[12:13] <Intredistrict> Good.
[12:13] <Tacocat247> I am adding a whole bunch of information in it
[12:13] <Intredistrict> But, I have to get sleep.
[12:13] <Intredistrict> Hopefully, I will see you tomorrow.
[12:13] <Intredistrict> Bye.
[12:13] <Tacocat247> Bye
[12:13] <Teamerz> wait, information
[12:14] <Teamerz> why not outformation
[12:14] <Tacocat247> Because then the page would be deleted
[12:14] <Teamerz> no
[12:14] <Tacocat247> The opposite of information is no information
[12:14] <Teamerz> ye but
[12:14] <Teamerz> information is in
[12:14] <Teamerz> outformation is out
[12:14] <Tacocat247> SO the page would be deleted for having no information
[12:14] <Teamerz> so it would just be outside the page
[12:14] <Tacocat247> Aah
[12:14] <Tacocat247> xD
[12:17] <Teamerz> also, the page would be deleted for having yes information too u know
[12:17] <Tacocat247> xD
[12:17] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[12:17] <Tacocat247> I love this boss' design
[12:22] <Tacocat247> brb
[12:35] <Tacocat247> Im done
[12:36] <Tacocat247> [[Kiosk]]
[12:41] <Teamerz> im bord
[12:42] <Tacocat247> Do you like the idea?
[12:46] <Tacocat247> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
[12:49] <Tacocat247> hey
[12:49] <Theelementalmaster> hi
[12:49] <Tacocat247> [[Kiosk]]
[12:50] <Theelementalmaster> cook
[12:50] <Theelementalmaster> cool
[12:50] <Tacocat247> I love its design
[12:51] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[12:51] <Theelementalmaster> same
[12:51] <Tacocat247> Whats your favorite part of it?
[12:51] <Theelementalmaster> da middle auto turret 
[12:51] <Tacocat247> Hey TOT
[12:51] <TOTMGsRock>
[12:51] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[12:51] <Tacocat247> I love this tank
[12:51] <TOTMGsRock> whoa they changed the chat
[12:51] <Theelementalmaster> [img=""]
[12:51] <Tacocat247> Ye
[12:51] <Theelementalmaster> yea
[12:51] <Tacocat247> And i made this image
[12:52] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[12:52] <Tacocat247> Check out this page
[12:52] <Tacocat247> [[Kiosk]]
[12:53] <Tacocat247> .-.
[12:57] <TOTMGsRock> damn
[12:58] <Teamerz> hi tot
[12:59] <Teamerz> peeps are still trying to overpower tboo
[12:59] <Tacocat247> Ya got me TOT
[12:59] <Tacocat247> :3
[12:59] <TOTMGsRock> gtg
[12:59] <Teamerz> bai
[12:59] <Tacocat247> Bye
[12:59] <Tacocat247> THat was a fun game
[12:59] <Tacocat247> Teamerz
[12:59] <Tacocat247> I have to admit
[12:59] <Teamerz> wat
[12:59] <Tacocat247> People trying to counter TBOO is stupid
[12:59] <Tacocat247> Hell
[01:00] <Teamerz> of course it is
[01:00] <Tacocat247> Even TBOO's upgrades can be killed by TBOO
[01:00] <Teamerz> TBOO's power cannot be surpassed or equaled
[01:00] <Teamerz> so watever people say
[01:00] <Tacocat247> And i find it funny that people keep on trying
[01:00] <Tacocat247> Its pathetic tbh
[01:00] <Teamerz> the only persons still trying are people who didn't understand its unbeatable
[01:01] <Tacocat247> People*
[01:01] <Tacocat247> Ye
[01:01] <Tacocat247> Its so dumb
[01:02] <Tacocat247> If a person makes a tank that spawns TBOO, then it will die anyways
[01:02] <Teamerz> dey will never understand m8
[01:02] <Tacocat247> Ye
[01:02] <Tacocat247> Ill say this
[01:02] <Tacocat247> People arguing that they can beat TBOO
[01:02] <Tacocat247> Its hard to win an argument with a smart person
[01:03] <Teamerz> but reasoning with an idiot is impossible
[01:03] <Tacocat247> Exactally
[01:04] <Tacocat247> Are you admin on the OP wikia?
[01:04] <Tacocat247> 
[01:04] <Tacocat247> [small]yup
[01:04] <Teamerz> idk
[01:04] <Teamerz> i never go there
[01:05] <Tacocat247> Bane of TBOO is just
[01:05] <Tacocat247> (Line of E's)
[01:06] <Tacocat247> and now look here
[01:06] <Tacocat247>
[01:07] <Tacocat247> copy of TBOO
[01:09] <Tacocat247> Im bored
[01:09] <Teamerz> saem
[01:10] <Tacocat247> Wanna annihilate OP tanks?
[01:10] <Teamerz> imma move TBOO to the op conception wiki and create a copy to my wiki tomorrow
[01:10] <Tacocat247> K
[01:10] <Tacocat247> TBOO cannot be killed
[01:12] <Tacocat247> Something i find funny
[01:12] <Tacocat247> TBOO X, despite it being an upgrade from TBOO, is weaker than TBOO.
[01:13] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[01:13] <Teamerz> there is only one weakness ill allow tboo to have
[01:13] <Tacocat247> k
[01:13] <Tacocat247> Lets see if anyone can spot it Owo
[01:13] <Teamerz> im just gonna tell it.
[01:13] <Tacocat247> .-.
[01:13] <Teamerz> despite TBOO being absolutely undefeatable,
[01:14] <Teamerz> im allowing creators of conception universes to use an omnipotent being they create themselves to be able to beat TBOO
[01:14] <Teamerz> and TBOO cannot beat said omnipotent being
[01:14] <Teamerz> but only in said person's reality
[01:14] <Tacocat247> [[Flaming Laser Sword]]
[01:14] <Tacocat247> 'Nuff said xD
[01:15] <Tacocat247> [small]In progress to moving it too OP wikia despite it being an OP annihilator and not being OP in itself
[01:17] <Teamerz> other than that
[01:17] <Teamerz> no weaknesses
[01:17] <Tacocat247> mk
[01:18] <Tacocat247> brb
[01:23] <Tacocat247> back
[01:24] <Tacocat247> Hey
[01:24] <Theelementalmaster> Hi
[01:25] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[01:26] <Tacocat247> There is a page for this boss now
[01:26] <Tacocat247> im bored
[01:26] <Tacocat247> guardian of the pentagon s
[01:26] <Tacocat247> Guardian of the [/b]Pentagons
[01:27] <Theelementalmaster> guardian of the guardian of the guardian (9 hours later) of the pentagon s
[01:27] <Tacocat247> AIphabet
[01:27] <Tacocat247> Alphab et
[01:27] <Tacocat247> [/b]Alphabet
[01:27] <Tacocat247> xD
[01:27] <Theelementalmaster> alphab et
[01:27] <Theelementalmaster> LOK
[01:27] <Theelementalmaster> LOL
[01:27] <Tacocat247> Did you read [[Kiosk]]?
[01:27] <Theelementalmaster> yus
[01:27] <Tacocat247> What if this was added to
[01:28] <Theelementalmaster> It would be awesomeme
[01:28] <Tacocat247> For me, it is my favorite bos
[01:28] <Tacocat247> *boss
[01:28] <Theelementalmaster> ok
[01:28] <Tacocat247> My favorite page
[01:28] <Tacocat247> and coincidently
[01:28] <Tacocat247> One of my last pages
[01:28] <Tacocat247> I'll make 2 more
[01:28] <Tacocat247> *3
[01:28] <Theelementalmaster> wat?
[01:28] <Theelementalmaster> wait Wat?
[01:28] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine
[01:29] <Tacocat247> Gallary
[01:29] <Theelementalmaster> Oh
[01:29] <Tacocat247> and (Name not found)
[01:29] <Tacocat247> Its named
[01:29] <Tacocat247> But im not revealing it
[01:29] <Theelementalmaster> Ok
[01:29] <Tacocat247> This is Gallary
[01:29] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[01:30] <Tacocat247> This is Aquamarine
[01:30] <Tacocat247> ["]
[01:30] <Theelementalmaster> Ok
[01:30] <Theelementalmaster> [img="<a href="" ]"="">"]</a>
[01:30] <Theelementalmaster> ok
[01:30] <Theelementalmaster> why
[01:31] <Theelementalmaster> wait
[01:33] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[01:33] <Tacocat247> Sorry
[01:33] <Tacocat247> FRIK
[01:33] <Tacocat247> He left
[01:33] <Teamerz> now he did
[01:33] <Tacocat247> At least i got the image
[01:34] <Teamerz> so
[01:34] <Teamerz> wut should i do now
[01:34] <Teamerz> i dont have anything to do
[01:50] <Tacocat247> Sorry
[01:50] <Tacocat247> Anyways
[01:50] <Tacocat247> Uploading a new version of Aquamarine
[01:51] <Teamerz> gtg
[01:52] <Tacocat247> :(
[01:52] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[01:52] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[01:52] <Tacocat247> 2nd one is much MUCH cleaner
[01:52] <Tacocat247> Oh whale
[01:56] <DiepEpicBattle> eyyyy
[01:56] <DiepEpicBattle> or something
[01:56] <Tacocat247> Hey
[01:56] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[01:57] <Tacocat247> I made this
[01:57] <DiepEpicBattle> i noticed
[01:57] <Tacocat247> OH hello there xD
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Where is grav?
[01:57] <DiepEpicBattle> dunno
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Do you like the image?
[01:57] <Graviatar> Hi
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Hi
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Hey
[01:57] <Graviatar> Oh cool image Taco
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Thanks
[01:57] <DiepEpicBattle> Gravi
[01:57] <Tacocat247> I made it :3
[01:58] <Skye Sim> Hi
[01:58] <Tacocat247> I also made 2 more images
[01:58] <DiepEpicBattle> I sorta have an idea for the polygon mother theme
[01:58] <DiepEpicBattle> I was thinking a Rock remix of all the polygon themes
[01:58] <DiepEpicBattle> with /some/ original leimotifs
[01:58] <Tacocat247> Here is another image
[01:58] <DiepEpicBattle> and that's it
[01:58] <Graviatar> hehe
[01:58] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[01:58] <Graviatar> I would like to see a rock remix of the Demolishor theme
[01:58] <Tacocat247> Me 2
[01:59] <DiepEpicBattle> I wish i could do that
[01:59] <Graviatar> Oh
[01:59] <Graviatar> I noticed the font changed
[01:59] <Tacocat247> Here is the 3rd image
[01:59] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[01:59] <Graviatar> Wow
[01:59] <Graviatar> Nice job
[01:59] <Tacocat247> (IT is misspelled intentionally)
[01:59] <Tacocat247> THanks
[01:59] <Tacocat247> My art is getting good.
[02:00] <Graviatar> I like Kiosk
[02:00] <Tacocat247> It has a page
[02:00] <Tacocat247> [[Kiosk]]
[02:00] <Tacocat247> hey
[02:00] <Theelementalmaster> hi
[02:00] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[02:00] <Skye Sim> What's the base font for this wiki?
[02:00] <Tacocat247> For now
[02:01] <Tacocat247> Lato Regular
[02:01] <Skye Sim> Ok
[02:01] <Tacocat247> It used to be Arial
[02:01] <Graviatar> k
[02:01] <Theelementalmaster> [font="Arial"]This was the old font
[02:01] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[02:02] <Tacocat247> Serraphen but not fat
[02:02] <Skye Sim> Cool
[02:02] <Tacocat247> Skye
[02:02] <Graviatar> Uh
[02:02] <Tacocat247> ?
[02:02] <Graviatar> I hate the new add page option
[02:02] <Graviatar> where it's the "classic" version instead
[02:02] <Tacocat247> Wanna know what i do?
[02:03] <Tacocat247> I go to the top
[02:03] <Graviatar> yes?
[02:03] <Tacocat247> and manually type the page i wanna make
[02:03] <Tacocat247> So
[02:03] <Tacocat247> If i wanted to make a page called Aquamarine
[02:03] <Tacocat247> I would type Aquamarine after /wiki/
[02:03] <Tacocat247> and then press create
[02:03] <Graviatar> huh?
[02:04] <Tacocat247> Nvm
[02:04] <Graviatar> uh
[02:05] <Graviatar> like how to make the page in normal editor
[02:05] <Graviatar> 
[02:05] <Tacocat247> The create button is on the right
[02:05] <Tacocat247> Classic editor?
[02:05] <Tacocat247> or Visual Editor
[02:05] <Graviatar> It keeps going to classic editor and I want normal every time I make a page
[02:05] <Theelementalmaster> Brb
[02:05] <Theelementalmaster> grav
[02:05] <Tacocat247> If you go to the dropbox, there should be an option for Visual editor
[02:05] <Theelementalmaster> go into the url
[02:05] <Skye Sim> And
[02:06] <Skye Sim> veaction=edit
[02:06] <Theelementalmaster> look fkr the "action" word near the beginning
[02:06] <Theelementalmaster> yeaa
[02:06] <Skye Sim> ?veaction=edit
[02:06] <Theelementalmaster> that also does it
[02:06] <Graviatar> Sigh
[02:06] <Skye Sim> What?
[02:06] <Tacocat247> Spr00der is comin 4 ur soul
[02:07] <Tacocat247> (spreader) 
[02:08] <Graviatar> I mean like, I know how to make a page. It's just when I do make a page, it sends me into the Classic Editor, when I want to have it on the Normal Editor. I'm not talking about the Visual vs Source
[02:08] <Tacocat247> idk wut to do then
[02:08] <Graviatar> do you have that problem?
[02:08] <Tacocat247> Maybe you changed something in your preferences
[02:08] <Tacocat247> Either that
[02:08] <Tacocat247> Or when you go to create a page
[02:08] <Tacocat247> It takes you to Classical Editor
[02:08] <Tacocat247> Yup
[02:08] <Tacocat247> It does
[02:08] <Tacocat247> ._.
[02:09] <Graviatar> Before it was normal
[02:09] <Graviatar> and I liked that
[02:09] <Tacocat247> I don't press the create pages button OwO
[02:10] <Graviatar> then what do you do
[02:10] <Graviatar> 
[02:10] <Tacocat247> I go to my navbox
[02:10] <Tacocat247> and press one of my Redlinks
[02:10] <Tacocat247> and then add the page from there
[02:11] <Tacocat247> Takes me to the editor that i personally use
[02:11] <Tacocat247> Visual Editor
[02:11] <Graviatar> Thanks!
[02:12] <Tacocat247> Your welcome :3
[02:12] <Graviatar> Well, for now on I'm doing that
[02:12] <Graviatar> red-link and then jump in
[02:12] <Graviatar> lol
[02:12] <Tacocat247> lel
[02:12] <Tacocat247> OwO
[02:12] <Graviatar> Making Hexen
[02:12] <Tacocat247> Anyways
[02:12] <Tacocat247> OK
[02:12] <Tacocat247> Do you like [[Kiosk]]?
[02:13] <Graviatar> I see you mimic my design style
[02:13] <Graviatar> :)
[02:13] <Tacocat247> :)
[02:13] <Graviatar> with the page
[02:13] <Tacocat247> I like your style
[02:13] <Graviatar> Thanks
[02:13] <Tacocat247> My favorite part is the image
[02:13] <Graviatar> I do like the image as well
[02:14] <Tacocat247> It takes akin to the Auto Deployers having a circle on top
[02:14] <Graviatar> You have a defined style 
[02:14] <Tacocat247> :3
[02:14] <Graviatar> It's kind of not like but more like tacocat247
[02:14] <Graviatar> with the use of the old color scheme also
[02:14] <Tacocat247> Fun fact
[02:14] <Tacocat247> Its not the old color scheme
[02:14] <Graviatar> lol
[02:15] <Tacocat247> The border is slightly darker
[02:15] <Tacocat247> \o/
[02:15] <Graviatar> it's tacocat color scheme
[02:15] <Tacocat247> xD
[02:15] <Graviatar> also your tank blue is more blue than cyan-like
[02:15] <Tacocat247> Although the difference is so small you wont even nocie
[02:15] <Tacocat247> Thats another difference
[02:15] <Graviatar> and streamliner barrels have a lot more space in between.
[02:16] <Graviatar> compared to style
[02:16] <Tacocat247> Thats Spammers Barrel
[02:16] <Graviatar> ah
[02:16] <Graviatar> spammers
[02:16] <Tacocat247> It would look like that if it was in diep too
[02:16] <Graviatar> k
[02:16] <Tacocat247> Anyways
[02:16] <Graviatar> Your tanks are inspiring
[02:16] <Graviatar> :)
[02:16] <Tacocat247> How?
[02:16] <Graviatar> well, idk
[02:17] <Graviatar> they are fun to read sometimes
[02:17] <Tacocat247> Well, thanks :3
[02:17] <Graviatar> Your AU is intresting
[02:17] <Graviatar> kind of like my old AU
[02:17] <Tacocat247> Thats intentional
[02:17] <Tacocat247> Well
[02:17] <Tacocat247> Not the 2nd part
[02:17] <Tacocat247> But
[02:17] <Graviatar> except the tanks
[02:17] <Tacocat247> I made my au in a specific way
[02:17] <Graviatar> and crackers
[02:17] <Tacocat247> Just as clarifacation
[02:18] <Tacocat247> Me, myself, are not crackers
[02:18] <Tacocat247> The Auto Trapper is Crackers
[02:18] <Tacocat247> I am not
[02:18] <Graviatar> then again, my polygon bosses can go both ways. Yes I know
[02:18] <Tacocat247> Aah
[02:18] <Graviatar> You're protozog
[02:18] <Graviatar> lo
[02:18] <Tacocat247> l
[02:18] <Graviatar> xD
[02:19] <Graviatar> did beni leave?
[02:19] <Tacocat247> Ye
[02:19] <Tacocat247> Wel
[02:19] <Tacocat247> *Well 
[02:19] <Tacocat247> Sort of
[02:19] <Tacocat247> He is sometimes, Rarly active
[02:19] <Tacocat247> *Rarely
[02:19] <Tacocat247> and he gave me all of his pages
[02:19] <Graviatar> ah
[02:19] <Tacocat247> [small]which i find interesting
[02:19] <Graviatar> xD
[02:19] <Tacocat247> Anyways
[02:19] <Tacocat247> What now?
[02:19] <Graviatar> are you part of Beni's AU
[02:20] <Tacocat247> No
[02:20] <Tacocat247> Beni
[02:20] <Tacocat247> *Beni's
[02:20] <Graviatar> k
[02:20] <Tacocat247> Beni's AU is now a part of mine
[02:20] <Graviatar> oh
[02:20] <Graviatar> well, to a certain extent
[02:20] <Tacocat247> I'll edit his pages later
[02:20] <Tacocat247> Yeh
[02:20] <Tacocat247> Oh ye
[02:20] <Graviatar> *no meme bosses plz*
[02:20] <Graviatar> lol
[02:21] <Tacocat247> Outlet is my final major tank branck
[02:21] <Tacocat247> Gallary and Aquamarine are my final major bosses
[02:21] <Tacocat247> I said i would edit less
[02:21] <Tacocat247> And im holding true to that statement
[02:21] <Tacocat247> I might make a few new pages but nothing special
[02:21] <Tacocat247> Ill edit my old pages
[02:21] <Tacocat247> and i might even reach 5k edits sometime soon OwO
[02:22] <Tacocat247> but idk about that
[02:22] <Graviatar> k
[02:22] <Tacocat247> So, what now?
[02:23] <Graviatar> idk
[02:23] <Tacocat247> [[Time Machine]]
[02:23] <Tacocat247> I forgot i made this
[02:23] <Tacocat247> A week ago, i had to heavily nerf it
[02:24] <Graviatar> xD
[02:24] <Tacocat247> [img=""]
[02:24] <Tacocat247> This tank got a buff
[02:24] <Tacocat247> *Gained an extra auto turret*
[02:24] <Graviatar> I consider polygons as breeds rather than species
[02:24] <Tacocat247> I consider Polygons a Species
[02:24] <Tacocat247> and Tanks a sub-species of Polygon
[02:25] <Tacocat247> [small]which is kind of ironic
[02:25] <Tacocat247> [verysmall]and strange
[02:25] <Graviatar> Reason why I choose breeds is that the polygon mother has every aspect of each polygon type
[02:25] <Graviatar> the Storm of Fragments is not her true form
[02:25] <Tacocat247> ik that
[02:25] <Tacocat247> Because, unlike others, i pay attention
[02:26] <Tacocat247> [small]and are different from everyone else because AUTISM
[02:26] <Tacocat247> 
[02:26] <Graviatar> The SoF isn't like a Disciple either, it's a conglomeration of several polygon types
[02:26] <Tacocat247> ik
[02:26] <Graviatar> thus she can be individually separated 
[02:26] <Tacocat247> Its a Mega Boss
[02:26] <Graviatar> No not like that
[02:27] <Tacocat247> *Its under the category Mega Boss
[02:27] <Graviatar> I'm talking about comparing SoF and Disciples
[02:27] <Graviatar> not the ranking of boss
[02:27] <Tacocat247> Aah
[02:29] <Tacocat247> gtg in a few
[02:29] <Graviatar> k
[02:30] <Tacocat247> gtg
[02:30] <Tacocat247> bye
[02:31] <Theelementalmaster> Bye
[02:37] <Snakeeye101> Hi
[03:17] <SuperRobot9338> chat now
[03:22] <The Tidal Wave> He-LLO guys
[03:23] <The Tidal Wave> what happened to the font
[03:23] <The Tidal Wave> [[font%3D%22agency fb%22|font="agency fb"]]
[03:23] <The Tidal Wave> [font="agency fb"]too late
[03:23] <The Tidal Wave> [font="agency fb"]ded chat
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