[12:03] <Aaron99TR> meow meow meow xD
[12:47] <Colouratura> Guys come on now
[01:20] <Robotguy39> WAIT
[01:20] <Robotguy39> (time)
[01:20] <Robotguy39> (clock)
[01:20] <Robotguy39> (timetostop) 
[01:20] <Robotguy39> there.
[01:20] <Colouratura> Hi
[01:21] <Robotguy39> sup.
[01:21] <Robotguy39> oh, I see you made a resume.
[01:22] <Colouratura> I did
[01:23] <Colouratura> My resume is nicer than any written on that board >.>
[01:23] <Robotguy39> Looks nice, however,
[01:23] <Robotguy39> have you been on this wiki or another diep wiki for a while
[01:23] <Robotguy39> ?
[01:24] <Colouratura> Eenop
[01:24] <Colouratura> I've been on Wikia for five years though 
[01:24] <Colouratura> And have been on the CC admin team 
[01:24] <Colouratura> Selected by Wikia Staff
[01:24] <Robotguy39> Well, I suggest being on a certain wiki longer before asking to join it.
[01:25] <Colouratura> Read the last few lines of it
[01:25] <Robotguy39> No offence, but you have 12 edits,
[01:25] <Robotguy39> Yes, I have read it.
[01:25] <Colouratura> Then you would know I am not asking for anything in particular 
[01:26] <Colouratura> Just putting myself out there 
[01:26] <Robotguy39> Yes, I understand,
[01:26] <Colouratura> For rights or even things you want to see done 
[01:26] <Robotguy39> And you have no reason not to do that,
[01:26] <Colouratura> Doesn't really matter
[01:26] <Robotguy39> yea, is fine,
[01:26] <Robotguy39> just saying,
[01:26] <Robotguy39> i wouldn't of done it,
[01:26] <Colouratura> Well I would have and did :P
[01:26] <Robotguy39> lay least not till I've got at least 100 edits.
[01:26] <Robotguy39> yes, well, that's your choice,
[01:27] <Robotguy39> and it's fine.
[01:27] <Robotguy39> however, I recommend getting more articl eedits.
[01:27] <Robotguy39> man, I sound profesional now, ewww.
[01:28] <Robotguy39> Glad no one saw that, or they'll aks me to be staff again...
[01:28] <Robotguy39> yeck.
[01:29] <Colouratura> Hi
[01:29] <Robotguy39> Hi peachy.
[01:30] <Robotguy39> im just writing comment on your post on smg wall.
[01:31] <Colouratura> Usually when I step onto a wiki I am not looking for rights or positions, just things to do 
[01:31] <Colouratura> And given that I know a lot of things it's generally fairly easy to do 
[01:31] <Robotguy39> Yea.
[01:31] <Robotguy39> thats fine, all I said was in my opinion.
[01:31] <Colouratura> Which is fine 
[01:32] <Colouratura> You can also put your opinion on the resume to make it more public, I would appreciate it 
[01:32] <Robotguy39> Opinion: something someone says that is most likely useless, but might as well listen if you don't want your lights punched out.
[01:32] <Robotguy39> ok.
[01:32] <Robotguy39> umm, will do?
[01:48] <Colouratura> Stahp leaving
[01:52] <Robotguy39> (timetostop) 
[01:52] <Colouratura> Why even post that every time you enter
[01:52] <Robotguy39> Why not?
[01:53] <Robotguy39> i'm not staff anymore, less hassle, time to relax.
[01:53] <Robotguy39> (snoopdog)
[01:53] <Robotguy39> (sd)
[01:53] <Robotguy39> (weed)
[01:53] <Robotguy39> (dope)
[01:53] <Robotguy39> (relaxed)
[01:53] <Robotguy39> (calm)
[01:53] <Robotguy39> (RAGE) (rage) (RAGE) 
[01:54] <Colouratura> There is no one here
[01:54] <Colouratura> When do people usually get on 
[01:54] <Robotguy39> Except you.
[01:54] <Robotguy39> oh, about a half an hour I think.
[01:54] <Robotguy39> it just all happens.
[01:54] <Robotguy39> get a big mod in, then people strait getting in.
[01:55] <Robotguy39> Then it's so crowded,
[01:55] <Colouratura> It's nice
[01:55] <Robotguy39> (dance) 
[01:55] <Robotguy39> (dance2) 
[01:55] <Colouratura> Right now I am listening to a mix of Arabic music and pro-IRA songs 
[01:55] <Robotguy39> right.
[01:56] <Robotguy39> I'm sitting still in class.
[01:56] <Robotguy39> well, I'm meant to be,
[01:56] <Robotguy39> the teacher and school mates left without me.
[01:56] <Robotguy39> so, lol, now I'm alone in the school.
[01:56] <Robotguy39> while they're on excursion.
[01:56] <Robotguy39> lol.
[01:56] <Colouratura> Lol
[01:56] <Robotguy39> Kinda peaceful,
[01:56] <Robotguy39> but when they get back I'm toast.
[01:57] <Colouratura> Why?
[01:57] <Robotguy39> Because I'm meant to be with them.
[01:57] <Robotguy39> and I'm in the class room.
[01:57] <Robotguy39> alone.
[01:57] <Robotguy39> on my iPad.
[01:57] <Colouratura> Are you in college?
[01:58] <Robotguy39> umm,
[01:58] <Robotguy39> grade 8
[01:58] <Colouratura> Ah
[01:58] <Robotguy39> im smart for my age apparently.
[01:58] <Colouratura> Eh, fuck em 
[01:58] <Robotguy39> (...)
[01:58] <Robotguy39> Right.
[01:58] <Robotguy39> ok.
[01:59] <Robotguy39> What about the boys... though...
[01:59] <Robotguy39> (heh)
[01:59] <Robotguy39> (huh)
[01:59] <Robotguy39> (heuh)
[01:59] <Robotguy39> (hueh) 
[01:59] <Robotguy39> wrong one.
[01:59] <Colouratura> Boys like it too 
[01:59] <Robotguy39> ...
[01:59] <Colouratura> shit idk 
[02:00] <Colouratura> It's only gay if you make it gay 
[02:00] <Robotguy39> (sword) 
[02:00] <Colouratura> I am trans mtf so I like guys idk 
[02:01] <Robotguy39> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
[02:01] <Robotguy39> I dunno.
[02:03] <Robotguy39> (hitler) 
[02:03] <Robotguy39> (hitler2) 
[02:03] <Robotguy39> (hitler3) 
[02:03] <Colouratura> I am getting bored of sitting here when I could be sleeping 
[02:05] <Robotguy39> Mmm.
[02:05] <Robotguy39> The lights are off in the room,
[02:05] <Robotguy39> I could go for some sleep.
[02:05] <Robotguy39> Maybe.
[02:07] <Robotguy39> Ah, yes, well, look at the time. 
[02:07] <Colouratura> It's 10PM
[02:14] <Robotguy39> For me it's about lunch time.
[02:15] <Underslime> huh
[02:15] <Underslime> It's 10Am here
[02:15] <Robotguy39> (Huey)
[02:15] <Colouratura> Stop being in wrong places
[02:15] <Underslime> What's your timezone Robot?
[02:15] <Robotguy39> tassie.
[02:15] <Underslime> wot
[02:15] <Robotguy39> Close enough.
[02:16] <Robotguy39> AE Time Zone
[02:16] <Robotguy39> If that's right.
[02:16] <Underslime> k
[02:16] <Robotguy39> Australian Eastern Time Zone
[02:16] <Colouratura> > stralia 
[02:16] <Colouratura> I am > murica
[02:16] <Underslime> Oh
[02:16] <Underslime> Australia
[02:16] <Robotguy39> Duh.
[02:16] <Robotguy39> well, below Australia.
[02:17] <Robotguy39> Lol, below the land down under.
[02:17] <Colouratura> tf you mean below australia 
[02:17] <Underslime> cool
[02:17] <Robotguy39> Tasmania is below Australia.
[02:17] <Colouratura> Oh
[02:17] <Underslime> didn't know that
[02:18] <Colouratura> Tasmania is still part of Australia though 
[02:18] <Underslime> And I'm typing really slow because I have a piece of bread in my hand
[02:18] <Underslime> ye
[02:18] <Robotguy39> Lol.
[02:18] <Robotguy39> (bread)
[02:18] <Robotguy39> we have a (llama) 
[02:19] <Robotguy39> but no bread.
[02:19] <Underslime> ;-;
[02:19] <Robotguy39> WE HAVE A (ass) BUT NO BREAD
[02:19] <Robotguy39> WHY NO BREAD
[02:19] <Underslime> I'm a bread lover lol
[02:19] <Robotguy39> WE HAVE 12 HITLER IMAGES BUT NO BREAD.
[02:19] <Underslime> ;-;
[02:19] <Robotguy39> WHAT THE HECK
[02:20] <Robotguy39> Oh, btw, anyone know how to get the emoticons button running on a wiki?
[02:20] <Underslime> idk
[02:20] <Robotguy39> I thought so.
[02:20] <Underslime> Better ask Ursuul
[02:20] <Robotguy39> oh gee, I have.
[02:20] <Robotguy39> just doesn't work.
[02:21] <Robotguy39> i might ask the knight guy, the guy with the shield?
[02:21] <Robotguy39> the umm... counceler...
[02:21] <Underslime> oh
[02:21] <Underslime> CoH
[02:21] <Robotguy39> Yea.
[02:21] <Robotguy39> might ask him.
[02:21] <Underslime> He's a coding expert
[02:21] <Robotguy39> Yea. I'm not, I have trouble adding music to my user page.
[02:22] <Robotguy39> then find out that you need to remove <nowiki>
[02:22] <Colouratura> I am better 
[02:22] <Colouratura> tbh fam 
[02:22] <Robotguy39> I mean, that's a ddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh
[02:22] <Robotguy39> (salad)
[02:22] <Robotguy39> (smiley)
[02:22] <Colouratura> What wiki are you trying to get it to work on?
[02:22] <Robotguy39> /announce Hello darkness my old friend.
[02:23] <Underslime> /announce u wot m8
[02:23] <Robotguy39> oh, my test wiki.
[02:23] <Robotguy39> /announce LOL
[02:23] <Robotguy39> 
[02:23] <Robotguy39> . 
[02:23] <Colouratura> You have to email wikia and ask them to enable JS
[02:23] <Robotguy39> YEA.
[02:23] <Robotguy39> I have,
[02:23] <Colouratura> Then go to your MediaWiki:Chat.js and import it
[02:23] <Robotguy39> i just don't know what code to put into to make it work.
[02:24] <Colouratura> One sec
[02:24] <Robotguy39> (clock)
[02:24] <Underslime> /announce wekk
[02:24] <Underslime> FUCK
[02:24] <Underslime> TYPO
[02:24] <Robotguy39> (wekk)
[02:25] <Robotguy39> waz a wekk
[02:25] <Colouratura>
[02:26] <Underslime> .-.
[02:26] <Colouratura> Then you need to submit it for revision and wait
[02:27] <Underslime> ._.
[02:27] <Underslime> Is quiet here
[02:27] <Colouratura> I know right
[02:27] <Underslime> ;-;
[02:27] <Colouratura> You should check out my resume
[02:28] <Underslime> k
[02:28] <Robotguy39> So put that code where?
[02:28] <Robotguy39> just chat.js?
[02:29] <Colouratura> MediaWiki:Chat.js
[02:29] <Robotguy39> Ok.
[02:41] <Robotguy39> CALL THE NAVY
[02:41] <Robotguy39> ARMY
[02:41] <Robotguy39> im done.
[02:41] <Colouratura> The what
[02:41] <Colouratura> I love it when 250 year songs are still relevant 
[02:41] <Underslime> oh
[02:41] <Underslime> Cheese balls?
[02:41] <Underslime> gimme
[02:45] <TOTMGsRock> hello
[02:45] <Colouratura> Hi
[02:45] <Underslime> waddup
[02:45] <Underslime> wot
[02:45] <TOTMGsRock> anyone?
[02:45] <Underslime> sure why not
[02:45] <TOTMGsRock> k
[02:46] <Underslime> :D
[02:46] <TOTMGsRock>
[02:51] <Robotguy39> WAIT
[02:51] <Robotguy39> /announce WAIT
[02:51] <Robotguy39> EVERYBODY, FREEZE.
[02:51] <Underslime> wat
[02:51] <Robotguy39> ok, good.
[02:51] <Robotguy39> underslime, sent you message.
[02:51] <Underslime> k
[02:51] <Robotguy39> (lenny) 
[02:52] <Underslime> Wow
[02:52] <Underslime> I love it
[02:52] <Colouratura> hBfuil
[02:52] <Robotguy39> Dab.
[02:52] <Underslime> *dabs using feet*
[02:53] <Robotguy39> Which... works...
[02:53] <Robotguy39> i gott ago pee and eat lunch,
[02:53] <Robotguy39> so, C YA
[02:53] <Robotguy39> TALLY HO AND ALL THAT RUBBISH!
[02:54] <Underslime> bai
[02:58] <Robotguy39> I'm back.
[02:58] <Underslime> huh
[02:58] <Robotguy39> apparently that was bell to come in from lunch.
[02:58] <Underslime> Oh
[02:58] <Robotguy39> .----.
[02:58] <Underslime> I thought you were done eating lol
[02:58] <Robotguy39> im so bored I'm awesome facing people's avatars.
[02:58] <Robotguy39> and I'm eating while typing.
[02:58] <Robotguy39> nailed it.
[02:59] <Robotguy39> and I went to toilet.
[02:59] <Underslime> ._.
[02:59] <Underslime> hai waddup
[03:01] <Underslime> .-.
[03:04] <Underslime> y u do dis
[03:04] <Colouratura> y not
[03:04] <Underslime> yay
[03:09] <Skye Sim> Hi
[03:10] <Underslime> Hi
[03:10] <Underslime> Haven't seen you in a while :P
[03:25] <Robotguy39> Anyone alive?
[03:25] <Robotguy39> attttallll
[03:25] <Smgamermat77> Yes
[03:25] <Robotguy39> SMG
[03:25] <Robotguy39> HAVE I GOT A BONE TO PICK WIHT YOU.
[03:26] <Robotguy39> DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS?
[03:26] <Robotguy39> (michelrosen)
[03:26] <Smgamermat77> Yes yes the epic face avater
[03:26] <Robotguy39> YOU JERK
[03:26] <Robotguy39> 😩
[03:26] <Robotguy39> just, ugh.
[03:26] <Smgamermat77> You know, you can always ask Ursuul to replace my editor of the month thing with the same picture but with an epic face on it.
[03:26] <Robotguy39> ...
[03:26] <Smgamermat77> Whether he agrees or not is up to him.
[03:27] <Smgamermat77> (eh) 
[03:27] <Robotguy39> Him?
[03:27] <Smgamermat77> Yes, we did.
[03:28] <Robotguy39> WITH A CHERRY ON TOP
[03:28] <Smgamermat77> "Both" and "neither" are not genders ._.
[03:28] <Robotguy39> ...
[03:28] <Robotguy39> X?
[03:28] <Smgamermat77> Go ask Ursuul yourself and find out (eh) 
[03:28] <Robotguy39> That is the weirdest question ever.
[03:28] <Smgamermat77> I'm just defaulting to using "he" as the pronoun.
[03:29] <Robotguy39> Did ya hear about asdf 10?
[03:29] <Robotguy39> Meow meow, I'm a cow, I said meow meow I'm a cow.
[03:29] <Smgamermat77> Well he's used to me asking him the dumbest/weirdest questions in the universe.
[03:30] <Smgamermat77> So it can't be all bad.
[03:30] <Robotguy39> Right.
[03:30] <Smgamermat77> I haven't watched the ASDF movies since like 5-6 years ago.
[03:30] <Robotguy39> I'll ask Her/Him/Both/Neither/OK IM ASKING
[03:30] <Robotguy39> wait, 5-6 years old?
[03:30] <Robotguy39> Lol, not true.
[03:30] <Smgamermat77> The movies or me?
[03:31] <Robotguy39> lol.
[03:31] <Smgamermat77> Certainly not me
[03:31] <Robotguy39> the asdf movies were not around when you were 5-6
[03:31] <Smgamermat77> I was about.... uhhh..... 14-15 maybe
[03:31] <Smgamermat77> nono
[03:31] <Robotguy39> Ye.a difference.
[03:31] <Smgamermat77> I said I watched the movies about 5-6 years ago
[03:31] <Smgamermat77> not I WAS 5-6
[03:31] <Robotguy39> ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[03:31] <TOTMGsRock> hello
[03:32] <Smgamermat77> Speaking of rocks
[03:32] <Smgamermat77> howdy
[03:32] <Robotguy39> anyway, gonna go ask Ursuul dumbest question ever
[03:32] <TOTMGsRock> lol
[03:32] <TOTMGsRock> good one sm
[03:32] <Robotguy39> Hi Tot.
[03:32] <Smgamermat77> eh - I should've started with "speaking of memes"
[03:32] <Smgamermat77> makes less sense
[03:33] <Smgamermat77> (eh) 
[03:33] <Robotguy39> Michael rosen
[03:33] <Smgamermat77> man
[03:33] <Robotguy39> (dank)
[03:33] <Robotguy39> yea?
[03:33] <Smgamermat77> my foot is all paralyzed and shit
[03:33] <Robotguy39> O...K...
[03:33] <Smgamermat77> not really paralyzed, but hard to move
[03:33] <TOTMGsRock> (lol2)
[03:33] <TOTMGsRock> (xd) 
[03:33] <Smgamermat77> I think I have something wrong with it
[03:33] <TOTMGsRock> (illuminati)
[03:33] <TOTMGsRock> rip illuminati emote
[03:34] <Smgamermat77> It feels like my foot needs to be cracked in the middle
[03:34] <Smgamermat77> Like cracking your knuckles
[03:34] <Smgamermat77> but with feet ._.
[03:34] <TOTMGsRock> hmmm
[03:34] <TOTMGsRock> you mean
[03:34] <TOTMGsRock> pins and needles?
[03:35] <Smgamermat77> Speaking of feet - tomorrow I get to go eat real food at Taco Bell for the first time in about 2.5 weeks.
[03:35] <Robotguy39> ...
[03:35] <Smgamermat77> nono
[03:35] <Robotguy39> asked weirdest question ever.
[03:35] <Smgamermat77> pins and needles is different
[03:35] <TOTMGsRock> any1?
[03:35] <Robotguy39> Lol, guess where I am.
[03:35] <Smgamermat77> this is like I need to crack my knuckles
[03:35] <Smgamermat77> You guys probably don't have joint failure at your age
[03:35] <Robotguy39> Go on, guess.
[03:35] <Smgamermat77> Or joint damage
[03:35] <Smgamermat77> Or MTS
[03:35] <Robotguy39> you won't get it...
[03:36] <TOTMGsRock> arthritis?
[03:36] <TOTMGsRock> probably not
[03:36] <Smgamermat77> MTS is kind of like arthritis
[03:36] <Robotguy39> (sword) 
[03:36] <Smgamermat77> but not quite
[03:36] <TOTMGsRock> hm
[03:36] <Robotguy39> /announce Y U NO GUESS?!?
[03:36] <Smgamermat77> hold on im thinking
[03:36] <TOTMGsRock>
[03:37] <Robotguy39> I'm at school alone.
[03:37] <Smgamermat77> I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE
[03:37] <Robotguy39> in the classroom with the lights turned off.
[03:37] <Smgamermat77> [yt="Mx1Et76Jtdc"]
[03:37] <Smgamermat77> That's where you are.
[03:37] <Smgamermat77> North Korea
[03:37] <Robotguy39> CHAT JUST EXPLODED
[03:37] <Robotguy39> YOU EVEN HEAR WHAT I SAID?
[03:37] <Smgamermat77> Wait, do you not see the giant youtube video in front of you?
[03:37] <Robotguy39> Man, when
[03:37] <Robotguy39> I see.
[03:38] <Smgamermat77> Ok good
[03:38] <Robotguy39> duh.
[03:38] <Smgamermat77> cause it's a good video
[03:38] <Robotguy39> Something about north Corey ear rape.
[03:38] <Robotguy39> DMAB IT AUTO CORRECT.
[03:38] <Smgamermat77> It's the secret Corey in the House ending
[03:38] <Smgamermat77> kappa 
[03:38] <Skye Sim> Hi
[03:38] <Smgamermat77> Wait - why are you alone in a classroom with no lights on?
[03:38] <Skye Sim> Me?
[03:38] <Smgamermat77> Are you there after school hours?
[03:38] <Smgamermat77> nono
[03:38] <Smgamermat77> robot
[03:39] <Skye Sim> Oh
[03:39] <Robotguy39> Yea.
[03:39] <Robotguy39> not after school hours,
[03:39] <Robotguy39> but, alone.
[03:39] <Robotguy39> lol.
[03:39] <Smgamermat77> So school is in session?
[03:39] <Robotguy39> its last day,
[03:39] <Robotguy39> and everyone else is on excursion.
[03:39] <Smgamermat77> The last day of school for you????
[03:39] <Robotguy39> while I sit here playing on iPad.
[03:39] <Robotguy39> (lenny) 
[03:39] <Smgamermat77> (also, what's excursion?)
[03:40] <Robotguy39> Sigh.
[03:40] <Smgamermat77> Nvm
[03:40] <Smgamermat77> I found the definition
[03:40] <Robotguy39> Alos known as field trip.
[03:40] <Smgamermat77> So you're alone at school while school is in session at a field trip
[03:40] <Robotguy39> Yea.
[03:40] <Smgamermat77> Or at least your class specifically
[03:40] <Robotguy39> and having a ball.
[03:40] <Smgamermat77> And you stayed behind.... why?
[03:40] <Robotguy39> until they get back.
[03:40] <Robotguy39> Oh, beacuase...
[03:40] <Robotguy39> because...
[03:41] <Smgamermat77> Personal reasons?
[03:41] <Robotguy39> they went to park.
[03:41] <Robotguy39> and I have work to do.
[03:41] <Robotguy39> But there's an iPad.
[03:41] <Smgamermat77> Ah - procrastination on past assignments.
[03:41] <Robotguy39> so, is much for work.
[03:41] <Smgamermat77> I did the same thing at your age.
[03:41] <Robotguy39> lol.
[03:41] <Robotguy39> I still should be a field trip, lol.
[03:41] <Smgamermat77> I don't mind working in school, but homework is THE WORST.
[03:41] <Robotguy39> and is not assignment.
[03:42] <Robotguy39> homework, dang...
[03:42] <Smgamermat77> I think after grade 10 I never did homework again.
[03:42] <Robotguy39> im not allowed on pc till homework's done.
[03:42] <Smgamermat77> Or close to it
[03:42] <Robotguy39> (smiley)
[03:42] <Smgamermat77> I basically failed everything (eh) 
[03:42] <Smgamermat77> So don't do what I did.
[03:42] <Robotguy39> I still can't believe we have 12 hitler images but no smiley.
[03:43] <Smgamermat77> Well that was because of a troll.
[03:43] <Smgamermat77> We had one, but then a special someone said we needed more hitler images.
[03:43] <Smgamermat77> So we got more hitler images Kappa 
[03:43] <Robotguy39> (hitler) (hitler2) (hitler3) (hitler4) (hitler5) (hitler6)(hitler7)(hitler8)(hitler9)(hitler10)(hitler11)(hitler12)
[03:44] <Smgamermat77> You can only have 5 emotes on the same line
[03:44] <Robotguy39> we removed some?
[03:44] <Robotguy39> oh. K.
[03:44] <Smgamermat77> same message*
[03:44] <Smgamermat77> But you CAN do this
[03:44] <Smgamermat77> (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) 
[03:44] <Smgamermat77> (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) 
[03:44] <Smgamermat77> (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) 
[03:44] <Smgamermat77> (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) 
[03:44] <Smgamermat77> (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) (yes) 
[03:44] <Robotguy39> (hitler6) (hitler7) (hitler8) (hitler9) (hitler10) 
[03:45] <Robotguy39> (rainbowfrog) (rainbowfrog) (rainbowfrog) (rainbowfrog) (rainbowfrog) 
[03:45] <Smgamermat77> Speaking of emotes.... I need to find a special emote
[03:45] <Robotguy39> Poor tot, suffering from epileptic attains.
[03:45] <Robotguy39> PID AUTO CORRECT
[03:45] <Robotguy39> (RAGE) (rage) (RAGE) 
[03:46] <Smgamermat77> brb
[03:46] <Robotguy39> ohhh, carrot stick! 🥕 
[03:46] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> hi
[03:47] <TOTMGsRock> lol
[03:47] <TOTMGsRock>
[03:47] <TOTMGsRock> pls
[03:49] <TOTMGsRock> DAMN
[04:25] <Robotguy39> Sigh.
[04:25] <Smgamermat77> I have returned from the world of the AFK.
[04:25] <Robotguy39> anyone ere
[04:25] <Robotguy39> Hi.
[04:25] <Robotguy39> ...
[04:26] <Robotguy39> .:.
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> .
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Robotguy39> .::::.
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> v
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> 
[04:26] <Robotguy39> I'm still at school,
[04:26] <Robotguy39> when are they coming back?
[04:26] <Smgamermat77> idk but my room is cold now
[04:27] <Smgamermat77> I left the window open
[04:27] <Robotguy39> [[Thread:97320]]
[04:27] <Robotguy39> Lol, sr.
[04:28] <Smgamermat77> Oh, great.
[04:28] <Smgamermat77> *obvious sarcasm*
[04:28] <Robotguy39> What?
[04:28] <Smgamermat77> The last thing I want is more of that self-absorbed brat.
[04:29] <Robotguy39> Ok.
[04:29] <Robotguy39> i can kinda see what you mean,
[04:29] <Smgamermat77> Not SR, I meant Colour
[04:29] <Smgamermat77> SR is fine
[04:29] <Robotguy39> Duh.
[04:29] <Smgamermat77> *just in case
[04:29] <Robotguy39> No, I'm not that dumb, halfway.
[04:29] <Smgamermat77> Even if she becomes staff - I refuse to directly respect her.
[04:30] <Robotguy39> Yea, I don't think immediacy approval was right idea.
[04:30] <Robotguy39> She has barely any edits.
[04:31] <Smgamermat77> She's self-absorbed beyond belief
[04:31] <Smgamermat77> I mean I do that, obviously, but I do it as a joke.
[04:31] <Robotguy39> Yea.
[04:31] <Smgamermat77> She literally is just that self-absorbed IRl
[04:31] <Smgamermat77> IRL*
[04:31] <Robotguy39> (trying to agree without offending anyone)
[04:32] <Smgamermat77> What's worse is that Ursuul agrees with everything she says basically.
[04:32] <Smgamermat77> Same with count
[04:32] <Robotguy39> Mmm.
[04:32] <Robotguy39> favoritism.
[04:32] <Robotguy39> LET THE COMMUNITY DECIDE!
[04:32] <Smgamermat77> Luckily Ursuul knows how to debate against her in shitty political discussions that I don't care about.
[04:32] <Robotguy39> Lol.
[04:32] <Smgamermat77> Ursuul is like my brother - he ain't afraid to shoot you in the face when talking politics.
[04:32] <Robotguy39> Lol, nobellion vs SR
[04:33] <Robotguy39> this conversations slowly getting tense.
[04:33] <Smgamermat77> Sorry, I just get fed up everytime I have to look at her.
[04:33] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> hi
[04:33] <Robotguy39> Sup.
[04:33] <Smgamermat77> I have a way of showering everyone with my thoughts and emotional cues.
[04:33] <Smgamermat77> (eh) 
[04:33] <Robotguy39> (lel
[04:33] <Robotguy39> dmab it wind,e
[04:33] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> (lel)
[04:33] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> nvm
[04:34] <Robotguy39> XD
[04:34] <Robotguy39> SR VS NOBELLION, WATCH NOW!
[04:34] <Robotguy39> XDXD D
[04:36] <Robotguy39> Xd
[04:36] <Smgamermat77> (excuseforlameturnipgif)
[04:36] <Smgamermat77> wait what
[04:36] <Smgamermat77> Damn
[04:36] <Smgamermat77> they removed that special emote
[04:36] <Robotguy39> Lol.
[04:36] <Robotguy39> (smiley)
[04:36] <Robotguy39> every DANG TIME
[04:36] <Smgamermat77> the CSS resizing for the image still exists for all 500+ emotes
[04:37] <Robotguy39> Lol.
[04:37] <Robotguy39> i cna do this.
[04:37] <Smgamermat77> But we don't even have like 1/5 of them anymore in total
[04:37] <Robotguy39> (RAGE) (rage) (RAGE) 
[04:37] <Robotguy39> yea.
[04:37] <Robotguy39> know what ya mean.
[04:38] <Robotguy39> Lol. This fight.
[04:39] <Smgamermat77> Lol nobellion rewrote his comment
[04:40] <Smgamermat77> I never did like the idea of Nobellion being an admin
[04:40] <Smgamermat77> I like Nobellion as a person and a Staff member, but he makes decisions too quickly.
[04:40] <Smgamermat77> rip robot
[04:41] <Smgamermat77> Well, maybe it's a sign I shouldn't have said that to Robot.
[04:42] <Robotguy39> NO
[04:42] <Robotguy39> YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING TO ME SMG.dam
[04:42] <Robotguy39> dang it.
[04:43] <Robotguy39> Personally, I still think Nobel is climbing too fast.
[04:43] <Smgamermat77> Maybe you rejoining is a sign that my instincts to tell you this in the first place were correct.
[04:43] <Robotguy39> Infact I'm still a little annoyed about fact that he's admin now, and I've been here longer...
[04:44] <Robotguy39> but, the maher thing that Nobel ever did to tick me off,
[04:44] <Robotguy39> was, 
[04:44] <Robotguy39> i was in chat.
[04:44] <Smgamermat77> I don't care if smart people are admins so much - Nobellion can be great as a Staff member, but again, he makes decisions WAY too fast for my comfort.
[04:44] <Robotguy39> little bit annoyed.
[04:44] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> btw what was the founder of this wiki?
[04:44] <Robotguy39> and I rage bit.
[04:44] <Robotguy39> suddenly,
[04:44] <Smgamermat77> Mr. Mewshmallow.
[04:44] <Robotguy39> nobellion says:
[04:44] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> okay.
[04:44] <Smgamermat77> He made about 8 edits to our wiki and then vanished permanently.
[04:44] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> thx
[04:45] <Robotguy39> calm down robot, keep acting this way and you'll have to be removed from staff.
[04:45] <Smgamermat77> He hasn't been seen in over 6 months.
[04:45] <Robotguy39> thats a big reason why I stepped down.
[04:45] <Robotguy39> that hit me like a bullet.
[04:45] <Smgamermat77> Speaking your mind is not against the rules imo
[04:45] <Robotguy39> hit me like a bullet.
[04:45] <Smgamermat77> Unless you are challenging something severe and absolutely necessary.
[04:46] <Smgamermat77> Which this is obviously not.
[04:46] <Robotguy39> Where the heck is my sympathy?
[04:47] <Smgamermat77> Well, remember - Ursuul showed up spontaneously and then instantly got promoted to admin.
[04:48] <TOTMGsRock> hm
[04:48] <TOTMGsRock> who hasn't been seen in over 6 months?
[04:49] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> idk
[04:49] <Smgamermat77> The founder.
[04:49] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> o
[04:49] <TOTMGsRock> OH
[04:49] <TOTMGsRock> Mew
[04:49] <TOTMGsRock> MewshMarshmallow
[04:49] <Smgamermat77> I think it's been more along the lines of 8 months now.
[04:50] <TOTMGsRock> but why did the founder abandon this wiki
[04:50] <Smgamermat77> Nobody knows.
[04:50] <Smgamermat77> Maybe he didn't want to invest himself into the game, but wanted to help some people out
[04:51] <Smgamermat77> Maybe he hated a certain update so much he stopped everything related to
[04:51] <Smgamermat77> Maybe he has more important things IRL.
[04:51] <TOTMGsRock> hm
[04:51] <Smgamermat77> He also could've just lost interest after making the wikia and realized the shitload of effort he would need to put into it.
[04:52] <Smgamermat77> ^That's the most likely story.
[04:52] <Smgamermat77> I mean, when he created the wiki, there was literally nothing on it.
[04:53] <Smgamermat77> Building an entire detailed database of knowledge from scratch is not an easy task.
[04:53] <Smgamermat77> So he most likely just left it for other people to pick up on.
[04:53] <TOTMGsRock> sounds logical
[04:54] <Smgamermat77> When he saw that our early members got a foundation started and really took off as a whole, he wanted to try and come back (hence when he said he wanted to help out again after being gone for months originally).
[04:54] <Smgamermat77> What stopped him from coming back again is beyond me.
[04:54] <Smgamermat77> And nobody has seen him since then.
[04:55] <Smgamermat77> Fast forward about 8 months later where absolutely nothing happened with him, and here we are right now.
[04:55] <Smgamermat77> There you have it - the complete story of our Founder who did basically nothing.
[04:56] <Smgamermat77> Now that I think about it, shouldn't there be records of the first Staff member being promoted? I'm pretty sure it was Zathus, but I always wondered how that went about.
[04:59] <TOTMGsRock> hi flurr
[04:59] <TOTMGsRock> gtg
[05:20] <Nobellion> Hey
[05:20] <Nobellion> Whoa
[05:20] <TOTMGsRock> hello
[05:21] <TOTMGsRock>
[05:37] <TOTMGsRock> hello
[05:38] <Skye Sim> Now what?
[05:41] <TOTMGsRock>
[05:51] <Smgamermat77> I'm out of here for the night
[06:24] <Robotguy39> noop.
[06:24] <Robotguy39> Anyone alive?
[06:24] <TOTMGsRock>
[06:24] <Robotguy39> Ok.
[06:25] <TOTMGsRock> wat team r u
[06:25] <Robotguy39> Red
[06:25] <Robotguy39> Your name TOTMG, or what?
[06:25] <TOTMGsRock> yea I am TOTMG DA KILLER
[06:25] <Robotguy39> What team ya on.
[06:25] <TOTMGsRock> red
[06:26] <Robotguy39> I have a feeling Game's gonna close in sec.
[06:27] <TOTMGsRock> AAHHHH
[06:27] <TOTMGsRock> I AM LAGGING
[06:28] <TOTMGsRock> wtf there are no polygons nearby
[06:28] <Robotguy39> Lol.
[06:29] <Robotguy39> u DIE WHEN THAT HAPPENS
[06:30] <TOTMGsRock> they are not within range of da protectors
[06:30] <Robotguy39> Mmm.
[06:31] <TOTMGsRock> what is ur diepio name
[06:31] <Robotguy39> Robotguy39
[06:31] <TOTMGsRock> where are u in the map
[06:31] <Robotguy39> Base.
[06:31] <Robotguy39> Y is everybody chinese?
[06:31] <TOTMGsRock> where in the base
[06:31] <Robotguy39> Middle.
[06:32] <TOTMGsRock> ah found u
[06:32] <Robotguy39> Sup.
[06:32] <TOTMGsRock> I'm trying to get to booster
[06:32] <TOTMGsRock> 2/7/7/0/1/2/7/7
[06:32] <Robotguy39> I'm going for overlord.
[06:32] <Robotguy39> Don't care stats.
[06:33] <TOTMGsRock> do u know why I use a tiny bit of bullet stats in the build I posted?
[06:34] <Robotguy39> No.
[06:34] <TOTMGsRock> so that I won’t have to ram polygons all the time.
[06:35] <Robotguy39> Lol finally killed someone.
[06:35] <Robotguy39> Some chinese guy stnding there.
[06:36] <Robotguy39> with low health.
[06:36] <Robotguy39> Hi!
[06:36] <Robotguy39> I'm bigger than you.
[06:36] <TOTMGsRock> ofc
[06:36] <TOTMGsRock> cuz u got a kill
[06:36] <Robotguy39> Means?
[06:36] <Robotguy39> ofc
[06:37] <TOTMGsRock> ofc = of course
[06:37] <Robotguy39> Lol.
[06:37] <Robotguy39> Duh.
[06:37] <Robotguy39> teh lagz.
[06:43] <Robotguy39> closing this for less lag.
[06:49] <TOTMGsRock> Eyy skye!1
[06:49] <TOTMGsRock> you're in the link!
[06:49] <TOTMGsRock> :)
[06:50] <Kuro redfox> hi
[06:52] <TOTMGsRock> hi
[06:52] <TOTMGsRock> so I won’t have to ram polygons all the time.
[06:52] <TOTMGsRock> whoops
[06:52] <TOTMGsRock> I mean
[06:52] <TOTMGsRock>
[06:52] <TOTMGsRock> FUCK
[06:53] <Kuro redfox> ,out now!
[06:54] <TOTMGsRock> kuro wat team r u
[06:54] <TOTMGsRock> in the game
[06:54] <TOTMGsRock> of diep
[06:54] <TOTMGsRock> .io
[06:54] <Kuro redfox> im not playing now
[06:54] <Ozziene> 🐇
[06:55] <TOTMGsRock> hey ozz
[06:55] <TOTMGsRock>
[06:55] <Ozziene> On mobile
[06:56] <Kuro redfox> totmg 你懂华语吧
[06:56] <Kuro redfox> 可以去帮忙吗
[06:56] <Ozziene> 🈳
[06:56] <Skye Sim> I'm at link TOTMG
[06:57] <TOTMGsRock> ik skye
[06:58] <TOTMGsRock> u are [ MG ] Skye
[06:58] <Skye Sim> Yea
[06:59] <Skye Sim> Where are you?
[06:59] <Ozziene> I,but it freeze the only one thing is no need a views on the opposite side to to the 're done in mobile phones
[07:00] <TOTMGsRock> I am TOTMG DA KILLER
[07:00] <TOTMGsRock> I am at the upper right corner of the map
[07:01] <Skye Sim> I'm on leaderboard
[07:02] <TOTMGsRock> wat tank r u
[07:02] <TOTMGsRock> oh
[07:02] <TOTMGsRock> destroyer
[07:02] <TOTMGsRock> help me kill smashers
[07:02] <Skye Sim> What should I be
[07:02] <TOTMGsRock> I can't kill them cuz I am a ram tri-angle
[07:03] <TOTMGsRock> hmm
[07:03] <TOTMGsRock> what build are u using?
[07:03] <Skye Sim> 22077771
[07:03] <TOTMGsRock> hmm
[07:03] <Ozziene> 💥🎆
[07:03] <Skye Sim> Not Annihilator
[07:03] <TOTMGsRock> either hybrid or skimmer
[07:03] <Skye Sim> Uh yeah
[07:03] <TOTMGsRock> do hybrid
[07:04] <TOTMGsRock> you are faster that way due to recoil
[07:04] <Skye Sim> I have cho-
[07:04] <Skye Sim> Cool!
[07:05] <TOTMGsRock> help me kill some spikes
[07:06] <TOTMGsRock> SHIT
[07:06] <TOTMGsRock> SO I DIED
[07:06] <TOTMGsRock> SHIT!!!!!!
[07:06] <TOTMGsRock> NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
[07:08] <Skye Sim> You where?
[07:09] <TOTMGsRock> rn I am at...
[07:10] <TOTMGsRock> base
[07:10] <TOTMGsRock> middle section
[07:10] <Kuro redfox> nobellion
[07:10] <Kuro redfox> Nobellion
[07:12] <Skye Sim> Sneaky Sniper hit me at base now
[07:12] <Skye Sim> Nver mind
[07:21] <Robotguy39> Sup guys
[07:21] <Robotguy39> Sigh.
[07:21] <Robotguy39> Just quit diep.
[07:22] <Robotguy39> had an (overseer) 
[07:22] <Robotguy39> No,
[07:22] <Robotguy39> a (overlord) 
[07:22] <Robotguy39> and got killed.
[07:27] <Kuro redfox> HiRobot
[07:27] <Kuro redfox> U WANNA HELP OUT mope wiki (zh)?
[07:28] <Robotguy39> Yeqaa.
[07:28] <Robotguy39> Left ya message.
[07:29] <Kuro redfox> how to promote you
[07:30] <Kuro redfox> why u no reply
[07:31] <Robotguy39> Replied.
[07:33] <Kuro redfox> waiting for you to edit
[07:33] <Robotguy39> edited.
[07:34] <Kuro redfox> done
[07:40] <Kuro redfox> nobel
[07:40] <Kuro redfox> done
[07:54] <Ozziene> 👭
[08:13] <Robotguy39> Hello?
[08:25] <Kuro redfox> (rekt) nobel (ass) 
[08:25] <Underslime> Hi kuro
[08:28] <Kuro redfox> hey
[08:29] <Underslime> Oh
[08:29] <Kuro redfox> i founded the (chinese wiki)
[08:29] <Underslime> Thought you were AFK
[08:29] <Underslime> Wait
[08:29] <Underslime> You founded the CHINESE wikia??
[08:29] <Kuro redfox> yes
[08:29] <Underslime> cool
[08:29] <Underslime> Now you've founded 2 wikis!
[08:29] <Kuro redfox> i created all the pages
[08:29] <Underslime> I think
[08:30] <Underslime> All on mobile?
[08:30] <Kuro redfox> they all are empty :3
[08:30] <Underslime> ._.
[08:30] <Kuro redfox> nawim on comp now
[08:30] <Underslime> but
[08:30] <Kuro redfox> school comp
[08:30] <Underslime> I thought---
[08:30] <Underslime> Oh.
[08:30] <Kuro redfox> i wanna work hard
[08:30] <Underslime> :3
[08:30] <Kuro redfox> so i can get invited to fandom community (interlang) event 2020
[08:31] <Underslime> wot
[08:31] <Kuro redfox> bekuz i will be 18 age at 2020
[08:31] <Kuro redfox> zollo got invited
[08:31] <Underslime> I'll be your age at that year :P
[08:31] <Kuro redfox> 15, you mean?
[08:31] <Underslime> Ye
[08:31] <Kuro redfox> gtg
[08:31] <Kuro redfox> bai
[08:31] <Underslime> ;-;
[08:31] <Underslime> k
[08:32] <Kuro redfox> you are age 13?\
[08:32] <Underslime> Ye
[08:32] <Underslime> I'm 13 years old
[08:32] <Underslime> I believe I've told you this before
[08:32] <Kuro redfox> oh k
[08:32] <Kuro redfox> bai
[08:32] <Underslime> (wave) 
[08:33] <Underslime> ;-;
[08:42] <Robotguy39> walcing into chat.
[08:42] <Robotguy39> I'm 13 years old
[08:42] <Robotguy39> O... k...
[08:42] <Underslime> ._.
[08:42] <Underslime> Yey
[08:42] <Robotguy39> Stalker conversation.
[08:43] <Underslime> Someone with same age as me
[08:43] <Robotguy39> Just, gonna, take a few steps,
[08:43] <Underslime> .-.
[08:43] <Robotguy39> I'm 14.
[08:43] <Underslime> Wut
[08:43] <Underslime> ._.
[08:43] <Underslime> y u lie
[08:43] <Robotguy39> I didn't
[08:43] <Robotguy39> ok.
[08:43] <Underslime> wat
[08:43] <Robotguy39> Im half a month off 14, but,
[08:43] <Robotguy39> still.
[08:43] <Underslime> Oh
[08:44] <Robotguy39> ho
[08:44] <Underslime> lulz
[08:44] <Robotguy39> Lol, got advertising on a wiki for my wiki.
[08:44] <Underslime> show
[08:45] <Robotguy39>
[08:45] <Robotguy39> You have to scrool down
[08:45] <Underslime> Oh no
[08:45] <Underslime> I have adblock ;-;
[08:45] <Robotguy39> what?
[08:45] <Robotguy39> different ad.
[08:45] <Underslime> oh
[08:45] <Robotguy39> just text, not real ad.
[08:45] <Underslime> k
[08:46] <Robotguy39> scrool down and look at Announcements section, top of it.
[08:46] <Underslime> oh
[08:46] <Underslime> I saw it :D
[08:47] <Robotguy39> Ia wrong link,
[08:48] <Robotguy39> needs to be to main page,
[08:48] <Robotguy39> dang it.
[08:51] <Nobellion> y u no suspend >:(
[08:51] <Nobellion> lol jk
[08:51] <Nobellion> bai
[08:51] <Underslime> Wot
[08:51] <Robotguy39> Bai
[08:51] <Underslime> Hi nobel
[08:51] <Underslime> Oh
[08:51] <Underslime> You're leaving
[08:54] <Robotguy39> bai
[08:54] <Underslime> ;-;
[08:58] <Robotguy39> awkward.
[08:58] <Underslime> ._.
[08:59] <Robotguy39> .--.
[08:59] <Robotguy39> 75% Male?
[08:59] <Robotguy39> Really?
[08:59] <Underslime> lol
[09:00] <Underslime> 75% chance
[09:00] <Underslime> I'm not totally sure
[09:00] <Underslime> oh yay
[09:00] <Underslime> Finally finished my tank
[09:01] <Robotguy39> lol.
[09:01] <Robotguy39> I still can't figure out how to work creator
[09:01] <Underslime> Wha
[09:01] <Robotguy39> ahW
[09:01] <Robotguy39> (wat) 
[09:02] <Underslime> Yey
[09:02] <Underslime> You can check out my tank now
[09:03] <Underslime> Oh no
[09:10] <Robotguy39> what?
[09:10] <Robotguy39> WAHT?
[09:10] <Underslime> .-.
[09:11] <Robotguy39> -..
[09:11] <Robotguy39> I CAN EAT PORK
[09:11] <Underslime> lol
[09:11] <Underslime> I love porkchops
[09:11] <Robotguy39> I cahn
[09:11] <Robotguy39> PORK = GIMMI
[09:11] <Underslime> .-.
[09:11] <Underslime> I'm out
[09:12] <Underslime> of pork
[09:12] <Robotguy39> Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[09:12] <Robotguy39> Teh Porkeh.
[09:12] <Underslime> lol
[09:12] <Robotguy39> I loveh porkeh.
[09:12] <Underslime> me too
[09:12] <Underslime> Hai
[09:13] <Robotguy39> NoBeLlIoN
[09:13] <Nobellion> Hey
[09:13] <Robotguy39> (itstimetostop)
[09:13] <Nobellion> Hows it going folks
[09:13] <Nobellion> Its
[09:13] <Robotguy39> (timetostop) 
[09:13] <Underslime> hi
[09:13] <Nobellion> hi
[09:13] <Underslime> Waddup nobel
[09:13] <Nobellion> nthin
[09:13] <Nobellion> prob gonna play some diep
[09:14] <Robotguy39> Everyone thinks i look like pewdie pie.
[09:14] <Nobellion> huh
[09:14] <Underslime> wot
[09:14] <Nobellion> Is i a guy or iz i a gal?
[09:14] <Robotguy39> Real face, not,
[09:14] <Robotguy39> Who we talk'n bout?
[09:14] <Underslime> lol nobel
[09:15] <Underslime> Probably a boy
[09:15] <Underslime> Coz girls don't study code and shit
[09:15] <Robotguy39> Nobel iz dude.
[09:15] <Robotguy39> Coz girls don't study code and shit
[09:15] <Nobellion> ps. nobel is my actual f-ing name lol
[09:15] <Robotguy39> Sexist much?
[09:15] <Underslime> Apart from Aysha lol
[09:15] <Underslime> What
[09:15] <Robotguy39> LOL
[09:15] <Nobellion> no joke
[09:15] <Robotguy39> Lol.
[09:15] <Underslime> Woa
[09:15] <Robotguy39> My actual name is stupid.
[09:15] <Underslime> ._.
[09:15] <Nobellion> iz kewl 
[09:16] <Robotguy39> You ready?
[09:16] <Underslime> ur name iz kewl fam
[09:16] <Robotguy39> Iz Joel.
[09:16] <Robotguy39> Dumbest name evar.
[09:16] <Nobellion> everyone uses the "So you're gonna win the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE"
[09:16] <Underslime> Woa
[09:16] <Robotguy39> LOL.
[09:16] <Nobellion> shit joke on meh
[09:16] <Underslime> Joel?
[09:16] <Robotguy39> Yea.
[09:16] <Nobellion> Joellllllllll
[09:16] <Nobellion> (joel)
[09:16] <Robotguy39> *starts backing away*
[09:16] <Nobellion> (nice)
[09:16] <Underslime> lol
[09:17] <Nobellion> (grin) 
[09:17] <Robotguy39> (noice)
[09:17] <Nobellion> (fail)
[09:17] <Nobellion> (xd) 
[09:17] <Underslime> Lulz
[09:17] <Robotguy39> (tear) 
[09:17] <Underslime> Now I know your real namez
[09:17] <Nobellion> (cry5) 
[09:17] <Robotguy39> Great.
[09:17] <Underslime> I know ur identities
[09:17] <Underslime> mwahaha
[09:17] <Robotguy39> Was gonna add to profile anyway.
[09:17] <Nobellion> waz yer real name under
[09:17] <Nobellion> (lenny) 
[09:18] <Underslime> Cristyan
[09:18] <Robotguy39> (lenny2)
[09:18] <Nobellion> (wutshake(
[09:18] <Nobellion> (wutshake) 
[09:18] <Underslime> My first name is "Cristyan"
[09:18] <Underslime> lol
[09:18] <Nobellion> kewl lol
[09:18] <Robotguy39> (RAGE) (rage) (RAGE) 
[09:18] <Robotguy39> lol.
[09:18] <Nobellion> The wut shake one's new lol
[09:18] <Underslime> (ASS) (ass) (ASS) 
[09:19] <Nobellion> (triggered) 
[09:19] <Robotguy39> Yea, notic-ok...
[09:19] <Nobellion> (bewb)
[09:19] <Nobellion> oh iz gone 
[09:19] <Underslime> ;-;
[09:19] <Nobellion> ._.
[09:19] <Robotguy39> (smiley)
[09:19] <Underslime> Why did we toss it
[09:19] <Nobellion> (ass) (ass) (ass) (ass) (ass) (ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)(ass)
[09:19] <Nobellion> (ass) (ass) (ass) (ass) (ass) 
[09:19] <Robotguy39> Can only have 5 at time.
[09:19] <Nobellion> (ass) (ass) (ass) (ass) (ass) 
[09:19] <Nobellion> (ass) (ass) (ass) (ass) (ass) 
[09:19] <Underslime> lol
[09:19] <Nobellion> ok ill stahp
[09:19] <Underslime> Let's hope nobody sees that
[09:19] <Nobellion> yup
[09:19] <Nobellion> ummm
[09:20] <Nobellion> "I never spam" - Nobellion
[09:20] <Underslime> Quoted
[09:20] <Nobellion> yas
[09:20] <Robotguy39> Peeks
[09:20] <Nobellion> hey
[09:20] <Robotguy39> Iz safe.
[09:20] <Robotguy39> Pew.
[09:21] <Robotguy39> (timetostop) 
[09:21] <Nobellion> cum join
[09:21] <Nobellion>
[09:21] <Underslime> (no) 
[09:21] <Robotguy39> Lol.
[09:21] <Underslime> lol
[09:21] <Nobellion> k ._.
[09:21] <Underslime> jk
[09:21] <Nobellion> lol i know
[09:21] <Underslime> Alright
[09:21] <Robotguy39> more the cum bit.
[09:21] <Nobellion> (xd) (grin) 
[09:21] <Nobellion> ya lol
[09:21] <Underslime> [big] CUM
[09:21] <Robotguy39> I just played diep.
[09:21] <Nobellion> MUC
[09:21] <Robotguy39> lost at (overlord) 
[09:21] <Underslime> FUCK
[09:22] <Underslime> I CAN'T PLAY
[09:22] <Underslime> TOO MUCH TABS
[09:22] <Underslime> AND I CAN'T CLOSE
[09:22] <Nobellion> lol y
[09:22] <Underslime> PLUS MY NET IS SLOW TODAY
[09:22] <Nobellion> are you in chrome?
[09:22] <Underslime> Ye
[09:22] <Robotguy39> Why does everyone play 2 teams?
[09:22] <Nobellion> then click on this lol
[09:22] <Underslime> Idk lol
[09:22] <Nobellion> chrome://restart
[09:22] <Underslime> no
[09:22] <Underslime> Is not chrome
[09:22] <Underslime> Is internet
[09:22] <Underslime> Internet is shit
[09:22] <Underslime> for now
[09:22] <Robotguy39> lol, blue this time.
[09:23] <Nobellion> lol y
[09:23] <Nobellion> (y) 
[09:23] <Robotguy39> JUST GOT KILLED BY PENTAGON
[09:23] <Nobellion> noice
[09:23] <Robotguy39> (why)
[09:23] <Nobellion> im gonna play as spni2taem
[09:23] <Underslime> I'm gonna play as
[09:23] <Underslime> wait
[09:24] <Nobellion> actually, im gonna spice that name up a bit
[09:24] <Robotguy39> I need a youtube channel.
[09:24] <Underslime> Here
[09:24] <Underslime> "ChillSLime"
[09:25] <Robotguy39> Robotguy39.
[09:25] <Robotguy39> .__.
[09:25] <Nobellion> [MG][TYT]spni2taem
[09:25] <Nobellion> das mine
[09:25] <Robotguy39> Im gonns=a go for
[09:25] <Robotguy39> (necromancer) 
[09:26] <Nobellion> Is quadratic yer leader?
[09:26] <Underslime> I'm going for (overlord) 
[09:26] <Underslime> fuck
[09:26] <Underslime> No
[09:26] <Nobellion> what
[09:26] <Underslime> Is kevin
[09:26] <Underslime> Nobel
[09:26] <Nobellion>
[09:26] <Nobellion> try dis?
[09:27] <Underslime> k fam
[09:27] <Underslime> yay
[09:27] <Nobellion> BEEF is the ze link lol
[09:27] <Underslime> lol
[09:27] <Nobellion> lol
[09:27] <Underslime> nobel got killed by a pentagon
[09:31] <Underslime> where are you
[09:32] <Underslime> lol
[09:32] <Underslime> where are you
[09:33] <Nobellion> im near the base
[09:33] <Nobellion> I died
[09:33] <Underslime> oh
[09:33] <Nobellion> Im now going to be a penta
[09:33] <Underslime> k
[09:33] <Nobellion> almost died again
[09:33] <Nobellion> Quadratic was near
[09:34] <Underslime> dangit
[09:34] <Underslime> I was about to approach you
[09:35] <Underslime> Quadratic almost got me
[09:35] <Underslime> phew
[09:38] <Nobellion> rip
[09:38] <Underslime> SHOT
[09:38] <Underslime> SHIT
[09:38] <Underslime> QUADRATIC GOT ME
[09:38] <Underslime> Dangit
[09:38] <Nobellion> RIP
[09:38] <Underslime> you know what
[09:38] <Nobellion> HE FUCKING GOT ME @
[09:38] <Nobellion> 2
[09:38] <Underslime> Lol
[09:39] <Underslime> You know what?
[09:39] <Underslime> I'll spectate him >:)
[09:40] <Nobellion> lol k
[09:40] <Underslime> Coz I don't have a mouse
[09:40] <Underslime> So I can't play well
[09:40] <Underslime> Just a glidepad
[09:41] <Nobellion> oh
[09:41] <Nobellion> where u at do?
[09:41] <Underslime> Laptop
[09:42] <Nobellion> im near base
[09:42] <Underslime> Oh no
[09:42] <Underslime> I ain't playing
[09:42] <Nobellion> oh rip
[09:42] <Underslime> Still spectating
[09:42] <Nobellion> lol
[09:42] <Nobellion> where he at
[09:42] <Underslime> Watching this bastard at his natural habitat
[09:43] <Underslime> JESUS CHRIST
[09:43] <Nobellion> oh gawd
[09:44] <Underslime> bai
[09:44] <Nobellion> bai 
[10:03] <Nobellion> RAAAAGEEEEEEE
[10:03] <Nobellion> AAHAHAHAHHAAHA
[10:03] <Nobellion> sigh
[10:03] <Nobellion> TEAMERSS
[10:03] <Nobellion> dsf[
[10:03] <Nobellion> lada;
[10:03] <Nobellion> df
[10:03] <Nobellion> ;ajsfgidd
[10:30] <Ozziene> I,m in a box 📦
[10:40] <Ozziene> Too bad got 403 error due to misspelling 
[12:03] <Ursuul> hi
[12:04] <Nobellion> hi
[12:05] <Ursuul> ey Nobel
[12:05] <Ursuul> zaaaaap
[12:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> Hi Nobel
[12:06] <Ursuul> suh d00d
[12:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> Hi Ursuul
[12:06] <Nobellion> hey
[12:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> uhhhhhhhh suuuuUUUUHHHH DUD
[12:06] <Nobellion> wazip
[12:06] <Ursuul> wazup
[12:06] <Ursuul> god we’re so stupid lol
[12:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> ^
[12:06] <Nobellion> ^^^^
[12:06] <Ursuul> I have 60 emails
[12:06] <Ursuul> that I am avoiding
[12:06] <Nobellion> I just finished meh new tank
[12:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> I have 1........XD
[12:07] <Nobellion> have no idea what to name it lol
[12:07] <Ursuul> pls don’t maek meh read ’em (sad2) 
[12:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> no wait.....2
[12:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> me?
[12:07] <Nobellion> lol
[12:07] <Ursuul> don’t make meh do it mama
[12:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> why the hell would I lol??????
[12:07] <Nobellion> (wutshake) 
[12:07] <Ursuul> I thought you said u wud delet
[12:07] <Ursuul> zat
[12:07] <Nobellion> I like it too much lol
[12:08] <Ursuul> I suppose you can have one, admin prerogative (grin) 
[12:08] <Ursuul> all I know
[12:08] <Ursuul> is that (grin) cannot die
[12:08] <Ursuul> the rest could go
[12:08] <Nobellion> yay (grin2) 
[12:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> um ursuul can I start telling you what's been happening
[12:08] <Nobellion> as well
[12:08] <Ursuul> ye ye
[12:08] <Nobellion> Should i leave?
[12:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> *sneezes*
[12:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> I've bee-
[12:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> no, of course not nobel 
[12:08] <Nobellion> kay sorry keep going
[12:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> I've been sneezing like crazy this mornin
[12:09] <Ursuul> I require sustenance 
[12:09] <Ursuul> Nobel make me food
[12:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> and I stayed up until 2:30 and woke up at 5;30.....
[12:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> again
[12:09] <Ursuul> shit
[12:09] <Ursuul> are your eyes burning
[12:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> nope :)
[12:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> I don't feel that tired
[12:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> my head is just a little too fatigued
[12:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> but then....that's worn off for the most part too
[12:10] <Nobellion> uh kay
[12:10] <Ursuul> ._.
[12:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> um, jeez, again, I dunnno where to start-
[12:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> wut?
[12:10] <Nobellion> McDonalds todai
[12:10] <Nobellion> no nvm Ursuul asked some shit
[12:10] <Ursuul> pls send mcdicks
[12:10] <Ursuul> I crave it
[12:11] <Nobellion> (ass) 
[12:11] <Ursuul> ooo
[12:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> .....
[12:11] <Nobellion> lol sorry
[12:11] <Ursuul> Go on Aysh I’m just a little out of it rn
[12:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> that's okay so am i lol
[12:11] <Ursuul> need to toss some water on my face
[12:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> i'm not sure whether to start at the beginning or....the...other beginning
[12:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> depending on perspective
[12:12] <Ursuul> how about
[12:12] <Ursuul> chronologically :3
[12:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> There's the chronolo-
[12:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> well I was about to say I COULD do that but it might get tricky near the chronological middle since there was tonnes of shit going down then
[12:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> but anyways, I'll talk
[12:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> so, I said I'd come back saturday
[12:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> this is the beginning of the story telling timeline today.
[12:13] <Nobellion> k
[12:13] <Nobellion> go on
[12:13] <Ursuul> ye keep goin’ 
[12:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> I said I'd come back Saturday, and I went on the computer for like 8 hours
[12:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> because I've not really done much at all on the phone OR computer leading up to then
[12:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> my mom wanted me to do chores on saturday, which usually happens, so I told her I'd do them at three
[12:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> *sneeze*\
[12:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> but the thing is we basically had a really bad argument about it later
[12:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> she was just cranky, and even tho I PROMISED I would clean the bathroom at 3 if she didn't nag me until then, she still couldn't stop getting mad about random stuff
[12:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> like jackets not being hung up or whatever
[12:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> and just at 2:38 when I was gonna-
[12:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> this is about to get to the argument part, and you know how my mom is-
[12:17] <Nobellion> yeayea
[12:17] <Nobellion> keap going fam
[12:17] <Nobellion> we're listening
[12:17] <Ursuul> ye
[12:17] <QUEEN AYSHA> at 2:38 when I was gonna go and do the shit she wanted me to after watching a relaxing video (because I do chores best when I'm not stressed and she had been stressing me out)
[12:18] <QUEEN AYSHA> she started naggig me and flipping out for no reason
[12:18] <Ursuul> :/
[12:18] <QUEEN AYSHA> she was yelling earlier at me for no reason too (don't be so rude and disrespectful, blah blah blah)
[12:19] <QUEEN AYSHA> but now she was calling my dad a couch potato and was screaming about it and she called me one too
[12:19] <QUEEN AYSHA> so then I wanted a lil more time becaise when my dad came home my mom literally just yelled for hours
[12:20] <QUEEN AYSHA> but my mom was freaking out at that too because now it was past three
[12:20] <QUEEN AYSHA> and that's when the mean insults kinda started happening
[12:20] <Ursuul> :(
[12:21] <QUEEN AYSHA> I responded to her nagging and yelling semi-sarcastically once, so she made me turn off the computer and flew into her usual blinding rage for no reason
[12:21] <QUEEN AYSHA> and I made her so mad (just by sitting there!) that she sarted yelling about me from the kitchen and calling me names
[12:22] <QUEEN AYSHA> she said I was a couch potato like my dad, that I had no incentive to do the chores, that I was lazy, a princess, and my favourite, she refered to me as "this little bitch" 3 times
[12:22] <QUEEN AYSHA> (don't worry, there's a good part)
[12:23] <QUEEN AYSHA> I was afarid she was gonna hit me like she usually did on Saturdays when she was mad, so that's why I sarted crying
[12:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> but then I had the coping strategy of going into the bathroom (the only place you can barely hear my mom's yelling) and sitting there relaxing for a while
[12:24] <Ursuul> I mean, does she ever lose her breath? You make it sound like she did nothing but yell the entire day nonstop.
[12:24] <Ursuul> oh good
[12:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> well, not quite
[12:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> from 9-11 there was only two spouts of short yelling
[12:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> but she can actually go on for a LONG time
[12:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> like, 3 hours
[12:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> so....
[12:25] <Ursuul> shiet
[12:25] <QUEEN AYSHA> she yelled from 2:30 to like 5-ish and probably more when she and dad left for work
[12:26] <QUEEN AYSHA> so finally, around 5-ish, after a half-panic atack I got up feeling a lot better than I usually do after like 15 minutes of no mommy yelling
[12:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> my dad came in, said he loved me and I wasn't a nitch, then said to just pretend to clean the bathroom well for now and then when I wanted to I could actually clean it
[12:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> so I did that
[12:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> which is why I wasn't here
[12:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> I ate dinner and watched a show or two
[12:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> then that was it for that night
[12:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm getting to the goodish part now
[12:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> I woke up and mommmy was being her nice self but I wasn't having it the next morning (sunday)
[12:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> she was still getting mad as if it was my fault an-
[12:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> .
[12:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> as if it was my fault and she said she didn't "accept" my reasoning of I couldn't relax so I couldn't do all the chores properly
[12:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> gotta go son
[12:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> *soon
[12:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> anyways, she was STILL yelling on sunday
[12:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> and I forgot to say
[12:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> she called me a roxanne (roxy) wannabe and a youtuber as an insult too
[12:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> so I told her I wouldn't be a snob if she said I wasn't lying, I wasn't a bitch, and I wasn't a roxanne wannabe
[12:31] <Ursuul> how’d she take that?
[12:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> you can imagine how that went, lol
[12:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> she got mad
[12:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> not fast, 
[12:32] <QUEEN AYSHA> but it slowly went from half-assed "you're not a bitch" to "you're still a liar be accountable for your own actions" to full on screaming "YOU ARE YOU ARE" when I said "you said this and you said that"
[12:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> then she left
[12:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> to go to work
[12:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> theGOOD part tho is
[12:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> she tends not not really say sorry for being mean, but she actually came and apologised on Monday
[12:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> I accepted her apologies even tho I didn't (and don't) forgive her, but this could be a good sign
[12:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> lastly-
[12:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> I hope you're still here-
[12:35] <Ursuul> ye
[12:35] <Ursuul> am here
[12:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> Bri and Roxy started dating yesterday and all in all stuff in my friend group is great rn
[12:36] <Ursuul> kewl (smile)
[12:36] <Ursuul> dang flabbit
[12:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> I know you said "your views on that topic aren't politically correct" but like I said, I'm virtually unoffendable on le internet so say whatever you feel you want to say
[12:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> I gtg now
[12:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm actually already late
[12:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> but damn, I ship them so hard
[12:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> >broxy
[12:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> bye bye now
[12:38] <Ursuul> I mean
[12:38] <Ursuul> oh ok bai
[12:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> go ahead......qick
[12:38] <Ursuul> but yeah I don’t really feel the need to say my views all da time
[12:38] <Ursuul> only when they’re relevant 
[12:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> kk
[12:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> cya
[12:38] <Ursuul> cya :D
[12:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> (wave) 
[12:38] <Ursuul> (wave2) 
[01:06] <Zollo757347> (wave) ?
[01:07] <Ursuul> Hello :)
[01:07] <Ursuul> btw, I was told by Staff to tell you to submit [[zh:MediaWiki:Tournaments/code.js]] for review again
[01:08] <Zollo757347> SO will they allow?
[01:09] <Zollo757347> and I come here bekuz I have a question
[01:09] <Ursuul> I’m not 100% certain. They [i]should[/i] it, but we don’t know 100%.
[01:09] <Ursuul> Oh ok, ask.
[01:09] <Zollo757347> where should I submit the final password?
[01:09] <Zollo757347> of Easter
[01:09] <Ursuul> oh, hang on
[01:10] <Zollo757347> Ok
[01:10] <Ursuul> How’d you figure it out?
[01:10] <Ursuul>
[01:11] <Zollo757347> I need to type the password there?
[01:11] <Ursuul> Yes, along with your username.
[01:11] <Ursuul> I wonder though, how did you figure out all of the riddles?
[01:11] <Zollo757347> How about Message Wall
[01:11] <Ursuul> That is not necessary.
[01:11] <Ursuul> It’s optional
[01:11] <Underslime> oh
[01:11] <Underslime> oh
[01:12] <Underslime> dangit
[01:12] <Underslime> double
[01:12] <Zollo757347> Haha
[01:12] <Underslime> Wut
[01:12] <Zollo757347> Special:Allpages
[01:12] <Ursuul> ahhh. Takes a long time, but it gets the job done lol.
[01:12] <Ursuul> I suppose it is a hunt after all.
[01:13] <Zollo757347> XD Some of the riddles are too hard.
[01:13] <Underslime> Hunt
[01:13] <Ursuul> Yes, we made them difficult for the game :3
[01:13] <Zollo757347> "Link to your Message Wall", what should I type in?
[01:13] <Underslime> Dangit
[01:13] <Underslime> It's so cold here
[01:13] <Ursuul> [[Message Wall:Zollo757347]]
[01:13] <Ursuul> oops
[01:13] <Underslime> *
[01:13] <Ursuul> yeah, that link
[01:14] <Zollo757347> including[[]]?
[01:14] <Zollo757347> <nowiki>[[]]</nowiki>
[01:14] <Zollo757347> umm..
[01:14] <Zollo757347> []*2
[01:14] <Ursuul> No no, just [[]][[Message Wall:Zollo757347]]
[01:14] <Ursuul> Copy the link & paste it in the form
[01:15] <Zollo757347> OK
[01:15] <Zollo757347> What will happened?
[01:17] <Ursuul> Congratulations, you’re the third person to win the Easter Egg Hunt!
[01:17] <Ursuul> If no more than two other people win, you may get a [[Project:Staff/Medals|Medal]]
[01:17] <Zollo757347> Really?Who's the first?
[01:17] <Underslime> Gelly
[01:17] <Ursuul> [[User:Gellypop|Gellypop]]
[01:17] <Ursuul> oops
[01:18] <Ursuul> [[User:GellyPop|GellyPop]]
[01:18] <Ursuul> ^ that one
[01:18] <Underslime> He's also the medal artist here :3
[01:18] <Zollo757347> Well, I see.
[01:18] <Ozziene> 🐇
[01:18] <Underslime> Ozziene
[01:18] <Zollo757347> You must spend a lot of time on this.
[01:19] <Ursuul> On the Hunt, or on the Wiki?
[01:19] <Zollo757347> Egg Hunt
[01:19] <Ursuul> Yes, we made it very hard so that it would be challenging :3
[01:19] <Underslime> Ye
[01:20] <Zollo757347> Unless using "Special:Allpages"
[01:20] <Underslime> Lol
[01:20] <Underslime> Allpages is for desperate people
[01:20] <Ozziene> 🐰 I translate emoticons to emoji
[01:21] <Underslime> What
[01:21] <Ursuul> well, is the time spent not also a challenge?
[01:21] <Ursuul> Not everyone has the time to use Allpages :)
[01:21] <Ursuul> ey Underslime
[01:21] <Ursuul> you know Midas rite?
[01:21] <Ursuul> Count of Howard?
[01:21] <Underslime> CoH?
[01:21] <Underslime> Oh
[01:21] <Underslime> Yeah
[01:21] <Underslime> I know him
[01:21] <Underslime> y u ask?
[01:21] <Ursuul> yeah, the creepy dude who stalks the chat logs :3 (bite me Midas)
[01:22] <Underslime> Wot
[01:22] <Ozziene> ☺☺
[01:22] <Ursuul> Well, he writes scripts for the Wiki. He wrote the script that made the Easter Egg Hunt possible.
[01:22] <Underslime> O-O
[01:22] <Underslime> Ye
[01:22] <Ursuul> He wrote the script that makes the Talk Pages too
[01:22] <Underslime> he did a guf job
[01:22] <Underslime> gud*
[01:22] <Ursuul> you know how there’s Talk Page beside Message Wall
[01:22] <Ursuul> & a lot of other stuff
[01:22] <Underslime> But I'm more used to message wallz .-.
[01:23] <Ursuul> Yeah a lot of people are, that’s just there as an alternative 
[01:23] <Zollo757347> Ok, I gotta to sleep ( Here is 9:00pm now)
[01:23] <Ursuul> ok Zollo!
[01:23] <Underslime> what
[01:23] <Underslime> Lol
[01:23] <Underslime> It's 9pm here too
[01:23] <Zollo757347> XD see you~
[01:23] <Underslime> 9:23 to be exact
[01:23] <Ursuul> see you
[01:23] <Zollo757347> ^_^
[01:23] <Underslime> But I'm staying up late
[01:24] <Underslime> Until 12AM
[01:24] <Ursuul> But anyway, the point I was trying to make is that Midas writes these useful scripts that help the Wiki.
[01:24] <Ursuul> now you know Maria right? Colouratura?
[01:24] <Underslime> Oh
[01:24] <Underslime> Her
[01:24] <Underslime> Yes
[01:24] <Underslime> Saw her resume
[01:24] <Ursuul> The reason why she has so much support, is because she’s just as skilled as Midas at writing scripts, AND, she has more time.
[01:24] <Ursuul> Whereas Midas is rather busy
[01:24] <Underslime> Ohhh
[01:25] <Underslime> Tbh I thought she was some random user 
[01:25] <Ursuul> Oh no
[01:25] <Underslime> At first
[01:25] <Ursuul> She used to be an Admin on Community Central
[01:25] <Underslime> Woah
[01:25] <Ozziene> You mean fandom staff
[01:25] <Underslime> It's
[01:25] <Ursuul> No, not Fandom Staff.
[01:25] <Underslime> Urgh
[01:26] <Ursuul> Community Central has their own Admins who are not Staff.
[01:26] <Underslime> ^
[01:26] <Ursuul> but Community Central Admins are chosen by Staff because they are very helpful, skilled editors.
[01:26] <Underslime> Ye
[01:26] <Underslime> Oh ye
[01:26] <Underslime> Does VSTF count as staff
[01:26] <Underslime> And vanguard
[01:26] <Underslime> ?
[01:27] <Ursuul> uh
[01:27] <Ursuul> no
[01:27] <Ursuul> they are global users
[01:27] <Ursuul> whose rights work on all wikis
[01:27] <Ursuul> but they are not Staff
[01:27] <Underslime> KK
[01:27] <Ursuul> staff are like, the Admins of all Wikis
[01:27] <Underslime> Got it
[01:27] <Underslime> ooh
[01:27] <Ursuul> & VSTF is like, the content mods of all wikis
[01:28] <Ozziene> Global rollback
[01:28] <Underslime> I thought they were the Discussions mods of all wikis ._.
[01:28] <Ursuul> Not really
[01:28] <Ursuul> their main concern is vandalism to pages
[01:28] <Ursuul> although they can ban people from chat
[01:28] <Ursuul> actually I take that back
[01:28] <Ursuul> Staff are like the Bureaucrats of all wikis
[01:28] <Ursuul> & Helpers are like the Admins of all Wikis
[01:29] <Underslime> I definitely need to learn more 'bout fandom :3
[01:29] <Ursuul> easy
[01:29] <Ursuul> just read this: [[Help:User rights]]
[01:29] <Underslime> Oh
[01:29] <Underslime> Been readin' that
[01:29] <Ursuul> you can also read [[Project:Council]] about Councilors
[01:29] <Ozziene> 30mins until vid attention 
[01:29] <Ursuul> eventually we’ll do a page on each group
[01:29] <Underslime> Wot
[01:29] <Underslime> Wait
[01:29] <Underslime> here?
[01:29] <Ursuul> yeah
[01:30] <Ursuul> it’s a side project
[01:30] <Underslime> Cool
[01:30] <Ursuul> we’ve only done [[Project:Council|Council]] & [[Project:Rollback|Rollback]] so far
[01:30] <Ursuul> but eventually each group will have a local page
[01:30] <Ursuul> with more details than is on [[Help:User rights]]
[01:30] <Underslime> coolio
[01:34] <Underslime> o
[01:40] <Ursuul> damn
[01:40] <Ursuul> looks like has its own rifleman now
[01:41] <Ursuul> Hey, can you hang around that Wiki for a couple days? I can give you content mod rights so that you can patrol/rollback n such.
[01:42] <Underslime> Oh 
[01:42] <Underslime> Sure
[01:43] <Underslime> Damn.
[01:43] <Underslime> I haven't been on that wiki for 
[01:43] <Underslime> 15 days
[01:43] <Underslime> I think
[01:45] <Ozziene> Who,s the riflemanq on that wiki
[01:45] <Underslime> KittyCat
[01:45] <Ursuul> yeah
[01:45] <Ursuul> it’s Kitty
[01:45] <Ursuul> just remember the three rules
[01:45] <Ursuul> #Block
[01:45] <Ursuul> #Revert
[01:45] <Ursuul> #Ignore
[01:46] <Ursuul> I’ll give ye content mod rights
[01:46] <Underslime> Tbh once I saw how a bureaucrat can fuck up a wiki I now get nervous everytime someone becomes bureaucrat
[01:46] <Underslime> Oh cool
[01:46] <Underslime> Yey
[01:46] <Ozziene> I made the firstbriflmean attack on March 11
[01:46] <Underslime> wut
[01:47] <Ursuul> yeah me too
[01:47] <Ursuul> Underslime, did you vote in the blog?
[01:47] <Underslime> oh
[01:47] <Underslime> Heck
[01:47] <Ursuul> About who the next leader of Mope will be?
[01:47] <Underslime> I haven't
[01:47] <Ursuul> you should
[01:47] <Underslime> Voting now
[01:47] <Underslime> brb
[01:47] <Ursuul> gr8
[01:47] <Ursuul> also I gave you Disc Mod rights as well
[01:48] <Ursuul> so you can patrol Discussions, as well as moderate chat & Walls
[01:48] <Underslime> :D
[01:48] <Underslime> Yey
[01:48] <Ursuul> it’s because Kitty keeps spamming Discussions as well
[01:48] <Ursuul> so watch Discussions too
[01:48] <Ursuul> if he posts, just hit delete all contributes to delete all of his posts
[01:48] <Underslime> What
[01:49] <Underslime> The fudge
[01:49] <Underslime> I thought blocks applied on Discussions too?
[01:49] <Ursuul> blocks do apply to Discussions
[01:49] <Underslime> oh
[01:49] <Ursuul> I’m just saying that he also is spamming Discussions
[01:49] <Ursuul> his alts I mean
[01:49] <Underslime> Ah
[01:49] <Ursuul> he was banned by VSTF globally
[01:49] <Ursuul> so his account is dead everywhere
[01:49] <Ursuul> he started making alts
[01:49] <Underslime> Lol
[01:50] <Ursuul> yea
[01:50] <Underslime> What a pty
[01:50] <Underslime> pity*
[01:50] <Underslime> He had potential
[01:50] <Ursuul> It is a pity, he fell so far.
[01:50] <Ursuul> All the way from Bureaucrat to vandal 
[01:50] <Ursuul> & he did actually do good things for Mope
[01:50] <Ursuul> his edits were good
[01:50] <Ursuul> but he wasn’t fit to be Bureaucrat 
[01:50] <Underslime> Yea
[01:50] <Underslime> He was promoted to Bcrat at 700 edits
[01:51] <Ursuul> ye
[01:51] <Ursuul> by Gas
[01:51] <Ursuul> then I demoted him for abuse
[01:51] <Ursuul> & Gas repromoted him to brueaucrat :/
[01:51] <Ursuul> bureaucrat*
[01:51] <Ozziene> Fight the 🐈 and the kittycat394 late to save 🐇🐇me. I had you and kirkburn intervene to help fight 🙌🙌 just like you to fight rifleman2 on this wikia
[01:52] <Ozziene> alts
[01:52] <Ursuul> ye
[01:52] <Underslime> oh ye
[01:52] <Underslime> I wanna pat Kirkburn's back :3
[01:53] <Underslime> Oh wow
[01:53] <Underslime> The tags have changed
[01:53] <Underslime> awesome
[01:53] <Ursuul> how so?
[01:53] <Ursuul> oh you mean the styles
[01:53] <Ursuul> yea I did zat :3
[01:53] <Underslime> Ye
[01:53] <Underslime> Oh
[01:53] <Underslime> Gas wants a shop
[01:53] <Underslime> Lol
[01:54] <Underslime> brb
[01:55] <Ursuul> k
[02:03] <Underslime> k
[02:03] <Underslime> kinda back
[02:04] <SuperJer14789> hello there
[02:05] <Underslime> Oh
[02:05] <Underslime> You're an old user
[02:05] <SuperJer14789> I'm really inactive these days due to test & exam :)
[02:06] <SuperJer14789> So that's why, yeah
[02:06] <Underslime> Tbh It's my first time seeing you
[02:06] <SuperJer14789> Lol
[02:06] <SuperJer14789> not really
[02:06] <SuperJer14789> i remember that i've talked to you several times XD
[02:06] <Underslime> What
[02:06] <SuperJer14789> but thx for adding Vietnam Wiki btw XD
[02:07] <Underslime> Maybe my
[02:07] <Underslime> what
[02:07] <Underslime> I didn't add it
[02:07] <Underslime> I don't speak vietnamese ._.
[02:07] <SuperJer14789> who did?
[02:07] <Underslime> (eh) 
[02:07] <SuperJer14789> I am speaking vietnamese XD
[02:07] <Underslime> (eh) 
[02:08] <SuperJer14789> btw is there a chat bot in here?
[02:08] <Underslime> Yes
[02:08] <Underslime> Ozun Oldun
[02:08] <SuperJer14789> i mean a useful chat bot that can help u by simple command :v
[02:08] <Underslime> oh
[02:08] <Underslime> He's a chat bot that records everything you say
[02:09] <SuperJer14789> okay lol i dont need that XD, becuz, u know, i haven't been really active recently
[02:10] <SuperJer14789> so i wanna see the news
[02:10] <SuperJer14789> my english isn't really good
[02:10] <Underslime> what
[02:10] <Underslime> Your english is actually decent 
[02:12] <SuperJer14789> thx, but i wonder is Ursuul become a bot since he last left the Wikia? he keeps entering and going away XD
[02:12] <Underslime> Oh
[02:12] <Underslime> It's safari
[02:13] <SuperJer14789> Are you guys neighbor?
[02:13] <Underslime> wha
[02:13] <Underslime> Whaddya mean
[02:14] <SuperJer14789> just asking, u seem to know him very clear :D
[02:14] <Underslime> :D
[02:15] <Underslime> [big] AH CHRIST THE LAG
[02:16] <Underslime> halp
[02:16] <Underslime> me net iz shit
[02:16] <SuperJer14789> how shitty can it be? :D
[02:17] <Underslime> Well
[02:17] <Underslime> My average ping is 350+
[02:17] <Underslime> ;-;
[02:17] <Underslime> [big] OH!
[02:17] <Underslime> [big] IT'S SPEEDING UP!
[02:18] <SuperJer14789> lol
[02:18] <SuperJer14789> can you speak another language?
[02:18] <Underslime> test
[02:18] <Underslime> um
[02:18] <Underslime> I can speak English and my Native language
[02:19] <SuperJer14789> what is that "Native language"?
[02:19] <Underslime> Filipino
[02:20] <Underslime> The Philippine's national language
[02:20] <SuperJer14789> oh hey, neighbor XD
[02:20] <Underslime> Filipino
[02:21] <Underslime> dis lag
[02:21] <Underslime> ;-;
[02:22] <SuperJer14789> i think it's the IA cable
[02:23] <Underslime> Nah
[02:23] <SuperJer14789> Has it been fixed yet?
[02:24] <SuperJer14789> i heard that it's broken recently
[02:25] <Underslime> ._.
[02:27] <Underslime> Oh well
[02:27] <Underslime> Gotta go
[02:27] <Underslime> Bye
[02:27] <SuperJer14789> that's why for now when i play Dual Agar in EA server, it's lag as hell
[03:18] <BigDiep.ioPlayer> iownu my is round1
[04:28] <BigDiep.ioPlayer> loooy at my high score time alive 58mins 10s level 45 tank landmine score 227,732 thats my highscore
[04:29] <BigDiep.ioPlayer> hi underslime look at my highscore
[06:22] <El armadillo> found 3 eggs
[06:22] <El armadillo> uhh
[06:22] <El armadillo> chat glitch?
[06:22] <El armadillo> bye
[06:22] <El armadillo> oh
[08:59] <BigDiep.ioPlayer> no when i was plaunh dieplio
[09:48] <Ozziene> 🙋
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