[2018-11-16 23:42:49] -!- Özün Oldun has joined Special:Chat
[2018-11-17 16:49:26] -!- Özün Oldun has joined Special:Chat
[2018-11-17 16:56:32] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Epic Fighter YT"] Is Ozun dying?
[2018-11-17 16:58:42] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Fall Out Wave"] it's automatically logging the chat i believe
[2018-11-17 16:58:46] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Fall Out Wave"] no emotes still
[2018-11-17 16:59:15] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] It’s logging
[2018-11-17 17:00:43] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Epic Fighter YT"] [code]:ThinkTank: [/code]
[2018-11-17 17:01:05] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Fall Out Wave"] you have one warning
[2018-11-17 17:01:18] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Epic Fighter YT"] I didn't break the bridge, it was not an emote.
[2018-11-17 17:01:49] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Fall Out Wave"] pretending to use an emote to break the bridge indicates you have the intent to do so
[2018-11-17 17:02:01] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Epic Fighter YT"] It's called a joke.
[2018-11-17 17:02:22] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] It’s alright Tidal
[2018-11-17 17:02:41] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] He knows not to now; it’s only if he actually does that it becomes an issue.
[2018-11-17 17:02:55] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Fall Out Wave"] hm
[2018-11-17 17:04:01] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Epic Fighter YT"] I was worried that the emote would still show in [code]this[/code], then I would truly be dead.
[2018-11-17 17:04:23] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Fall Out Wave"] [code]this[/code] disables all discord special text i believe
[2018-11-17 17:04:36] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] Unicode emojis still do I think
[2018-11-17 17:04:39] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] <#405449099035279372>
[2018-11-17 17:05:16] <Özün_Oldun> [d="Ursuul"] It’s just special emojis that are rendered by Discord that get disabled
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