, because there is no serious leadership responsibilities tacked onto it
[07:15] <Ursuul> it would let normal users who want to contribute to our codebase easily do so
[07:15] <Ursuul> While Admins would be only the most trusted of trusted users
[07:15] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[07:15] <AWESOME EVILDOR> This is the Sandbox?
[07:15] <TheTriplet> yep
[07:15] <TBOO-Y> Yes
[07:15] <Ursuul> yes Evildor
[07:16] <TheTriplet> gg
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> The first part is this
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> the second is gaming
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> anyways
[07:16] <TheTriplet> 3 posts in the same moment
[07:16] <Ursuul> So lads, what this would mean is that all current Admins & Content Mods would be re-evaluated 
[07:16] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Thanks because I was struggling on getting to chat!
[07:16] <Zathsu> Yeah
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> Yeah
[07:16] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Yeah?
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> Would defnetly change some stuff
[07:16] <Ursuul> so that we could see whether they should stay admins, become content mods, or lose both rights
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[07:16] <Ursuul> while the lower rights would not be touched
[07:16] <Ursuul> Bureaucrats would also not be touched
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> K
[07:16] <Teamerz> well ofc ders only 2 bureaucrats
[07:17] <Ursuul> ye
[07:17] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Bureaucrats?
[07:17] <TBOO-Y> The white borders
[07:17] <Ursuul> me & Zathsu are Bureaucrats Evildor
[07:17] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul and Zathsu
[07:17] <Zathsu> Yes
[07:17] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Mhkay.
[07:17] <Ursuul> so, on its face, what does everyone think of this proposal?
[07:17] <TBOO-Y> Pretty good
[07:17] <Ursuul> Temz I know you had concerns so I’d love to hear them now
[07:17] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Go on...
[07:18] <AWESOME EVILDOR> What are those images?
[07:18] <Teamerz> eh
[07:18] <Teamerz> forget about it ursuul
[07:18] <Ursuul> you don’t mind then?
[07:18] <Teamerz> yeh i do but just go on
[07:18] <AWESOME EVILDOR> You don't care about my message do you?
[07:19] <Zathsu> Im liking this idea. I was at first concerned about admins who could also code, but then you reminded me we can just give them both rights lol
[07:19] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I guess not.
[07:19] <Zathsu> Because Im an idiot.
[07:19] <Zathsu> Obviously.
[07:19] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Don't call yourself an idiot, I'm much stupider myself.
[07:19] <Ursuul> No man if you have problems with the idea then I would love to hear them. The primary concern you mentioned was not being able to edit [[MediaWiki:Staff.css]]
[07:19] <Ursuul> 
[07:19] <Ursuul> @Evildor happy birthday (maybe a lil off)
[07:19] <TBOO-Y> Happy Bday Evildor
[07:19] <AWESOME EVILDOR> My birthday was last month.
[07:19] <TBOO-Y> ...
[07:20] <Ursuul> wtf
[07:20] <TBOO-Y> well Happy Birthday anyway
[07:20] <Ursuul> you messaged me saying it was around today
[07:20] <Ursuul> nvm sorry :(
[07:20] <AWESOME EVILDOR> The last Sandbox was on the day before my birthday.
[07:20] <TBOO-Y> o
[07:20] <Ursuul> ohhhh the LAST Sandbox
[07:20] <Ursuul> I thought you meant THIS Sandbox
[07:20] <TBOO-Y> no
[07:20] <Zathsu> o good
[07:20] <TBOO-Y> apparently not
[07:20] <Zathsu> (shiny2) 
[07:20] <TBOO-Y> (d1) 
[07:20] <Ursuul> @Zathsu
[07:20] <AWESOME EVILDOR> The crab from moana?
[07:21] <Zathsu> (shiny) 
[07:21] <Ursuul> If we did this would you be willing to just stick to Bcrat & Admin rights? Until you learned a bit of code?
[07:21] <AWESOME EVILDOR> He really wanted to eat Moana and Mowie...
[07:21] <Zathsu> Hm...
[07:21] <TBOO-Y> ayghyudht
[07:21] <Zathsu> If you think that'd be better
[07:21] <Zathsu> But I like my ability to learn by doing as is
[07:21] <Zathsu> Like adding emotes
[07:21] <Zathsu> lmao
[07:21] <Zathsu> That too
[07:21] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[07:21] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I like the neon version better...
[07:21] <Ursuul> I trust you enough not to touch delicate stuff like [[MediaWiki:Common.js]] n such, but it is not stuff you would want to play around with
[07:21] <Zathsu> Oh I won
[07:21] <Ursuul> if you wanted to learn, personal files are /the/ place to do it
[07:21] <TBOO-Y> (d1) 
[07:21] <TBOO-Y> (d2) 
[07:21] <TBOO-Y> ok
[07:22] <Zathsu> Ok then
[07:22] <ItzDracius> how great is life
[07:22] <ItzDracius> I woke up
[07:22] <TBOO-Y> Good?
[07:22] <ItzDracius> rn
[07:22] <Ursuul> I would also be very happy to teach you anything you want to learn Zathsu
[07:22] <Zathsu> If you think I shouldnt until I learn more code, I respect your decision.
[07:22] <Zathsu> Personal mentor Ursuul?
[07:22] <Zathsu> AH HA
[07:22] <Ursuul> :)
[07:22] <ItzDracius> Then i look to the lamp to my right 
[07:22] <Zathsu> Master Teamerz and Sensei Ursuul
[07:22] <Zathsu> Bam
[07:22] <Ursuul> lol
[07:22] <Zathsu> Decisions made
[07:22] <ItzDracius> And what do i see? 
[07:22] <Ursuul> ye but Master is also a teacher type of thing
[07:22] <Ursuul> Temz should be overlord
[07:22] <Zathsu> True
[07:22] <Zathsu> Whatever
[07:22] <ItzDracius> a frickin roach
[07:22] <Ursuul> u can be apprentice 
[07:23] <AWESOME EVILDOR> A roach?
[07:23] <ItzDracius> yes
[07:23] <Zathsu> Im apprentice to some. Slave to many.
[07:23] <Zathsu> Anyway
[07:23] <Teamerz> pet*
[07:23] <Teamerz> :3
[07:23] <Zathsu> I am in favor of this idea.
[07:23] <Zathsu> tru
[07:23] <Teamerz> [small] but still slave
[07:23] <Ursuul> but yeah about this; because it would take Fandom Staff to do the stuff we want, & they are already bogged down doing the Merge, this naturally would not occur until after the Merge
[07:23] <Ursuul> & we would also have a community vote about it
[07:23] <Zathsu> LOL
[07:23] <Zathsu> True
[07:23] <Ursuul> it is too momentous not to have people vote on it
[07:23] <Zathsu> Relying on FANDOM to do stuff has proven to be less than efficient (leny)
[07:24] <Zathsu> * (lenny) 
[07:24] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[07:24] <Ursuul> you would be surprised, they did the rollback change in literally 24 hours
[07:24] <TBOO-Y> We could be done with the Merhe
[07:24] <TBOO-Y> mERGE*
[07:24] <AWESOME EVILDOR> (roach)
[07:24] <TBOO-Y> oH
[07:24] <Zathsu> True
[07:24] <Teamerz> 24 hours is a lot
[07:24] <Teamerz> too much
[07:24] <Ursuul> lol
[07:24] <TBOO-Y> Nah
[07:24] <Zathsu> These are much smaller tasks than... a fuckin merge between two wikis
[07:24] <TBOO-Y> its just a day
[07:24] <AWESOME EVILDOR> How do you post images like that.
[07:24] <TBOO-Y> Eh
[07:24] <TheTriplet> ?
[07:24] <TBOO-Y> Its all part of it]
[07:24] <Ursuul> for those who don’t know, they actually messed up the rollback rights, & accidentally gave Bureaucrats the ability to demote other bcrats for about 6 hours
[07:24] <Ursuul> but fixed it after lol
[07:25] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I have butchered millions on countless moons.
[07:25] <Zathsu> LOL
[07:25] <Zathsu> Thank you for not demoting me Ursuul
[07:25] <Zathsu> (grin) 
[07:25] <Ursuul> u r welcome Zathsu lol
[07:25] <AWESOME EVILDOR> ???
[07:26] <Ursuul> So, I just wanted to put that idea out there
[07:26] <Ursuul> we won’t act on it until after the merge
[07:26] <AWESOME EVILDOR> No one cares about me... :'(
[07:26] <Zathsu> Alright
[07:26] <Ursuul> so, that out of the way, is there anything anyone would like to discuss or propose for the Wiki?
[07:26] <Ursuul> Evildor if you would like to talk about something now is the time
[07:26] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Uhhh..... Yeah....
[07:26] <TBOO-Y> Umm
[07:26] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul
[07:27] <Ursuul> Yes TBOO-Y?
[07:27] <TBOO-Y> wasn't your topic emotes before
[07:27] <TBOO-Y> .-.
[07:27] <Ursuul> Aye, but we already have a /battle plan/ for dealing with them so maybe I should remove that topic
[07:27] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:27] <Ursuul> the plan is that every time we add an emote we remove two
[07:27] <AWESOME EVILDOR> WOAH WOAH WAIT! What does it mean by Aufmerksam has been chased away by enemy tanks?
[07:27] <TBOO-Y> oh ok
[07:27] <TBOO-Y> It means he left
[07:27] <IceTudor> ^^^
[07:27] <TBOO-Y> Auf left
[07:27] <IceTudor> dam u luigie
[07:28] <Zathsu> It means they left
[07:28] <Ursuul> so, does anyone have anything they wish to discuss or propose?
[07:28] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Like say, I will leave then come back.
[07:28] <IceTudor> ye
[07:28] <IceTudor> s
[07:28] <Ursuul> yes Ice?
[07:28] <IceTudor> urs
[07:28] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Nothing...
[07:28] <IceTudor> instead of putting the small wiki of DW into DCoW
[07:28] <IceTudor> like putting one orange into a bowl of 99 oranges to make 100
[07:28] <IceTudor> wwhy put DCoW into DW
[07:28] <Zathsu> Because canon over fanon
[07:28] <TBOO-Y> Yes
[07:28] <Ursuul> Not just that
[07:28] <IceTudor> ..
[07:28] <TBOO-Y> also
[07:29] <IceTudor> you can rename it
[07:29] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Canon, Dutchmen?
[07:29] <TBOO-Y> its technically just merging
[07:29] <Zathsu> It would be weird for people to search for DW stuff at a conception wiki
[07:29] <IceTudor> and then maek the new wiki dw
[07:29] <Ursuul> but our Wiki has a great many extensions & boatloads of code sunk into ours
[07:29] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:29] <IceTudor> YOU CAN RENAME IT TO DW
[07:29] <Zathsu> Exactly
[07:29] <TBOO-Y> yep
[07:29] <IceTudor> AND APPLY THOSE THERE.
[07:29] <Ursuul> we have a Community App, which we would lose if we did it the other way around
[07:29] <Zathsu> ^
[07:29] <IceTudor> oh
[07:29] <AWESOME EVILDOR> (GASPS) YEahyeahyeah!
[07:29] <IceTudor> fuk
[07:29] <IceTudor> still 
[07:29] <IceTudor> wont you get enough views
[07:29] <IceTudor> to get another one?
[07:29] <Ursuul> additionally, our Wiki has roughly 270,000 unique pages, while DCoW has 70,000 ish
[07:30] <Ursuul> unique pages include comments, talk pages, threads, replies, user pages, blogs, et cetera
[07:30] <IceTudor> ...
[07:30] <IceTudor> impressive
[07:30] <IceTudor> didnt think of that
[07:30] <IceTudor> though
[07:30] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Ursuul, I think Ice Tudor is bullying me.
[07:30] <Ursuul> Evildor please
[07:30] <IceTudor> ???
[07:30] <Ursuul> He isn’t
[07:30] <Ursuul> Ice please go on
[07:30] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Fine...
[07:30] <Zathsu> Evildor's pfp looks like a black and gray version of Patrick's house
[07:30] <Luigi1006YT> [giant]e
[07:30] <IceTudor> lmao.
[07:30] <IceTudor> anyways
[07:30] <AWESOME EVILDOR> It does kinda XD
[07:30] <IceTudor> urs
[07:31] <AWESOME EVILDOR> It's actually the Fallen Mothership.
[07:31] <IceTudor> i dont seem to see the SRFW wiki merging with SRW
[07:31] <IceTudor> its kinda weird
[07:31] <IceTudor> that we did this
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> eh
[07:31] <IceTudor> they dont have any plants to do so either
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> I mean
[07:31] <Ursuul> it is weird Ice
[07:31] <IceTudor> plans**
[07:31] <IceTudor> anyways
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> Its a merging of communities
[07:31] <Ursuul> & it has been way rockier than we originally thought
[07:31] <Ursuul> but it will get done
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> to make it bigger
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:31] <IceTudor> but srfw and srw are different in communites
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> we came so far
[07:31] <IceTudor> much more than us and 
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> well
[07:31] <IceTudor> us..
[07:31] <TBOO-Y> IceTudor
[07:32] <IceTudor> kinda weird to refer to dcow and dw people
[07:32] <IceTudor> when now we are all dw.
[07:32] <IceTudor> ya tboo
[07:32] <Zathsu> Trust me, had we known it would have taken this long, we wouldnt have done it
[07:32] <IceTudor> srw and srfw are old too tho
[07:32] <Zathsu> But I dont regret a thing
[07:32] <Ursuul> ^
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> We are merging because we all have the same community
[07:32] <IceTudor> mk
[07:32] <Ursuul> yeah at this point the community is already merged
[07:32] <IceTudor> wait not really
[07:32] <IceTudor> its a bit different tho.
[07:32] <Ursuul> it’s just the pages that need merging
[07:32] <IceTudor> was
[07:32] <IceTudor> like
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> no
[07:32] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Didn't want to interrupt that disscucion so I'll just stay quiet.
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> The PEOPLE
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> A Community is made of People
[07:32] <Banarama> hi
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> so
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> same people
[07:32] <Zathsu> Welcome Banana
[07:32] <TBOO-Y> bSICALLY
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> hi Banarama
[07:33] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Banarama, you were SuperRobot.
[07:33] <IceTudor> noone had awesome, luigi, tboo, özönë,
[07:33] <Ursuul> Hey bana
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> holy moley
[07:33] <IceTudor> etc
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> its 3:33
[07:33] <IceTudor> ikr
[07:33] <IceTudor> also zath
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> uhh
[07:33] <IceTudor> or urs
[07:33] <AWESOME EVILDOR> He used to be...
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> I was in DCoW
[07:33] <IceTudor> whatev
[07:33] <Ursuul> banana did you see the proposal about changing up admin roles?
[07:33] <IceTudor> we should bond with srw
[07:33] <IceTudor> and srfw
[07:33] <IceTudor> i already see our users leaking there
[07:33] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I guess not.
[07:33] <IceTudor> for example
[07:33] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Go on...
[07:33] <Banarama> i'm looknig at it
[07:33] <IceTudor> that stickman king 28 guy
[07:33] <Teamerz> for once you dont just say hi and go away forever
[07:33] <Teamerz> >:0
[07:33] <TBOO-Y> that's one guy
[07:34] <TBOO-Y> no
[07:34] <IceTudor> he just installed himself into srw
[07:34] <IceTudor> no
[07:34] <TBOO-Y> Banarama
[07:34] <AWESOME EVILDOR> TEamerz?
[07:34] <TBOO-Y> Evildor lmao
[07:34] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I though Teamerz left the wiki?
[07:34] <TBOO-Y> ...
[07:34] <TBOO-Y> DUDE
[07:34] <IceTudor> lol not in dcow
[07:34] <Zathsu> No
[07:34] <IceTudor> and no he didnt
[07:34] <Zathsu> Teamerz is god
[07:34] <Zathsu> jk
[07:34] <TBOO-Y> He is fucking active
[07:34] <IceTudor> god of lewdness and memes
[07:34] <TBOO-Y> like holy shit dude
[07:34] <Zathsu> Teamerz is overactive
[07:34] <TBOO-Y> do you even look at the chat
[07:34] <Zathsu> ;3
[07:34] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:34] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I heard about TEamerz leaving in the last Sandbox.
[07:34] <IceTudor> triplet was the one that left lol
[07:35] <TBOO-Y> Teamerz is SUPER active
[07:35] <TBOO-Y> no hes not leaving
[07:35] <IceTudor> its like a sugar high
[07:35] <TheTriplet> yep
[07:35] <IceTudor> hes hyperactive
[07:35] <AWESOME EVILDOR> How active, more than super.
[07:35] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:35] <IceTudor> super
[07:35] <IceTudor> active
[07:35] <IceTudor> ...
[07:35] <IceTudor> SUPER.
[07:35] <Teamerz> uh
[07:35] <Teamerz> did someone talk about me
[07:35] <IceTudor> ACTIVE
[07:35] <IceTudor> i dont think banans is active
[07:35] <IceTudor> like
[07:35] <Teamerz> i was lookin away
[07:35] <IceTudor> its like this
[07:36] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Teamerz, I'm glad you are still active.
[07:36] <IceTudor> *gunshot, screams explosion*: i sleep
[07:36] <IceTudor> *everything horrible*: deeper sleep
[07:36] <IceTudor> lol
[07:36] <Mr.BigWallofText3> No one said hi to me (sad) 
[07:36] <Teamerz> well tbh
[07:36] <IceTudor> becaue u afkuu
[07:36] <TBOO-Y> Hi BigWall
[07:36] <Teamerz> im not gonna stay here for a while
[07:36] <TBOO-Y> wait wut
[07:36] <Zathsu> Wait what
[07:36] <AWESOME EVILDOR> That's what you meant in the last Sandbox.
[07:36] <Zathsu> Teamerz no
[07:36] <Zathsu> You can never leave
[07:36] <Zathsu> pls
[07:36] <IceTudor> ^^^
[07:36] <TBOO-Y> don't leave
[07:36] <IceTudor> we need u
[07:36] <TBOO-Y> :(
[07:37] <TBOO-Y> :(
[07:37] <TBOO-Y> :(
[07:37] <IceTudor> for meat if we hunger
[07:37] <IceTudor> i meannn
[07:37] <IceTudor> uhhh
[07:37] <IceTudor> quick
[07:37] <TBOO-Y> STAY PLS
[07:37] <Zathsu> No
[07:37] <IceTudor> something to say
[07:37] <IceTudor> we need u to meme us
[07:37] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:37] <TBOO-Y> wait lmao
[07:37] <IceTudor> EXACTLY
[07:37] <Mr.BigWallofText3> "For meat" (lenny) 
[07:37] <IceTudor> no 
[07:37] <IceTudor> no dont
[07:37] <TBOO-Y> He means he will leave for a bit of time but seriously
[07:37] <Zathsu> And Im not just saying that for the things in chat
[07:37] <The named BOSS> What's happening?
[07:37] <TBOO-Y> DONT LEAVE :(
[07:37] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:37] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Only a little bit, GOOD!
[07:37] <Teamerz> mi god
[07:38] <IceTudor> ahh
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> he contributes
[07:38] <IceTudor> when theres cold air outside
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> Don't leave m8
[07:38] <IceTudor> door closed
[07:38] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I thought TEamerz was leaving for good!
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> :(
[07:38] <The named BOSS> TEAMZ IS LEAVING?!
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> NO
[07:38] <Teamerz> (face1) 
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> HES NOT
[07:38] <IceTudor> and you put your foot at the door crack
[07:38] <The named BOSS> WHAAAATTTTTT
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> LEAVING
[07:38] <IceTudor> aaaahhh
[07:38] <Zathsu> lol
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[07:38] <The named BOSS> Well 
[07:38] <Teamerz> OK fine im not leaving
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> but rly
[07:38] <AWESOME EVILDOR> No no no... Teamerz is gonna STAY RIGHT HERE DO YA HEAR ME!!!!
[07:38] <Teamerz> ..for now
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> oh
[07:38] <Zathsu> nuuuuuuuuuu
[07:38] <Zathsu> Ok
[07:38] <TBOO-Y> :(
[07:38] <AWESOME EVILDOR> ='(
[07:38] <Mr.BigWallofText3> °^°
[07:39] <TBOO-Y> :/
[07:39] <The named BOSS> If they leave I cam Take over the planet without any trouble- oh
[07:39] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (sad2) 
[07:39] <TBOO-Y> glurb
[07:39] <Ursuul> Sorry lads
[07:39] <AWESOME EVILDOR> blurb
[07:39] <Ursuul> I had to talk to SR
[07:39] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:39] <Zathsu> You mean Banana
[07:39] <Zathsu> Silly
[07:39] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Silly
[07:39] <Ursuul> so I assume there is nothing more anyone wishes to talk about wiki-wise?
[07:39] <IceTudor> YES
[07:39] <IceTudor> I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY
[07:40] <Zathsu> Awesome stop
[07:40] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (shiny2) 
[07:40] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Again the crab?
[07:40] <IceTudor> aww why
[07:40] <Zathsu>
[07:40] <Ursuul> @Ice if you have something serious to say please say it
[07:40] <Zathsu> Yes
[07:40] <IceTudor> here it is
[07:40] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Go on ice.
[07:40] <IceTudor> imma be less active
[07:40] <IceTudor> i'm slowly moving to sr wikis
[07:40] <IceTudor> also players are forming a bond there
[07:40] <AWESOME EVILDOR> ='(
[07:41] <IceTudor> so you should be able to see me there in some time
[07:41] <AWESOME EVILDOR> IN the gaming period?
[07:41] <IceTudor> because of natural wiki spreading
[07:41] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I can't stand that Teamerz is gonna leave us, I feel like a (censored).
[07:41] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Harpy barthday to thee
[07:42] <Mr.BigWallofText3> *late
[07:42] <TheTriplet> like a lone?
[07:42] <Ursuul> Well Ice
[07:42] <IceTudor> little spoiled shit?
[07:42] <Ursuul> that’s nice & all
[07:42] <IceTudor> =P
[07:42] <IceTudor> urs
[07:42] <IceTudor> tho
[07:42] <Ursuul> but it doesn’t really pertain to this Wiki
[07:42] <IceTudor> we really are slowly forming a bond with srw
[07:42] <Ursuul> unless you had more to say that does pertain to this Wiki?
[07:42] <IceTudor> if you want it or not.
[07:42] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Want what?
[07:42] <IceTudor> there are alot of people here who have it.
[07:42] <Ursuul> I don’t even know what SRW is
[07:42] <Banarama> slime rancher woki
[07:42] <IceTudor> Slime Rancher wiki
[07:42] <IceTudor> and also srfw
[07:42] <Banarama> ninja'd
[07:42] <IceTudor> Slime rancher fanon wiki
[07:42] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Neither do I, I never even heard of it.
[07:42] <IceTudor> i mean come on
[07:43] <Zathsu> Ive only heard of it cuz Ice
[07:43] <Ursuul> yeah
[07:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Tru dat
[07:43] <Banarama> ursuul
[07:43] <Ursuul> I’ve not been affiliated with them Ice
[07:43] <Banarama> can you explain the admin/cm thing again?
[07:43] <IceTudor> tons of people here who know sr
[07:43] <Banarama> nope
[07:43] <Ursuul> @Bana of course
[07:43] <IceTudor> tidal
[07:43] <IceTudor> paris
[07:43] <IceTudor> me
[07:43] <IceTudor> am
[07:43] <Banarama> ice
[07:43] <Banarama> what are you suggesting
[07:43] <IceTudor> ?
[07:44] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Banarama?
[07:44] <IceTudor> forming a bond would leak players in so we have more diversity and more new fresh community
[07:44] <Banarama> are you just talking about srw or do you have a suggesting @ice
[07:44] <IceTudor> and leak some players out then back in
[07:44] <Banarama> oh i see
[07:44] <Banarama> an allaince?
[07:44] <AWESOME EVILDOR> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
[07:44] <IceTudor> to get more diversity yet again
[07:44] <IceTudor> no diversity is kinda shitty 
[07:44] <Banarama> that didn't exactly work the last time we tried it
[07:44] <IceTudor> a ton of predators would die out
[07:44] <TBOO-Y> Yeah
[07:44] <TBOO-Y> @Banarama
[07:44] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Gaming starts in 16 minutes.
[07:44] <Banarama> remember the BCoW?
[07:44] <IceTudor> a ton of prey would overpopulate
[07:44] <Zathsu> Yeh but they were dying anyway
[07:44] <Banarama> that was a complete flop
[07:45] <Banarama> tru
[07:45] <IceTudor> we need both.
[07:45] <Zathsu> SRW sounds like its just growing
[07:45] <Banarama> but we also tried with mope
[07:45] <IceTudor> to maintain a healthy wiki
[07:45] <IceTudor> ye
[07:45] <Banarama> and nothing happened
[07:45] <Zathsu> Yeh but Mope is trash
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:45] <IceTudor> srw is perfectly healty
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> mope isn't trash
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> but I don't play it
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> much
[07:45] <AWESOME EVILDOR> What about Zombs?
[07:45] <IceTudor> and they have a regularly updating game without a shitty fanbase
[07:45] <Banarama> I'm not convinced this would be useful
[07:45] <Ursuul> Basically:
[07:45] <Ursuul> Bureaucrats would get sole control over Bulk Edit Template Type, Theme Designer, & WikiFeatures
[07:45] <Ursuul> Admins would lose those things, & they would also lose MediaWiki rights. However, Admins would then be primarily in charge of promoting new Staff (only bcrats would promote Admins & Content Mods). Users with no code knowledge could become Admins because Admins would become a leadership group, second only to Bcrats. They would be able to moderate everywhere like normal.
[07:45] <Ursuul> 
[07:45] <Ursuul> Content Mods would gain the ability to edit MediaWiki, thus becoming Code Admins, letting us promote normal users with good code skill who might not be trusted with leadership roles.
[07:45] <IceTudor> cough cough diep
[07:45] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[07:45] <Ursuul> of course you can have both admin & content mod rights
[07:45] <Teamerz> ok uh
[07:45] <Teamerz> tell me if ders anythin i gotta answer
[07:45] <Teamerz> cos im kinda busy
[07:46] <IceTudor> srw is growing healthy
[07:46] <Banarama> hmmm @ursuul
[07:46] <IceTudor> unlike bcow
[07:46] <Banarama> i'll only support that if I gain bureaucrat rights?
[07:46] <Banarama> *.
[07:46] <TheTriplet> when is the 2nd hour gonna begin?
[07:46] <Ursuul> why so?
[07:46] <Banarama> l8er
[07:46] <AWESOME EVILDOR> 14 min
[07:46] <Banarama> well ursuul
[07:46] <Banarama> otherwise I lose theme designer
[07:46] <Banarama> wikifeatures
[07:46] <TheTriplet> k
[07:46] <Banarama> and bulkedit
[07:46] <IceTudor> we have a whole 2 healthy and growing big wikis to alliance
[07:46] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Bullet Fighter anyone?
[07:46] <IceTudor> and you are saying no
[07:46] <IceTudor> cmon man
[07:47] <Banarama> there's nothing in it for me except losing rights
[07:47] <Zathsu> Tru
[07:47] <Ursuul> Yes but you would rarely need bulk edit; bulk edit is really something that only Vanguards should have, & they have it for portability controls, that’s it
[07:47] <Banarama> I like Theme Designer
[07:47] <Ursuul> Bana the purpose of it would be to allow people like Tacocat to become code admins
[07:47] <Zathsu> Then why would I even need it, Ursuul? Lol
[07:47] <Ursuul> more easily 
[07:47] <Banarama> remember the 6Theme?
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul, youre a Vanguard [s]KNOWLEDGE OOOHOHOOHO[/S]
[07:47] <Banarama> I made that
[07:47] <Ursuul> @Zathsu you wouldn’t 
[07:47] <Ursuul> which is good
[07:47] <IceTudor> listen
[07:47] <Zathsu> Lol ok
[07:47] <IceTudor> its simple
[07:47] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Sorry, I'm new to this wiki. I've only been here for 7 months.
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> ?
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> 
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> ok
[07:47] <Banarama> As an admin I would need theme deisgner
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> what Ice
[07:47] <Banarama> and shit
[07:47] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:47] <IceTudor> srfw and srw bond with dw
[07:47] <IceTudor> more players leak in
[07:47] <Zathsu> Then why even make it an ability of Bcrats if the other Bcrat here is already a Vanguard and can use it?
[07:47] <IceTudor> then leak out
[07:48] <IceTudor> and in to both again
[07:48] <Ursuul> @Bana yes I remember that, but we shouldn’t be changing up theme designer much, if at all
[07:48] <Zathsu> Just makes no sense.
[07:48] <IceTudor> same for us to those wikis
[07:48] <Banarama> Ursuul
[07:48] <IceTudor> we just get more players and more diversity
[07:48] <IceTudor> users**
[07:48] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I'm starting to feel left out?
[07:48] <Banarama> It doesn't change the fact that I'm getting a flat demotion as a result of this
[07:48] <Zathsu> So I think we can just cut BulkEdit from the equation entirely if you already have it and I dont need it.
[07:48] <IceTudor> who said we need to demote you
[07:48] <IceTudor> no
[07:48] <Ursuul> @Zathsu
[07:48] <Ursuul> Bulk Edit is primarily moved to Bureaucrat so that people WON’T use it. We don’t need to use it now because everything is already set up properly, it can only cause damage
[07:48] <IceTudor> you go back to your sob corner.
[07:48] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Zathsu?
[07:49] <Ursuul> @Bana but it allows people you want to become code admins to do so
[07:49] <Zathsu> Can other people already use it?
[07:49] <Ursuul> like Taco & others you want to promote 
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> No
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> Bureau
[07:49] <Ursuul> @Zathsu currently only Admins can
[07:49] <Banarama> ursuul
[07:49] <Ursuul> but they SHOULDN’T 
[07:49] <Zathsu> Oh
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> I mean
[07:49] <Ursuul> realistically no one should use it
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> again
[07:49] <Zathsu> I thought nobody could use it rn
[07:49] <IceTudor> also
[07:49] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Okay, I'm done sobbing!
[07:49] <IceTudor> diep is kinda dead
[07:49] <IceTudor> no more updates and shit
[07:49] <IceTudor> while sr is having updates plenty 
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul would probs instantly demote them if they used it
[07:49] <Banarama> I'll only support it if Content Mod gains access to theme designer, special:wikifeatures, etc.
[07:49] <IceTudor> and they add quite alot
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> eh
[07:49] <IceTudor> so their wiki will thrive alot
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> I mean
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> Its growing
[07:49] <Ursuul> Bana I can compromise by adding theme diesgner, but not WikiFeatures
[07:49] <AWESOME EVILDOR> No update for 5 *(&^%#^^ months.
[07:49] <TBOO-Y> right
[07:49] <Zathsu> And who said you'd be demoted, Bana? I think you qualify for both Admin and Code Admin rights
[07:49] <IceTudor> also just now in the recent 1.0.0 update it just got out of early acces
[07:50] <Ursuul> WikiFeatures should not, MUST not, be changed on the whim of any one person
[07:50] <Ursuul> yourself or any other admin
[07:50] <Zathsu> True
[07:50] <Banarama> ugh
[07:50] <IceTudor> so even MORE users
[07:50] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Gaming starts in 10 min.
[07:50] <IceTudor> NEINNEINNEIN
[07:50] <Banarama> no evildor
[07:50] <TBOO-Y> See, there is activity
[07:50] <Zathsu> I cant even play Diep when gaming begins.
[07:50] <Zathsu> So eh
[07:50] <Banarama> it'll probably be delayed 15 minutes or so
[07:50] <Ursuul> rip
[07:50] <TBOO-Y> IceTudor
[07:50] <AWESOME EVILDOR> :(
[07:50] <Ursuul> I don’t see why it would be delayed
[07:50] <IceTudor> ?
[07:50] <Zathsu> Dont have a mouse rn
[07:50] <TheTriplet> :D
[07:50] <TBOO-Y> Diep guys don't know shit about SW
[07:50] <Banarama> i still have lots to talk about
[07:50] <AWESOME EVILDOR> 25 miniutes so until gaming starts?
[07:50] <TBOO-Y> SRW*
[07:50] <TheTriplet> idk
[07:51] <TheTriplet> 20?
[07:51] <IceTudor> actually
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> Slime Racher people don't know shit
[07:51] <IceTudor> am, coloyolo
[07:51] <Ursuul> then why didn’t you show up earlier? Quickly, get to talking
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> about diep
[07:51] <IceTudor> paris cat
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> DUDE
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> and the game'
[07:51] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Ursuul, gaming will be delayed right?
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> not the wikia
[07:51] <IceTudor> we are general.
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> ...
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> NO
[07:51] <Ursuul> @Evildor possibly 
[07:51] <IceTudor> we are talking about the wikia
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> that's not what I mean'
[07:51] <Ursuul> probably not
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> no
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> nononon
[07:51] <IceTudor> not alliancing sr with diep
[07:51] <IceTudor> ...
[07:51] <TBOO-Y> I SAID'
[07:51] <Banarama> I just don't see the big benefits of this
[07:51] <IceTudor> ffs tboo what do you mean
[07:51] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Okay ='(
[07:51] <IceTudor> super
[07:51] <Banarama> the system we have rn works perfectly fine
[07:51] <IceTudor> more popurality and users
[07:51] <Ursuul> @Bana the benefits would be in allowing anyone with good code knowledge to become an admin fast
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> TO SRW
[07:52] <Zathsu> Exactly
[07:52] <Ursuul> like Taco
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> USUALLY
[07:52] <IceTudor> actually am just mad ea conception
[07:52] <Zathsu> People like Taco
[07:52] <Banarama> hmmm
[07:52] <Ursuul> because we don’t have to worry about them having extra rights
[07:52] <IceTudor> they can make concepts to srfw if they want
[07:52] <IceTudor> after all
[07:52] <Ursuul> like being able to promote others
[07:52] <Zathsu> Who deserve the ability to edit MediaWiki
[07:52] <Banarama> I approve of the CM part but not the Admin part
[07:52] <Ursuul> they can just do what they do best
[07:52] <IceTudor> we are merging with a con wiki ourselves
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> NEXT
[07:52] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I usualy just say @^%!%$^&%#%
[07:52] <Zathsu> But not neccesarily leaders
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> CANT EDIT
[07:52] <Teamerz> so uhm
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> THIS, WHY?
[07:52] <Teamerz> what did i miss
[07:52] <IceTudor> srfw can just come here
[07:52] <IceTudor> we can tell them
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> yeah sure
[07:52] <Ursuul> @Bana Admins cede power to Content Mods because we want people with good interpersonal skill to be able to become admin without worrying about them touching MediaWiki
[07:52] <TBOO-Y> tell everybody
[07:52] <IceTudor> well so didnt am until some found out
[07:52] <AWESOME EVILDOR> When will they come?
[07:52] <IceTudor> told the rest
[07:52] <IceTudor> and spread the game
[07:53] <IceTudor> like i did
[07:53] <IceTudor> found out
[07:53] <IceTudor> spread to here
[07:53] <Zathsu> And if they are good at both, we give them both
[07:53] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:53] <Ursuul> so if they have no code abilities, we can make sure they don’t mess around with the code
[07:53] <IceTudor> found some who secretly knew
[07:53] <TBOO-Y> that worked
[07:53] <Ursuul> yes exactly Zathsu
[07:53] <TBOO-Y> "worked"
[07:53] <IceTudor> am also made a fucking brilliant starter conception
[07:53] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:53] <IceTudor> just days into the game
[07:53] <TBOO-Y> but
[07:53] <IceTudor> not even playing
[07:53] <Zathsu> But this allows people to get promoted into a line of work they're good at first
[07:53] <Ursuul> & the only reason why Bcrat is changed is because those other features are so big, so important, that ONLY Bureaucrats should touch them
[07:53] <Zathsu> *fast
[07:53] <TBOO-Y> that's SRFW
[07:53] <Ursuul> & with community approval or notice
[07:53] <Zathsu> Exactly
[07:53] <IceTudor> he made a good story
[07:53] <IceTudor> place
[07:53] <IceTudor> slime
[07:53] <IceTudor> food
[07:53] <TBOO-Y> C-a-n-o-n
[07:53] <TBOO-Y> yeah well
[07:53] <TBOO-Y> see
[07:53] <IceTudor> the new updates are coming out
[07:53] <IceTudor> quickly
[07:53] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Ye! Ice Tudor is not playing!
[07:54] <IceTudor> unlike the year delay of fucking diep.
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> What does that mean?
[07:54] <Ursuul> are you alive Bana
[07:54] <IceTudor> and the small updates
[07:54] <Ursuul> we have 6 minutes
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> See
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> look
[07:54] <IceTudor> theres a shit ton in an updater
[07:54] <Zathsu> bAAAAANNNNNNAAAA
[07:54] <IceTudor> and a high frequency
[07:54] <Zathsu> Welcome, Chap
[07:54] <Teamerz> ders too much
[07:54] <Teamerz> shtuff
[07:54] <IceTudor> hi chap
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> Theres either small updates or a huge one
[07:54] <Teamerz> im drowns
[07:54] <Ursuul> @Ice until you can demonstrate a tangible crossover between our wiki & the other, there’s not much to say on it
[07:54] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Stop being so angry IceTudor, take it easy.
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> Qualityover quantity
[07:54] <Banarama> Ursuul
[07:54] <Ursuul> because I see no such link that we could build into an alliance
[07:54] <IceTudor> actually.
[07:54] <IceTudor> they are quality udates
[07:54] <IceTudor> updates**
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> yes
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> ik
[07:54] <TBOO-Y> but
[07:54] <Ursuul> @Bana I am listening 
[07:54] <IceTudor> and most are bug fixes
[07:55] <Banarama> will admins be able to acces Special:Import
[07:55] <IceTudor> a few are the major good updates
[07:55] <Banarama> and Special:Export
[07:55] <Ursuul> yes absolutely 
[07:55] <IceTudor> take 0.6.0
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> Large Updates are better then Lotta Small Ones
[07:55] <Ursuul> 100%
[07:55] <IceTudor> new place added
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> Why?
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> 
[07:55] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> hi lel
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> Anticipation
[07:55] <IceTudor> 3 new slimes
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> hi Chap
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> K
[07:55] <Ursuul> code admins shouldn’t be importing pages anyway, only leader-admins should be
[07:55] <IceTudor> 2 new resources
[07:55] <Ursuul> so admins would keep that 100%
[07:55] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Hellooooo chap!
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> Large Updates are better then Lotta Small Ones
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> Large Updates are better then Lotta Small Ones
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> THERE
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> READ
[07:55] <IceTudor> thats 6 major
[07:55] <Banarama> can we access Special:Undelete
[07:55] <Ursuul> yes of course
[07:55] <IceTudor> then a shit ton of bug fixes and minor ones
[07:55] <Ursuul> content mods rarely delete pages anyway
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:55] <IceTudor> god
[07:55] <Ursuul> admins mostly handle that
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> well then
[07:55] <Banarama> and delete contribs?
[07:55] <TBOO-Y> see
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> Zeach could make a huge update
[07:56] <Banarama> deleted contribs?
[07:56] <IceTudor> IT WOULD BE A LOT EASIER.
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> This is anticipation in action
[07:56] <Ursuul> Yes. Both Content Mods (Code Admins) & regular Admins would need that right
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> UH
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> WE ARE NOT
[07:56] <IceTudor> same with sr
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> GOD
[07:56] <Ursuul> because Code Admins might delete MediaWiki pages
[07:56] <Banarama> Special:Unwatchedpages?
[07:56] <Ursuul> yes
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> GET
[07:56] <TBOO-Y> THIS'
[07:56] <Banarama> hmmm
[07:56] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Finally JUST 5 MORE MINUTES! (unless delayed :()
[07:56] <Ursuul> Unless I said about something specifically Bana, it would not be taken
[07:56] <IceTudor> ONE IN CANON ONE IN FANON.
[07:57] <IceTudor> AND NOW
[07:57] <Ursuul> the only things Admins would lose is Bulk Edit, ThemeDesigner, WikiFeatures, & MediaWiki access
[07:57] <Ursuul> that is it
[07:57] <Ursuul> they keep everything else
[07:57] <IceTudor> PATHETIC.
[07:57] <Zathsu> Ice
[07:57] <Zathsu> We dont care
[07:57] <Zathsu> :P
[07:57] <Zathsu> Im not arguing
[07:57] <Ursuul> Admin is too complex a group to change much more than that
[07:57] <Teamerz> wo zathsu
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> DEAL
[07:57] <Zathsu> Im just flat out ignoring
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> WITH
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> IT
[07:57] <Teamerz> ur still a savage >:0
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> ITS LIFE
[07:57] <Banarama> I'll let it be considered
[07:57] <Banarama> But only on the basis of an unanimous vote among all staff
[07:57] <IceTudor> i am
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> ...
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> by leaving
[07:57] <Banarama> and a 60% vote among regular userds
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> ok
[07:57] <IceTudor> no
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> that's fine with me
[07:57] <IceTudor> but im bored already
[07:57] <Zathsu> Because as Ursuul, said, there is no tangible reason yet for us to form an alliance. Give us one first
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> ?
[07:57] <IceTudor> i come for chat only
[07:57] <Ursuul> I see no reason why it would need to be unanimous 
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> *sigh*
[07:57] <IceTudor> and im gonna be less frequent
[07:57] <IceTudor> not
[07:57] <Banarama> ursuul
[07:57] <IceTudor> LEAAAVIING
[07:57] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:57] <Ursuul> but the plan was a general vote
[07:58] <Ursuul> amongst the community 
[07:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> guyss
[07:58] <IceTudor> ..
[07:58] <IceTudor> yknow
[07:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> what are you talking about?
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> WHAT
[07:58] <Ursuul> I was 100% not intending to do this unilaterally 
[07:58] <IceTudor> we should make a poll
[07:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> i'm so confused
[07:58] <IceTudor> for thins
[07:58] <IceTudor> this**
[07:58] <Ursuul> @Chap
[07:58] <Banarama> fine them
[07:58] <Banarama> *then
[07:58] <Ursuul> What is being proposed is that Content Mod, Admin, & Bureaucrat rights be changed up
[07:58] <Teamerz> were supposed to start the part 2 in like 1 minute
[07:58] <Banarama> 80% vote in favour
[07:58] <Banarama> among the community
[07:58] <TheTriplet> 2 mins!
[07:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I'm not going to lose my mediawiki rights then :P
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> k
[07:58] <IceTudor> 1. Ally with srfw
[07:58] <IceTudor> 2. Ally with srw
[07:58] <IceTudor> 3. Ally with Both
[07:58] <IceTudor> 4. Ally with none
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> we need a poll
[07:58] <IceTudor> all make your votes now.
[07:58] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:58] <Ursuul> @Bana why on earth would we need 80% & not a simple majority?
[07:58] <Zathsu> We're not even having a vote about this Ice
[07:59] <IceTudor> NOW.
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> Later
[07:59] <Banarama> this is a massive change
[07:59] <AWESOME EVILDOR> 2 more min!
[07:59] <Ursuul> @Ice you can use [[Board:Petitions]]
[07:59] <Banarama> and i'm skeptical
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> We will have a vote
[07:59] <Zathsu> Not until you give us a reason to alliance.
[07:59] <Zathsu> And it is a big change, Bana
[07:59] <Teamerz> im agrees with sr
[07:59] <Zathsu> I agree
[07:59] <Ursuul> @Bana yes that is exactly why it is a vote
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> me too
[07:59] <Ursuul> but the Merge was a whole lot bigger than this
[07:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> question: if it's passed, would I lose my mediawiki rights?
[07:59] <Banarama> we need to make sure not too many people get angry
[07:59] <Ursuul> & we didn’t have an 80% requirement 
[07:59] <Teamerz> ye and look at the result
[07:59] <IceTudor> how to add a poll to a thread.
[07:59] <Ursuul> The Merge is almost entirely successful, pages will come over soon
[08:00] <Ursuul> everything else came over on time
[08:00] <Ursuul> blogs, communnity, etc
[08:00] <Zathsu> The merge wasnt unsuccessful. It was just slow.
[08:00] <Ursuul> ^
[08:00] <IceTudor> all im saying is
[08:00] <Zathsu> Slower than anticipated anyway
[08:00] <Banarama> i'm very skeptical about this
[08:00] <IceTudor> we can just talk about srw and srfw more
[08:00] <Banarama> say 70% at least
[08:00] <IceTudor> to make them talk about us more
[08:00] <Ursuul> @Bana I totally understand that, this is just putting it out there
[08:00] <IceTudor> in place getting more players
[08:00] <IceTudor> for them getting more players
[08:00] <Zathsu> This is just the put it out there phase
[08:00] <Banarama> because if it's 9 users to 10 users, that's 9 angry users
[08:00] <IceTudor> kinda like a thread
[08:00] <Zathsu> The merge had that too
[08:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ugh I still have no clue. "alliance", "srw", ugh
[08:00] <Ursuul> but arbitrary baseline is arbitrary
[08:00] <Ursuul> litearlly
[08:00] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Link
[08:00] <Ursuul> literally****
[08:00] <IceTudor> and we can easily educate them about diep
[08:00] <Ursuul> what I AM ok wiht
[08:00] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Party link?
[08:01] <IceTudor> like we do WITH NEW PEOPLE HERE.
[08:01] <Ursuul> is a minimum number of people voting
[08:01] <IceTudor> get it
[08:01] <Banarama> hmmm
[08:01] <Ursuul> @Ice use [[Board:Petitions]] if you want to request we do an alliance please
[08:01] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Sigh, I guess it was delayed...
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[08:01] <Ursuul> @Bana how about 20 voters minimum?
[08:01] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Due to?
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> k
[08:01] <Ursuul> or 21
[08:01] <Teamerz> how about we start part 2
[08:01] <Teamerz> were already 1 min late
[08:01] <Banarama> but i just don't feel comfortable with 9 people voting against the 3rd Staff Purge, and 10 voting against
[08:01] <TBOO-Y> I'm agreeing with you, Teamerz'
[08:01] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I agree Teamerz!
[08:01] <Zathsu> Well... its not neccesarily a staff purge
[08:01] <Ursuul> @Bana your side shouldn’t be given an unfair advantage by requiring more than a 50% cutoff
[08:01] <Zathsu> Would it be?
[08:01] <Ursuul> now
[08:02] <Banarama> because Nine Angry People is not worth this massive shift in our staff philosophy
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> fgrthyu
[08:02] <Ursuul> it isn’t a Staff Purge
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> no more
[08:02] <Ursuul> the only two groups that would be affected is Admin & Content Mod
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> no Staff Purge III
[08:02] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Sandbox when gaming kay, or Domination.
[08:02] <Ursuul> that’s it, we would evaluate each person
[08:02] <Zathsu> Well to be fair, Ursuul, he's right. While it may be an advantage to the opposing side, this is a big enough change where enough users angry with it might be disasturous.
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> I vote Sandbox, but k
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> true
[08:03] <Zathsu> This isnt a third Staff Purge tho
[08:03] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I still have no clue what you're talking about :/
[08:03] <Zathsu> The most it will probably do is change rights around
[08:03] <TBOO-Y> imma edit
[08:03] <TBOO-Y> brb
[08:03] <AWESOME EVILDOR> No one talk?
[08:03] <Ursuul> @Zathsu the only people who would even been effected are Admins & Content Mods
[08:03] <Zathsu> True
[08:03] <Ursuul> they would be the only ones with justification to be mad
[08:03] <Banarama> *affected
[08:03] <IceTudor> [[Thread:128055]]
[08:03] <Ursuul> affected
[08:03] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Affected
[08:03] <Banarama> then ursuul
[08:03] <Teamerz> 3 MINUTES LATE.
[08:03] <Zathsu> So why make this a PUBLIC vote to be fair. The staff are effected and it in no way effects anyone lower at this moment
[08:03] <AWESOME EVILDOR> then ursull
[08:03] <Zathsu> Have a staff vote maybe?
[08:04] <Banarama> ^
[08:04] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Teamerz! I like your comments!
[08:04] <Ursuul> @Zathsu because Staff serve the public
[08:04] <Zathsu> This is true
[08:04] <Teamerz> im just yelling at ursuul lol
[08:04] <IceTudor> gtg
[08:04] <Zathsu> But the implications here just dont effect them
[08:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> bai
[08:04] <Banarama> then ursuul
[08:04] <Ursuul> the whole point of this is to enable Staff to better serve the community to the best of its ability 
[08:04] <Zathsu> Indeed it is
[08:04] <Zathsu> But.
[08:04] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I just soooooooo %$^& sick of waiting.
[08:04] <Banarama> then why are you arguing that an angry regular user community is not especially important?
[08:04] <Zathsu> Random users who dont know what they're really voting for might not see what the point is.
[08:05] <Ursuul> @Bana I’m not saying he isn’t important, I’m saying that he doesn’t have REASON to be angry if he loses
[08:05] <Ursuul> not ballistic angry anyway
[08:05] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I' not in this am i?
[08:05] <Zathsu> Im still in favor of the change
[08:05] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Ursuul>
[08:05] <Banarama> ok
[08:05] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Mhkay.
[08:05] <Zathsu> Im just arguing over how its decided upon
[08:05] <Zathsu> lol
[08:05] <Ursuul> @Bana I would be more than happy to accept other qualifiers 
[08:05] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> so I joined in the middle of a sandbox?
[08:05] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> lol
[08:06] <AWESOME EVILDOR> I go to pit stop now, see ya later!
[08:06] <Zathsu> Yes Chap
[08:06] <Ursuul> such as a minimum required to vote, voting requirements (edit count minimum)
[08:06] <Ursuul> et cetera
[08:06] <Teamerz> ursuul
[08:06] <Teamerz> u kno were already 6 minz late
[08:06] <Ursuul> ye but we are gonna be 10 minutes late
[08:06] <Ursuul> we’ll still have 50 minutes
[08:06] <Ursuul> I was hoping Count of Howard would show up
[08:07] <TBOO-Y> hjfds
[08:07] <Ursuul> @Bana this is just the proposal, it 100% wouldn’t happen (or be decided) until after the Merge & after I’ve talked to Fandom Staff
[08:07] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Okay!
[08:07] <Zathsu> True
[08:07] <Ursuul> we can continue to talk about this in the coming weeks
[08:07] <Banarama> ok
[08:07] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Sorry, ima nub here.
[08:07] <Banarama> ye
[08:07] <AWESOME EVILDOR> ye?
[08:07] <Ursuul> So, LET US DO GAMING PORTION
[08:07] <Ursuul> Which game mode does everyone want?
[08:08] <Banarama> Sandbox
[08:08] <Ursuul> I vote Sandbox
[08:08] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Domination or Sandbox!
[08:08] <Ursuul> everyone is ok with Sandbox gaming then?????
[08:08] <Zathsu> I cant even play
[08:08] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Yes.
[08:08] <Ursuul> rip
[08:08] <TBOO-Y> SANDBOX
[08:08] <Banarama> yay
[08:08] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Post da link!
[08:08] <TBOO-Y> yey
[08:08] <TBOO-Y> ok
[08:08] <Ursuul> ok, TBOO-Y will you do the honors & get the link?
[08:08] <TBOO-Y> ok 
[08:08] <TBOO-Y> thanks
[08:08] <Zathsu> Well I can, it'll just be really hard and Ill just lazily float around or something lol
[08:08] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Get it!
[08:09] <Zathsu> Cuz I dont have a mouse
[08:09] <Banarama> I like how the politics here are so intense we almost have factions of a sort
[08:09] <Zathsu> Just my laptop's mousepad rn
[08:09] <TBOO-Y>
[08:09] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Link it!
[08:09] <TBOO-Y> uh
[08:09] <TBOO-Y> Evildor
[08:09] <TBOO-Y> the link is here
[08:09] <TBOO-Y> uhh
[08:09] <TBOO-Y> did it work'
[08:10] <Zathsu> There
[08:10] <Zathsu> I joined
[08:10] <Zathsu> But I can barely play
[08:10] <Zathsu> Pls no kill just wanna watch
[08:12] <Zathsu> Is Ursuul 'Politics'?
[08:12] <TBOO-Y> dunno
[08:13] <Coolestpip> Heya all
[08:13] <Zathsu> Banana
[08:14] <Zathsu> Could you not?
[08:14] <Coolestpip> Wait what is going on?
[08:14] <Zathsu> I politely asked to just watch since I can barely play
[08:14] <Zathsu> And you have to be an ass and kill me anyway
[08:15] <Zathsu> Wait a sec
[08:15] <Zathsu> I can play a Smasher class
[08:15] <Zathsu> Since it does need mouse
[08:15] <Coolestpip> Can someone explain what is going on :/
[08:17] <Coolestpip> Wait
[08:17] <Coolestpip> Is it the monthly sandbox thing?
[08:17] <TheTriplet> chopstick
[08:17] <TheTriplet> pls don't spawnkill
[08:18] <Coolestpip> Ok, the chat is dead, apart from people coming on to complain about others
[08:19] <Zathsu> We're in Sandbox
[08:19] <Coolestpip> Right.
[08:19] <Coolestpip> Can I join it? Because I cannot find any link that would allow me to join
[08:20] <TheTriplet> stop the spawnkilling
[08:20] <TheTriplet> -_-
[08:20] <Teamerz> jesus christ
[08:20] <Teamerz> this is like diep games but in
[08:20] <Teamerz>
[08:22] <Teamerz> triggrd
[08:22] <Zathsu> Since I dont have a mouse rn
[08:22] <Zathsu> Auto Smasher is legit the perfect class for me rn
[08:22] <Zathsu> And Auto 5
[08:23] <Zathsu> FUCK I SHOULD DO AUTO 5
[08:23] <Zathsu> LOL
[08:23] <TheTriplet> gtgtg;-;
[08:23] <TheTriplet> bye
[08:23] <Zathsu> Awesome
[08:23] <Zathsu> Dont spawn kill
[08:23] <Zathsu> Bai Triplet
[08:25] <Zathsu> Its funny because I cant fucking play the game
[08:27] <TBOO-Y> eh, Auto tanks
[08:27] <TBOO-Y> Auto 5 ftw
[08:27] <Zathsu> Thats why I had to use it
[08:27] <Zathsu> I dont have a mouse
[08:27] <Zathsu> Just my laptop's mousepad for now
[08:28] <Zathsu> So Im not bad at Diep I swear
[08:28] <Zathsu> lol
[08:28] <Teamerz> nah ur just bad
[08:28] <Teamerz> :3
[08:30] <Zathsu> I'll be back later tonight, but a bit later than usaul
[08:30] <Zathsu> Maybe 9 my time instead of 8 like usaul
[08:36] <TBOO-Y> the defender lmao
[08:37] <Ursuul> I killed someone called don’t spawn kill was that u Zathsu lmao
[08:39] <Teamerz> er ursuul
[08:39] <Teamerz> zathsu is long gone
[08:39] <TBOO-Y> who is using mothership[
[08:39] <Ursuul> o rip
[08:39] <Ursuul> people using AC & Mothership now eh
[08:39] <Teamerz> eh
[08:39] <Teamerz> its been like 30 minz
[08:39] <TBOO-Y> AWESOME
[08:39] <Teamerz> good enough for me
[08:39] <Ursuul> Evildor pls
[08:39] <TBOO-Y> stop the ACing
[08:39] <TBOO-Y> ok
[08:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ugh an AC
[08:40] <Ursuul> idk lads that was fun but Sandbox is dying down, a good 40 minutes is awesome
[08:40] <Ursuul> want to do another game mode?
[08:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> sure
[08:40] <Ursuul> which?
[08:40] <Teamerz> if its domination sur :
[08:40] <Teamerz> :3
[08:40] <Ursuul> ok
[08:40] <Ursuul> dominatin it is
[08:40] <Ursuul> domination*
[08:40] <Ursuul> Chap pls get lenk
[08:40] <Teamerz> chapls
[08:40] <Ursuul> Chap pls
[08:41] <TBOO-Y> wut
[08:41] <Ursuul> aight I will get lenk
[08:41] <Ursuul> for Domination
[08:41] <TBOO-Y> ok
[08:41] <Teamerz> ursuupls
[08:41] <TBOO-Y> awesome closed the arena
[08:41] <Ursuul>
[08:41] <Teamerz> wot team
[08:42] <TBOO-Y> dunno
[08:42] <TBOO-Y> red
[08:43] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Come back to Arena!
[08:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Hallo
[08:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ....
[08:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Aw crap the chat is dead?
[08:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dangit.
[08:45] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> it's a sandbox lol
[08:45] <TBOO-Y> blue has a factory
[08:45] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> everyone's playing 2 teams
[08:47] <Coolestpip> I have control of our dominator
[08:48] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> k I'm joining
[08:52] <Teamerz> dat was a good match
[08:53] <TBOO-Y> lmao yeah
[08:53] <TBOO-Y> you were the pred right
[08:53] <The named BOSS> Hi
[08:53] <TBOO-Y> hi
[08:53] <Teamerz> yep
[08:53] <TBOO-Y> k
[08:53] <TBOO-Y> hi Evildor
[08:54] <Teamerz> killed peeps when they least expected it
[08:54] <TBOO-Y> blue was really easy to kill
[08:54] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> k new lenk
[08:54] <TBOO-Y> idk
[08:54] <TBOO-Y> killed a Triplet with a twin
[08:54] <Teamerz> yeh new lenk pls
[08:54] <TBOO-Y> k
[08:54] <TBOO-Y> lenk
[08:55] <TBOO-Y> I'm gonna be an octo this time
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Luigi1006YT has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Aufmerksam has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Mr.BigWallofText3 has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Aufmerksam has spawned into the arena! 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> AWESOME EVILDOR has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Luigi1006YT has spawned into the arena! 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> The named BOSS has spawned into the arena! 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Ursuuling
[08:56] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> xd
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> lenk pls
[08:56] <Teamerz> ursuulenk
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> yes
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> Ursuulenk
[08:57] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ursuul wake up and stop ursuuling
[08:57] <Ursuul> sorry I was playing diep lol
[08:57] <Ursuul> just died
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[08:57] <Ursuul> Sandbox is over anyway, I thought it was rather fun
[08:57] <Teamerz> yeh
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[08:57] <Teamerz> better than most
[08:57] <Ursuul> ^^^
[08:57] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> agreed
[08:57] <Ursuul> so Chap do you want me to explain the thing you were afraid of?
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> :D
[08:58] <Ursuul> (d1) 
[08:58] <Ursuul> I had fun
[08:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ye sure
[08:58] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> explain the thing
[08:59] <TBOO-Y> (d1) 
[08:59] <Ursuul> Basically, three changes were proposed:
[08:59] <Ursuul> 1. Bureaucrats take sole control over ThemeDesigner & WikiFeatures, + a small function called Bulk Edit Template Type, because those three things can change a whole hell of a lot when misused
[08:59] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> mhm
[08:59] <Teamerz> bazically teh stuff we dont care about :3
[08:59] <TBOO-Y> yesh
[09:00] <Ursuul> 2. Admins lose MediaWiki access, but they keep everything else. Admins become in charge of promoting new Staff (they can promote everyone except Content Mods, Admins, & Bcrats). Of course they lose access to WikiFeatures n such that become Bcrat-only.
[09:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> that's what I have a problem wit
[09:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I'm not losing MediaWiki access
[09:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :P
[09:00] <Ursuul> this allows normal, active, non-coder users with good leadership skills to have admin rights without needing to be able to edit MediaWiki
[09:00] <Ursuul> hang on lemme finish
[09:00] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> k
[09:01] <Ursuul> Content Mod get that MediaWiki access that Admins lose, & they effectively become a "Code Admin" group which is kinda separate, does its own thing. Anyone with skill in JS or CSS or Lua can easily get that right, without needing to be very active or needing to be very responsible as a leader
[09:01] <Aufmerksam> Oh.
[09:01] <Aufmerksam> Hi.
[09:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> oh.
[09:01] <Aufmerksam> 1112 new messages.
[09:01] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> well that's better lol
[09:01] <Ursuul> which, tbh Chap, sounds ideal for you. You wouldn’t need to be real active
[09:02] <Ursuul> but you could contribute to the code base when you had time
[09:02] <Ursuul> as a Content mod
[09:02] <Aufmerksam> 1000 Message Treshold reached for chat.
[09:02] <Teamerz> so doez dat mean im above chap now
[09:02] <Teamerz> (grin) 
[09:02] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> xd
[09:02] <Ursuul> lol
[09:02] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[09:02] <Ursuul> but yeah, IF we did this, then we would re-evaluate all the existing Content mods & admins to see if they should be in both groups, one group, or none
[09:03] <Ursuul> but if we didn’t do this, then things stay as they are business as usual, but Chap ur not very active
[09:03] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> so basically I'm being demoted? (grin) sounds good
[09:03] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> xD
[09:03] <Teamerz> well if taht means im above chap den i totalyl agree with this
[09:03] <Aufmerksam> Also, hi Chapsteck.
[09:03] <Ursuul> I would think of it more as securing your Staff position :)
[09:03] <Ursuul> because rn ur not very active 
[09:04] <Teamerz> wasnt he becoming active when school started tho
[09:04] <Ursuul> that wouldn’t matter at all as a Code Admin; it’s whenever you want to contribute to the code you can
[09:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> i did pake a pledge to bcom more aktiev when school started tho
[09:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> make*
[09:04] <Ursuul> I thought that was Underslim
[09:04] <Ursuul> oh
[09:04] <Teamerz> no
[09:04] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Chap vs Teamerz in the boxing ring
[09:04] <Teamerz> ursuul your alzheimer is showing up again
[09:04] <Ursuul> well that’s good Chap
[09:04] <Ursuul> it’s not alzheimer it’s dementia 
[09:04] <TBOO-Y> o
[09:04] <TBOO-Y> k
[09:04] <Teamerz> dementialzheimer
[09:04] <TBOO-Y> den
[09:05] <TBOO-Y> LMAO
[09:05] <Ursuul> however if this change went thru den you could still keep both rights, depending
[09:05] <Aufmerksam> Alzheimer mostly appears on old people.
[09:05] <Ursuul> content mod & admin
[09:05] <Teamerz> ursuul is an elder
[09:05] <Teamerz> tho
[09:05] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> since I can't bring this computer to school so I'll have my chromebook which can't play roblox so I'll be bored and meander to this wiki (grin) 
[09:05] <Ursuul> lol
[09:05] <Aufmerksam> If Ursuul is over 55 years old, then, I have no words.
[09:05] <Teamerz> ha jokes on u chap
[09:05] <Ursuul> I am 70
[09:05] <Teamerz> ye everyone knows that
[09:05] <Ursuul> ^
[09:05] <Ursuul> (lenny) 
[09:06] <Aufmerksam> They are still calling Ursuul "They".
[09:06] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (Leonardo)
[09:06] <Ursuul> Bottom line though Chap; it would give you a position to fall back on if you couldn’t maintain your activity level 
[09:06] <Aufmerksam> After months.
[09:06] <Ursuul> which is more accurate than most people Auf :)
[09:07] <Teamerz> ye ursuul is a they
[09:07] <Teamerz> not a heshe
[09:07] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> k, so I'll vote yes I guess, and I'll try to maintain my activity which would give me both admin and content
[09:07] <TBOO-Y> I vote yasss
[09:07] <Teamerz> wait but that would mean chap would be above me..
[09:07] <Teamerz> i vote no >:0
[09:07] <TBOO-Y> lol
[09:07] <Aufmerksam> Oh, I hope "They" are not what I think.
[09:07] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> i shalleth beith aboveth youeth
[09:07] <Aufmerksam> I am sure they are not.
[09:07] <TBOO-Y> i shalleth
[09:07] <TBOO-Y> i shelleth
[09:07] <TBOO-Y> shell
[09:08] <TBOO-Y> snail
[09:08] <TBOO-Y> sea snail
[09:08] <TBOO-Y> sea anemone
[09:08] <TBOO-Y> anemone
[09:08] <TBOO-Y> anecrasity
[09:08] <TBOO-Y> Trump
[09:08] <Mr.BigWallofText3> D:
[09:08] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dun dun din
[09:08] <TBOO-Y> well, that escalated quickly
[09:08] <Ursuul> rip Temz
[09:08] <Ursuul> could not beat his arch-rival Chap
[09:08] <TBOO-Y> RIP
[09:08] <Teamerz> lmao
[09:09] <TBOO-Y> Rest in pepperonis
[09:09] <Aufmerksam> Some say they are male, some say the opposite...
[09:09] <TBOO-Y> some say they are [giant]TRANS
[09:09] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :c
[09:09] <Aufmerksam> However, this topic is irrelavent.
[09:09] <Teamerz> some say they arent even a person
[09:09] <Teamerz> mayb becos its tru.
[09:09] <TBOO-Y> some say they are an octopus
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> some say they are a Luigi1006YT
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> when they are actually a Luigi1006YT
[09:10] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Laaag laaaaaaag! Rip. (sad) (sad2) 
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> some say they are pie
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> some say (sad) and (sad2) 
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> but in the end
[09:10] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> some say they're a fidget spinner (lenny) 
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> everyone is a JOHN CENA
[09:11] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> and TBOO-Y is shamed for mentioning a dead meme
[09:11] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> the end
[09:11] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> dead
[09:12] <Aufmerksam> Why are those Sad emotes both cats?
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> but then
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> the meme returned
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> like the CORKSCREW- ok nvm
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> and chapsteck is stoned
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> and mobbed to death
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> everybody jumped in a volcano
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> TBOO-Y kills himself
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> by drinking bleach
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> Teamerz is pleased
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> the end
[09:14] <Teamerz> "teamerz is pleased" (lenny) 
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> LMAO
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> Zathsu is horrified
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> (lenny) 
[09:14] <Teamerz> sounda about right
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> hi Ursuul
[09:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> but then chap is found to be alive
[09:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> and temz cries
[09:15] <TBOO-Y> lol
[09:15] <Teamerz> not rly
[09:15] <TBOO-Y> but temz eats chep
[09:15] <TBOO-Y> the end
[09:15] <Teamerz> i just grab my frying p- oh okey
[09:15] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> and then chap is (triggered) 
[09:15] <Teamerz> we could say you are..
[09:15] <Teamerz> triggered happy
[09:15] <TBOO-Y> but chep is deAD
[09:15] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [small]don't you dare say the word "eat" around me
[09:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [giant][rainbow
[09:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> fail
[09:16] <Teamerz> critical failure
[09:16] <Aufmerksam> What is this tomfoolery? This escalated quickly.
[09:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [giant][rainbow]I WILL DESTROY YOUUUUUUUUUUHHHHhhh
[09:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [o][u]k I'm fine now
[09:17] <TBOO-Y> Teamerz is pleased, Zathsu is crying, TBOO-Y is spinning and chapsteck is having a seizure
[09:17] <Teamerz> y is zathsu crying :<
[09:17] <TBOO-Y> cuz
[09:17] <TBOO-Y> you know
[09:17] <TBOO-Y> ur pleased
[09:17] <TBOO-Y> :))
[09:17] <Teamerz> oh yes (lenny) 
[09:17] <TBOO-Y> [rainbow]SEIZURES
[09:17] <TBOO-Y> [rainbow]SEIZURES
[09:18] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [shadow:white][rainbow]SEIZURES
[09:18] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> fail
[09:18] <Teamerz> lmao
[09:18] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [shadow="white"][rainbow]SEIZURES
[09:20] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Anymore play?
[09:20] <TBOO-Y> it ended
[09:20] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Guys?
[09:20] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Mhkay.
[09:21] <TBOO-Y> we r done
[09:21] <AWESOME EVILDOR> So what do we do now?
[09:21] <TBOO-Y> dunno
[09:21] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Chat or yaknow.
[09:21] <TBOO-Y> btw Teamerz, what happens after you do unspeakable things to Zathsu
[09:22] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Want me to tell ya a joke?
[09:22] <TBOO-Y>
[09:22] <Luigi1006YT> e
[09:22] <AWESOME EVILDOR> kay.
[09:22] <TBOO-Y> oops
[09:22] <TBOO-Y> nvm
[09:22] <TBOO-Y> wrong link
[09:22] <AWESOME EVILDOR> We are still playing?
[09:22] <TBOO-Y>
[09:22] <TBOO-Y> no
[09:22] <TBOO-Y> I'm just doing stuff
[09:22] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Then why you put a link?
[09:22] <TBOO-Y> my own sandbox
[09:23] <Teamerz> oh
[09:24] <Teamerz> well im not sur wot u mean tboo-y
[09:24] <Teamerz> "wot happens after"
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> uhh
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> like after you do stuff
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> then what happens u know
[09:28] <Teamerz> er
[09:28] <Teamerz> everythni goes back to normal..?
[09:28] <Teamerz> and zathsu cleanz her room..?
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> good
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> cuz
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> hdjguhg
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> anyways
[09:29] <TBOO-Y> evildoer is using AC is sandbox
[09:29] <TBOO-Y> in*
[09:29] <TBOO-Y> :/
[09:31] <Teamerz> i dont see y thats gud >:0 but ok
[09:31] <TBOO-Y> k
[09:31] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> in test mode:
[09:31] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wait, am I
[09:31] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wait I need to do something to get in test chat
[09:32] <Teamerz> ye you have to click enter test mode
[09:32] <Teamerz> >_>
[09:32] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="blue","red"]
[09:32] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> erm
[09:32] <Teamerz> mayb if you put text after it
[09:33] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="blue","red"]te
[09:33] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> damnit
[09:34] <TBOO-Y> #ranger is gud
[09:34] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [meme]test
[09:34] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="blue","red"]test
[09:35] <TBOO-Y> awesome
[09:35] <TBOO-Y> no spawnkill >:O
[09:35] <TBOO-Y> 
[09:35] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="blue,red"]test
[09:36] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wait lol
[09:36] <TBOO-Y> [giant][rainbow]SKIMMER
[09:37] <Ursuul> lol look:
[09:37] <TBOO-Y> LOL
[09:38] <Teamerz> lmao
[09:38] <TBOO-Y> staff vs staff
[09:39] <Teamerz> mi god
[09:39] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="blue","red"]test
[09:39] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ugh
[09:39] <Teamerz> finally reached Z3D2
[09:39] <TBOO-Y> i brb
[09:39] <AWESOME EVILDOR> That link, we are gonna play the how long you can survive game!
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> URSUUL FIX MAH CODE:
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> 'flash': function (s,t) {
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> if (t.charAt(0) === '/') {
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> s = s.replace('[/flash]', '</span>');
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> } else {
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> try {
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> t = t.split('="');
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> t[1] = t[1].replace('"', '');
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> t = t.split(',"');
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> t[2] = t[2].replace('"', '');
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> s = s.replace('[flash="' + t[1] + '","' + t[2] + '"]', '<span style="color:#FFFFFF !important;font-size: 100%;animation-name: rainbow;animation-duration: 0.25s;animation-iteration-count: infinite;-webkit-background-clip: text;-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent; }@keyframes flash {0% {background-color:' + mw.html.escape(t[1]) + ';}50% {background-color' + mw.html.escape(t[2]) + ';}};">');
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> } catch(e) { console.log(e) }
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> }
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> return s;
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> }, 
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> for some reason the cmd itself isn't working
[09:40] <Teamerz> chap
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> so it's something to do with dat
[09:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wot
[09:40] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Rules: There 5 Tri Trappers and 5 Hybrids.
[09:40] <Teamerz> u dinguz
[09:40] <Teamerz> >:(
[09:41] <AWESOME EVILDOR> What does that mean?
[09:41] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Teamerz?
[09:41] <AWESOME EVILDOR> ???
[09:42] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Hello!
[09:43] <AWESOME EVILDOR> Sigh, goodbye.
[09:45] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="blue"="red"]
[09:46] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="blue"="red"]test
[09:47] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="red"="blue"]
[09:47] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="red"="blue"]test
[09:56] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="red"="blue"]
[09:56] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="red"="blue"]test
[09:56] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="red"="blue"]
[09:56] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="red"="blue"]test
[10:03] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ursuul
[10:04] <Ursuul> yeh
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> fix this script for meh:
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> 'flash': function (s,t) {
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> if (t.charAt(0) === '/') {
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> s = s.replace('[/flash]', '</span>');
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> } else {
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> try {
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> t = t.split('="');
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> t[1] = t[1].replace('"', '');
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> t[2] = t[2].replace('"', '');
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> s = s.replace('[flash="' + t[1] + '"="' + t[2] + '"]', '<span style="color:#FFFFFF !important;font-size: 100%;animation-name: flash;animation-duration: 0.25s;animation-iteration-count: infinite;-webkit-background-clip: text;-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent; }@keyframes flash {0% {background-color:' + mw.html.escape(t[1]) + ';}100% {background-color' + mw.html.escape(t[2]) + ';}};">');
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> } catch(e) { console.log(e) }
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> }
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> return s;
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> }, 
[10:04] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> am I doin something wrong when I enter both t[1] and t[2]? liek, should I enter somethin different in replace()
[10:05] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wots wrong
[10:06] <Ursuul> un momento
[10:06] <Ursuul> JS really isn’t my specialty, but ill look at it
[10:06] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> k
[10:09] <Ursuul> what exactly are you trying to do?
[10:09] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> t[1] is color 1: the first color it will flash to
[10:10] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> t[2] is color 2: the second color it will flash to
[10:10] <Ursuul> May I ask why you would need that in chat?
[10:10] <TBOO-Y> back
[10:10] <TBOO-Y> he doesnt
[10:10] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> idk, cuz it's fun
[10:10] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :P
[10:10] <TBOO-Y> hes just trying to use some code from DCP code
[10:10] <TBOO-Y> it doesn't work tho
[10:11] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> ?
[10:11] <TBOO-Y> maybe add some extra brackets or semicolons in the script
[10:11] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I think I have enough, since the thing registers but the text is invisible
[10:11] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> meaning the flashing doesn't work
[10:11] <TBOO-Y> oh ok
[10:12] <TBOO-Y> imma go use necro in maze
[10:12] <Ursuul> I think I see why
[10:12] <TBOO-Y> brb'
[10:12] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> why?
[10:12] <Ursuul> hang on
[10:12] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> k
[10:12] <Graviatar> hey ursuku
[10:13] <Ursuul> yeh
[10:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> hurry up, need 2 to somefin soon
[10:14] <Graviatar> :l
[10:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> do*
[10:14] <Graviatar> *when you feel useless*
[10:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> talking to suul
[10:15] <Graviatar> Ik
[10:15] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> oh :P
[10:15] <Teamerz> hi grav
[10:15] <Graviatar> hi teamz
[10:15] <Graviatar> I feel awkward being surrounded by admins.
[10:15] <Teamerz> well
[10:15] <Teamerz> theres tboo-y
[10:16] <Teamerz> :D
[10:16] <Teamerz> 
[10:16] <Graviatar> it's just not the same...
[10:16] <Ursuul> in all honesty I would prefer you simply abandon the idea & write individual keyframes for different color sequences, however my idea turned out not to be it, so I couldn’t fix it
[10:16] <Teamerz> wh0 cares about staff ranks tho
[10:16] <Ursuul> I would prefer to remove the code snippet until it is fixed too
[10:17] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> l0l i'll just make flash be black and white
[10:17] <Ursuul> sure
[10:17] <Ursuul> you can message [[Message Wall:Count of Howard|Midas]] if you want an actual JS expert’s help
[10:17] <Graviatar> Idk what's going on xl
[10:17] <Ursuul> btw, why do you include the keyframes inline & not in a CSS file?
[10:18] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wait crap I see it
[10:18] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I missed a colon
[10:18] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :O
[10:19] <Graviatar> *ALARMS SET OFF*
[10:19] <Graviatar> AHHH
[10:19] <TBOO-Y> got to necro, arena closed
[10:19] <TBOO-Y> gonna try again
[10:19] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash="blue"="red"] test
[10:19] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> nvm it still doesn't work lOl
[10:20] <The named BOSS>
[10:22] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash]test
[10:22] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> kden
[10:22] <The named BOSS> HELLO
[10:23] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [flash]test
[10:23] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> wot
[10:24] <The named BOSS> HELLLLOOOOO 
[10:24] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> it's not working for some reason :c
[10:24] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> well I gtg
[10:24] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> for like 40-60 mins
[10:24] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> will fix when I get back
[10:25] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> it's not submitted yet :P
[10:25] <The named BOSS> Bye then
[10:29] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :p
[10:29] <Mr.BigWallofText3> .. 
[10:30] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Hopefully the chat isnt ded....?
[10:30] <Teamerz> heheh
[10:30] <Teamerz> it is
[10:30] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Nooooo
[10:30] <Mr.BigWallofText3> D:
[10:30] <The named BOSS> Teamz
[10:31] <Mr.BigWallofText3> How can u let dis happehn??
[10:31] <The named BOSS> Fight-
[10:31] <The named BOSS> That spaceship over there
[10:32] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Is a potato
[10:32] <Mr.BigWallofText3> c:
[10:32] <The named BOSS> Hmmmm
[10:32] <The named BOSS> Big?
[10:32] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (troll3) 
[10:33] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (troll2) 
[10:33] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (troll) 
[10:33] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Yes?
[10:33] <The named BOSS> *lands on big's head*
[10:33] <Mr.BigWallofText3> EEEEEEEE
[10:34] <Mr.BigWallofText3> wait...
[10:34] <Mr.BigWallofText3> I am..
[10:34] <Mr.BigWallofText3> PROPELLEHKNIGHT!
[10:35] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Wait how big are you BOSS?
[10:35] <The named BOSS> Um
[10:35] <The named BOSS> Like the size of a watermelon but not that heavy at all
[10:36] <Mr.BigWallofText3> u are a core
[10:36] <Luigi1006YT> e
[10:36] <Mr.BigWallofText3> e.
[10:36] <The named BOSS> What?
[10:36] <The named BOSS> I'm what now?
[10:36] <Mr.BigWallofText3> A core? ;~;
[10:37] <The named BOSS> What do you mean, I'm a drone ofc 
[10:37] <Luigi1006YT> a watermelon
[10:37] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Lol
[10:37] <Luigi1006YT> a triangular watermelon
[10:37] <The named BOSS> SHUTTAP 
[10:37] <The named BOSS> NO
[10:37] <Teamerz> eeeeeEEEEEEEEEE
[10:37] <Luigi1006YT> tEEEEEEEEEEEEEEamerz
[10:37] <Mr.BigWallofText3> EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
[10:38] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[10:38] <Luigi1006YT> e
[10:38] <Luigi1006YT> eee
[10:38] <Luigi1006YT> e
[10:38] <Luigi1006YT> eeeee
[10:38] <TBOO-Y> ...
[10:38] <TBOO-Y> that's right
[10:38] <Mr.BigWallofText3> E!
[10:38] <Graviatar> l
[10:38] <TBOO-Y> a billion teamers
[10:38] <The named BOSS> ALL OF YOU STOP ITTT
[10:38] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Gah
[10:38] <TBOO-Y> seriously, what has maze become
[10:38] <Graviatar> the L
[10:38] <The named BOSS> ARGH 
[10:39] <The named BOSS> At least ruby isn't yelling
[10:39] <Mr.BigWallofText3> no grav nobody likes l.
[10:39] <The named BOSS> L*
[10:39] <TBOO-Y> like teamerlandi or something
[10:39] <TBOO-Y> shut up BOSS
[10:39] <Graviatar> you said I
[10:39] <Graviatar> not L
[10:39] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *appears out of thin air*
[10:39] <The named BOSS> Shush, r buy
[10:39] <The named BOSS> Ruby
[10:39] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: oh hi :^)
[10:39] <The named BOSS> Wellll 
[10:39] <Mr.BigWallofText3> l is evolving!
[10:39] <The named BOSS> Maybe
[10:39] <Mr.BigWallofText3> L
[10:39] <Luigi1006YT> Erebu: *is eating popcorn*
[10:39] <The named BOSS> Would you prefer to be called ruby or r buy?
[10:39] <The named BOSS> I'm staying on your head for now, big
[10:40] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Looks like you need a Pentagon Pie
[10:40] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (clap) 
[10:40] <Mr.BigWallofText3> (clap2)
[10:40] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ...
[10:40] <The named BOSS> Um
[10:41] <TBOO-Y> i would prefer to beat the shit out of you, BOSS
[10:41] <Mr.BigWallofText3> A penpapon pie
[10:41] <The named BOSS> What, am I not allowed to stay on your head?
[10:41] <Graviatar> *throws a Pentagon pie*
[10:41] <The named BOSS> Whatever
[10:41] <The named BOSS> Okay, fine r buy ruby it is
[10:41] <TBOO-Y> *knocks BOSS off and destroys him in the most paiful way possible
[10:41] <TBOO-Y> painful*
[10:41] <The named BOSS> *respawns*
[10:41] <Graviatar> you mean
[10:41] <Graviatar> Pie-ful?
[10:41] <The named BOSS> ARGH 
[10:41] <TBOO-Y> ...
[10:41] <Graviatar> (lenny) 
[10:42] <TBOO-Y> *slaps Graviatar
[10:42] <TBOO-Y> no >:O
[10:42] <The named BOSS> *lands on big's head again*
[10:42] <TBOO-Y> *kicks BOSS off
[10:42] <The named BOSS> Fine, r buy ruby.
[10:42] <TBOO-Y> *puts BOSS through the Hadron Super Collider
[10:42] <TBOO-Y> no
[10:42] <TBOO-Y> its TBOO-Y
[10:42] <The named BOSS> R BUY RUBY*
[10:42] <Graviatar> *puts a giant silver potato inside the collider
[10:42] <TBOO-Y> no
[10:42] <TBOO-Y> only Zathsu can do that
[10:43] <The named BOSS> *self destucts*
[10:43] <TBOO-Y> #potatomancy
[10:43] <Graviatar> but it's made of silver..
[10:43] <Graviatar> not potato
[10:43] <TBOO-Y> idc
[10:43] <Graviatar> it just... looks like one
[10:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dont steel it
[10:43] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :)
[10:43] <Graviatar> >:/
[10:44] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Sorry my jokes are kinda getting rusty
[10:44] <Graviatar> Fine, but perhaps you are acting too SILICON 
[10:44] <TBOO-Y> *parsnips
[10:45] <Graviatar> turnip 
[10:45] <TBOO-Y> perhaps -> parsnips
[10:45] <Graviatar> parsly
[10:45] <Graviatar> bye
[10:45] <TBOO-Y> I coukd really use a TURNip-round
[10:45] <TBOO-Y> k bye'
[10:45] <Mr.BigWallofText3> that joke was pretty dirt
[10:45] <Teamerz> i would like to turnnips around
[10:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Ehdyghegehheehsjgskzvo ajsjxjannz
[10:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :D
[10:46] <Teamerz> D-
[10:46] <TBOO-Y> Heh...
[10:46] <TBOO-Y> The joke is dirt? Well, that sounds pretty GROUND to me
[10:46] <Teamerz> taht sounds dirty
[10:46] <Teamerz> :-)
[10:46] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dont worry itll GROW on you.
[10:47] <Mr.BigWallofText3> :D
[10:47] <Teamerz> in a ROW
[10:47] <TBOO-Y> Oh boy, I can see why you don't BRANCH out
[10:47] <Teamerz> that wood be horrible
[10:47] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Because that WOOD b-dangit temz
[10:47] <Teamerz> heheheh.
[10:47] <Mr.BigWallofText3> ._.
[10:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> AGHAGHFAHAGGAGAH
[10:48] <Mr.BigWallofText3> JOK
[10:48] <Teamerz> SCREW this
[10:48] <TBOO-Y> Hoo boy, youre SCREWD
[10:48] <TBOO-Y> Screwed*
[10:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Stop being such TOOLS
[10:49] <The named BOSS> *respawns and lands on big's head*
[10:49] <Teamerz> you know the drill
[10:49] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Dont get ahead of yourself
[10:49] <Teamerz> dont get aleg of yourself
[10:50] <Mr.BigWallofText3> Gtg (sad) 
[10:50] <Teamerz> kbai
[10:50] <The named BOSS> Bye 
[10:50] <The named BOSS> *lands on teamz head*
[10:51] <TBOO-Y> I hope you don't go NUTS
[10:51] <TBOO-Y> Its really BOLTED
[10:52] <Teamerz> that would NUT be good
[10:52] <The named BOSS> *lands on r buy ruby's head*
[10:54] <The named BOSS> *r buy ruby= TBOO-Y*
[10:54] <TBOO-Y> Corkscrew Penis =The named BOSS
[10:54] <TBOO-Y> lmao
[10:54] <The named BOSS> Whatever
[10:54] <TBOO-Y> ok, Corkscrew Penis
[10:54] <TBOO-Y> *pulls CP off and jumps on him
[10:55] <The named BOSS> Okay how about we stop with the annoying names?
[10:55] <TBOO-Y> No, you did it to me too long, Corkscrew
[10:55] <TBOO-Y> this is payback
[10:55] <The named BOSS> Fine
[10:55] <The named BOSS> I only did it to you for like 2.5 days tho
[10:55] <TBOO-Y> *launches Corkscrew Penis into a saw
[10:55] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[10:56] <TBOO-Y> imma do it for 2 days den
[10:56] <The named BOSS> Fine
[10:56] <The named BOSS> But I'm going to have to call you r buy ruby for those 2 days
[10:57] <The named BOSS> Deal?
[10:58] <TBOO-Y> k
[10:58] <TBOO-Y> sure
[10:58] <TBOO-Y> deal
[10:58] <TBOO-Y> brb
[10:58] <TBOO-Y> :333
[10:58] <The named BOSS> Okay, RBR, go brb
[10:58] <TBOO-Y> k, Corkscrew Penis
[10:59] <Smgamermat77> hi
[11:00] <TBOO-Y> hi
[11:00] <TBOO-Y> I'm still away
[11:01] <The named BOSS> Okay good for you
[11:01] <The named BOSS> Stay away for 2 days
[11:01] <TBOO-Y> no, corkscrew penis
[11:02] <The named BOSS> Yes, r buy ruby
[11:03] <Theelementalmaster> Hi
[11:03] <The named BOSS> Hello
[11:04] <Theelementalmaster> If I have an annoying name and you call me it once you will get a new name you wont like
[11:04] <The named BOSS> Gone
[11:04] <The named BOSS> Fine*
[11:04] <The named BOSS> What the shit, autocorrect
[11:05] <Ozziene> 4 rswp lumicons, 2 f7s and 2f8s. Getting ready to complete it for something when android o is released
[11:06] <The named BOSS> What?
[11:06] <Ozziene> blob emoji is dying with the 👭 on android o
[11:06] <Ursuul> Hey Teamerz, good job on the Overlord page!
[11:06] <The named BOSS> Explain yourself!
[11:07] <Ozziene> 😩 wiki is under ijactive maintenance
[11:07] <Ozziene> inactive
[11:07] <The named BOSS> Hm?
[11:08] <The named BOSS> Can you explain whatever you are talking about, ozziene?
[11:08] <Ozziene> 😩😩 Please..,
[11:09] <The named BOSS> EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!
[11:09] <Ursuul> we don’t understand you Ozziene
[11:09] <Ozziene> see my wall
[11:10] <Teamerz> wait
[11:10] <Teamerz> i did a good? :D
[11:11] <The named BOSS> I still don't understand...
[11:11] <Ozziene> scroll further
[11:11] <Ozziene> to the raised handz notice?
[11:11] <The named BOSS> What are the things you call "lumicons"?
[11:12] <Ozziene>
[11:13] <The named BOSS> Odd
[11:14] <Ursuul> yes you did good Temz :D
[11:15] <Teamerz> yaaay
[11:15] <The named BOSS> This gives me an idea...
[11:18] <The named BOSS> What if...
[11:25] <The named BOSS> I try and take over memeland...
[11:26] <The named BOSS> With core warships?
[11:35] <Luigi1006YT> e
[11:35] <The named BOSS> I mean, it's not like they have an obvious weak point or anything
[11:53] <Graviatar> hi
[11:55] <The named BOSS> Hi
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