[2018-11-14 00:29:37] <Özün_Oldun> [d="TOTMGsRock"] With the reduced usage of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), the ozone layer's destruction rate is slowing. It's no longer the biggest environmental problem. Pollution and the plastic ocean is more worrying now.
[2018-11-14 00:30:09] <Özün_Oldun> [d="TOTMGsRock"] This does not mean we stop fighting the other "less significant" environmental issues. In fact, quite the opposite
[2018-11-14 03:24:10] -!- Kaznith has joined Special:Chat
[2018-11-14 03:24:18] <Kaznith> Hello
[2018-11-14 03:24:20] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] Hello
[2018-11-14 03:24:30] <Kaznith> Are you a bot?
[2018-11-14 03:24:39] <Kaznith> Or actually Ursuul?
[2018-11-14 03:24:49] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] No, this is The Bridge. I’m in Discord talking through The Bridge.
[2018-11-14 03:24:54] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] I’m actually Ursuul
[2018-11-14 03:25:25] <Kaznith> Okay, i talked to you the other day about this forum
[2018-11-14 03:25:31] <Kaznith> I have made some edits for you
[2018-11-14 03:25:51] <Kaznith> A heap of grammatical changes
[2018-11-14 03:26:49] <Kaznith> Are you there?
[2018-11-14 03:28:09] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] Sorry I had to look at something
[2018-11-14 03:28:15] <Kaznith> Okay
[2018-11-14 03:28:31] <Kaznith> i would like to apply for a Wiki Staff position
[2018-11-14 03:28:38] <Kaznith> i think that i am a good fit for the job
[2018-11-14 03:29:12] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] You’re welcome to do so, check out
[2018-11-14 03:29:32] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] Lemme take a look at your contribs
[2018-11-14 03:29:59] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] It’s good to have a bit of experience &/or get to know wikitext well before advancing, so that you can help people
[2018-11-14 03:30:49] <Kaznith> Okay, i just joined 1 week ago
[2018-11-14 03:31:13] <Kaznith> I do know a hell a lot of about though
[2018-11-14 03:32:33] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] That’s the important part. Wikitext n such is easy to learn, & once you have it down knowledge is all that counts
[2018-11-14 03:32:45] -!- Kaznith has left Special:Chat
[2018-11-14 03:32:53] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] Oh
[2018-11-14 05:38:24] <Özün_Oldun> [d="TOTMGsRock"] Hello there!
[2018-11-14 06:28:39] -!- Özün Oldun has joined Special:Chat
[2018-11-14 20:33:00] -!- Muhdeer has joined Special:Chat
[2018-11-14 22:09:56] -!- Kaznith has joined Special:Chat
[2018-11-14 22:10:09] <Kaznith> Hello Ursuul
[2018-11-14 22:10:30] <Kaznith> I will be in the Discord a little bit later
[2018-11-14 22:10:43] <Kaznith> I am just doing some changes to the wiki
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