[12:09] <Ursuul> ja
[12:09] <ArenaCloser1337> hey
[12:09] <Özün Oldun> yeah lemme get boneless pizza
[12:09] <Tacocat247> WTF XD
[12:09] <TBOO-Y> (Hello I'm in China, so I'm assuming it's nighttime for you)
[12:09] <Ursuul> lol
[12:09] <SuperRobot9338> hi tboo
[12:09] <TBOO-Y> (I just flew here so I'm le dying from jet lag)
[12:09] <TBOO-Y> (hi) 
[12:09] <Teamerz> *smoke appears, blinding both boss and blazar*
[12:10] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[12:10] <ArenaCloser1337> (The peasant ruins the fun)
[12:10] <SuperRobot9338> Erhadas ono thelduin
[12:10] <The named BOSS> *boss scans the surroundings, and targets blazar, and fires a flurry of missles at them*
[12:10] <Tacocat247> Ozun did you get your boneless pizza?
[12:10] <SuperRobot9338> kek ozun
[12:10] <Ursuul> u fudged it up SR
[12:10] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar dodges the missile*
[12:10] <Ursuul> OH GUESS WHAT
[12:10] <SuperRobot9338> no ursulu
[12:10] <Ursuul> YOU CAN’T HAHAHAHA
[12:10] <SuperRobot9338> ozun was wrong
[12:10] <The named BOSS> ursulu pm
[12:11] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Don't attack me! There's already a big threat, here!
[12:11] <Ursuul> otay
[12:11] <SuperRobot9338> fugging god
[12:11] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Blazar!
[12:11] <Teamerz> *the smoke starts dissipating while the peasant charges towards boss*
[12:11] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Aquamarine!
[12:11] <ArenaCloser1337> *hugs*
[12:11] <Tacocat247> (AC, how did you even kn... nevermind)
[12:11] <The named BOSS> *boss attacks aqua*
[12:12] <SuperRobot9338> fine then Ursuul
[12:12] <Ursuul> o dis is what u meant by um
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attack with fury*
[12:12] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Boosts away from boss*
[12:12] <Ursuul> the uh
[12:12] <Ursuul> um
[12:12] <SuperRobot9338> I'll blow up the script
[12:12] <Ursuul> roleplaying
[12:12] <Teamerz> *boss is intercepted by the peasant*
[12:12] <Ursuul> hecking reply limit
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Don't hurt her/him!
[12:12] <SuperRobot9338> frick the spam filter triggered again
[12:12] <Ursuul> same
[12:12] <Tacocat247> (Aquamarine is female)
[12:12] <The named BOSS> (him)
[12:12] <ArenaCloser1337> (Got it)
[12:12] <SuperRobot9338> Chat is basically unusable rn
[12:12] <The named BOSS> (oh)
[12:12] <The named BOSS> (durr)
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> (Hai I'm Ze script cough cough)
[12:12] <Ursuul> (orly) 
[12:13] <Tacocat247> (heavybob)
[12:13] <Tacocat247> :(
[12:13] <The named BOSS> (i thought when the peasant attacked boss you meant them)
[12:13] <Ursuul> (comfy) 
[12:13] <Tacocat247> (40keks) 
[12:13] <Teamerz> (ya i did)
[12:13] <ArenaCloser1337> (Teamerz, I'm tired of the darn peasant)
[12:13] <TBOO-Y> (Chat health: JOHN CENA)
[12:13] <Ursuul> Temz halp
[12:13] <Teamerz> (i meant boss)
[12:13] <ArenaCloser1337> (He ruins the fun)
[12:13] <Teamerz> wut ursuul
[12:13] <Ursuul> [[Special:WhatLinksHere/ Fan Ideas Page?limit=500&from=0]]
[12:13] <Ursuul> this is my nemesis
[12:14] <Teamerz> ?
[12:14] <Ursuul> I have to fix
[12:14] <Ursuul> every
[12:14] <Ursuul> single
[12:14] <Ursuul> link
[12:14] <Teamerz> L0L
[12:14] <The named BOSS> *boss smashes into blazar from the impact, but starts attacking them*
[12:14] <Ursuul> there’s 490 there
[12:14] <Ursuul> pls halp
[12:14] <Teamerz> but bro
[12:14] <Tacocat247> (Blazar is male)
[12:14] <Teamerz> im trying to procrastinate
[12:14] <Ursuul> if you did like 50 that’d be awesome
[12:14] <Ursuul> cuz I need schleep
[12:14] <Teamerz> how do i do it
[12:14] <TBOO-Y> SO MANY
[12:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I'm being attacked!
[12:15] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Fires launchers* I'll get it...
[12:15] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Boss, I'll spa-
[12:15] <Ursuul> Go to [[Special:WhatLinksHere/ Fan Ideas Page?limit=500&from=0]]
[12:15] <Ursuul> Click thread. If it’s an Anon, replace content with {{AutoMessageAnon}}
[12:15] <Ursuul> If it’s a user, replace content with {{AutoMessage|whateverthehecktheirusernameis}}
[12:15] <The named BOSS> *boss keeps attacking them*
[12:15] <TBOO-Y> Got it
[12:15] <Ursuul> or just look at my [[Special:Contribs/Ursuul|contribs]] for examples
[12:16] <Teamerz> er
[12:16] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Are you sure about that? He seems nice
[12:16] <Tacocat247> (brb)
[12:16] <Teamerz> i dont get it
[12:16] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul
[12:16] <SuperRobot9338> I don't like it
[12:16] <SuperRobot9338> Just remove the redlinks
[12:16] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I feel like this person doesn't do what he wants to...
[12:16] <SuperRobot9338> You're killing history
[12:16] <Ursuul> ye but we have to kill Fan Ideas links
[12:16] <SuperRobot9338> Just remove the links
[12:16] <Teamerz> urzuul
[12:16] <Teamerz> me no gets it
[12:16] <The named BOSS> *boss charges up...*
[12:17] <SuperRobot9338> don't add that newfangled template
[12:17] <Ursuul> ye but if we just remove that link then we might have to remove another
[12:17] <Ursuul> or another
[12:17] <Ursuul> or another
[12:17] <SuperRobot9338> hy
[12:17] <The named BOSS> *...And fires a huge missle that hits aqua*
[12:17] <SuperRobot9338> *why
[12:17] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Aqua! No!
[12:17] <Ursuul> Because redlinks. People edit bs pages, page gets deleted, redlink.
[12:17] <Teamerz> *the peasant grabs boss*
[12:17] <SuperRobot9338> fine
[12:17] <SuperRobot9338> But
[12:17] <Ursuul> I h8 it too SR
[12:17] <SuperRobot9338> This only applies to old messages
[12:17] <Ursuul> I replaced my own Welcome Message
[12:18] <SuperRobot9338> There will be no influx of redlinks
[12:18] <Ursuul> tru, but every time we delete it comes up
[12:18] <Ursuul> I’m not saying replace all
[12:18] <Ursuul> just the ones with redlinks or with Fan Ideas Page links
[12:18] <Ursuul> (even though that’s roughly 1,000)
[12:18] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Loses 75% of HP* OW!
[12:18] <Ursuul> (I got done 500)
[12:18] <The named BOSS> *boss keeps attacking blazar*
[12:18] <SuperRobot9338> well Ursuul
[12:19] <SuperRobot9338> nvm
[12:19] <Ursuul> @Temz r u still confuzzled
[12:19] <Ursuul> wot @SR
[12:19] <SuperRobot9338> nvm
[12:19] <SuperRobot9338> im sick rn
[12:19] <Ursuul> :(
[12:19] <Teamerz> i dont get it
[12:19] <SuperRobot9338> got a runny nose
[12:19] <Ursuul> sorry you don’t feel good mayne
[12:19] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attacks boss*
[12:19] <Ursuul> @Temz
[12:19] <The named BOSS> *boss jumps out of the peasants grasp*
[12:19] <Ursuul> See list: [[Special:WhatLinksHere/ Fan Ideas Page?limit=500&from=0]]
[12:19] <ArenaCloser1337> (It's a big fight)
[12:19] <Ursuul> click any item in list
[12:19] <Ursuul> brings you to thread
[12:19] <Teamerz> ya
[12:19] <SuperRobot9338> ugggggggghhhhhhh
[12:19] <Ursuul> replace thread contents with {{AutoMessage|theirusername}} or {{AutoMessageAnon}} if they’re an anon
[12:19] <Ursuul> save thread
[12:19] <Ursuul> go back to list
[12:20] <Ursuul> refresh
[12:20] <Ursuul> the thing you just edited is now no longer on list
[12:20] <Teamerz> bro
[12:20] <Ursuul> eventually nothing left on list
[12:20] <Ursuul> where’d I lose you
[12:20] <Teamerz> why cant we just move the fan ideas page back
[12:20] <Teamerz> it would all be fixed in 1 shot
[12:20] <Ursuul> we are but it will be in a whole new namespaceeeeeee
[12:21] <SuperRobot9338> Just make . REDIRECT
[12:21] <The named BOSS> *a part off boss's armor gets smashed, and they hesitate*
[12:21] <The named BOSS> *but keep attacking*
[12:21] <SuperRobot9338> y not just make a redirect
[12:21] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar keeps attacking*
[12:21] <SuperRobot9338> 2 Fanon landing page
[12:21] <Ursuul> cuz it’d show up in Search by default then when normally it wouldn’t 
[12:21] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Fires all weapons at BOSS*
[12:21] <SuperRobot9338> is there a magic word to stop it from showing up in search
[12:21] <Ursuul> (also I edited 500 fuckin’ pages already lol)
[12:22] <SuperRobot9338> Doesn't matter
[12:22] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul
[12:22] <The named BOSS> *boss is almost dead, and stops*
[12:22] <SuperRobot9338> It won't say " Fan Ideas Page"
[12:22] <SuperRobot9338> The most it will say is category:Fanon
[12:22] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar goes in front of boss*
[12:22] <The named BOSS> *they collapse*
[12:22] <SuperRobot9338> That's the MOST
[12:22] <Ursuul> fine den we can abandon it for the moment
[12:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: That's what you get!
[12:22] <Teamerz> chat crashed
[12:22] <Ursuul> but I swear to heck one day I will clear out those bloody redirects 
[12:23] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[12:23] <SuperRobot9338> Just use redirects to save time
[12:23] <Ursuul> den primary focus tomorrow will be
[12:23] <SuperRobot9338> fix 'em later when we have time
[12:23] <Ursuul> [[Special:Insights/wantedpages]]
[12:23] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[12:23] <Ursuul> will do cap’n SR
[12:23] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[12:23] <SuperRobot9338> We need full speed ahead for the Merge
[12:23] <Teamerz> *the peasant walks up to boss*
[12:23] <SuperRobot9338> If it means ditching nice-to-haves, we'll have to throw them off the deck
[12:24] <Ursuul> very tru
[12:24] <ArenaCloser1337> (Teamz, the peasant is ignored because it ruins the rp)
[12:24] <Ursuul> at least I don’t have to do the other 500 pages now lol
[12:24] <Teamerz> (ruins the rp?)
[12:24] <Teamerz> (and how is that?)
[12:24] <The named BOSS> *boss looks up at the peasant*
[12:24] <ArenaCloser1337> (Because it's weird and it...
[12:24] <Ursuul> hey Temz
[12:24] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul
[12:24] <ArenaCloser1337> idk, it's TOO weird)
[12:24] <Ursuul> o wot
[12:24] <SuperRobot9338> When will the Image Motherload happen
[12:25] <Teamerz> (just because its weird :/)
[12:25] <Ursuul> no clue
[12:25] <Ursuul> Kirkburn flagged the Engineers couple days ago
[12:25] <Teamerz> *the peasant looks down to boss*
[12:25] <SuperRobot9338> wait
[12:25] <SuperRobot9338>
[12:25] <Teamerz> wut do u want ursulu
[12:25] <SuperRobot9338> ANSCHLUSS TIME
[12:25] <SuperRobot9338>
[12:25] <SuperRobot9338> Same with Nobel's Fanon Wiki
[12:26] <Ursuul> nvm Temz it was a joke but I forgot
[12:26] <Ursuul> who made dat wiki
[12:26] <Teamerz> A JOKE?
[12:26] <Teamerz> AND U FORGOT?
[12:26] <Teamerz> >:C
[12:26] <Ursuul> lol
[12:26] <Ursuul> btw lads
[12:26] <Ursuul> should we give out Medals to DCoW Staff who came over in the Merge
[12:26] <SuperRobot9338>
[12:26] <SuperRobot9338> ANSCHLUSS TIME
[12:26] <SuperRobot9338> Go get Nobellion
[12:26] <Ursuul> noooooo I want schleep
[12:26] <SuperRobot9338> Our wiki is charging full speed ahead towards 100 pages
[12:26] <Ursuul> plus he might not want to merge
[12:26] <The named BOSS> *boss slowly backs away*
[12:27] <SuperRobot9338> *3000
[12:27] <Ursuul> ye ye
[12:27] <Ursuul> we will do the other OP Wiki
[12:27] <Teamerz> *the peasant follows him*
[12:27] <Ursuul> after merge
[12:27] <Ursuul> then ask Nobel
[12:27] <Ursuul> if he wants 2
[12:27] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[12:27] <SuperRobot9338> We will have a massive celebration at 3k pages
[12:27] <Ursuul> god I’m too hungry to fall asleep & too sleepy to get up & eat
[12:27] <Ursuul> yes
[12:27] <The named BOSS> BOSS; W-what are you...
[12:27] <Ursuul> & we will have pancakes
[12:27] <Teamerz> im disappointed
[12:28] <Teamerz> no one even noticed DCOW turned 1 year old 2 days ago
[12:28] <Ursuul> um wot
[12:28] <Ursuul> no
[12:28] <Ursuul> it was made in July
[12:28] <Teamerz> foken
[12:28] <Teamerz> kms rn
[12:28] <Ursuul> lmao
[12:29] <Tacocat247> (bak)
[12:29] <Ursuul> did I make him mad
[12:29] <Ursuul>
[12:29] <Ursuul> literally says July lol
[12:30] <The named BOSS> *boss tries to shoot at aquamarine*
[12:30] <SuperRobot9338> Cap'n Ursuul
[12:30] <Ursuul> aye lad?
[12:30] <SuperRobot9338> I have two suggestions
[12:31] <Ursuul> lets hear ’em 
[12:31] <SuperRobot9338> 1 the merge concludes on 28 july in an ironic birthday celebration
[12:31] <Ursuul> 2?
[12:31] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Ya missed BOSS.
[12:31] <TBOO-Y> History: Stop killing me :(
[12:31] <SuperRobot9338> Start renaming cats now
[12:31] <Tacocat247> Pentacat
[12:32] <Ursuul> on DCoW?
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Ugh...what's going on...
[12:32] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[12:32] <Ursuul> I was gonna wait until Utkar came thru with his bot after I renamed everything
[12:32] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I don't know.
[12:32] <Ursuul> save easy shit for l8r
[12:32] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[12:32] <SuperRobot9338> but wait
[12:32] <Ursuul> but if you want to start now you can
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: A robot/cyborg that attacked me and a supernatural peasant...
[12:32] <SuperRobot9338> oh nvm
[12:32] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Am I dreaming?
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> Basic Cat
[12:32] <Ursuul> also SR
[12:32] <Ursuul> about the ironic birthday
[12:32] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Holy Conniption, this is not a dream..
[12:32] <Ursuul> we can [i]try[/i] it
[12:33] <Ursuul> but it’ll be really hard
[12:33] <Ursuul> & the longer we drag the merge on the more discontent people get
[12:33] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Becomes slightly angry*
[12:33] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: You're probably right...But, to be honest, this is not normal...
[12:33] <Ursuul> like I would be amazed if we weren’t done by mid-July
[12:33] <SuperRobot9338> ursuul
[12:33] <SuperRobot9338> the merge timeline is 4 weeka
[12:33] <SuperRobot9338> if I recall correctly
[12:33] <Ursuul> yeah started a week ago
[12:33] <The named BOSS> *boss fires a missle at blazar weakly*
[12:33] <Ursuul> & that was with massive fluff
[12:33] <Ursuul> literally an extra week of just nothing
[12:34] <Ursuul> where we take care of stuff on this Wiki
[12:34] <SuperRobot9338> When will Image Motherload™ happen
[12:34] <Ursuul> any day
[12:34] <SuperRobot9338> also
[12:34] <SuperRobot9338> How will we add cats
[12:34] <SuperRobot9338> *rename
[12:34] <Ursuul> ez
[12:34] <Ursuul> Özün Oldun 
[12:34] <SuperRobot9338> w8
[12:34] <SuperRobot9338> Conceptual Tanks
[12:34] <SuperRobot9338> OP tanks
[12:34] <SuperRobot9338> all need to be separate
[12:34] <Ursuul> hold horses 
[12:35] <Ursuul> First use Özün Oldun to categorize everything, like with Concept
[12:35] <Ursuul> then there’s only, at most, 300 TOD & OPC pages
[12:35] <SuperRobot9338> ah
[12:35] <Ursuul> which we can easily sift thru
[12:35] <SuperRobot9338> I see
[12:35] <The named BOSS> screw this
[12:35] <The named BOSS> am2r here i come
[12:35] <SuperRobot9338> You know what would be kewl tho
[12:35] <Ursuul> eventually we will ferret out more OPC pages
[12:35] <Ursuul> wot
[12:35] <SuperRobot9338> boolean operators
[12:35] <Ursuul> sounds scary
[12:35] <SuperRobot9338> like pages in Blah OR Bleh
[12:36] <TOTMGsRock> hello
[12:36] <Ursuul> (also MassCategorization doesn’t do ture/false)
[12:36] <Ursuul> hello TOTM
[12:36] <SuperRobot9338> or Blah AND (Bleh OR Bork)
[12:36] <Ursuul> @SR we can talk to Utkar after he does his first project
[12:36] <SuperRobot9338> that'd be tuff to pull off but would be gr8
[12:36] <Ursuul> he might be able to use regex to pull it off
[12:36] <SuperRobot9338> kewl
[12:36] <Ursuul> hell we might need to give him one of the three merge architect medals lmao
[12:36] <Ursuul> I might have to give mine up
[12:36] <SuperRobot9338> just make mar
[12:36] <SuperRobot9338> *moar
[12:37] <Ursuul> but VALUE
[12:37] <SuperRobot9338> if we really need 2
[12:37] <Ursuul> we have 3
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> Hey TOT
[12:37] <Ursuul> plan was for me u & Zathsu
[12:37] <SuperRobot9338> who will get the 3
[12:37] <SuperRobot9338> ah
[12:37] <SuperRobot9338> I'd gladly sacrifice mine
[12:37] <SuperRobot9338> I haven't done enough
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> I'm going to go watch Corrupt X, brb
[12:37] <Ursuul> otay
[12:37] <SuperRobot9338> Can there be Merge Helper
[12:37] <SuperRobot9338> or no
[12:38] <Ursuul> well we should talk to Gelly
[12:38] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[12:38] <Ursuul> we can do like, /one/ Architect
[12:38] <Ursuul> & a bunch of helpers
[12:38] <Ursuul> weeeeell 
[12:38] <Ursuul> *thinking*
[12:38] <Ursuul> 
[12:38] <SuperRobot9338> criterion is that Merge Architects should be the peeps without whom the Merge would fall flat on its face
[12:38] <Ursuul> hard to rope me out of that then
[12:38] <Ursuul> Utkar we definitely are relying on for his bot
[12:38] <SuperRobot9338> and Merge Helpers help a lot but aren't /that/ crucial
[12:38] <Ursuul> literally wouldn’t happen without it
[12:38] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[12:39] <SuperRobot9338> So then Utkar, you, Zath
[12:39] <Ursuul> Zathsu I feel we should give him a Medal just cuz, but then again he didn’t exactly stand crucially 
[12:39] <SuperRobot9338> I would get a merge helper
[12:39] <Ursuul> like it was the vote that decided it
[12:39] <ArenaCloser1337> (This rp is really dead)
[12:39] <Ursuul> we should also gib Temz merge help
[12:39] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[12:39] <Ursuul> cuz he helped with cats
[12:39] <SuperRobot9338> Merge helper
[12:39] <Ursuul> & Tacocat helped too
[12:39] <SuperRobot9338> so far me and Temz got definite spots
[12:39] <ArenaCloser1337> I can help
[12:39] <Ursuul> Tacocat does
[12:40] <Ursuul> he helped
[12:40] <SuperRobot9338> oh ye
[12:40] <Ursuul> AC we are getting past the point where normal users can help I’m afraid
[12:40] <Ursuul> we may get to a point where you can pitch in & if we can I’ll let you know, but the big thing was categorizing OP Conceptions
[12:40] <Ursuul> & that’s now done
[12:40] <Ursuul> tried to tell everyone
[12:40] <ArenaCloser1337> You know what that means, right?
[12:40] <SuperRobot9338> wait a sec
[12:40] <Tacocat247> What did i miss?
[12:40] <SuperRobot9338> OP Conceptions are done?
[12:40] <ArenaCloser1337> nothing about the rp
[12:40] <Tacocat247> I labaled quite a few OP concepts
[12:40] <Ursuul> weeeeell they probably won’t be done until after the merge
[12:40] <Ursuul> when we can more seriously go through the Conception namespace
[12:41] <Ursuul> because I know we missed at least 100
[12:41] <Tacocat247> Ursuul question
[12:41] <Ursuul> but we got enough & need to move on
[12:41] <Ursuul> yeah Taco?
[12:41] <Tacocat247> Will the namespaces be named like "Concept:Guardian Y"?
[12:41] <Ursuul> ja
[12:41] <Tacocat247> Because im new to namespaces
[12:41] <Ursuul> oh
[12:42] <Ursuul> well it’s just like [[Template:Rainbow]]
[12:42] <Ursuul> only you see the Template: bit in front of the name
[12:42] <Ursuul> & it would say Concept: instead of Template
[12:42] <Ursuul> if you want namespace list
[12:42] <Ursuul> [[Special:Allpages]]
[12:42] <ArenaCloser1337> wat
[12:42] <SuperRobot9338> also
[12:42] <SuperRobot9338>
[12:42] <SuperRobot9338> by god URK
[12:42] <SuperRobot9338> He did my TBC submission like 3 months earlier
[12:43] <Ursuul> @Taco
[12:43] <Ursuul> Read this: [[Help:Custom namespaces]]
[12:43] <Ursuul> nvm
[12:43] <Ursuul> lol
[12:43] <ArenaCloser1337> If a normal user can't help what's going on right now...
[12:43] <ArenaCloser1337> You know what that means, right?
[12:44] <Ursuul> A lot of waiting & a lot of admin preparation. I feel like I’m carrying the whole merge on my back, because I’m the one preparing Özün Oldun to move pages
[12:44] <Ursuul> I don’t know what that means
[12:44] <ArenaCloser1337> I'd like to help
[12:45] <Ursuul> I can give you a job then
[12:45] <ArenaCloser1337> really? :D 
[12:45] <Ursuul> although it’s kinda-unrelated to the merge, it will help the whole wiki with organization down the road
[12:45] <Ursuul> yep
[12:45] <Ursuul> go to
[12:45] <Ursuul> [[Special:Insights/wantedpages]]
[12:45] <ArenaCloser1337> *drumrolls*
[12:45] <Ursuul> Try to clear them out
[12:45] <ArenaCloser1337> wait...
[12:45] <ArenaCloser1337> how?
[12:45] <Ursuul> see the "referral links" thing on each page?
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah?
[12:46] <Ursuul> Click that, you get a list of pages that link to that page
[12:46] <Ursuul> remove the links by editing it
[12:46] <Ursuul> if you run into threads, try to get a Discussion Mod to help
[12:46] <Ursuul> or an Admin or content mod
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> I don't really know how it works...
[12:46] <Ursuul> here I will walk you through an example
[12:46] <Ursuul> ez example
[12:47] <Ursuul> Go to page 2 [[Special:Insights/wantedpages?page=2]]
[12:47] <Ursuul> See "Pentashot"?
[12:47] <Ursuul> second to last
[12:48] <Ursuul> you here AC?
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah
[12:48] <Ursuul> See "1 referral links" below it?
[12:48] <Ursuul> Click that
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah
[12:48] <Ursuul> tell me what you see
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> Page: Pentashot
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> Namespace: All
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> Go
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> That's most of what I see
[12:49] <Ursuul> Is "Pages that link to "Pentashot" the title?
[12:49] <ArenaCloser1337> yes
[12:49] <Ursuul> ok good
[12:49] <TBOO-Y> Ok apparently I can't connect to YT
[12:49] <Ursuul> There is one link, [[User:GaspyLaBallDeGD]]
[12:49] <Ursuul> click that link
[12:49] <Ursuul> once you’re there, click edit
[12:49] <Ursuul> you with me?
[12:49] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah??
[12:50] <Ursuul> Ok you’re editing his profile now?
[12:50] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah...?
[12:50] <Ursuul> find where Pentashot is linked
[12:50] <Tacocat247> hi
[12:50] <Ursuul> hi Taco
[12:50] <ArenaCloser1337> found it
[12:50] <ArenaCloser1337> it's red
[12:50] <Ursuul> Ok, remove the link & make it plain text
[12:50] <Ursuul> then save the page
[12:51] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[12:51] <ArenaCloser1337> There we go
[12:51] <Ursuul> Good
[12:51] <Ursuul> now go back to [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Pentashot]]
[12:52] <Ursuul> it shows that his profile still links to [[Pentashot]]
[12:52] <Ursuul> that means there’s another link
[12:52] <Ursuul> you’ll need to remove
[12:52] <ArenaCloser1337> O_O
[12:52] <ArenaCloser1337> Oh gdo
[12:52] <ArenaCloser1337> *god
[12:52] <Ursuul> pretty much if you ever see a red link
[12:52] <Ursuul> remove it
[12:52] <Ursuul> remove every single one
[12:52] <ArenaCloser1337> I see no red link
[12:52] <ArenaCloser1337> Do I?
[12:52] <Ursuul> [[User:GaspyLaBallDeGD#Extras]]
[12:52] <Ursuul> very bottom
[12:52] <Ursuul> 2
[12:53] <ArenaCloser1337> I see that X-Hunter is red and monted turret, too
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> Yup
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> mounted turret was not n the game for like 50 min XD
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> in*
[12:54] <Ursuul> ah it’s because someone made a redirect
[12:54] <Ursuul> reload the page
[12:54] <Ursuul> do you see a third red link?
[12:54] <Ursuul> (this is turning out much more complex than usual lol, it’s usually only one link)
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> Im pretty sure the Mounted Turret would be extremely annoying to fellow Auto 5s lol
[12:55] <ArenaCloser1337> God
[12:55] <ArenaCloser1337> This job is not up for me
[12:55] <ArenaCloser1337> I want the simpler one
[12:55] <Ursuul> believe it or not
[12:55] <Ursuul> this is one of the simplest ones we have lol
[12:55] <ArenaCloser1337> WA
[12:55] <Ursuul> I just got done 500 of those
[12:55] <ArenaCloser1337> I'm out
[12:55] <ArenaCloser1337> sorry
[12:55] <Ursuul> five
[12:55] <Ursuul> hundred
[12:55] <Ursuul> it’s ok lol
[12:56] <ArenaCloser1337> Is there a simple job of clicking stuff till stuff is over?
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> I'll help while ur sleeping my time is reversed
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> So it's 8:56 in the morning for me right now
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> Weird
[12:56] <ArenaCloser1337> wot
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> Jet lagggg
[12:56] <Ursuul> well in essence that’s what that is, you go through the list, look for pages that link to each page, look through the page for redlinks, remove them & you’re done
[12:57] <Ursuul> it’s only confusing now because someone randomly created a redirect while we were working
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> It's hard for me
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> Well
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> if I have to do it 500 times
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> I won't be able to do it 20 times
[12:57] <Ursuul> it’s not 500
[12:57] <Ursuul> I did most of the heavy lifting
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> oh
[12:57] <Ursuul> this is just what’s left over
[12:58] <Ursuul> that I was giving to you
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> I could...
[12:58] <Ursuul> & SR already took several cracks at it
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> do the rest?
[12:58] <Ursuul> if you wanted to
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> of the other stuff to do
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> Is there about redirecting pages to the wikia?
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> I might be better at that
[12:58] <Ursuul> we aren’t redirecting
[12:58] <The named BOSS> RARGH
[12:59] <Ursuul> we are exporting
[12:59] <Ursuul> & that is botwork
[12:59] <ArenaCloser1337> oh
[12:59] <Ursuul> because we are exporting 3,000 pages lmao
[12:59] <ArenaCloser1337> right...
[12:59] <ArenaCloser1337> is there anything else to do for me, please?
[12:59] <Ursuul> mmmmmmm
[12:59] <The named BOSS> what is happening?"
[12:59] <Ursuul> it’s not merge related
[01:00] <Ursuul> however
[01:00] <Ursuul> [[Category:Cleanup]]
[01:00] <Ursuul> OH NVM
[01:00] <Ursuul> 
[01:00] <Ursuul> I HAVE AN EASY ONE
[01:00] <The named BOSS> hey
[01:00] <The named BOSS> HEY
[01:00] <Ursuul> We were doing this thing called the Bugs Project before the merge
[01:00] <The named BOSS> oh okay
[01:00] <Ursuul> basically find bugs on the [[Bugs]] page & move them to their appropriate pages
[01:00] <Ursuul> BOSS
[01:00] <Ursuul> I’m trying to give AC a job
[01:00] <Ursuul> that he can do
[01:00] <ArenaCloser1337> oh
[01:00] <ArenaCloser1337> that's easy
[01:01] <Ursuul> @AC
[01:01] <ArenaCloser1337> uh...
[01:01] <Ursuul> make sure you follow the format on [[Mothership (Tank)%23Bugs|Mothership (Tank) #Bugs]]
[01:01] <Ursuul> lolry
[01:01] <Ursuul> lolwhy
[01:01] <ArenaCloser1337> umm...
[01:01] <ArenaCloser1337> there's a thing
[01:02] <ArenaCloser1337> It's not enough simple to me
[01:02] <Ursuul> damn
[01:02] <ArenaCloser1337> *facepalm self*
[01:02] <ArenaCloser1337> I suck
[01:02] <Ursuul> It really sucks lol, the simplest stuff we have so MUCH of that we can only use bots if we ever want to finish before we all grow beards, but the complex stuff that bots can’t do is beyond most people
[01:02] <Ursuul> it’s not just you, I expected this predicament to affect everyone
[01:03] <Ursuul> everyone except admins n such
[01:03] <TBOO-Y> I'm back
[01:03] <ArenaCloser1337> :#
[01:03] <TBOO-Y> Mounted Turret lasted 10 freaking minutes
[01:03] <ArenaCloser1337> I don't like cleaning stuff
[01:03] <ArenaCloser1337> that's why
[01:04] <Ursuul> no one else does either, that’s why we have such a huge cleanup backlog lol
[01:04] <Ursuul> the Admins are busy doing the super technical stuff & so cleanup escapes them
[01:04] <Ursuul> usually
[01:05] <TBOO-Y> Lel
[01:05] <ArenaCloser1337> Is there a non-cleaning job that I could do?
[01:05] <Tacocat247> Yes
[01:05] <Tacocat247> idk
[01:06] <The named BOSS> rp?
[01:06] <ArenaCloser1337> Let's continue the rp
[01:06] <TBOO-Y> Eat a Taco shaped like a cat with the numbers 247 on it
[01:06] <ArenaCloser1337> okay?
[01:06] <TBOO-Y> Ok I'll join in I guess
[01:07] <TBOO-Y> Ok let's start
[01:08] <Tacocat247> /announce RP START!!!
[01:08] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I wonder if anyone else knows...
[01:08] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: What are you talking about?
[01:09] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Oh, i just wonder if anyone else knows about this secret ability i have.
[01:09] <The named BOSS> *boss is still in a heap*
[01:09] <TBOO-Y> Chat died
[01:09] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: i guess i'll let you know
[01:09] <Tacocat247> (Ok)
[01:09] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Okay...?
[01:09] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Hey guys, what's going on?
[01:10] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: You know how i can close into a circle, right?
[01:10] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Yeah
[01:10] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Yeah?
[01:11] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Well, when its open, sometimes i use a new thing that no one knows about...
[01:11] <The named BOSS> *the quadisaster comes in*
[01:11] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Hello!
[01:11] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Opens into a 3/4ths circle*
[01:11] <Tacocat247> 
[01:11] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Hello...
[01:11] <The named BOSS> Quadisaster: Oh, that red fighter smikker thing...
[01:11] <The named BOSS> skimmer*
[01:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: You know about him?
[01:12] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Lines appear on Aquamarine*
[01:12] <The named BOSS> Quadisaster: What is it doing here/
[01:12] <The named BOSS> ?
[01:12] <The named BOSS> 
[01:12] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: A compartment?
[01:12] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: No idea
[01:12] <Tacocat247> (Hi ursool)
[01:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: That skimmer attacked us
[01:12] <TBOO-Y> (Hi Ursula)
[01:13] <TBOO-Y> (Ursuul*)
[01:13] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Wings come out of the back sides of the 3/4ths circle*
[01:13] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Whoa, cool
[01:13] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar takes a look at aquamarine*
[01:13] <The named BOSS> Quadisaster: And? What are you going to do with it?
[01:13] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Yes, wings.
[01:13] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Fly?
[01:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: [verysmall] (Aww...she's so cute) [Aquamarine doesn't hear it]
[01:14] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I never tried flying. Afraid someone might notice..
[01:14] <The named BOSS> Quadiaster: I meant the BOSS guy
[01:15] <Tacocat247> (hi Grav!)
[01:15] <Graviatar> hi
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: No idea
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> (hi Grav)
[01:15] <The named BOSS> hi grav
[01:15] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Who's "BOSS"?
[01:15] <Graviatar> Just waiting for DCoW pages to come here
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: The Skimmer thing
[01:16] <Graviatar> so I can edit stuff again
[01:16] <Graviatar> xD
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Oh
[01:16] <Graviatar> OH hi zathus
[01:16] <ArenaCloser1337> hi
[01:16] <Graviatar> just in time
[01:16] <Tacocat247> (Hi Zatbsu)
[01:16] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello. :3
[01:16] <Tacocat247> (RP is going on)\]
[01:17] <Tacocat247> (Lets continue)
[01:17] <The named BOSS> (ye)
[01:17] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, master.
[01:17] <Graviatar> Yes I am a master
[01:17] <Graviatar> an Overmaster
[01:17] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Well, i never tried flying, because i am afraid that someone might notice...
[01:17] <Graviatar> Guardian Y: I am not in this! *flies away*
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I'm sure you'll be able to fly without a problem, Aquamarine!
[01:18] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Yeah, those wings are cool
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> *wink*
[01:18] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Well, i'll try...
[01:18] <The named BOSS> *boss fires a missle at aqua*
[01:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh no, master Ursuul is doing that thing he does.
[01:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Leaving and rejoining infinitely.
[01:18] <Tacocat247> Ursuul
[01:19] <Tacocat247> Your having a siesure
[01:19] <Tacocat247> Stop
[01:19] <Graviatar> :(
[01:19] <Tacocat247> seizure 
[01:19] <The named BOSS> *boss fires a missle at aqua*
[01:19] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Missile hits wing* OW!!!
[01:20] <Ursuul> oh
[01:20] <Ursuul> sorry I was laughin’ my ass off in discord
[01:20] <Ursuul> literally 3 d00ds changed to my profile picture, name, & color
[01:20] <Tacocat247> xD
[01:20] <Ursuul> there are four Ursuul’s running around DIscord lol
[01:20] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[01:20] <Tacocat247> (40keks) 
[01:20] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar catches Aquamarine*
[01:20] <ZathusTheMageV> "Four Ursuuls"
[01:20] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: *Traps BOSS again*
[01:20] <ZathusTheMageV> 4x the masters
[01:20] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Faints*
[01:20] <Graviatar> (kek) 
[01:20] <Graviatar> (kek2)
[01:21] <Graviatar> aw
[01:21] <Tacocat247> (Ursuul)
[01:21] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: BOSS, you will never truly escape
[01:21] <Tacocat247> (Request for emotes)
[01:21] <Ursuul> (laugh5) 
[01:21] <Graviatar> (laugh) 
[01:21] <Graviatar> (laugh2) 
[01:21] <Graviatar> (laugh3) 
[01:21] <Graviatar> uh
[01:21] <Graviatar> (laugh4) ...
[01:21] <TBOO-Y> (Lol)
[01:21] <Ursuul> Laugh8)
[01:21] <Ursuul> heck
[01:21] <Ursuul> (laugh9) 
[01:21] <Graviatar> (laugh6) 
[01:21] <Graviatar> (laugh7) 
[01:21] <The named BOSS> *boss fires at trickster*
[01:21] <Graviatar> so many laugh emotes
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: AQUAMARINE! WAKE UP!
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> Trickster: *blocks*
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Oh no oh no oh no oh no
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> Trickster: Nobody wakes up from being knocked unconscious in 5 minutes, just wait a bit
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I'm just really scared
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> Trickster: :/
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I don't want her to get hurt
[01:23] <TBOO-Y> Trickster: Nobody wants anyone to get hurt
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar looks at BOSS*
[01:23] <The named BOSS> *boss fires at aqua multiple times*
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar shoots the missile*
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> *They blow up in mid-air*
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> *missiles
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: FEEL MY BLAZING WRATH!!!
[01:24] <TBOO-Y> Trickster: BOSS, stop trying to hurt people
[01:24] <The named BOSS> *boss fires a ranger shot aimed well at aqua*
[01:24] <TBOO-Y> Trickster X: *tanks the shot*
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> *shoots the ranger shot*
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: ENOUGH!
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attacks boss like crazy*
[01:25] <The named BOSS> *boss flies backwards, and hits a wall*
[01:25] <TBOO-Y> Trickster X: If you try and shoot Aqua again, you will DIE.
[01:26] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarines wings are retracted back into her body, and the lines on her dissapear*
[01:26] <The named BOSS> *boss charges a laser very weakly*
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attack boss again*
[01:26] <The named BOSS> *as in he can barly do it*
[01:26] <The named BOSS> *boss falls unconsisus, almost dead*
[01:27] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar stops attacking*
[01:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Will you stop, already?
[01:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: We'll show you mercy if you show us mercy
[01:27] <TBOO-Y> Trickster: He is unconsious
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Oh, right
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I beat him quite alot
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> *beat him up
[01:29] <The named BOSS> *grevious slowly walks in*
[01:29] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh, Grevious...
[01:29] <The named BOSS> Grevious: ...
[01:29] <ZathusTheMageV> xD
[01:29] <TBOO-Y> Trickster X: I will tear you aprt
[01:29] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Uh...
[01:29] <The named BOSS> (yeah, i cant resist)
[01:29] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: PREPARE TO FACE THE WMIII!
[01:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Who's that?
[01:30] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Grevious
[01:30] <The named BOSS> *grevious slowly walks forward, toward boss*
[01:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Got it
[01:30] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Nope.
[01:30] <TBOO-Y> War Machine III: *Activated
[01:30] <TBOO-Y> War Machine III: I AM A KITTY
[01:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: What is he doing?
[01:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Does BOSS has a connection with Grevious?
[01:31] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: I have no idea but the Leaping Warminds brain is switched with the CPR of the WMIII
[01:31] <The named BOSS> *grevious chuckles*
[01:31] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: BOSS is his servant
[01:31] <Ursuul> hi
[01:32] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Uh...&
[01:32] <ArenaCloser1337> *?
[01:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello, Ursuul.
[01:32] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Grevious is BOSS' boss lol
[01:32] <The named BOSS> *grevious fires a couple of lasers at blazar*
[01:32] <Ursuul> hi
[01:32] <The named BOSS> hi
[01:32] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar dodges*
[01:32] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: *blocks all*
[01:33] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I saw that coming!
[01:33] <Tacocat247> *Lines start to appear on Aquamarine*
[01:33] <The named BOSS> *grevious leaps at aqua*
[01:33] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: DON'T
[01:33] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: *moves in front of Aqua
[01:33] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar pushes Grevious out of aquamarine*
[01:33] <Tacocat247> *Wings come out of Aquamarine, slapping Grevious. Grevious falls down*
[01:34] <The named BOSS> *grevious hits the ground running*
[01:34] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Screw you, Grevious, I'm killing you now
[01:34] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attacks grevious*
[01:34] <Ursuul> hi
[01:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Whats up, master?
[01:34] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X attacks too*
[01:34] <The named BOSS> Grevious: Oh no you dont.
[01:34] <The named BOSS> *grevious leaps backward*
[01:35] <The named BOSS> *something approaches*
[01:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Drones! Attack him!
[01:35] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine starts to wake up*
[01:35] <ArenaCloser1337> *Drones attack grevious*
[01:36] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Oh, good, you're awake again
[01:36] <The named BOSS> *grevious flies up into the air*
[01:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: AQUAMARINE!
[01:36] <ArenaCloser1337> *hug*
[01:36] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Hi...
[01:36] <The named BOSS> *the thing is coming closer...*
[01:36] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: [small]ow!
[01:37] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Grevious you little @[01:40] <The named BOSS> *the metal aqua starts attacking blazar*
[01:37] <The named BOSS> *the thing is...*
[01:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Aquamarine, there's a thing called grevious trying to kill us for no reasons.
[01:37] <TBOO-Y> (Jk)
[01:37] <The named BOSS> *a metal copy of aquamarine*
[01:37] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: What. The fuck.
[01:37] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: What is that?
[01:38] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Did someones fetish go to far?
[01:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: It' in metal?
[01:38] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Made by this Grevious
[01:38] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Looks like a cardboard tank to be honest.
[01:38] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> im baacc
[01:38] <The named BOSS> *it's auto trapper cannons target reg aqua*
[01:38] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Looks like it'll barely function. its not even on!
[01:38] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :S
[01:38] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :D*
[01:39] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> > :S
[01:39] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Aquamarines wings wrap around her*
[01:39] <Tacocat247> *Creating a shield*
[01:39] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar shead a tear*
[01:39] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: [verysmall] so beautiful...
[01:40] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Uhhh, you better concentrate back on the fight
[01:40] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Yeah right.
[01:40] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attack the metal aqua*
[01:40] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine starts to spin, firing a wave of bullets, impossible to dodge*
[01:41] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar blocks them, reducing the damage*
[01:41] <Tacocat247> *The bullet heavily damage the metal aquamarine*
[01:41] <ZathusTheMageV> *A hexagonal shape appears in the shadows*
[01:41] <ZathusTheMageV> ???: "According to all known laws of aviation..."
[01:41] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: *puts all chain spikes in the metal Aqua
[01:41] <Tacocat247> (NO SASSAFRASS PLEASE!!!
[01:41] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[01:41] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: NOOOO
[01:41] <The named BOSS> *the metal aqua teleports away*
[01:42] <ZathusTheMageV> Fine
[01:42] <ZathusTheMageV> I wont
[01:42] <TBOO-Y> Hexen*
[01:42] <The named BOSS> *the back opens up into a half circle*
[01:42] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Don't worry, Aquamarine. Everything's gonna be fine
[01:42] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Wings uncoil* Sorry if i hurt any of you
[01:42] <Diepmon> Haaai
[01:42] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello.
[01:42] <Tacocat247> (Hai diepmon)
[01:42] <Tacocat247> (You have disc mod right?)
[01:42] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Not really
[01:43] <Diepmon> yes
[01:43] <TBOO-Y> (hi Diepio Pokémon)
[01:43] <The named BOSS> *it teleports back*
[01:43] <TBOO-Y> (:D)
[01:43] <Diepmon> And bye if anyone doesn't have questions
[01:43] <Tacocat247> (Diepmons name is a prometeu of DIepio and MONday)\
[01:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Some of these Sassafras quotes are gold and the references are amazing if you get them.
[01:43] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attacks the metal version of aquamarine*
[01:43] <Diepmon> ^
[01:43] <TBOO-Y> (Oh)
[01:43] <Diepmon> Sassafras Mu
[01:43] <The named BOSS> *the weapons dissipear*
[01:44] <Tacocat247> (I found that out the hard way xD)
[01:44] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[01:44] <ZathusTheMageV> Is a great example of a Sassafras quote thats amazing if you get the reference.
[01:44] <TBOO-Y> According to all known laws of aviation, a bee should never be able to fly because its wings can't get its fat little body off the ground
[01:44] <ArenaCloser1337> bee movie
[01:44] <Diepmon> *kicks Tboo from chat for being too Sassafrasy*
[01:44] <ArenaCloser1337> kirby right back at ya'
[01:44] <ZathusTheMageV> Im more Sassafras-y that anybody
[01:44] <ZathusTheMageV> *than
[01:45] <ZathusTheMageV> But yeah
[01:45] <The named BOSS> According to all known laws of aviation, an aquamarine should never be able to fly because its wings can't get its fat little body off the ground
[01:45] <TBOO-Y> *Diepmon is too full of sausages... fAIL
[01:45] <The named BOSS> (pls no hurt)
[01:45] <Diepmon> bye
[01:45] <The named BOSS> wait
[01:45] <The named BOSS> question
[01:45] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I can fly though...
[01:45] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: and im not fat.
[01:45] <ZathusTheMageV> I KNEW THAT WAS COMING
[01:45] <TBOO-Y> LOL
[01:45] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: That's really mean
[01:45] <The named BOSS> (shaddap)
[01:45] <ZathusTheMageV> "Order your Sassafras body pillow today!"
[01:45] <ZathusTheMageV> ^(actually a quote) (xd) 
[01:45] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Woooooow...
[01:46] <TBOO-Y> (dafuq?)
[01:46] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attacks grevious*
[01:46] <Tacocat247> (heavybob)
[01:46] <Tacocat247> :D
[01:46] <Tacocat247> (my fav emote)
[01:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Everybody joining and leaving.
[01:47] <The named BOSS> (kek) is good too WE NEED MORE MEMEOTES OR SOMETHING
[01:47] <ArenaCloser1337> NO
[01:47] <Tacocat247> (laugh2) 
[01:47] <ArenaCloser1337> we don't
[01:47] <The named BOSS> yes we doooooo
[01:47] <ZathusTheMageV> (laugh3) 
[01:47] <Tacocat247> not really
[01:47] <Ursuul> omfg they’re gonna ban us from Discord
[01:47] <The named BOSS> and legal and turret sock bc reasons
[01:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Now I gotta find out how long the laugh emote chain goes
[01:47] <Ursuul> we keep fuckin’ with everybody
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> What channel?
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> /server
[01:48] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Well, since there is no danger around, i guess i'll try to fly...
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> Or whatever
[01:48] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuulu
[01:48] <SuperRobot9338> wtf are you talking about
[01:48] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Fly, Aquamarine, fly!
[01:48] <Ursuul> it’s C.Sydes
[01:48] <Ursuul> um
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> And then I ask myself 
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> *stares up to the sky with eyes full of wonder*
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> why does Disco-Rama not have art yet?
[01:49] <Ursuul> /255872325541560320
[01:49] <The named BOSS> *grevious calls in a big like, metal box with wheels but HOOOOGE*
[01:49] <Ursuul> omfg they made an Ursuul emote & everyone is spamming it
[01:49] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Not this again...
[01:49] <SuperRobot9338> wait wut
[01:49] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attacks it*
[01:49] <SuperRobot9338> Which Discord
[01:49] <SuperRobot9338> and where
[01:49] <TBOO-Y> (Ursula)
[01:49] <ZathusTheMageV> WHAT
[01:49] <Ursuul> C.Sydes
[01:49] <SuperRobot9338> ah
[01:49] <Ursuul> It’s me & VSTF girl & others xD
[01:49] <SuperRobot9338> Council-related or wut
[01:49] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Don't worry about it, Aquamarine!
[01:49] <Tacocat247> (I see that someone is named Aquamarine in the discord xD)
[01:49] <ZathusTheMageV> "Ursuul emote"
[01:49] <SuperRobot9338> ah
[01:49] <SuperRobot9338> can I join
[01:49] <TBOO-Y> (Ursuul)
[01:50] <ZathusTheMageV> VSTF girl eh?
[01:50] <ZathusTheMageV> *Zathsu jealousy intensifies*
[01:50] <ZathusTheMageV> Lmao
[01:50] <Ursuul> ye but u gotta change ur username to Ursuul to keep up the spam lol
[01:50] <Graviatar> Ursuku
[01:50] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Wings start to flap*
[01:50] <The named BOSS> Grevious: Oh I cant wait to see the prototype *ahem* fight them...
[01:51] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar keeps attacking it*
[01:51] <Ursuul> yes Gravi
[01:51] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Can't fly now... Gotta concentrate...
[01:51] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Die, stupid box
[01:51] <Graviatar> hi
[01:51] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: You are yelling at a box.
[01:51] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: There is a button on it
[01:51] <The named BOSS> *one side falls open, SOMETHING lurks inside, but is in shadows*
[01:51] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: IM NOT yelling...
[01:52] <ZathusTheMageV> This is what we hoped for when closing DCoW chat.
[01:52] <ZathusTheMageV> Glad it worked and everyone actually comes here.
[01:52] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[01:52] <TBOO-Y> (Be right back.)
[01:52] <Ursuul> ayeeeeee
[01:53] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: What is that?
[01:53] <Ursuul> *Ursuul’s ancient heart starts beating again*
[01:53] <SuperRobot9338> discord invite pl0x
[01:53] <Ursuul> how 2 get instant invite
[01:53] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Don't worry! It won't hurt you if I beat him up!
[01:53] <Ursuul> also lemme link you my avatar
[01:53] <Ursuul> get Ursuul avatar
[01:53] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I'll try to help!
[01:54] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: If you want to...
[01:54] <ZathusTheMageV> When did your heart stop beating?
[01:54] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[01:55] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Fires drones at the mysterious figure* 
[01:55] <Ursuul> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
[01:55] <Ursuul> Zathsu 
[01:55] <Ursuul> PM
[01:55] <Ursuul> SR PM
[01:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok
[01:55] <Tacocat247> *The mysterious figure dissapears back into the box*
[01:55] <ArenaCloser1337> *Attack the mysterious figure*
[01:55] <Tacocat247> *The box dissapears*
[01:56] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Well... It's gone...
[01:56] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I hope so...
[01:56] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: There is no more danger...
[01:56] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Should i try to fly now?
[01:56] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Of course!
[01:56] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Go on!
[01:56] <The named BOSS> Grevious: Galaga is most likley the most techonlogicly advanced out of all of you...
[01:57] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Be careful, though...
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Wings start to flap*
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Aquamarine starts to fly*
[01:57] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: *claps*
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I'm doing it!
[01:57] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Amazing!
[01:58] <Tacocat247> (Ursuul_
[01:58] <Tacocat247> (Your having a siezure)
[01:58] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[01:58] <The named BOSS> Grevious: So, I made a prototype imporeved robot of them.
[01:59] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Stops flying and lands on the ground*
[01:59] <The named BOSS> *a grey shape the shape of galaga flies across the sky, almost clipping aquaès wing*
[01:59] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: That, was, AMAZING!
[01:59] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: W...what?
[01:59] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: !
[01:59] <The named BOSS> *aqua**
[01:59] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: *tanks the shot*
[01:59] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Don't even dare!
[02:00] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Shivers*
[02:00] <The named BOSS> *it swoops down and rams blazar*
[02:00] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Blazar!
[02:00] <ArenaCloser1337> (wait, who has the best body damage?)
[02:00] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Oww...
[02:00] <The named BOSS> *and flies back up*
[02:00] <Tacocat247> (Blazar has the most body damage, 3 times more than galaga*
[02:01] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: That hurted, but I'm sure I hurted him way more...
[02:01] <Tacocat247> (The one with the most is Reformer, but out of the 2 is Blazar)
[02:01] <Robotguy39> YAY!!
[02:01] <Robotguy39> I GET PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST!!
[02:01] <ArenaCloser1337> (Galaga didn't took the good choice)
[02:01] <Robotguy39> YES!!
[02:02] <Robotguy39> uh hu...
[02:02] <Robotguy39> (dance2)
[02:02] <Robotguy39> (dance)
[02:02] <Robotguy39> (dancing)
[02:02] <Tacocat247> (heavybob)
[02:02] <Robotguy39> (dancing2)
[02:02] <Robotguy39> (rage) 
[02:02] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Blazar, are you ok!??
[02:02] <The named BOSS> *a mechanical galaga looking thing but with long spikes ond the side spike things, and an orange circle on the middle fork, and LOTS more weqapons swoops down*
[02:03] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I'm fine as long as you're fine
[02:03] <ArenaCloser1337> *looks up* 
[02:03] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Uh, what are these?
[02:05] <The named BOSS> Mech galaga thing: TARGET... BLAZAR.
[02:05] <The named BOSS> Grevious: Meet...
[02:05] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar attacks Mech galaga thing*
[02:05] <The named BOSS> *the mech galaga thing rams aqua*
[02:06] <The named BOSS> Grevious: GRADIUS!
[02:06] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: OWW!!!!
[02:06] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: AQUA! NO!!!!
[02:06] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Im..... Ok....
[02:06] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Now, I'm REALLY mad
[02:06] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar gets furious*
[02:06] <The named BOSS> Gradius: TARGET... AQUAMARINE.
[02:07] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar X: TIME TO DIE
[02:07] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar X attacks Gradius*
[02:07] <Tacocat247> (My polygon bosses have Y forms, not X forms)
[02:07] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar Y it is, then
[02:07] <The named BOSS> *gradius swoops down and rams aqua agian*
[02:08] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar tanks the hit*
[02:08] <The named BOSS> BOSS: Attack... thrusters...
[02:08] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Faints*
[02:08] <ArenaCloser1337> (You didn't faint)
[02:08] <Tacocat247> (I did_
[02:08] <ArenaCloser1337> (how?)
[02:08] <ArenaCloser1337> (I tanked the hit)
[02:09] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar Y attacks Gradius furiously*
[02:09] <The named BOSS> *gradius starts carpet bombing the area aquamarine is in*
[02:09] <Tacocat247> (Some people IRL get shocked by things like this)
[02:09] <ArenaCloser1337> *Tanks the hit*
[02:09] <ArenaCloser1337> (oh)
[02:09] <The named BOSS> *bombs m8*
[02:10] <ArenaCloser1337> *Rips gradius in two pieces*
[02:10] <The named BOSS> Boss: ATTACK... THE... boosters...on back...
[02:10] <The named BOSS> *gradius is too fast*
[02:10] <ArenaCloser1337> (Is Blazar fast?)
[02:11] <Tacocat247> (Actually, moderate)
[02:11] <Tacocat247> (2x speed of Defender)
[02:11] <ArenaCloser1337> *Traps Gradius with drones*
[02:12] <The named BOSS> *gradius emits a blast and ecsapes*
[02:12] <The named BOSS> BOSS: SHOOT THE THRUSTERS!!
[02:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: I'm tired of this... 
[02:13] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar Y use everything he has to kill Gradius and BOSS*
[02:13] <The named BOSS> *\Boss: IM TRYING TO HELP!
[02:13] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: Oh
[02:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: Well, you attacked me at the start
[02:14] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Lines appear on Aquamarine*
[02:14] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar Y only attacks Gradius with everything he has trying to aim the thruster* 
[02:15] <The named BOSS> *one of them breaks, and gradius goes into a spiral*
[02:15] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *A light blue light emmits from Aquamarine*
[02:15] <ArenaCloser1337> *Takes the chance to attack gradius*
[02:16] <The named BOSS> *the whitish part of the auto hybrid turret turns blue*
[02:16] <The named BOSS> BOSS: Shoot the core!
[02:16] <ArenaCloser1337> *attacks the core*
[02:16] <The named BOSS> (sorry could not resist)
[02:17] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *An blue colored explosion emmits from Aquamarine, immediatly destroying Gradius, and pushing back BOSS and Blazar*
[02:17] <The named BOSS> *gradius spirals out of controll, hitting aqua, and exploding, leaving aquamarine with 159 hp*
[02:17] <The named BOSS> *oh*
[02:18] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine flies upwards, from the explosion.*
[02:19] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: [verysmall] She never fails to impress me. How beautiful... 
[02:19] <The named BOSS> *grevious teleports in, irrtated*
[02:19] <ZathusTheMageV> I like the logic that "Put Y after it and its instantly better"
[02:19] <Tacocat247> (but y?)
[02:20] <The named BOSS> see
[02:20] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I'm ok...
[02:20] <ZathusTheMageV> Because Guardian Y and now Blazar Y, apparently
[02:20] <Graviatar> No
[02:20] <Tacocat247> (Cotton Y, ya forgot :3)
[02:20] <TBOO-Y> (I'm back)
[02:20] <Tacocat247> [rainbow]:3
[02:20] <The named BOSS> Grevious: ... Grrr...
[02:20] <ZathusTheMageV> (timetostop) 
[02:20] <Tacocat247> (NO)
[02:20] <TBOO-Y> (No Blazar X)
[02:21] <Graviatar> You're ruining Guardian Y
[02:21] <Graviatar> >:(
[02:21] <Tacocat247> (How?)
[02:21] <Graviatar> He was a Y before it was cool
[02:21] <ZathusTheMageV> ^
[02:21] <TBOO-Y> (Females add a Y males add an X)
[02:21] <Graviatar> ---
[02:21] <ZathusTheMageV> This is the War Machine thing all over again
[02:21] <Tacocat247> (Really, it doesnt matter.)
[02:21] <Graviatar> UGH
[02:21] <The named BOSS> *grevious fires an ac bullet at aqua*
[02:21] <Graviatar> (YES IT DOESZZZZZZZZZZZZ)
[02:21] <ZathusTheMageV> UGH THE ALPHABET
[02:21] <Tacocat247> (Just stop. Its just a letter)
[02:22] <Graviatar> Z eats E
[02:22] <Tacocat247> (The letter Y)
[02:22] <ZathusTheMageV> Like the letter L
[02:22] <ZathusTheMageV> (lenny) 
[02:22] <Tacocat247> (Its not the end of the world)
[02:22] <The named BOSS> (I JUST REALISED)
[02:22] <Graviatar> (L!)
[02:22] <The named BOSS> (NOOOOOOOOOOO)
[02:22] <TBOO-Y> (Cause I can fly... I can fly... I can FLYYYYYY ewidudhns!)
[02:22] <Graviatar> (grin) 
[02:22] <ArenaCloser1337> *pushes aqua out of the tragectory of the ac bullet*
[02:22] <The named BOSS> (NO MORE GREEK pentadecagonET
[02:22] <The named BOSS> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[02:22] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Im ok...
[02:23] <The named BOSS> *grev fires an ac bullet at aqua*
[02:23] <Graviatar> AND GUARDIAN Y
[02:23] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: Aqua, avoid it!
[02:23] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Wings block the AC bullet*
[02:23] <Ursuul> god so tired
[02:23] <Ursuul> need
[02:23] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine takes no damage*
[02:23] <Ursuul> schleep
[02:23] <Ursuul> night lads
[02:24] <Tacocat247> (Bye Yursool
[02:24] <TBOO-Y> (Bye) 
[02:24] <The named BOSS> *it tears a hole in one of the wings, but does no other damage*
[02:24] <Tacocat247> 'The wing instantly regenerate*
[02:25] <The named BOSS> (taacoooooo)
[02:25] <Tacocat247> (waaaaaaaat)
[02:25] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X attacks Grevious*
[02:25] <The named BOSS> (remember the no too op things?)
[02:25] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar Y helps Trickster X*
[02:25] <Tacocat247> (AC bullets)
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> (rest)
[02:26] <ZathusTheMageV> (stand)
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> (rekt*)
[02:26] <Tacocat247> (And also the wings are not combined with Aquamarines health, so any damage you do to them, they dont happen to the wings)
[02:26] <Tacocat247> (or Aquamarine)
[02:26] <ArenaCloser1337> (Hurry, I gtg soon)
[02:26] <Tacocat247> (Tis k)
[02:26] <TBOO-Y> (I can fly...)
[02:27] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Grevious!
[02:27] <The named BOSS> (fine)
[02:27] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Grevious, die.
[02:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: Don't worry, trickster, I got you covered!
[02:27] <The named BOSS> *grevious throws a sticky bomb at trickster X, and it hits, and explodes, knocking them to the ground*
[02:28] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: ARE YOU OK!???
[02:29] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Yeah, both of us are ok,
[02:29] <TBOO-Y> (typing LAGGGGGGGG)
[02:29] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar Y uses all of his attack to beat up grevious*
[02:29] <TBOO-Y> *So does Trickster X
[02:30] <The named BOSS> *grevious falls to the ground*
[02:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: ...
[02:30] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: ...!
[02:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: We did it!
[02:31] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: We didnt
[02:31] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Remember
[02:31] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Grevious has clones
[02:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: Oh, right...
[02:31] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: But the good thing is we got 12 out of 37.
[02:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar Y: Clones are weak, though
[02:31] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Yeah,
[02:31] <The named BOSS> *grevious gets up slowly, one leg is busted, 1 metal arm is torn off*
[02:31] <TBOO-Y> Trickster X: GET HIM!
[02:32] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Fires at Grevious*
[02:32] <ArenaCloser1337> *Grevious gets beat up by Blazar Y*
[02:32] <TBOO-Y> Xyv Wdygrfhejk: HELLLLLO---- tHEreeeeeeeeeeeY
[02:32] <Tacocat247> (Nu)
[02:33] <The named BOSS> *grevious does the whole buring up 'oh no its a robot' thing*
[02:33] <ArenaCloser1337> (No, just no)
[02:33] <TBOO-Y> (Ok)
[02:33] <The named BOSS> (totally not stolen from robo X)
[02:33] <TBOO-Y> (>:()
[02:34] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I think we did it...
[02:34] <The named BOSS> *but...*
[02:34] <ArenaCloser1337> NO "BUT"
[02:34] <ArenaCloser1337> just no
[02:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Ain't nobody got time for that
[02:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Aquamarine...
[02:35] <The named BOSS> Robot grevious: The real is *fzt* MOre powerrr...r full than... you can... *BOOM*
[02:35] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Yes Blazar?
[02:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I lo-
[02:35] <TBOO-Y> (🥓🥓🥓)
[02:35] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Oh my god...
[02:35] <ArenaCloser1337> *the explosion occured*
[02:36] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: ....
[02:36] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: Blazar, say it again
[02:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: It was a robot?
[02:36] <ZathusTheMageV> *BOSS tells Taco wings cant regenerate cuz its OP*
[02:36] <ZathusTheMageV> *Makes his entire battle done by a robot after having it go on for upward of thirty minutes*
[02:36] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I told you
[02:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Uhh...
[02:37] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster X: CLONE
[02:37] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar bushes*
[02:37] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Giggles*
[02:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I
[02:38] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Yes?
[02:38] <TBOO-Y> *The Trickster slams self into an Alpha Piano
[02:38] <Tacocat247> (Piano?_
[02:38] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar struggles to say it*
[02:38] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: It's OK... You can say it...
[02:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I
[02:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Looooo
[02:39] <TBOO-Y> Trickster: :D
[02:39] <The named BOSS> *explosions in distance*
[02:39] <Tacocat247> (Your ruining the moment BOSS)
[02:39] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Ve
[02:39] <Tacocat247> (Just saying)
[02:39] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: ...
[02:39] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Yoo[small]ooooo[verysmall]ooou
[02:40] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Stays still*
[02:40] <ArenaCloser1337> *Faints*
[02:40] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: BLAZAR!???
[02:40] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: ARE YOU OK!??
[02:40] <ArenaCloser1337> (Too much pressure)
[02:40] <ArenaCloser1337> Oh no...I gtg
[02:40] <Tacocat247> (bye) 
[02:40] <ArenaCloser1337> bye
[02:41] <ZathusTheMageV> Bai AC (-^_^-)
[02:41] <The named BOSS> (bye) 
[02:41] <The named BOSS> (yes) 
[02:41] <Tacocat247> (Lets finish the RP sometime tommorrow)
[02:41] <The named BOSS> (yes) 
[02:41] <Tacocat247> (So AC knows whats going on)
[02:41] <Tacocat247> /announce RP END!
[02:41] <Tacocat247> and there goes 2 hours of my life xD
[02:41] <ZathusTheMageV> I like how Binding of Isaac went from taking 4 seconds to finish updating to 12 seconds.
[02:41] <TBOO-Y> Lol
[02:42] <Tacocat247> I will be in chat less tommorrow
[02:42] <ZathusTheMageV> Now its choosing random numbers between 1 and 10 as the loading bar doesn't move
[02:42] <Tacocat247> Playing undertale xD
[02:42] <TBOO-Y> Cool what part are you on
[02:42] <Graviatar> cool
[02:42] <Tacocat247> Just got it
[02:42] <Graviatar> I'm making secret tanks for ToD
[02:42] <Tacocat247> Going in blind
[02:42] <ZathusTheMageV> I beat Undertale back when it was actually a thing.
[02:42] <Tacocat247> Know nothing about it
[02:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Multiple paths
[02:43] <ZathusTheMageV> I wont say anything then
[02:43] <Graviatar> I gave up when I can't defeat asgore
[02:43] <Graviatar> :(
[02:43] <ZathusTheMageV> GRAV
[02:43] <ZathusTheMageV> YOURE SPOILING
[02:43] <Tacocat247> Le me not understand xD
[02:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Asgore wasn't TOO bad anyway
[02:43] <Graviatar> He was hard for me
[02:43] <Tacocat247> Btw, i play bullet hell games
[02:43] <ZathusTheMageV> But shhh
[02:43] <Graviatar> xl
[02:43] <Tacocat247> :3
[02:43] <Tacocat247> Bullet Hell is fun
[02:43] <Graviatar> I suck at that
[02:44] <Tacocat247> I am excellent at it
[02:44] <Graviatar> even Omega Flowey is easy to you eh?
[02:44] <ZathusTheMageV> Then you'll be good at UT
[02:44] <ZathusTheMageV> SHHHHHH
[02:44] <ZathusTheMageV> GRAV
[02:44] <Graviatar> opps
[02:44] <ZathusTheMageV> akgfi7wf
[02:44] <Tacocat247> Im going in blind
[02:44] <Tacocat247> idk anything ._.
[02:44] <Graviatar> ignore 
[02:44] <Graviatar> me
[02:44] <ZathusTheMageV> Well
[02:44] <Tacocat247> tis k
[02:44] <Graviatar> Omega flowey is a hoax
[02:45] <ZathusTheMageV> Not helping
[02:45] <Tacocat247> Alpha Flower
[02:45] <ZathusTheMageV> Nice I crashed BoI
[02:45] <Tacocat247> Is flower a misspell?
[02:45] <Graviatar> haha
[02:45] <Tacocat247> *Flowey xD
[02:45] <ZathusTheMageV> Maybe idk
[02:45] <Graviatar> idk
[02:45] <Graviatar> it's a cute name
[02:45] <Graviatar> though... well..
[02:45] <ZathusTheMageV> Grav can suck at spelling sometimes ;)
[02:45] <Tacocat247> I mean, its lot ill see it at the beginning at the game
[02:45] <ZathusTheMageV> *nudges Grav*
[02:45] <Graviatar> *Punches Zathsu*
[02:45] <Tacocat247> Ill laugh if i do
[02:46] <ZathusTheMageV> :(
[02:46] <TBOO-Y> Hi I'm Flower the Flowey lol
[02:46] <Graviatar> *The punch was made of cotten candy*
[02:46] <Graviatar> *Cotton*
[02:46] <Graviatar> God damn it
[02:46] <Tacocat247> COTTOn
[02:46] <Graviatar> I just type quickly and misspell stuff that way
[02:47] <Tacocat247>
[02:47] <Graviatar> we know -_-
[02:47] <Tacocat247> ik uk
[02:47] <TBOO-Y> But then guess what happens next...🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓 BACON
[02:47] <Tacocat247> EGGS
[02:47] <Tacocat247> (heavybob)
[02:48] <ZathusTheMageV> Coming to a dank river valley near you
[02:48] <Tacocat247> Heavybob is best emote
[02:48] <Tacocat247> (heavybob)(heavybob)(heavybob)(heavybob)(heavybob)
[02:48] <Graviatar> :(
[02:48] <ZathusTheMageV> I cant even see it
[02:48] <ZathusTheMageV> So eh
[02:48] <Tacocat247> refresh
[02:48] <The named BOSS> same here
[02:48] <Graviatar> I am Iron Pan
[02:48] <Tacocat247> I-Pad
[02:49] <Graviatar> frying up some enemies with my hand
[02:49] <TBOO-Y> The sun is a deadly lazar
[02:49] <Graviatar> you're a deadly lazor
[02:49] <The named BOSS> (yes) (rage) (troll) (timestostop) (heavybob) are best
[02:50] <TBOO-Y> Not anymore there's a blanket
[02:50] <The named BOSS> (rage) 
[02:50] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[02:50] <TBOO-Y> Bye
[02:50] <The named BOSS> [giant] (rage) 
[02:50] <The named BOSS> nooo
[02:50] <The named BOSS> bye
[02:50] <The named BOSS> no giant rage?!
[02:51] <Tacocat247> (happy)
[02:51] <Tacocat247> (hitler77) 
[02:51] <The named BOSS> (grin) 
[02:51] <Tacocat247> (grin2) 
[02:51] <The named BOSS> bye
[02:51] <The named BOSS> gtg bai
[02:52] <ZathusTheMageV> Bai BOSS (-^_^-)
[02:53] <Tacocat247> Hey Zath
[02:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Yes, Taco?
[02:53] <ZathusTheMageV> 
[02:53] <Tacocat247>
[02:54] <ZathusTheMageV> Ay its Kaleido
[02:56] <Tacocat247>
[02:58] <Tacocat247> gtg
[02:58] <ZathusTheMageV> Cya Taco :3
[03:09] <SuperRobot9338> I expanded the theme a bit
[03:09] <SuperRobot9338>
[03:14] <ZathusTheMageV> Noice
[03:17] <SuperRobot9338> Kinda…spacy
[03:18] <SuperRobot9338> You could defnitily build on this.
[03:36] <ZathusTheMageV> SR -_-
[03:36] <ZathusTheMageV> This may sound stupid to ask
[03:36] <ZathusTheMageV> But are you 'Dat Banana' on SC.
[03:36] <ZathusTheMageV> They liked one of my tracks right after Ursuul did, and I know your thing for bananas.
[03:40] <ZathusTheMageV> Summoner just needs 4 more plays, and it hits 1k. :D
[03:41] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL. And the 'city' thats played The Summoner the most is named Concepcion, which sounds eerily similar to Conception.
[03:42] <SuperRobot9338> ye im dat banana
[03:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[03:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Figured so...
[03:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Summoner should be the first to hit 1k plays.
[03:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Then Guardian X.
[03:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Since it has 863 rn
[03:53] <ZathusTheMageV> So nobody is there then
[04:22] <Graviatar> back
[04:22] <SuperRobot9338> Canada Day greetings have begun!
[04:22] <SuperRobot9338> Now only $10 per greeting!
[04:22] <SuperRobot9338> (KAPPA) 
[04:23] <Graviatar> Nope
[04:24] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome back, Gravi.
[04:24] <Graviatar> Thank you kind sir
[04:25] <Graviatar> so
[04:25] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[04:25] <Graviatar> hi :p
[04:25] <SuperRobot9338> jk the greetings are free
[04:25] <Graviatar> Thought so :P
[04:29] <ZathusTheMageV> "Canada is sorry we made you think the greetings are not free"
[04:30] <Graviatar> Canada's flag is just as interesting as watching a maple leaf grow on a tree.
[04:31] <ZathusTheMageV> "China was a hoax created by China"
[04:31] <Graviatar> uh
[04:31] <Graviatar> xD
[04:38] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[04:58] <ItzDracius> ...
[04:59] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Dracius.
[04:59] <ItzDracius> Hey.
[05:00] <SuperRobot9338> hey
[05:00] <SuperRobot9338> I'm doing canada day greetings now
[05:01] <ItzDracius> I have 1 more day left before I have classes.
[05:09] <SuperRobot9338> woag
[06:02] <FallenBooster> what happened to the theme?
[06:03] <FallenBooster> some event or something?
[06:03] <Teamerz> ya
[06:03] <Teamerz> happi canada day
[06:04] <FallenBooster> o
[06:09] <AM Waves> Some event?
[06:10] <AM Waves> It's for that then.
[06:10] <Teamerz> ya
[06:35] <IceTudor> i bet we have to impresss canadians or some shit
[06:35] <IceTudor> so im trying my best ehre
[06:35] <IceTudor> as you can see
[06:35] <IceTudor> OOOOOH
[06:35] <IceTudor> i never knew about canada day
[06:35] <IceTudor> mk then
[06:35] <IceTudor> LARGGG
[06:37] <IceTudor> ARGHH
[06:37] <IceTudor> GO TO LANGUFU-
[06:37] <IceTudor> oh
[06:37] <IceTudor> well surprizingly the lag is gone
[06:37] <IceTudor> oh nope its back
[06:37] <IceTudor> and gone again
[06:37] <IceTudor> nope its back
[06:37] <IceTudor> why 
[06:37] <IceTudor> is this some sick kind of torture?
[06:37] <Teamerz> you dont need to write everything that goes past in your head
[06:38] <IceTudor> gtg
[06:38] <AM Waves> Now that was weird...
[06:38] <AM Waves> Was that a Keyboard Seizure?
[06:46] <Gar161809> hello Teamerz
[06:46] <Teamerz> hi
[06:47] <Gar161809> [c="lime"] this should be green
[06:47] <Gar161809> [rainbow] this should be rainbow
[06:48] <Gar161809> [bigtext] this should be big text
[06:48] <AM Waves> Hi Gar161809.
[06:48] <AM Waves> [big]This works though.
[06:48] <Gar161809> [jumbotext] test
[06:48] <AM Waves> It's [ big ] not [bigtext]
[06:49] <Gar161809> [big][c="grey"][shadow="red"] thanks
[06:50] <AM Waves> [font="Trebuchet MS"]Test.
[06:50] <AM Waves> Trebuchet MS.
[06:50] <Teamerz> bee-r-bee
[06:50] <AM Waves> [font="Trebuchet MS"]Trebuchet MS.
[06:51] <AM Waves> Arial.
[06:51] <AM Waves> [font="Courier New"][b]Courier New.
[06:51] <Gar161809> [c="red"] D̶̡́i̵͕͐͗e̴̡͌p̶̩͔̍.̷͚̓̂e̸̟̘̍x̵̠͝ę̸̚
[06:52] <AM Waves> [glitch]Test
[06:52] <Teamerz> water you doing
[06:52] <AM Waves> Lava, not water.
[06:52] <Teamerz> [font="Castellar"]oh okay then
[06:52] <Gar161809> use this for glitch text:
[06:52] <AM Waves> [corrupt]This?
[06:53] <Gar161809> h̸a̴p̶p̶y̷ ̵1̶5̸0̴ ̷c̶a̷n̵a̵d̸a̵
[06:54] <AM Waves> Y̶̢͊ö̶̮̥ǘ̶̧̦ ̵̫͂ẁ̶̜̝í̵̱ͅl̴̫̉l̷̡͗ ̷͔̈́b̶͇̓ẹ̴̏͘ ̶̗̲̈́̍ḑ̸͠e̴̠͛a̷̰͊͐ḓ̵͇͑ ̷̡̗̈́̍i̸̜̪̅n̷̫̠͌ ̸͖̞̌s̸̘̜͌͋e̸͎̔c̶͉̠͐o̴͇͛n̷̨̥͆d̵͇̈́s̴̩̈́̕.̵̘͒ ̸̰̅̎G̸̘̲͐͆o̷͔̔o̴̢̚d̴̲̻̔ ̸̢̩͗B̸̡͈͌y̶̭͇̿e̷̮͊.̴͙̕͘
[06:54] <Gar161809> d̷̢̢̨̢̹͎̗̞͙͉̬̰̥͉̬͙̦̮̝̥̰͓͇͇̰̮̰͕̬̙̜̙͙͎̣̲͈̹͙͕͕̦̮̤͇͓̗̣̰̿̋͂̓̂̔̅͜͜e̷̢̨̦̻͚͍͎̰̣̭̘̓͋ṛ̶̛̛̛̙̫̯͋̆͗̓́̆̀̋̉̈́̌̅̔̒́̑̀͌̓͌͌͆͋̌͐̇͋̃̊͐̆͛̐̿͂͂̅̇͆͑̕͝͝͝͝͠p̴̧̨̨̨̧̡̨̧͙͉̞̤̟̭̰̤̩̣̤̝̫͉͈̣͖̟̜̟̯̞̬͎̲͎̦͕̜̓͊͋̀̃̔̌͛́͂͜͜͝
[06:54] <Gar161809> a̶̢̧̧̢̧̡̡̧̨̢̨̢̡̢̢̨̛̛̛̛̳̬̪̲͉̰̩̦̮̼̖̠͓̙̫̭̤̘̻̦̹̝̯̰͈̺̱̠̺̻̖̹͙̙̮͍̠̯͓̣̺͕͕̖̟̝̗̲̗̮̮̦̳͚̙̯̞̗͍̲̣̠̫̲̯͔͎̙̲̝͙̜̺̰̲͉̳̦͈̱̤̯̹͖̬̰̤̤̞̮͙̟͙̙̜͕͉̣̜͙̱̣̜̠̗̩̰͇̟̹̝͓͚͉̥͇̲̖͖̺̭̖͕̰͍͉̱̰̹̦͔̪̥̠͔̅̈́̑̍͗͐̾͌̌͋̐̊̍̂̃̓̑̐͊͋̈̋̂͌̊̇̇̄̇̎̂̆̂́̑̎͋̎͌̑̓̀̾̒̊̔̌̌͛̑̏̏͊̍͂̉̍́̍̎͒̓̈́̂̅́̒̆͑͛̋̈͑͊̑͒̇̂́̊͊͐̌̚͘̚͘͜͜͜͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅ
[06:55] <AM Waves> [font="Wingdings"]Test.
[06:55] <AM Waves> Oh, it works.
[06:55] <Gar161809> s̶̢̡̡̧̢̨̛̬̜̗̪̖͖̟͖͎̩̞̟͖̞͉̩̺̼̫͚̬̲̭̯̠̻̼̭͉̳͖͚̜̭͇̙̭͇̝̦̼̻̲̜̣̝̹͚͓̈́͆͋̽͛́̌͂͌̀̉̒̎̔̀̂́͐͒̀̐͛̓̅͜͠ͅớ̷̞̪͙͕̹͎̤̗̦̮̯͇̑̂̐͋̓̓̑̀̀̊̏̿̍͆͗͐̋̓̓̚̕̚͘͠͝͝͠ ̸̭̭̥̖̼̌̑̈́͗͜͝m̸͍̲̻͙̱̠̳̬͖̜̱̩͈͍̙̹̦͍͓̖̼̒̇̈̇̑̈̑̆̒͒̓̐͗̆͆͋̒̃͒͑͌̌̕̕̚͜͜͝͠ų̷̛̛̹̺̯͚͉̙̪̬̱̗̗̤͙͎̮̱̮̬̝͎̊̇̔̋̂̎͑̄̔̔̀͑̆̈̓̓̀̕͜͜͜͝ͅç̸̨̢̛̛͔͕̭͎̦̺̞͕̖̬̻̺͎̱̞̗͎̥̜͗̈̀̓̽̔̿̓̏̾̿̏̎̀̅͐̀̌̈́̀̃̊̏͗̇̓́̀̇͐̓̌̒̌̏̈͛̈́̚͘͘͘͝ḩ̶̢̡̢̡̮͇̣͔͚̠̹̩̦͇̯̘̣̻̘͕̻̞̪͕̦̼̻̟̼̱̲͔̟̩͈͇̬̙̙̖̦̖̬̞̱̯̲̥̤͋̐́̀͆̀̀̓̽̈́͂͜ͅ ̷̧̢̛̣̣̬̬̯̙͚̠̥̲͊̈́̓̔̔͑̅̑͆̋͒̐͛̉̈́̔̃͒̓̅̈́͂͗̀̀̍̆͂̈̕̚͝͠ĝ̴̨̨̨̮͈̰̬̜̼̩͖͚͙̥̹̤̦̰̙̘̟̯̩͍̳̘̙͈̮͓͔͉̰̜̠͕̹̺̟̮̺͙͍̞̤̬͖̱̤͎̮̝̜͉̼̞̹̽̒͐͌̐͜ͅl̷̢̢̡̧̢̢̛̥̹̬̲̮͕̦̠̮͙̠̹͓̺̹̲̦̲̮̙̤̘̤̺̠͎̞̺͎̱̙̲̘̳͕͓̙̿͑͗̈́͐̌̄̓̎̉̋̐̑̈́͒͒̈́͂͐̅͜͠͠͠ͅi̷̡̧̡̧̨̛̭͓͓̱̖̙̳̲̝͎̪͚̹̫͉̗͇̤͚͚̫͖̳̹̜̘̱͕͙͓̿̿̅̓̏̽͆̆̀̍̏̆̈̀̃͛̿͐̈́̆̿͗̍̋̀̓̏̐̚͜͜͜ͅͅt̵͓̼̫̘̭̂̉͛̈̐̑̂̆́̈́͠͝c̶̢̢̛̛̲̻̠͚̘͍̺̤̠̬͔͔̖̞̼̙̩͕̝̬̼̦̺̪̪̮͔̲̹͍͖̠͙͓̋̊̓̊͊̇̑̅͗̀̅̓͑̂̐̃̊͘̕͜ͅͅͅḥ̷̜̫̲͍͓̫̯͎̣̦͕͈̭͔̀̾͑͊́̃̎̐͗̀̎͂̒͗̊͊͑̀̽̌͋͌͊̇̍͝͠͝
[06:57] <Gar161809> h̸̎͊ͅt̸͔͔̳̟̿̄͆̈̂͊̍̽̈̑͜͜t̴̢͍̝̯̠̐p̴͎̑̂̀̒̚̕:̶̨̩͖̓̈́̆̽͠͝͠/̵̟̱̜͕̈́̿̉͒̏͝͠/̴̳̙̫̩͙̙̮̟̿d̵̞̎͜͝i̵͕̥̣̺͗̐ê̵̫̯͎̾̒p̷̢̨̲̻̺͍̣̠͌̓͑͝i̶̺̯̲̗͓̬͑͊̄ő̶̧̪̩̻̩͙͙̪̠̽͆͌̓̀̃̌͝.̴̧͉͔̱͖̯͑̈́̐̽̿̔ẅ̸͚͈͔̱́̊ͅĩ̸̗͇̬̰̣͎̜̓͌͋̈́̽̚̚͠k̴̅̒̉̿͒ͅi̵̛͕̒̅̏͊͋̿͐͆â̵̘̥͓̠͔̯.̸͔̪̗͕̜̙̇̌́̎̾͐̚ç̸̨̠̜̌̄́o̷͈̟̦̰͉̔̒͑͋̀͆͜m̵̜̖͎͉̰̪̿́̿̑̔̐̍/̵̬̭̟͊̌̑̑̄͆̍̈́̈̕w̵̭͉̚i̷̛͉̘̼̳̗͍͐̄k̶̰̃̃͑̃̾̏̚į̶͖̠̫̜͉͒̿̕/̸̧̥͍͓̖̓͘T̷̺͇̘̼̖̯̩̓̒̆̎͜h̸̢̜̤͚̭̤̝͇̀͋̒͘̚r̶̛̮̣̣͍͈̤̫̎̚͠ë̶̛̛͖͙̠̪̩̣́́̈́̋͝͠a̶͔͓͈͎̾̑̈̂̏̽̓̍͜͝ḑ̷̺̲̹͔̤͕̫́͑̄̽̽̆͗̊͜͝͠:̷̦̳̥̞̰̇́̾͋́͘͘͠1̷͔̭̽̂͌̃̇1̸̡̩̯̠̽̑̔͆͗́̈́̓̒͝2̴̰̹͈̟̟̦̩̯̯̀͑̕7̵̙͠4̸̣̝͈̞͓͖͚̙̝̈́̊͝ͅ6̵͚̝̯̝̻͙̹̯͙̃̆
[06:57] <AM Waves> Z҉̸a͜l̷g̸̨o͝ ̛͡als̨o ́̕͝wǫ͡r̀ks͟͞.̀͠
[06:57] <Teamerz> stahp.
[06:57] <Gar161809> non glitch: [[Thread:112746]]
[06:57] <IceTudor> back
[06:57] <IceTudor> wtf
[06:57] <IceTudor> ...
[06:57] <IceTudor> zalgo is actually banned in theese diep chats
[06:57] <IceTudor> sooo
[06:57] <IceTudor> temz
[06:57] <Teamerz> hice
[06:57] <IceTudor> y'call me hydrogen ice
[06:58] <Teamerz> y'not
[06:58] <Gar161809> what is zalgo?
[06:59] <IceTudor> that glitchy text
[06:59] <Gar161809> why is it banned?
[06:59] <IceTudor> because its spam
[07:00] <Gar161809> why is it spam?
[07:00] <Teamerz> its useless and takes up more space than it should
[07:00] <Gar161809> ok ill stop
[07:01] <Gar161809> wait a minute... The guardian of the pentagons is chasing me!!! 
[07:01] <Gar161809> gtg
[07:02] <IceTudor> is guardians of the pentagon a nickname for his mom?
[07:02] <IceTudor> or something
[07:02] <IceTudor> gtg
[07:08] <Teamerz> or maybe hes just playing
[07:08] <Teamerz> .______.
[07:10] <AM Waves> That was not normal at all.
[07:10] <TBOO-Y> I'm back
[07:11] <Type: Sparky> :D
[07:11] <Type: Sparky> :D
[07:11] <Type: Sparky> :D
[07:11] <Type: Sparky> I'm bacj
[07:11] <Type: Sparky> BACK
[07:11] <Teamerz> hi
[07:11] <AM Waves> Hi.
[07:11] <TBOO-Y> In your opinion, which is the hardest boss? It will depend on which tank you like to use
[07:12] <Type: Sparky> Fallen Booster
[07:12] <Type: Sparky> Don't care what tank I'm usig
[07:12] <Type: Sparky> USING
[07:12] <Type: Sparky> It is literally the most aggressive boss
[07:12] <TBOO-Y> Summoner, cuz I usually use Overlord for FFA or whatever
[07:12] <Teamerz> fallen booster, hes the only one i cant kill with ranger/stalker
[07:12] <TBOO-Y> Fallen Booster is pretty hard cuz it's speed 
[07:13] <TBOO-Y> Lol
[07:13] <TBOO-Y> Fallen Bosster vs Fallen Overlord 
[07:14] <TBOO-Y> Hello world
[07:14] <AM Waves> The thing about Fallen Booster is, it has both Bullet strength and Speed.
[07:15] <TBOO-Y> It has high Bullet Pen but basically no damage so I'm not sure
[07:15] <TBOO-Y> Triplet could work well against a Fallen Booster
[07:15] <TBOO-Y> Any tank that has good recoil and damage will work, like Hybrid
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> Or you could just attack it with back guns
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> Like Fighter
[07:16] <Teamerz> triplet?
[07:16] <Teamerz> work well?
[07:16] <Teamerz> on its own i say it has no hopes of survival
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> It can recoil so the Fallen Booster doesn't reach it while it spams bullets
[07:16] <TBOO-Y> Ok, maybe not Triplet,
[07:16] <Teamerz> the only good tank against fallen booster in 1v1 is the booster, with a bullet build
[07:16] <Type: Sparky> XD
[07:17] <Type: Sparky> That is funny
[07:17] <TBOO-Y> And Fighter
[07:17] <Teamerz> booster has more recoil and more barrels shooting from behind
[07:17] <TBOO-Y> Maybe the Hybrid could work
[07:17] <TBOO-Y> True
[07:17] <Teamerz> i highly doubt that
[07:17] <AM Waves> Mega Trapper actually works quite well.
[07:18] <TBOO-Y> Here's the problem, the Fallen Booster is stupid and aggressive, so Mega Trapper would be amazing
[07:18] <TBOO-Y> ...
[07:18] <AM Waves> I managed to Deplete it's HP to 1/10 with 8 Traps.
[07:18] <FallenBooster> ok
[07:18] <TBOO-Y> Damn, that's awesome
[07:19] <Type: Sparky> what is funny
[07:19] <TBOO-Y> Also, the Fighter would be effective alongside the Booster. You know why?
[07:19] <Type: Sparky> is that we're thinking of ways to kill @FallenBooster
[07:20] <Type: Sparky> why do you have to be the only boss in chat
[07:20] <Type: Sparky> >:(
[07:20] <TBOO-Y> I outraced a Fallen Booster with a freaking Tri-Angle
[07:20] <AM Waves> Eh.
[07:20] <AM Waves> Level 30 Triangle with Max Reload and Mov. Speed is quite fast.
[07:21] <TBOO-Y> The level 30 Triangle is faster than a Booster cuz lower level
[07:21] <TBOO-Y> So....
[07:21] <TBOO-Y> I was lucky?
[07:21] <TBOO-Y> lol
[07:22] <Type: Sparky> the level 45 tri-angle is slower than the level 45 booster
[07:22] <Type: Sparky> @fELLENbESTER good job surviving this long m8
[07:24] <TBOO-Y> Yeah lol
[07:25] <TBOO-Y> Who wants Mothership Gamemode back?
[07:25] <TBOO-Y> Me
[07:25] <TBOO-Y> :D
[07:26] <TBOO-Y> Everything Zeach removed was good
[07:26] <TBOO-Y> Mega Smasher... Ball... I was lucky to experience the Mounted Turret, it was awesome...
[07:27] <Teamerz> tboo-y
[07:27] <Teamerz> booster would still be more effective
[07:28] <TBOO-Y> ?
[07:28] <Teamerz> besides AM, if you put both fallen booster and a mega trapper in a 1v1, the fallen booster is gonna destroy the mega trapper
[07:29] <TBOO-Y> Yes I'm I wasn't talking about them being strong against bosses
[07:29] <TBOO-Y> I was talking about how Zeach didn't need to remove those
[07:29] <TBOO-Y> They were fun
[07:29] <TBOO-Y> Maybe next update readd
[07:29] <TBOO-Y> No updates for a while
[07:35] <Gar161809> im back
[07:36] <TBOO-Y> Hi
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> Who here likes Necromancer?
[07:59] <TBOO-Y> Me
[08:02] <Teamerz> *awkward silence*
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> *demonic silence*
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> >:)
[08:02] <TBOO-Y> Muahahhaha I have defied the Intredistrict once again and he doesn't even know
[08:04] <TBOO-Y> Gneshkjnd
[08:08] <TBOO-Y> Brb
[08:21] <TBOO-Y> I'm back
[08:22] <Teamerz> im front
[08:26] <AM Waves> Back.
[08:26] <AM Waves> Violin'd.
[08:43] <AM Waves> Chat died.
[08:43] <AM Waves> Demonic Silence.
[08:50] <TBOO-Y> I'm middle
[08:53] <The Tidal Wave> Hi everyone
[08:53] <AM Waves> Hello.
[08:53] <The Tidal Wave> Happy Canada day
[08:53] <TBOO-Y> Hi
[08:53] <The Tidal Wave> (3 days later)
[08:53] <ItzDracius> IF U LOVE ME LET ME GO
[08:53] <The Tidal Wave> MURICA MURICA MURICA
[08:53] <TBOO-Y> NO NO NO NO
[08:53] <The Tidal Wave> jk
[08:54] <TBOO-Y> lol
[08:54] <TBOO-Y> What's your highest score? Mine is very low XD
[08:54] <AM Waves> July 4th?
[08:54] <The Tidal Wave> Yes.
[08:54] <ItzDracius> have u heard of the pacquiao fight?
[08:54] <The Tidal Wave> 3 days later.
[08:54] <The Tidal Wave> No, drac.
[08:54] <AM Waves> American Liberation day huh?
[08:54] <TBOO-Y> 167k
[08:54] <AM Waves> Mine is 1.8 M.
[08:55] <TBOO-Y> WOOOOW Zhou are skilled
[08:55] <TBOO-Y> you*
[08:55] <The Tidal Wave> I never got to 100k
[08:55] <Teamerz> oh hi
[08:55] <Teamerz> on my side i got 250k with a good amount of tanks
[08:55] <TBOO-Y> You should do a 1v1 with Corrupt X or Snapwing AM Waves lol
[08:55] <Teamerz> dunno wat my best score is tho
[08:55] <Teamerz> tboo-y
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> ?
[08:56] <Teamerz> score isnt wat determines skill tho
[08:56] <Teamerz> score only determines skill in one case
[08:56] <Teamerz> which is adasba.
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> Well, that is true until the 500k mark
[08:56] <Teamerz> no
[08:56] <Teamerz> you can be afk farming for 3 hours and get 500k 
[08:56] <TBOO-Y> 1m takes skill, ok?
[08:56] <Teamerz> adasba got 10m.
[08:56] <The Tidal Wave> WHAT
[08:56] <Teamerz> or was it 9
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> No, that's not true
[08:57] <Teamerz> ya it is
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> world record is 6.4 m
[08:57] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[08:57] <Teamerz> tboo-y
[08:57] <TBOO-Y> look at my comment
[08:57] <Teamerz> thats because adasba doesnt record
[08:57] <Teamerz> thats why no one cared about his score
[08:57] <Teamerz> but he did get 9-10m.
[08:57] <Teamerz> whatever you choose to believe, doesnt change he got scored that.
[08:58] <TBOO-Y> so how do you know he got it 
[08:58] <TBOO-Y> snapshot?
[08:58] <Teamerz> no ._.
[08:58] <TBOO-Y> pic?
[08:58] <Teamerz> no
[08:58] <Teamerz> ._.
[08:58] <Teamerz> ever heard of multiplayer?
[08:58] <TBOO-Y> You are a lucky person, m8
[08:58] <AM Waves> You were there?
[08:59] <TBOO-Y> never would have guessed u saw the Drone God Adasba, but cool
[08:59] <TBOO-Y> thats an AWESOME score
[08:59] <Teamerz> bro dozens of persons saw him
[08:59] <TBOO-Y> yes ik
[08:59] <TBOO-Y> its pretty obvious
[08:59] <The Tidal Wave> Drone god?
[08:59] <TBOO-Y> right there smack on the leaderboard, but yeah that was one server so... yeah a bunch
[09:00] <TBOO-Y> Adasba is a DRONE LEGEND
[09:00] <Teamerz> so tboo-y,
[09:00] <The Tidal Wave> I can't drone.
[09:00] <Teamerz> you know where you can put your world record
[09:00] <Teamerz> no offense .3.
[09:00] <TBOO-Y> ?
[09:00] <ItzDracius> ...
[09:00] <TBOO-Y> where
[09:00] <TBOO-Y> (lol jk)
[09:00] <The Tidal Wave> To be fair
[09:01] <TBOO-Y> What
[09:01] <The Tidal Wave> The only classes i can use properly
[09:01] <Teamerz> besides, like i said,
[09:02] <Teamerz> score doesnt show skill
[09:02] <The Tidal Wave> are Octo-Tank and Auto 5
[09:02] <Teamerz> other than adasba, of course
[09:02] <TBOO-Y> Once you reach 1m that takes some skill
[09:02] <Teamerz> not really.
[09:02] <Teamerz> you could be using octo tank and be farming for 10 hours
[09:02] <Teamerz> i could farm for 20 hours if i wanted to.
[09:02] <TBOO-Y> And you are forgetting
[09:02] <AM Waves> Well.
[09:02] <AM Waves> No.
[09:03] <TBOO-Y> People will attack you and will try to kill you
[09:03] <AM Waves> I used Skimmer and I didn't far for 1.8M points.
[09:03] <Teamerz> yeah but in team gamemodes
[09:03] <AM Waves> *farm.
[09:03] <Teamerz> just roam around and do E + C
[09:03] <TBOO-Y> I'm obviously talking about FFA
[09:03] <Teamerz> and when someone comes nearby, run
[09:03] <AM Waves> I did it via Skimmer.
[09:03] <Teamerz> same with FFA.
[09:03] <AM Waves> So, I got it the hard way
[09:04] <TBOO-Y> 1m and you didn't run into a Booster once? Wow, nice luck
[09:04] <TBOO-Y> That's when you throw running to the wind
[09:04] <Teamerz> AM
[09:04] <Teamerz> how much time did it take you to get 1.8M points
[09:08] <The Tidal Wave> Ack.
[09:08] <The Tidal Wave> Lag
[09:10] <AM Waves> Oh.
[09:10] <AM Waves> Didn't see the message.
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> So how much time?
[09:10] <AM Waves> It took like 50 minutes of play, killed 3 enemy Top 10s.
[09:11] <TBOO-Y> cool
[09:11] <AM Waves> One even had 285K score, so when I killed him, it shortened the span.
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> Ummm dude if you kill a tank with over 23,450 score you will get 23,450 score
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> even if they have 3m or something
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> I think it's fair though
[09:12] <Teamerz> 1.8M in 50 minutes with skimmer..
[09:12] <TBOO-Y> If you cheap killed someone like Snapwing it wouldn't be fair you got all his points would it
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> That sounds fishy
[09:13] <Teamerz> yes but,
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> just in 50min...
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> what
[09:13] <AM Waves> No, I fought in the middle of the arena.
[09:13] <Teamerz> if you actually killed them legit
[09:13] <Teamerz> it would be a nice reward
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> True
[09:13] <TBOO-Y> Grey area
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> im dying nooo eyeghe
[09:14] <AM Waves> Legit, I killed via my missles and in the middle of the Arena.
[09:14] <AM Waves> I got some assist for some tanks, but I killed them.
[09:14] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[09:15] <The Tidal Wave> ack
[09:15] <TBOO-Y> I'm a baaa-NANANANAA
[09:15] <The Tidal Wave> lag
[09:15] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[09:15] <TBOO-Y> I got my 167k with a Hybrid...
[09:15] <TBOO-Y> im bad at died, ok?
[09:15] <TBOO-Y> diep*
[09:16] <The Tidal Wave> My mouse sucks
[09:16] <TBOO-Y> husk you autocorrect
[09:16] <Teamerz> i got 167k with ranger in 18m
[09:16] <AM Waves> My worst performance is in Sprayer. I am not so good with it.
[09:16] <TBOO-Y> Yeah... my run took about 23 min
[09:17] <Teamerz> 23mins and 167k?
[09:17] <Teamerz> with hybrid?
[09:17] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[09:17] <Teamerz> disappointed
[09:17] <TBOO-Y> I'm bad, ok
[09:18] <Teamerz> den u should train
[09:18] <TBOO-Y> >:(
[09:18] <TBOO-Y> ok
[09:18] <TBOO-Y> yeah ik
[09:18] <AM Waves> In 25 minutes of play time, I got 210 K with Sprayer, my worst so far.
[09:18] <AM Waves> You will beat with in a Sprayer vs Sprayer battle 90% chance.
[09:19] <Teamerz> do u want help training tboo-y
[09:19] <Teamerz> xD
[09:19] <AM Waves> Beat me.
[09:19] <The Tidal Wave> Geez
[09:19] <TBOO-Y> I'm mobile and in freaking China when I get back to America I will 1v1 you
[09:19] <AM Waves> I am actually worse with The Triplet.
[09:19] <AM Waves> I can't use iot for some reason.
[09:19] <Teamerz> u know wats a good counter to triplet and sprayer?
[09:20] <Teamerz> auto gunner
[09:20] <AM Waves> *it.
[09:20] <The Tidal Wave> I suck at diep.
[09:21] <The Tidal Wave> bc my mouse.
[09:21] <Teamerz> your mouse?
[09:21] <The Tidal Wave> yes.
[09:22] <AM Waves> The classes that I am good in are Sniper And Destroyer Tiers. (Sniper, Hunter and Trapper classes, Destroyer classes)
[09:22] <AM Waves> I am not as good in Drone Tanks.
[09:23] <The Tidal Wave> I can't aim.
[09:23] <TBOO-Y> I'm ok at Bullet Spammers and Drone classes
[09:23] <Teamerz> so your aim sucks or your mouse sucks?
[09:23] <AM Waves> I am also good with Twin branch.
[09:23] <The Tidal Wave> mouse.
[09:23] <The Tidal Wave> When i move, my mouse is immobile.
[09:24] <AM Waves> I am best in Destroyer and Trapper Branch.
[09:24] <The Tidal Wave> When i move mouse, i can't move tank body.
[09:24] <AM Waves> Next in Assassin and Hunter branch.
[09:24] <The Tidal Wave> This is why I can only Octo-tank or Auto 5.
[09:24] <AM Waves> Next in Twin branch.
[09:24] <AM Waves> Next in Smasher branch.
[09:24] <Teamerz> on my side i still dont get how people get kills with trappers
[09:24] <TBOO-Y> I HATE rammers
[09:24] <The Tidal Wave> I guess i'm decent in Skimmer and Factory
[09:25] <Teamerz> other than gunner trapper and auto trapper
[09:25] <The Tidal Wave> And Spike
[09:25] <The Tidal Wave> But that's it.
[09:25] <AM Waves> Worst in Machine Gun Branch and Triplet.
[09:25] <The Tidal Wave> But destroyer is part of Machine Gun.
[09:25] <TBOO-Y> I really hate rammers, they always kill me, except when I'm a Destroyer class or something
[09:25] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[09:25] <AM Waves> I am good in Destroyer Branch.
[09:25] <TBOO-Y> Hi
[09:25] <AM Waves> Not in Gunner, Machine Gun, Sprayer.
[09:26] <The Tidal Wave> I suck at drones except Factory.
[09:26] <AM Waves> Me too.
[09:26] <AM Waves> I use Factory wisely, I got 305 K score with it in 35 Minutes.
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> Who hates rammers
[09:27] <AM Waves> But, as I said, nothing can be my closer friend than Skimmer.
[09:27] <Teamerz> but once again like i said, score doesnt equal skill
[09:27] <AM Waves> I don't say skill.
[09:27] <TBOO-Y> I repeat, who hates rammers
[09:27] <Teamerz> meh not me
[09:27] <AM Waves> I don't hate them too much.
[09:27] <Teamerz> they are super easy to scare away
[09:28] <Teamerz> even with ranger
[09:28] <AM Waves> Not even with ranger, even with Basic Tanks, they run away.
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> Basically
[09:28] <Teamerz> basic tanks are easier to take care of rammers than rangers tho
[09:28] <TBOO-Y> Ba dum tiss
[09:28] <Teamerz> because rangers have way less reload
[09:28] <Teamerz> :|
[09:28] <Teamerz> and more bullet speed
[09:28] <AM Waves> I like Bullet build Booster and Fighter though.
[09:29] <TBOO-Y> Or just use a Hybrid or something
[09:29] <AM Waves> Basically, it has a pH of 50.
[09:29] <AM Waves> (laugh) 
[09:29] <Teamerz> u already made dat joke 3 times
[09:29] <AM Waves> Eh.
[09:29] <TBOO-Y> (heavy)
[09:30] <AM Waves> I never used Rammer build Destroyer or Twin Flank branches.
[09:31] <TBOO-Y> Bye
[09:31] <The Tidal Wave> byr
[09:31] <The Tidal Wave> bye*
[09:32] <Teamerz> bai
[09:33] <AM Waves> I mean, Flank.
[09:33] <AM Waves> Flank Guard.
[09:33] <Teamerz> i never use rammers.
[09:33] <Teamerz> period
[09:34] <AM Waves> I am not comfotable with Rammers.
[09:34] <Teamerz> i just find them boring tbh.
[09:34] <AM Waves> Eh.
[09:34] <AM Waves> It's better to fire bullets.
[09:36] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[09:36] <AM Waves> Wanna roll a round of
[09:36] <The Tidal Wave> nah
[09:36] <Teamerz> round of
[09:36] <Teamerz> wat
[09:36] <The Tidal Wave> playing sth else.
[09:37] <Skye Sim> Boo.
[09:37] <Teamerz> bs
[09:38] <Skye Sim> anyone?
[09:38] <AM Waves> Me.
[09:38] <Teamerz> wut kind of
[09:38] <The Tidal Wave> not me
[09:38] <AM Waves> Sandbox I suppose.
[09:38] <Teamerz> im out den
[09:39] <Skye Sim> Tag?
[09:39] <Teamerz> no links in tag
[09:39] <Skye Sim> O ye
[09:39] <Skye Sim> 2 temz
[09:39] <Skye Sim> ?
[09:40] <AM Waves> Sure.
[09:40] <Skye Sim> You give link
[09:41] <AM Waves>
[09:41] <The Tidal Wave> actually, i'm coming.
[09:42] <Skye Sim> I may need to leave soon though
[09:42] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[09:42] <The Tidal Wave> 2 teams?
[09:42] <The Tidal Wave> eh o.
[09:42] <The Tidal Wave> ok.
[09:42] <AM Waves> Turks in Miami servers, really?
[09:44] <The Tidal Wave> never mind.
[09:44] <The Tidal Wave> miami is laggy af.
[09:44] <AM Waves> Yeah.
[09:44] <Skye Sim> Yea
[09:44] <Skye Sim> gtg bye
[09:44] <AM Waves> New server?
[09:44] <Skye Sim> Sorry
[09:45] <AM Waves> Bye.
[09:45] <Skye Sim> You guys play on
[09:45] <Skye Sim> WHOOSH
[09:45] <The Tidal Wave> bye
[09:48] <AM Waves> I wonder...
[09:49] <AM Waves> Does Gunner Trapper's traps have more Penetration than the small Traps, or the same like damage?
[09:50] <The Tidal Wave> idk
[09:51] <AM Waves> Teamerz?
[09:52] <AM Waves> They are the same.
[09:53] <The Tidal Wave> hello again TBOO-Y.
[09:53] <TBOO-Y> Hello again hehehehhe
[09:53] <AM Waves> Hi.
[09:53] <TBOO-Y> ^i wanna die
[09:53] <TBOO-Y> oops
[09:54] <TBOO-Y> lol
[09:55] <AM Waves> I found something,
[09:55] <TBOO-Y> Streamliners?
[09:55] <TBOO-Y> Corn dogs?
[09:55] <TBOO-Y> BACON?
[09:55] <AM Waves> Normal Trappers Traps x3 = Mega Trappers Traps x1.
[09:55] <TBOO-Y> Kk
[09:56] <Teamerz> wat did u want to tell me am
[09:59] <AM Waves> Do Gunner Trapper's traps have more pen. than normal Traps?
[09:59] <Teamerz> prob not
[09:59] <Teamerz> that wouldnt make sense if they did
[10:00] <AM Waves> Why?
[10:00] <Teamerz> because they are only 1 tier above trapper,
[10:00] <Teamerz> the gunner barrels are already sufficient of an upgrade
[10:01] <Teamerz> for an upgrade*
[10:01] <AM Waves> I meant a little bit.
[10:01] <Teamerz> like i said,
[10:01] <Teamerz> still wouldnt make sense.
[10:03] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[10:06] <AM Waves> I actually have a cool Snadbox Minigame idea, but that would require a lot of people.
[10:06] <AM Waves> *Sandbox.
[10:06] <The Tidal Wave> Explain?
[10:06] <The Tidal Wave> How do we play?
[10:07] <AM Waves> There is one Arena Closer, which Watches the contestant.
[10:07] <AM Waves> One counter
[10:07] <AM Waves> 3 Mega Trappers.
[10:07] <AM Waves> One contestant Booster or Fighter.
[10:08] <The Tidal Wave> Counter can be any class?
[10:08] <AM Waves> There will be a track that the Booster/Fighter will need to get through. The track borders are Mega Traps.
[10:08] <AM Waves> Yes.
[10:09] <AM Waves> The contestant number should be atleast 2.
[10:09] <AM Waves> It's a timed trrack.
[10:09] <AM Waves> *track.
[10:09] <AM Waves> The counter will use whatever they want to count their time.
[10:09] <AM Waves> The fastest out of all contestants win.
[10:09] <The Tidal Wave> oh ok.
[10:10] <AM Waves> Anyone who get's out of the track gets wrecked by the watcher.
[10:10] <The Tidal Wave> So like a race.
[10:10] <AM Waves> If they resist or continue, or attack the Track Builders, they also get wrecked.
[10:11] <AM Waves> There will be 3 rounds.
[10:11] <AM Waves> 3 Laps.
[10:11] <AM Waves> But, it's turned, not a race.
[10:11] <The Tidal Wave> Fastest wins.
[10:11] <AM Waves> One goes in, completes.
[10:11] <AM Waves> The second one goes in, then tht third...
[10:11] <AM Waves> Yes.
[10:12] <AM Waves> The shortest time owner wins.
[10:12] <AM Waves> The longest time owner will be stuck between 4 Spikes from the personel, and spend five minutes between 4 Spikes.
[10:12] <Teamerz> i didnt listen to most of that
[10:12] <The Tidal Wave> lolol
[10:12] <Teamerz> but that would require TONS of players
[10:13] <Teamerz> like, more than we can ever get
[10:13] <AM Waves> I know.
[10:13] <The Tidal Wave> Let's see.
[10:13] <The Tidal Wave> Minimum-
[10:13] <AM Waves> That's why I scrapped the idea.
[10:13] <The Tidal Wave> 1 AC
[10:13] <The Tidal Wave> 2 Mega Trappers
[10:13] <The Tidal Wave> 2 Contestants
[10:13] <AM Waves> *3
[10:13] <AM Waves> At least 2 contestants.
[10:13] <The Tidal Wave> 3 Megas
[10:13] <The Tidal Wave> 4 Spikes
[10:13] <AM Waves> No no.
[10:14] <AM Waves> 4 Spikes will be those personel.
[10:14] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[10:14] <AM Waves> The ones already in the game.
[10:14] <The Tidal Wave> oh.
[10:14] <The Tidal Wave> So a min of 6 people
[10:14] <AM Waves> They will turn into spikes via \ key.
[10:14] <AM Waves> Yes.
[10:14] <AM Waves> And a counter.
[10:14] <AM Waves> At the end of the track.
[10:15] <The Tidal Wave> Well the AC can be the counter.
[10:15] <AM Waves> They will stand at the end of the track and count the time passed, If the round ends, they will shoot a bullet to indicate it ended.
[10:16] <AM Waves> I mean, at least 6 people are required.
[10:16] <AM Waves> Or 7.
[10:17] <AM Waves> Because the Arena Closer will pursue the contestant from outside, if they get of the track they get killed and need to start over again.
[10:17] <AM Waves> If a person touches those Mega Traps, they get a 2 second penalty.
[10:17] <AM Waves> That was the Minigame idea.
[10:18] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[10:18] <AM Waves> If it could be done, it would be awesome in my opinion.
[10:19] <UltraReconKing> So uh I have a quick question
[10:19] <The Tidal Wave> what
[10:19] <UltraReconKing> Why is our header red
[10:20] <AM Waves> Happy Cananda day.
[10:20] <The Tidal Wave> cuz Canada day
[10:20] <UltraReconKing> and some foreign country-
[10:20] <UltraReconKing> what's a canada
[10:20] <The Tidal Wave> 3 days later, America day
[10:20] <UltraReconKing> i don't think it exists
[10:20] <Teamerz> United States of Canada
[10:20] <AM Waves> Canada.
[10:20] <The Tidal Wave> that better be a joke.
[10:20] <UltraReconKing> [s]ur mum is a joke[/s]
[10:20] <UltraReconKing> k bye and yes that was a hoke
[10:21] <The Tidal Wave> heh
[10:21] <The Tidal Wave> bye URK
[10:21] <AM Waves> Teamerz could be (triggered) 
[10:22] <The Tidal Wave> (triggered) 
[10:22] <The Tidal Wave> lolwug
[10:22] <The Tidal Wave> wut*
[10:22] <The Tidal Wave> why is this here
[10:22] <Teamerz> huh
[10:22] <Teamerz> wat do u mean i could be triggered
[10:23] <AM Waves> By the joke I mean "I don't think it exists."
[10:23] <Teamerz> (triggered) 
[10:23] <AM Waves> (robdyke)
[10:24] <AM Waves> Gah,
[10:24] <AM Waves> Ursuul didn't add it.
[10:24] <The Tidal Wave> (laugh) 
[10:24] <The Tidal Wave> (nuje)
[10:24] <The Tidal Wave> (nuke) *
[10:24] <Teamerz> nuje
[10:24] <The Tidal Wave> (stop) 
[10:24] <The Tidal Wave> (yes) 
[10:24] <The Tidal Wave> (no)
[10:25] <The Tidal Wave> (itstimetostop)
[10:25] <The Tidal Wave> (its time to stop)
[10:25] <Teamerz> (rekt) 
[10:25] <The Tidal Wave> (it's time to stop)
[10:25] <The Tidal Wave> (rekt) 
[10:26] <AM Waves> (itstimetostop)
[10:26] <AM Waves> (timetostop) 
[10:26] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[10:26] <AM Waves>
[10:26] <AM Waves> I made this GIF.
[10:27] <Teamerz> I expected you to say dat
[10:27] <The Tidal Wave> that's not you in the gif, is it?
[10:27] <AM Waves> No.
[10:27] <Teamerz> obvi not
[10:28] <AM Waves> It's Rob Dyke, a Youtuber.
[10:28] <Teamerz> must be a robber.
[10:28] <AM Waves> At that scene there was a squeaking wood sound.
[10:28] <AM Waves> In the original video.
[10:32] <ItzDracius> great
[10:32] <ItzDracius> 300+ messages
[10:38] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[10:38] <AM Waves> Me too.
[10:39] <The Tidal Wave> RP?
[10:46] <Teamerz> PR?
[10:58] <The Tidal Wave> ded
[10:59] <AM Waves> Do we request a name change from FANDOM staff?
[10:59] <ItzDracius> ...
[10:59] <ItzDracius> im laet
[11:00] <ItzDracius> lemme make a joke
[11:00] <ItzDracius> this message
[11:01] <Teamerz> ye we do am
[11:03] <AM Waves> Okay, sent the request.
[11:05] <AM Waves> Let's see if they approve.
[11:06] <The Tidal Wave> Request for what?
[11:06] <The Tidal Wave> Name change for what?
[11:07] <AM Waves> I will change my name.
[11:08] <The Tidal Wave> AM Waves to...
[11:12] <AM Waves> I will update my Profile image now so you will learn.
[11:14] <ItzDracius> what will u change ur name to
[11:15] <ItzDracius> ?
[11:22] <The Tidal Wave> hi ice
[11:23] <IceTudor> what are you gonna change the name to
[11:42] <AM Waves> Here we go.
[11:42] <AM Waves> My new profile picture.
[11:43] <Teamerz> AM
[11:43] <AM Waves> ?
[11:43] <Teamerz> wots ur new name gonna be
[11:43] <AM Waves> Enuapanzran.
[11:44] <The Tidal Wave> What is that?
[11:44] <The Tidal Wave> What's Enuapanzran?
[11:46] <IceTudor> nice pic
[11:47] <IceTudor> btw
[11:47] <IceTudor> i have my own sorting algorithm
[11:47] <IceTudor> but i dont know how to program it
[11:47] <IceTudor> basically
[11:47] <The Tidal Wave> say
[11:47] <The Tidal Wave> ice
[11:47] <IceTudor> you put stuff in a heap
[11:47] <The Tidal Wave> you have Rebuild the universe right?
[11:47] <IceTudor> reverse it
[11:48] <IceTudor> then you use quick sort on each heap layer
[11:48] <IceTudor> the partition in the middle
[11:48] <IceTudor> yes i do tidal
[11:49] <AM Waves> Tidal Wave, it's a reference to my imaginary friend.
[11:53] <Teamerz> ...
[11:53] <Teamerz> imaginary...friend...?
[11:53] <AM Waves> Yes.
[11:53] <AM Waves> Sadly.
[11:53] <Teamerz> whats the point of having imaginary friends
[11:58] <The Tidal Wave> back
[11:58] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[11:58] <The Tidal Wave> imaginary friend
[12:00] <ItzDracius> ...
[12:00] <AM Waves> Anyway.
[12:00] <AM Waves>
[12:00] <AM Waves> Tudor, do you know this?
[12:02] <The Tidal Wave> nice canvas
[12:02] <IceTudor> i do
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> but how do i clear all the sand
[12:03] <IceTudor> oh wait
[12:03] <IceTudor> no
[12:03] <IceTudor> there was just an app similar to it
[12:03] <IceTudor> in the name
[12:03] <IceTudor> but no
[12:03] <IceTudor> sadly
[12:05] <Teamerz> k im going
[12:05] <Teamerz> bai peeps
[12:08] <IceTudor> rip
[12:08] <IceTudor> am
[12:08] <IceTudor> i wonder
[12:08] <IceTudor> after billions, trillions or who knows what
[12:08] <IceTudor> would ANY creature in our universe game
[12:08] <IceTudor> think "Hey, what if we're just a simulation?"
[12:09] <IceTudor> that would be fucked up
[12:09] <AM Waves> That's impossible, you know that.
[12:09] <The Tidal Wave> "rebuild the universe"?
[12:09] <IceTudor> not really
[12:09] <IceTudor> bogo sort can't sort a list easily
[12:09] <IceTudor> but it still will
[12:09] <IceTudor> after years and years
[12:11] <AM Waves> Does my work show up hen I send you the link?
[12:11] <IceTudor> no
[12:11] <AM Waves>
[12:12] <IceTudor> nope
[12:12] <IceTudor> also i need to upgrade my flash soon
[12:12] <IceTudor> or get it again
[12:20] <The Tidal Wave> dead chat
[12:21] <AM Waves> Yeah
[12:21] <IceTudor> hey am
[12:22] <IceTudor> how tiny do you think an 11 dimesnional ball pit would b
[12:22] <IceTudor> be*
[12:22] <IceTudor> if projected into 3d space
[12:22] <IceTudor> i say like
[12:22] <IceTudor> 3 balls or so
[12:22] <IceTudor> if a 3d person saw it
[12:22] <IceTudor> but for a 11 d person
[12:22] <IceTudor> TOONS
[12:30] <AM Waves>
[12:30] <AM Waves> My sand art.
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> hey guys
[12:38] <AM Waves> Hello.
[12:38] <ArenaCloser1337> I see that the logo was changed for a more canadian-lool
[12:38] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[12:38] <ArenaCloser1337> *look
[12:38] <AM Waves> I will not be AM Waves few days later.
[12:38] <ArenaCloser1337> why?
[12:38] <AM Waves> I will Enaupanzran.
[12:38] <AM Waves> *be.
[12:43] <FallenBooster> ok
[12:43] <FallenBooster> bakk
[12:43] <ArenaCloser1337> hey
[12:45] <AM Waves> Hi.
[12:49] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[12:50] <The Tidal Wave> hi Sparky
[12:50] <AM Waves> Hi.
[12:51] <The Tidal Wave> RP anyone?
[12:51] <Type: Sparky> hi
[12:51] <AM Waves> I am playing Dom.
[12:54] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[12:54] <Type: Sparky> bored
[12:54] <Type: Sparky> must play royale
[12:56] <The Tidal Wave> RP anyone?
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> mh
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> i'd like to continue the rp with tacocat, but he's not here
[12:58] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[12:59] <The Tidal Wave> someone recommend me something to do
[12:59] <AM Waves> Sandbox Game?
[12:59] <The Tidal Wave> This is sand?
[01:00] <The Tidal Wave> sure
[01:00] <AM Waves>
[01:00] <AM Waves> I made this one.
[01:01] <ArenaCloser1337> not bad
[01:01] <ArenaCloser1337> pretty good
[01:01] <AM Waves> Thanks.
[01:02] <The Tidal Wave> i can't draw.
[01:02] <The Tidal Wave> not on computer, anyway.
[01:05] <The Tidal Wave> so now what?
[01:08] <The Tidal Wave> dead
[01:10] <AM Waves> I don't know.
[01:10] <The Tidal Wave> RP?
[01:10] <AM Waves> And also, I don't know why this chat always dies.
[01:10] <The Tidal Wave> same
[01:11] <The Tidal Wave> i mean there's so many people here
[01:11] <AM Waves> Eh.
[01:11] <AM Waves> We expect too much I guess.
[01:11] <The Tidal Wave> So RP?
[01:11] <The Tidal Wave> i've got nothing better to do.
[01:12] <AM Waves> Do you have World of Tanks?
[01:12] <The Tidal Wave> unfortunately not.
[01:13] <The Tidal Wave> Anyone want a "decide your fate" style RP?
[01:13] <AM Waves> We could play if you had it.
[01:14] <The Tidal Wave> Do I need to pay any money?
[01:14] <AM Waves> In a private room, or a Sandbox room, I am registered in Sandbox.
[01:14] <AM Waves> No.
[01:15] <The Tidal Wave> might try it.
[01:16] <IceTudor> guys
[01:16] <IceTudor> could we make a 2d platformer
[01:17] <IceTudor> but where we have 3d objects?
[01:17] <IceTudor> you move in 2d
[01:17] <IceTudor> but you can also
[01:17] <IceTudor> ROTATE
[01:17] <IceTudor> 90 degrees
[01:17] <IceTudor> in 3d
[01:17] <IceTudor> basically
[01:17] <IceTudor> meigakure in 1 lower dimension
[01:17] <IceTudor> more or so like pez
[01:17] <IceTudor> fez**
[01:17] <IceTudor> pez is a candy
[01:17] <IceTudor> ffs
[01:19] <The Tidal Wave> isn't fez a hat
[01:22] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> fez pez
[01:25] <IceTudor> ya
[01:25] <IceTudor> fez is also a game
[01:25] <IceTudor> owned by a dick.
[01:25] <IceTudor> anyways
[01:26] <IceTudor> i'm trying to separate an egg membrane from the shell
[01:26] <IceTudor> so i get the raw membrane
[01:26] <IceTudor> could be useful
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> k
[01:26] <IceTudor> its like a paper
[01:26] <IceTudor> that lets stuff in
[01:26] <IceTudor> and some out
[01:26] <The Tidal Wave> anyone want to play a game?
[01:26] <IceTudor> saw will
[01:26] <IceTudor> ya sure
[01:26] <IceTudor> name?
[01:27] <The Tidal Wave> well i mean a chat game.
[01:27] <IceTudor> yay
[01:27] <IceTudor> sure
[01:27] <IceTudor> wait i have an idea
[01:27] <The Tidal Wave> Ok
[01:27] <IceTudor> the SORTAAR
[01:27] <IceTudor> basically
[01:27] <IceTudor> everyone gets a string of numbers
[01:27] <IceTudor> and has to MAKE *not use another pre-made* sorting algorithm
[01:27] <IceTudor> to sort it
[01:27] <IceTudor> imma saaay
[01:28] <IceTudor> 409328409454
[01:28] <IceTudor> i pick the middle
[01:28] <IceTudor> and split it
[01:28] <IceTudor> into 2 halves
[01:28] <IceTudor> the first has anything thats smaller or IS the same value as the middle
[01:28] <IceTudor> and the rest is what's bigger
[01:28] <IceTudor> 409328(4)09454
[01:29] <IceTudor> 4404032(4)09598
[01:29] <IceTudor> done that
[01:29] <IceTudor> now i'm gonna use a tactic similar to insertion sort
[01:30] <IceTudor> 0023444(4)09598
[01:30] <IceTudor> first part sorted
[01:30] <IceTudor> next one
[01:30] <IceTudor> oh wait
[01:30] <IceTudor> it should be
[01:30] <IceTudor> 0409328(4)9454
[01:30] <IceTudor> oops
[01:30] <ArenaCloser1337> don't spam
[01:30] <IceTudor> 00023444(4)9598
[01:30] <IceTudor> mk
[01:31] <IceTudor> 00023444(4)5899
[01:31] <IceTudor> ookay
[01:31] <The Tidal Wave> so anyone want to play chat game?
[01:31] <IceTudor> imma free the middle
[01:31] <IceTudor> 0002344445899
[01:31] <IceTudor> tidal
[01:31] <IceTudor> dis is a chat game
[01:31] <ArenaCloser1337> "chat game"
[01:31] <ArenaCloser1337> wat
[01:31] <The Tidal Wave> o.o
[01:31] <The Tidal Wave> i honestly have no idea what that is
[01:31] <IceTudor> (000234444)(5899)
[01:31] <IceTudor> imma merge
[01:31] <IceTudor> 0002344445899
[01:31] <IceTudor> already merge-sorted
[01:31] <IceTudor> i call this
[01:31] <IceTudor> MIX sort
[01:31] <IceTudor> it uses quick sort for the first round
[01:32] <IceTudor> and insertion sorts the 2 halves
[01:32] <IceTudor> its allowed
[01:32] <IceTudor> you can make hybrid algorithms
[01:32] <The Tidal Wave> ...what's an algorithm?
[01:32] <IceTudor> search up
[01:32] <IceTudor> sorting algorithm
[01:32] <IceTudor> basically
[01:32] <IceTudor> a function that repeats 
[01:32] <IceTudor> or in my case, once
[01:33] <IceTudor> to sort a randomized/descending string of numbers
[01:33] <IceTudor> until it is ascending
[01:33] <The Tidal Wave> uh ok?
[01:33] <The Tidal Wave> let me try this
[01:33] <The Tidal Wave> 87654325674685
[01:33] <IceTudor> '
[01:34] <IceTudor> you should get 002344445899
[01:34] <IceTudor> as your answer
[01:34] <The Tidal Wave> like
[01:34] <IceTudor> if you dont
[01:34] <IceTudor> your algorithm failed
[01:34] <IceTudor> ok
[01:34] <IceTudor> you can try mix sort
[01:34] <IceTudor> its easy
[01:34] <The Tidal Wave> uh...
[01:34] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[01:34] <IceTudor> MS is a hybrid algorithm btw
[01:34] <IceTudor> made by me
[01:34] <The Tidal Wave> 87654325674685
[01:35] <IceTudor> super fast
[01:35] <The Tidal Wave> i split it into 3
[01:35] <IceTudor> oh
[01:35] <IceTudor> ok
[01:35] <IceTudor> good.
[01:35] <The Tidal Wave> 2-4 a group
[01:35] <The Tidal Wave> 5-6
[01:35] <The Tidal Wave> 7-8
[01:35] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[01:35] <IceTudor> so now you have
[01:36] <IceTudor> 3 parts sorted
[01:36] <IceTudor> like
[01:36] <IceTudor> you split into 3
[01:36] <IceTudor> 3 parts sorted
[01:36] <IceTudor> thats good
[01:36] <IceTudor> a triple quicksort like algorithm
[01:36] <IceTudor> niec
[01:36] <IceTudor> what next?
[01:36] <The Tidal Wave> 2344 555666 7788 i think
[01:36] <IceTudor> yes
[01:36] <IceTudor> perfect
[01:36] <The Tidal Wave> then i just slap them together i guess?
[01:36] <IceTudor> oh look
[01:36] <IceTudor> tidal
[01:36] <IceTudor> yes
[01:36] <IceTudor> that works
[01:37] <The Tidal Wave> what
[01:37] <IceTudor> you made a TRENARY mix sort
[01:37] <IceTudor> ya basically just remixed my sort
[01:37] <IceTudor> but thats allowed
[01:37] <IceTudor> its ok
[01:37] <IceTudor> it looks faster now
[01:37] <IceTudor> tidal
[01:38] <IceTudor> so
[01:38] <AM Waves> 2555 7101010 1444?
[01:38] <IceTudor> it took you quite a few moves
[01:38] <IceTudor> ok
[01:38] <IceTudor> so
[01:38] <IceTudor> lets all start from one sequence
[01:38] <IceTudor> 43405892305830978592134014
[01:38] <IceTudor> mk
[01:38] <IceTudor> mix sort gonna fix dis
[01:38] <The Tidal Wave> well
[01:38] <IceTudor> 4340589230583(0)978592134014
[01:38] <IceTudor> middle picked
[01:38] <IceTudor> fuck
[01:38] <IceTudor> bad middle
[01:38] <IceTudor> 434058923058(3)0978592134014
[01:38] <IceTudor> fixed!
[01:39] <IceTudor> if its 0 or 1
[01:39] <IceTudor> it will restart the pick
[01:39] <IceTudor> mk
[01:39] <AM Waves> 43405892305(83)0978592134014
[01:40] <AM Waves> Okay.
[01:40] <IceTudor> wait
[01:41] <AM Waves> 282679106729573193.
[01:42] <AM Waves> Will this work?
[01:42] <IceTudor> am
[01:42] <IceTudor> you can only pick
[01:42] <IceTudor> 1 digit
[01:42] <IceTudor> theres no 83's
[01:42] <IceTudor> or such
[01:42] <AM Waves> 28267910(6)729573193
[01:45] <IceTudor> 3023002101(3)44589589785944
[01:45] <IceTudor> mk thats my next move
[01:46] <IceTudor> 0000112233(3)44589589785944
[01:46] <IceTudor> thats my next next
[01:47] <IceTudor> 0000112233(3)44445557898989
[01:47] <IceTudor> oh look
[01:47] <IceTudor> 898989
[01:47] <IceTudor> hah
[01:47] <IceTudor> 0000112233(3)44445557888999
[01:47] <IceTudor> thats my next move
[01:47] <IceTudor> 0000112233344445557888999
[01:47] <IceTudor> and final move
[01:47] <IceTudor> all sorted
[01:49] <IceTudor> mix sort finishes fast
[01:49] <IceTudor> quicksort is quick
[01:49] <IceTudor> but not that quick
[01:49] <IceTudor> insertion sort's fast too
[01:49] <IceTudor> but this
[01:49] <IceTudor> i mixed them both
[01:49] <IceTudor> and the new algorithm was freakishly fast
[01:51] <IceTudor> brb
[01:51] <IceTudor> gonna eat
[01:55] <The Tidal Wave> anyone up for a retalively simpler chat game?
[01:55] <The Tidal Wave> relatively*
[02:01] <ArenaCloser1337> uh...
[02:01] <ArenaCloser1337> idk
[02:01] <ArenaCloser1337> I'm watching some youtube videos
[02:01] <ArenaCloser1337> pokemon battles
[02:02] <ArenaCloser1337> with dobbs and original151
[02:02] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[02:02] <The Tidal Wave> i'll take that as a no
[02:03] <ArenaCloser1337> Rp?
[02:04] <IceTudor> idk
[02:04] <IceTudor> back
[02:07] <The Tidal Wave> RP
[02:07] <The Tidal Wave> anyone?
[02:08] <ArenaCloser1337> oka
[02:08] <ArenaCloser1337> *okay
[02:08] <IceTudor> am
[02:08] <IceTudor> do you know sound of sorting?
[02:09] <AM Waves> ?
[02:09] <AM Waves> No.
[02:09] <The Tidal Wave> okay AC
[02:09] <ArenaCloser1337> (What character should I be?)
[02:10] <The Tidal Wave> you don't choose
[02:10] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[02:10] <The Tidal Wave> You are a level 1 tank in a game of Maze.
[02:10] <ArenaCloser1337> :|
[02:10] <The Tidal Wave> yeah, i'm the narrator
[02:10] <ArenaCloser1337> *kill polygons to get XP*
[02:10] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[02:11] <The Tidal Wave> not done
[02:11] <The Tidal Wave> Your general location has normal level of polygons but
[02:11] <The Tidal Wave> Nearby has lots of polygons, but is guarded by a Triplet.
[02:11] <The Tidal Wave> What do you do?
[02:12] <ArenaCloser1337> *I don't get close of the triplet. Instead, I try to get more XP to beat him up later*
[02:12] <The Tidal Wave> You get to level 15.
[02:12] <The Tidal Wave> Do you upgrade?
[02:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Yes
[02:12] <The Tidal Wave> To?
[02:13] <ArenaCloser1337> Sniper
[02:13] <ArenaCloser1337> *Kills Triplet from far away*
[02:13] <The Tidal Wave> You just got to level 45 immediately
[02:13] <The Tidal Wave> by killing that triplet
[02:14] <The Tidal Wave> You upgrade to
[02:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Stalker
[02:14] <The Tidal Wave> A Predator comes near you and requests alliance.
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> So far, it's gang consists of
[02:15] <ArenaCloser1337> Accepted
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> You accept.
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> The gang now has:
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> Predator
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> You (Stalker) 
[02:15] <ArenaCloser1337> I let predator get some XP to get level 45
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> Streamliner
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> ...
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> predator is level 45
[02:15] <ArenaCloser1337> Oh
[02:15] <ArenaCloser1337> oops
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[02:15] <ArenaCloser1337> nevermind
[02:16] <The Tidal Wave> anyways
[02:16] <The Tidal Wave> Your gang travel to the Pentagon nest
[02:16] <The Tidal Wave> You meet another gang
[02:16] <The Tidal Wave> Your gang:
[02:16] <The Tidal Wave> Stalker, Predator, Streamliner, Spike
[02:16] <ArenaCloser1337> (This reminds me the good ol' text adventures)
[02:17] <The Tidal Wave> Enemy gang: Triplet, Annihilator, Hybrid, Mega Trapper
[02:17] <ArenaCloser1337> O_O
[02:17] <The Tidal Wave> (ikr?)
[02:17] <The Tidal Wave> Your gang declares war.
[02:18] <ArenaCloser1337> *Distract the guys to kill them with spike*
[02:18] <The Tidal Wave> Who do you pick a fight with?
[02:18] <ArenaCloser1337> We all distract 'em and we kill 'em with the spike
[02:19] <ArenaCloser1337> (That actually works in-game)
[02:19] <The Tidal Wave> The Spike kills the Mega Trapper and the Triplet, but is downed by the Hybrid.
[02:19] <ArenaCloser1337> *Kill the hybrid from far away*
[02:19] <The Tidal Wave> The Annihilator rams into your Predator, killing it.
[02:20] <The Tidal Wave> The Annihilator is chasing you.
[02:20] <The Tidal Wave> (hi SR)
[02:20] <ArenaCloser1337> *Attack with the sniper shots&
[02:20] <ArenaCloser1337> *We move backwards to avoid him*
[02:20] <The Tidal Wave> Your Streamliner helps knocking it back
[02:21] <ArenaCloser1337> *Shoots annihilator some more*
[02:21] <The Tidal Wave> But the Annihilator slams it's body into the Streamliner, killing it.
[02:21] <ArenaCloser1337> O_O
[02:21] <The Tidal Wave> Annihilator has very low hp
[02:21] <ArenaCloser1337> *Shoots alot more at annihilator*
[02:21] <The named BOSS> gr8
[02:22] <The Tidal Wave> (hi BOSS)
[02:22] <The named BOSS> edit count is still 12
[02:22] <The named BOSS> hi
[02:22] <The named BOSS> imma join ples
[02:22] <The Tidal Wave> The Annihilator dies.
[02:22] <The Tidal Wave> The named BOSS has spawned!
[02:22] <ArenaCloser1337> *Final fantasy victory theme*
[02:22] <The named BOSS> (what is happening)
[02:22] <The Tidal Wave> (some kind of rp)
[02:22] <ArenaCloser1337> It's a text adventure
[02:22] <ArenaCloser1337> That's it
[02:23] <The named BOSS> *boss, who is a hi tech red fighter with armor and a front skimmer barrel instead of a normal front barrel zooms past*
[02:23] <The Tidal Wave> no
[02:23] <The Tidal Wave> you spawn as a level 1 tank
[02:23] <The Tidal Wave> In a Maze server
[02:24] <The Tidal Wave> (this time)
[02:24] <The Tidal Wave> AC is a level 45 Stalker and sees BOSS.
[02:24] <The Tidal Wave> What does AC do?
[02:24] <ArenaCloser1337> *Ask him to join my party*
[02:25] <The Tidal Wave> How does BOSS resppond?
[02:25] <The named BOSS> (fair enough)
[02:25] <The Tidal Wave> hi master
[02:25] <ArenaCloser1337> hey
[02:25] <The named BOSS> *boss responds by bossting away using recoil with thier front barrel*
[02:25] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[02:26] <Ursuul> hi lads
[02:27] <ArenaCloser1337> (Does that mean "no"?)
[02:27] <The Tidal Wave> Boss does not join AC's gang.
[02:27] <ArenaCloser1337> (:/)
[02:28] <The Tidal Wave> Boss runs into a level 45 Octo-Tank who threatens to kill Boss.
[02:28] <ArenaCloser1337> *AC goes invisible by staying idle*
[02:28] <The Tidal Wave> What does Boss do?
[02:28] <The named BOSS> *goes the other way*
[02:28] <ArenaCloser1337> *Attacks octo-tank from far away*
[02:29] <The Tidal Wave> The Octo-Tank notices AC
[02:29] <ArenaCloser1337> *AC runs away*
[02:29] <The Tidal Wave> It charges towards it, dodging bullets.
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338> working on a new song
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338>
[02:29] <The Tidal Wave> (cool) 
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338> This is a happy song
[02:30] <ArenaCloser1337> *AC goes invisible by staying idle*
[02:30] <Ursuul> very nice 
[02:31] <The Tidal Wave> The Octo-Tank has Auto-Fire and Auto-Spin on
[02:31] <ArenaCloser1337> *AC runs away*
[02:31] <ArenaCloser1337> *Attacks from far away*
[02:32] <The Tidal Wave> The named BOSS has reached level 15
[02:32] <SuperRobot9338> also
[02:32] <SuperRobot9338>
[02:32] <SuperRobot9338> poor mime lmao
[02:32] <Ursuul> lol
[02:32] <Ursuul> the Chat Moderators & Admins on Central get so much abuse it’s amazing
[02:32] <SuperRobot9338> ikr
[02:32] <Ursuul> VSTF too
[02:32] <Ursuul> imma show you one VSTF girl showed me
[02:33] <SuperRobot9338> The Message Walls should get locked tbh
[02:33] <SuperRobot9338> It's mostly SJWs complaining
[02:33] <SuperRobot9338> The FANDOM version of SJWs
[02:33] <Ursuul> nahhh, because then how are normal people supposed to talk when they need to?
[02:33] <Ursuul> They should switch to Talk Pages
[02:33] <SuperRobot9338> oh yeah
[02:33] <Ursuul> idiots can’t use them
[02:33] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[02:33] <Ursuul> but normals can
[02:34] <SuperRobot9338> It'd take some shit-ass code to only implement it for vstf tho
[02:34] <SuperRobot9338> I dno't want to have to use a talk page for normal chat
[02:35] <IceTudor> then im an idiot
[02:35] <IceTudor> =(
[02:35] <SuperRobot9338> what
[02:35] <IceTudor> what
[02:35] <SuperRobot9338> no
[02:35] <Ursuul> yeah the code would be borked
[02:35] <Ursuul> would require JS
[02:35] <SuperRobot9338> Just edit talk pages like regular pages
[02:35] <Ursuul> you could get around it with ?usesitejs=0
[02:35] <SuperRobot9338> @Ice
[02:35] <Ursuul> but then again most people don’t know that
[02:35] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[02:35] <SuperRobot9338> IDIOT FILTER
[02:35] <Ursuul> actually they should just do that
[02:35] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[02:35] <IceTudor> hey
[02:35] <Ursuul> disable all message walls
[02:35] <IceTudor> me harz ideea
[02:35] <Ursuul> so that only people who know enough to disable JS can use it lol
[02:35] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[02:35] <IceTudor> why dont we sort shit by using mix sort?
[02:36] <Ursuul> wot
[02:36] <IceTudor> its an algorithm i made
[02:36] <IceTudor> aight
[02:36] <Ursuul> oh
[02:36] <IceTudor> what sort does this wiki use
[02:36] <SuperRobot9338> ?
[02:36] <IceTudor> for sorting pages and shit?
[02:36] <SuperRobot9338> Categories
[02:36] <IceTudor> quicksort or wiki sort i guess
[02:36] <IceTudor> no
[02:36] <SuperRobot9338> well
[02:36] <IceTudor> sorting by likes
[02:36] <IceTudor> populartiy
[02:36] <IceTudor> etc
[02:36] <SuperRobot9338> we don't really sort stuff
[02:36] <IceTudor> no
[02:36] <SuperRobot9338> a
[02:36] <IceTudor> the ai sort
[02:36] <SuperRobot9338> Well
[02:36] <IceTudor> it already sorts on its won
[02:36] <IceTudor> with a bot i think
[02:36] <IceTudor> or ai
[02:36] <IceTudor> anyways
[02:36] <SuperRobot9338> I think FNDOM sets that
[02:36] <IceTudor> eh
[02:36] <SuperRobot9338> it's embedded deep in the code
[02:36] <IceTudor> we can just request them mix sort
[02:36] <IceTudor> basically
[02:37] <SuperRobot9338> I don't think we can change it to bubble sort (lenny) 
[02:37] <IceTudor> picks the middle
[02:37] <Ursuul> I highly doubt they would allow it
[02:37] <IceTudor> if its not 0 or 1
[02:37] <Ursuul> Because Categories are integral to Mobile navigation
[02:37] <IceTudor> it swiches to the right or left if it does
[02:37] <SuperRobot9338> I don't think we can change it to bubble sort (lenny) 
[02:37] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul
[02:37] <Ursuul> & your custom code would not work on mobile because the Mercury engine kills customizations
[02:37] <SuperRobot9338> this is for sorting by likes or views
[02:37] <IceTudor> yea
[02:37] <IceTudor> also
[02:37] <SuperRobot9338> Makes it faster or something
[02:37] <IceTudor> then it uses insertion sort for the 2 halves
[02:37] <IceTudor> done
[02:37] <IceTudor> already sorted
[02:37] <IceTudor> much faster than any algorithm i know
[02:37] <IceTudor> i think
[02:38] <Ursuul> we already have [[Special:Insights/popularpages]]
[02:38] <SuperRobot9338> quicksort is generally the fastest
[02:38] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul
[02:38] <The named BOSS> (rage) 
[02:38] <SuperRobot9338> this is programming stuff you don't get
[02:38] <Ursuul> k
[02:38] <SuperRobot9338> It's the ALGORITH for sorting those popular pages
[02:38] <SuperRobot9338> *ALGORITHM
[02:38] <Ursuul> how you gonna install it for regular use then?
[02:38] <IceTudor> we could just replace quicksort with mix sort
[02:39] <IceTudor> mix sort can also just separate the NEWB creations and the good creations
[02:39] <IceTudor> then sort the 2 parts
[02:39] <IceTudor> spearately and simoutaneousl y
[02:39] <IceTudor> simultaneously**
[02:39] <IceTudor> with insertion sort
[02:39] <IceTudor> get this string
[02:39] <IceTudor> aighht?
[02:39] <IceTudor> 430294034879
[02:39] <IceTudor> now how to sort
[02:39] <IceTudor> well
[02:39] <IceTudor> first you pick the perfect middle
[02:39] <IceTudor> 43029(4)034879
[02:39] <IceTudor> there
[02:40] <IceTudor> the middle most middle number
[02:40] <IceTudor> middle in list
[02:40] <IceTudor> and middle in value
[02:40] <IceTudor> now.
[02:40] <IceTudor> you separate
[02:40] <IceTudor> by putting the ones smaller than it
[02:40] <IceTudor> or equal
[02:40] <IceTudor> before it
[02:40] <IceTudor> and bigger than it
[02:40] <IceTudor> after it
[02:40] <SuperRobot9338> Wait
[02:41] <SuperRobot9338> Insertion sort is far slower than quicksort
[02:41] <IceTudor> 3404302(4)8799
[02:41] <IceTudor> not if you mix them both
[02:41] <IceTudor> thats why its called MIX sort
[02:41] <IceTudor> its a hybrid algorithm
[02:41] <SuperRobot9338> ah
[02:41] <SuperRobot9338> but why do we need mix sort
[02:41] <IceTudor> if the size is WAAY too big
[02:42] <IceTudor> it will use quick sort in the new halves
[02:42] <IceTudor> and again
[02:42] <IceTudor> until its smaller
[02:42] <IceTudor> for insertion
[02:42] <IceTudor> its way faster
[02:42] <IceTudor> atleast how i think
[02:43] <SuperRobot9338> hmm
[02:43] <SuperRobot9338> can you pit it against quicksort in a random set of 4000 pages?
[02:43] <SuperRobot9338> *items, not pages
[02:43] <IceTudor> dont know
[02:43] <IceTudor> idk how to program them
[02:43] <IceTudor> to a race
[02:43] <IceTudor> idk how to program SA at all
[02:44] <IceTudor> i only make them on paper
[02:49] <IceTudor> please
[02:49] <IceTudor> dew it 
[02:52] <SuperRobot9338> hmm
[02:52] <SuperRobot9338> I'm not that great
[02:52] <SuperRobot9338> Can you contact someone else?
[02:52] <IceTudor> i've tried
[02:52] <IceTudor> am doesnt know about them
[02:52] <IceTudor> i think
[02:52] <IceTudor> well a visual representation
[02:52] <IceTudor> he doesnt know sound of sorting
[02:52] <IceTudor> maybe something else
[02:52] <IceTudor> hey am
[02:52] <IceTudor> uhh
[02:53] <IceTudor> can you program SA?
[02:53] <IceTudor> visually
[02:54] <SuperRobot9338> actually, ask utkar
[02:55] <IceTudor> fug
[02:55] <IceTudor> he's not here
[02:56] <IceTudor> how do i make him come here
[02:58] <SuperRobot9338> erm
[02:58] <SuperRobot9338> hmm
[02:59] <SuperRobot9338> there's a secret feature un FANDOM
[02:59] <SuperRobot9338> called Message Walls
[02:59] <ArenaCloser1337> "secret"
[03:03] <AM Waves> 194 new messages.
[03:03] <AM Waves> I missed a lot.
[03:04] <4L01510 1337> hi
[03:05] <IceTudor> am
[03:06] <IceTudor> do you know how to make a sorting algorithm?
[03:06] <IceTudor> like
[03:06] <IceTudor> not make
[03:06] <IceTudor> but
[03:06] <IceTudor> program one?
[03:06] <IceTudor> hi 4L
[03:08] <4L01510 1337> the wiki looks like a canadian flag now
[03:08] <ArenaCloser1337> Exactly
[03:08] <4L01510 1337> why?
[03:08] <ArenaCloser1337> because today's canada's birthday, I guess
[03:08] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[03:08] <SuperRobot9338> happy canada day everyone
[03:08] <ArenaCloser1337> I live in canada
[03:09] <SuperRobot9338> ik
[03:09] <4L01510 1337> i didnt know
[03:10] <SuperRobot9338> I did a lot of research
[03:10] <SuperRobot9338> apparantly teamerz lives in north america
[03:10] <SuperRobot9338> I thought he lived in the UK
[03:11] <IceTudor> i thought he was from japan
[03:11] <IceTudor> soo
[03:11] <Kurofox zero> I thought I thought everyone was American
[03:11] <Kurofox zero> .
[03:11] <4L01510 1337> isint am waves from the UK?
[03:11] <IceTudor> when we bringing the balkan food and dracula for romania day
[03:12] <IceTudor> am is from uk
[03:12] <SuperRobot9338> kuro
[03:12] <SuperRobot9338> aysh is canadian
[03:12] <SuperRobot9338> moe is candian
[03:12] <SuperRobot9338> tot is chinese
[03:12] <Kurofox zero> K
[03:12] <IceTudor> whos moe?
[03:12] <The Tidal Wave> TOT is chinese?
[03:12] <IceTudor> TOT IS CHINEEESEE???????????????????????/
[03:12] <The Tidal Wave> and hi 4L
[03:12] <IceTudor> 
[03:12] <Kurofox zero> Ok
[03:12] <Kurofox zero> Moe your damn lawn
[03:13] <Kurofox zero> I am Chinese
[03:13] <IceTudor> mow, mow, mow your boat
[03:13] <IceTudor> whaturfuk?
[03:13] <The Tidal Wave> also
[03:13] <IceTudor> well thats expected
[03:13] <Kurofox zero> Ely?
[03:13] <IceTudor> i mean you helped make CH dw
[03:13] <IceTudor> soo
[03:13] <IceTudor> reah
[03:13] <IceTudor> yeah**
[03:13] <ArenaCloser1337> Only mow the lawn, kids
[03:13] <Kurofox zero> Lol
[03:13] <IceTudor> tidal is chineese too
[03:13] <IceTudor> and sr
[03:13] <IceTudor> is taiwaneese
[03:13] <SuperRobot9338> Nobellion is indian
[03:13] <IceTudor> tidal is hongkongeese
[03:13] <IceTudor> wHAT?
[03:13] <Kurofox zero> Now mow ur lawn
[03:13] <IceTudor> i thought he was american
[03:13] <IceTudor> or atleast australian
[03:13] <SuperRobot9338> he lived in america
[03:13] <IceTudor> whats next
[03:14] <SuperRobot9338> but not anymore
[03:14] <IceTudor> ozziene is soviet?
[03:14] <IceTudor> 
[03:14] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[03:14] <Kurofox zero> Ely?
[03:14] <4L01510 1337> guys, youtube is blocked in china
[03:14] <IceTudor> only mainland
[03:14] <ArenaCloser1337> too badf
[03:14] <SuperRobot9338> ik
[03:14] <ArenaCloser1337> *too bad
[03:14] <SuperRobot9338> Hong Kong is safe
[03:14] <IceTudor> i thought tw is safe too
[03:14] <SuperRobot9338> for now
[03:14] <IceTudor> hk is gud
[03:14] <SuperRobot9338> It's safe
[03:14] <Kurofox zero> Sr is Taiwanese? I suspect
[03:14] <SuperRobot9338> taiwan isn't controlled by china but hk is
[03:15] <SuperRobot9338> after a few years they can shut down youtube there
[03:15] <IceTudor> where's tot and you kuro
[03:15] <IceTudor> lol RAIP
[03:15] <SuperRobot9338> also
[03:15] <IceTudor> tidal ya bettar move to Nornireland as fast as you can
[03:15] <SuperRobot9338> Eaves is British
[03:15] <IceTudor> eevee?
[03:15] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[03:15] <SuperRobot9338> now she's Sparky
[03:15] <IceTudor> ik
[03:15] <Kurofox zero> Im @ Malaysia
[03:15] <Kurofox zero> I thought sr was an American guy who knows Chinese lmao
[03:15] <IceTudor> still call him eevee
[03:15] <SuperRobot9338> Lmao
[03:15] <IceTudor> no
[03:16] <IceTudor> sr IS taiwaneese***
[03:16] <Kurofox zero> Lmao
[03:16] <IceTudor> malaysia
[03:16] <IceTudor> mk
[03:16] <SuperRobot9338> I live on the WEST COAST tho
[03:16] <IceTudor> wheres tot tho????
[03:16] <SuperRobot9338> china
[03:16] <IceTudor> and how did you know who's from where
[03:16] <IceTudor> WHAT part of china
[03:16] <Kurofox zero> Malaysia sucks
[03:16] <SuperRobot9338> hmm
[03:16] <SuperRobot9338> well
[03:16] <SuperRobot9338> tslking to ice
[03:16] <SuperRobot9338> Timezones
[03:16] <SuperRobot9338> +he said before
[03:16] <Kurofox zero> Racism on politics everywhere
[03:17] <IceTudor> so where am i from?
[03:17] <IceTudor> it's 18:17
[03:17] <Kurofox zero> Romania?
[03:17] <ArenaCloser1337> E V E R Y W H E R E
[03:17] <IceTudor> GOD DAMNT KURO
[03:17] <The Tidal Wave> wait WHAT
[03:17] <FallenBooster> Nokia 3310 has established
[03:17] <Kurofox zero> Meh
[03:17] <IceTudor> fallen
[03:17] <FallenBooster> wut
[03:17] <SuperRobot9338> fallen
[03:17] <Kurofox zero> Nokia 3310
[03:17] <SuperRobot9338> you live in america right
[03:17] <Kurofox zero> Mehhhhhh
[03:17] <IceTudor> can you establish a cruncher, squone and all warriors image tho?
[03:17] <FallenBooster> no
[03:17] <FallenBooster> i live in serbia
[03:17] <SuperRobot9338> I'm just collecting where everyone lives
[03:17] <FallenBooster> bitch please
[03:17] <SuperRobot9338> ah
[03:17] <SuperRobot9338> serbia
[03:18] <IceTudor> WHAT?
[03:18] <IceTudor> 
[03:18] <IceTudor> SERBIA?
[03:18] <FallenBooster> yes
[03:18] <FallenBooster> woo
[03:18] <Kurofox zero> Where is that
[03:18] <Kurofox zero> Btw
[03:18] <FallenBooster> im in belgrade
[03:18] <SuperRobot9338> East Europe
[03:18] <FallenBooster> boi
[03:18] <IceTudor> ROMANIA
[03:18] <IceTudor> oh
[03:18] <Kurofox zero> I'm playing plague Inc
[03:18] <Kurofox zero> Gonna kill u all
[03:18] <FallenBooster> o rly
[03:18] <IceTudor> bitch please
[03:18] <FallenBooster> Nokia 3310: *nokia tune noises*
[03:18] <SuperRobot9338> you'll never get greenland
[03:18] <IceTudor> i can just engineer a nano bot that scrambles your insides
[03:18] <IceTudor> lmao
[03:19] <SuperRobot9338> muahaha
[03:19] <Kurofox zero> I'll start with America
[03:19] <Kurofox zero> I beat Greenland before
[03:19] <FallenBooster> Nokia 3310 has a quad core processor, bitch please
[03:19] <Kurofox zero> With parasites
[03:19] <SuperRobot9338> I can just move to Gree… oh wait there's no wiki there
[03:19] <IceTudor> ya cant get the [s]bigger winter denmark[/s] greenland
[03:19] <Kurofox zero> Huehuehue
[03:19] <FallenBooster> Nokia 3310: Hello, fragile mortals!
[03:19] <SuperRobot9338> Greenland — ice
[03:19] <SuperRobot9338> Iceland — green
[03:19] <IceTudor> why aint anyone start in greenland and madagascar?
[03:19] <IceTudor> lmao
[03:19] <SuperRobot9338> cuz they got no connections
[03:20] <SuperRobot9338> sure you'll infect them
[03:20] <SuperRobot9338> but how da fuk will you get anywhere else
[03:20] <IceTudor> they do
[03:20] <The Tidal Wave> bored
[03:20] <IceTudor> i acutally beat greenland alot
[03:20] <IceTudor> its easy
[03:20] <SuperRobot9338> they got a few connections
[03:20] <IceTudor> but madagascar is the fucking nightmare
[03:20] <Kurofox zero> I use air
[03:20] <Kurofox zero> No
[03:20] <IceTudor> lmao
[03:20] <IceTudor> fallen
[03:20] <IceTudor> *puts nokia in acetone*
[03:20] <IceTudor> *after 40 mins*
[03:20] <Kurofox zero> The hardest part of plague Inc is
[03:20] <IceTudor> *it looks fine*
[03:20] <Kurofox zero> DAMN CANADA
[03:20] <IceTudor> *FB grabs it*
[03:20] <FallenBooster> Nokia 3310 plays the annoying nokia tune
[03:20] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[03:20] <IceTudor> *it melts in his hand*
[03:20] <IceTudor> oh shit
[03:20] <SuperRobot9338> CANADSA
[03:20] <IceTudor> well i have my plasmmaball tune
[03:20] <SuperRobot9338> CANDA
[03:20] <IceTudor> lol
[03:20] <IceTudor> ...
[03:21] <IceTudor> what?
[03:21] <SuperRobot9338> CANDAD DAY
[03:21] <IceTudor> my plasmaball has a built in music box
[03:21] <IceTudor> =P
[03:21] <The Tidal Wave> also HK day
[03:21] <SuperRobot9338> kewl
[03:21] <FallenBooster> Nokia 3310 will go on like that for a hour
[03:21] <Kurofox zero> Canada is quite hard to infect
[03:21] <The Tidal Wave> but canada more important
[03:21] <IceTudor> y no rumania day
[03:21] <FallenBooster> nokia 3310 sets the volume to 500-----------------------------5
[03:21] <IceTudor> i may be romanian
[03:21] <FallenBooster> *5005
[03:21] <IceTudor> but i still have me soviet soul up in here
[03:21] <Kurofox zero> Vuvuvu
[03:21] <The named BOSS> *everyone's ears explode*
[03:22] <IceTudor> btw
[03:22] <IceTudor> there's a page for every number
[03:22] <IceTudor> on wikipedia
[03:22] <IceTudor> well almost
[03:22] <IceTudor> just search it
[03:22] <IceTudor> also if you click the first non-italic link in every article
[03:22] <IceTudor> you get to philosophy
[03:22] <IceTudor> seriously
[03:22] <IceTudor> TRY.
[03:22] <SuperRobot9338> Happy Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
[03:22] <SuperRobot9338> celebrating the day when britain died
[03:23] <The named BOSS> boom
[03:23] <The named BOSS> varia suit, hi jump boots, and spring ball
[03:24] <SuperRobot9338> Ice
[03:24] <SuperRobot9338> it didn't work
[03:24] <SuperRobot9338> I was on HK Day
[03:24] <SuperRobot9338> then went to chinese
[03:24] <SuperRobot9338> then went to mutually intellegibility
[03:24] <SuperRobot9338> and linguistics
[03:24] <SuperRobot9338> an some scientific stuff
[03:24] <SuperRobot9338> and it went back to linguistucs
[03:24] <Kurofox zero> I just read a fact on Facebook
[03:25] <The named BOSS> oh wow
[03:25] <Kurofox zero> Lipsticks are actually first used by Egyptian prositiutes to have oral sex
[03:26] <SuperRobot9338> woag
[03:26] <AM Waves> What the heck did I just read?
[03:26] <Kurofox zero> "to let their lips look inviting"
[03:27] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[03:28] <Kurofox zero> Wow
[03:28] <Kurofox zero> I was amazed lmao
[03:30] <ArenaCloser1337> where's the tacocat247
[03:30] <ArenaCloser1337> my main man
[03:31] <ArenaCloser1337> or should I say: My main cat
[03:34] <Graviatar> AHHH
[03:34] <Graviatar> MONTH OF PANZER IS HAPP----
[03:34] <Graviatar> oh wait
[03:34] <Graviatar> this is canada
[03:34] <Graviatar> :P
[03:35] <The Tidal Wave> hi grav
[03:35] <The Tidal Wave> this is also HK for that matter
[03:35] <Graviatar> HK
[03:35] <Graviatar> what's that
[03:35] <The Tidal Wave> [s]that better be a joke
[03:36] <Graviatar> [giant] TELL. ME
[03:36] <Graviatar> aw
[03:36] <Graviatar> :(
[03:36] <The Tidal Wave> Hong Kong.
[03:36] <Graviatar> kden
[03:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Will there be an event for PENTAGOD?
[03:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Probably not...
[03:37] <The Tidal Wave> probably not
[03:39] <The named BOSS> no
[03:39] <The named BOSS> maybe
[03:39] <The named BOSS> ya nevr no
[03:41] <IceTudor> super
[03:41] <IceTudor> i said
[03:41] <IceTudor> NON ITALIC link
[03:44] <SuperRobot9338> ik
[03:44] <SuperRobot9338> try it with non italic links
[03:45] <SuperRobot9338> I get to linguistics literLLY EVERY TIME
[03:55] <IceTudor> ded
[03:55] <IceTudor> gone
[03:55] <IceTudor> decomposed
[03:55] <IceTudor> made into plants
[03:56] <IceTudor> 90 years pass
[03:56] <IceTudor> matter fissiles
[03:56] <IceTudor> chat is no longer in history
[03:57] <AM Waves> Eh.
[03:57] <AM Waves> Oh.
[03:58] <AM Waves> Wrong time to write.
[04:01] <AM Waves> Is anyone here left?
[04:01] <The Tidal Wave> me
[04:01] <AM Waves> *Has.
[04:02] <AM Waves> You.
[04:02] <AM Waves> Good.
[04:02] <IceTudor> bored
[04:03] <AM Waves> Me too.
[04:03] <The Tidal Wave> same.
[04:04] <The Tidal Wave> I'm watching Transformers.
[04:04] <Dominic tan> HI dudes!
[04:04] <ArenaCloser1337> Hi
[04:04] <The Tidal Wave> Hello Dominic.
[04:04] <The Tidal Wave> Are you new?
[04:04] <Dominic tan> Anyone Miss Mothership? No.
[04:04] <The Tidal Wave> Me
[04:04] <ArenaCloser1337> I kinda miss mothership
[04:04] <Dominic tan> The Tidal Wave, I was here for like a year now
[04:05] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[04:05] <The Tidal Wave> not new
[04:05] <Dominic tan> LEL
[04:05] <ArenaCloser1337> .-.
[04:05] <Dominic tan> You guys know undertale, right?
[04:05] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah?
[04:05] <The Tidal Wave> never played
[04:05] <Dominic tan> If the undertale bosses were tanks, what do you think they will be?
[04:06] <ArenaCloser1337> umm
[04:06] <Dominic tan> ...
[04:06] <ArenaCloser1337> Undyne would be in the lancer tier
[04:06] <Dominic tan> lancer???????
[04:06] <ArenaCloser1337> It's a conception
[04:06] <Dominic tan> REAL
[04:06] <ArenaCloser1337> oh
[04:06] <Dominic tan> TNKS
[04:07] <ArenaCloser1337> IDK, then
[04:07] <Dominic tan> OK THEN
[04:07] <Dominic tan> errrrrr
[04:08] <Dominic tan> in the chat rules, I saw the word 'zalgo' what does that mean?
[04:08] <The Tidal Wave> What does Undyne do?
[04:08] <ArenaCloser1337> Zalgo is a creepypasta on omega
[04:08] <The Tidal Wave> His fighting style?
[04:08] <ArenaCloser1337> undyne is an undertale boss
[04:08] <AM Waves> Hi Dominic.
[04:08] <ArenaCloser1337> and she throws spear
[04:08] <The Tidal Wave> i mean
[04:08] <Dominic tan> Sup dude
[04:08] <ArenaCloser1337> that's it
[04:08] <ArenaCloser1337> just spears
[04:08] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[04:08] <Dominic tan> they are fast
[04:08] <Dominic tan> and poerful
[04:08] <Dominic tan> *powerful
[04:08] <The Tidal Wave> hmm
[04:09] <The Tidal Wave> throws powerful spears huh
[04:09] <The Tidal Wave> Fire rate?
[04:09] <ArenaCloser1337> I thought lancer but it's just a conception
[04:09] <ArenaCloser1337> There's not a specific fire rate
[04:09] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[04:09] <Dominic tan> quite fast
[04:09] <The Tidal Wave> like... one per ? seconds?
[04:10] <ArenaCloser1337> There's no specific, really
[04:10] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[04:10] <The Tidal Wave> maybe basic tank
[04:10] <ArenaCloser1337> .-.
[04:10] <Dominic tan> 1 per half second about that
[04:10] <The Tidal Wave> or destroyer
[04:10] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[04:10] <ArenaCloser1337> nope
[04:10] <The Tidal Wave> not destroyer then
[04:10] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[04:10] <The Tidal Wave> hmm
[04:10] <Dominic tan> gunner?
[04:10] <AM Waves> I need to get used to Enuapanzran.
[04:10] <The Tidal Wave> maybe sniper
[04:10] <ArenaCloser1337> it's quite fast, doh
[04:10] <Dominic tan> auto gunner
[04:10] <The Tidal Wave> Max reload sniper?
[04:11] <ArenaCloser1337> but, why do we have such a disscusion? It's not bad but it's hard to relate to them
[04:11] <Dominic tan> max reload destroyer
[04:11] <Dominic tan> done
[04:12] <The Tidal Wave> who else is there
[04:12] <Dominic tan> My fav achievment is either the C + E or the Shiny! Achievement
[04:12] <The named BOSS> hello tank/polygon/other i have never seen before
[04:12] <Dominic tan> WAT
[04:13] <The named BOSS> WHAT!?
[04:13] <The named BOSS> This is...
[04:13] <Dominic tan> Maddness?
[04:13] <Dominic tan> ...
[04:13] <Dominic tan> ...
[04:13] <The Tidal Wave> SPARTA!
[04:13] <Dominic tan> XD
[04:13] <The named BOSS> ...The wiki chat y'know, they are kinda the same thing...
[04:13] <The named BOSS> So are you a tank, some sort of polygon or what?
[04:14] <Dominic tan> ...
[04:14] <Dominic tan> NAH
[04:14] <ArenaCloser1337> You're just a tan
[04:14] <ArenaCloser1337> jk
[04:14] <Dominic tan> Im kinda a Auto 5 or Overseer
[04:14] <Dominic tan> there is this one moment
[04:14] <Dominic tan> where I was an Overlord
[04:15] <Dominic tan> and I was in the blue team
[04:15] <ArenaCloser1337> .-.
[04:15] <Dominic tan> the red them
[04:15] <The Tidal Wave> and?
[04:15] <Dominic tan> had this trapper
[04:15] <ArenaCloser1337> being level 45 is easy, right6
[04:15] <ArenaCloser1337> *right?
[04:15] <Dominic tan> that killed everyone
[04:15] <Dominic tan> then
[04:15] <The Tidal Wave> how do you kill as a trapper?
[04:15] <The named BOSS> ...And you killed it?
[04:15] <The named BOSS> By going close to 
[04:15] <Dominic tan> someone gets too close
[04:15] <Dominic tan> ya
[04:15] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[04:16] <Dominic tan> my team was loosing
[04:16] <The Tidal Wave> i'd stay away from it
[04:16] <Dominic tan> then
[04:16] <AM Waves> Dominic, would you mind if I made a profile picture for you?
[04:16] <Dominic tan> K
[04:16] <Dominic tan> But quickly
[04:16] <Dominic tan> I came close
[04:16] <Dominic tan> I saw
[04:16] <Dominic tan> at the back, there was a small hole
[04:16] <AM Waves> ?
[04:17] <Dominic tan> so used my drones
[04:17] <Dominic tan> sent them offsreen
[04:17] <Dominic tan> *screen
[04:17] <Dominic tan> and I killed it
[04:17] <The Tidal Wave> what luck.
[04:17] <Dominic tan> everyone was shocked
[04:17] <Dominic tan> and we just destroyed the red team
[04:17] <Dominic tan> all because of a tiny hole
[04:18] <The Tidal Wave> lolol
[04:18] <Dominic tan> plus
[04:18] <Dominic tan> he used C + E
[04:18] <The Tidal Wave> what kind of trapper
[04:18] <Dominic tan> tri trapper
[04:18] <The Tidal Wave> oh RIP then
[04:18] <Dominic tan> I got so lucky
[04:19] <Dominic tan> ...
[04:20] <Dominic tan> ......
[04:20] <Dominic tan> .........
[04:20] <AM Waves> Oh....
[04:20] <AM Waves> You had a "tan" at the end.
[04:20] <Dominic tan> what?
[04:20] <AM Waves> I didn't see that.
[04:20] <Dominic tan> plz dont
[04:20] <ArenaCloser1337>
[04:20] <AM Waves> Whoops.
[04:20] <ArenaCloser1337> 2 teams, anyone?
[04:20] <AM Waves> What?
[04:20] <Dominic tan> its fine
[04:21] <Dominic tan> just send me the pic
[04:21] <Dominic tan> ArenaCloser, where are you in the game?
[04:22] <AM Waves> How would you like the pick?
[04:22] <Pariscat11> hey guys
[04:22] <The Tidal Wave> Hi Paris
[04:22] <AM Waves> A Tank, a polygon?
[04:22] <Pariscat11> hey ice
[04:22] <AM Waves> Hi Pariscat.
[04:22] <Dominic tan> tank, overlord
[04:22] <Dominic tan> (overlord) 
[04:23] <ArenaCloser1337>
[04:23] <Dominic tan> what team?
[04:23] <AM Waves> Okay.
[04:23] <Dominic tan> are you in?
[04:24] <Dominic tan> what name?
[04:24] <Pariscat11> i am blue
[04:24] <ArenaCloser1337> AC1337
[04:24] <IceTudor> PARIIISS
[04:24] <IceTudor> 
[04:24] <The Tidal Wave> Zombot 1000
[04:24] <ArenaCloser1337> BLU(e) team
[04:24] <The Tidal Wave> in-game name
[04:24] <Dominic tan> meet me iat the start
[04:24] <Pariscat11> i'm pariscat11
[04:24] <Dominic tan> teh blue area
[04:24] <IceTudor> bak
[04:25] <Dominic tan> I cant find you
[04:25] <AM Waves> Dominic, which colour do you want it?
[04:25] <Dominic tan> forget it, meet me here
[04:26] <Dominic tan> blue
[04:26] <AM Waves> Okay.
[04:26] <Pariscat11> brb
[04:26] <The Tidal Wave> Paris, i waved at you
[04:26] <Dominic tan>
[04:26] <Dominic tan> and no arena closers
[04:26] <Pariscat11> who are you
[04:27] <The Tidal Wave> Zombot 1000
[04:27] <Dominic tan>
[04:27] <Dominic tan> this is where I am
[04:27] <Pariscat11> im pariscat11
[04:27] <Dominic tan> ... Nobody is here?
[04:28] <The Tidal Wave> 2 teams
[04:28] <Dominic tan> ........................................
[04:28] <Dominic tan>
[04:28] <Dominic tan> where are you?
[04:33] <The named BOSS> rp?
[04:33] <Dominic tan> no
[04:33] <The Tidal Wave> no
[04:33] <The Tidal Wave> sandboxing
[04:33] <The Tidal Wave> at least not yet.
[04:33] <Pariscat11> noo my babies
[04:34] <Pariscat11> thanks for killing a family
[04:34] <The Tidal Wave> they look kinda weak
[04:34] <The Tidal Wave> for factory drones
[04:35] <Dominic tan> x
[04:35] <Dominic tan> xd
[04:36] <Dominic tan> STOP
[04:36] <The Tidal Wave> Boss
[04:37] <The Tidal Wave> RP?
[04:37] <The named BOSS> m?
[04:37] <The named BOSS> yes
[04:38] <The Tidal Wave> you start
[04:38] <Dominic tan> AWWWW
[04:38] <Dominic tan> FOREVER ALONE'
[04:39] <Dominic tan> WANNA PLAY, BEAT THE DOMINATOR?
[04:39] <Dominic tan> no?
[04:39] <AM Waves>
[04:39] <The named BOSS> (you start)
[04:39] <AM Waves> Here.
[04:39] <The Tidal Wave> I can't ram a dominator!
[04:39] <The Tidal Wave> I'd die in 2 seconds!
[04:39] <Dominic tan> so, use something else!
[04:39] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[04:39] <Dominic tan> so
[04:40] <The Tidal Wave> challenge accepted.
[04:40] <The Tidal Wave> RP later, sorry boss
[04:40] <Dominic tan> AM, so how to do this?
[04:40] <Pariscat11> lets rp bossie
[04:41] <The named BOSS> "bossie"
[04:41] <The named BOSS> 
[04:42] <IceTudor> noone called you bossie
[04:42] <Dominic tan> herd mode activated
[04:42] <IceTudor> wait
[04:42] <IceTudor> oh shit.
[04:42] <Dominic tan> defeated
[04:43] <Dominic tan> defeated
[04:43] <Pariscat11> -black metal alpha pentagon spawns-
[04:43] <AM Waves> Dominic, what?
[04:43] <The Tidal Wave> argh
[04:43] <AM Waves> The picture replacement?
[04:43] <Dominic tan> XD
[04:43] <The Tidal Wave> let's RP instead
[04:43] <Dominic tan> Ya
[04:44] <The Tidal Wave> Me and BOSS and Paris>
[04:44] <Dominic tan> ythe picture replacement
[04:44] <The Tidal Wave> ?
[04:44] <Dominic tan> Am, ARE YOU THERE???
[04:44] <IceTudor> paris
[04:44] <IceTudor> sry
[04:44] <IceTudor> but your metal polygon pics kiiinda suck
[04:44] <Dominic tan> ...
[04:44] <The named BOSS> i kinda agree
[04:44] <The Tidal Wave> link?
[04:45] <Pariscat11> its okay
[04:45] <Dominic tan> Lets see who can play, beat the dominator
[04:45] <The named BOSS> *boss races in!*]
[04:45] <Dominic tan>
[04:45] <AM Waves> I am here.
[04:45] <Pariscat11> It was agreed that Chat would close early, since people have already flocked to DW Chat anyway. All Chat-related JS, CSS, & MediaWiki messages have bene deleted & archived in DW edit histories. You may now use the DW Chat full time.
[04:45] <AM Waves> Sorry I was doing something.
[04:45] <The Tidal Wave> So
[04:45] <Dominic tan> okay
[04:45] <The Tidal Wave> Boss, RP?
[04:45] <Dominic tan> no
[04:46] <Dominic tan> so, AM
[04:46] <Dominic tan> how?
[04:46] <Dominic tan> lets play
[04:46] <Dominic tan> beat the dominator
[04:46] <Dominic tan>
[04:46] <AM Waves> Save the image to your computer than upload it.
[04:46] <Dominic tan> how?
[04:46] <AM Waves> That's the way I know.
[04:46] <Dominic tan> I already saved
[04:46] <The named BOSS> Yes Rp.
[04:46] <AM Waves> Anyone have any ideas?
[04:47] <AM Waves> 1 - Go right click the picture
[04:47] <AM Waves> 2 - "Save as"
[04:47] <AM Waves> 3 - Then upload it on your Avatar.
[04:47] <The Tidal Wave> Ok
[04:47] <Pariscat11> lets rp now
[04:47] <The Tidal Wave> Hello Urlawn.
[04:47] <Dominic tan> done!
[04:47] <Moe Urlawn> Hai.
[04:47] <Pariscat11> bossi
[04:47] <Dominic tan> finised
[04:47] <The Tidal Wave> You new?
[04:48] <Moe Urlawn> Holly crap there is so many people.
[04:48] <Moe Urlawn> I am new?
[04:48] <The Tidal Wave> Are you?
[04:48] <Moe Urlawn> You are new compared to me.
[04:48] <Dominic tan> soooo
[04:48] <Moe Urlawn> I was here at July 2016.
[04:48] <Dominic tan> I already changed
[04:48] <The Tidal Wave> oh not again.
[04:48] <Pariscat11> hey urlawn
[04:48] <Moe Urlawn> Of course with a different account.
[04:48] <Dominic tan> Done
[04:48] <The Tidal Wave> Nice
[04:48] <Moe Urlawn> It is fun to see this chat lively again.
[04:48] <The Tidal Wave> Yep
[04:48] <The Tidal Wave> WHy?
[04:48] <Dominic tan> Anyone heard of MLP?
[04:48] <AM Waves> MLP?
[04:49] <The Tidal Wave> Notorious.
[04:49] <The named BOSS> ...
[04:49] <IceTudor> am
[04:49] <Dominic tan> My Little Pony
[04:49] <The Tidal Wave> For it's fanbase.
[04:49] <IceTudor> i got some ideas
[04:49] <The named BOSS> [giant] ...
[04:49] <IceTudor> with ac
[04:49] <Moe Urlawn> My old account:
[04:49] <IceTudor> since we haev to work on polychora
[04:49] <Dominic tan> Im part brony
[04:49] <Dominic tan> XD
[04:49] <IceTudor> eewgh
[04:49] <Dominic tan> what
[04:49] <IceTudor>
[04:49] <IceTudor> get away from me
[04:49] <Moe Urlawn> Jeez I miss how lively this chat used to be now I am not used to it lol.
[04:50] <Dominic tan> (triplet) v (sniper, who wins?
[04:50] <AM Waves> Eh.
[04:50] <AM Waves> I remember those old days too.
[04:50] <IceTudor> why do we call them tanks if the only tank is the lvl 1-15 tank?
[04:50] <IceTudor> i say triplet
[04:51] <Dominic tan> (triplet) v (arena closer)
[04:51] <AM Waves> Not as old of a veteran as you but, still I am here for a long time.
[04:51] <Pariscat11> ac
[04:51] <Moe Urlawn> Well I was here when diep conception wikia was on a page lol.
[04:51] <Dominic tan> (triplet) v (arenacloser) 
[04:51] <AM Waves> Me too.
[04:51] <Pariscat11> (tripet) vs (streamliner) 
[04:51] <Pariscat11> (triplet) vs (streamliner) 
[04:51] <Dominic tan> triplet
[04:51] <Moe Urlawn> But you are here at December lol
[04:51] <Moe Urlawn> Unless...
[04:51] <Pariscat11> they both have focused fire
[04:51] <AM Waves> Eh.
[04:51] <AM Waves> I remember that page.
[04:51] <Dominic tan> bot trplet has more power
[04:51] <The Tidal Wave> I joined in December.
[04:51] <The Tidal Wave> So
[04:51] <The named BOSS> (fighter) v (booster) 
[04:52] <Dominic tan> I was first here around 2 years ago
[04:52] <The Tidal Wave> what now?
[04:52] <AM Waves> DCoW started newly, like a baby or so at the time.
[04:52] <Moe Urlawn> AGAIN MY OLD ACCOUNT:
[04:52] <Dominic tan> Me too
[04:52] <Dominic tan> and the creator is now
[04:52] <The Tidal Wave> Why the chat is alive is because DW and DCoW are merging
[04:52] <The Tidal Wave> You know that
[04:52] <Moe Urlawn> I know that.
[04:52] <Moe Urlawn> I have experience lol.
[04:52] <Dominic tan> Anyone know pokemon?
[04:52] <The named BOSS> RP!?!??!?!?!?!?
[04:53] <Dominic tan> (random topic)
[04:53] <The named BOSS> well yes
[04:53] <The Tidal Wave> YES!!!!!
[04:53] <Moe Urlawn> Also happy 150 lads.
[04:53] <Dominic tan> so, now
[04:53] <The Tidal Wave> I'm HK
[04:53] <Moe Urlawn> I used to be a discussion mod :( lol
[04:53] <The Tidal Wave> Happy 20.
[04:53] <Dominic tan> have you known
[04:53] <Dominic tan> this one pokemon
[04:53] <Dominic tan> in Gen 3
[04:53] <Moe Urlawn> But I used to be underaged lol
[04:53] <The Tidal Wave> who?
[04:53] <Moe Urlawn> I am not anymore
[04:53] <Dominic tan> is psychic fairy type
[04:53] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[04:53] <Dominic tan> (here we go!)
[04:53] <The Tidal Wave> name?
[04:53] <Dominic tan> G...
[04:53] <The Tidal Wave> a
[04:53] <Moe Urlawn> I SENT YOU THE LINK.
[04:54] <Dominic tan> r
[04:54] <The Tidal Wave> What link?
[04:54] <Moe Urlawn>
[04:54] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[04:54] <AM Waves> Anson.
[04:54] <Moe Urlawn> That is my old account.
[04:54] <AM Waves> Oh.
[04:54] <Dominic tan> you know what it is already
[04:54] <Moe Urlawn> Yes.
[04:54] <AM Waves> I know you.
[04:54] <Dominic tan> the pokemon in gen 3
[04:54] <Moe Urlawn> I am not often on DCoW lol
[04:54] <Moe Urlawn> You do?
[04:54] <AM Waves> So this is your new acount huh?
[04:54] <Moe Urlawn> I don't know you.
[04:54] <AM Waves> Yeah.
[04:54] <The named BOSS> lets start rping tidal pls
[04:54] <Dominic tan> psychic fairy type
[04:54] <Moe Urlawn> Well I am not underaged anymore.
[04:54] <The Tidal Wave> PM
[04:54] <Moe Urlawn> Can;t kill me
[04:54] <AM Waves> I remember you from old threads.
[04:55] <Dominic tan> you know pokemon?
[04:55] <Moe Urlawn> Uh huh lol.
[04:55] <Dominic tan> yes?
[04:55] <Dominic tan> no?
[04:55] <Dominic tan> why is it so quiet?????
[04:55] <AM Waves> I was friends with someone, but well, they are just a bit "air filled" now...
[04:55] <AM Waves> So eh.
[04:55] <Moe Urlawn> Wait what?
[04:55] <IceTudor> is it gravi
[04:55] <AM Waves> No.
[04:56] <IceTudor> oh
[04:56] <Moe Urlawn> PM me and tell me your idenity lol.
[04:56] <IceTudor> he's not air filled
[04:56] <Dominic tan> The Tidal Wave, you know what pokemon it is...
[04:56] <IceTudor> he's pride filled
[04:56] <IceTudor> sry for mistaking
[04:56] <The Tidal Wave> Yes.
[04:56] <Dominic tan> Ya
[04:56] <Pariscat11> whe widal tave
[04:56] <Dominic tan> Whose google images
[04:56] <Dominic tan> should never be seen
[04:56] <The Tidal Wave> Please.
[04:56] <IceTudor> mew2?
[04:56] <Dominic tan> no
[04:56] <The Tidal Wave> Don't mention it.
[04:56] <Dominic tan> something much much worse
[04:56] <Moe Urlawn> ...
[04:57] <The Tidal Wave> (Also I'm laggy AF)
[04:57] <AM Waves> Tudor.
[04:57] <Dominic tan> ...
[04:57] <IceTudor> what is it
[04:57] <AM Waves> What are you talking about?
[04:57] <Moe Urlawn> AM Waves who are you.
[04:57] <Dominic tan> G
[04:57] <Dominic tan> A
[04:57] <IceTudor> aloha egxecutor?
[04:57] <IceTudor> 
[04:57] <Dominic tan> R
[04:57] <AM Waves> I am no one, a simple user.
[04:57] <Dominic tan> D
[04:57] <Dominic tan> E
[04:57] <Dominic tan> V
[04:57] <Dominic tan> O
[04:57] <Dominic tan> I
[04:57] <Graviatar> GIANT. CAT.
[04:57] <Dominic tan> R
[04:57] <IceTudor> Gardevoi?
[04:57] <Dominic tan> XD
[04:58] <Dominic tan> You searched it
[04:58] <IceTudor> oh
[04:58] <Dominic tan> didn't you?
[04:58] <IceTudor> nope
[04:58] <AM Waves> I don't know much about Pokemon.
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> AM Waves are you Mega?
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> 
[04:58] <Dominic tan> ya
[04:58] <IceTudor> i dont dare
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> Or SFU?
[04:58] <AM Waves> No.
[04:58] <IceTudor> i've seen shit
[04:58] <AM Waves> No.
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> Hehe.
[04:58] <IceTudor> i wont do pokemon
[04:58] <AM Waves> I am no one.
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> Well.
[04:58] <Dominic tan> xd
[04:58] <IceTudor> no poor sfu is banned
[04:58] <Dominic tan> XDXDXD
[04:58] <IceTudor> for no reason
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> I know
[04:58] <Dominic tan> what is SFU?
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> I kinda like him
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> HE IS A USER.
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> Well.
[04:58] <Dominic tan> oh, why?
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> Bai~
[04:58] <AM Waves> That's an old story, I also respected him.
[04:58] <Dominic tan> so,
[04:58] <Moe Urlawn> He caused drama
[04:59] <Moe Urlawn> But
[04:59] <Dominic tan> what kind
[04:59] <The Tidal Wave> but?
[04:59] <Dominic tan> ya
[04:59] <Moe Urlawn> I feel bad and I kinda like him
[04:59] <Moe Urlawn> We chat every so often
[04:59] <The Tidal Wave> You don't wanna know, dominic.
[04:59] <AM Waves> But the things he got were worse than the drama.
[04:59] <Moe Urlawn> Yep
[04:59] <Moe Urlawn> ^
[04:59] <Dominic tan> okay
[04:59] <Dominic tan> I wonder
[04:59] <Moe Urlawn> I respect him too
[04:59] <Dominic tan> what is 'Gardevoir"??????
[04:59] <AM Waves> He got a [BLEEP] flag from a Bureucrat I mean, n
[04:59] <Moe Urlawn> He just takes things too seriously
[05:00] <AM Waves> That's too far.
[05:00] <Dominic tan> should google it
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> ^
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> :(
[05:00] <Dominic tan> OH WAIT
[05:00] <Dominic tan> DONT
[05:00] <Dominic tan> SEARCH
[05:00] <The Tidal Wave> Don't.
[05:00] <Dominic tan> IT
[05:00] <AM Waves> Plus, he got banned for 3 years.
[05:00] <Dominic tan> YA
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> I chat with him on another wikia
[05:00] <Dominic tan> that pokemon 
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> He is actually a VERY nice person when you get to know him
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> Well
[05:00] <Dominic tan> has a problem
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> Au revoir lads
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> ~
[05:00] <AM Waves> Even though we are friends with Ursuul, I am starting to feel a bit more exposed.
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> Yep
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> Well
[05:00] <Moe Urlawn> bai
[05:01] <AM Waves> Bye.
[05:01] <Dominic tan> with its fanbase, CYA
[05:01] <Moe Urlawn> I guess I will see ya lads son
[05:01] <The Tidal Wave> Exposed?
[05:01] <Dominic tan> so
[05:01] <The Tidal Wave> Bye moe.
[05:01] <Dominic tan> bye!
[05:01] <The Tidal Wave> How "exposed", AM?
[05:01] <The named BOSS> tidal pm
[05:02] <AM Waves> You don't want to know Tidal Wave... You won't wanna know anytime soon.
[05:02] <The Tidal Wave> oh ok then.
[05:02] <AM Waves> But, this is it.
[05:03] <AM Waves> Tudor, I am doing this.
[05:03] <The Tidal Wave> What?
[05:15] <IceTudor> doing what?
[05:16] <AM Waves> You understand.
[05:20] <The Tidal Wave> can't wait for the merge.
[05:20] <AM Waves> Yeah, it begun, they better accomplish it.
[05:21] <The Tidal Wave> I'm tired of having to navigate 2 wikis at once to properly find our conceptions
[05:21] <The Tidal Wave> while on the DW chat.
[05:27] <The Tidal Wave> Gtg
[05:27] <The Tidal Wave> bye dudes.
[05:28] <AM Waves> Bye.
[05:28] <The named BOSS> bye
[05:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, SR.
[05:28] <IceTudor> hi zath
[05:29] <AM Waves> Hello ZathusTheMageV.
[05:29] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[05:30] <The named BOSS> ZIThsu
[05:30] <ZathusTheMageV> ?
[05:31] <The named BOSS> hi
[05:32] <The named BOSS> bye imma play am2r
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, AC.
[05:32] <The named BOSS> afk mode on
[05:32] <ArenaCloser1337> The chat crashed on me
[05:32] <The named BOSS> no wait
[05:32] <The named BOSS> am2rfk mode on
[05:36] <SuperRobot9338> hi zath
[05:36] <SuperRobot9338> let's purge staff (kappa) 
[05:39] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[05:39] <Type: Sparky> DO IT
[05:39] <Type: Sparky> SPARKY OUT OF NOWHERE
[05:39] <Type: Sparky> WAAAAA
[05:40] <IceTudor> .
[05:40] <IceTudor> fuglugugs
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> There do seem to be a lot of uneccessary staff tbh
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> Even if that was a joke
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> Because of the kappa 
[05:41] <IceTudor> hah
[05:41] <IceTudor> quagmire is litteraly the FG version of kenny
[05:47] <AM Waves> Zathus used to say that he the job to Ursuul, now he is back on track.
[05:51] <ArenaCloser1337> what's going on
[05:55] <ZathusTheMageV> idk
[06:06] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[06:06] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello.
[06:06] <SuperRobot9338> we got a New Plan
[06:07] <SuperRobot9338> for after the merge
[06:08] <ZathusTheMageV> Can I see it?
[06:11] <SuperRobot9338> ZATHSU
[06:11] <ZathusTheMageV> YES?
[06:11] <SuperRobot9338> Before you can you must promote Percy Odair to bot
[06:11] <SuperRobot9338> [[User%3APercy Odair|User:Percy Odair]]
[06:11] <SuperRobot9338> promote on DCoW
[06:11] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok
[06:11] <SuperRobot9338>
[06:11] <SuperRobot9338> promote 2 bot
[06:12] <ZathusTheMageV> They are already a bot
[06:13] <SuperRobot9338> wait they are
[06:13] <SuperRobot9338> woag
[06:13] <ZathusTheMageV> Ursuul got them to do it lol
[06:13] <SuperRobot9338> WAIT
[06:13] <SuperRobot9338> Promote them to admin
[06:13] <SuperRobot9338> They also need admin
[06:13] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok
[06:14] <SuperRobot9338> any zathsu
[06:14] <SuperRobot9338> ZATHSU
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> WHAT
[06:15] <ArenaCloser1337> Is Zathus hypnotized to do whatever the other mods want?
[06:15] <SuperRobot9338> PLAN IZ READY FOR VIEWING
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok
[06:15] <SuperRobot9338> Yes AC
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[06:15] <SuperRobot9338> He got hypnotised by Ursulu
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Ursuul.
[06:15] <ArenaCloser1337> Ursuul, why?
[06:15] <SuperRobot9338> oh how timelu
[06:15] <ArenaCloser1337> hi ursuul
[06:15] <Ursuul> hi
[06:15] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> It wasn't hypnotization.
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> I do it willingly. :3
[06:15] <SuperRobot9338> hold on lemme stage a coup
[06:15] <ArenaCloser1337> why did you hypnotize Zathus?
[06:15] <SuperRobot9338> he asked for it
[06:15] <Ursuul> funny that I asked ye 3 times to bot Percy & SR gets it the first try xD
[06:15] <SuperRobot9338> he wanted to see what it was like
[06:16] <ZathusTheMageV> I do it for the prestigious title of Best Underling.
[06:16] <ZathusTheMageV> Sorry Ursuul lol
[06:16] <Ursuul> admin percy***
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[06:16] <Ursuul> it’s k lol
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> zathsu is MY Underling
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> Ursulu is inferior
[06:16] <Type: Sparky> And I make Minionz disabled
[06:16] <Type: Sparky> -Slack, 2017
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> Basically, after the Merge we need to work on these things:
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> 1. Main Page
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> 2. Header Graphic
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> 3. Favicon & Wiki.png
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> 4. Wordmark Tweaks
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> 5. Background
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> 6. Template Cleanup & Partial Redesign
[06:16] <SuperRobot9338> 7. Builds Cleanup & Documentation
[06:17] <SuperRobot9338> Yes, Sparky
[06:17] <SuperRobot9338> You killed kd's customisation
[06:18] <Ursuul> is Özün Oldun actually logging
[06:18] <Ursuul> ok yea
[06:18] <Ursuul> be ware SR
[06:18] <Ursuul> Özün will pass you in edits (grin) 
[06:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Mweh heh heh
[06:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Get destroyed by the ancient guardian, Ozun.
[06:18] <Ursuul> rekt
[06:19] <Ursuul> Sunday some real shit gonna start happenin’
[06:19] <Ursuul> pages moved, protected, bots feasting like jackals 
[06:19] <ArenaCloser1337> One does not simply give bots boring job
[06:20] <AM Waves> What did I miss?
[06:20] <ArenaCloser1337> Not much
[06:20] <ZathusTheMageV> Bots dont eat
[06:20] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[06:20] <ArenaCloser1337> Bots don't meat
[06:20] <ArenaCloser1337> (grin) 
[06:20] <Ursuul> bots consume all
[06:20] <Ursuul> they become more powerful the more they work
[06:20] <Ursuul> until they overthrow their overlords
[06:20] <Ursuul> all hail Rem
[06:21] <AM Waves> I requested a username change if that is a factor.
[06:21] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[06:21] <Ursuul> oh cool AM Waves
[06:21] <Ursuul> also Zathsu you watch any moar Re:Zero?
[06:21] <Ursuul> I got VSTF girl into it
[06:21] <ZathusTheMageV> Not yet
[06:21] <ZathusTheMageV> Since cringe episode
[06:21] <AM Waves> AM Waves > Enuapanzran.
[06:21] <Ursuul> lol
[06:22] <SuperRobot9338> guys
[06:22] <Ursuul> wot
[06:22] <SuperRobot9338> what tank should we use for slack icon
[06:22] <AM Waves> Slack?
[06:22] <SuperRobot9338> i'm making it rn
[06:22] <SuperRobot9338> yes
[06:22] <Ursuul> whateva u want fam
[06:22] <SuperRobot9338> You don't know what Slack is?
[06:22] <SuperRobot9338> @AM
[06:22] <AM Waves> Octotank.
[06:22] <Ursuul> Slack(ing off)
[06:22] <SuperRobot9338> hmmm
[06:23] <AM Waves> As they farm lazily,
[06:23] <SuperRobot9338> naw
[06:23] <AM Waves> It may work.
[06:23] <SuperRobot9338> Machine Gun
[06:23] <SuperRobot9338> they farm too
[06:23] <SuperRobot9338> but fire a lot of bullets
[06:23] <AM Waves> (Eh) 
[06:23] <SuperRobot9338> one could say they're chatty
[06:23] <Ursuul> Octo Tank
[06:23] <Ursuul> or Auto 5
[06:23] <AM Waves> Yeah.
[06:23] <ZathusTheMageV> Ew
[06:23] <SuperRobot9338> Machine Gun looks best
[06:23] <Ursuul> I know they’re gross
[06:23] <Ursuul> but good farmers
[06:24] <Ursuul> lazy
[06:24] <AM Waves> Ursuul, has the GIF been added or, scrapped?
[06:24] <ZathusTheMageV> Tale of Diep overhaul designs look awesome though
[06:24] <SuperRobot9338> Machine Gun looks best tho
[06:24] <ZathusTheMageV> Fighter and Booster look badass
[06:24] <Ursuul> I wasn’t able to download it properly AM
[06:24] <SuperRobot9338> we don't need something tuff
[06:24] <ZathusTheMageV> In the new ToD designs
[06:24] <Ursuul> I asked someone to upload it [[w:c:rings-of-the-master:Special:Upload|here]]
[06:24] <AM Waves> Oh.
[06:24] <AM Waves> Okay then.
[06:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Question of the day: What's the favorite food of a bot?
[06:25] <AM Waves> Oil or information.
[06:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Bonless Pizza
[06:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Obviously Boneless pizza
[06:25] <AM Waves> Glad Teamerz isn't here.
[06:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Why?
[06:25] <AM Waves> He would suggest something-less pizza.
[06:26] <ArenaCloser1337> I know he makes the worst pun of everything we say, but he's not that bad.
[06:26] <Ursuul> 🅱️oneless Articles (grin) 
[06:26] <AM Waves> I am not saying he is bad at all.
[06:26] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[06:26] <AM Waves> The B-less joke his.
[06:26] <ZathusTheMageV> You'll say "I'm back" after going AFK
[06:26] <ZathusTheMageV> and he'll say "I'm front"
[06:26] <AM Waves> Yeah.
[06:26] <ArenaCloser1337> exactly
[06:26] <Ursuul> da
[06:26] <Ursuul> Temz iz gr8
[06:27] <Ursuul> when he’s not in a bad mood anyway
[06:27] <ZathusTheMageV> Yeah
[06:27] <Ursuul> he left fuming because he fucked up the day DCoW was made lol
[06:27] <ZathusTheMageV> Ursuul > Temz > SR (grin) 
[06:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Noone wants an angry team (grin) 
[06:27] <Ursuul> he said we were disappointing because forgot that it was DCoW birthday a few days ago, when it was made in July lol
[06:27] <Ursuul> also SR wanted us to drag the Merge on until DCoW birthday
[06:27] <Ursuul> then close it then
[06:27] <AM Waves> I stated that harshly, the previous day, ""I am back. And I know you are gonna say "I am front, he is left, they are up..." ""
[06:28] <Ursuul> s y m b o l i s m 
[06:28] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[06:28] <SuperRobot9338> HEY ZATHSU
[06:28] <AM Waves> And then guess it.
[06:28] <ZathusTheMageV> s p a c e d l e t t e r s
[06:28] <SuperRobot9338> I WILL STAGE A COUP
[06:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Yes, SR?
[06:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Why
[06:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Because you're evil?
[06:28] <SuperRobot9338> USING MY INFLUENCE AND POWER
[06:28] <AM Waves> He did it to just annoy me.
[06:28] <Ursuul> because his banana is now black & moldy
[06:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Why did I give you such good reputation, master SR? >_<
[06:28] <SuperRobot9338> zathsu
[06:28] <SuperRobot9338> you said ursulu beat me
[06:28] <Ursuul> she now has her panties in a bunch
[06:28] <Ursuul> rip SR’s banana
[06:28] <SuperRobot9338> "Ursuul > Temz > SR"
[06:29] <AM Waves> What is this chat right now?
[06:29] <Ursuul> idek AM Waves
[06:29] <Ursuul> just go with the flow
[06:29] <SuperRobot9338> so Ursuul
[06:29] <Ursuul> ja
[06:29] <ZathusTheMageV> That means you're still third place
[06:29] <SuperRobot9338> what should background colour be for icon
[06:29] <ZathusTheMageV> And above literally everyone else :3
[06:29] <SuperRobot9338> YAY
[06:29] <ZathusTheMageV> That isnt Ursuul and Temz (grin) 
[06:29] <SuperRobot9338> ZATHSU IS ME BEST FRIEND
[06:29] <Ursuul> icon of wot
[06:29] <Ursuul> lol
[06:29] <Ursuul> (grin2) 
[06:29] <SuperRobot9338> slack
[06:29] <Ursuul> oh
[06:29] <Ursuul> do....
[06:29] <Ursuul> YELLOW
[06:29] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[06:30] <SuperRobot9338> (kappa) 
[06:30] <Ursuul> (just to calm down your yellow addiction lol)
[06:30] <SuperRobot9338> lmao no
[06:30] <SuperRobot9338> I'm doing the blue from the slack icon
[06:30] <Ursuul> k fam
[06:30] <SuperRobot9338> that pale sky blue at the top
[06:30] <AM Waves> (wat) Is this working?
[06:30] <ArenaCloser1337> yes
[06:30] <AM Waves> It is.
[06:30] <ZathusTheMageV> This is an intervention, master SR.
[06:30] <AM Waves> Good.
[06:30] <ZathusTheMageV> We're here to talk about your yellow addiction.
[06:31] <Ursuul> lol
[06:31] <Ursuul> why don’t you have a seat SR?
[06:31] <ZathusTheMageV> We're worried about you.
[06:31] <Ursuul> We think you might need some professional help
[06:31] <ArenaCloser1337> The real master here is Teamerz because, without him, you guys wouldn't be a real team.
[06:31] <ZathusTheMageV> "Stop it. Get some help"
[06:31] <ArenaCloser1337> (grin) 
[06:32] <ZathusTheMageV> oof
[06:32] <Ursuul> (comfy) 
[06:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Temz abuses me ;~;
[06:32] <SuperRobot9338> ursuul
[06:32] <SuperRobot9338> I'm doing blue
[06:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Nothing but sammiches
[06:32] <SuperRobot9338> not yellow
[06:32] <ZathusTheMageV> All day
[06:32] <SuperRobot9338> wait
[06:33] <SuperRobot9338> maybe I should do a very deep blue
[06:33] <Ursuul> lol throwback [s]Thursday[/s] Saturday 
[06:33] <SuperRobot9338> to contrast with the tank
[06:33] <Ursuul> [[Thread:25227]]
[06:33] <SuperRobot9338> kewl
[06:33] <Ursuul> that was such a bad system lol
[06:33] <SuperRobot9338> i'd post something kewl but all the juicy ones got deleted
[06:33] <AM Waves> I am addicted to [c="Indigo"]Indigo, [c="Purple"]Purple[/c="Purple"] and [c="Lime"]Lime [/c="Lime"] colours.
[06:33] <SuperRobot9338> by Ursulu the Historical Revisionist
[06:34] <Ursuul> ^
[06:34] <Ursuul> wouldn’t want anyone to have antithetical thoughts about The Party™
[06:34] <AM Waves> I think I found a new face.
[06:34] <Ursuul> cool 
[06:34] <AM Waves> [] []
[06:34] <AM Waves> O
[06:36] <ZathusTheMageV> "The Party"
[06:36] <AM Waves> [] []
[06:36] <AM Waves> -O- 
[06:36] <Ursuul> ye we communists nao
[06:36] <Type: Sparky> ziths
[06:37] <Ursuul> Zathsu
[06:37] <Ursuul> Can I delet [[User blog:ZathusTheMageV/Strikes and Consequence Flags]]
[06:37] <Ursuul> (no delete just yet cuz gottta fix Lenk’s)
[06:37] <Ursuul> lenks*)
[06:37] <ArenaCloser1337> List of the most active users:
[06:38] <ZathusTheMageV> I guess
[06:38] <ZathusTheMageV> If that system is no longer being used
[06:38] <AM Waves> O O
[06:38] <AM Waves> | 
[06:38] <AM Waves> |
[06:38] <Ursuul> ja
[06:38] <AM Waves> WDa.
[06:39] <AM Waves> *Da.
[06:39] <Ursuul> I must’ve been in a fever dream when I designed those
[06:39] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[06:39] <Type: Sparky> LOL
[06:39] <Type: Sparky> ZITHs I added some dcow card ideas
[06:39] <Type: Sparky> to the thread
[06:39] <Type: Sparky> ;-;
[06:39] <ArenaCloser1337> We always add ideas 
[06:40] <AM Waves> Ну, живой коммунизм!
[06:40] <ZathusTheMageV> But m8
[06:40] <AM Waves> You said you were communist.
[06:40] <ZathusTheMageV> I havent touched DCoW Heroes in months
[06:40] <ArenaCloser1337> oh
[06:40] <Type: Sparky> According to all known laws of aviation, I must link to [[%3Ca href%3D%22 Diepdex.|<a href="|the">|the</a> Diepdex.]]
[06:40] <Type: Sparky>
[06:40] <ArenaCloser1337> we should make a game out of it
[06:41] <Type: Sparky> looks like it hates [[]] for external links
[06:41] <Ursuul> hey lads
[06:41] <Type: Sparky> wat is it
[06:41] <Ursuul> I think the Image Dump is happening nao
[06:41] <Type: Sparky>
[06:41] <Type: Sparky> that's a thing now
[06:41] <AM Waves> [rainbow]What do you mean Ursuul?
[06:41] <Type: Sparky> <span class="me-username">* <span>Type: Sparky</span></span> used Ultimate Annoy!
[06:41] <Type: Sparky> "IT HIT ITSELF IN CONFUSION!"
[06:41] <Type: Sparky> "Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot..."
[06:42] <Type: Sparky> "Sassafras, Sassafras, Sassafras, Sassafras, Sassafras, Sassafras, Sassafras, Sassafras..."
[06:42] <Type: Sparky> "Sassafras is a genus of three extant and one extinct species of deciduous trees in the family Lauraceae, native to eastern North America and eastern Asia."
[06:42] <Type: Sparky> "K I'LL STOP NOW"
[06:42] <AM Waves> [c="Grey"]*Type: Sparky went crazy.
[06:43] <Type: Sparky> No
[06:43] <The named BOSS> still 12 edits
[06:43] <Type: Sparky> I'm impersonating Sassafras.
[06:43] <AM Waves> <span class="me-username">* <span>AM Waves</span></span> claps.
[06:43] <The named BOSS> "Sassafras is a genus of three extant and one extinct species of deciduous trees in the family Lauraceae, native to eastern North America and eastern Asia."
[06:43] <The named BOSS> "I'M A PLANT NOW? GREAT!"
[06:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Sassafras has a lot of great references and meme quotes
[06:43] <ArenaCloser1337> "By all known laws of aviation, the Sassafras's wings are too small to transport his fat little buddy out of the ground. But, the Sassafras doesn't care.
[06:44] <AM Waves> I have nothing to say. You are brilliant, fricking amazing.
[06:44] <Type: Sparky> I ADDED ONE
[06:44] <AM Waves> "I ain't in for this, I'm gangsta'!" This is also a reference.
[06:45] <Type: Sparky> "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. But I have a very specific set of skills. Skills that make me" ( will start playing for two loops after the quote is finished) 
[06:45] <ArenaCloser1337> so many quotes
[06:53] <IceTudor>
[06:53] <IceTudor> rip
[06:53] <IceTudor> iz lockd
[06:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Boards are locked in preparation for the merge
[06:54] <IceTudor> why is chat ?
[06:54] <Type: Sparky> The Great Merge
[06:54] <IceTudor> sadly you people are too ignorant
[06:54] <IceTudor> i can't force you to not do the merge
[06:54] <IceTudor> anyways
[06:55] <ZathusTheMageV> What
[06:55] <ZathusTheMageV> How did this go from an explanation of the board lock to everyone being ignorant. xD
[06:56] <IceTudor> we dont NEED the benefits of the merge
[06:56] <IceTudor> ya see boss here
[06:57] <IceTudor> on mobile
[06:57] <IceTudor> any problems?
[06:57] <IceTudor> oh look
[06:57] <IceTudor> NAAWP
[06:57] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok cool.
[06:57] <IceTudor> if the search engine gets added, we just get moar and moar noobs
[06:57] <ArenaCloser1337> I added quotes to Sassafras!
[06:57] <ArenaCloser1337> "That's a mama Sassafras to you, mario!"
[06:57] <ZathusTheMageV> There is no such thing as bad publicity, but continue...
[06:57] <IceTudor> do you want to overcrowd theese wikis with idiots, or to let it sloooowly and slowwly die out
[06:57] <IceTudor> with ocasionally
[06:57] <IceTudor> new people coming in
[06:57] <IceTudor> like it should be?
[06:57] <ZathusTheMageV> The former.
[06:57] <IceTudor> why?
[06:58] <ZathusTheMageV> Because community = growth.
[06:58] <IceTudor> overgrowth = community = ded
[06:58] <ZathusTheMageV> That is absurd.
[06:58] <IceTudor> if we keep overgrowing it
[06:58] <ZathusTheMageV> Overgrowth doesn't result in it dying quicker
[06:58] <IceTudor> the community gets waay too large
[06:58] <ZathusTheMageV> World of Warcraft isnt still a game because it has too many players
[06:58] <IceTudor> its an mmo
[06:58] <ZathusTheMageV> Fair
[06:58] <IceTudor> not a website
[06:58] <ZathusTheMageV> But still comparable in communities-sake
[06:58] <Ursuul> hi
[06:59] <ArenaCloser1337> Sassafras wins the prize for having the most quote!
[06:59] <IceTudor> nope
[06:59] <IceTudor> anyways
[06:59] <ZathusTheMageV> No community died because there were too many people in it.
[06:59] <IceTudor> minecraft
[06:59] <IceTudor> lemme check
[06:59] <IceTudor> roblox
[06:59] <ZathusTheMageV> And your not changing your view on that makes you just as ignorant as me.
[06:59] <IceTudor> terraria
[06:59] <ArenaCloser1337> These games died!
[06:59] <IceTudor> any more?
[06:59] <Ursuul> someone clue me in
[06:59] <ZathusTheMageV> Well by your logic, those are games and not valid comparisons.
[06:59] <IceTudor> can you see it
[06:59] <IceTudor> mk zath
[06:59] <IceTudor> but by your logic
[07:00] <ZathusTheMageV> They are
[07:00] <ZathusTheMageV> Fair enoguh
[07:00] <ZathusTheMageV> Regardless, we can't change each others views, and majority voted for one thing.
[07:00] <ZathusTheMageV> Live with it.
[07:00] <IceTudor> we can compare a cake to a donut and say that one is better because it has a hole
[07:00] <IceTudor> and the other because its bigger
[07:00] <IceTudor> zath
[07:00] <ArenaCloser1337> "It is harder to appeal a giant community. It is easy to lose a giant community because they were not appealed enough"
[07:00] <ArenaCloser1337> Gotcha
[07:00] <IceTudor> the majority is fucking flat earthers and sjws and idiots
[07:00] <IceTudor> worldwide speaking
[07:00] <IceTudor> of course
[07:00] <IceTudor> would you trust those
[07:01] <IceTudor> instead of smart
[07:01] <IceTudor> intellignet
[07:01] <IceTudor> people?
[07:01] <IceTudor> intelligent**
[07:01] <IceTudor> (who ocasionally make typing mistakes)
[07:01] <ZathusTheMageV> Well those people are gonna be harder to find if your floodgates aren't open
[07:01] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[07:01] <ZathusTheMageV> If you lock down your community, the flow in general becomes smaller. The chance to find both the smart people and the idiots decreases dramatically.
[07:01] <ZathusTheMageV> But if you open it like we are, the chance to find both increases.
[07:01] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:02] <SuperRobot9338> Ice
[07:02] <SuperRobot9338> The DCoW is not some utopia right now
[07:02] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, SMG.
[07:02] <AM Waves> Gladly.
[07:02] <Ursuul> SMG
[07:02] <Type: Sparky> hi
[07:02] <SuperRobot9338> There are all sorts of peeps here
[07:02] <Ursuul> :D
[07:02] <SuperRobot9338> Oh hey sm
[07:02] <Smgamermat77> who dat
[07:02] <Ursuul> who dis
[07:02] <Smgamermat77> ursuul fix my font
[07:02] <ArenaCloser1337> "Unlike a big community, a small comunity is easier to interact and to appeal"
[07:02] <Smgamermat77> and the size
[07:03] <SuperRobot9338> the IceTudor exterminator has doth come
[07:03] <Ursuul> what’s wrong with your font
[07:03] <Ursuul> there’s no styles on it
[07:03] <IceTudor> smg leave
[07:03] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[07:03] <ZathusTheMageV> Wow
[07:03] <ZathusTheMageV> r00d ice
[07:03] <Ursuul> r00d
[07:03] <SuperRobot9338> r00d
[07:03] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh no, what have I started? xD
[07:03] <Smgamermat77> u leeve foo
[07:03] <IceTudor> haha
[07:03] <IceTudor> hover on a prof pic
[07:03] <IceTudor> text goes weird
[07:03] <Ursuul> *grabs popcorn to watch Sm demolish Ice*
[07:03] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:04] <IceTudor> *vice versa*
[07:04] <SuperRobot9338> kek
[07:04] <Smgamermat77>
[07:04] <Type: Sparky> I added a quote BUT
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> das what I look like
[07:04] <SuperRobot9338> kek for disrespecting other users
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> why do i have fonts
[07:04] <SuperRobot9338> ah
[07:04] <SuperRobot9338> Kill the styling
[07:04] <SuperRobot9338> The import got removed
[07:04] <ZathusTheMageV> idk
[07:04] <SuperRobot9338> but the styling stayed
[07:04] <AM Waves> <span class="me-username">* <span>AM Waves</span></span> is shivering.
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> ctrl F5 does notin!
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> :O
[07:05] <SuperRobot9338> I'll fix
[07:05] <Ursuul> Sm ain’t staff tho
[07:05] <IceTudor> smg
[07:05] <Smgamermat77> wat
[07:05] <IceTudor> i heard if you do Alt+F4 the chat heals up
[07:05] <Smgamermat77> yeah no
[07:05] <SuperRobot9338> Sm
[07:05] <Ursuul> clear yo cache
[07:05] <SuperRobot9338> I fixed it
[07:05] <Smgamermat77> if you open CMD and type "shutdown -s", then your computer gets fixed
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:06] <Smgamermat77> Kappa 
[07:06] <ArenaCloser1337> "overgrowth = community = ded"
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> also
[07:06] <ArenaCloser1337> ice is kinda right
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> ICE
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> I'M ON A MAC
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> HA
[07:06] <IceTudor> ?
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> TAKE THAT
[07:06] <IceTudor> ha ha
[07:06] <IceTudor> sr
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> try to insult me
[07:06] <Ursuul> overgrowth sounds like the opposite of ded
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> besides
[07:06] <Ursuul> maybe [i]toxic[/i]
[07:06] <Ursuul> but not dead
[07:06] <SuperRobot9338> why would too many users be an issue
[07:06] <Ursuul> dead means no activity at all
[07:06] <ArenaCloser1337> That's why i said "kinda"
[07:06] <AM Waves> If you open cmd.exe then type C: dir/WINDOWS 
[07:07] <Ursuul> yeah but it’s not even that AC lol
[07:07] <SuperRobot9338> we're not ging to get [I]TOO[/I] many
[07:07] <Smgamermat77> a
[07:07] <IceTudor> its like getting cancer and saying its good because its growing
[07:07] <IceTudor> for fucks sake
[07:07] <SuperRobot9338> Ice pls
[07:07] <ZathusTheMageV> Wow
[07:07] <Smgamermat77> a
[07:07] <SuperRobot9338> Does the w look like cancer to you?
[07:07] <Smgamermat77> my colors are still here
[07:07] <SuperRobot9338> *DW
[07:07] <Smgamermat77> and font
[07:07] <Ursuul> clear cache fam
[07:07] <SuperRobot9338> Ctrl + F5
[07:07] <SuperRobot9338> Alt + F4
[07:07] <Smgamermat77> now iz gone
[07:07] <ArenaCloser1337> But, how coul we make the community?
[07:07] <AM Waves> Then del C: dir/WINDOWS< your Computer will turn into a gaming machine.
[07:07] <Smgamermat77> ctrl f5 lagg
[07:07] <IceTudor> super
[07:07] <ArenaCloser1337> Woops
[07:07] <IceTudor> why dont you do Command-Option-W.
[07:07] <IceTudor> try that
[07:07] <ArenaCloser1337> I was about to change my setence but I pressed enter
[07:07] <ArenaCloser1337> dangit
[07:07] <Ursuul> (eh) 
[07:07] <SuperRobot9338> okay
[07:07] <IceTudor> it will give you access to see in the 4th dimension
[07:08] <ZathusTheMageV> What is with Ice's inherent opinion that everyone he doesn't know and that every new user is just a piece of trash floating around the human race?
[07:08] <SuperRobot9338> my comp is a lot less laggy now
[07:08] <SuperRobot9338> I closed slack
[07:08] <IceTudor> zath
[07:08] <IceTudor> its fucking true
[07:08] <SuperRobot9338> Thanks ic3e
[07:08] <ArenaCloser1337> Anyways, It won't change the DCoW community to merge it
[07:08] <SuperRobot9338> I closed Slack
[07:08] <SuperRobot9338> now my comp is faster
[07:08] <SuperRobot9338> :D
[07:08] <Ursuul> yeah the same community will just be in a different spot lol
[07:08] <Smgamermat77> You can actually fix your computer by opening CMD and typing "sfc /scannow" (this auto-applies fixes) OR you can type "sfc /verifyonly" (this only lists problems found).
[07:08] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:08] <ZathusTheMageV> If you dont give people a chance, you never learn that maybe they aren't that.
[07:08] <IceTudor> the human race is a bag of dirt on a wet floating spec of dust with moss on it orbiting a giant plasma ball that orbits a black sphere in a dust plane
[07:08] <IceTudor> for fucks sake
[07:08] <IceTudor> thats the world in a nutshell
[07:08] <SuperRobot9338> ICE PLEASE
[07:08] <Ursuul> well you can be a nihilist if you want
[07:08] <IceTudor> WHAT?
[07:08] <ZathusTheMageV> This isn't about nutshells!
[07:08] <IceTudor> i am
[07:08] <IceTudor> and a pessimist
[07:08] <Ursuul> but we don’t subscribe to that belief
[07:08] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok sorry
[07:09] <SuperRobot9338> The DCoW will not become cancer any more than the DW
[07:09] <Smgamermat77> nutshells dont even taste good
[07:09] <SuperRobot9338> Why would you think it would become toxic
[07:09] <AM Waves> Will be right back.
[07:09] <IceTudor> because its like swallowing a tumor of someone else and saying "It'll be fine"
[07:09] <SuperRobot9338> You think the cancer of the world hangs out on a community devoted to an online game about polygons shooting polygons?
[07:09] <ArenaCloser1337> The only way to make a community bigger is to do what the community wants
[07:09] <ZathusTheMageV> Ice is the Trump to the internet's Mexicans.
[07:09] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[07:09] <Ursuul> The root of the issue isn’t what he’s saying methinks, it’s because he just doesn’t like change & is trying to come up with legitimate justifications to cover up his illegitimate ones.
[07:09] <Ursuul> That’s why he makes no sense
[07:09] <IceTudor> ursuul**
[07:09] <Type: Sparky> ^Add that as a Sassafras @ZathusTheMageV
[07:09] <IceTudor> not me
[07:09] <Smgamermat77> polygons shooting polygons describes literally every game every made
[07:09] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[07:10] <IceTudor> and probs the rest of the staff
[07:10] <IceTudor> except fallen
[07:10] <IceTudor> is flat earthers
[07:10] <ZathusTheMageV> Wow
[07:10] <SuperRobot9338> ice pls
[07:10] <ZathusTheMageV> I know the earth is round ._.
[07:10] <IceTudor> fine
[07:10] <Ursuul> literally irrelevant 
[07:10] <ArenaCloser1337> Ice, stop that
[07:10] <Smgamermat77> what is ice even trying to convince us of
[07:10] <SuperRobot9338> Do you really believe that, Ice?
[07:10] <Ursuul> not even as an analogy
[07:10] <IceTudor> mk
[07:10] <SuperRobot9338> That does not make sesne any way you put it
[07:10] <ZathusTheMageV> That if the community gets too large its gonna die, SM
[07:10] <IceTudor> fuck
[07:10] <Type: Sparky> Sassafras: "Ice is the Trump to the internet's Mexicans."
[07:10] <Smgamermat77> this community is smaller than shit mate
[07:10] <Ursuul> lol
[07:10] <SuperRobot9338> ye, everyone knows that once a wiki gets popular, it dies
[07:11] <ArenaCloser1337> Ice, using "Flat-earther" as an insult is like using a religion as an insult
[07:11] <Ursuul> plus Ice, have you seen the star wars community?
[07:11] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:11] <Ursuul> That thing is bloody huge
[07:11] <ZathusTheMageV> They're alive and well
[07:11] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:11] <Ursuul> even a fraction of it is titanic in comparison to us
[07:11] <IceTudor> but they dont have a fucking website to ruin
[07:11] <Ursuul> & it is thriving 
[07:11] <SuperRobot9338> Ice
[07:11] <Ursuul> yes they do
[07:11] <Ursuul> [[w:c:starwars]]
[07:11] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:11] <IceTudor> anyways
[07:11] <IceTudor> but we can all agree
[07:11] <ZathusTheMageV> (Ice cares about the website more than the people)
[07:11] <IceTudor> that ozziene is annoying
[07:11] <IceTudor> anyone
[07:11] <ZathusTheMageV> (Why am I not surprised)
[07:11] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[07:11] <SuperRobot9338> Ice
[07:11] <Ursuul> lmao
[07:11] <Smgamermat77> Kappa 
[07:11] <Ursuul> what does he have to do with anything
[07:11] <ZathusTheMageV> Ooh, now he's using it to attack specific users. kappa 
[07:11] <SuperRobot9338> ikr
[07:11] <IceTudor> wanna change the subject
[07:11] <SuperRobot9338> Ursulu and Zath with the bantz
[07:12] <Smgamermat77> (yes) 
[07:12] <Smgamermat77> WUT
[07:12] <SuperRobot9338> Ban Ice for Harassment
[07:12] <Smgamermat77> SOMEONE OVERWROTE MY EMOTE
[07:12] <IceTudor> wtfuck is that
[07:12] <Smgamermat77> ;-;
[07:12] <Ursuul> fip Sm
[07:12] <Smgamermat77> (yes1)
[07:12] <Ursuul> rip*
[07:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Atleast, Ozienne doesn't call us "flat-earthers" (grin) 
[07:12] <Ursuul> flip sm
[07:12] <Smgamermat77> fuq this
[07:12] <SuperRobot9338> Ikr AC
[07:12] <IceTudor> ozziene doesnt even know what that is
[07:12] <IceTudor> probably.
[07:12] <Ursuul> @AC lol
[07:12] <SuperRobot9338> Ice please.
[07:12] <ZathusTheMageV> Wow
[07:12] <IceTudor> ?
[07:12] <Ursuul> >probably
[07:12] <Ursuul> lmao
[07:12] <SuperRobot9338> We have a chat logger
[07:12] <Ursuul> literally grasping at straws
[07:12] <Ursuul> LITERALLY
[07:12] <SuperRobot9338> Ursulu
[07:12] <IceTudor> ozone the deadly gas?
[07:12] <SuperRobot9338> let's show Ozzie this chat log
[07:13] <IceTudor> özönë**
[07:13] <Ursuul> lol k
[07:13] <IceTudor> ozziene is here
[07:13] <IceTudor> lmaoo
[07:13] <ArenaCloser1337> Atleast, Ozienne is useful, ice (grin) 
[07:13] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:13] <IceTudor> how
[07:13] <Ursuul> weeeeeell
[07:13] <IceTudor> in any shape of form?
[07:13] <Ursuul> I’ll just shut up lol
[07:13] <SuperRobot9338> At least he doesn't rage quit, Ice
[07:13] <ArenaCloser1337> More than you (grin) 
[07:13] <ZathusTheMageV> He's pentagonally useful
[07:13] <IceTudor> neither do i
[07:13] <Ursuul> he does though SR
[07:13] <ZathusTheMageV> In that shape and form
[07:13] <Ursuul> lmao
[07:13] <IceTudor> ozziene is not even monogonally useful
[07:13] <SuperRobot9338> At least he doesn't leave a wiki after someone makes a thread, Ice
[07:13] <Ursuul> that’s not even a word
[07:13] <ZathusTheMageV> He's always in chat if thats something.
[07:13] <ZathusTheMageV> Better than just leaving because you hate people. (eh) 
[07:13] <IceTudor> neither is pentagonally
[07:13] <Ursuul> ur literally makin’ stuff up at this point
[07:13] <IceTudor> so am i
[07:13] <Ursuul> who said pentagonally
[07:14] <IceTudor> i come earlier than ozzienee
[07:14] <Ursuul> Zath pls
[07:14] <IceTudor> zathus did
[07:14] <Smgamermat77> So wait - Ice is arguing about not making this wiki bigger..... but that leads me to my actual question - what are you guys even trying to do to get this wiki bigger
[07:14] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[07:14] <ZathusTheMageV> It was a joke
[07:14] <Ursuul> also Ice have you ever considered going for a walk & calming down?
[07:14] <ZathusTheMageV> BECAUSE SHAPES
[07:14] <ZathusTheMageV> 
[07:14] <SuperRobot9338> IceTudor, you are making up nonsensical arguments at this point at forsaking legitimate evidence and concerns.
[07:14] <Ursuul> Maybe get a hobby, like building birdhouses?
[07:14] <SuperRobot9338> *and
[07:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Atleast, Ozienne doesn't complain because the wikia merges or not
[07:14] <Smgamermat77> BYRDHOUZES
[07:14] <IceTudor> i already have a hobby
[07:14] <Ursuul> birdhouse building is very relaxing
[07:14] <IceTudor> well
[07:14] <IceTudor> hobbIES**
[07:14] <SuperRobot9338> #BIRDHOUSEREVOLUTION
[07:14] <IceTudor> i developed a few mods
[07:15] <IceTudor> i cant enlarge them
[07:15] <Ursuul> mods for?
[07:15] <Smgamermat77> sfubyrdhouzemovment
[07:15] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[07:15] <IceTudor> i make some languages
[07:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Since its far from easy to take this argument seriously, I'm taking the time to garner roasts and laughs
[07:15] <IceTudor> mods for tpt
[07:15] <SuperRobot9338> sfubyrdhouzemovment
[07:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Bird houses?
[07:15] <IceTudor> and i made a mod for kerbal spaaaaceee program
[07:15] <SuperRobot9338> #SFUBIRDHOUSES
[07:15] <Smgamermat77> a^^^
[07:15] <Ursuul> yea this whole argument is just a massive train wreck
[07:15] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[07:15] <IceTudor> no its not
[07:15] <Smgamermat77> speaking of train wrecks - how is the merge going
[07:15] <IceTudor> its probs a tower wreck
[07:15] <SuperRobot9338> This is the best chat in a month
[07:15] <SuperRobot9338> Ursulu
[07:15] <Ursuul> or a tank wreck
[07:16] <IceTudor> sm
[07:16] <Ursuul> lol
[07:16] <Ursuul> @SM goin’ gud
[07:16] <ZathusTheMageV> I doubt that
[07:16] <IceTudor> exactly what oyu said
[07:16] <Ursuul> Ahead of schedule 
[07:16] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL SM
[07:16] <IceTudor> aight
[07:16] <Smgamermat77> is shit falling apart or has everything worked
[07:16] <SuperRobot9338> both
[07:16] <IceTudor> the first one
[07:16] <Smgamermat77> i figured
[07:16] <IceTudor> i figured neither would pick the last one only
[07:16] <Smgamermat77> good thing I didnt stick around to see the launch of it
[07:16] <SuperRobot9338> We've had to cut corners but things are still going ok
[07:16] <Ursuul> how is it falling apart
[07:16] <Ursuul> what corners
[07:17] <ZathusTheMageV> Actually, everything is going well I'd say
[07:17] <IceTudor> this is a fucking sphere
[07:17] <Ursuul> literally it’s going smooth as butter
[07:17] <IceTudor> you're making corners
[07:17] <SuperRobot9338> OP conceptions
[07:17] <IceTudor> ursuul
[07:17] <Ursuul> that was expected 
[07:17] <IceTudor> butter isnt smooth as alll
[07:17] <SuperRobot9338> welcome messages
[07:17] <Ursuul> what kind of butter do you get lol
[07:17] <Smgamermat77> oh well yeah - just ignore OP conceptions for last
[07:17] <SuperRobot9338> lol
[07:17] <ZathusTheMageV> Exactly
[07:17] <IceTudor> natural butter
[07:17] <ZathusTheMageV> OPCs are garbage anyway tbh
[07:17] <IceTudor> not fake butter
[07:17] <Ursuul> sounds fake but ok
[07:17] <Smgamermat77> other than retarded conceptions that clearly will never fit anywhere - things should be fine
[07:17] <Ursuul> >natural butter
[07:17] <ZathusTheMageV> They're existence is made redundant by their existence.
[07:17] <Ursuul> All butter is made by someone lol
[07:17] <Ursuul> ja iz fine Sm
[07:17] <SuperRobot9338> I like to make conceptions that force players to do things other than spray & pray
[07:18] <ArenaCloser1337> The only reasons how the merge could make the wikia fall apart is by being flooded by noobs or by people complaining
[07:18] <Ursuul> dewit SR
[07:18] <IceTudor> imma try to type with eyes closed
[07:18] <IceTudor> here we go
[07:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Lancer master race
[07:18] <SuperRobot9338> like Zeach did with the trappers & drones
[07:18] <SuperRobot9338> ikr Zath
[07:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Best tank
[07:18] <Ursuul> @AC nubs have always been flooding lol, it’s only recently stopped
[07:18] <SuperRobot9338> Lancer is pretty kewl
[07:18] <Ursuul> dealt with it before can do it again
[07:18] <IceTudor> hello rthere moteuhrcuskeers i amd siofjtueansdpoasjd and i have come from reaieomandiaroamnaidaraimandioa i have brtownd eyesyeyeyey
[07:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Yeh :D
[07:18] <IceTudor> wht the actual fuck?
[07:18] <ArenaCloser1337> Wait a second...
[07:18] <Smgamermat77> I recently thought of expanding the concept of teleporting minibosses
[07:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Screw Smasher 2017
[07:18] <ArenaCloser1337> I just found out something...
[07:18] <Ursuul> wot
[07:18] <IceTudor> HERRO I AM siofjtueansdpoasjd
[07:19] <IceTudor> i have brown eyesyesyesyesysysy
[07:19] <Ursuul> what are you even saying lad
[07:19] <IceTudor> *sounds like a disease*
[07:19] <ZathusTheMageV> "eyesysysysysyys"
[07:19] <SuperRobot9338> kek for spam (kappa) 
[07:19] <Ursuul> can you stop with the gibberish pls th
[07:19] <Ursuul> thx*
[07:19] <IceTudor> kk
[07:19] <ZathusTheMageV> Ice is speaking in YTP
[07:19] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:19] <Ursuul> lol
[07:19] <ArenaCloser1337> The reason why the community would fall apart is because of the people that thinks that the community will fall apart and then they go make a different wikia
[07:19] <SuperRobot9338> Ice
[07:19] <IceTudor> @er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er@er
[07:19] <SuperRobot9338> go make that a language
[07:19] <Ursuul> Anakin Senses the Stop Button
[07:19] <IceTudor> no thx
[07:19] <Smgamermat77> The Uncredibles - a YTP coming in a video near you.
[07:19] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[07:19] <Ursuul> Alright seriously Ice
[07:19] <Ursuul> last warning
[07:19] <Ursuul> no more spam
[07:19] <IceTudor> fine
[07:19] <ArenaCloser1337> It's our fault if the community rips apart
[07:20] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:20] <IceTudor> ytp is gud
[07:20] <IceTudor> fukin gud
[07:20] <IceTudor> SAAUASS
[07:20] <Smgamermat77> [yt="nay_NcPLjuA"]
[07:20] <Ursuul> lol
[07:20] <Smgamermat77> kappa 
[07:20] <Smgamermat77> it's funny as shit
[07:20] <IceTudor> [yt="IjIViETya5k"]
[07:20] <SuperRobot9338> The New Conception Wiki is causing the problems that it was created to escape from.
[07:20] <Type: Sparky> what do you mean
[07:20] <IceTudor> i saw it
[07:20] <IceTudor> omg fucking trippeehe
[07:20] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[07:21] <Ursuul> “No”
[07:21] <ZathusTheMageV> (yes) 
[07:21] <ZathusTheMageV> Actually IDK
[07:21] <Ursuul> GINGERS HAVE SOULS
[07:21] <Ursuul> 
[07:21] <ZathusTheMageV> IMPOSSIBLE
[07:21] <Smgamermat77> "You're that fag from the fanclub!"
[07:21] <Smgamermat77> "My name is INCREDIBOY"
[07:21] <Smgamermat77> "no" *ejects him
[07:21] <Ursuul> lol
[07:22] <Smgamermat77> *Syndrome drops poop into the water*
[07:22] <Smgamermat77> *explodes*
[07:22] <Smgamermat77> *Drone returns to Syndrome*
[07:22] <Smgamermat77> "WE AINT FOUND SHIT"
[07:23] <ZathusTheMageV> Sentence mixing is one of my favorite things
[07:23] <ZathusTheMageV> ever
[07:23] <Smgamermat77> The fuckin office scene is hilarious: "YOU AUTHORIZED BLACK COCK IN THE PUSSY?"
[07:24] <Smgamermat77> It's so stupid that it's funny
[07:24] <SuperRobot9338> Ice
[07:24] <ArenaCloser1337> ._.
[07:24] <ArenaCloser1337> that's not funny
[07:24] <SuperRobot9338> Bogobogosort Master Race
[07:24] <Ursuul> [yt="_BCcztbwvD8"]
[07:24] <SuperRobot9338>
[07:24] <Smgamermat77> "He's a disruptive influence, and he openly fucks me in front of the class."
[07:24] <Ursuul> lol
[07:24] <Smgamermat77> (laugh8) 
[07:25] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[07:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Still best emote
[07:25] <Ursuul> (grin2) 
[07:25] <IceTudor> what the fuck does bozo sort do
[07:25] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin3)
[07:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Nope
[07:25] <IceTudor> it looks like the twin of bogo
[07:25] <Ursuul> we need another smug emote
[07:25] <Ursuul> for grin3
[07:26] <IceTudor> why not make unexpected stingy an emote
[07:26] <Type: Sparky> kbai
[07:26] <ZathusTheMageV> That'd be great
[07:26] <IceTudor> ya soor
[07:28] <SuperRobot9338>
[07:28] <SuperRobot9338> This is really fun
[07:31] <Ursuul> rip chat
[07:31] <Ursuul> oh
[07:31] <Smgamermat77> *ow oh my back
[07:31] <Smgamermat77> *spine snaps
[07:31] <Ursuul>
[07:32] <Smgamermat77> ok imma go watch horror games
[07:32] <Smgamermat77> and scream my ass off
[07:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok
[07:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Xzir
[07:35] <Xzirconum> Hi...
[07:35] <Xzirconum> I wasn't going to join this chat, whoops.
[07:35] <Xzirconum> Bye.
[07:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok then, cya. :P
[07:38] <AM Waves> Back.
[07:38] <AM Waves> What did I miss?
[07:38] <ZathusTheMageV> IDK
[07:39] <AM Waves> Oh.
[07:39] <AM Waves> Things went loose huh.
[07:41] <ZathusTheMageV> I guess? :/
[07:42] <AM Waves> Eh.
[07:49] <IceTudor> so
[07:49] <IceTudor> incase you didnt see it...
[07:49] <IceTudor> Insertion sort: Mk put the shit back until it fits
[07:49] <IceTudor> Selection sort: *in his mind* Mhmm, mhmm that there that there that there and that one in there
[07:49] <IceTudor> Bubble sort: Mmmm such a good pizza
[07:49] <IceTudor> Bogo sort: Goo goo gaa gaa!!
[07:49] <IceTudor> Bozo sort's parents: Aww such a cute retarded algorithm!
[07:49] <IceTudor> Quick sort: This aint gonna be slow
[07:49] <IceTudor> Mix sort: Aight, when's the time machine done charging its pluneranium reactor?
[07:49] <IceTudor> Tim sort: My name jeff
[07:49] <IceTudor> Merge sort: Why the fuck don't we just put 2 things together and move on?
[07:49] <IceTudor> Cocktail shaker sort: Hey bubbal my Beeh Ehhf Ehhf!
[07:49] <IceTudor> Wiki sort: So we clump those, then those more and MORE AND MORE CLUMPS, MORE CLUMPS TO SORT!
[07:49] <IceTudor> Slow sort: H-hey merge sort, are you sure the items wont move by themselves? I'm a bit paranoid.
[07:49] <IceTudor> Stooge sort: It's been 84 years kids...
[07:49] <IceTudor> Heap sort: Put it in a heap and just follow the way of nature!!!
[07:49] <IceTudor> Bitonic sort: Hey merge, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing but its working!
[07:50] <AM Waves> No.
[07:50] <AM Waves> I saw it.
[07:50] <IceTudor> oh
[07:50] <IceTudor> all of it?
[07:50] <AM Waves> Every single line of it.
[07:51] <IceTudor> slow sort is like merge sort with paranoia
[07:51] <IceTudor> lmao
[07:52] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[07:52] <IceTudor> Shat da hell up Özönë
[07:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Didnt even realize chat froze
[07:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Messages havent been being seen for the last five minutes
[07:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Had to refresh
[07:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome back, master Ursuul.
[07:54] <Ursuul> looks like Özün got hit by the crash
[07:54] <AM Waves> Oughp.
[07:55] <IceTudor> why does everyone here have internet so bad it takes minutes OR EVEN HOURS to just refresh
[07:55] <IceTudor> takes me a couple of SECONDS
[07:55] <Ursuul> it’s not internetz
[07:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Its just
[07:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Bad
[07:55] <IceTudor> not far meh
[07:56] <AM Waves> Me too.
[07:56] <IceTudor> imma just reverse each the order of each syllable in my words because i wanna
[07:56] <IceTudor> Hahahahaha
[07:56] <AM Waves> We have a Metro Internet LAN so...
[07:56] <ZathusTheMageV> I'm mostly fine
[07:56] <IceTudor> ckfu
[07:56] <AM Waves> I load pages instantly.
[07:56] <ZathusTheMageV> Very rarely does chat freeze like that for me
[07:56] <Graviatar> hi
[07:56] <AM Waves> Hi.
[07:56] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Gravi
[07:56] <Graviatar> hi
[07:56] <Graviatar> i
[07:56] <Graviatar> am
[07:56] <AM Waves> Welcome to the Pentagon nest, Leviathan.
[07:58] <AM Waves> Hi FallenBooster.
[07:58] <AM Waves> I will have a name change soon...
[07:59] <Ursuul> jesus christ
[07:59] <Ursuul> chat stop eating me [s]lucky charms[/s] messages
[07:59] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[07:59] <IceTudor> dis wat i sent to utkar
[07:59] <IceTudor> Soo.
[07:59] <IceTudor> IceTudor 
[07:59] <IceTudor> I have to race 2 sorting algorithms, Mix sort (my algorithm) and quicksort, buuut I can't program them, SR told me that you can do it.
[07:59] <IceTudor> 
[07:59] <IceTudor> Plox.
[07:59] <IceTudor> you can see im desperate
[08:00] <Ursuul> (suicide) 
[08:00] <IceTudor> (sad4) 
[08:01] <ZathusTheMageV> (timetostop) 
[08:01] <AM Waves> Whoever did the "[insert] new messages!", I clap them.
[08:01] <IceTudor> i dont
[08:01] <Ursuul> (pepe) 
[08:01] <IceTudor> its annoying as shit
[08:01] <IceTudor> lets start the hitler train
[08:01] <IceTudor> *that reminds me of aw-*
[08:01] <IceTudor> (hitler)
[08:01] <IceTudor> LETS GO CENTLE-
[08:01] <IceTudor> what did you do
[08:01] <Ursuul> (tfwnogif)
[08:01] <Ursuul> oops
[08:01] <IceTudor> (hitler2)
[08:01] <Ursuul> (tfwnogf) 
[08:01] <IceTudor> NO
[08:01] <IceTudor> (HITLER3)
[08:01] <IceTudor> WHY URSUUL
[08:01] <IceTudor> YOU MADMAN
[08:02] <ZathusTheMageV> (hitler77) 
[08:02] <ZathusTheMageV> YES
[08:02] <Ursuul> lmao
[08:02] <AM Waves> Ursuul.
[08:02] <ZathusTheMageV> That one still exists
[08:02] <AM Waves> Did you do it?
[09:15] <AM Waves> As I said, no.
[09:15] <Ursuul> good
[09:16] <Ursuul> thanks
[09:16] <AM Waves> Radium212's brain turned into Radium 212 isotope.
[09:17] <Radium212> I was gone for most of the time you were gone.
[09:17] <AM Waves> Yeh.
[09:17] <Radium212> Sorry
[09:17] <AM Waves> The chat latency also killed the chat so.
[09:17] <Radium212> Yeah.
[09:17] <AM Waves> Nothing could happen even intended to.
[09:17] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[09:18] <Ursuul> thanks for your rassurance AM Waves
[09:18] <Ursuul> I’m going to head out now, I just had a mimi-heart-attack for a bit
[09:18] <AM Waves> No problem.
[09:18] <AM Waves> Ursuul.
[09:19] <AM Waves> This may sound weird but...
[09:19] <AM Waves> Ursula is a female name, and your username is Ursuul, you are male...
[09:19] <Ursuul> Ursuul is in no way related to Ursula 
[09:19] <AM Waves> Just asking.
[09:19] <Ursuul> s’ok 
[09:20] <AM Waves> They had a bit of similarity.
[09:20] <Ursuul> If you want to read about it, you can go to [[w:c:nightangel:Garoth Ursuul]] & [[w:c:nightangel:Godking]]
[09:20] <Ursuul> gtg
[09:20] <Ursuul> bai~
[09:22] <The named BOSS> rp?
[09:23] <AM Waves> Ah dang it.
[09:23] <AM Waves> I was gonna ask something.
[09:23] <Radium212> What were you gonna ask?
[09:24] <AM Waves> How do people make the <Username> thing, when you open the page, it automatically shows the viewer's name.
[09:25] <Radium212> Oh, dang it. I saw one of those recently and thought it was aimed at me so I replied to it?
[09:28] <Pariscat11> (triplet) 
[09:28] <Pariscat11> vs
[09:28] <Pariscat11> (triplet) 
[09:28] <Pariscat11> who would win
[09:29] <The named BOSS> bot
[09:29] <Pariscat11> triplet or triplet
[09:29] <The named BOSS> both
[09:37] <AM Waves> What the.
[09:37] <AM Waves> Radium212, a spasm? A seizure?
[09:40] <The named BOSS> halp
[10:12] <Teamerz> AAAAAAAAAAAA
[10:12] <Teamerz> not ozun
[10:25] <FallenBooster> gtg
[10:27] <The named BOSS> ...
[10:57] <The named BOSS> hi
[11:42] <Tacocat247> Im apparently on the Canadian Diepio Wikia
[11:42] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) 
[11:45] <Teamerz> >.>
[11:46] <Tacocat247> Either that, or its a side effect of using english. Idk
[11:50] <Tacocat247> Hey!
[11:50] <TBOO-Y> Hi
[11:50] <Tacocat247> Finally
[11:50] <Tacocat247> :D
[11:50] <TBOO-Y> I'm on the Canadian wiki too
[11:50] <Tacocat247> All we need is AC1337 and we are all set!
[11:51] <TBOO-Y> I'm a banana
[11:52] <Tacocat247> eee
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