[03:05] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> umm
[03:05] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> hi?
[05:11] <F&XaR0> Are you people actually here?
[05:11] <F&XaR0> Hello?
[05:12] <F&XaR0> K great!
[05:12] <F&XaR0> Go check the World Records for Diep.
[05:12] <F&XaR0> Something huge just happened today
[05:13] <F&XaR0> Specifically the submitted records page
[06:56] <John500> sup
[06:56] <John500> sup m80
[06:56] <John500> sup m80
[06:56] <John500> sup m80
[06:56] <Smgamermat77> hey
[06:57] <John500> where is everyone
[06:57] <Smgamermat77> i have no idea
[06:57] <John500> I want your red name
[06:57] <Smgamermat77> oh right I have red text
[06:57] <John500> /purple text
[06:57] <Smgamermat77> forgot about that
[06:57] <Smgamermat77> wait wut
[06:57] <Smgamermat77> what are you currently seeing
[06:58] <John500> how did you get the purple/red text
[06:58] <Smgamermat77> what color is my name
[06:58] <John500> red
[06:58] <Smgamermat77> what does the text look like style wise
[06:58] <Smgamermat77> regular stuff?
[06:58] <John500> times new roman font
[06:58] <John500> smaller than arial
[06:58] <Smgamermat77> ok now what color is my text
[06:58] <Ursuul> Sandbox soon m9
[06:58] <John500> text underneath is purple
[06:58] <John500> name is red
[06:59] <Smgamermat77> what font is it? retro stuff?
[06:59] <Smgamermat77> like pixel based
[06:59] <John500> Times new roman
[06:59] <Smgamermat77> oh for fucks sake
[06:59] <Smgamermat77> i need to go fix my js then
[07:00] <John500> what are the pressing issues for this mighty swell sandbox?
[07:00] <Smgamermat77> wait what
[07:00] <John500> talking to Ursuul
[07:00] <John500> URSUUL
[07:00] <Smgamermat77> I have no CSS or JS in ANY categories that effect my fonts - yet I still see my purple pixel fonts
[07:00] <Smgamermat77> but other people don't
[07:01] <John500> How did you get the font/color in the first place?
[07:02] <Ursuul> CSS
[07:02] <Ursuul> hey-O
[07:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> HI
[07:02] <John500> sup m80
[07:02] <Smgamermat77> You can do it 2 ways.
[07:02] <Smgamermat77> FIRST - personally add it through your own customizable CSS and JS.
[07:02] <Smgamermat77> OR - have an admin add your font stuff into the wiki's code
[07:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> /announce *shoots gun*
[07:02] <Smgamermat77> if you add it to your own custom stuff, then only you will see it
[07:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> /announce Sorry I'm late, lol. SANDBOX HAS BEGUN
[07:03] <Smgamermat77> yeah my fonts are broken as fuck
[07:03] <John500> coolio
[07:03] <John500> <span class="me-username">* <span>John500</span></span> accidentaly dies
[07:03] <Ursuul> sorry, we only do fonts that will be used throughout the site
[07:03] <Smgamermat77> >uses custom admin fonts
[07:03] <Smgamermat77> plz
[07:03] <John500> Add my username font
[07:03] <Ursuul> I don’t have custom Admin fonts
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> well you did
[07:04] <Ursuul> yeah not anymore
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> for quite some time too
[07:04] <John500> frick
[07:04] <Ursuul> stuff changes m9
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> ursuul do you see my annoying purple fonts
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> the blocky pixel one
[07:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> ......*sigh*
[07:04] <Ursuul> naw
[07:04] <Ursuul> oh hey
[07:04] <John500> what the hell are we going to talk about this SB
[07:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> Is this a topic?
[07:04] <Ursuul> Sandbox has begun
[07:04] <Ursuul> ALRIGHT LADS
[07:04] <Ursuul> FIRST TOPIC
[07:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> ......*SIGHS LOUDER*
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> time to play smasher kappa 
[07:04] <Smgamermat77> \
[07:04] <Ursuul> Let’s start with Aysh
[07:04] <John500> (INTENSESIGH)
[07:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeet
[07:05] <Ursuul> Finishing the History Project
[07:05] <Ursuul> go on Aysh
[07:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> okey doke
[07:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> So I said it basically on the talk page, but we need to try to wrap that project up
[07:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> we were gonna finish it by May 11th, at least basically
[07:05] <Smgamermat77> >so much for that
[07:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> but the reformation era and dark era aren't there yet
[07:06] <John500> Deadline: June 10th
[07:06] <Ursuul> I agree, but it’s not as pressing as some of the new stuff that’ll be coming up. On June 12th the new Headers will come out, & we’ll have to do a contest & fix code & generally clean shit up.
[07:06] <John500> how about that
[07:06] <Ursuul> That’s like, the most pressing issue, & we need to prepare for that, but the History Project can be done anytime.
[07:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> Here's what I said on the page: I present to you my first topic, which I think is rather important: we should get around to wrapping up the history project in the next few weeks, preferably before the end of June, because it has dragged on too long. We aimed to have each the era have an at least basic account of what happened in them by May 11th, yet it is over two weeks since then and the Dark Era and Reformation Era are still not at that point yet. As I said over on the Dark Era talk page, that era looks confusing because it doesn't state when which people were promoted/demoted. So we need to fix that now that the drama we just had is over, then we need to try and give basic accounts of the other half of those two eras so we can polish those and grammar check em'.
[07:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> 
[07:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> 
[07:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> sorry for lots of words
[07:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> @Ursuul:
[07:07] <John500> wheres the paragrapghs
[07:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> Well if you don't find it pressing, that's fine
[07:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> I just think
[07:07] <John500> F- on your report card
[07:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> it should be finished sooner rather than later
[07:07] <Smgamermat77> I'm honestly not even sure why people are pushing the history project in the first place - most people probably don't even care.
[07:07] <Ursuul> John pls
[07:07] <Ursuul> 
[07:07] <Ursuul> Aysh I agree that it should be finished & soon. Normally I’d be all for setting a deadline, but with stuff coming up it’s not a good time.
[07:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> ri
[07:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> *rip
[07:08] <Ursuul> I’d say, after we’re done with the Header contests & fixes, we set a deadline for July 4th.
[07:08] <Ursuul> to finish History Project
[07:08] <John500> Independance day
[07:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> *july
[07:08] <John500> Murica
[07:08] <Ursuul> does that sound good?
[07:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> boiiiii
[07:08] <Smgamermat77> >you guys have fun with that
[07:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> a litle earlier than that....
[07:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> how about
[07:08] <Colouratura> Finally people
[07:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> July 15th
[07:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> or so
[07:09] <Smgamermat77> I will help smooth out the dark era and reformation era
[07:09] <Colouratura> Everytime I come here there is no one
[07:09] <Ursuul> uh you moved it back Aysh lol
[07:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> thanks sm
[07:09] <Ursuul> Colouratura this is the Sandbox
[07:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> huh?
[07:09] <Smgamermat77> mainly cause I started it lmao
[07:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> I can't speak
[07:09] <Ursuul> [[Project:Sandbox]]
[07:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> I meant
[07:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> June 15th
[07:09] <Ursuul> Not doable. It’ll take us a least a week to get the kinks out of the new Headers & remove our old styles + add new ones.
[07:09] <Smgamermat77> dis iz da meeting where peeps talk about wiki stuffs
[07:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> ay yay yay
[07:09] <Ursuul> Headers come June 12th.
[07:10] <John500> Show me a example of said header
[07:10] <Ursuul> [[w:Community Central]]
[07:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> Then original offer: June 31st
[07:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> it won't be that bad
[07:10] <John500> July 4th cause america
[07:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> the headers, I mean
[07:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> o fuck
[07:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> *rages8
[07:11] <Ursuul> we’ll still need another week to do the History Project though. I’d rather not rush it; the History Project should be done & done right.
[07:11] <Ursuul> So that we don’t have to revisit it over & over
[07:11] <Smgamermat77> Well yeah - you can't bullshit the history project
[07:11] <Ursuul> it should be done so well that we can lock it up once & for all & never bother with it again until the next Era ends
[07:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah but
[07:11] <Ursuul> I agree SM
[07:11] <John500> Can we use the template that Nobellion put in his message wall
[07:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> me and SM could get it done pretty easily
[07:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> once you edit it and get it down, that's it, it's there
[07:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> awwww
[07:12] <Ursuul> Not to my liking I don’t think, & I would need to review it along with SR, & we are both busy as hell.
[07:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> looks like I'm being overtaken then
[07:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> I say June 30th but you're the leader
[07:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> so I mean....
[07:12] <Smgamermat77> i g2g for 3-4 minutes cause fam is being retarded
[07:12] <Ursuul> Well you got something done Aysh, before it was just being forgotten.
[07:12] <Smgamermat77> brb
[07:12] <Ursuul> Now we actually have a deadline.
[07:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> uh huh
[07:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> 2bad headers are interfering
[07:13] <Ursuul> 2bad indeed
[07:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> damn fandumb strikes again
[07:13] <Ursuul> but, current events taken into account, would everyone be ok with July 4th as the deadline for the current 5 eras in the History Project?
[07:14] <John500> July 4th cause AMERICA
[07:14] <John500> (usa)
[07:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[07:14] <John500> (america) 
[07:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> no
[07:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> change it to July 7th then
[07:14] <Ursuul> (murica)
[07:14] <Ursuul> aw
[07:14] <Ursuul> ok July 7th sounds good
[07:14] <John500> its america
[07:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> anything but independence day
[07:14] <John500> canadas independance day
[07:14] <John500> May 20th
[07:14] <John500> jk
[07:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> XD
[07:14] <John500> july 1st
[07:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> naw
[07:14] <John500> (canada)
[07:14] <John500> FRICK
[07:15] <Ursuul> July 7th it is, moving on
[07:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> (xd) 
[07:15] <Ursuul> ON WE GO LADS
[07:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> welp
[07:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> 2bad SR is gone too
[07:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> uh....
[07:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> ursuul
[07:15] <Ursuul> (amerifat) 
[07:15] <Ursuul> wat
[07:15] <John500> (backsaway) 
[07:16] <Ursuul> OH YES
[07:16] <Ursuul> Projects n stuff
[07:16] <Ursuul> by SR
[07:16] <Ursuul> ok
[07:16] <Ursuul> I have one
[07:16] <John500> yay
[07:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> we shouldn't do ur topic becuz we shuld wait for SMG
[07:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> no no no..!!
[07:16] <John500> too late for that
[07:16] <John500> (nuke) 
[07:16] <Ursuul> These new Headers will be coming out, & when they are, we will need a graphic for the background image.
[07:16] <Ursuul> So....another contest!
[07:16] <Ursuul> like the Wordmark contest
[07:16] <John500> (anotherone)
[07:16] <Colouratura> Oh shit
[07:16] <John500> FRICK
[07:16] <Ursuul> a Medal will be given to the winner n such
[07:16] <Colouratura> I was doing a project for this wiki
[07:16] <John500> yey
[07:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> background contest you say???
[07:17] <Ursuul> oh really?????
[07:17] <Ursuul> Which one?
[07:17] <Colouratura> The bars
[07:17] <Colouratura> I forgot all about the bars
[07:17] <Ursuul> Yes the template
[07:17] <Ursuul> rip
[07:17] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm a lil' confused....
[07:17] <Ursuul> well, it may actually be a good idea to abandon it. It’d be cool to have handy, but for the moment it isn’t pressing that we have the template Colouratura. 
[07:17] <QUEEN AYSHA> you mean....?-
[07:17] <John500> Put a skimmy in the background
[07:17] <Ursuul> Because we redid the Builds page in a way that did not require them.
[07:18] <QUEEN AYSHA> wut??????
[07:18] <Ursuul> Talking to Colouratura about the template she was helping to make.
[07:18] <QUEEN AYSHA> are we talking about two seperate things?
[07:18] <John500> (xd) 
[07:18] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh alright
[07:18] <Ursuul> But yeah Colour, if you want to help, I left a message on your wall in ComCentral that could be useful & easy.
[07:18] <Ursuul> Now, back to the image contest
[07:18] <Ursuul> as you were talking about Aysh
[07:19] <QUEEN AYSHA> ..?
[07:19] <Ursuul> For the new Header
[07:19] <Ursuul> the background image
[07:19] <QUEEN AYSHA> but like
[07:19] <Ursuul> See the image [[w:Community Central|on the right]] here?
[07:19] <Ursuul> the people with their arms in the air?
[07:19] <Ursuul> that’s an image. We’ll need a diep image for our Wiki.
[07:19] <John500> the fandom staff?
[07:20] <QUEEN AYSHA> literally screaming ohhh right now I was so fucking confused
[07:20] <Ursuul> ye
[07:20] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah yeah another contest sounds great
[07:20] <John500> how about this
[07:20] <Ursuul> cool
[07:20] <Ursuul> so, should the winner be the next Editor of the Month?
[07:20] <Ursuul> like with Nobel & the Wordmark?
[07:20] <Smgamermat77> .
[07:20] <Smgamermat77> 
[07:21] <John500>
[07:21] <John500> ist gud background
[07:21] <Ursuul> yah or naw?
[07:21] <Ursuul> yaw or naw?*
[07:21] <Ursuul> m80s pls
[07:21] <John500> yay
[07:21] <QUEEN AYSHA> no ursuul
[07:21] <Smgamermat77> uhhhh
[07:21] <Smgamermat77> I guess
[07:21] <John500> but mine should be backgound
[07:21] <Ursuul> y not
[07:21] <John500>
[07:21] <QUEEN AYSHA> im sorry
[07:21] <Ursuul> o
[07:21] <Smgamermat77> I mean it makes sense - with one comes the other
[07:22] <Ursuul> no need to apologize I’m just asking lol
[07:22] <Ursuul> Because this image will be just as prominent as the wordmark
[07:22] <Ursuul> if not more so
[07:22] <Ursuul> so...
[07:22] <QUEEN AYSHA> fucking fam
[07:22] <Ursuul> o rip
[07:22] <QUEEN AYSHA> gramma's calling
[07:23] <Ursuul> Sm u dere
[07:23] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah she is
[07:23] <Ursuul> where the flippin’s heck is SR & Sos
[07:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> gud q
[07:24] <John500> maybe they're coming later
[07:24] <Ursuul> rip
[07:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> *huge sigh*
[07:24] <Ursuul> I blocked your PM John lol
[07:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> Gramma had to fucking call now
[07:24] <John500> DAMMIT
[07:24] <Ursuul> 2spongebob5me
[07:24] <John500>
[07:25] <QUEEN AYSHA> pisses me off
[07:25] <Ursuul> sorry Aysh
[07:25] <John500> i still hav main
[07:25] <Ursuul> dang flabbit John
[07:25] <John500> i have moar dank spongebobs
[07:25] <Ursuul> pls nu
[07:25] <Ursuul> Soon as TBC is done, & I get dimensions from Fandom Staff, we’ll do a contest like the Wordmark contest
[07:25] <Ursuul> for the image
[07:26] <Ursuul> & the winner may or may not get Editor of the Month
[07:26] <Ursuul> but they probably will
[07:26] <John500> even moar backgrounds
[07:26] <John500>
[07:26] <Ursuul> (face) 
[07:26] <John500> pls background
[07:26] <Ursuul> ok moving on
[07:26] <John500>
[07:26] <John500> final one
[07:27] <Ursuul> m8 if you post another shitty sponge-meme imma kek u
[07:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> W8
[07:27] <John500> come on
[07:27] <Ursuul> yes?
[07:27] <John500> i'll do them in the discord that nobodys on then
[07:27] <Ursuul> k
[07:28] <Ursuul> Aysh what’s up
[07:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> I say don't make the image winner the editor of teh month
[07:28] <Smgamermat77> ok im back
[07:28] <Ursuul> you haven’t explained why tho
[07:28] <Ursuul> welcome back
[07:28] <Smgamermat77> I had to send an email to get a refund on $200
[07:28] <Ursuul> o
[07:28] <Smgamermat77> (previous college crap)
[07:29] <Ursuul> well Sm, wouldst ye please deign to weigh in on whether it’s a good idea or not to grant Editor of the Month to the contest winner?
[07:29] <John500> <span class="me-username">* <span>John500</span></span> copies and pastes the lyrics to "Take Me To Church"
[07:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> I think
[07:29] <Ursuul> Yes I understand that Aysh, but you still haven’t done it.
[07:29] <Smgamermat77> it depends
[07:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> because if we keep making art contest winners
[07:29] <Smgamermat77> if the contest is very large and important - then sure
[07:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> editor of the month
[07:29] <Smgamermat77> if it's crap like the tank contests, then no
[07:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> it will show bias
[07:29] <Smgamermat77> yeah
[07:29] <Smgamermat77> HOWEVER
[07:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> like *"you're only a good editor if you're artsy"
[07:29] <Smgamermat77> art contests are debatable
[07:30] <Ursuul> How so? This would be only the second time we’ve named art contest winners EotM.
[07:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah
[07:30] <Ursuul> The last two times were for projects & for paragon-editing 
[07:30] <Smgamermat77> if the art is very important and is used effectively, then sure\
[07:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> and we've had how many eotms?
[07:30] <Ursuul> four
[07:30] <Ursuul> no, 3?
[07:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> exactly
[07:30] <Ursuul> uh
[07:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> 3
[07:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> it was 3
[07:30] <Smgamermat77> I think nobel got 2 of them
[07:30] <John500> A pic of a diep leaderboard with all the staffs names on it for the background
[07:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> so that means
[07:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> second time
[07:30] <John500> and me
[07:31] <Ursuul> Nobel was 1, for Wordmark. The second was Sm for working on the Wiki project. The third was Ultra for doing the same; working on the Wiki.
[07:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> that's still favouritism
[07:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah, but the images
[07:31] <Ursuul> 2 for 2 is the opposite of favoritism though.
[07:31] <Smgamermat77> Well I did a shit-load of non-art crap
[07:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> no no
[07:31] <Smgamermat77> it wasn't really art, it was just formatting shit
[07:31] <Ursuul> ^
[07:31] <Ursuul> Yeah that wasn’t art
[07:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> it was wo-
[07:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> ehhhhh
[07:31] <Smgamermat77> it really was just formatting shit
[07:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> now we're just gonna debate meaning of art lol
[07:31] <Ursuul> ^
[07:31] <Ursuul> no lol
[07:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> I say it counts
[07:32] <QUEEN AYSHA> as art
[07:32] <QUEEN AYSHA> the formatting
[07:32] <Smgamermat77> To me, yes it is completely debatable.
[07:32] <John500> /e copies and pastes the art article from wikipedia
[07:32] <John500> /me
[07:32] <QUEEN AYSHA> just not,,,,,,,drawing
[07:32] <Ursuul> Why? It’s literally copying an image onto a canvas.
[07:32] <Ursuul> That’s not art, that’s just tedious.
[07:32] <Smgamermat77> ^
[07:32] <Smgamermat77> All I did was resize a background and then fill it
[07:32] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[07:32] <Smgamermat77> and then export it
[07:32] <Ursuul> hi SR
[07:32] <QUEEN AYSHA> i don't agree with that but ehhhhhhh
[07:32] <SuperRobot9338> what happened
[07:32] <Smgamermat77> and uploading and integrating
[07:32] <SuperRobot9338> srry i forgot sandbox started
[07:32] <Ursuul> we’re debating whether we should give Editor of the Month to the next Contest Winner
[07:32] <Smgamermat77> that's like 75% formatting
[07:32] <SuperRobot9338> what's happened so far
[07:32] <Smgamermat77> if not more
[07:32] <Ursuul> for the contest to get the image for the new Header
[07:32] <SuperRobot9338> other than EToM
[07:33] <Ursuul> uh
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> again, that's the one thing I care about for that topic
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> we set
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> a deadline
[07:33] <Ursuul> July 7th
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> for history project
[07:33] <SuperRobot9338> for wut
[07:33] <SuperRobot9338> oh
[07:33] <SuperRobot9338> there should not be a deadline
[07:33] <Smgamermat77> we can debate EotM when it comes time to pick a new one - for now let's be more productive and move on
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> it's not
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> to do the whole thing
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> it's just
[07:33] <Ursuul> well there won’t really be a chance to debate EotM again
[07:33] <SuperRobot9338> for basic overviews
[07:33] <Ursuul> because once I release the contest it’s a done deal
[07:33] <Ursuul> either it happens or not
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> to have basic acounts with decent grammar
[07:33] <Smgamermat77> highlighted threads
[07:33] <Smgamermat77> op op
[07:33] <John500> We need a new article of the month or featured article
[07:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm just sayin'
[07:34] <John500> its been tiers forever
[07:34] <Ursuul> yes Sm but we need to use those sparingly, for the contest itself
[07:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> I vote no EoTM for winning that contest
[07:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> just medal
[07:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> big pretty one
[07:34] <Smgamermat77> they're just threads Ursuul, not bombs
[07:34] <Ursuul> if we do a thread about the contest & then an actual contest it’ll be 2 much
[07:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> from Gelly
[07:34] <Ursuul> well the Medals can’t be any different 
[07:34] <Smgamermat77> nononononono
[07:34] <SuperRobot9338> after dis let's get to auto welcome message
[07:34] <Smgamermat77> (face1) 
[07:34] <Ursuul> they’re all basically equal 
[07:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> I guess that
[07:34] <SuperRobot9338> I want to know if you guys want flashy or simple
[07:34] <Smgamermat77> forget it - yall debate eotm
[07:34] <John500> (america
[07:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> *that's 1-1
[07:35] <SuperRobot9338> I say no
[07:35] <John500> (america) 
[07:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> stalemate
[07:35] <SuperRobot9338> Give a Diep Artist tag
[07:35] <John500> i say no too
[07:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> no?
[07:35] <SuperRobot9338> nu EotM
[07:35] <Smgamermat77> yeah
[07:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> 4-1
[07:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ursuul
[07:35] <Smgamermat77> EXACTLY - we have a damn artist medal
[07:35] <Smgamermat77> use it
[07:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> no eotm 
[07:35] <John500> majority wins n00b scrub
[07:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> haha
[07:35] <Ursuul> ye but the last person to get Medal Artist got EotM 
[07:35] <Smgamermat77> 2 bad
[07:35] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[07:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> mhm
[07:35] <Smgamermat77> get outnumbere
[07:35] <Ursuul> you’re saying to the next person that they are valued less
[07:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> no silly
[07:35] <Ursuul> than the person who worked on the Wordmark
[07:35] <Ursuul> No that’s literally what you’re saying 
[07:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> they have theirs displayed
[07:36] <Ursuul> this image will be just as important as the wordmark
[07:36] <SuperRobot9338> Nobel also did other kewl stuff
[07:36] <Smgamermat77> you haven't even announced the contest - we can change whatever we want
[07:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> give em another prise
[07:36] <Ursuul> it’s huge & appears at the top of the banner
[07:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> like
[07:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> Internship points
[07:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> then
[07:36] <SuperRobot9338> Nobel did far more than the wordmark
[07:36] <Ursuul> SR, but he got EotM not for the other stuff
[07:36] <Smgamermat77> yeah
[07:36] <John500>*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto
[07:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> *sigh*
[07:36] <John500> not spongebob
[07:36] <Ursuul> He only got EotM for the Contest
[07:36] <Ursuul> that’s literally it
[07:36] <SuperRobot9338> EotM could be considered to also be for other stuff
[07:36] <Ursuul> he got Admin for the rest
[07:36] <Smgamermat77> please use tinyurl for that
[07:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> but tehy're not seperate
[07:36] <Ursuul> yes exactly SR, but we already have
[07:36] <SuperRobot9338> Just have Diep Artit
[07:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> he's-
[07:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> ugh
[07:36] <SuperRobot9338> we have morwe deserving recipeints
[07:37] <Ursuul> We’ve given them out for working on Wiki Projects before
[07:37] <Ursuul> twice now
[07:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ursuuuul, just overrule us and move on or don't and move on
[07:37] <Smgamermat77> Can't we just shorten the EotM timespan to 2.75-3 weeks?
[07:37] <SuperRobot9338> nu
[07:37] <Ursuul> wat
[07:37] <SuperRobot9338> it's called EDITOR OF THE [B]MONTH[/B]
[07:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> It's 4-1
[07:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> But
[07:37] <Ursuul> that doesn’t make any sense Sm
[07:37] <Smgamermat77> that way we can spam it more like Ursuul wants
[07:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> You're the leader
[07:37] <Smgamermat77> for art stuffs
[07:37] <SuperRobot9338> i sense sarcasm
[07:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> plz shut up for a sec ppl
[07:37] <Smgamermat77> im actually serious
[07:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> Either Ursuul overrules us or he lets majority win
[07:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> which
[07:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> and then move on
[07:38] <Ursuul> No, it’s not spam, this image that gets made this month will stay for years
[07:38] <Ursuul> maybe until the Wiki dies
[07:38] <Ursuul> it’s important & has precedent 
[07:38] <Smgamermat77> Wait a minute
[07:38] <Ursuul> Aysh, you don’t dictate to me.
[07:38] <SuperRobot9338> ooh
[07:38] <Smgamermat77> Why not just have multiple editors of the month
[07:38] <John500> is not spongebob
[07:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> I ain't dictating boi
[07:38] <SuperRobot9338> we got a debate going on
[07:38] <SuperRobot9338> time for Dark Era mode
[07:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> We gotta move on
[07:38] <Smgamermat77> ty
[07:38] <Ursuul> m8 I told you to stop
[07:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> so choose
[07:39] <SuperRobot9338> lemme go and kek everyone (kappa) 
[07:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> we ain't changin our minds
[07:39] <Smgamermat77> post another link and imma snipe yo ass foo
[07:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol sm
[07:39] <John500> iz not spongebob
[07:39] <SuperRobot9338> GUYS
[07:39] <Smgamermat77> 2 bad dont spam
[07:39] <Smgamermat77> the end
[07:39] <SuperRobot9338> WHO HERE HAS ARTISTIC TALENT
[07:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> meh
[07:39] <John500> i didnt spam
[07:39] <SuperRobot9338> GRAV, GELLY, NOBEL
[07:39] <John500> like
[07:39] <John500> kiek
[07:39] <SuperRobot9338> yes you did
[07:39] <Smgamermat77> yes u r
[07:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> there's others
[07:39] <John500> thats spam
[07:39] <SuperRobot9338> external linkz in crowded chat
[07:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> that's not it SR
[07:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> Kuro has talent
[07:39] <John500> thats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spamthats spam
[07:39] <SuperRobot9338> oh ye
[07:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> nearly beat Nobellion
[07:40] <Smgamermat77> ty again
[07:40] <SuperRobot9338> KURO, NOBEL, GRAV, GELLY
[07:40] <SuperRobot9338> and me to a small extent
[07:40] <John500> fine
[07:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> probly still more
[07:40] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[07:40] <Ursuul> Yes but everyone should be able to participate. I’m trying to impress on you guys why this is important. This image is just as big as the wordmark, it covers MORE area too.
[07:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> we culd count DragonLeaf
[07:40] <Ursuul> It will be the face of the Wiki
[07:40] <SuperRobot9338> Do we really need a fancy smancy image
[07:40] <Ursuul> It’s seriously important 
[07:40] <SuperRobot9338> Let's just use SFU's banner submission
[07:40] <Smgamermat77> Ok I'm trying to support Ursuul's notion because he's serious about this and I understand it
[07:40] <SuperRobot9338> give him EotM
[07:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> me sm sr and john still stand, I believe tho
[07:40] <Smgamermat77> SO
[07:40] <Ursuul> lol
[07:40] <SuperRobot9338> and Diep Artist
[07:40] <Smgamermat77> no
[07:40] <SuperRobot9338> (Kappa) 
[07:40] <Ursuul> pls no
[07:40] <Smgamermat77> I change
[07:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> k
[07:41] <Ursuul> thx Sm
[07:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> that's stil 3-2
[07:41] <Smgamermat77> What if
[07:41] <SuperRobot9338> I change
[07:41] <SuperRobot9338> To Ursuul
[07:41] <Ursuul> thx SR
[07:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> *sigh*
[07:41] <SuperRobot9338> cuz SFU4lufe
[07:41] <Ursuul> lmao
[07:41] <Smgamermat77> What if we had MULTIPLE Editors of the month?
[07:41] <SuperRobot9338> lol
[07:41] <Ursuul> uh
[07:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> NO
[07:41] <SuperRobot9338> hell no
[07:41] <Ursuul> r u srs
[07:41] <Ursuul> like
[07:41] <Smgamermat77> Of course Im serious
[07:41] <John500> i vote multiple
[07:41] <SuperRobot9338> oh hey ozzie
[07:41] <Smgamermat77> like 2-3
[07:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh thank god
[07:41] <Smgamermat77> or just 2
[07:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> ozzie agree wit me
[07:41] <SuperRobot9338> I SAY NO TO MULTIPLE
[07:41] <SuperRobot9338> THAT'S INSANITY
[07:41] <John500> agree with me
[07:41] <Ursuul> Well it wouldn’t be the Editor of the Month then, it’d be multiple people sharing the glory
[07:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> a medal is enough ffor community image ye
[07:42] <Ursuul> it’d dilute the importance of it
[07:42] <John500> ist not insanity
[07:42] <Ozziene> 🤷
[07:42] <Smgamermat77> Editors of the Month
[07:42] <Smgamermat77> plural
[07:42] <Smgamermat77> ez fix
[07:42] <Ursuul> ye & they would be less important then
[07:42] <John500> multiple editors of month
[07:42] <SuperRobot9338> Guys
[07:42] <Ursuul> the honor would be null
[07:42] <SuperRobot9338> Do we even need a flashy image for header
[07:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ursuul you shoulda listened to me
[07:42] <Smgamermat77> ok then I go back to siding with QA
[07:42] <SuperRobot9338> I don't think so
[07:42] <Ursuul> yes we do
[07:42] <John500> VOTE FOR ME
[07:42] <SuperRobot9338> Just crop a banner
[07:42] <Ursuul> I’ve seen them without the image
[07:42] <Ursuul> trust me
[07:42] <Ursuul> you need iet
[07:42] <SuperRobot9338> Ik
[07:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> like think
[07:42] <Smgamermat77> spamming artists with EotM tags and medals is dumb
[07:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> Gelly's gonna make a pretty medal
[07:42] <SuperRobot9338> But all we need is to crop a community banner
[07:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> and stuff
[07:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> and whoever wins
[07:42] <Ursuul> ye but we shouldn’t dupe
[07:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> can get an intern invite
[07:43] <SuperRobot9338> ik
[07:43] <Ursuul> because then on Community you’d see the same thing twice
[07:43] <SuperRobot9338> So we're going to use SFU
[07:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> and they'd get announced
[07:43] <SuperRobot9338> (lenny) 
[07:43] <John500> A banner: leaderboard with all the staff + me
[07:43] <Ursuul> & I already used Mastertank’s thing
[07:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> why is that not enough
[07:43] <Ursuul> in Discussions
[07:43] <Ursuul> SFU retracted his image
[07:43] <Ursuul> & I deleted it
[07:43] <Ursuul> he could copyright us
[07:43] <Smgamermat77> I'm just gonna not talk anymore about this topic since chat is seriously spammy now
[07:43] <Ursuul> if we used it
[07:43] <Ursuul> so jokes aside we can’t use it
[07:43] <Ursuul> Sorry Sm
[07:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> we're stuck at stalemate becuz Ursuul ain't gonna overrule us or listen to us
[07:43] <Smgamermat77> ^
[07:43] <Ursuul> Alright let us go on. The plan is to do a contest with the EotM, per majority.
[07:44] <QUEEN AYSHA> k
[07:44] <Smgamermat77> alrighty - now shut up about the stupid eotm crap everyone
[07:44] <Ursuul> k
[07:44] <SuperRobot9338> Let's ask SFU
[07:44] <Smgamermat77> kappa 
[07:44] <Ursuul> SR pls
[07:44] <QUEEN AYSHA> XD
[07:44] <SuperRobot9338> We'll give him Shadow Editor
[07:44] <Smgamermat77> SFu 4 prez
[07:44] <Ursuul> ffs
[07:44] <Ursuul> (suicide) 
[07:44] <Smgamermat77> (laugh8) 
[07:44] <SuperRobot9338> cuz Editor of the Month = (Shadow Editor + Diep Artist)/2
[07:44] <Ursuul> #SFU2k20
[07:44] <John500> (amerifat) 
[07:44] <Ursuul> lol
[07:44] <Ursuul> alright srs
[07:45] <Ursuul> moving on
[07:45] <Ursuul> Automated Message
[07:45] <Ursuul> SR I prefer no shiny
[07:45] <SuperRobot9338> so Diep Artist + EotM
[07:45] <John500> the nobellion one
[07:45] <QUEEN AYSHA> yep
[07:45] <QUEEN AYSHA> I vote Nobel
[07:45] <SuperRobot9338> equals Shadow Editor/2 + 3/2 Diep Artist
[07:45] <John500> the one nobellion made in his message wall
[07:45] <QUEEN AYSHA> sorry SR
[07:45] <Ursuul> SR ffs
[07:45] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[07:45] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[07:45] <SuperRobot9338> I was doing maths
[07:45] <Smgamermat77> /announce back to serious mode plz
[07:45] <Ursuul> AUTOMATED MESSAGE 
[07:45] <SuperRobot9338> wait
[07:45] <SuperRobot9338> lemme copypasta
[07:46] <QUEEN AYSHA> /announce NEW TOPIC 
[07:46] <Ursuul> *beats head on desk*
[07:46] <Smgamermat77> Kappa 
[07:46] <John500> kappa 
[07:46] <QUEEN AYSHA> what else are you beating Ursuul (lenny) 
[07:46] <Smgamermat77> :o
[07:46] <John500> (backsaway) 
[07:46] <QUEEN AYSHA> xD
[07:46] <Ursuul> I don’t got the equipment to beat, moving on
[07:46] <Ursuul> AUTOMATED MESSAGE
[07:46] <John500> Nobellion's
[07:46] <Smgamermat77> what about auto message
[07:46] <Smgamermat77> speak foo
[07:46] <John500> I vote Nobellions
[07:46] <QUEEN AYSHA> Nobel's or SR's
[07:47] <Ursuul> SR asked if we should go with shiny or simple
[07:47] <Ursuul> I say simple
[07:47] <Smgamermat77> (what's the automated message?)
[07:47] <QUEEN AYSHA> me and john like Nobel's
[07:47] <Ursuul> because Nobel’s is broken
[07:47] <John500> Nobels
[07:47] <QUEEN AYSHA> look at Ursuul
[07:47] <Ursuul> This isn’t a vote on it, this is a discussions
[07:47] <Ursuul> discussion
[07:47] <SuperRobot9338> plus
[07:47] <QUEEN AYSHA> well yea
[07:47] <QUEEN AYSHA> but 
[07:47] <Smgamermat77> what is the automated message
[07:47] <SuperRobot9338> I sent more time playing with it than actually using it
[07:47] <Smgamermat77> am confused
[07:47] <QUEEN AYSHA> if it's suddenly everyone agrees
[07:47] <Ursuul> It’s the message that gets sent to new users
[07:47] <SuperRobot9338> so newbs may do the same
[07:47] <Smgamermat77> o
[07:47] <QUEEN AYSHA> we pretty uch do it
[07:48] <Ursuul> Here, [[MediaWiki:Welcome-message-wall-user]]
[07:48] <SuperRobot9338> 1st rule of UX design
[07:48] <Smgamermat77> why are we changing it
[07:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah that
[07:48] <Smgamermat77> it works
[07:48] <Ursuul> because it’s plain
[07:48] <John500> thats boring
[07:48] <SuperRobot9338> Form follows function
[07:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> becuz it sucks boi!
[07:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> 
[07:48] <Smgamermat77> who cares
[07:48] <Smgamermat77> it works
[07:48] <Ursuul> ye & it needs new links
[07:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> us
[07:48] <John500> simple est boring
[07:48] <SuperRobot9338> est
[07:48] <Smgamermat77> ok new links is a valid reason
[07:48] <Ursuul> Nobel’s has too many links/links we don’t want
[07:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> we talked about this for like 2 months lol
[07:48] <SuperRobot9338> + too shiny
[07:48] <Ursuul> SR’s mostly has the ones we want but there’s some that needs changing
[07:48] <SuperRobot9338> form follows function
[07:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah but
[07:48] <Ursuul> plus Nobel’s is both too large & broken
[07:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> Nobel's can be tweaked
[07:49] <Smgamermat77> is there a place I can view each one?
[07:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> Forum can go to
[07:49] <Ursuul> ye
[07:49] <Smgamermat77> GIMME
[07:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> wut you mean boi?
[07:49] <Ursuul> [[Message Wall:Ursuul]]
[07:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> i already told you 
[07:49] <Ursuul> for Nobel’s 
[07:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> face)
[07:49] <SuperRobot9338> Nu
[07:49] <Ursuul> [[User:SuperRobot9338/Testing]]
[07:49] <John500> You need all of those
[07:49] <Ursuul> for SRs 
[07:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> (face) 
[07:49] <SuperRobot9338> [[User:SuperRobot9338/Testing]] for both
[07:49] <Ursuul> oh ok
[07:49] <SuperRobot9338> Side-by-side
[07:49] <Smgamermat77> QA I wasn't askin u
[07:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> ye but
[07:49] <Smgamermat77> no
[07:49] <Smgamermat77> no but
[07:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> I ALREADY put it
[07:49] <Smgamermat77> 2 bad
[07:49] <John500> I actually like SR's more
[07:49] <Ursuul> it needs to be simple or they won’t read it
[07:50] <Ursuul> It needs to be compact 
[07:50] <John500> its not red
[07:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> rip
[07:50] <Smgamermat77> THEY'RE BOTH THERE ON THE PAGE???
[07:50] <Ursuul> & Nobel’s is broken because hitting one module affects others
[07:50] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[07:50] <Smgamermat77> liers
[07:50] <John500> 3cool5compact
[07:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> red is my fave colour
[07:50] <Ursuul> whereas SR’s works because it only affects one at a time
[07:50] <SuperRobot9338> Form follows function
[07:50] <Ursuul> ^
[07:50] <Ozziene> should've took place i n forum and in november last yer, discussions shouldn't have been a such thing
[07:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> ok ok
[07:50] <Ursuul> again Aysh this isn’t a vote so don’t worry
[07:50] <SuperRobot9338> Nobel's is a tad too flashy IMO
[07:50] <Ozziene> because forum has good wikitext
[07:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> me me overruled again
[07:50] <Ursuul> this is SUPPOSED to be discussing whether shiny is better or not
[07:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[07:50] <John500> wanna see my car
[07:50] <John500> (tank) 
[07:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> ......?
[07:51] <Ursuul> John if you don’t
[07:51] <John500> i expected a real tank
[07:51] <Ursuul> boi
[07:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[07:51] <SuperRobot9338> I like my design cuz it combines aesthetics with organisation and easy-to-read text
[07:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> >Ursuul using boi again
[07:51] <Smgamermat77> Nobel's just needs less duplicate links and then it's perfect
[07:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> rip to Nobel
[07:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> becuz
[07:51] <SuperRobot9338> On one hand it's just fancy enough so users won't gloss over
[07:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> he would explain how he'd fix it
[07:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> if he was here
[07:51] <Ursuul> guys this isn’t gonna be SR vs Nobel right now
[07:51] <SuperRobot9338> On the other it's not so flashy that users will be overwhelmed and confused
[07:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> it's not?
[07:52] <Ursuul> we’re trying to decide whether it’s better to be simple or go overboard 
[07:52] <Smgamermat77> SR I like yours, but the part that drives me away is the fact that the windows stack side by side when the categories go up and down
[07:52] <Smgamermat77> Nobel's does exactly that
[07:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> well worry to tell you Ursuul
[07:52] <Smgamermat77> (follows up down, not side)
[07:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> *sorry
[07:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> but
[07:52] <Ursuul> Nobel’s is currently broken
[07:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> we're-
[07:52] <Smgamermat77> but looks phenominal
[07:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> I-
[07:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> hmf
[07:52] <Smgamermat77> SPEAK OR DONT SPEAK
[07:52] <John500> overboard
[07:52] <Ursuul> Aysh just say what you want to say
[07:52] <Smgamermat77> no in between
[07:52] <Ursuul> don’t cut yourself off all the time
[07:52] <Smgamermat77> ^
[07:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> I dunno who to choose
[07:53] <Ursuul> just type the full thing
[07:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> I ain't
[07:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> I can't
[07:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> decide which to choose
[07:53] <Smgamermat77> then don't type it lmmao
[07:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> and this keyboard sucks
[07:53] <Ursuul> ew Nobel changed it
[07:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> ...huh?
[07:53] <SuperRobot9338> huh
[07:53] <Ursuul> god it was pretty good before but these hover & active styles...ugh
[07:53] <Ursuul> click it SR
[07:53] <SuperRobot9338> what
[07:54] <Ursuul> it flickers like some sort of broken machine 
[07:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> ssssss *cringe* ouch
[07:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> now it's more broken
[07:54] <John500> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis sit amet maximus lorem
[07:54] <SuperRobot9338> oh
[07:54] <SuperRobot9338> woah
[07:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> I've changed sides, sorry SM
[07:54] <Ursuul> yeah
[07:54] <Smgamermat77> just ban him already
[07:54] <Ursuul> ban him for 2 hours
[07:54] <Ursuul> yeah
[07:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> Spamming gibberish again
[07:54] <Ursuul> Aysh can you take care of that?
[07:54] <Ursuul> 2 hours?
[07:54] <Smgamermat77> imma snipe his ass
[07:54] <Smgamermat77> pew pew mofo
[07:54] <SuperRobot9338> He copied the Discussions description
[07:54] <Ursuul> lol
[07:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'll go try lol
[07:55] <Ursuul> [[Special:Contributions/John500]]
[07:55] <Smgamermat77> NEIN
[07:55] <Ursuul> k
[07:55] <Smgamermat77> banned for 9,000 years
[07:55] <SuperRobot9338> The reason I went with the stacked side-by-side
[07:55] <Smgamermat77> kappa 
[07:55] <SuperRobot9338> without the bounciness
[07:55] <SuperRobot9338> was due to the lengthing other modules glitch
[07:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> I dunno if I can ban ppl even
[07:55] <SuperRobot9338> you can
[07:55] <Smgamermat77> idc about the bounciness - I just really prefer the up-down stacking
[07:55] <SuperRobot9338> you can even block the,
[07:55] <Smgamermat77> looks way better
[07:56] <SuperRobot9338> from the wiki
[07:56] <Ursuul> Aysh as a Chat mod you can ban from chat & as a rollback you can ban sitewide
[07:56] <SuperRobot9338> what stacking
[07:56] <Smgamermat77> when you click shit in nobel's
[07:56] <QUEEN AYSHA> uh huh
[07:56] <Smgamermat77> wtf
[07:56] <SuperRobot9338> oh
[07:56] <Ursuul> wtf
[07:56] <Smgamermat77> someone unbanned him
[07:56] <Ursuul> I thought you banned him
[07:56] <Smgamermat77> lmao
[07:56] <Smgamermat77> I did
[07:56] <QUEEN AYSHA> I did-
[07:56] <Smgamermat77> (face1) 
[07:56] <Ursuul> SR pls
[07:56] <QUEEN AYSHA> didn't
[07:56] <SuperRobot9338> da,mnit
[07:56] <QUEEN AYSHA> what the fuck
[07:56] <SuperRobot9338> I thought that was a kek
[07:56] <Ursuul> no
[07:56] <SuperRobot9338> so I tried to undo so I could ban easily
[07:57] <SuperRobot9338> bun iIaccidentally undid the ban
[07:57] <SuperRobot9338> sorry
[07:57] <Ursuul> I fixed it
[07:57] <SuperRobot9338> I'll ban him
[07:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> ayayay
[07:57] <Ursuul> nobody fuck with it anymore lol
[07:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> okey
[07:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[07:57] <Smgamermat77> anyways I prefer the up-down stacking; when you click shit in nobel's, the words appear below the category you click
[07:57] <SuperRobot9338> well
[07:57] <SuperRobot9338> I tried that
[07:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> is it sitewide Ursuul-
[07:57] <SuperRobot9338> It had a fatal flaw
[07:57] <Smgamermat77> yours has the text separate in boxes and goes sideways
[07:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh wait
[07:57] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul, take it away
[07:57] <Ursuul> & SR’s isn’t also below the category you click?
[07:57] <SuperRobot9338> nu
[07:58] <Smgamermat77> no
[07:58] <SuperRobot9338> I mean they're in the same box
[07:58] <QUEEN AYSHA> we need to wrap up, there's only two minutes left tol gaming
[07:58] <SuperRobot9338> in Nobel's
[07:58] <Smgamermat77> yeah
[07:58] <Ursuul> oh yeah
[07:58] <SuperRobot9338> where in mine it's another box
[07:58] <Ursuul> but I actually don’t like that
[07:58] <Smgamermat77> SR's has the text go sideways
[07:58] <Ursuul> I like that it’s in another box
[07:58] <Smgamermat77> I love it - makes it concise and easier to see
[07:58] <Smgamermat77> *when separate
[07:58] <SuperRobot9338> Well
[07:58] <Ursuul> w8 you also like it separate?
[07:58] <SuperRobot9338> it has the issue of lengthening surrounding boxes
[07:58] <Ursuul> ^
[07:58] <Ursuul> that’s the biggest bug
[07:59] <QUEEN AYSHA> eh
[07:59] <Ursuul> it’s also too fancy I think
[07:59] <Ursuul> besides being glitched
[07:59] <Smgamermat77> ok and your point is.....?
[07:59] <QUEEN AYSHA> fancy is gud tho
[07:59] <SuperRobot9338> Overcomplicated and inelegant
[07:59] <Smgamermat77> some boxes get bigger - who cares
[07:59] <Ursuul> the point is that it serves a specific purpose 
[07:59] <Ursuul> SR said it true
[07:59] <Ursuul> the purpose is to welcome the user & provide links to help them dig into the Wiki
[07:59] <QUEEN AYSHA> ^
[07:59] <SuperRobot9338> While being organised and concise
[07:59] <Ursuul> but tacking on the extra frivolity makes it look like we’re overcompensating 
[08:00] <Ursuul> it needs to look good, but not overbaord 
[08:00] <Ursuul> board*
[08:00] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[08:00] <Smgamermat77> uhhh it's not overboard
[08:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> why don't we go with SR's since it isn't bugged to hell and add a little shininess
[08:00] <Smgamermat77> ._.
[08:00] <SuperRobot9338> Eye-catching, not distracting
[08:00] <Ursuul> ^
[08:00] <Ursuul> exactly
[08:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> ^
[08:00] <Smgamermat77> neither one of them are overboard - they have moving boxes that say words
[08:00] <Ursuul> it shouldn’t detract from the main goal tho
[08:00] <Smgamermat77> omg u people
[08:00] <SuperRobot9338> But Nobel's gflickers and bounces
[08:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> mhm
[08:00] <Ursuul> because looking at the extra cool shit on Nobel’s detracts from the actual content needing to be conveyed 
[08:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> too glitchy sm
[08:01] <SuperRobot9338> ye Ursuul
[08:01] <Ursuul> you’re looking at the cool shit & not the content 
[08:01] <SuperRobot9338> Fancy is gr8 sometimes
[08:01] <Smgamermat77> Am I looking at Nobel's recent version then?
[08:01] <SuperRobot9338> But when it distracts from good links
[08:01] <SuperRobot9338> Ye
[08:01] <QUEEN AYSHA> probly not
[08:01] <Smgamermat77> You guys keep saying it's buggy and flickers but I don't see any of that.
[08:01] <Ursuul> I believe so Sm
[08:01] <SuperRobot9338> Null edit
[08:01] <QUEEN AYSHA> ^
[08:01] <Smgamermat77> It works fine
[08:01] <SuperRobot9338> Click on one of the boxes
[08:01] <Ursuul> on Safari it flickers 
[08:01] <Ursuul> ye 
[08:01] <Ursuul> click one
[08:01] <QUEEN AYSHA> ain't fo the rest of us
[08:01] <QUEEN AYSHA> nah nah it's not just safari
[08:01] <Smgamermat77> I've clicked literally everything - it all works perfectly
[08:01] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm on chrome
[08:01] <QUEEN AYSHA> and it's bouncy
[08:02] <Ursuul> it can’t be so complex that it only works on some browsers & not on others
[08:02] <SuperRobot9338> Purge page then
[08:02] <Ursuul> it needs to be simple enough to work everywhere
[08:02] <Ursuul> but cool enough to catch the eye
[08:02] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[08:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> again, ^
[08:02] <Ursuul> It is technically gaming time tho
[08:02] <Smgamermat77> oh I see that bouncing thing you're talking about - the bottom of the frame goes down slightly and then back up
[08:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ima go get some cinnamon toast crunch
[08:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> ye, sm
[08:03] <Ursuul> k
[08:03] <Smgamermat77> Are you seriously whining about such a small bug?
[08:03] <SuperRobot9338> nu
[08:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> t's not that small
[08:03] <SuperRobot9338> It's that it also flickers
[08:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> to me
[08:03] <Ursuul> so, gaming now?
[08:03] <Ursuul> 
[08:03] <Ursuul> No Sm, it’s the other bugs. It’s the flickering, & the fact that the other boxes are affected
[08:03] <SuperRobot9338> and lengthens the surrounding boxes
[08:03] <Ursuul> ^
[08:03] <Smgamermat77> well I don't see the flickering, but that bouncing thing is so negligible I'm laughing at yall whining like it's the end of the world
[08:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> in safari does that
[08:03] <Ursuul> that’s because we aren’t saying it’s the end of the world
[08:03] <SuperRobot9338> SM
[08:03] <SuperRobot9338> PURGE PAGE
[08:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> we ain't whining
[08:03] <SuperRobot9338> NULL EDIT
[08:03] <Ursuul> ^
[08:04] <SuperRobot9338> CLEAR YO CACHE
[08:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[08:04] <Smgamermat77> I've purged the page 5 times dude
[08:04] <Smgamermat77> calm the fuck down
[08:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> XD
[08:04] <SuperRobot9338> you see how it turns white for a second
[08:04] <Ursuul> lul
[08:04] <Smgamermat77> what turns white and when
[08:04] <Smgamermat77> be specific
[08:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> (popcorn) I'm laughing again
[08:04] <Ursuul> The boxes
[08:04] <Ursuul> when you click it
[08:04] <Ursuul> & flashes 
[08:04] <Ursuul> it flashes*
[08:05] <Ursuul> I also don’t really like the red
[08:05] <Smgamermat77> yeah if you hold the mouse button down
[08:05] <Ursuul> not just then
[08:05] <Ursuul> if you click it at all
[08:05] <Smgamermat77> but nobody will hold the mouse down to open a collapsing box
[08:05] <Ursuul> it flashes
[08:05] <Smgamermat77> oh it stays fine for me
[08:05] <SuperRobot9338> I FOUND A FATAL GLITCH
[08:05] <Ursuul> o
[08:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> /announce *BANG* Gaming has been delayed for 5 minutes
[08:05] <Ursuul> wat
[08:05] <SuperRobot9338> Try to click on one of the links
[08:05] <Ursuul> delay it for another five Aysh
[08:05] <SuperRobot9338> in Nobel's version
[08:05] <Ursuul> lol
[08:06] <Ursuul> it doesn’t even work
[08:06] <Colouratura> Why would you make your text impossibly small...
[08:06] <Ursuul> you can’t click the link
[08:06] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[08:06] <Ursuul> damn
[08:06] <SuperRobot9338> it just collapses
[08:06] <Ursuul> rip Nobel
[08:06] <Smgamermat77> the boxes don't flash for me - only when I hold the button down
[08:06] <Ursuul> it completely breaks basic functionality 
[08:06] <SuperRobot9338> That's the fatal flaw with having a single box
[08:06] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> uhhh
[08:06] <SuperRobot9338> No Sm
[08:06] <SuperRobot9338> Open a box
[08:06] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> hi?
[08:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> /announce Gaming will be delayed until 4:10 EST; 4 minutes remaining
[08:06] <Ursuul> hi Flurr
[08:06] <SuperRobot9338> And try to follow one of the links
[08:06] <Ursuul> we’re going to game in like, 4 minutes
[08:06] <SuperRobot9338> For example
[08:06] <Ursuul> which game mode do you want to play in?
[08:06] <SuperRobot9338> Click on the Forum button
[08:06] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> sandbox
[08:06] <SuperRobot9338> Try to click the Forum link
[08:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> mua?
[08:07] <Smgamermat77> oh that flashing right-click menu box?
[08:07] <Ursuul> everybody
[08:07] <Ozziene> so the announce command is working?
[08:07] <Ursuul> ok Flurr
[08:07] <SuperRobot9338> nu
[08:07] <SuperRobot9338> Left-click
[08:07] <Smgamermat77> what about the links
[08:07] <Smgamermat77> yes I did\
[08:07] <Smgamermat77> left click
[08:07] <Ursuul> try to click a link
[08:07] <SuperRobot9338> they don't work
[08:07] <Ursuul> ^
[08:07] <SuperRobot9338> The only way you can opentehm is by right or middle-clickinf
[08:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> (hides in corner because I'm going on Twitter instead of gaming)
[08:07] <Smgamermat77> oh I thought you were still talking about the boxes
[08:07] <SuperRobot9338> So it's almost impossible to use
[08:07] <Colouratura> Link the boxes
[08:07] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> im exited!
[08:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> 2bad we debated too much at this sandbox
[08:07] <Smgamermat77> alright fair point
[08:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> no time to
[08:07] <Ursuul> [[User:SuperRobot9338/Testing]]
[08:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> purge emotes
[08:07] <Ursuul> ^
[08:08] <Smgamermat77> LETS GO FITE
[08:08] <Smgamermat77> actually imma brb real fast again
[08:08] <SuperRobot9338> BYE GTG
[08:08] <Ursuul> oh rip SR
[08:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> bai
[08:08] <Smgamermat77> i be back tho unlike sr
[08:08] <Ursuul> rip Sm
[08:08] <SuperRobot9338> will stay afk
[08:08] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> cya SR
[08:08] <Ursuul> Aysh ain’t playing 
[08:08] <Smgamermat77> 3 mins
[08:08] <Ursuul> rip
[08:08] <Smgamermat77> brb
[08:08] <SuperRobot9338> I am AFK god
[08:08] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> yea
[08:08] <SuperRobot9338> Ozzie is AFK god too
[08:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> brb
[08:08] <SuperRobot9338> I'm AFK goddess
[08:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> 
[08:09] <SuperRobot9338> together we rule AFKrealm
[08:09] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> YEA
[08:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[08:09] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> xd
[08:09] <Ursuul> ok almost time to game lads
[08:09] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> yay!
[08:09] <Ursuul> I guess it’ll be Sandbox because so few people are coming :(
[08:09] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> yey
[08:09] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> still thats sad
[08:10] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> :(
[08:10] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> ded chat
[08:10] <Ursuul> not ded yet
[08:10] <Ursuul> ohey it’s 4:10
[08:10] <Ursuul> lemme get the link lads
[08:11] <Ursuul>
[08:11] <Ursuul> lez go
[08:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> back
[08:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> wat I miss
[08:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> nothin?
[08:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> are we still doin' sandox or????
[08:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> *sandbox
[08:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> rip me
[08:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> and rip SOS
[08:12] <Ozziene> i play as 🙋
[08:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> my internet twin
[08:12] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> rip me
[08:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> should I saty or should I go?
[08:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> *stay
[08:13] <Colouratura> By the way
[08:13] <Colouratura> $( 'table a' ).click( function () { window.location = $( this ).attr( 'href' ); } );
[08:13] <Colouratura> lets you click links
[08:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> I think I'm leaving
[08:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ursuul's ded
[08:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> ...bye
[08:15] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> yay..
[08:15] <Ursuul> o
[08:15] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> STOP KILLING ME URSUUL
[08:15] <Ursuul> jion Sandbox
[08:15] <Ursuul> m8 this is Sandbox lol
[08:15] <Ursuul> you kill each other
[08:15] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> i know
[08:15] <Ursuul> try to kill me m8
[08:15] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> okie
[08:18] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> STUPID OZZ
[08:18] <Ursuul> what are you doing m8
[08:19] <Ozziene> what you call wave evasion
[08:20] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> ...
[08:20] <Ursuul> what are you guys doing?
[08:20] <Smgamermat77> am back
[08:22] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> i give up...
[08:23] <Ursuul> you never attacked me
[08:23] <Ursuul> you have to attack me lol
[08:23] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> i couldn't hurt you
[08:23] <Ursuul> dude of course you can, just shoot at me lol
[08:23] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> I WAS
[08:23] <Ursuul> then get a different tank
[08:23] <Ursuul> try Triplet
[08:24] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> and you were constantly moving away
[08:24] <Ursuul> & put stats into bullet speed
[08:24] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> IT WAS A DOMINATOR
[08:24] <Ursuul> yeah, dominators are always slow
[08:24] <Ursuul> pick a fast tank
[08:24] <Ursuul> with fast bullets
[08:25] <Smgamermat77> FROOT PUNCH OP
[08:25] <Smgamermat77> Kappa 
[08:25] <Ursuul> lol
[08:25] <Smgamermat77> exact same stats
[08:26] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> UGGHHH
[08:26] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> worst sandbox ever
[08:27] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> diep is full with spawn killers
[08:27] <Ozziene> kill stealer
[08:27] <Ursuul> my bad m9
[08:27] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> I WAS WATCHING
[08:27] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> o
[08:27] <Ursuul> it was auto gunner
[08:27] <Ursuul> auto turret got ye
[08:27] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> okie
[08:27] <Ursuul> can’t control it
[08:27] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> lel
[08:28] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> yea 
[08:29] <Ursuul> rip Sm
[08:29] <Smgamermat77> welp imma play 2 temz i guez
[08:29] <Ursuul> k
[08:29] <Ursuul> hey guys
[08:29] <Ursuul> you wanna go to 2 Teams?
[08:29] <Ursuul> link me Sm
[08:29] <Smgamermat77>
[08:29] <Smgamermat77> red
[08:30] <Ursuul> saem
[08:30] <Ursuul> k
[08:30] <Ursuul> imma play ez penta
[08:30] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> okie
[08:30] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> im just watching
[08:31] <Smgamermat77> oh boy it's snapwing
[08:31] <Smgamermat77> that fucking guy
[08:32] <Ozziene> 😩
[08:32] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm still eating cinnamon toast crunch lol
[08:33] <Smgamermat77>
[08:33] <Smgamermat77> red team QA
[08:34] <Ozziene> 🙌
[08:34] <Ursuul> lol
[08:34] <Ursuul> o you left Sm?
[08:34] <Ursuul> isn’t snapwing a youtuber
[08:34] <Smgamermat77> no
[08:34] <Smgamermat77> still there
[08:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> haha
[08:35] <Ozziene> i watched snapwings videos and thus is part of the alphaverse (red color consrant)
[08:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> who even tf is snawping
[08:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> that's a very dumb name sorry
[08:37] <QUEEN AYSHA> .....
[08:37] <Smgamermat77> am switching servers Ursuul
[08:37] <Smgamermat77> that server was shit
[08:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> .....bye again
[08:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> gonna read YouTuber smut or watch cute vids
[08:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> or maybe somethin else
[08:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> eh
[08:38] <Smgamermat77>
[08:38] <Smgamermat77> blue team lmao
[08:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> lemme tell you sm
[08:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> this morning
[08:39] <Smgamermat77> cant read
[08:39] <Smgamermat77> am playain
[08:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> I was reading some Crankiplier smut
[08:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> and heck that was good shit
[08:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> alright
[08:39] <Smgamermat77> also idc abvout noneoa of that
[08:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[08:42] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> i found a defender
[08:42] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> in the sandbox
[08:42] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> :D
[08:43] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> brb
[08:51] <Ursuul> I’m kicking ass in this server lol
[08:51] <Ursuul> I’m stayin cuz there’s only 10 minutes left in Sandbox anyway
[08:57] <Ozziene> gg suul I got 75k as 🙌
[09:00] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> back
[09:01] <FlurrTheGamerMixel> hello?
[09:04] <Smgamermat77> Welp I got bored of playing necro
[09:05] <Smgamermat77> imma go play tf2 - anyone wants to join me, visit dis page:
[09:16] <Ozziene> 😬😩
[09:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol
[09:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> cya guys
[09:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> gtg
[09:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> bai
[09:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm bacl
[09:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> *back
[10:00] <Ursuul> hi
[10:00] <Ursuul> I died at 497K
[10:00] <Ursuul> Penta
[10:00] <Ursuul> flew too close to the sun
[10:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> rip Ursuul
[10:10] <Ursuul> rip me
[10:10] <Ursuul> I’m hungry
[10:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> same
[10:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> but I'm very happy
[10:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> I asked for 20 more mins on teh computer
[10:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> and my dad said I could have 45
[10:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> so I'm binging on Septiishu 
[10:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> (Jacksepticeye+Wiishu/Signe, his girlfriend, in case you didn't know)
[10:13] <Ursuul> o
[10:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> o
[10:24] <Ursuul> o
[10:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh hai robot
[10:51] <Robotguy39> Hi.
[11:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> cya guys
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