[12:15] <Tacocat247> 3sad5me
[12:18] <Tacocat247> oh gr8
[12:22] <Tacocat247> Hello again
[12:23] <Tacocat247> Hey
[12:24] <Tacocat247> Hi Grav :3
[12:24] <Graviatar> hi
[12:25] <Diepmon> Bye
[12:25] <Tacocat247> Bored
[12:28] <Graviatar> nooo
[12:28] <Graviatar> stay
[12:28] <Graviatar> stay
[12:28] <Graviatar> stay
[12:28] <Graviatar> stayyy
[12:29] <Tacocat247> Editing the Tiers page
[12:29] <Graviatar> what for
[12:30] <Tacocat247> Missing infp
[12:30] <Graviatar> NOoOOOoOOo
[12:30] <Graviatar> diepmon left :(
[12:30] <Tacocat247> We are the only active ones :((
[12:34] <Teamerz> lies
[12:34] <Graviatar> ^
[12:35] <Teamerz> hi grav
[12:36] <Tacocat247> hi
[12:40] <TBOO-Y> Hi
[12:41] <Tacocat247> Hey TBOO-Y
[12:42] <Tacocat247> Done with the tiers page
[12:47] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[12:47] <Tacocat247> bored
[12:48] <TBOO-Y> I wish Mounted Turret wasn't removed
[12:48] <Tacocat247> [[Mounted Turret]] or do you mean [[Ball|"Ball"]?
[12:48] <Tacocat247> [[Mounted Turret]] or do you mean [[Ball|"Ball"]]?
[12:48] <Tacocat247> Ball was awesome
[12:49] <TBOO-Y> They both were awesome
[12:49] <TBOO-Y> Ball had a glitch though
[12:49] <Tacocat247> Yeah
[12:49] <TBOO-Y> Ball could murder a Spike easy but not a body build Booster
[12:49] <Tacocat247> I still remember when me and grav were testing it
[12:49] <Tacocat247> sometimes an annihilator bullet would not even do that much damage
[12:49] <TBOO-Y> Sphere brawl would have been nice but RIP ball
[12:49] <Tacocat247> yeah
[12:50] <Tacocat247> But Multiboxing ARGH
[12:50] <TBOO-Y> I hate Multiboxing people :/
[12:50] <Tacocat247> Me 2
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> I'm like, "Ah, what a fine day in the tank empire... OMG WUT 5 Pentashots"
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> Hi Diepmon
[12:51] <Tacocat247> And there is a simple solution too
[12:51] <Tacocat247> If 2 diepio tabs are detected to be open, then the 2nd one is closed
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> Multiple monitors
[12:52] <Tacocat247> That too
[12:52] <TBOO-Y> Kk
[12:52] <Tacocat247> But that would not be conceivable, so i see why Zeach doesn't do it.
[12:53] <TBOO-Y> Well, that's bad, because if I saw Necromancer multiboxing in which all of them have max Drone Count and they had their maximum capacity, I would probs jump off a cliff or something
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> Then again...
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> When people see Sinbadx they use whatever tank he is using , they suicide and upgrade to his tank XD
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> I saw that happen before
[12:54] <Tacocat247> Me 2
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> A billion Green Team Skimmers lol
[12:54] <Tacocat247> Lel
[01:08] <Tacocat247> Hi
[01:10] <TBOO-Y> Sup
[01:10] <TBOO-Y> Bored
[01:12] <TBOO-Y> Wooow
[01:12] <Tacocat247> bored
[01:13] <TBOO-Y> To?
[01:13] <TBOO-Y> Rp?
[01:13] <Tacocat247> not yet
[01:13] <Tacocat247> In a few minutes
[01:13] <TBOO-Y> How does Autocorrect compare the letters T-O to R-P
[01:14] <Tacocat247> i dunn
[01:14] <Tacocat247>
[01:15] <TBOO-Y> K
[01:15] <Tacocat247> Im ready to start
[01:15] <Tacocat247> (This RP is different from the one from yesterday)
[01:15] <Tacocat247> (We will resume that RP if AC comes back
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> (Ok)
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> (3...)
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> (2...)
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> (1...)
[01:16] <TBOO-Y> (do the RP start thingy)
[01:17] <Tacocat247> /announce RP Start!
[01:17] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Spinning*
[01:18] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: What are you doing lol
[01:18] <Tacocat247> Astra: Just spinning... Thinking
[01:18] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: About what?
[01:18] <Tacocat247> Astra: Stuff
[01:19] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Ok
[01:20] <Tacocat247> Astra: Now that you are here, i want to try something.
[01:20] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: What?
[01:20] <Tacocat247> Astra: Well, you know you have a X form, right?
[01:20] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Yeah...
[01:20] <Tacocat247> Astra: Well, i want to see if we can go any further
[01:21] <Tacocat247> Astra: A Trickster Z, if you mind.
[01:21] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Uhhh, ok
[01:21] <Tacocat247> Astra: ...but i don't know how to exactly do that...
[01:21] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Me neither
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> Hexagon: Hi :)
[01:22] <Tacocat247> Astra: Hello little Hexagon!
[01:22] <Tacocat247> Necromancer: Hi.
[01:22] <Tacocat247> (Hi Zathsu)
[01:22] <ZathusTheMageV> Zathsu is back. :3
[01:22] <TBOO-Y> (hey Zath)
[01:22] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) 
[01:23] <Tacocat247> (Hi Aysha)
[01:23] <TBOO-Y> (hi) 
[01:23] <ZathusTheMageV> Aysha... right on time.
[01:23] <ZathusTheMageV> MWA HA HA
[01:23] <QUEEN AYSHA> not in the mood boi
[01:23] <Tacocat247> (Zathus, new theme)
[01:23] <Tacocat247> ( )
[01:23] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: I have a question, Necro. Since when did you learn to make your own drones?
[01:23] <QUEEN AYSHA> idek whether Ursuul is seriously pissed or only minorly pissed at me
[01:24] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[01:24] <TBOO-Y> (medium probs Lel)
[01:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> I think it's the former.
[01:24] <ZathusTheMageV> Sorry. :S
[01:24] <Tacocat247> Necromancer: After an EXP launcher shot an EXP orb at me. Afterwards, i started to make my own.
[01:24] <TBOO-Y> (:/)
[01:24] <ZathusTheMageV> I was the catalyst... ;-'
[01:24] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Cool.
[01:24] <QUEEN AYSHA> I think we need a code word for when Fandom staff come in so that I don't make Ursuul tear his hair out
[01:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Well I mean
[01:25] <ZathusTheMageV> I dont care
[01:25] <QUEEN AYSHA> I would suggest "badger" on his wall except....
[01:25] <ZathusTheMageV> So I was still acting like an idiot
[01:25] <ZathusTheMageV> I saw instantly that was FANDOM staff
[01:25] <TBOO-Y> <>€,~€<' look DNA)
[01:25] <QUEEN AYSHA> well that's the reason I'm afraid: idk whether Ursuul is seriously pissed or only minorly pissed at me
[01:26] <QUEEN AYSHA> i told him
[01:26] <ZathusTheMageV> I left before he could respond to me in PM
[01:26] <Tacocat247> Necromancer: Well anyways, bye!
[01:26] <ZathusTheMageV> Back when he told me to be on my best behavior xD
[01:26] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Bye
[01:26] <Tacocat247> Astra: Anyways
[01:26] <QUEEN AYSHA> keep tryin to tell him: fandom staff ain't gonna bother HIM if one of us says fuck too much
[01:26] <Tacocat247> Astra: When did you discover your X form?
[01:26] <SuperRobot9338> YAS
[01:26] <Tacocat247> (Hi Supar)
[01:26] <SuperRobot9338> HI AYSH
[01:26] <QUEEN AYSHA> maybe minor "your staff are assholes"
[01:26] <QUEEN AYSHA> but even then
[01:26] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello, master SR.
[01:26] <QUEEN AYSHA> meh
[01:26] <TBOO-Y> (Hi SR)
[01:26] <SuperRobot9338> ohey aysh
[01:27] <ZathusTheMageV> I was hoping I'd leave a comical impression.
[01:27] <ZathusTheMageV> :/
[01:27] <ZathusTheMageV> Less an asshole one
[01:27] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Three years ago
[01:27] <SuperRobot9338> need me to use my "influence and power"?
[01:27] <SuperRobot9338> (kappa) 
[01:27] <TBOO-Y> (fuck dat whiz)
[01:27] <Tacocat247> Astra: What did you do?
[01:27] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) 
[01:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> that's what the "I ain't ever gonna stop loving you, biiiiitch"thing was for
[01:27] <ZathusTheMageV> Make them ask "Hey... whose that Zathus that keeps things interesting?" lmao
[01:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> see u get me
[01:27] <QUEEN AYSHA> so liek
[01:27] <ZathusTheMageV> My end goal everywhere.
[01:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> I am literally so bad at detecting feelings that
[01:28] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Used it to fight Grevious)
[01:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> I dunno whether I'm about to get dishounorably fired 
[01:28] <Tacocat247> Astra: How did you discover it?
[01:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Eh. I wouldnt take it that far myself.
[01:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> or whether Ursuul'll say "I overreacted you're fine"
[01:28] <Tacocat247> Astra: By anger?
[01:28] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Yes lol
[01:28] <ZathusTheMageV> DId he go off on you after FANDOM staff left or something?
[01:28] <SuperRobot9338> HI ZATHSU
[01:29] <Tacocat247> Astra: What angered you?
[01:29] <ZathusTheMageV> Because I left mid-time they were here.
[01:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> no no no
[01:29] <SuperRobot9338> I IS OF PLANS
[01:29] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello, SR.
[01:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah i remember
[01:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> Zathsu, basically,
[01:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> he went in pm and said THERE'S FANDOM STAFF IN CHAT
[01:29] <ZathusTheMageV> Yup
[01:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> then some more freaking out
[01:29] <ZathusTheMageV> He told me to be on my best behavior :3
[01:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> and I said "chill, man"
[01:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> and he said
[01:29] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Actually I was fighting some tanks at the time, and when they almost beat me, I basically got really angry and determined at the same time, so I turned into my X form
[01:30] <ZathusTheMageV> And I said that when they joined I was gonna yell "UM... DONT ASK" but didnt xD
[01:30] <ZathusTheMageV> Then I left before he could respond so (eh) 
[01:30] <Tacocat247> Astra: [small]Well, that makes no sense[/small] Ok, i see...
[01:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> "Blah blah Fandom's gonna disown me blah blah terrible staff blah blah Tim"
[01:30] <Tacocat247> (Who is tim?_
[01:30] <QUEEN AYSHA> And he said Tim was the technology manager?
[01:30] <ZathusTheMageV> Fandom Staff member who was here earlier
[01:30] <TBOO-Y> (Also, my friend is a cannibal, he's a potato and he eats potatos)
[01:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> then he said Tim was one of the prissier staff 
[01:31] <ZathusTheMageV> While we were all fuckin' around
[01:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> Zathsu listen
[01:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> then after that
[01:31] <TBOO-Y> (He was like Hey bitches what's going on)
[01:31] <QUEEN AYSHA> I said "fine okay Ursuul" and said bum instead of ass or "I jerk Zathus off" (lenny) 
[01:32] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[01:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Wait what O_O
[01:32] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: Bored
[01:32] <TBOO-Y> Leviathan: I'm bored too
[01:32] <QUEEN AYSHA> then I was subconsciously like "there's a miniscule chance Ursuul'll stil not like that comment" but thoughtit was chill
[01:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> Until he comes back into PM and goes:
[01:33] <TBOO-Y> (by the way where are we in the RP Tacocat247)
[01:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Wait you actually said it
[01:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> ">poking ur bum"
[01:33] <ZathusTheMageV> O_O
[01:33] <ZathusTheMageV> OH
[01:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Nevermind
[01:33] <QUEEN AYSHA> then
[01:34] <TBOO-Y> (What. The fuck)
[01:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> "I'm done with you" then "Good bye."
[01:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> then he left chat
[01:34] <ZathusTheMageV> RIP
[01:34] <QUEEN AYSHA> which I think is an overreaction
[01:34] <TBOO-Y> (Ehheheh *proceeds to have a seizure*)
[01:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Definitely.
[01:35] <Tacocat247> (@TBOOY After you told me the story of your X form)
[01:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Funny enough, Fandom probably came here for a reason, so they probably werent even looking at chat lmao
[01:35] <ZathusTheMageV> And if Ursuul knew in advance, he would have let us know if he was smart xD
[01:35] <ZathusTheMageV> (which me may or may not be idk, dont hurt me master ursuul)
[01:36] <TBOO-Y> (No like in a place like are we in the Pentagon Nest or something)
[01:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> I almost left a message on his wall titled "What's ur problem bro?" but I decided against it because I figured that would significantly increase the chance of my swift ejection from staff
[01:36] <Tacocat247> (@SR i saw your song, and improved it)
[01:36] <ZathusTheMageV> True
[01:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> also, I agree Zathsu
[01:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> can you talk to him
[01:36] <Tacocat247> (My word)
[01:36] <Tacocat247> Astra: Well, that makes no sense Ok, i see...
[01:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm too afraid for my position
[01:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> literally
[01:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> I don't want to get fired
[01:37] <ZathusTheMageV> This is like legit.
[01:37] <ZathusTheMageV> "I dont want to get fired" is something an actual scared person would say for a real job
[01:37] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[01:37] <ZathusTheMageV> I can help :3
[01:37] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: I'm kinda thirsty, want some water?
[01:38] <Teamerz> wot'd i miss
[01:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> Thanks, Zathsu. You're the best. I think I'm going fucking crazy though, honestly.
[01:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> Tmz
[01:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> *Temz
[01:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Probably
[01:38] <ZathusTheMageV> But Im going crazier
[01:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> you missed-
[01:38] <Tacocat247> Astra: Eh, why not.
[01:38] <ZathusTheMageV> I'm being shown parts of me I didnt know existed
[01:38] <Teamerz> wot did i miss.
[01:38] <TBOO-Y> (The story of Ursuul getting fucking explosion over Ayesha)
[01:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> ^
[01:38] <QUEEN AYSHA> *Aysha
[01:39] <TBOO-Y> (I hate autocorrect)
[01:39] <Teamerz> explosion..?
[01:39] <ZathusTheMageV> You never want to word anything like that with the word 'fucking' in it with Temz around
[01:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> exploding at me, yes
[01:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> XD
[01:39] <TBOO-Y> *after a while
[01:39] <TBOO-Y> :/ FAIL
[01:39] <QUEEN AYSHA> We are husband and wife, after all *wiggles eyebrows*
[01:40] <ZathusTheMageV> Ursuul was getting me into Re:Zero and I was complaining about how stupid the main character is, and I said "he just like fucking" as in used it for exaggeration, and Temz was like
[01:40] <ZathusTheMageV> "fucking? porn"
[01:40] <TBOO-Y> (Bruh)
[01:40] <Teamerz> ah yes
[01:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> *waits for SR to attac*
[01:40] <Teamerz> the good times
[01:40] <ZathusTheMageV> *Temz bathes in the good memories
[01:40] <TBOO-Y> (O_o)
[01:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> lol RIP SR
[01:40] <Teamerz> yesssss
[01:41] <Teamerz> good memeories..
[01:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> so actually anyways
[01:41] <SuperRobot9338> <span class="me-username">* <span>SuperRobot9338</span></span> has been resurrected from the AFK Graveyard.
[01:41] <ZathusTheMageV> wut
[01:41] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[01:41] <QUEEN AYSHA> the reason I thunking I'm going legitamately fucking insane:
[01:41] <SuperRobot9338> anything for me to screw up on the wiki?
[01:41] <SuperRobot9338> @Zath
[01:41] <ZathusTheMageV> Um...
[01:42] <Teamerz> fucking huh
[01:42] <ZathusTheMageV> I would never tell you if there was.
[01:42] <Teamerz> so ur going insane because of porn
[01:42] <ZathusTheMageV> Since like...
[01:42] <Teamerz> could've betted that
[01:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> I had an honest to god 15-30 minute conversation with myself in the car waiting for my grandmother today 
[01:42] <ZathusTheMageV> You're evil, SR.
[01:42] <QUEEN AYSHA> *no reaction*
[01:42] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[01:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> w8 w8 w8
[01:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> Zathsu
[01:43] <ZathusTheMageV> ?
[01:43] <SuperRobot9338> BTW
[01:43] <SuperRobot9338> I found a cool quote from Ursuul
[01:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> what are u gonna do to help me not get fired/assassinated by Ursula?
[01:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Um...
[01:43] <QUEEN AYSHA> also go ahead SR
[01:43] <Teamerz> zathsu, dont help aysha
[01:44] <Teamerz> ish order
[01:44] <ZathusTheMageV> I didnt think that part out yet
[01:44] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh
[01:44] <QUEEN AYSHA> okay well
[01:44] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm countng on you okay
[01:44] <QUEEN AYSHA> ....
[01:44] <ZathusTheMageV> (Aysha thinks I think things out)
[01:44] <Teamerz> counting on zathsu?
[01:44] <Teamerz> *puts calculator on zathsu*
[01:44] <Teamerz> *counts how many sammiches she made*
[01:45] <TBOO-Y> Wut
[01:45] <QUEEN AYSHA> lmao
[01:45] <QUEEN AYSHA> temz it's time to stop
[01:45] <Teamerz> no
[01:45] <Teamerz> :D
[01:45] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> "The Elder Scrolls Wiki does Weekly Updates, but I don’t think that’s exactly what we want."
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> -Ursuul
[01:45] <QUEEN AYSHA> how about.........
[01:45] <QUEEN AYSHA> .......
[01:45] <TBOO-Y> m8k Temz a sammich
[01:45] <Teamerz> how abin
[01:45] <QUEEN AYSHA> ...
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> One month later we do QUs full-time
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> *WUs
[01:45] <Teamerz> "fucking"
[01:45] <Teamerz> porn
[01:46] <SuperRobot9338> Ursulu da flip-flopper
[01:46] <SuperRobot9338> he's like Killary Klinton
[01:46] <ZathusTheMageV> "QU"s
[01:46] <TBOO-Y> G g g g g
[01:46] <ZathusTheMageV> What
[01:46] <SuperRobot9338> zath pls
[01:46] <QUEEN AYSHA> lul
[01:46] <QUEEN AYSHA> I shit y'all not tho
[01:46] <TBOO-Y> Hi I'm Donald Asshole Hi I'm Hillary Bitch
[01:46] <QUEEN AYSHA> I had that convo
[01:46] <QUEEN AYSHA> loudly
[01:46] <QUEEN AYSHA> I fully acknowledged to myself
[01:47] <QUEEN AYSHA> that I was probably totally fucking nuts (lenny) 
[01:47] <QUEEN AYSHA> (lenny) (lenny) (lenny) 
[01:47] <SuperRobot9338> [[Thread:64756]]
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok
[01:48] <SuperRobot9338> Queen Aysh endured everything
[01:48] <TBOO-Y> (Hai again)
[01:48] <TBOO-Y> (wooooww)
[01:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> :D
[01:48] <QUEEN AYSHA> I am the champiooooonnnn.....
[01:49] <Tacocat247> tis k
[01:49] <ZathusTheMageV> The true bulwark of troubled times
[01:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> ......
[01:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> .....
[01:49] <SuperRobot9338> [[ Wikia:Staff?oldid=82664]]
[01:49] <SuperRobot9338> Da Purge's aftermath
[01:49] <QUEEN AYSHA> u wot m80?
[01:50] <Graviatar> Hi zathus
[01:50] <SuperRobot9338> "SuperRobot — Demoted during the November 8th Staff Purge."
[01:50] <SuperRobot9338> rip that guy
[01:50] <ZathusTheMageV> ikr
[01:50] <ZathusTheMageV> What a loser
[01:50] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[01:50] <SuperRobot9338> always beggin for attention
[01:50] <SuperRobot9338> Deserved to be Purged tbh
[01:50] <SuperRobot9338> (lenny) 
[01:50] <ZathusTheMageV> And good reputation to mask their evil agenda
[01:50] <ZathusTheMageV> What a crone
[01:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> .....
[01:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> hey hey hey
[01:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> I think it's time to 
[01:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> .....
[01:51] <TBOO-Y> *after a while*
[01:51] <TBOO-Y> The Trickster: What do you want to do
[01:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> crack a cold one open wit da buois
[01:51] <Tacocat247> Aysha
[01:52] <Tacocat247> QUestion
[01:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> m?
[01:52] <Tacocat247> If you have a milk shake in a yard, and you open a cold one in another
[01:52] <Tacocat247> Which one will da boys go to?
[01:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> *rips off ears* I'm all ears
[01:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> they'll go to the yard for the cold ones
[01:52] <ZathusTheMageV> Well the milk shake actually brings the boys to the yard. The cold one is just being opened by them and has no attraction qualities.
[01:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> of course
[01:52] <Tacocat247> Good job
[01:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> lel
[01:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh yeah
[01:53] <ZathusTheMageV> That image on the wiki
[01:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> I have a gift to share with y'all
[01:53] <ZathusTheMageV> "The boys have come for their milkshake"
[01:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> the gift....of COCK
[01:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Is the three ToD villain's heads photoshopped on the Team Rocket submarine thing
[01:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> jk 
[01:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> the gift.......of SONG
[01:54] <SuperRobot9338> gift of BANANA
[01:54] <ZathusTheMageV> The bus is fueled by song
[01:54] <Tacocat247> Gitf of Ursuul
[01:54] <ZathusTheMageV> I'll take that gift please
[01:54] <SuperRobot9338> hell no
[01:54] <Tacocat247> Gift of Master
[01:54] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[01:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> lmao
[01:54] <SuperRobot9338> u wil die
[01:54] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) (heavybob) (heavybob) 
[01:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> *cuts off Ursuul's dick* *cracks it open with the boys*
[01:55] <Tacocat247> But is it a milkshale?
[01:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> helllllllllllls ya
[01:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> lmao
[01:55] <TBOO-Y> LOL
[01:55] <Ursuul> -_-
[01:55] <Tacocat247> U SUMMONED URSUUL
[01:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> hello Ursuul
[01:55] <Ursuul> Excellent Chat Log
[01:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> have you forgiven me
[01:55] <TBOO-Y> URSULU
[01:55] <Tacocat247> [s]Kill me
[01:55] <Ursuul> quite the read it was
[01:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> wait fok
[01:56] <SuperRobot9338> hi Ursuul
[01:56] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, master.
[01:56] <Ursuul> hey-O-SR
[01:56] <Ursuul> hey-O-Zathsu
[01:56] <Graviatar> he
[01:56] <Graviatar> hey
[01:56] <Graviatar> :(
[01:56] <Ursuul> when’s the intervention about my overreaction (grin) 
[01:56] <TBOO-Y> I wanna die! :D
[01:56] <Tacocat247> Hi Ursuul [giant]:3
[01:56] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[01:56] <Ursuul> hey Gravi
[01:56] <Ursuul> hey Taco
[01:56] <Graviatar> :)
[01:56] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[01:56] <ZathusTheMageV> I KNEW IT
[01:56] <TBOO-Y> <><><><><><><> DNA
[01:56] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh lort
[01:56] <ZathusTheMageV> YOU SLY M8
[01:56] <SuperRobot9338> we got the Triumvirate all together
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> 3 Great Leaders entwine
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul
[01:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ursoooool
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> Zathsu
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> Ozziene
[01:57] <Ursuul> lmao
[01:57] <TBOO-Y> Usuul
[01:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> boy
[01:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> husband
[01:57] <Ursuul> Demote Ozziene to Bureaucrat 
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[01:57] <TBOO-Y> I'm a potato
[01:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> spousester baoster
[01:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> hullo
[01:57] <TBOO-Y> yeet
[01:57] <Graviatar> so i'm a bad leader ? : ( ( ( ( ( ( (( 
[01:57] <ZathusTheMageV> You trespass on dangerous ground
[01:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> are u mad at me
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> grav
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Demote Zathsu to [giant]GOD
[01:57] <Ursuul> Gravi best leader
[01:58] <Ursuul> Gravi = Da Vinci
[01:58] <Graviatar> uh
[01:58] <Graviatar> not the best
[01:58] <QUEEN AYSHA> are you gonna fire me ursloo???
[01:58] <Tacocat247> Demote ursuul to [giant]MASTR
[01:58] <Graviatar> just trying not to be a bad
[01:58] <Ursuul> lol
[01:58] <Ursuul> No ones getting fired
[01:58] <SuperRobot9338> no aysh
[01:58] <Ursuul> for the moment
[01:58] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[01:58] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh thank teh lord
[01:58] <SuperRobot9338> you're still pretty good
[01:58] <QUEEN AYSHA> then guess what
[01:58] <SuperRobot9338> active
[01:58] <QUEEN AYSHA> I have a proposal
[01:58] <SuperRobot9338> and friendly
[01:58] <SuperRobot9338> a WEDDING
[01:58] <Tacocat247> The Polygon Mother does indeed have a husband.
[01:58] <Ursuul> activity isn’t the issue at this point however
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> O_O
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> WHAT
[01:59] <Graviatar> ?!
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> WAIT
[01:59] <SuperRobot9338> WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> Thats an unfair accusation.
[01:59] <Ursuul> It’s continuing to argue with people when you don’t know the full extent of the situation & continuing to cause problems when asked not to
[01:59] <TBOO-Y> Yes the Polygon Father
[01:59] <Ursuul> That is the central point
[01:59] <Graviatar> !??!???!???!???!???!
[01:59] <SuperRobot9338> ugh ursulu
[01:59] <QUEEN AYSHA> uhhh
[01:59] <QUEEN AYSHA> ....
[01:59] <SuperRobot9338> u confuse me with your drama
[01:59] <Graviatar> All I have is Guardian L jokes
[01:59] <QUEEN AYSHA> um
[01:59] <Graviatar> I mean Y
[01:59] <Ursuul> (grin) 
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> I would have held up my end of the bargain if it mattered
[01:59] <SuperRobot9338> Guardian L
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> But...
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> He knew anyway
[01:59] <Graviatar> GUARDIAN Y
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> So...
[01:59] <Graviatar> Y 
[01:59] <SuperRobot9338> GUARDIAN L
[01:59] <Graviatar> Y Y Y Y
[01:59] <Ursuul> SR take this L
[01:59] <SuperRobot9338> GUARDIAN L
[01:59] <Ursuul> rip Zathsu
[01:59] <Graviatar> YTYyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
[01:59] <SuperRobot9338> yey
[01:59] <QUEEN AYSHA> When....was the last time I even argued with someone though
[01:59] <SuperRobot9338> YTP
[02:00] <Ursuul> SR take this L
[02:00] <ZathusTheMageV> IDK
[02:00] <Tacocat247> I got a one centemeter line
[02:00] <Ursuul> earlier today of course, with me
[02:00] <Tacocat247> [giant]FROM GOD
[02:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh lort
[02:00] <SuperRobot9338> ursulu pls
[02:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> I knew you were gonna say that
[02:00] <SuperRobot9338> I argue with you all the time
[02:00] <ZathusTheMageV> *backs away*
[02:00] <Ursuul> Da I know you do
[02:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> *puts up big sign flashing overreaction*
[02:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> Boi
[02:00] <Ursuul> but not about important stuff
[02:00] <Tacocat247> (Giant white stop sign)
[02:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> I clearly said
[02:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> that I wasn't arguing with you
[02:00] <ZathusTheMageV> Like Fandom Staff important (lenny) 
[02:00] <Ursuul> Aysh I don’t want to start any drama so I’ll say this just once
[02:00] <ZathusTheMageV> Okay that was mean
[02:01] <ZathusTheMageV> Sorry
[02:01] <QUEEN AYSHA> I SAID it
[02:01] <ZathusTheMageV> ;-;
[02:01] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[02:01] <SuperRobot9338> zath
[02:01] <QUEEN AYSHA> lorrrrrrrrrd
[02:01] <SuperRobot9338> im confused
[02:01] <SuperRobot9338> catch me up
[02:01] <QUEEN AYSHA> I was gonna say it again when u left too
[02:01] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok master SR, so...
[02:02] <SuperRobot9338> pm
[02:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> >I'm gonna say this once
[02:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> >utter silence
[02:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> ......
[02:03] <Tacocat247> .v.
[02:03] <Tacocat247> OeO
[02:03] <Tacocat247> :3
[02:03] <Ursuul> That being; Staff don’t react. Yeah you’re right, they won’t say anything to me. They’re discreet like that, they wouldn’t yell at me or even mention it if they saw you cursing, but just because they don’t say anything doesn’t mean they don’t take what they see into account in their decision-making. Cursing like a sailor in main Chat in front of Staff doesn’t exactly look good on me as far as who I choose to be a Moderator, & since he’s the leader of the technical team I believe he has partial say over who is admitted to Vanguard, so, when I asked you to please calm down & stop cursing, that I interacted with Staff more than you & knew more at the time, & you continued to argue with me despite me PLEADING with you to please calm down, you kinda broke off a nerve.
[02:03] <Ursuul> 
[02:03] <Ursuul> That’s all.
[02:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh that's why
[02:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> you were typing big paragraph
[02:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> ne sec
[02:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> *one
[02:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> k wait
[02:04] <Teamerz> er 
[02:04] <Teamerz> did aysha dun goof in front of fandom
[02:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> >continued to argue with me
[02:04] <Graviatar> Tacocat is actually burritodog
[02:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> I think there was a misunderstanding
[02:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> there
[02:04] <Ursuul> I have nothing more to say on the matter
[02:04] <Teamerz> ya or no
[02:04] <Ursuul> You know what you did & how I reacted to it, try to be more aware in the future.
[02:04] <ZathusTheMageV> O_O
[02:05] <Teamerz> ursuul
[02:05] <Teamerz> wot happened
[02:05] <Graviatar> wait wait
[02:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> My side/proposal (no you don't have to respond)
[02:05] <Graviatar> what happened!?
[02:05] <SuperRobot9338> Grav
[02:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> everybody be quiet for a min and I'll explain 
[02:05] <SuperRobot9338> Fandom Staff Member is in chat
[02:05] <SuperRobot9338> aysh argues
[02:05] <SuperRobot9338> Ursulu embarrased
[02:05] <SuperRobot9338> iz gud?
[02:05] <Teamerz> arguing on..?
[02:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> no
[02:06] <Graviatar> can you say it in a more direct term
[02:06] <SuperRobot9338> explain
[02:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ursuul are you listening
[02:06] <SuperRobot9338> Aysh, explain it in 3 sentences
[02:06] <Graviatar> not this ursulu joke stuff
[02:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> plz can you just wait a minute
[02:06] <SuperRobot9338> it's NOT A JOKE
[02:06] <Graviatar> SUpar RoBooT
[02:06] <Graviatar> is a joke
[02:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ursuul, ARE you listening?
[02:06] <Graviatar> sorry
[02:06] <Teamerz> if you want to talk only to ursuul then go in their pm
[02:06] <Teamerz> kthx
[02:06] <ZathusTheMageV> He said he was done on the matter
[02:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> no
[02:06] <ZathusTheMageV> So probably not
[02:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> because
[02:06] <SuperRobot9338> so basically... this is what I know
[02:06] <Graviatar> ...
[02:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> I said I had a propsal
[02:07] <SuperRobot9338> brb
[02:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> and he just typed up his big paragraph and din't get to hear it
[02:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> I have a GOOD solution
[02:07] <ZathusTheMageV> *fail noise*
[02:07] <Ursuul> Sorry I was PMing
[02:07] <Ursuul> lets hear your solution
[02:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> thank god
[02:07] <TBOO-Y> Hagafaggsfsfssjav
[02:07] <Ursuul> @SR did u get PM
[02:07] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[02:07] <Ursuul> kk
[02:07] <QUEEN AYSHA> I thought you were saltily ignoring me, I'm sorry.
[02:08] <Ursuul> that’s sorely tempting you know
[02:08] <ZathusTheMageV> You cant tell someone you thought they were salty
[02:08] <ZathusTheMageV> xD
[02:08] <Ursuul> lol
[02:08] <Teamerz> [insert terrible joke here]
[02:08] <Ursuul> *keks temz for terrible joke*
[02:08] <Ursuul> o w8
[02:08] <Ursuul> I can’t 
[02:08] <Ursuul> rip
[02:08] <Graviatar> so....
[02:08] <SuperRobot9338> /announce Everyone that's like "wtf is this", here is what happened: a Fandom Bigshot came in, so Ursuul asked everyone to calm down and stop fighting, but Aysh didn't stop for a long time — Ursuul feels he got embarrased.
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> i think
[02:09] <Teamerz> of course aysha never stops
[02:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ok ok. 1) I accidentally wasn't quite clear enough with the "HEY I'M NOT ARGUING I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU I AGREE WITH YOU" thing
[02:09] <Graviatar> thank you Super Robot.
[02:09] <Ursuul> not just that, I asked her to stop & even while I was asking her in PM she then continued to do it anyway
[02:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> plz kindly don't say that temz
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> yw
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> wait
[02:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> no no...
[02:09] <Tacocat247> bored
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> yw @ Grav
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> anyway
[02:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> can you please just-
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> (backsaway) 
[02:09] <Teamerz> even when you asked her to stop?
[02:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> not you Ursuul
[02:09] <Teamerz> IN FRONT OF FANDOM
[02:09] <Teamerz> jeez
[02:09] <QUEEN AYSHA> temz for the love of god
[02:09] <Ursuul> ^^^^^
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> damnit
[02:10] <Ursuul> Jesus Christ Temz I wanted to rip my hair out
[02:10] <SuperRobot9338> Aysh with the ninja skills
[02:10] <Ursuul> I was literally freaking out & she refused to listen at all
[02:10] <SuperRobot9338> Damn
[02:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> I want to rip MY hair out right now
[02:10] <Graviatar> I'm scared right now
[02:10] <Teamerz> sounds about the aysha i know, ursuul
[02:10] <Ursuul> aye
[02:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> >I don't want to start drama
[02:10] <SuperRobot9338> don't worry grav
[02:10] <Ursuul> lets just bring this to a close then
[02:10] <SuperRobot9338> just go 2 slack
[02:10] <Teamerz> see y i want to strangle her
[02:10] <SuperRobot9338> it's still safe
[02:10] <Ursuul> I’m willing to let it go so long as it doesn’t happen again
[02:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm TRINg
[02:10] <SuperRobot9338> GRAV
[02:10] <Ursuul> water under bridge 
[02:10] <Graviatar> :P
[02:10] <Graviatar> OK
[02:11] <Ursuul> Aysh if you want to rebut me please do it in PM
[02:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> temz are you going to stop now.
[02:11] <Ursuul> so that it doesn’t spill into main chat
[02:11] <Graviatar> but nobody will see me there :(
[02:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> no god damn that's the point
[02:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> UGHH just nvm
[02:11] <ZathusTheMageV> SHHHH
[02:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> I was SAYING
[02:11] <ZathusTheMageV> Just accept it and go along!
[02:11] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[02:11] <Ursuul> Let her talk
[02:12] <ZathusTheMageV> S-sorry... ;~;
[02:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> did you even see my first point Ursuul?
[02:12] <Teamerz> she never stopped for the whole time fandom was there
[02:12] <Teamerz> and now you want to let her talk
[02:12] <Teamerz> .-.
[02:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> temz
[02:12] <Ursuul> If you want to discuss points then do it in PM, if you had another solution suggestion unrelated to the debacle then I’d love to hear it
[02:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh my god
[02:12] <Ursuul> @Temz I’m letting it slide
[02:12] <Teamerz> i wouldnt if i were you
[02:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> ^^^^^
[02:12] <Teamerz> but you do you
[02:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> I keant Ursuul
[02:12] <Graviatar> meant*
[02:12] <QUEEN AYSHA> this is a PROBLEM
[02:13] <Ursuul> explain why then
[02:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'll go ahead and rebut Ursuul but this honestly hurts my feelings
[02:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm trying to conclude this
[02:13] <Ursuul> do it in PM
[02:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> now Im probably gonna get banned again
[02:13] <Ursuul> No you won’t 
[02:13] <Ursuul> I said I let it go under the bridge 
[02:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah but Temz is gonna be in your other ear-
[02:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm gonna get banned for blowing up at Temaerz in a second hear
[02:13] <Ursuul> Temz can you let this go too?
[02:13] <QUEEN AYSHA> *here
[02:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> also sorry for mispelling the name
[02:14] <ZathusTheMageV> Temz it isn't even that big a deal
[02:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> I swear to god I AM gonna get banned again
[02:14] <Teamerz> even if it isnt that big of a deal
[02:14] <Teamerz> she's done this at least a dozen of times before
[02:14] <ZathusTheMageV> If Fandom was here, they were probably here for a reason, and weren't paying attention to chat.
[02:14] <Teamerz> and now in front of FANDOM?
[02:14] <Teamerz> i think thats too much
[02:14] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[02:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> >A dozen
[02:14] <Ursuul> If you just let it go then you won’t lol, just let it pass Aysh
[02:14] <QUEEN AYSHA> >laughs
[02:14] <Ursuul> if you really want to address it then do it with me in PM
[02:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> I feel like we need a stuffy here or something
[02:15] <Ursuul> if I made a srs mistake then I’ll apologize publicly after we’ve talked it out
[02:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> temz three sentences
[02:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> me three
[02:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> Ursuul
[02:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> three
[02:15] <TBOO-Y> Ninesixtwentyeight
[02:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> that's not a damn suggestion either
[02:15] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm just saying 
[02:17] <Ursuul> ey Temz
[02:17] <ZathusTheMageV> ...
[02:17] <Ursuul> I need a beverage
[02:17] <Ursuul> also hai Zathsu
[02:17] <Teamerz> ey ursuul
[02:17] <Teamerz> zathsu is your servant
[02:17] <Teamerz> not me
[02:17] <Ursuul> tru
[02:17] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh
[02:17] <Ursuul> but I’m looking to outsource 
[02:17] <ZathusTheMageV> O_O
[02:17] <Ursuul> & expand the biz
[02:17] <Ursuul> new factories n such
[02:17] <Teamerz> wat does dat mean.
[02:17] <Graviatar> I'm zathsu's servant 
[02:18] <ZathusTheMageV> No
[02:18] <ZathusTheMageV> I dont keep servants. Gets too complicated
[02:18] <ZathusTheMageV> When it becomes a chain like this
[02:18] <Ursuul> lol
[02:18] <Graviatar> then...
[02:18] <Tacocat247> What am i?
[02:18] <Graviatar> the burrito dog.
[02:18] <ZathusTheMageV> I dont even get paid. I get baked potatoes thrown at me every couple hundred of sammiches.
[02:19] <Ursuul> *throws potatoe*
[02:19] <Ursuul> *it’s not even baked*
[02:19] <Ursuul> *just raw potatoe*
[02:19] <Teamerz> *tosses baked potato*
[02:19] <Graviatar> you asphyxiate me with those potatoes.
[02:19] <Teamerz> thats why im the best
[02:19] <ZathusTheMageV> *catches* ;-;
[02:19] <ZathusTheMageV> *tries to bite raw potato and tastes disappointment*
[02:19] <Pariscat11> zathus who will win
[02:19] <Teamerz> *stuffs baked potato in zathsu's mouth*
[02:19] <Ursuul> *throws rocksalt at Zathsu*
[02:19] <Pariscat11> (triplet) or (triplet) 
[02:19] <Ursuul> salt 4 ur potatoe
[02:20] <Graviatar> *Dies of Asphyxiation*
[02:20] <ZathusTheMageV> Why am I being abused all of a sudden >_<
[02:20] <Pariscat11> *dies of triplet*
[02:20] <Ursuul> (grin) 
[02:20] <ZathusTheMageV> I thought I did good ;-;
[02:20] <Ursuul> *Ursuul brings in a buffet of seafood 4 best Underling*
[02:20] <Teamerz> *brings buffet of baked potatoes*
[02:20] <Ursuul> the raw potatoe was just a test to make sure u didn’t mutiny :3
[02:20] <Graviatar> I wish I could protect, but I'm a cardboard shield compared to these bullets
[02:21] <ZathusTheMageV> I wouldn't mutiny you, master.
[02:21] <ZathusTheMageV> SR maybe would >_>
[02:21] <Ursuul> good, das why you get the buffets & SR gets rotten bananas 
[02:21] <Pariscat11> IMA STOOPID TRIPLET
[02:21] <SuperRobot9338> lmao ursuul
[02:21] <Pariscat11> -runs into a stoopid alpha pentagon-
[02:21] <SuperRobot9338> i do not care
[02:21] <Ursuul> (grin2) 
[02:21] <SuperRobot9338> I actually have the power to find my own food
[02:21] <Pariscat11> -respawns-
[02:21] <Ursuul> wizardry
[02:21] <Graviatar> (when you feel ignored again)
[02:21] <SuperRobot9338> Unlike some certain spoiled pets
[02:21] <Pariscat11> -runs into ursull-
[02:22] <ZathusTheMageV> :O
[02:22] <ZathusTheMageV> What did you just call me!?
[02:22] <Ursuul> 3selfsufficient5me
[02:22] <Graviatar> >:(
[02:22] <Graviatar> Don't call zathsu a spoiled pet >:(
[02:22] <Pariscat11> -respawns again-
[02:22] <Pariscat11> -upgrades to flank guard-
[02:22] <Pariscat11> -starts to kill a pentagon-
[02:22] <Pariscat11> -upgrades to tri-angle-
[02:22] <SuperRobot9338> was joke lol
[02:22] <ZathusTheMageV> I like a good pat on the head for my work sometimes, but jeez
[02:22] <Pariscat11> -maxed out health and regen-
[02:23] <SuperRobot9338> we got smack talk going
[02:23] <Graviatar> >:( A REALLY BAD JOKE
[02:23] <ZathusTheMageV> A bit overboard there xD
[02:23] <Ursuul> bantz
[02:23] <Pariscat11> -rams and kills a banana-
[02:23] <SuperRobot9338> should I bring more bantz
[02:23] <Ursuul> bring the bantz ni🅱️🅱️a 
[02:23] <SuperRobot9338> or do you want me to stop naw
[02:23] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[02:23] <SuperRobot9338> you little crony
[02:23] <ZathusTheMageV> ;-;
[02:23] <Ursuul> henlo
[02:23] <SuperRobot9338> (grin) 
[02:23] <Pariscat11> -maxes out all non-bullet stats-
[02:23] <Ursuul> henlo u STINKY mininion 
[02:23] <Ursuul> minion*
[02:23] <Pariscat11> (grin) 
[02:23] <Ursuul> go eat a banana, ugly
[02:24] <SuperRobot9338> lol you corrupt bitch can't even spell
[02:24] <Pariscat11> -rams and kills ursuul-
[02:24] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[02:24] <Graviatar> ugly is the purple minions
[02:24] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[02:24] <SuperRobot9338> I'm a yellow minion
[02:24] <Pariscat11> ^^^
[02:24] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) 
[02:24] <Ursuul> naw pretty much anything yellow makes me puke
[02:24] <Graviatar> YES
[02:24] <Graviatar> 
[02:24] <Graviatar> YESS
[02:24] <Graviatar> YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
[02:24] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[02:24] <Pariscat11> (heavybob) 
[02:24] <Ursuul> coincidentally, it’s the same color of puke too
[02:24] <SuperRobot9338> so ursulu
[02:24] <Ursuul> so it goes together
[02:24] <ZathusTheMageV> Kongregate chatroom quote of the day:
[02:24] <ZathusTheMageV> "really? this game is the most fun i've had popping rubber since my kids were conceived"
[02:24] <SuperRobot9338> are youpuking now
[02:24] <Ursuul> ja
[02:24] <Graviatar> (heavybob) 
[02:24] <Ursuul> multitasking FTW
[02:24] <Pariscat11> -rams zathus-
[02:25] <Ursuul> typing + puking
[02:25] <SuperRobot9338> Are you puking on your keyboard
[02:25] <SuperRobot9338> you're typing on puke
[02:25] <Pariscat11> rip zathus
[02:25] <Ursuul> no I have one of those strap-on buckets around me head
[02:25] <Pariscat11> -upgrades to boomster-
[02:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Ew
[02:25] <Pariscat11> -pukes on ursuul-
[02:25] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[02:25] <Ursuul> -pukes on SR-
[02:25] <Graviatar> *Gets puked on by Ursuul, leaves DW forever*
[02:25] <Pariscat11> -Pukes on Graviatar-
[02:26] <ZathusTheMageV> An ugly puke bucket? I once had respect for you, master. >_>
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> ^^^
[02:26] <Tacocat247> Ursuul is Lord Buckethead?
[02:26] <Ursuul> >Zathsu losing respect
[02:26] <Teamerz> "had"
[02:26] <Ursuul> *draws out whip*
[02:26] <Ursuul> *strikes Zathsu*
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> Zathsu
[02:26] <ZathusTheMageV> :O
[02:26] <Graviatar> *Ursuul basically killed me*
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> I shall shield
[02:26] <Pariscat11> -draws out L-
[02:26] <Teamerz> *draws out dual whip*
[02:26] <ZathusTheMageV> ... ;-;
[02:26] <Teamerz> *strikes ursulu*
[02:26] <ZathusTheMageV> *cries alone in corner*
[02:26] <Pariscat11> -draws out quadruple whip-
[02:26] <Ursuul> *fires shotgun into SR’s face*
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> *Banana shields Zathsu from harm*
[02:26] <Tacocat247> Zathsu it k
[02:26] <Teamerz> NO HARMING UN DERLINGS
[02:26] <Graviatar> *pats zathsu*
[02:26] <Ursuul> *begins drawing lightning around meself to strike at everyone at once*
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> URSULU MURDERER
[02:26] <Pariscat11> -booster gets out of here-
[02:26] <Ursuul> *singlehandedly holds back an entire army with dark lightning*
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> *ursulu gets arrested*
[02:27] <Pariscat11> Green square: oh fuck
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> *executed*
[02:27] <Ursuul> *fies lightning at the police*
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> *shame upon family for 14872 generations*
[02:27] <Graviatar> *Gets struck by lightning and dies...*
[02:27] <Pariscat11> -Green square looks at ursuul-
[02:27] <Teamerz> *pukes in ursulu's eyes*
[02:27] <Teamerz> ur blinded now
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[02:27] <Ursuul> Have that nigga in the cut, where the wood at?
[02:27] <ZathusTheMageV> Master, I didn't deserve this ;-;
[02:27] <Tacocat247> Whats the hell is going on?
[02:27] <Ursuul> Oh, them niggaz actin up?!? Where the wolves at?
[02:27] <Pariscat11> -Booster pukes on Ursuul and Zathus-
[02:27] <Tacocat247> Ursuul
[02:27] <Graviatar> Ursuul
[02:27] <Ursuul> ja
[02:27] <Tacocat247> *Opens a cold one.
[02:27] <Tacocat247> Catch
[02:28] <Ursuul> ohey it’s Saturday
[02:28] <Pariscat11> -pyooks all over da arena-
[02:28] <Graviatar> please don't say that word :(
[02:28] <Ursuul> Saturday's are for the boys
[02:28] <ZathusTheMageV> I like how Ursuul attacks poor defenseless underling and now everyones ganging up on him lmao
[02:28] <SuperRobot9338> PARTY LINK!
[02:28] <Ursuul> *cracks open cold one with Zathsu & makes amends*
[02:28] <Tacocat247> xD
[02:28] <Tacocat247> Problem solved
[02:28] <ZathusTheMageV> I cant relate
[02:28] <ZathusTheMageV> lmao
[02:28] <Graviatar> *Slaps Ursuul with force*
[02:28] <Teamerz> *hivemind gangbangs ursulu*
[02:28] <Pariscat11> -the booster looks at teamerz-
[02:28] <SuperRobot9338> public party link
[02:28] <Pariscat11> -it just pukes all over teamerz-
[02:28] <Graviatar> No
[02:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok no no raping master please
[02:28] <Teamerz> *throws puke all over ursulu*
[02:28] <Teamerz> wait that reminds me..
[02:28] <Teamerz> GET FUCKED BY OUR 38 BODIES
[02:28] <SuperRobot9338>
[02:29] <Teamerz> OH YEAH
[02:29] <Graviatar> *Drops a brick on Ursuul'
[02:29] <Pariscat11> -it rams and kills teamerz-
[02:29] <Teamerz> *teamerz splits in two*
[02:29] <Teamerz> GET FUCKED BY OUR 39 BODIES
[02:29] <Pariscat11> -then it drops a brick on graviatar-
[02:29] <Graviatar> do I want to?
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338> [link src=""]
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338> []
[02:29] <Graviatar> No
[02:29] <ZathusTheMageV> This is what I strive to cause happen every night. >:3
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338>
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338> 
[02:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> bye
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338>
[02:29] <Graviatar> Supar roboot
[02:29] <Graviatar> no
[02:29] <Pariscat11> -rams teamerz again-
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338>
[02:29] <Graviatar> NO
[02:29] <Graviatar> NO
[02:29] <QUEEN AYSHA> bye
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338> PUBLIC PARTY LINK!
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338>
[02:29] <Graviatar> PUBLIC PARTY POOPER
[02:29] <Pariscat11> -turns super into a purple minion-
[02:29] <Pariscat11> GET REKT BRO
[02:30] <ZathusTheMageV> The less people know they're my master the better honestly
[02:30] <ZathusTheMageV> :/
[02:30] <ZathusTheMageV> Just realized this
[02:30] <ZathusTheMageV> I need to stop making it clear
[02:30] <Pariscat11> PYOOK
[02:30] <Ursuul> w8 I’m getting raped????
[02:30] <Graviatar> I'm so tired of this ongoing joke
[02:30] <Pariscat11> -pukes on zathus-
[02:30] <Pariscat11> -then raips him-
[02:30] <Graviatar> I just wish it stops '
[02:30] <Graviatar> :l
[02:30] <Tacocat247> Please
[02:31] <SuperRobot9338>
[02:31] <ZathusTheMageV> OK WAIT
[02:31] <Pariscat11> xD
[02:31] <Pariscat11> i am so hilarryous
[02:31] <ZathusTheMageV> Like those emails
[02:31] <Pariscat11> -raips ursulu-
[02:31] <Tacocat247> Not really...
[02:31] <Tacocat247> (This is goin' too far imo)
[02:31] <ZathusTheMageV> ^
[02:31] <ZathusTheMageV> Its hard to take Paris seriously anyway when he cant even spell it right >_>
[02:32] <Tacocat247> [s]Buy his ursuul fanfiction[/s] agreed
[02:32] <Pariscat11> -a bunch of bees surround tacocat-
[02:33] <Pariscat11> -they sting him-
[02:33] <Tacocat247> *Im a transmission*
[02:33] <Tacocat247> *and you got the wro- ahh forget it*
[02:33] <Pariscat11> -they sting zathus-
[02:34] <Graviatar> [giant] is this giant
[02:34] <Tacocat247> [giant][b][u][o]YES IT IS
[02:34] <Tacocat247> wut
[02:34] <Pariscat11> [yt="5yyyqU-Y7lA"]
[02:34] <ZathusTheMageV> [u] UNDERLINED TEXT
[02:34] <Graviatar> it's not appearing for me
[02:34] <Tacocat247> [o]OVeRLinED TECKTS
[02:35] <Pariscat11> [c="red"] PANZER-COLORED TEXT
[02:35] <Pariscat11> lelelelel
[02:35] <ZathusTheMageV> (When the Void is two colors and neither of them are red)
[02:35] <Pariscat11> [c="cyan"]TaNK-COLoRED TECKTS
[02:36] <Tacocat247> [c="white"]EnOINaDX[c="black"]BZRRT!
[02:36] <Pariscat11> [c="black"] IDSTKJGASRTJKSEGHJWTESRGS
[02:36] <Tacocat247> [giant]I USE MUSICAL ALLEGROS
[02:36] <Pariscat11> TIME TWO RP
[02:36] <Tacocat247> nu
[02:36] <Tacocat247> nawt yeht
[02:37] <ZathusTheMageV> top text
[02:37] <ZathusTheMageV> 
[02:37] <ZathusTheMageV> bottom text
[02:37] <Pariscat11> [verybig][c="pink"] TACOCAT'S BACKGROUND TECKTS
[02:37] <Teamerz> teckst*
[02:37] <Tacocat247> 8Text
[02:37] <Pariscat11> top text (grin) 
[02:37] <Tacocat247> (kek) 
[02:38] <Pariscat11> (kek) (kek) (kek) (kek) 
[02:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Master nuuuuu
[02:39] <Tacocat247> [giant]∞[/giant] KEks
[02:39] <Teamerz> guys
[02:39] <Teamerz> i got a quest
[02:39] <Pariscat11> ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞keks
[02:40] <Tacocat247> Gaize
[02:40] <Pariscat11> [verybig]∞
[02:40] <Tacocat247> Aye gawt a kweazt
[02:40] <ZathusTheMageV> A quest?
[02:40] <Pariscat11> lez rpsies
[02:40] <Teamerz> u didnt let me finish
[02:40] <Teamerz> i got a question*
[02:40] <Pariscat11> !audio xuCn8ux2gbs
[02:41] <Pariscat11> [y="xuCn8ux2gbs"]
[02:41] <Tacocat247> Paris no
[02:41] <Pariscat11> [yt="xuCn8ux2gbs"]
[02:41] <Tacocat247> .-.
[02:41] <Tacocat247> [small]dont start...
[02:41] <Pariscat11> [verybig] THAT'S HOW EVERY IT GETS
[02:41] <ZathusTheMageV> Ah thats another thing I do! I do quests!
[02:41] <ZathusTheMageV> I can add that to the small list of things I do as underling... >_>
[02:42] <Graviatar> grav is dead
[02:43] <ZathusTheMageV> That list consists of calming people down, making sammiches, one other thing that wasn't important, and now doing quests and other things for people -_-
[02:43] <Graviatar> '
[02:44] <Graviatar> yet despite serving for so many, all I do is work for you
[02:44] <Pariscat11> [verybig]CHEMICAL SOUP
[02:44] <ZathusTheMageV> Grav oof
[02:44] <ZathusTheMageV> Plz
[02:45] <ZathusTheMageV> Dont make meh feel bad again ;-;
[02:45] <Graviatar> define Oof
[02:46] <ZathusTheMageV> onomatopoeia used to signify pain in some way
[02:46] <Graviatar> :l
[02:46] <Graviatar> when will you be done with CoS pentavian
[02:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh I started that?
[02:47] <ZathusTheMageV> UM
[02:47] <ZathusTheMageV> YEAH
[02:47] <Graviatar> :/
[02:47] <Tacocat247> I swear
[02:47] <Pariscat11> [yt="xuCn8ux2gbs"]
[02:47] <Tacocat247> Paris, stop
[02:47] <ZathusTheMageV> I have, admittedly, been caught up with Zathsu stuff lately at Temz's request
[02:47] <Pariscat11> FUCK THIS, ALMOST MADE OF WATER
[02:47] <ZathusTheMageV> At least partiall
[02:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Paris
[02:47] <Teamerz> ^^^
[02:47] <Graviatar> :l
[02:48] <ZathusTheMageV> But I can do CoS Pentavian
[02:48] <ZathusTheMageV> Worry not
[02:48] <ZathusTheMageV> And to be honest, todays conversation gave me my next art idea
[02:48] <ZathusTheMageV> Lmao
[02:48] <Tacocat247> In COS, i imagine the auto turrets on a metallic backpack idk why
[02:48] <Tacocat247> Ursuul is keking in discord chat
[02:48] <Tacocat247> Ursuul
[02:49] <TBOO-Y> Cough
[02:49] <Tacocat247> Your having a seizure 
[02:49] <Pariscat11> [verybig](kek)
[02:49] <Pariscat11> (kek) 
[02:49] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) best emote
[02:49] <TBOO-Y> Ursula is dying lol
[02:50] <Graviatar> how do they do that?
[02:50] <Graviatar> 
[02:50] <TBOO-Y> Cena
[02:50] <Tacocat247> I wanna be kicked outta chat
[02:50] <Tacocat247> I gtg
[02:50] <Tacocat247> Bye
[02:50] <Tacocat247> Someone kick me please xD
[02:50] <Graviatar> no
[02:50] <Pariscat11> ursuul is a kek
[02:50] <Tacocat247> (Its a joke)
[02:50] <Tacocat247> (If i could, i would kick myself)
[02:50] <Tacocat247> !kick Tacocat247
[02:51] <Pariscat11> IT'S MUFFIN TIME
[02:51] <Tacocat247> I gtg
[02:51] <Tacocat247> Bye
[02:51] <Pariscat11> [yt="cGzujGfXrlI"]
[02:51] <ZathusTheMageV> Bai Taco (-^_^-)
[02:51] <ZathusTheMageV> PARIS
[02:51] <Tacocat247> By Zathsu
[02:51] <Graviatar> :(
[02:52] <Pariscat11> IT'S MUFFIN TIME
[02:53] <ZathusTheMageV> We get it, you're trying to be relevant
[02:53] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[02:53] <Teamerz> its cupcake time
[02:53] <Pariscat11> no...
[02:53] <Pariscat11> [verybig] BEEP BEEP I'M A SHEEP
[02:53] <Pariscat11> [yt="CZlfbep2LdU"]
[02:54] <Pariscat11> WHYYYYYYYYY
[02:54] <ZathusTheMageV> Paris
[02:54] <ZathusTheMageV> enough with the YT links
[02:54] <ZathusTheMageV> Seriously
[02:55] <Ursuul> Zathsu I need ur opunyun
[02:55] <Ursuul> on how I dealt with dis
[02:55] <Ursuul> [[User:QUEEN AYSHA/Talk]] The bold is Aysha, the rest is my reply to her (she’ll read it at some point I think).
[02:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Dealt with what
[02:55] <ZathusTheMageV> oh
[02:55] <Pariscat11> [yt="8Msa2zp1Ne0"
[02:56] <Graviatar> I feel too bad 
[02:56] <Graviatar> I'll leave
[02:56] <Ursuul> actually reload Zathsu
[02:56] <Ursuul> edited it
[02:57] <ZathusTheMageV> Id say thats quite well done
[02:57] <ZathusTheMageV> OH
[02:57] <ZathusTheMageV> Then I guess not -_-
[02:58] <ZathusTheMageV> What did you change?
[02:58] <Ursuul> reply to 2)
[02:58] <Ursuul> Whether it was referential or not simply doesn’t matter. If I cursed like that on Council I would get booted. Though nothing will happen to me directly, seeing that I tolerate that kind of thing in my Chat doesn’t win me any points with Staff, & though they might not say or do anything, they still have opinions which inform their decision-making.
[02:58] <Ursuul> ^
[02:58] <ZathusTheMageV> But yeah
[02:59] <Ursuul> u read fast fam
[02:59] <Ursuul> hi Gravi
[02:59] <ZathusTheMageV> I read the whole thing before you told me I had to refresh
[02:59] <ZathusTheMageV> -_-
[02:59] <Ursuul> o lol
[02:59] <Ursuul> sorry Zathsu
[03:00] <Ursuul> drama = over
[03:00] <Teamerz> drama = under
[03:00] <Ursuul> drama = sunder
[03:00] <Teamerz> drama = mover
[03:00] <ZathusTheMageV> sunder = cool word
[03:01] <Teamerz> cool word = meme
[03:01] <Ursuul> meme = maymay
[03:01] <Ursuul> Sunder is a gr8 word tho
[03:01] <Ursuul> you should make a conception about it
[03:01] <Teamerz> maymay = fun
[03:01] <ZathusTheMageV> Do you know what else is a cool word?
[03:01] <ZathusTheMageV> Anything translated to Latin
[03:01] <Teamerz> no zathsu
[03:01] <Teamerz> keep the chain rolling
[03:01] <Teamerz> we cant let it stop
[03:02] <ZathusTheMageV> Sunder is also the name of a Legendary Sword in Bit Heroes.
[03:02] <Ursuul> in regione caecorum rex est luscus
[03:02] <ZathusTheMageV> Control = Imperium in Latin.
[03:02] <ZathusTheMageV> Shatter = Confringes
[03:03] <ItzDracius> I have classes tomorrow.
[03:03] <ZathusTheMageV> Thats a lot of Royale's attack names
[03:03] <Ursuul> Confringes sounds pretty bad
[03:03] <Ursuul> Imperium is gr8 tho
[03:03] <ZathusTheMageV> ikr
[03:03] <ZathusTheMageV> Thats why its the name of the main hub in ToD
[03:04] <ZathusTheMageV> Well main hub of The Realm
[03:04] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[03:04] <Ursuul> hi SR
[03:04] <SuperRobot9338> börk
[03:04] <Ursuul> wot bork
[03:04] <SuperRobot9338> did toxicity end
[03:04] <ZathusTheMageV> I have a lot of cool area names in ToD
[03:05] <Ursuul> ended while ago
[03:05] <ZathusTheMageV> "Discordant Falls"
[03:05] <Ursuul> drama over, resolution @ [[User:QUEEN AYSHA/Talk]]
[03:05] <Ursuul> she’ll read it at some point
[03:05] <Ursuul> she had to go before I could respond in PM
[03:05] <ZathusTheMageV> "Vallard Wastes"
[03:05] <ZathusTheMageV> etc,
[03:08] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul
[03:08] <Ursuul> ja
[03:08] <SuperRobot9338> shud we dissolve Internships?
[03:09] <SuperRobot9338> There doesn't appear to be much use for them
[03:09] <TBOO-Y> I'm back
[03:09] <Ursuul> there’s use, they just aren’t being used right now
[03:09] <SuperRobot9338> hmm
[03:09] <Ursuul> if someone wants to join Staff, we still want to let them have a test-run with Internship to see how they go
[03:09] <Ursuul> we just haven’t had any applications of late
[03:09] <ZathusTheMageV> TRue
[03:09] <SuperRobot9338> it seems overly complicated
[03:10] <SuperRobot9338> why not just promote them outright and demote them if necessary?
[03:10] <ZathusTheMageV> Duh
[03:10] <Ursuul> because Staff are supposed to have more stable positions normally, like why Aysh wasn’t demoted despite the streaks of inactivity 
[03:10] <ZathusTheMageV> Wow it ate my first message
[03:10] <Ursuul> rip
[03:11] <Ursuul> but yeah Interns are supposed to be "proving ground"
[03:11] <TBOO-Y> Nom
[03:11] <ZathusTheMageV> It was supposed to be: "Because real jobs have internships. Duh"
[03:11] <Teamerz> i agree with sr
[03:11] <Ursuul> lol
[03:11] <ZathusTheMageV> Followed by a:
[03:11] <ZathusTheMageV> 
[03:11] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[03:11] <Ursuul> o well
[03:11] <TBOO-Y> Refreshed the page
[03:11] <Ursuul> well SR is right in that they aren’t being used much, but then again neither is the other system so eh
[03:11] <Ursuul> however, if we ditch Internships, then Staff positions necessarily have to become less stable
[03:12] <TBOO-Y> Bye
[03:12] <Ursuul> meaning we’d more easily demote people
[03:12] <Teamerz> good for us
[03:12] <Ursuul> if everyone seems to be ok with that then I’m game
[03:13] <Ursuul> @SR u alive
[03:13] <ZathusTheMageV> SR: "no"
[03:14] <Ursuul> *drawing in necromantic energy*
[03:14] <ZathusTheMageV> Ooh
[03:14] <ZathusTheMageV> Are you gonna revive him, master?
[03:14] <Teamerz> *eats SR*
[03:15] <Ursuul> *shoots the energy out but it misses SR & revives hitler*
[03:15] <ZathusTheMageV> O_O
[03:15] <Ursuul> o dayum
[03:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Temz is a cannibal
[03:15] <ZathusTheMageV> And technically, he ate himself!
[03:15] <Ursuul> dang flabbit Temz you didn’t give me a corpse to reanimate now Hitler is alive
[03:15] <Ursuul> good job
[03:15] <Teamerz> *SR splits in half inside me*
[03:15] <Teamerz> *i explode and split in half*
[03:15] <Teamerz> *infinite loop begins*
[03:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Jeez
[03:16] <Ursuul> *fires antimatter cannon into the rapidly expanding maw*
[03:16] <Ursuul> *it is all consumed*
[03:16] <Ursuul> dat sorted dat
[03:16] <Ursuul> *forgets about the anti-matter explosion*
[03:16] <Ursuul> *half of planet gets blow out*
[03:17] <Teamerz> *anti-matter makes more infinite loops*
[03:17] <ZathusTheMageV> *not how it works*
[03:17] <Ursuul> ^
[03:17] <Teamerz> *assuming logic exists*
[03:17] <Ursuul> l3rn2physicz
[03:18] <Ursuul> SR pls
[03:18] <Ursuul> need 2 revert Canuck theme
[03:18] <Teamerz> canuke theme
[03:18] <Teamerz> ca (nuke) theme
[03:19] <Ursuul> petition to annex canada to save them from themselves
[03:19] <Teamerz> canda = them
[03:19] <Teamerz> logic 101 with ursulu
[03:20] <Ursuul> ja
[03:20] <Ursuul> canada as in, everything dat comprises canada
[03:20] <Ursuul> including canadianz
[03:20] <Teamerz> objects = them
[03:20] <Teamerz> logic 102 with ursulu
[03:21] <ZathusTheMageV> People are just vessels of perception in an everchanging universe O_O
[03:21] <Ursuul> “look at them!” —random adult looking at statues 
[03:21] <Ursuul> which are technically objects
[03:21] <Teamerz> not objects
[03:21] <Ursuul> Forgetting Grammar 101 with Temz
[03:21] <Teamerz> ^
[03:21] <Teamerz> sounds about correct
[03:21] <Ursuul> also Zathsu
[03:21] <Teamerz> and in the class next to that, you have
[03:22] <Ursuul> really, since we’re made out of matter, we are just the universe experiencing itself
[03:22] <Teamerz> How to survive temz 101
[03:22] <Teamerz> "experiencing itself" (lenny) 
[03:22] <ZathusTheMageV> yes
[03:22] <Ursuul> (owo) 
[03:22] <Graviatar> ...
[03:22] <Teamerz> hi grav
[03:23] <Ursuul> Gravi I killed all of the other emotes for you at least let this one be
[03:23] <Ursuul> pretty pls
[03:23] <Teamerz> petty pls
[03:23] <Graviatar> I have nothing to worry about the emotes 
[03:23] <Ursuul> o
[03:23] <Graviatar> not anymore
[03:23] <Ursuul> y the ... then
[03:23] <Teamerz> i think he was referencing to my lenny thing
[03:23] <Ursuul> o
[03:23] <Ursuul> :< ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
[03:23] <Ursuul>  ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
[03:23] <Ursuul>    ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
[03:23] <Ursuul>      >     ,ノ
[03:23] <Ursuul>      ∠_,,,/´” 
[03:23] <Pariscat11> (grin) 
[03:24] <Teamerz> :< ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
[03:24] <Teamerz>  ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
[03:24] <Teamerz>    ゝ、 `( ( ( ( ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
[03:24] <Teamerz>      >     ,ノ
[03:24] <Teamerz>      ∠_,,,/´”
[03:24] <Ursuul> (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿̿̿ ̿ ̿̿
[03:24] <Pariscat11> :< ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
[03:24] <Pariscat11>  ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
[03:24] <Pariscat11>    ゝ、 `( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
[03:24] <Pariscat11>      >     ,ノ
[03:24] <Pariscat11>      ∠_,,,/´”
[03:24] <Teamerz> ursulu
[03:25] <Ursuul> ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿
[03:25] <Teamerz> ursulu >:c
[03:25] <Ursuul> Timmeh
[03:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Dont be angry at master >_<
[03:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Is illegal :3
[03:25] <Teamerz> yeah, dont be angry at master temz
[03:25] <Teamerz> its illegal
[03:25] <Ursuul> watchu want Tim Tim Timmeh
[03:25] <Pariscat11> :< ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
[03:25] <Pariscat11>  ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
[03:25] <Pariscat11>    ゝ、 `( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[03:25] <Pariscat11>      >     ,ノ
[03:25] <Pariscat11>      ∠_,,,/´”
[03:25] <Teamerz> me want popsickle
[03:25] <Ursuul> alright that’s enough Pariscat
[03:25] <Ursuul> get ur own den
[03:26] <Teamerz> but mum
[03:26] <Teamerz> me want moni
[03:26] <Pariscat11> oh god the nightmares
[03:26] <Teamerz> to bye popsickle
[03:26] <ZathusTheMageV> ...
[03:26] <Ursuul> Zathsu is busy silencing opposition to my regime via execution
[03:26] <Ursuul> so u gotta get ur own
[03:26] <Teamerz> gimme moni then
[03:26] <Teamerz> else no go get own
[03:26] <Ursuul> get a job
[03:26] <Teamerz> find me job
[03:26] <Ursuul> no u
[03:26] <ZathusTheMageV> What
[03:26] <Teamerz> k
[03:26] <Teamerz> zathsu find me a job
[03:26] <Ursuul> no u
[03:27] <Ursuul> Zathsu is busy sending my political opponents into gulag
[03:27] <ZathusTheMageV> I was executing people? O_O
[03:27] <Pariscat11> :<( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ヽ、       /( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ̄>
[03:27] <Pariscat11>  ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
[03:27] <Pariscat11>    ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
[03:27] <Pariscat11>      >     ,ノ
[03:27] <Pariscat11>      ∠_,,,/´”
[03:27] <ZathusTheMageV> ?
[03:27] <ZathusTheMageV> PARIS
[03:27] <Graviatar> I'm stuck
[03:27] <Ursuul> Pariscat last warning
[03:27] <Teamerz> zathsu
[03:27] <Teamerz> find me job while executing
[03:27] <Teamerz> gogogo
[03:27] <Pariscat11> mk i'll stop with the deranged lennyowls
[03:27] <Ursuul> gr8
[03:27] <Ursuul> Zathsu you’re behind on your quota
[03:27] <ZathusTheMageV> ...
[03:27] <ZathusTheMageV> S-sorry
[03:27] <Pariscat11> for now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[03:27] <Ursuul> we need 100 corpses by Monday & you only have 30 so far
[03:28] <Teamerz> and i still need a job
[03:28] <Ursuul> get a job den
[03:28] <Teamerz> and make a sammiche while ur at it
[03:28] <Graviatar> I'll be your corpse, ursuul
[03:28] <Ursuul> Zathsu 2 busy silencing political opposition 
[03:28] <Ursuul> via death
[03:28] <Ursuul> otay Gravi
[03:28] <Teamerz> 2bad
[03:28] <Teamerz> she gonna multitask
[03:28] <Graviatar> *Graviatar tears his life apart*
[03:28] <Teamerz> wait is grav part of the hivemind
[03:28] <Pariscat11> booster: i'll be a corpes
[03:28] <Pariscat11> -the booster leaves the server-
[03:28] <Ursuul> O I know
[03:29] <ZathusTheMageV> *makes sammich while browsing newspaper to find job for Temz*
[03:29] <Graviatar> *Graviatar can't handle his mind any longer*
[03:29] <Ursuul> Zathsu can be KGB director 
[03:29] <Teamerz> i said..
[03:29] <Teamerz> SAMMICHE
[03:29] <Teamerz> NOT SAMMICH
[03:29] <Ursuul> u get nothing Temz
[03:29] <Ursuul> *takes away your toys*
[03:29] <Teamerz> u get yesthing
[03:29] <Ursuul> you’re in time-out
[03:29] <Pariscat11> lol
[03:29] <Teamerz> "in time out"
[03:29] <Teamerz> thats like saying out time in
[03:29] <ZathusTheMageV> Ugh
[03:29] <Ursuul> *puts Temz in the corner
[03:29] <ZathusTheMageV> *presses e into sammich*
[03:30] <ZathusTheMageV> *hands Temz sammiche*
[03:30] <Teamerz> *eats sammiche*
[03:30] <Graviatar> (Graviatar realizes the world is a cold dark place in the universe where it acknowledges nothing about its existence.)
[03:30] <Ursuul> *Ursuul nabs the sammiche before Temz can eat it
[03:30] <Ursuul> *no sammiche 4 u
[03:30] <Ursuul> bad TEmz
[03:30] <Teamerz> already ate it
[03:30] <Pariscat11> -eats self-
[03:30] <Ursuul> *shoves hand down throat & pulls it out*
[03:30] <Ursuul> no sammiche
[03:30] <Pariscat11> -you see an inside-out tank-
[03:30] <ZathusTheMageV> um
[03:30] <Teamerz> *eats sammiche and hand*
[03:30] <Graviatar> (He leaves his corpse for Ursuul)
[03:30] <Teamerz> yes sammiche
[03:30] <Pariscat11> lol rip ursule
[03:31] <Ursuul> you fool, now my hand is alive in your stomach & has not transformed into antimatter
[03:31] <Ursuul> *Temz is consumed*
[03:31] <Ursuul> now***
[03:31] <Ursuul> has now
[03:31] <Ursuul> fug
[03:31] <Teamerz> u said not
[03:31] <Teamerz> too late.
[03:31] <Ursuul> rip
[03:31] <Pariscat11> -eats graviatar's corpse-
[03:31] <Pariscat11> -eats ALL THE CORPSES-
[03:31] <Ursuul> bamboozled again
[03:31] <Teamerz> by urself too
[03:31] <Ursuul> da
[03:31] <ZathusTheMageV> ugh
[03:31] <Teamerz> I STILL NEED A JOB
[03:31] <Pariscat11> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i haz to eat corpses sometike
[03:31] <Ursuul> Yeah lemme get that job 🅱️oneless
[03:32] <ZathusTheMageV> IM SORRY MASTER, IM BUSY
[03:32] <Pariscat11> I WON
[03:32] <Teamerz> you dont have the "is busy" status
[03:32] <Teamerz> so u must be lieing
[03:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Um...
[03:32] <ZathusTheMageV> no
[03:32] <ZathusTheMageV> ;~;
[03:32] <Teamerz> *prepares whip*
[03:32] <Teamerz> are you busy yet
[03:32] <Teamerz> >:0
[03:32] <Pariscat11> i am busy killing tanks and eating their corpses
[03:33] <ZathusTheMageV> B-but wait
[03:33] <ZathusTheMageV> I havent found a job for you yet!
[03:33] <Ursuul> Zathsu have you hit your quota yet
[03:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Too many jobs >_<
[03:33] <ZathusTheMageV> But I have to do them all 
[03:33] <Ursuul> Political suppression primary job
[03:33] <Ursuul> do first
[03:34] <Pariscat11> yammy i have aten 3 baby tanks
[03:34] <Teamerz> find job for temz primary order
[03:34] <ZathusTheMageV> *supresses political oppression*
[03:34] <Teamerz> do first
[03:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Um...
[03:34] <Ursuul> Zathsu u fudged up
[03:34] <ZathusTheMageV> I dont know what kinda job you want... ;-;
[03:34] <ZathusTheMageV> What
[03:34] <Pariscat11> *suppresses teamerz*
[03:34] <ZathusTheMageV> *opposition
[03:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Whatever
[03:34] <Teamerz> *splits*
[03:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Not oppression
[03:34] <Ursuul> lol
[03:34] <Teamerz> find me a job where i dont have to do anything
[03:34] <ZathusTheMageV> lmao
[03:34] <Teamerz> and still get money
[03:34] <Ursuul> lmap
[03:34] <Pariscat11> being lazy
[03:34] <Teamerz> but now you need to find 2 of them because there are 2 of me
[03:35] <ZathusTheMageV> *creates a YT channel for Temz*
[03:35] <Ursuul> lol
[03:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Now all you gotta do is react to videos
[03:35] <Ursuul> ahahahaha
[03:35] <ZathusTheMageV> And act like you care
[03:35] <Teamerz> k
[03:35] <Pariscat11> -reacts to this-
[03:35] <Ursuul> React™
[03:35] <Pariscat11> oh fuck the stupid mothership gets a yt profile
[03:35] <Teamerz> *reacts to porn videos*
[03:35] <Pariscat11> time to get out of here
[03:35] <Ursuul> Excuse me sir you are now being sued by the FineBros™
[03:35] <Teamerz> *channel gets deleted*
[03:35] <Teamerz> ZATHSUUUUUUUU
[03:35] <Ursuul> *takes Temz to court*
[03:36] <Teamerz> *the temz who split from the original one comes up to zathsu*
[03:36] <Teamerz> my channel got dekleted
[03:36] <Teamerz> >:(
[03:36] <Pariscat11> -shoots teamerz-
[03:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Um
[03:36] <Pariscat11> -eats his corpse-
[03:36] <Teamerz> *splits*
[03:36] <ZathusTheMageV> I didnt know that would happen
[03:36] <Pariscat11> whyyy ;-;
[03:36] <Teamerz> now find another job
[03:36] <Ursuul> The FineBros™ begin meticulously hunting down Temz’s clones
[03:36] <Teamerz> now
[03:36] <Pariscat11> starts rapidly killing teamerz
[03:36] <Teamerz> starts rapidly splitting
[03:37] <Ursuul> to take vengeance against him for stealing their Reaction™ videos
[03:37] <Pariscat11> soon everything is teamerz
[03:37] <Teamerz> teamerz is love teamerz is life
[03:37] <ZathusTheMageV> I'm sorry, master ;-;
[03:37] <Pariscat11> OH GOD HELP
[03:37] <Pariscat11> /THE TEAMERZ IS REAL
[03:37] <Ursuul> 4gives
[03:37] <ItzDracius> ...
[03:37] <Teamerz> matter is now made out of teamerz
[03:37] <Pariscat11> gg
[03:37] <Teamerz> antimatter is now made out of teamerz
[03:38] <Teamerz> everything but zathsu is made out of teamerz
[03:38] <Ursuul> but that means antimatter & matter would combine to destroy each other, leaving nothing behind but a vacuum
[03:38] <Pariscat11> and this stoopid booster
[03:38] <Teamerz> teamerz orders zathsu to do everything for him
[03:38] <ZathusTheMageV> "life is hell"
[03:38] <Ursuul> you played urself
[03:38] <Pariscat11> that eats overdated teamerz
[03:38] <Teamerz> ursuul
[03:38] <Teamerz> who said there was anything near the antimatter
[03:38] <Teamerz> :-)
[03:38] <ZathusTheMageV> *Collapses from exhaustion*
[03:38] <Pariscat11> calls li'l tboo
[03:38] <Pariscat11> please kill all of these teamerz
[03:38] <Teamerz> *zathsu starts being made out of teamerz*
[03:38] <Teamerz> one of us
[03:39] <Teamerz> one of us
[03:39] <ZathusTheMageV> No
[03:39] <ZathusTheMageV> Its in the pact
[03:39] <Pariscat11> -li'l tboo resets the world-
[03:39] <Teamerz> but teamerz doesnt equal hivemind
[03:39] <Teamerz> which means
[03:39] <Pariscat11> -after all of the eras-
[03:39] <Teamerz> wait actually
[03:39] <Teamerz> no
[03:39] <Pariscat11> -this repeats-
[03:39] <Teamerz> *zathsu is made out of zathsu*
[03:39] <ZathusTheMageV> M-hm...
[03:39] <Teamerz> *teamerz starts shoving teamerzs down zathsu's throat*
[03:39] <Pariscat11> *booster is made of booster*
[03:39] <Ursuul> We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.
[03:39] <ZathusTheMageV> O_O
[03:39] <Pariscat11> *booster eats outdated teamerz*
[03:40] <Teamerz> ^^^
[03:40] <Pariscat11> no we are booster
[03:40] <ZathusTheMageV> Why would you do this!? >_<
[03:40] <Pariscat11> -boosters begin to overwhelm teamerz-
[03:40] <Teamerz> because teamerz is love
[03:40] <Teamerz> teamerz is life
[03:40] <Teamerz> *more teamerzs start getting killed and split*
[03:40] <Ursuul> Hivemind is now faced with the Borg
[03:40] <Teamerz> *teamerzs start overwhelming boosters*
[03:40] <Pariscat11> brb
[03:40] <Ursuul> the Borg incorporates the Hivemind into the Borg
[03:40] <Teamerz> but what if
[03:40] <Teamerz> hivemind = borg
[03:40] <Teamerz> *xfiles*
[03:40] <Ursuul> nop
[03:41] <Pariscat11> -Boosters became infinite-
[03:41] <Teamerz> yep
[03:41] <Ursuul> nop
[03:41] <ZathusTheMageV> The Hivemind is like the Borg but fucking stupider
[03:41] <Teamerz> this is canon now
[03:41] <Ursuul> lol
[03:41] <Ursuul> hence why the Hivemind loses
[03:41] <Pariscat11> -but then... a odd one out of them all... a streamliner spawns-
[03:41] <ZathusTheMageV> And they have one slave that does all the work for them lmao
[03:41] <Pariscat11> Streamliner: f*ck this
[03:41] <Pariscat11> -Streamliner leaves the server-
[03:41] <Teamerz> zathsu
[03:41] <Teamerz> do everything for me
[03:41] <Teamerz> breath for me
[03:41] <Teamerz> blink for me
[03:42] <Teamerz> disgest for me
[03:42] <ZathusTheMageV> o_o
[03:42] <Pariscat11> teamerz
[03:42] <Pariscat11> do everything for me
[03:42] <ZathusTheMageV> I cant preform your bodily functions for you...
[03:42] <Teamerz> IS THAT SO
[03:42] <Pariscat11> booster > teamerz > zathus
[03:42] <Teamerz> nop
[03:42] <Teamerz> zathsu busy
[03:42] <Teamerz> and me too lazy
[03:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Ursuul > Teamerz > SR
[03:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Ursuul shows me attention, Temz gets me stuff to do, SR is evil 
[03:43] <ZathusTheMageV> :3
[03:43] <Teamerz> and i give you baked potatoes
[03:43] <Teamerz> remember
[03:43] <Pariscat11> booster > ursule > teamerz > sr
[03:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Yummy baked potatoes
[03:43] <Pariscat11> booster rules the universe now
[03:43] <Pariscat11> teamerz is made out of booster
[03:43] <Pariscat11> zathsu is made out of booster
[03:43] <Teamerz> but if teamerz is made out of booster
[03:43] <Pariscat11> nothing is not made ou of booster
[03:44] <Teamerz> booster is made out of teamerz
[03:44] <Pariscat11> OH BOY
[03:44] <Pariscat11> A LOOPHOLE
[03:44] <Teamerz> because hivemind
[03:44] <Pariscat11> -it reaches negative infinity size-
[03:44] <Pariscat11> -and it all ends with booster-
[03:44] <Pariscat11> -yes, everything is actually made out of booster-
[03:46] <Pariscat11> -gives zathsu baked potato-
[03:46] <ZathusTheMageV> Unless we consider it non-canon
[03:46] <ZathusTheMageV> OOH
[03:46] <Teamerz> but we consider it canon
[03:47] <Teamerz> unfortunate.
[03:47] <ZathusTheMageV> oh
[03:47] <Pariscat11> booster rules over zathus and teamerz
[03:47] <Teamerz> but teamerz = booster
[03:47] <Teamerz> and booster = teamerz
[03:47] <Teamerz> so teamerz rules over teamerz
[03:47] <Pariscat11> but it all ends with booster
[03:48] <Teamerz> but booster = teamerz
[03:48] <ZathusTheMageV> I'd rather be stuck and eternally tormented in a universe controlled by Teamerz than one controlled by Paris tbh
[03:48] <Teamerz> lmao
[03:48] <Pariscat11> unless teamerz was controlled by me
[03:48] <Pariscat11> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[03:48] <Teamerz> but he wasnt
[03:48] <ZathusTheMageV> Because Ursuul > Teamerz > SR > Everyone else > Paris
[03:48] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[03:48] <Teamerz> unfortunate
[03:49] <Pariscat11> (kek) 
[03:49] <Pariscat11> well actually
[03:49] <Pariscat11> ursuul > teamerz > sr > almost everyone else > me > fb > good202
[03:49] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[03:49] <Pariscat11> i just had to put FB in there
[03:49] <Teamerz> actually
[03:50] <Teamerz> ursuul > teamerz > sr > almost everyone else > me > good202 > rifleman
[03:50] <ZathusTheMageV> Yeah Facebook is pretty bad (lenny) 
[03:50] <Teamerz> ursuul > teamerz > sr > almost everyone else > fandom staff > me > good202 > rifleman
[03:50] <Pariscat11> you forgot me
[03:50] <Teamerz> no
[03:50] <Teamerz> its literally written
[03:50] <Teamerz> "me"
[03:51] <Teamerz> (grin) 
[03:51] <Pariscat11> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[03:51] <Pariscat11> so smart
[03:52] <ZathusTheMageV> Thats not a boulder
[03:52] <ZathusTheMageV> Its a rock
[03:52] <Pariscat11> ursuul > teamerz > sr > almost everyone else > fandom staff > pariscat11 > good202 > rifleman > pariscat11
[03:52] <ZathusTheMageV> A Dwayne "The Rock"
[03:52] <Teamerz> "the rock" and roll
[03:52] <Pariscat11> i'm both above good and below rifleman
[03:52] <Pariscat11> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[03:53] <Ursuul> y r Fandom Staff so low
[03:53] <ZathusTheMageV> idk
[03:53] <Pariscat11> hey ursuul
[03:54] <Ursuul> also I like that I’m at the top of the dogpile no matter what
[03:54] <Pariscat11> ursuul > teamerz > sr > almost everyone else > fandom staff > pariscat11 > good202 > rifleman > pariscat11
[03:54] <ZathusTheMageV> Mine only had you, SR, and Temz on it xD
[03:54] <ZathusTheMageV> They added to it :P
[03:54] <Ursuul> lol
[03:54] <Pariscat11> i'm the least and 4th to last
[03:54] <Pariscat11> well time to add someone
[03:54] <Ursuul> rip Paris
[03:54] <Pariscat11> zathsu > ursuul > teamerz > sr > almost everyone else > fandom staff > pariscat11 > good202 > rifleman > pariscat11
[03:54] <Pariscat11> GET REKT
[03:54] <Teamerz> no
[03:54] <Pariscat11> and time to make more confusion
[03:54] <Teamerz> ursuul do u approvate "zathsu > ursuul"
[03:55] <Pariscat11> zathsu > ursuul > teamerz > sr > almost everyone else > pariscat11 > fandom staff > pariscat11 > good202 > rifleman > pariscat11
[03:55] <Ursuul> *vetoes*
[03:55] <Ursuul> get heck’d 
[03:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Zathsu is cuter than Ursuul could ever be, so... :3
[03:55] <Teamerz> insulting master?
[03:55] <Teamerz> HUHHH?
[03:55] <Pariscat11> and i'm a uglee boostur :3:
[03:55] <Ursuul> wow such insubordination 
[03:56] <Ursuul> am schleepy
[03:56] <Ursuul> gonna go
[03:56] <Ursuul> schleep
[03:56] <ZathusTheMageV> Then rest, master.
[03:56] <Ursuul> nite fam
[03:56] <Pariscat11> goodbye corpes
[03:56] <ZathusTheMageV> I shall help you. ;3
[03:56] <Teamerz> now i am the master here
[03:56] <Teamerz> >:3
[03:56] <Pariscat11> zathsu > ursuul > teamerz > sr > almost everyone else > fandom staff > pariscat11 > good202 > rifleman > pariscat11
[03:56] <Pariscat11> no zathsu is
[03:56] <Teamerz> zathsu, say that teamerz is the master
[03:57] <Pariscat11> zathsu > ursuul > teamerz > sr > almost everyone else > pariscat11 > fandom staff > pariscat11 > good202 > rifleman > pariscat11
[03:57] <Pariscat11> odd
[03:57] <Pariscat11> i have 3 spots in this one
[03:57] <SuperRobot9338> yey
[03:57] <ZathusTheMageV> T-Teamerz is the master...
[03:57] <Teamerz> ha.
[03:57] <Pariscat11> BOOSTER BOOSTER BOOSTER
[03:57] <Pariscat11> boosters rule the world of ugliness
[03:57] <SuperRobot9338> SR is best
[03:58] <Pariscat11> time to show the chart of ugliness
[03:58] <ZathusTheMageV> No SR
[03:58] <ZathusTheMageV> You're evil
[03:58] <ZathusTheMageV> Therefore third best
[03:58] <Pariscat11> booster > good202 > rifleman > sr > teamerz > zathsu
[03:58] <SuperRobot9338> lmao
[03:58] <ZathusTheMageV> ;~;
[03:58] <ZathusTheMageV> Paris has obviously never seen a Zathsu
[03:58] <Pariscat11> booster is ugliest, and zathsu is cutest
[03:58] <Teamerz> ^
[03:59] <ZathusTheMageV> :O
[03:59] <ZathusTheMageV> :D
[03:59] <Pariscat11> so you're technically the underling of the ugly world
[03:59] <Teamerz> did u add the sammich pile in the picture yet
[04:00] <Pariscat11> booster > good202 > rifleman > sr > pile of sammich > teamerz > zathsu
[04:00] <ZathusTheMageV> No
[04:00] <SuperRobot9338> also
[04:00] <Pariscat11> rp time
[04:00] <Pariscat11> -an booster has a pile of sammich-
[04:00] <SuperRobot9338> I hate a bug to report
[04:00] <SuperRobot9338> *have
[04:01] <Pariscat11> fite for da sammich
[04:01] <SuperRobot9338> On wikis with different-sized wordmarks like CC
[04:01] <SuperRobot9338>
[04:01] <SuperRobot9338> it gets stretched to space constraints
[04:01] <Teamerz> jebus
[04:02] <SuperRobot9338> ugly af
[04:02] <Pariscat11> hey teamerz, super
[04:02] <ZathusTheMageV> I need to add the sammich pile to the background sooner or later
[04:02] <Pariscat11> zath
[04:02] <SuperRobot9338> hi zath
[04:02] <Pariscat11> time to fight for a banana sammich pile
[04:02] <SuperRobot9338> boredom is intense af
[04:02] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello
[04:03] <Pariscat11> -booster shakes his booty in front of super robot 9338-
[04:03] <Teamerz> ey SR i never knew u had strip-teazerz
[04:03] <ZathusTheMageV> But yeah, I'm open to more Zathsu images if people have suggestions xD
[04:03] <Pariscat11> zathus x teamerz
[04:03] <Pariscat11> zatherz
[04:03] <Teamerz> make zathsu eating a baked potatoe
[04:04] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[04:04] <Teamerz> powthaytoe*
[04:04] <Pariscat11> it would be funny if teamerz and zathus got married
[04:04] <Pariscat11> so do that zath
[04:04] <Teamerz> bro
[04:04] <Teamerz> i never agreed to dis
[04:04] <Pariscat11> but it WOOD
[04:04] <Pariscat11> hah
[04:04] <Pariscat11> get it
[04:05] <Pariscat11> i'm RADiating with puns
[04:05] <ZathusTheMageV> I dont want to marry someone who could suddenly become two if they died of a heart attack in their sleep or something
[04:05] <Teamerz> ye but zathsu
[04:05] <Pariscat11> what about the ugliest tank in the world
[04:05] <Pariscat11> BOOSTURR
[04:05] <Teamerz> at least u wouldnt have to cry whenever i died
[04:05] <Teamerz> unlike in regular marriajes
[04:05] <ZathusTheMageV> Well... true
[04:06] <Pariscat11> would you marry booster or teamerz
[04:06] <ZathusTheMageV> What does the list say?
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> boostet
[04:06] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[04:06] <Teamerz> the list says zathsu marries teamerz
[04:06] <Teamerz> perfect lets do this
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> ZATHSU
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> ERE IZ PLAN
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> Basically, after the Merge we need to work on these things:
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> 1. Main Page
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> 2. Header Graphic
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> 3. Favicon & Wiki.png
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> 4. Wordmark Tweaks
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> 5. Background
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> 6. Template Cleanup & Partial Redesign
[04:06] <SuperRobot9338> 7. Builds Cleanup & Documentation
[04:07] <ZathusTheMageV> WHAT TEMZ
[04:07] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh noes
[04:07] <Teamerz> jk
[04:07] <Teamerz> i wouldnt marry u unless i would agree 
[04:07] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[04:07] <Pariscat11> but then zathsu would be assassinated
[04:07] <Pariscat11> BY BOOSTURR
[04:07] <Teamerz> meh
[05:04] <Smgamermat77> luv it
[05:05] <Smgamermat77> WHAT IS - your favorite soda
[05:06] <Smgamermat77> as well as your second favorite
[05:06] <ZathusTheMageV> Well Dr. Pepper is number one.
[05:06] <ZathusTheMageV> But second... IDK
[05:06] <ZathusTheMageV> I'll need to think.
[05:07] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh...
[05:07] <ZathusTheMageV> Its the ancient guardian
[05:07] <Smgamermat77> NO
[05:07] <Smgamermat77> say no 2 bots
[05:07] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[05:07] <SuperRobot9338> hi ozun\
[05:07] <Smgamermat77> SHUDDUP
[05:07] <SuperRobot9338> do you have to be white to join the kkk
[05:07] <Smgamermat77> speakin yo latin crap
[05:07] <SuperRobot9338> (kappa) 
[05:08] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome back, master.
[05:08] <Ursuul> cat schleep
[05:08] <SuperRobot9338> Sm
[05:08] <ZathusTheMageV> I can see you didn't sleep.
[05:08] <Smgamermat77> Kappa 
[05:08] <SuperRobot9338> it's not Latin
[05:08] <Ursuul> ja
[05:08] <Ursuul> can’t schleep ;-;
[05:08] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[05:08] <Smgamermat77> i dont give a flyin shiet what it iz
[05:08] <Ursuul> someone knock me out
[05:08] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok
[05:08] <Smgamermat77> speaking of cats and sleep and knocking people out
[05:08] <ZathusTheMageV> *slams master Ursuul over the head with a frying pan*
[05:08] <Smgamermat77> im going to bed
[05:08] <Ursuul> ow
[05:08] <ZathusTheMageV> Goodnight, SM. :3
[05:08] <Ursuul> night lad
[05:08] <Smgamermat77> kitty is gonna sleep on meh, and I took nyquil so im tired as fuq
[05:09] <Ursuul> I should get my cat
[05:09] <Smgamermat77> (dead)
[05:09] <Ursuul> Burnie pls
[05:09] <Smgamermat77> my cat yells at me when she wants pettinz
[05:09] <ZathusTheMageV> Did I not hit hard enough? 
[05:09] <ZathusTheMageV> *prepares for a second swing*
[05:09] <Smgamermat77> literally in my face
[05:09] <Ursuul> mine yells at me all the time
[05:09] <Teamerz> *slams zathsu (CENSORED)*
[05:09] <Ursuul> literally for no reason
[05:09] <ZathusTheMageV> O_O
[05:10] <Ursuul> end
[05:10] <Ursuul> my
[05:10] <Ursuul> suffer
[05:10] <Ursuul> (suffering) 
[05:10] <ZathusTheMageV> *prepares for second frying pan strike*
[05:10] <Ursuul> dewit
[05:10] <ZathusTheMageV> *smacks Ursuul over head again*
[05:10] <Ursuul> ow
[05:10] <Ursuul> again
[05:11] <ZathusTheMageV> Sorry... ;-;
[05:11] <Teamerz> *smacks zathsu over head again with (CENSORED)*
[05:11] <Ursuul> ONCE MORE MY LAD
[05:11] <ZathusTheMageV> *hits Ursuul one more time*
[05:12] <Teamerz> now were alone..
[05:12] <ZathusTheMageV> ...
[05:12] <Teamerz> *prepares (CENSORED)*
[05:12] <Teamerz> okey im prepard
[05:13] <ZathusTheMageV> *actually terrified about the implications of this*
[05:13] <Teamerz> r u prepard
[05:13] <Teamerz> u have 5 seconds to prepar
[05:15] <ZathusTheMageV> *a minute later and nothing has happened*
[05:15] <ZathusTheMageV> *pure unfiltered relief*
[05:16] <Teamerz> *zathsu wakes up in a bed, alone*
[05:17] <ZathusTheMageV> W-what?
[05:18] <Teamerz> *zathsu is left wondering if it was a dream or if it happened*
[05:18] <Teamerz> -to be continued-
[05:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[05:18] <Teamerz> idk what im making up at this point
[05:18] <ZathusTheMageV> ikr
[05:21] <ZathusTheMageV> (Implying everything you say doesnt actually happen to me lmao)
[05:27] <Teamerz> (obviously)
[05:27] <Teamerz> because if it did...
[05:27] <Teamerz> zathsu's reality would be ruined
[05:29] <ZathusTheMageV> Heh heh
[05:30] <Teamerz> (also implying everything i imply doesnt actually happen to you)
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> SPooky
[05:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Well... its like 12:30 AM now.
[05:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Zathsu is sleepy. >_<
[05:35] <Teamerz> 12:30 AM waves?
[05:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Anything you need before I sendoff, master?
[05:35] <Teamerz> no
[05:35] <Teamerz> *throws sassafras body pillow*
[05:35] <ZathusTheMageV> *catches*
[05:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Why do I need this?
[05:36] <Teamerz> (lenny) 
[05:36] <Teamerz> you dont wanna know
[05:36] <ZathusTheMageV> (slavery)
[05:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Lmao
[05:36] <ZathusTheMageV> That needs to be emoted xD
[05:36] <Teamerz> ikr
[05:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Anyway... bai.
[05:36] <Teamerz> bai
[05:36] <ZathusTheMageV> :3
[05:41] <Teamerz> (no)
[05:41] <Teamerz> (rly2) 
[05:44] <Teamerz> (slavery)
[05:47] <Teamerz> hi
[06:06] <Teamerz> hi
[07:25] <FallenBooster> bakk
[07:25] <FallenBooster> hi
[07:26] <Teamerz> hi
[07:36] <IceTudor> hi
[07:40] <IceTudor> y'know what's annoying
[07:40] <IceTudor> i cant see the rest of the chat
[07:40] <IceTudor> it should be able to let you see all chat after you left
[07:40] <IceTudor> anyone agree?
[07:40] <IceTudor> not just a bit
[07:43] <Teamerz> um no
[07:43] <Teamerz> that would cause even more lag 
[07:45] <FallenBooster> hi
[07:45] <IceTudor> fallen
[07:45] <Teamerz> hi
[07:46] <IceTudor> i need a ouc for my squone
[07:46] <IceTudor> plez
[07:46] <IceTudor> if you cant do it
[07:46] <IceTudor> atleast make th ewarriors
[07:46] <Teamerz> "ouc"
[07:46] <IceTudor> they're simple
[07:46] <IceTudor> pic**
[07:50] <ItzDracius> dundundundundundundundundundundundun
[07:54] <IceTudor> imma share a few nostalgia songs
[07:55] <IceTudor> [yt="IjvL-BgNv_Q"] [yt="vTEKeUrEDjw"]
[07:55] <IceTudor> theese 2 gems first
[07:56] <ItzDracius> ppap
[07:57] <IceTudor> no
[07:57] <IceTudor> fuck that
[07:57] <IceTudor>
[07:57] <IceTudor> i remember this video
[07:57] <IceTudor> took me ages to find now
[07:58] <IceTudor> OOH
[07:58] <IceTudor> PANDEMONIUM
[07:58] <IceTudor> i kinda got rid of it
[07:59] <IceTudor> still have oecake
[07:59] <IceTudor> rotting on my desktop
[08:00] <IceTudor> TPT
[08:00] <IceTudor> I FORGOT IT WAS THERE
[08:00] <IceTudor> theese are the fucking gems and ancestors of SB games
[08:04] <ItzDracius> whats sb?
[08:05] <IceTudor> sandbox
[08:07] <IceTudor> Phyzios is actually oe-cake
[08:07] <IceTudor> same devs
[08:07] <IceTudor> only that it was a bit better
[08:07] <IceTudor> but now its nowhere to be played or found
[08:07] <IceTudor> RIP PHYZIOS
[08:07] <FallenBooster> guys
[08:08] <FallenBooster> ajit pai, the chairman from FCC wants to ruin net neutrality
[08:08] <FallenBooster> with bots
[08:08] <IceTudor> rip
[08:09] <FallenBooster> but we need to fite
[08:09] <IceTudor> ye ye
[08:09] <IceTudor> who cares
[08:09] <IceTudor> we can just use tpt
[08:09] <IceTudor> lmao
[08:09] <FallenBooster> well
[08:09] <FallenBooster> they could spy
[08:09] <FallenBooster> and could censor our stuff
[08:09] <FallenBooster> and seize our fav things
[08:10] <FallenBooster> D:
[08:10] <IceTudor> >=/
[08:10] <IceTudor> MOTHER FUCKERS
[08:10] <IceTudor> YA AINT SPYIN ON ME BITCH
[08:10] <IceTudor> 
[08:11] <FallenBooster> well
[08:11] <FallenBooster> Nokia 3310 has established
[08:11] <FallenBooster> Nokia 3310 plays the nokia tune, with 500% earrape
[08:13] <ItzDracius> po[jzsdofkajdpfokajdf
[08:14] <ItzDracius> NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP
[08:14] <ItzDracius> NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN
[08:15] <Teamerz> never gonna let you up
[08:15] <Teamerz> never gonna give you down
[08:20] <IceTudor> gtg
[08:23] <ItzDracius> oof!
[08:39] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[08:41] <The Tidal Wave> anyone?
[08:51] <Teamerz> everyone
[08:54] <ItzDracius> ihatemylife
[08:54] <ItzDracius> firstdayofschooltomorrow
[08:56] <Teamerz> o rly
[09:02] <ItzDracius> ys rly
[09:02] <ItzDracius> #firstdayofclassses
[09:03] <The Tidal Wave> lol
[09:03] <The Tidal Wave> my classes haven't ended yet
[09:04] <Teamerz> my classes ended like 1 week ago
[09:04] <Teamerz> but theres something i still dont understand
[09:05] <Teamerz> how come some people finish school months before/after others
[09:05] <The Tidal Wave> education law.
[09:07] <ItzDracius> in our country
[09:07] <ItzDracius> we want to shift our summer break to just like yours
[09:08] <Teamerz> tbh
[09:09] <Teamerz> the school break should be in winter imo
[09:09] <TBOO-Y> Hello
[09:09] <TBOO-Y> Lol winter is awesome
[09:09] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[09:09] <TBOO-Y> Its 5 AM for you guys right? I flew to China 2 days ago so time is inverted
[09:09] <ItzDracius> well our break should be in summer
[09:09] <ItzDracius> ITS FREAKING HOT HERE
[09:09] <TBOO-Y> I like the cold
[09:10] <TBOO-Y> 70 degrees I will say it's hot but 17 degrees one of my favorite temperatures 
[09:11] <TBOO-Y> I'm going to browse /r/diepio
[09:11] <ItzDracius> haha
[09:11] <The Tidal Wave> Me?
[09:12] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[09:12] <The Tidal Wave> it's 5 PM
[09:12] <ItzDracius> our highest temperature is almost 90 degrees fahrenheit
[09:12] <ItzDracius> and MOST of the day
[09:13] <ItzDracius> that's most*
[09:18] <Teamerz> >fahrenheit
[09:22] <The Tidal Wave> Hello Radium.
[09:22] <Radium212> Hi
[09:25] <Radium212> Lllaaaatttteeennnnccyyy
[09:42] <The Tidal Wave> hi spark
[09:46] <Type: Sparky> Expanding my Diepdex on DCoW
[09:46] <Type: Sparky> finishing the sniper branch (it's so large)
[09:47] <Type: Sparky> sup Transcendent Being Of OP-ness Y
[09:48] <Teamerz> ders no - between OP and ness tho
[09:52] <Type: Sparky> The uncreatively-named Gunner Trapper has Barrels on the front and a slightly larger Layer on the back. Build a wall, then shoot at the enemy from behind it.
[09:52] <Type: Sparky> ^My description for the Gunner Trapper
[09:52] <Type: Sparky> The "uncreatively-named Gunner Trapper"
[09:54] <Teamerz> "build a wall, then shoot at the enemy from behind it"
[09:54] <Teamerz> sounds like regular USA
[09:54] <ItzDracius> i know my classmates now
[09:55] <ItzDracius> and im totally not gonna cry myself to sleep today
[09:55] <Type: Sparky> class
[09:55] <Type: Sparky> The Gunner Trapper builds walls
[09:56] <Type: Sparky> then shoots at the enemy from behind it
[09:56] <ItzDracius> IHATEMYLIFE
[09:56] <Type: Sparky> The G.T. is USA
[09:56] <ItzDracius> i no longer have friends
[09:56] <ItzDracius> in school
[09:56] <ItzDracius> this is probably my worst nightmare
[09:57] <Type: Sparky> why
[09:58] <Type: Sparky> do
[09:58] <Type: Sparky> you
[09:58] <Type: Sparky> no
[09:58] <Type: Sparky> longer
[09:58] <Type: Sparky> have
[09:58] <Type: Sparky> friends
[09:58] <ItzDracius> everyone in my class is someone i never liked
[09:58] <ItzDracius> well not everyone
[09:58] <Type: Sparky> ;=;
[09:58] <ItzDracius> almost everyone
[09:58] <Type: Sparky> The Auto Trapper is a Trapper with an automatic turret. Build a wall WHILE shooting at the enemy.
[09:58] <Type: Sparky> See the difference?
[09:58] <ItzDracius> like 1-3/39 are the ones im okay with
[10:00] <Teamerz> @sparky sounds about USA if they had guns
[10:00] <Teamerz> oh wait.
[10:00] <Type: Sparky> XD
[10:00] <Type: Sparky> Pew pew pew pew
[10:00] <Type: Sparky> build a wall
[10:01] <Ozziene> el armadillo is back again
[10:01] <Type: Sparky> pew pew pew
[10:01] <Type: Sparky> build 
[10:01] <Type: Sparky> etc
[10:01] <Type: Sparky> is he now
[10:08] <AM Waves> Death is inevitable for this chat.
[10:08] <Teamerz> death is inevitable for everything.
[10:11] <AM Waves> True.
[10:13] <AM Waves> Changed the theme.
[10:14] <AM Waves> Will it get the American theme on July 4th?
[10:16] <Teamerz> prob
[10:24] <Dominic tan> Hi!
[10:24] <Dominic tan> Welcome again!
[10:24] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[10:24] <Dominic tan> ya
[10:25] <Dominic tan> I was doing a project for RPG Games
[10:25] <Dominic tan> when I encounterd
[10:26] <Dominic tan> In the upgrades page, there is a text that says that the triangle is the fastest tank in the game
[10:26] <Dominic tan> why is it so silent
[10:28] <Teamerz> actually the booster is the fastest one i think
[10:29] <Dominic tan> so can you change it?
[10:30] <Teamerz> change wut?
[10:30] <Dominic tan> the text
[10:30] <Dominic tan> in the wiki
[10:30] <Dominic tan> that says that
[10:30] <Dominic tan> the triangle is the fastest
[10:30] <Teamerz> well,
[10:31] <Teamerz> if im being totally honest, protectors are actually the fastest tanks
[10:31] <Dominic tan> ...
[10:31] <Teamerz> there are tons of factors and reasons why i dont change it
[10:31] <Dominic tan> oh
[10:32] <Teamerz> protectors are the fastest tanks, but some people consider them as crashers,
[10:32] <Teamerz> arena closers are as a fact tanks, but some people say they shouldnt be counted
[10:33] <Teamerz> and even then,
[10:33] <Teamerz> people still argue that tri-angle is the fastest tank even if the booster is
[10:33] <Dominic tan> o change it!
[10:33] <Teamerz> because they dont mention the LEVEL /
[10:33] <Teamerz> LEVEL 30 TRI-ANGLE
[10:33] <Teamerz> is the fastest
[10:33] <Teamerz> they just say tri-angle
[10:33] <Teamerz> a level 30 booster would be faster than a level 30 tri-angle.
[10:34] <Teamerz> but no, people argue that because tri-angle is unlocked at level 30, its faster
[10:34] <Teamerz> so i'd rather not get into that
[10:34] <Dominic tan> GTG Bye!
[10:35] <Teamerz> bai.
[10:43] <TBOO-Y> Hi
[10:44] <Type: Sparky> The USA Tank exists.
[10:48] <The Tidal Wave> Dead
[10:48] <Type: Sparky>
[10:48] <Type: Sparky> diep
[10:48] <Type: Sparky> pokedex
[10:54] <IceTudor> ugh
[10:54] <IceTudor> with DW now we have to stay with noobs
[10:54] <IceTudor> like good and ozzie
[10:55] <Teamerz> ok but even if you keep saying that you hate them it wont change anything
[10:56] <IceTudor> ik
[11:04] <AM Waves> Oh.
[11:04] <AM Waves> Hello.
[11:04] <AM Waves> Didn't see you there Tudor.
[11:09] <Luigi1006YT> Hey look a dead chat
[11:09] <The Tidal Wave> Hi
[11:09] <AM Waves> Hi.
[11:12] <The Tidal Wave> hey AM
[11:12] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[11:12] <The Tidal Wave> Ice
[11:13] <The Tidal Wave> Anyone who plays Rebuild The Universe
[11:13] <The Tidal Wave> When would be a good time to feed my universe into a black hole?
[11:13] <Teamerz> depends
[11:13] <Teamerz> is it your first time
[11:14] <AM Waves> Quintinllion is minimum.
[11:14] <AM Waves> So, I suggest at least Quattoradecillion.
[11:14] <AM Waves> When I fed at Sexdecillion, it gave me 2.37*
[11:15] <The Tidal Wave> Not first
[11:15] <Teamerz> tbh
[11:15] <The Tidal Wave> 47.195 sexdecillion atoms/s
[11:16] <AM Waves> Oh.
[11:16] <AM Waves> That's nice.
[11:16] <The Tidal Wave> feed time?
[11:16] <Teamerz> i think you should balance the time it took you to get to the point you are at
[11:16] <Teamerz> and how much it will give you
[11:16] <AM Waves> Feed when it reaches 1 Septillion total.
[11:17] <Teamerz> also if you like micro-management games
[11:17] <Teamerz> search up idling to rule the gods
[11:18] <The Tidal Wave> 1 septendecillion atoms/sec, then feed?
[11:18] <AM Waves> No.
[11:19] <AM Waves> 1 Septadecillion atoms total.
[11:19] <The Tidal Wave> Currently have 11.94 septendecillion
[11:19] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[11:19] <The Tidal Wave> is Total
[11:20] <AM Waves> Feed it then.
[11:20] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[11:20] <AM Waves> It may give you 3*.
[11:20] <The Tidal Wave> ALL HAIL THE BLACK HOLE!
[11:20] <The Tidal Wave> nope.
[11:20] <The Tidal Wave> 2.30.
[11:21] <AM Waves> oh.
[11:21] <AM Waves> (eh) 
[11:26] <The Tidal Wave> Hi Diepmon
[11:28] <AM Waves> 4 seconds and gone.
[11:29] <The Tidal Wave> mhm.
[11:33] <IceTudor> hmm
[11:33] <IceTudor> actually
[11:33] <IceTudor> its theoretically
[11:33] <IceTudor> impossible
[11:33] <IceTudor> to touch the event horizon
[11:33] <IceTudor> you will go into the future
[11:34] <IceTudor> and the blackhole will evaporate before you even reach near it
[11:34] <AM Waves> No.
[11:34] <AM Waves> You will evaporate in it's spagettifying force.
[11:35] <The Tidal Wave> "spagettifying"
[11:35] <The Tidal Wave> i know it's legit but it's just hilarious
[11:35] <IceTudor> exactly
[11:35] <IceTudor> before you reach it
[11:36] <IceTudor> it will evaporate in your timeline
[11:36] <IceTudor> but you're also gonna be a string of atoms
[11:36] <The Tidal Wave> hi again
[11:36] <AM Waves> Hello.
[11:37] <TBOO-Y> Hurr durrr hello
[11:37] <TBOO-Y> And you will still break
[11:37] <TBOO-Y> into QUARKS AND STUFF
[11:37] <TBOO-Y> Hey animals wanna go on land?
[11:37] <TBOO-Y> NO
[11:37] <TBOO-Y> why?
[11:38] <TBOO-Y> Oh ok
[11:38] <AM Waves> It's true.
[11:38] <AM Waves> Sun can be deadly lazer.
[11:38] <AM Waves> Laser.
[11:38] <TBOO-Y> Yeah ik
[11:38] <TBOO-Y> look at Mercury and you will understand
[11:39] <TBOO-Y> 3 Auto Trappers + Alpha Triangle = Defender
[11:39] <AM Waves> If concentrated into a single cm^3 point, it would melt the Earth in 4 seconds.
[11:40] <IceTudor> imagine a gamma ray laser
[11:40] <IceTudor> oh wait
[11:40] <IceTudor> quasars.
[11:41] <AM Waves> Or Blazars.
[11:44] <The Tidal Wave> hi again
[11:44] <Teamerz> it CAN be a deadly laser
[11:44] <Teamerz> but its not
[11:44] <Luigi1006YT> You Could Make A Religion Outta This!
[11:45] <AM Waves> It is already quite deadly, without the atmosphere.
[11:45] <Luigi1006YT>
[11:48] <Luigi1006YT> spiky metbol
[11:48] <Luigi1006YT> :^)
[11:49] <IceTudor> hey
[11:49] <IceTudor> i wonder
[11:49] <IceTudor> could we make a molecule
[11:49] <IceTudor> that converts invisible light
[11:49] <IceTudor> to visible?
[11:49] <IceTudor> UV to green lets say
[11:49] <IceTudor> X-Ray to cyan
[11:49] <IceTudor> Gamma to blue
[11:50] <IceTudor> IR to yellow
[11:50] <IceTudor> Microwave to orange
[11:50] <IceTudor> Radio to red
[11:50] <IceTudor> and lets say
[11:50] <IceTudor> instead of converting
[11:50] <IceTudor> its SWAPPING
[11:50] <IceTudor> =P
[11:51] <Luigi1006YT> :ok:
[11:52] <IceTudor> eugh
[11:52] <IceTudor> im searching about impossible colors
[11:52] <IceTudor> cant really get Blue yellow to work well
[11:52] <IceTudor> i said work WELL
[11:52] <IceTudor> it still does
[11:54] <The Tidal Wave> be back in a while
[11:54] <The Tidal Wave> dinner
[11:54] <Luigi1006YT> ok
[11:54] <IceTudor> stygian navy is awesome
[11:55] <AM Waves> Who is this?
[11:55] <IceTudor> idk
[11:55] <AM Waves> Luigi1006, are you my name reversed?
[11:56] <TBOO-Y> Hi
[11:56] <AM Waves> Hi.
[11:56] <Luigi1006YT> yes
[11:56] <IceTudor> sevaW MA?
[11:56] <IceTudor> ???
[11:56] <Luigi1006YT> [big] no problem :^)
[11:56] <IceTudor> 6001igiuL
[11:56] <IceTudor> i dont get it
[11:57] <IceTudor> TY6001igiuL??????????
[11:57] <IceTudor> 
[11:57] <IceTudor> 
[11:57] <IceTudor> 
[11:57] <IceTudor> waterfuk?
[11:58] <Luigi1006YT> iks de
[11:58] <IceTudor> HALP I DONT GET IT
[12:00] <AM Waves> You are straight degenerate.
[12:00] <TBOO-Y> Luigi is creepy
[12:00] <TBOO-Y> :^)
[12:00] <Luigi1006YT> yesyes i think you get the point :^))
[12:01] <TBOO-Y> =|:^D)
[12:01] <TBOO-Y> ^you
[12:01] <TBOO-Y> =| <--- hat
[12:01] <Luigi1006YT> wot a hec is tht
[12:02] <AM Waves> ): (
[12:02] <AM Waves> ^Me.
[12:02] <Luigi1006YT> ok
[12:03] <AM Waves> That generaly is my mood.
[12:03] <Luigi1006YT> ko
[12:03] <TBOO-Y> :DDDDDDD
[12:03] <IceTudor> watufuk?
[12:03] <IceTudor> AM Waves
[12:03] <IceTudor> Luigi1006, are you my name reversed?
[12:03] <IceTudor> TBOO-Y has spawned into the arena! 
[12:03] <IceTudor> 2:56
[12:03] <IceTudor> TBOO-Y
[12:03] <IceTudor> Hi
[12:03] <IceTudor> 2:56
[12:03] <IceTudor> AM Waves
[12:03] <IceTudor> Hi.
[12:03] <IceTudor> 2:56
[12:03] <IceTudor> Luigi1006YT
[12:03] <IceTudor> yes
[12:03] <IceTudor> 2:56
[12:03] <IceTudor> IceTudor
[12:03] <IceTudor> sevaW MA?
[12:03] <IceTudor> ???
[12:03] <IceTudor> 2:56
[12:03] <IceTudor> Luigi1006YT
[12:03] <IceTudor> no problem :^)
[12:03] <TBOO-Y> (-^._.^-)
[12:04] <IceTudor> what the fuck did that mean?
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> Fucking shit :DDDDD
[12:04] <Luigi1006YT> what a hec id this
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> :::)
[12:04] <TBOO-Y> I made a monstrosity
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> hi TEM
[12:05] <Luigi1006YT> it is
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> me and Luigi are torturing ice
[12:05] <Theelementalmaster> ok?
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> (-^._.^-)
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> :DDDDDD
[12:05] <Luigi1006YT> very hurtful torture
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> :::)
[12:05] <Luigi1006YT> ecks dee
[12:05] <TBOO-Y> I'm dying XXX(
[12:06] <TBOO-Y> *sleepy death struggle song*
[12:06] <TBOO-Y> Ding Dong Ding Dong I'm a large Corn Dog
[12:06] <AM Waves> You are canc- you know what, I will watch, this chat turn over to these savages.
[12:07] <TBOO-Y> Ninesixtwentyeight*GULP*
[12:07] <TBOO-Y> No I'm death
[12:07] <AM Waves> I am done! I am pissed, and I am not putting up with it, anymore.
[12:07] <TBOO-Y> :DDDDD
[12:07] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:07] <Luigi1006YT> AM Waves loves to say canc- ok
[12:07] <AM Waves> Cancer.
[12:07] <Luigi1006YT> yes i know
[12:07] <TBOO-Y> (Gsfsgbahsydhejdjd)
[12:08] <TBOO-Y> <><><><><><><><><><><><> OMG DNA gsngehsksfkluwop
[12:08] <IceTudor> shut the fuck up.
[12:08] <AM Waves> Cancer is caused by cell duplication problem, not Ebola, nor AIDS.
[12:08] <Luigi1006YT> i dont have a cure for canc- :^)
[12:08] <IceTudor> yknow this is spam right.
[12:08] <AM Waves> Ahh.
[12:08] <TBOO-Y> Its called a foucking cell that doesn't wanna die cuz it's too retarded to live but it's stupid
[12:09] <AM Waves> Why do I try to be serious.
[12:09] <TBOO-Y> so natural killer cells be like
[12:09] <Luigi1006YT> @AM Waves i don't know either.
[12:09] <TBOO-Y> We kill u u mayst dye omg omg
[12:09] <IceTudor> y'guys ready for me to screenshot this and report you for spamming
[12:09] <IceTudor> =)
[12:09] <TBOO-Y> Damn
[12:10] <Luigi1006YT> Thats too much salt on my chips ;-;
[12:10] <The Tidal Wave> back
[12:10] <TBOO-Y> Whoa mate soy sauce is not a drink
[12:10] <AM Waves> Tudor.
[12:10] <TBOO-Y> hi TTW
[12:10] <IceTudor> ?
[12:10] <IceTudor> 
[12:10] <IceTudor> 
[12:10] <IceTudor> ugh
[12:10] <AM Waves> I don't want to break your thing, but that's not considered as spam on rules.
[12:10] <IceTudor> this is like in that one family guy episode
[12:10] <IceTudor> where brian tells a joke
[12:11] <TBOO-Y> Salt Overlord you don't want to get too salty, might result on using a fucking auto smasher
[12:11] <IceTudor> and doesnt tell it to stewie
[12:11] <IceTudor> telling him that its funny
[12:11] <IceTudor> and that he's not gonna tell him the joke for all eternity
[12:11] <IceTudor> as punishment
[12:11] <IceTudor> UGH
[12:11] <TBOO-Y> Sprayer VS Triplet
[12:11] <Luigi1006YT> *uses auto smasher*
[12:11] <TBOO-Y> I don't watch fucking family guy
[12:11] <IceTudor> who cares
[12:11] <TBOO-Y> Nobody
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> Hey mate
[12:12] <Luigi1006YT> heyhihello
[12:12] <The Tidal Wave> hi Drac
[12:12] <ItzDracius> I CAN FORCE MYSELF TO CRY
[12:12] <Luigi1006YT> OK
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> Good job me I didn't use an abbreviation for everyone's name
[12:12] <TBOO-Y> do it
[12:13] <AM Waves> I never use name abbreviations.
[12:13] <TBOO-Y> Ok
[12:13] <IceTudor> LMAOOO
[12:13] <IceTudor> 
[12:14] <TBOO-Y> good job trying to say Trancedent Being Of Opness Y while trying to catch up I dare you
[12:14] <TBOO-Y> I spelled Transcendent wrong XD
[12:14] <ItzDracius> what does lmao mean?
[12:14] <TBOO-Y> laughing my ass off
[12:14] <IceTudor> Transcendent being of opness Y
[12:14] <ItzDracius> loljk
[12:14] <TBOO-Y> I meant catching up in conversations
[12:14] <Luigi1006YT> nerf smasher
[12:15] <AM Waves> Transcendent Being Of OPness Y.
[12:15] <TBOO-Y> Y is also an abbreviation for super ultra mega so good job here's my non abbreviationized name
[12:15] <IceTudor> supercalifragisticexplialidoucious
[12:15] <IceTudor> haha
[12:15] <TBOO-Y> Super Ultra Mega Transcendent Being of Opness
[12:15] <IceTudor> try saying that 5 times fast
[12:15] <IceTudor> done.
[12:16] <TBOO-Y> supercalifragilistissupercalidoucious
[12:16] <IceTudor> wrong
[12:16] <TBOO-Y> supercalifragilistissupercalidocious
[12:16] <AM Waves> Supercalifragisticexplialidoucious.
[12:16] <IceTudor> supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
[12:16] <TBOO-Y> Not how I pronounce it
[12:16] <AM Waves> Docious.
[12:16] <IceTudor> ugh
[12:16] <Luigi1006YT> Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
[12:16] <TBOO-Y> *demonic 
[12:16] <AM Waves> Douchious.
[12:16] <IceTudor> anyone wanna play tpt with me
[12:17] <AM Waves> Demonic Silence is gone.
[12:17] <TBOO-Y> what the 
[12:17] <AM Waves> Maybe I will Tudor.
[12:17] <TBOO-Y> You are wrong
[12:17] <TBOO-Y> *demonic silence
[12:17] <AM Waves> I am the one invented Demonic Silence.
[12:17] <AM Waves> So you can't know better than me.
[12:17] <TBOO-Y> It was Intredistrict
[12:17] <The Tidal Wave> <span class="me-username">* <span>The Tidal Wave</span></span> is bored
[12:17] <AM Waves> No, it was me.
[12:17] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:18] <The Tidal Wave> <span class="me-username">* <span>The Tidal Wave</span></span> *
[12:18] <AM Waves> Ask him if you see him.
[12:18] <TBOO-Y> /say does not know if this is the command
[12:18] <The Tidal Wave> /no
[12:18] <TBOO-Y> <span class="me-username">* <span>TBOO-Y</span></span> or this
[12:18] <AM Waves> <span class="me-username">* <span>AM Waves</span></span> feels sad.
[12:18] <TBOO-Y> <span class="me-username">* <span>TBOO-Y</span></span> is angry at AM Waves because he exists (jk)
[12:19] <ItzDracius> /me
[12:19] <TBOO-Y> Ik
[12:19] <TBOO-Y> <span class="me-username">* <span>TBOO-Y</span></span> knows
[12:19] <The Tidal Wave> <span class="me-username">* <span>The Tidal Wave</span></span> is bored out of his mind and is experimenting in FTB
[12:19] <TBOO-Y> <span class="me-username">* <span>TBOO-Y</span></span> is eating some 🥓 
[12:19] <AM Waves> <span class="me-username">* <span>AM Waves</span></span> hates humanity.
[12:19] <ItzDracius> isnt FTB
[12:19] <ItzDracius> Feed The Beast?
[12:20] <The Tidal Wave>
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> <span class="me-username">* <span>TBOO-Y</span></span> hates everything in existence except for everything in existence which isn't everything in existence 
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> Yay Fantasy Tank Builder, it's awesome
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> Press O, it's a hot key and it does something
[12:20] <The Tidal Wave> adds a barrel
[12:20] <TBOO-Y> yeah
[12:20] <IceTudor> WOAAHH
[12:20] <IceTudor> SYMETRY MODE
[12:21] <IceTudor> YES
[12:21] <Luigi1006YT> hey look im bacc
[12:21] <IceTudor> THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED!
[12:21] <The Tidal Wave> How did you think I made the Lag?
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> Are me and Tidal and Ice the only ones who know about this?
[12:21] <The Tidal Wave> Did I put those barrels one by one?
[12:21] <Teamerz> about what
[12:21] <TBOO-Y> Nahhhh
[12:21] <The Tidal Wave> FTB
[12:21] <Teamerz> dozens of people know about FTB.
[12:21] <The Tidal Wave> please.
[12:21] <Teamerz> i would say, hundreds
[12:21] <ItzDracius> I use FTB to make barrels
[12:21] <ItzDracius> not tanks
[12:21] <The Tidal Wave> Ice
[12:22] <The Tidal Wave> Try holding O
[12:22] <TBOO-Y> That's how to make lag
[12:22] <TBOO-Y> definite try
[12:22] <ItzDracius> I did that once
[12:22] <The Tidal Wave> speaking of lag
[12:22] <TBOO-Y> Do it until it's a grey circle which will take 1 nanosecond DD
[12:22] <TBOO-Y> what
[12:23] <The Tidal Wave>
[12:23] <The Tidal Wave> check out the comments
[12:24] <Luigi1006YT> 32*circle*#00b2e1[{"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":25,"baselength":65,"length":65,"basereload":30,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":30,"b":[12.5,6.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":15,"baselength":40,"length":40,"basereload":15,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":30,"b":[7.5,4,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":25,"baselength":65,"length":65,"basereload":15,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":2,"knockback":0,"disabled":false,"spread":30,"b":[12.5,6.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}]
[12:24] <Luigi1006YT> i remade the sprayer
[12:24] <Luigi1006YT> :D
[12:24] <TBOO-Y> Lol
[12:24] <IceTudor> so what about it?
[12:24] <IceTudor> aint laggin me
[12:25] <TBOO-Y> Brb
[12:26] <TBOO-Y> Hi again
[12:27] <TBOO-Y> want to come up with different ways to torture people
[12:27] <IceTudor> put them on legos
[12:27] <IceTudor> HAHAHHAHHAHAH
[12:27] <IceTudor> imma make a star tank
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> No put them on so much antidepressant dope they won't remember to sit when they are crapping
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> Alfred Krupp reference right thee
[12:28] <IceTudor> lol
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> there*
[12:28] <IceTudor> or they wont remember to crap on the toilet
[12:28] <TBOO-Y> Lol
[12:28] <The Tidal Wave> gah
[12:28] <The Tidal Wave> lag
[12:28] <Ozziene> 12 players
[12:29] <TBOO-Y> And one this face (-^._.^-)
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> And this :DDDDDD
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> And this too yay :::)
[12:30] <IceTudor> speaking of torture
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> What is happening to the chat XD
[12:30] <IceTudor> i made a swastika tank
[12:30] <TBOO-Y> Cool
[12:31] <ItzDracius> uhh
[12:31] <TBOO-Y> Chat is getting cracks in it from the dark minds of the people here
[12:31] <ItzDracius> so i washed my hands
[12:32] <ItzDracius> i looked up
[12:32] <ItzDracius> i saw a roach
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> Like people who use this cancer face :DDDDDD
[12:32] <ItzDracius> i screamed so loud
[12:32] <TBOO-Y> dafuq
[12:32] <ItzDracius> that i hurt my own ears
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> M8, we saw a fucking bee sitting in our yard and we had to stop people from stepping on it, and it flew away after
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> maybe it was a roach but that relates more
[12:33] <ItzDracius> im less afraid of bees
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> Auto 3, bad or good
[12:33] <ItzDracius> or
[12:33] <ItzDracius> neutral for me
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> shitposts
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> ok
[12:33] <TBOO-Y> me too
[12:34] <TBOO-Y> More cracks in chat
[12:34] <TBOO-Y> (-^._.^-)
[12:34] <TBOO-Y> I invented that face
[12:35] <ItzDracius> i can make an emoji out of that face
[12:35] <TBOO-Y> It's not a cat bluching
[12:35] <ItzDracius> ik
[12:36] <TBOO-Y> its a person raising their eyebrows while being creepy
[12:36] <ItzDracius> yeah
[12:37] <ItzDracius> hey BOSS
[12:37] <The named BOSS> rp?
[12:37] <The named BOSS> hi
[12:37] <The named BOSS> first thing i say
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> 🙀😱☠️💀 <---- me trying to be scary lol
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> Cough
[12:37] <TBOO-Y> ._____________.
[12:37] <The Tidal Wave> hi boss
[12:38] <The named BOSS> rp???
[12:38] <The named BOSS> hi
[12:38] <TBOO-Y> I would like you to acknowledge the appearance of 3 new emoticons made by me
[12:38] <The Tidal Wave> not yet
[12:38] <TBOO-Y> :DDDDDD
[12:38] <TBOO-Y> :::)
[12:38] <TBOO-Y> and finally
[12:38] <TBOO-Y> (-^._.^-)
[12:39] <TBOO-Y> Creepy... HHEHEHEHHEhdjdjdjdjskw
[12:39] <TBOO-Y> Also
[12:39] <TBOO-Y> about 9628
[12:39] <The named BOSS> to me it looks like a kinda trying to look happy but not knowing how to smile savage dragon thing
[12:39] <TBOO-Y> He had a lemonade while cracking the code that's why XD
[12:40] <TBOO-Y> I mean about 9628 not the emoticon lol
[12:40] <TBOO-Y> Ninesixtwentyeight *GULP*
[12:41] <TBOO-Y> We are committing atrocities against the chat
[12:41] <TBOO-Y> We need to amass our army of Users to fight against the Grammar Nazis, who's with me?
[12:43] <TBOO-Y> Uhhh
[12:43] <TBOO-Y> Hello world
[12:43] <TBOO-Y> s
[12:45] <The named BOSS> me maybe
[12:45] <The named BOSS> idk
[12:46] <The named BOSS> i kinda may or not be one part time
[12:46] <TBOO-Y> Bot000 for Grammer Correction says:
[12:46] <TBOO-Y> Me, maybe
[12:46] <The named BOSS> PART TIME
[12:47] <TBOO-Y> ik
[12:47] <TBOO-Y> lol
[12:48] <TBOO-Y> Meanwhile Chrome is fishing some websites
[12:49] <TBOO-Y> (-^._.^-)
[12:51] <The named BOSS> kinda trying to look happy but not knowing how to smile savage dragon thing
[12:51] <TBOO-Y> Do you want to build a machine to kill Frozen because it's literally the worst movie ever, makes me want to slowly kill its creators but make them watch their film be stamped on first
[12:52] <The named BOSS> eh
[12:52] <TBOO-Y> boo:-t
[12:52] <The named BOSS> i could just ask grev to go watch it and he will do it.
[12:52] <ItzDracius> I have a pen
[12:52] <TBOO-Y> ok yeah probs
[12:52] <ItzDracius> I have an apple
[12:52] <TBOO-Y> i have a cancer
[12:52] <TBOO-Y> i have a death
[12:52] <TBOO-Y> boom
[12:52] <ItzDracius> Uh... Unoriginal apple product
[12:53] <TBOO-Y> no bloody mary
[12:53] <ItzDracius> its literally an S Pen
[12:53] <TBOO-Y> yeah, and I'm a person
[12:54] <ItzDracius> anyway
[12:54] <FallenBooster> bakk
[12:54] <ItzDracius> gtg
[12:54] <The named BOSS> oh for
[12:54] <TBOO-Y> Hi I'm the Fallen Fallen Booster nice to meet you
[12:55] <TBOO-Y> press and release b*tches
[12:55] <The Tidal Wave> gonna shower
[12:55] <The Tidal Wave> be back in a while
[12:55] <Teamerz> gonna show her
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> autocorrect?
[12:56] <Teamerz> no
[12:56] <Teamerz> .3.
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> show who
[12:56] <Teamerz> it was a pun..
[12:56] <Teamerz> .-.
[12:56] <The named BOSS> k bai
[12:56] <TBOO-Y> well, I didn't get it, so I will have to PUNish you
[12:57] <The named BOSS> rp?
[12:57] <Teamerz> you cant; i am the PUNisher
[12:57] <TBOO-Y> ßæwėxżçÿ
[12:58] <TBOO-Y> I'm going to go sleep now bye
[12:59] <The named BOSS> bye den
[01:04] <ArenaCloser1337> hey
[01:05] <Teamerz> hai
[01:05] <ArenaCloser1337> (wave) 
[01:05] <IceTudor> hoi
[01:06] <IceTudor> arena
[01:06] <IceTudor> we should work on polychora
[01:06] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah
[01:06] <ArenaCloser1337> but I have no idea with it
[01:06] <AM Waves> Hi ArenaCloser.
[01:07] <IceTudor> something like
[01:08] <IceTudor> octachoron
[01:08] <IceTudor> explodes into 8 hexahedra
[01:08] <The Tidal Wave> back
[01:08] <The Tidal Wave> hi ac
[01:09] <The Tidal Wave> ..
[01:09] <The Tidal Wave> the moment i come into chat it dies
[01:10] <AM Waves> It was dead already.
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> true
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> This chat dies easily
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> Is it normal, for a chat with many peoples?
[01:18] <Teamerz> for this chat
[01:18] <Teamerz> ye
[01:18] <AM Waves> When ZathusTheMageV arrives, it becomes alive again.
[01:19] <ArenaCloser1337> We could say: He's the life of the party
[01:20] <AM Waves> Jyeh.
[01:20] <AM Waves> He practically stands for that.
[01:22] <Teamerz> he practically sits for that
[01:25] <The Tidal Wave> <span class="me-username">* <span>The Tidal Wave</span></span> is waiting for [s]Zathsu[/s] Zathus to join
[01:25] <AM Waves> <span class="me-username">* <span>AM Waves</span></span> is waiting for name change approvement.
[01:26] <The Tidal Wave> so full, yet so dead.
[01:32] <The named BOSS> rar
[01:32] <The Tidal Wave> roar
[01:32] <The named BOSS> ... file
[01:33] <The named BOSS> rp?
[01:34] <The Tidal Wave> sure
[01:34] <The Tidal Wave> chats dead anyway
[01:35] <The named BOSS> (you start)
[01:36] <The named BOSS> (START PLES)
[01:37] <The Tidal Wave> (sorry)
[01:37] <The Tidal Wave> (wait)
[01:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Welcome!
[01:37] <The Tidal Wave> ????
[01:37] <The Tidal Wave> Who?
[01:38] <ArenaCloser1337> (It's the king of a kingdom)
[01:38] <The Tidal Wave> (oh yeah)
[01:38] <ArenaCloser1337> (Henry Jr. = King Tank II)
[01:39] <The Tidal Wave> (i forgot)
[01:39] <ArenaCloser1337> okie
[01:40] <The Tidal Wave> Random Pi Tank: Good day, my lord.
[01:40] <The Tidal Wave>
[01:43] <The named BOSS> (argh)
[01:43] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Do you have a reservation to our inn.?
[01:44] <The named BOSS> (i wish kacperlupa didt beat me to the whole metroid character being a boss thing)
[01:44] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: What inn?
[01:44] <The Tidal Wave> (rip you)
[01:44] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: We have an inn in our kingdom
[01:45] <The named BOSS> (well)
[01:45] <The named BOSS> (idk)
[01:46] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: No, sir.
[01:47] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: If you want to stay in our inn, it costs an average of 100 tankits per days per person. We have deluxe rooms.
[01:48] <The named BOSS> *a thump is heard as BOSS rams into the gate or door or whatever, trying to get in*
[01:48] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: There's a door, sir!
[01:48] <The Tidal Wave> (moments later, someone beats you)
[01:49] <The named BOSS> *BOSS comes in, panting*
[01:49] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: No thank you sir.
[01:49] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: I'm rather broke right now.
[01:49] <The named BOSS> (as usual, no tags when i talk in rp, just regular text)
[01:49] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Well, Imma sit in my throne. We also have a bank in our kingdom.
[01:49] <The named BOSS> Grevious... himself... going to attack...
[01:49] <The named BOSS> *BOSS faints*
[01:50] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: Please. That dude again?
[01:50] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: It's always a robot, anyways
[01:50] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Don't you get it? Everytime he attacks us, it's a robot
[01:51] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: Yeah.
[01:51] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: Now we wait.
[01:54] <The named BOSS> *a bang is heard outside the gates*
[01:55] <The Tidal Wave> (BE OUR GUEST)
[01:55] <The Tidal Wave> (BE OUR GUEST)
[01:55] <The named BOSS> (???)
[01:55] <The Tidal Wave> (PUT OUR SERVICE TO THE TEST)
[01:55] <The Tidal Wave> (continue)
[01:56] <AM Waves> <span class="me-username">* <span>AM Waves</span></span> is playing World of Tanks: Common Test 9.19.1
[01:58] <The Tidal Wave> <span class="me-username">* <span>The Tidal Wave</span></span> is playing DD Tank
[02:00] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: What was that bang?
[02:01] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: Grevious, i'm guessing.
[02:01] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Not that brat again...
[02:01] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Always making robots to kill me
[02:03] <The named BOSS> *another bang, there is an exposion*
[02:03] <The named BOSS> *explosion**
[02:03] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Now that we know it's a robot or a clone, is there a weakness to clones/robots?
[02:03] <The Tidal Wave> (TALE AS OLD AS TIME)
[02:03] <The Tidal Wave> (SONG AS OLD AS RHYME)
[02:04] <The Tidal Wave> (BEAUTY AND GASTONNNNN)
[02:04] <The Tidal Wave> (lol)
[02:05] <Teamerz> knight: water?
[02:06] <ArenaCloser1337> *plays tennis on a small yellow device made by Activion, or is it made by Activision?*
[02:06] <ArenaCloser1337> *It's some sort of game and watch*
[02:07] <Luigi1006YT> oh my gogogd lugi106ty es bac on chat
[02:08] <Luigi1006YT> of course the chat is dead
[02:11] <The named BOSS> *the entire gate explodes*
[02:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Guards! Attack the guys that exploded the gate!
[02:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: [small] What kind of idiots with no mind destroys the entire gate when there is a door...
[02:13] <ArenaCloser1337> *Guards attacks*
[02:13] <The named BOSS> *it is 5 of the robo grevs*
[02:13] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I'm going on a plane rn, so don't expect to see me for a couple ours :P
[02:13] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> so ye
[02:13] <ArenaCloser1337> Hi chap
[02:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> hi AC
[02:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Guards! Use the robots weakness!
[02:14] <The Tidal Wave> hi chap
[02:14] <ArenaCloser1337> *Guards use electro-sappers to destroy the robo grevs*
[02:14] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> hi Tidal
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: *patiently waits for the legit grev to show up*
[02:15] <AM Waves> Hi Chapsteck.
[02:15] <AM Waves> I am destined to reply late it seems.
[02:15] <The named BOSS> *grevious himself wa;ks through the gate*
[02:16] <The named BOSS> *walks**
[02:16] <IceTudor> hi chop
[02:16] <IceTudor> let's make our polychora pag
[02:16] <IceTudor> page**
[02:16] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: GUARDS! ATTACK THE REAL GREVIOUS!
[02:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> hi AM
[02:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> kek
[02:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> anyways I gtg now
[02:16] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> bai
[02:16] <ArenaCloser1337> bye
[02:16] <The Tidal Wave> bye
[02:17] <ArenaCloser1337> *Guards attacks the real grevious*
[02:17] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: If I were you I wouldn't attack Grevious so fast.
[02:17] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Why?
[02:18] <The Tidal Wave> Hi Diepmon
[02:18] <The named BOSS> *he defeats them all with ease*
[02:18] <The Tidal Wave> Pi: That is why.
[02:18] <ArenaCloser1337> *Guards run away*
[02:18] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: *Thinks*
[02:18] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: Ahah!
[02:19] <ArenaCloser1337> Henry Jr: [verysmall] Guards! Distract the grevious!
[02:19] <IceTudor> rip chappar
[02:19] <ArenaCloser1337> *Guards distract Grevious*
[02:21] <The named BOSS> *he blasts one with the lightning cannon thing, killing them*
[02:21] <ArenaCloser1337> *Grevious gets trapped into an energy field* 
[02:21] <The named BOSS> *he sends an energy pulse and destroys the electroinics in it*
[02:21] <The named BOSS> *controlling ity**
[02:21] <The named BOSS> *it*
[02:22] <ArenaCloser1337> *Henry Recloses it*
[02:22] <The named BOSS> *it is broken*
[02:22] <ArenaCloser1337> (That's not how it works)
[02:22] <The named BOSS> *he then kills the guards that were attacking him*
[02:22] <The named BOSS> (Fine)
[02:22] <ArenaCloser1337> (You have to destroy the source of the energy field)
[04:07] <Enpanzran> June 14th.
[04:07] <ArenaCloser1337> okie
[04:19] <ArenaCloser1337> rip chat
[04:21] <Tacocat247> BAck
[04:21] <ArenaCloser1337> btb
[04:21] <ArenaCloser1337> *brb
[04:21] <ArenaCloser1337> gonna eat
[04:22] <Tacocat247> tis k
[04:22] <Tacocat247> Ima play some diep
[04:22] <Tacocat247> bye
[04:32] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[04:34] <ArenaCloser1337> back
[04:34] <ArenaCloser1337> .-.
[04:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Forever Alone ;_;
[04:41] <Enpanzran> Yeah.
[04:45] <Tacocat247> [s]I hate annihilator rammrs[/s] Hi
[04:45] <Theelementalmaster> Hi
[04:46] <Tacocat247> Lag
[04:46] <ArenaCloser1337> hi taco
[04:46] <ArenaCloser1337> want to continue the ro?
[04:46] <ArenaCloser1337> *rp?
[04:46] <ArenaCloser1337> RP Continue!
[04:46] <Tacocat247> In alitle bit
[04:47] <Tacocat247> /announce RP CONTINUE!
[04:48] <Tacocat247> (I have lt oflag
[04:48] <ArenaCloser1337> (Last time, he fainted)
[04:48] <Tacocat247> (I is mssg with texy)
[04:48] <Tacocat247> 
[04:48] <Tacocat247> (I CANT TYPE)
[04:48] <Tacocat247> (LAG)
[04:48] <ArenaCloser1337> (maybe)
[04:49] <Tacocat247> (I HATE LSG)
[04:49] <Tacocat247> *LG
[04:49] <Tacocat247> *LAG
[04:49] <ArenaCloser1337> (Press F5, It might help)
[04:49] <Tacocat247> (Thanks)
[04:49] <Tacocat247> /announce RP CONTINUE!
[04:50] <Tacocat247> (Last time on the RP)
[04:50] <ArenaCloser1337> (Blazar is fainted because he had too much presure)
[04:50] <ArenaCloser1337> *pressure
[04:52] <Tacocat247> (Internet succs)
[04:52] <Tacocat247> (kek) 
[04:53] <Tacocat247> (Alright lets continue)\
[04:53] <ArenaCloser1337> (Remember: He fainted then...)
[04:53] <ArenaCloser1337> (This is where the rp starts)
[04:54] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: BLAZAR! ARE YOU OK!???
[04:54] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: [small]
[04:55] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Are you!???
[04:55] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar seems to have fainted duh to pressure*
[04:56] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: [small]Oh no... Oh no no no!
[04:56] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Someone! We need help!
[04:58] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: [small]anyone...?
[04:59] <ArenaCloser1337> (But nobody came)
[04:59] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: ...I cannot believe this...
[05:00] <Tacocat247> *In the distance* Necromancer: What is that polygon boss doing?
[05:00] <Tacocat247> Triplet: [font="comic sans ms"] i dunno.
[05:01] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar seems too already wake up*
[05:01] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: [small] Uh...?
[05:01] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Oh! You're ok!
[05:01] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar looks around confused*
[05:02] <Tacocat247> (Do not pull this amnesia crap on me xD)
[05:03] <Tacocat247> (.-.)
[05:03] <Enpanzran> May I join?
[05:03] <Tacocat247> (He just left)
[05:03] <Tacocat247> (Maybe when he comes back)
[05:03] <Tacocat247> (Wrong time Enp/AM)
[05:03] <Enpanzran> (Okay.)
[05:03] <Enpanzran> (Sorry.)
[05:04] <Tacocat247> (*Edits pages while waiting* So many mistakes xD)
[05:04] <Tacocat247> (And missing info)
[05:05] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[05:05] <ArenaCloser1337> (I lagged horribly)
[05:05] <Tacocat247> (At least you are bacK)
[05:05] <ArenaCloser1337> (Did I miss anything?
[05:05] <Tacocat247> (No)
[05:05] <Enpanzran> Latency maxed?
[05:06] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: [small] Aquamarine, is that you?
[05:06] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: [small]Yes, it's me. Are you alright?
[05:06] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: [small] I feel so dizzy...
[05:07] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: You fainted. You'll get better in a little bit...
[05:07] <Enpanzran> *Enuapanzram has spawned into the arena.*
[05:08] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: [small] As long as you're fine, I'm fine...
[05:08] <Enpanzran> Enuapanzram: Hello.
[05:08] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Hello there...
[05:08] <Enpanzran> Enuapanzram: May I ask who are you?
[05:09] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I'm [[Aquamarine]]
[05:09] <Tacocat247> (Fialed)
[05:09] <Tacocat247> (*Failed)
[05:09] <Tacocat247> (Hello)
[05:09] <CyanSkull> Hey men!
[05:09] <Enpanzran> (Hi.)
[05:09] <CyanSkull> Is there a diepio disco rd
[05:09] <Tacocat247> ([small]im done for...
[05:09] <Enpanzran> Yes as I know.
[05:10] <CyanSkull> Link
[05:10] <CyanSkull> Aaaaaaaaa
[05:10] <Tacocat247> (INsert line of A's here)
[05:10] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) 
[05:10] <ArenaCloser1337> (dangit, I gtg)
[05:10] <Tacocat247> (frick)
[05:10] <Tacocat247> (Bye) 
[05:10] <ArenaCloser1337> (It's not my fault)
[05:10] <ArenaCloser1337> bye
[05:11] <Enpanzran> (Bye) 
[05:11] <Tacocat247> (Try to come back soon)
[05:12] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello. :3
[05:12] <Tacocat247> Hi Zathsu
[05:12] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[05:12] <Tacocat247> just editing a few pages
[05:12] <Enpanzran> How is the merge going?
[05:12] <Tacocat247> Fixed an error on the [[Pentagon Nest]] page
[05:13] <ZathusTheMageV> I think its going well.
[05:13] <Enpanzran> Good.
[05:13] <ZathusTheMageV> Ursuul gives me weekly status updates.
[05:13] <Enpanzran> So you get reports weekly.
[05:13] <Tacocat247> Howzit going thus far
[05:13] <Tacocat247> bc i want to make an OP concept rn
[05:13] <Enpanzran> Good according to him.
[05:14] <ZathusTheMageV> Very well then. We've successfully got everyone to move over here for the chat. Thats a plus/
[05:14] <Tacocat247> +
[05:14] <Tacocat247> [big]+
[05:14] <Tacocat247> that is also a plus
[05:14] <CyanSkull> Yo Zathus
[05:14] <Enpanzran> Zathus, will the OPurge stay active?
[05:14] <Tacocat247> "Very well then. We've successfully got everyone to move over here for the chat. Thats a plus/" equals [giant] +
[05:14] <CyanSkull> Does Zathus still play Clash of Royal
[05:14] <ZathusTheMageV> Not much anymore.
[05:14] <ZathusTheMageV> But I do.
[05:15] <CyanSkull> Same
[05:15] <CyanSkull> GD?
[05:15] <Enpanzran> I gues it will.
[05:15] <Tacocat247> Geometry Dash is fun
[05:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Once again, not as much anymore.
[05:15] <ZathusTheMageV> But I do. xD
[05:15] <Tacocat247> Actually Enp, there is an OP namespace, where you can make OP concepts
[05:15] <CyanSkull> Aaa Zathus do you have Discord
[05:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Indeed.
[05:15] <Tacocat247> Like, my Op concept
[05:15] <Tacocat247> (That i wanna make)
[05:16] <Enpanzran> I was asking that.
[05:16] <Tacocat247> brb
[05:16] <CyanSkull> Zathus giv discord
[05:17] <Enpanzran> Is the OPurge going to be active here too, or no?
[05:17] <Tacocat247> *Currently ports Templates to here
[05:18] <CyanSkull> If anyone plays GD what do you think about this
[05:18] <CyanSkull> (Geometry Dash)
[05:18] <IceTudor> back
[05:18] <Enpanzran> This game got updated a lot since I last played.
[05:18] <Tacocat247> That could be a future daily level
[05:18] <IceTudor> who da fuk be cyanskull?
[05:18] <Enpanzran> I am impressed.
[05:18] <IceTudor> what game?
[05:19] <CyanSkull> Geometry Dash
[05:19] <CyanSkull> I think
[05:20] <Tacocat247> bred
[05:20] <ZathusTheMageV> I got so close to finishing my best looking level yet.
[05:20] <ZathusTheMageV> In GD
[05:20] <ZathusTheMageV> But I havent played since
[05:21] <CyanSkull> Rip
[05:21] <CyanSkull> I never finished a level lol
[05:22] <CyanSkull> And I've been playing since 1.6 aaa
[05:22] <Enpanzran> I made one 1,2 years ago.
[05:22] <ZathusTheMageV> There are previews on my YT channel, but even since then, its been looking a LOT better.
[05:22] <ZathusTheMageV> Even the parts shown in the previews
[05:22] <Enpanzran> YT Channel?
[05:22] <ZathusTheMageV>
[05:23] <ZathusTheMageV> Last vid was four months ago
[05:23] <ZathusTheMageV> Thats how long its been since I played GD then
[05:23] <Enpanzran> This game changed a lot, since last time I played.
[05:23] <Enpanzran> 1 year ago.
[05:24] <Enpanzran> I started to play it when it was out.
[05:25] <CyanSkull> Zathus what do you think about this new vid
[05:27] <CyanSkull> Oh hey men!
[05:28] <ZathusTheMageV> My internet decided to die, so I had to close and re-open chat and it took like two minutes. >_>
[05:28] <ZathusTheMageV> So I didn't see any of those messages until now, soz.
[05:29] <CyanSkull> Oh
[05:29] <Enpanzran> [Insert Sad music]
[05:29] <CyanSkull> what do you think
[05:31] <ZathusTheMageV> Nice.
[05:31] <ZathusTheMageV> Actually that beginning looks really good.
[05:31] <CyanSkull> The first part is mine lol
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> In a really private Discord server where one of the people is a decently famous GD creator, I guess.
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Heard of ILRELL, or nah?
[05:32] <CyanSkull> I do
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Yeah
[05:32] <CyanSkull> I have him in discord friends
[05:32] <CyanSkull> I also have Krazyman50 if you heard of him
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Of course
[05:32] <CyanSkull> Soundodger is a good game aa
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> But in this Discord server we all met from Waterflame's channel like two years ago.
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Lmao
[05:33] <CyanSkull> Lol
[05:33] <CyanSkull> Aaa friend me on Discord
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Before ILRELL even got 'famous' off GD stuff lol
[05:33] <CyanSkull> Lol
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> So Im an original B)
[05:33] <CyanSkull> ChaotiC#8940
[05:33] <CyanSkull> Friend!!!
[05:33] <Tacocat247> Ozun never got Boneless Pizza :(
[05:33] <CyanSkull> Rip ozun
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> I can get you Boneless Pizza, Taco :3
[05:34] <ZathusTheMageV> I think you're a member of the hivemind anyway
[05:34] <Tacocat247> Ozun needs boneless pizz
[05:34] <Tacocat247> I am not
[05:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh
[05:34] <ZathusTheMageV> It was Ozun that needed the boneless
[05:34] <CyanSkull> Inner Shadows?
[05:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Yup
[05:34] <Enpanzran> But bots don't eat.
[05:34] <Tacocat247> [s]Although teamerz says i am, but i dont care)
[05:34] <CyanSkull> Kewl
[05:34] <ZathusTheMageV> I dont have my name as normal on there recently because people would bug me all the time
[05:34] <ZathusTheMageV> So I changed it to something else random
[05:34] <ZathusTheMageV> So some annoying peeps would stop messaging me for no reason
[05:38] <Tacocat247> Hi SR
[05:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, master SR.
[05:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Nevermind then.
[05:38] <Enpanzran> Denied.
[05:39] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[05:39] <Tacocat247> we need steramps
[05:39] <SuperRobot9338> i am of hello
[05:39] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello.
[05:39] <CyanSkull> Hello 
[05:40] <Tacocat247> Nobellion's profile rotation needs to be a gif
[05:41] <CyanSkull> Here is a meme!!!
[05:42] <Enpanzran> (serious)
[05:42] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[05:43] <Enpanzran> (nope) 
[05:43] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) (heavybob) (heavybob) (heavybob) (heavybob) 
[05:43] <Tacocat247> best emote
[05:43] <ZathusTheMageV> While that may be the best emote, this will forever be the first --> (lenny) 
[05:43] <CyanSkull> nooooo pls
[05:44] <CyanSkull> Lennies are bad
[05:44] <Tacocat247> (lenny) (lenny) (lenny) (lenny) (lenny) 
[05:44] <CyanSkull> aaaaaaa
[05:44] <Tacocat247> Hi TNB
[05:44] <Tacocat247> 
[05:44] <ZathusTheMageV> After Teamerz and I were alone last night he constantly spammed lenny emotes
[05:44] <ZathusTheMageV> And I got scared o_o
[05:44] <The named BOSS> Mobile
[05:44] <Tacocat247> tis k
[05:44] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[05:44] <Tacocat247> sorry
[05:44] <ZathusTheMageV> tis k = "tisk"
[05:44] <ZathusTheMageV> ;)
[05:45] <The named BOSS> Dammit
[05:45] <The named BOSS> Fine if you want to heavybob than...
[05:45] <Tacocat247> tis k= "Thats ok"
[05:45] <The named BOSS> Give me a sec
[05:45] <Enpanzran> (heavybob) Why does this even exist?
[05:45] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh no
[05:45] <ZathusTheMageV> BOSS threatens something
[05:45] <ZathusTheMageV> We need to run
[05:45] <Tacocat247> bc its my fav emote
[05:45] <Tacocat247> :3
[05:45] <CyanSkull> I have a music playlist on youtube, anyone wanna listen
[05:46] <CyanSkull> Also Heavy is meme
[05:46] <Tacocat247> PUTIS
[05:46] <Teamerz> >my chat crashed
[05:46] <Teamerz> rip
[05:46] <Tacocat247> Hi Teamerz
[05:46] <Enpanzran> Hi Teamerz.
[05:46] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, master Teamerz
[05:46] <Teamerz> hi
[05:46] <CyanSkull> Music: take a listen
[05:46] <The named BOSS> [yt="3WYwyaN6Qs0"]
[05:47] <The named BOSS> I would post another one
[05:47] <The named BOSS> But I don't even know of it is allowed
[05:47] <The named BOSS> I mean another video
[05:47] <The named BOSS> That video
[05:47] <The named BOSS> I mean...
[05:47] <The named BOSS> The one I did not post
[05:48] <ZathusTheMageV> Relatable
[05:49] <The named BOSS> At around 4:44 I am Samus (the main character) and you are that one enemy
[05:50] <Tacocat247> brb
[05:50] <Enpanzran> It shouldn't be as cold as it is now here.
[05:51] <The named BOSS> Or at 1:00 I am the statue thing and you are trying gto get the powerup 
[05:51] <Enpanzran> Google Weathers, We can't trust you anymore.
[05:50] <Enpanzran> It shouldn't be as cold as it is now here.
[05:51] <The named BOSS> Or at 1:00 I am the statue thing and you are trying gto get the powerup 
[05:51] <Enpanzran> Google Weathers, We can't trust you anymore.
[05:53] <The named BOSS> K
[05:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Wow
[05:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Massacre
[05:55] <The named BOSS> Rp?
[05:55] <The named BOSS> Bored as hell
[05:57] <The named BOSS> GAH
[05:58] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, master Ursuul.
[06:00] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[06:00] <ZathusTheMageV> Good
[06:00] <IceTudor> y'know when to levae
[06:00] <IceTudor> when teams, urssul and zath start this weird ass roleplay
[06:00] <IceTudor> mk
[06:00] <IceTudor> imma brb back to watching family guy
[06:00] <Ursuul> the latency is still bad, keeps booting Özün out of chat
[06:01] <Teamerz> no
[06:02] <ZathusTheMageV> Suffer, BOSS
[06:02] <ZathusTheMageV> Mwa ha ha
[06:03] <The named BOSS> *dies of something*
[06:04] <The named BOSS> -BOSS has died-?
[06:04] <The named BOSS> No
[06:04] <The named BOSS> -BOSS has been boredomed-?
[06:04] <The named BOSS> Eh
[06:05] <Tacocat247> Hi
[06:05] <The named BOSS> -BOSS has died of annoyance for lack of a proper death message thing, wait, isn't that a paradox or something?-?
[06:05] <The named BOSS> Eh
[06:05] <Tacocat247> Hi Ursuul
[06:05] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome back, Taco.
[06:05] <The named BOSS> -BOSS has been slain by the Eye of Cuthulu!-
[06:05] <The named BOSS> Wrong game :/
[06:06] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[06:06] <Tacocat247> I did a gigantic "Concept:InsertTankHere" overhaul on my now Ported Navbox
[06:06] <Tacocat247> and im still not don
[06:06] <Tacocat247> *done
[06:06] <ZathusTheMageV> That was gonna automatically happen anyway
[06:06] <Tacocat247> rly?
[06:06] <ZathusTheMageV> They said all links would be auto-fixed to link properly
[06:06] <ZathusTheMageV> At least thats what I heard :/
[06:06] <Tacocat247> Well, that was all for nothin'
[06:06] <Tacocat247> .-.
[06:07] <Tacocat247> anyways
[06:07] <The named BOSS> -BOSS has been wjsnwoshaisnianaisjajzn-
[06:07] <Tacocat247> Edited a few pages
[06:07] <Tacocat247> hi SUPAR
[06:07] <SuperRobot9338> cool
[06:07] <Tacocat247> coldfist
[06:07] <Tacocat247> Icehand
[06:07] <ZathusTheMageV> welcome back, SR
[06:07] <Tacocat247> waterfoot
[06:07] <Tacocat247> firehead
[06:07] <Tacocat247> wut
[06:08] <Teamerz> zathsu
[06:08] <Teamerz> im dieinging
[06:08] <Tacocat247> dying
[06:08] <The named BOSS> Rp?
[06:08] <ZathusTheMageV> I even made a reference to Coldfist in one of Sassafras' quotes
[06:08] <ZathusTheMageV> "Are your fists cold?"
[06:08] <ZathusTheMageV> What Teamerz -_-
[06:08] <Tacocat247> slightly cold hands'
[06:08] <Teamerz> i just told u im dieing
[06:08] <Tacocat247> *dying 
[06:08] <SuperRobot9338> ugh
[06:09] <SuperRobot9338> alex where r u
[06:09] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh well
[06:09] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul just blanked out in slack
[06:09] <ZathusTheMageV> Guess Teamerz is dying (eh) 
[06:09] <Tacocat247> |[u][o] Text in a box [/u][/o]|
[06:09] <ZathusTheMageV> Teamerz: "Guess I'll just die..."
[06:09] <Tacocat247> |[u][o] Hi Ursuul [/u][/o]|
[06:10] <Ursuul> hi
[06:10] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[06:10] <SuperRobot9338> so
[06:10] <Teamerz> zathsu
[06:10] <SuperRobot9338> [b]WORDMARK TWEAKING
[06:10] <Teamerz> do something to save me
[06:10] <Tacocat247> |[u][o] Im bored, so have teckts in a bawx [/u][/o]|
[06:10] <ZathusTheMageV> Like?
[06:10] <Tacocat247> Feed him 101 sammiches
[06:10] <ZathusTheMageV> (slavery) 
[06:10] <Tacocat247> I think he is dying of hunger
[06:10] <ZathusTheMageV> Lmao it actually happened
[06:10] <SuperRobot9338> After careful survey, I've decided the DW wordmark cannot be customised heavily.
[06:10] <ZathusTheMageV> WHo did this?
[06:10] <Tacocat247> W8 thats an emote xD
[06:10] <ZathusTheMageV> TEAMERZ
[06:11] <ZathusTheMageV> Did you actually make that an emote?
[06:11] <The named BOSS> Like idk I think doing an rp would help
[06:11] <SuperRobot9338> The most can do is swapping "The" and a Trapper Dom.
[06:11] <ZathusTheMageV> Every time Teamerz asks for 101 sammiches I'm using that 
[06:11] <Ursuul> SR I’m in Slack
[06:11] <Tacocat247> (slavery) 
[06:11] <Tacocat247> y tho
[06:11] <Teamerz> ya i did zathsu
[06:11] <ZathusTheMageV> lmao
[06:11] <The named BOSS> Eks dee 
[06:11] <Teamerz> right after you left
[06:12] <Teamerz> i did it
[06:12] <Teamerz> shoulda made it a bit bigger tho
[06:12] <Ursuul> Yeah Teamerz made that emote using a file which will soon be deleted in the merge, even after I told everyone that
[06:12] <IceTudor> IZ DA
[06:12] <Ursuul> so yeah there’s an emote until it dies
[06:12] <Ursuul> gg temz
[06:12] <IceTudor> TEAMZ
[06:12] <The named BOSS> WHATTTTTTT
[06:12] <IceTudor> also u missed one
[06:12] <IceTudor> =P
[06:12] <IceTudor> (hitler77) 
[06:12] <Teamerz> i didnt delete hitler emotes
[06:12] <Ursuul> I deleted Hitler emotez
[06:12] <IceTudor> URSUUL
[06:12] <Teamerz> so get rekt ice
[06:12] <IceTudor> YOU MADMAN
[06:12] <Tacocat247> Good job ursuul
[06:12] <Ursuul> (owo) 
[06:12] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) 
[06:12] <The named BOSS> (slavery )
[06:12] <ZathusTheMageV> I was joking when I said we needed it xD
[06:13] <SuperRobot9338> (slavery) 
[06:13] <ZathusTheMageV> But whatever
[06:13] <ZathusTheMageV> Lmao
[06:13] <SuperRobot9338> KEEP THE IMAGE
[06:13] <SuperRobot9338> SAVE IT
[06:13] <The named BOSS> WHAT DID I BOBBING SAY
[06:13] <IceTudor> does anyone remember i requested 3 fucking emotes?
[06:13] <The named BOSS> -BOSS has died from a lack of rp!-
[06:13] <The named BOSS> YES PERFECT
[06:14] <Ursuul> aight I’ll fix the emote to make sure it doesn’t get deleted
[06:15] <The named BOSS> SR IS RIGHT
[06:15] <The named BOSS> YESSSSSS 
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> lmao
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> This is my life now
[06:15] <Tacocat247> [rmzlk]noice
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Forever stuck in a meme
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Or something
[06:15] <Tacocat247> A command i want back
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Thinking back, I'm pretty sure I inflicted this on myself
[06:15] <Tacocat247> [img]
[06:15] <ZathusTheMageV> But eh
[06:16] <Ursuul> Hey Zathsu
[06:16] <Ursuul> I’m gonna need uhhhhhhhhh, 🅱️oneless sammich
[06:16] <ZathusTheMageV> Ugh
[06:16] <The named BOSS> [veryfreakingsuperofsuperhugegiant] RP?
[06:17] <ZathusTheMageV> He wants that sammich boneless
[06:17] <Tacocat247> [giant]'RP?"[/giant] TNB's last words
[06:18] <Ursuul> 🅱️oneless is 🅱️est
[06:18] <Tacocat247> Ursuul question
[06:18] <ZathusTheMageV> One of my favorite things about the internet is that they'll think anything is 20x funnier if you make the first letter surrounded in a red box
[06:18] <Tacocat247> img command re-add. Yay or Nay?
[06:18] <ZathusTheMageV> nay
[06:18] <Tacocat247> Its useful 
[06:18] <Tacocat247> (skimmer) hold up, this is a test
[06:18] <Tacocat247> (factory) 
[06:19] <Tacocat247> 3sad5me ripSKIMMEREemorete
[06:19] <The named BOSS> [b] [giant] [c="red"] [shadow="orange"] OH HELL PLS RP
[06:19] <ZathusTheMageV> no
[06:19] <Tacocat247> *waits patiently for ArenaCloser1337 and TBOO-Y*
[06:20] <The named BOSS> U know when I say oh hell in red tekts and orang shadoo dat I maen BISNUESZ
[06:20] <ZathusTheMageV> 'shadoo'
[06:21] <The named BOSS> Shhhh 
[06:21] <Tacocat247> yoo noe wen aye sae oe hail pl0z arepee en read teckts und oraenge shadoow thaht aie meeeeen [big][i]BUIEAZNIESZZ
[06:21] <The named BOSS> ^
[06:21] <Tacocat247> ^^
[06:21] <The named BOSS> ^^^
[06:21] <ZathusTheMageV> Now we need Ursuul to come in and replace the first B in BUIEAZNIESZZ with the red B box
[06:21] <Tacocat247> k lets stop
[06:22] <Tacocat247> ~(_8^(I) Homer Simpson
[06:22] <ZathusTheMageV> Temz: "k lets start"
[06:22] <Tacocat247> brb
[06:22] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[06:23] <The named BOSS> Zathsu: *Red and orange fire particles form a vortex and....... sassafras comes out*
[06:24] <ZathusTheMageV> Lmao
[06:24] <ZathusTheMageV> "There's a man riding a horse on top of my chest..." -Sassafras
[06:25] <The named BOSS> Suparrooboot: BANATHINGS ARE HOLY U R BAN
[06:25] <ZathusTheMageV> ikr
[06:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Cuz SR is evil
[06:26] <Ursuul> 🅱️UIEAZNIESZZ
[06:26] <ZathusTheMageV> YES
[06:27] <The named BOSS> Ursuul: I MEAN 🅱️UIESNESS 
[06:27] <IceTudor> wgats with the B thing
[06:27] <IceTudor> i dont get it
[06:27] <IceTudor> is it
[06:27] <IceTudor> a meme?
[06:27] <IceTudor> or sdomething?
[06:27] <ZathusTheMageV> The internet thinks something is 20x funnier when the first letter is surrounded in a red box
[06:27] <ZathusTheMageV> idk
[06:28] <The named BOSS> idk
[06:28] <Ursuul> @Zathsu it’s an emoji
[06:29] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[06:29] <Ursuul> [[Harmful red triangles]]
[06:29] <Ursuul> someone actually made that a page
[06:36] <Tacocat247> LAF
[06:36] <Tacocat247> "Errors Ahead!" plays
[06:36] <Tacocat247>
[06:38] <The named BOSS> *it misses*
[06:38] <The named BOSS> *but it hits a big red button*
[06:38] <Tacocat247> OK now we should RP
[06:38] <Tacocat247> parmesan cheese might be a future boss theme
[06:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol why
[06:38] <Tacocat247> idk
[06:38] <ZathusTheMageV> kek
[06:39] <The named BOSS> *the big red button red big button red button big does a button thing and gets pressed*
[06:39] <ZathusTheMageV> Kek the great and powerful
[06:39] <Tacocat247> KEK is female (kek) (laugh2) 
[06:39] <The named BOSS> *a random Pentafun dies somewhere*
[06:40] <The named BOSS> *the button triggers the fortress to collapse*
[06:40] <The named BOSS> *all tanks die in there*
[06:40] <IceTudor> hi radium
[06:40] <Radium212> Hi there.
[06:40] <Tacocat247> hi
[06:40] <Radium212> I replied to corrupt a wish
[06:40] <Tacocat247> "Granted, but its a communist dictator' ~ COrrupt A wish 2
[06:41] <The named BOSS> Rp?
[06:41] <Radium212> Oh, sorry, yes. Corrupt a wish 2.
[06:41] <The named BOSS> FAK 
[06:41] <The named BOSS> *a random triplet flies out of the fortress and hits the tower of gladii*
[06:42] <The named BOSS> *the entire tower explodes*
[06:42] <Radium212> BOOOMM
[06:42] <ZathusTheMageV> One does not simply destroy the Tower of Gladii*
[06:42] <The named BOSS> *belisarus flies out and hits a world destroying nuke with thier face*
[06:43] <The named BOSS> *the world explodes lol*
[06:43] <ZathusTheMageV> The lol put at the end of that makes it so much better
[06:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Like nobody cares xD
[06:44] <The named BOSS> *that one freaking basic tank who killed the AoP all by themselves flies through space with 😑 that expression*
[06:44] <The named BOSS> [giant] 😑 
[06:44] <The named BOSS> *BOSS and Zathus are flying through space*
[06:45] <The named BOSS> *zathsu* is being forced to make 101 hundred million kainfintejillion sammiches for temz*
[06:45] <ZathusTheMageV> (slavery) 
[06:46] <The named BOSS> (slavery) (slavery) (slavery) (slavery) (slavery) 
[06:47] <The named BOSS> (rage) 
[06:50] <Tacocat247> (topkek)
[06:50] <Tacocat247> (laugh2) 
[06:50] <The named BOSS> Rp NAO 
[06:50] <Tacocat247> NAO-A=No
[06:50] <Tacocat247> jk
[06:50] <Tacocat247> 
[06:51] <Tacocat247> /announce Random Announcement
[06:51] <The named BOSS> Rp now
[06:51] <The named BOSS> OR ELSE I GO CRAY
[06:51] <Tacocat247> kk
[06:52] <Tacocat247> /announce Random Porthole
[06:52] <Tacocat247> /announce RP start!
[06:52] <Tacocat247> (slavery) 
[06:52] <Tacocat247> 2sad5me
[06:52] <Tacocat247> (OK start 4 real now)
[06:53] <ZathusTheMageV> The Zathsu Foundation. Every dollar you donate is one less sammich Zathsu has to make for the abusive master Teamerz
[06:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok now do your RP lol
[06:53] <Tacocat247> Zathsu'
[06:53] <Tacocat247> I give you infinite moneys
[06:53] <Tacocat247> :3
[06:53] <Tacocat247> Hi Grav
[06:53] <Graviatar> hi
[06:54] <The named BOSS> (Rp ples)
[06:54] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Gravi :3
[06:54] <Graviatar> hi
[06:54] <Tacocat247> Rp
[06:54] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Slowly spinning and thinking*
[06:55] <The named BOSS> *BOSS speeds by*
[06:56] <The named BOSS> Dammit
[06:56] <Tacocat247> Astra: Hi.
[06:57] <The named BOSS> BOSS: Hello...
[06:57] <Tacocat247> Astra: I'm bored
[06:59] <ZathusTheMageV> Sorry to break the RP again, but this is one final question.
[06:59] <ZathusTheMageV> Remember the one we did where the Archprophet had to hold off Grevious, some silly Booster thing, and all of Teamerz's shit?
[06:59] <ZathusTheMageV> Should the Archprophet use the 'ceremonial blade' I described in that battle as an actual weapon and design asset in ToD and CoS?
[06:59] <Tacocat247> Yiss
[06:59] <Tacocat247> [giant]YISS
[06:59] <Tacocat247> Hi
[06:59] <Radium212> Hi
[07:01] <The named BOSS> Yes
[07:01] <ZathusTheMageV> Archie's getting some new attacks then...
[07:01] <The named BOSS> Hi
[07:01] <ZathusTheMageV> And maybe even a modification to his opening animation.
[07:01] <Radium212> Hello
[07:01] <Tacocat247> Astra: Im bored.
[07:01] <Radium212> I'm bored too
[07:02] <Tacocat247> (It was in RP)
[07:02] <Radium212> Goodbye
[07:02] <The named BOSS> Bye den
[07:02] <The named BOSS> *grevious, unnoticed, walks forward towards Astra silently*
[07:04] <Tacocat247> Astra: I can see you grevious...
[07:04] <Tacocat247> Astra: I know you are there
[07:04] <The named BOSS> *grevious fires a blast of energy at them, depleting about a eighth of thier hp*
[07:05] <Tacocat247> Astra: Ow!
[07:05] <Tacocat247> Astra: Why are we just standing here?
[07:05] <Tacocat247> Astra: We have to attack!
[07:06] <The named BOSS> *BOSS rushes at grevious, but gets smashed sideways with the blunt of grev's lance, knocking them unconscious*
[07:07] <The named BOSS> Grevious: Ahaha...
[07:07] <The named BOSS> *grevious walks slowly towards astra*
[07:08] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Talks to self* Stay... Calm
[07:08] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Talks to self* Stay...... Calm......
[07:09] <The named BOSS> *grevious laughs*
[07:09] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Red Cracks appear on Astra* ...
[07:10] <Tacocat247> Astra Y: [small]Stay calm.......................
[07:10] <The named BOSS> *grevious fires another blast at Astra, taking off another eighth of thier hp*
[07:11] <Tacocat247> Astra Y: [verysmall]stay calm................................
[07:11] <Tacocat247> *A light blue light emits from Astra Ys body*
[07:12] <The named BOSS> *grevious fires another blast off*
[07:12] <Tacocat247> *The blast does not damage
[07:13] <The named BOSS> *grevious fires 2 more at astra*
[07:13] <Tacocat247> *They do no damage*
[07:14] <The named BOSS> * grevious wakes forward towards Astra*
[07:14] <Tacocat247> *Walks
[07:14] <The named BOSS> *walks**
[07:14] <Tacocat247> (I might gtg soon)
[07:14] <Tacocat247> *An explosion emits from Astra Ys body, pushing Grevious 30 feet away*
[07:15] <Tacocat247> *The Red Cracks on Astra Ys body are now filled with Lava*
[07:15] <Graviatar> Which disciple is your favorite so far
[07:15] <The named BOSS> Grevious: *snarl*
[07:15] <Tacocat247> (Mine is PerpenREDICULOUS!)
[07:16] <The named BOSS> (Hendre' ka or whatever)
[07:16] <The named BOSS> (Jk)
[07:16] <The named BOSS> (Tough one)
[07:16] <The named BOSS> (Idk)
[07:17] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: *Aims all Sixteen Auto Stramliner Guns, and all 5 Auto Annihilator Guns at Grevious*
[07:17] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: [small]Run.
[07:18] <The named BOSS> *grevious narrows thier eye*
[07:18] <The named BOSS> Grevious: Die.
[07:18] <The named BOSS> *grevious fires agian*
[07:18] <Tacocat247> *Blast does no damage*
[07:18] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: [small]I told you to run...
[07:19] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: [small]Or suffer from my wrath...
[07:19] <The named BOSS> Grevious: And I said die.
[07:19] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: I cannot.
[07:19] <The named BOSS> *hordes of metal tanks swarm Astra*
[07:19] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: Oh you make me laugh.
[07:20] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: *A gigantic bullet shield appears around her* Send them off, or i will fire.
[07:21] <The named BOSS> *they keep attackkng*
[07:21] <ZathusTheMageV> *a sonic boom echoes across the arena*
[07:21] <ZathusTheMageV> ???: At last! I hear your voice again! Helped me track you down and finish the job! 
[07:21] <Tacocat247> *The bullet ring around astra Q releases, killing all of the metal tanks*
[07:22] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: Who are you?
[07:22] <ZathusTheMageV> *a new challenger enters the battle*
[07:22] <ZathusTheMageV> OH HO HO
[07:22] <Tacocat247> (please. xD)
[07:22] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: Grevious! And you thought I wouldn't come back to KILL YOU after last time. 
[07:22] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: Its a clone.
[07:23] <Tacocat247> Astra Q: There are 37 of them, and my friends and i killed 17 thus far
[07:23] <The named BOSS> Grevious: First of all, I am not. And second of all, go to hell, third of all, I am a robot clone.
[07:23] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: Not surprising. 
[07:24] <Graviatar> Huh
[07:24] <Graviatar> May I jon?
[07:24] <Graviatar> Join*
[07:24] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: It takes a special kind of arrogance to match someone as stubborn as myself. For that I applaud you.
[07:24] <Tacocat247> (Yes. This is getting interesting)
[07:24] <Graviatar> (Perpendiculus is seen running towards a fortress where the Lich resides...)
[07:25] <Tacocat247> (its a gigantic thunderstom going on rn irl)
[07:25] <Graviatar> (ok can somebody explain what's happening?)
[07:25] <Tacocat247> brb
[07:25] <The named BOSS> Grevious Robot: And... I just happen to be... one of the elite ones!
[07:26] <Teamerz> hi
[07:26] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: You won't be for long! AH HA HA HA HA HA!
[07:26] <Graviatar> hi
[07:27] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello, master Teamerz.
[07:27] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus bursts through the fortress doors, but only sees Archprophet and Grevious about to lash out at each other*
[07:28] <The named BOSS> Robot Grev: Rally.
[07:28] <The named BOSS> Really*
[07:28] <Graviatar> what
[07:28] <Graviatar> am I ruining something?
[07:28] <Graviatar> Sorry :(
[07:28] <Tacocat247> (back)
[07:29] <Tacocat247> (did i miss something)
[07:29] <ZathusTheMageV> (Perpendiculus just entered the battle, I assume)
[07:29] <Graviatar> (Though he was looking for the lich
[07:29] <Graviatar> (He kind of just ended up in battle)
[07:30] <Tacocat247> (I did not ask for ToD)
[07:30] <Graviatar> (Archprophet entered)
[07:30] <Graviatar> (Sorry)
[07:30] <ZathusTheMageV> (?)
[07:30] <Graviatar> (Ugh just get on with it)_
[07:31] <ZathusTheMageV> *Archprophet rolls his eyes and blasts Grevious with a Fireball Storm while nothing seems to be happening*
[07:31] <The named BOSS> *grevious dodges it, and stands still*
[07:31] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus realizes that this is the leader of the Cult Of Panzer, which he knows the Lich is involved...*
[07:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: Oh ho ho! If it isn't the square with a big head...
[07:32] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Well hello! What do we have here? A War machine with two strange arms, and that basterdly Prophet!
[07:33] <The named BOSS> "Bastardley"
[07:33] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Ah, I may have a big head, but your circular mindset isn't worth my time explaining how lazy infinite-sided polygons are like. 
[07:34] <Tacocat247> (I like how Astra is not even there, but is technically still in the RP)
[07:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: How rude!? Consider that your last insult, eh heh heh.
[07:34] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Pfft! Try me! I have twice the agility of your puny arms!
[07:34] <Tacocat247> ???: A circle is 1 sided though.
[07:34] <The named BOSS> *grevious tackles archie from behind*
[07:34] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Pardon me?
[07:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: You can call me a bastard. You can call me circular. But nobody insults my arms!
[07:35] <Tacocat247> ???: or your mask.
[07:35] <ZathusTheMageV> *prepares a Fireball Storm for Perpendiculus*
[07:35] <Teamerz> im just gonna pop and say hi once in a while
[07:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: That too. *nodding, he sends the fireballs at Perpendiculus*
[07:35] <Tacocat247> ???: Actually, Perpendiculus has 4 arms.
[07:35] <The named BOSS> *grevious robo fires multiple lasers at archie*
[07:35] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Oh! That familiar storm of yours. Know how many fanboys try to look like you? Fools!
[07:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: And here we go again. The one versus the many. 
[07:36] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: I am the ruler of MANY!
[07:36] <Teamerz> *pokes perpendiculus*
[07:37] <Tacocat247> (Im bored)
[07:37] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus creates a mass storm of squares that encircles him like an ocean current*
[07:37] <Teamerz> *gets crushed by squares*
[07:37] <ZathusTheMageV> *The Archprophet releases a Mirror Wall and pushes all of the squares away*
[07:37] <The named BOSS> *robot grev attacks Perpendiculus*
[07:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: Do you fear your own shadow!? *The Archprophet begins growing a black and purple energy ball in his hands, and fires out a Shadow Ball a second later. It lazily hones in on Perpendiculus*
[07:38] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Impressive! But you must have forgotten that I have ARMS! *Uses his two arms and fire a wave of fast moving bullets at Archie, he cartwheels away to dodge Grevious's lasers*
[07:39] <The named BOSS> *robot grevious thinks for a moment*
[07:39] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus sees the shadow ball chase it, he creates a ring of squares and smothers it*
[07:39] <The named BOSS> Robot Grevious: L.
[07:40] <ZathusTheMageV> :O
[07:40] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: A right angle? What stupid thing would trick me?
[07:40] <Graviatar> 
[07:40] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet *taking off his crown*: Enough of this foolery!
[07:41] <ZathusTheMageV> *the gem begins flashing various colors*
[07:41] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Oh what now, he's revealing his bald head!
[07:41] <ZathusTheMageV> *the colors flash aster*
[07:41] <ZathusTheMageV> *faster
[07:42] <The named BOSS> *grevious scans archie with a green beam of light*
[07:42] <ZathusTheMageV> *the crown gem releases seven different rainbow colored blinding lasers that sweep the fortress back and forth, destroying all in their paths*
[07:42] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus leaps up and cartwheels around, rolling over the lasers without touching them*
[07:43] <The named BOSS> *grevious teleports behind archie and gives them a shove*
[07:43] <Graviatar> *One of the lasers shoved into Perpendiculus*
[07:43] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Ouch! He was performing a nice laser show and then YOU have to push him, rude!
[07:43] <ZathusTheMageV> *The Archprophet falls and scrambles for his crown*
[07:44] <ZathusTheMageV> *he gets up again and dusts himself off*
[07:44] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: Fair enough fair enough...
[07:44] <ZathusTheMageV> *He teleports behind Grevious and pushes him over*
[07:44] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus leaps onto Grevious and grabs his head with his four arms*
[07:44] <Graviatar> *He punches him*
[07:46] <The named BOSS> *grevious kicks them in the face, and pushes off thier face with thier legs, launching both perpendiculous and robo grev away*
[07:47] <ZathusTheMageV> *The Archprophet takes the time to point and laugh like a cocky shit*
[07:47] <ZathusTheMageV> *But oh wait, it was Cachinnate Apace attack!*
[07:48] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus lands on the Archprophet's face, he is standing on his head*
[07:49] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: Get off of me, you weirdo! *pulls out his ceremonial blade and begins stabbing Perpendiculus in the side with it*
[07:49] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus encircles his blade with a layer of squares, they pull it out of his hands*
[07:50] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Look who's laughing now? Ah Ha ha ha!
[07:50] <ZathusTheMageV> *The Archprophet laughs as the sword vanishes in a golden glow and reappears in his hand*
[07:50] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: I am
[07:50] <The named BOSS> *robo grev does a space jump type thing, does a forward roll, and flies at archprophet, smashing then in the face*
[07:50] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus jumps out of the way*
[07:50] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: Oof.
[07:51] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Here's something, I have shocking news for you! *Perpendiculus performs a Rightened Lightning attack on Archprophet, shocking him*
[07:52] <The named BOSS> *grevious then proceeds to punch archprophet and stab them with thier reg arm, and thier lance arm*
[07:52] <ZathusTheMageV> *Archie teleports out of this madness and collects himself*
[07:52] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: What a coward! 
[07:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Archprophet: You and your minions, Perpendiculus. Your weak squares wouldn't be any match for these though! *his hands begin glowing purple as three Portals form, and Dungeon Crawlers swarm the Fortress*
[07:53] <ZathusTheMageV> (We all know Grav chose Perpendiculus because the name is so long to spell out, so he can do more stuff while we type it lmao)
[07:53] <The named BOSS> (Eks dee)
[07:53] <Graviatar> Perpendiculus: Sure my squares may be WEAK, but I have plenty to share with these parasites! 
[07:54] <Graviatar> *Perpendiculus creates a massive storm of swarm squares, it overwhelms most of the dungeon crawlers* 
[07:54] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh wait
[07:54] <ZathusTheMageV> I got IRL stuff I forgot about lmao
[07:54] <ZathusTheMageV> Made some plans
[07:55] <ZathusTheMageV> And was just reminded of them lol
[07:55] <ZathusTheMageV> I'll be back later, sorry guys. :P
[07:55] <Graviatar> OK
[07:55] <The named BOSS> *power converter bumps into perpendi
[07:55] <Graviatar> I'll just do my own thing
[07:55] <The named BOSS> Culous*
[07:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Always get so caught up and lose track of time in this chat lol
[07:55] <The named BOSS> Bye den
[07:55] <Graviatar> :P
[07:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Bai (-^_^-)
[08:01] <Radium212> Hi
[08:05] <FallenBooster> hi
[08:06] <The named BOSS> Hi
[08:06] <The named BOSS> Rp?
[08:12] <The named BOSS> Oh for
[08:41] <Teamerz> hi
[08:42] <Ozziene> 😖 i have p
[08:42] <Ozziene> painfukl blojsters on myv fri ngers 😷
[08:43] <Ozziene> and ic cant use so ec thi bs
[08:47] <Tacocat247> Hi]
[09:24] <The named BOSS> UUTEE🆓?
[09:25] <The named BOSS> DOUBLE U TEE F
[10:13] <ArenaCloser1337> hey
[11:29] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: About what>
[11:29] <Tacocat247> *?
[11:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: About what I feel about you...I think *blushes*
[11:30] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Oh my...
[11:31] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Go on...
[11:33] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I think I had feelings fo-for y-you... *Blushes even more*
[11:33] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Now, calm down. We don't need you fainting again.
[11:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: You know what that means, right?
[11:37] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I do not know.
[11:37] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: What kind of feelings?
[11:38] <Tacocat247> (o get the boneless pizza)
[11:38] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[11:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Strong feelings
[11:38] <Ursuul> @Taco
[11:38] <ArenaCloser1337> hi ursuul
[11:38] <Tacocat247> Hi ursuul
[11:39] <Ursuul> Hey lads, we’ve run into a bit of a problem with the merge
[11:39] <Tacocat247> ?
[11:39] <Ursuul> It’s still 100% doable, but there’s a small snag
[11:39] <ArenaCloser1337> What is it?
[11:39] <Tacocat247> {{DISPLAYTITLE}}?
[11:39] <Ursuul> [[Special:Import]] is much more limited than originally anticipated. It’s maximum file size is 6 MB, so that means I’d have to do pages one-at-a-time if I wanted to get the whole edit history (& your edit count)
[11:40] <Ursuul> seeing as there’s 3,000 pages that is quite a task
[11:40] <Ursuul> There’s a way to get around it though 
[11:40] <Tacocat247> Ozun bot Mechanics
[11:40] <Tacocat247> (idk)
[11:40] <Ursuul> Basically the only way to quickly import the pages would be to only take the last edit in the edit history
[11:40] <Ursuul> meaning your edit counts wouldn’t go up much at all
[11:41] <Tacocat247> (Finishes code for TIFotBB80S)
[11:41] <Ursuul> @Taco
[11:41] <Tacocat247> Aah god
[11:41] <Ursuul> Are you ok with that?
[11:41] <Ursuul> We can give you special medals signifying your edit counts on DCoW
[11:41] <Tacocat247> i will lose 4.5+ edits, but i'm ok with that.
[11:41] <Tacocat247> Yeah
[11:41] <Tacocat247> Thats ok by me
[11:41] <Ursuul> "awarded for reaching 4.5K edits on DCoW"
[11:41] <Ursuul> ok
[11:41] <Ursuul> Just making sure, I’ll have to let Zathsu & company know as well
[11:41] <Ursuul> everything else is going well
[11:42] <Tacocat247> 4,575 edits is a milestone xD
[11:42] <Tacocat247> (May i make the art 4 teh medallion?)
[11:44] <Ursuul> hmmmmm
[11:44] <Ursuul> we were just going to take the medals gravi made & carry them over
[11:44] <Tacocat247> (I have gotten better at teh artz)
[11:44] <Ursuul> I’ll leave a message on his wall, & then you & Gravi can coordinate making medals yes?
[11:44] <Ursuul> work together?
[11:44] <Tacocat247> (I thought it was just for that one)
[11:45] <Tacocat247> (although ill try)
[11:45] <Ursuul> well we will make medals for increments of 500 up to 4.5K
[11:45] <Ursuul> then we also need to make medals for any Staff who came over in the Merge
[11:45] <Ursuul> Merge Immigrant Medal
[11:45] <Tacocat247> and those who helped with the merge
[11:46] <Tacocat247> (Re-use the medals from the october merge huehuehueh)
[11:46] <Ursuul> oh yeah the Merge Helper too, since the Merge Architects are already done
[11:46] <Ursuul> lol
[11:47] <Tacocat247> anyways
[11:47] <Tacocat247> what now?
[11:47] <Tacocat247> Hi AC
[11:47] <ArenaCloser1337> I lagged
[11:47] <Tacocat247> k
[11:47] <ArenaCloser1337> Let's continue
[11:47] <Tacocat247> So, we can continue the RP after me and Ursuul finish
[11:47] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: 
[11:47] <ArenaCloser1337> Finish what
[11:47] <Tacocat247> Anything else Ursuul?
[11:47] <Tacocat247> (Merge stuff)
[11:47] <Ursuul> Go ahead & RP, I’m mostly done letting you know. I’ll link you to the thread afterward Taco
[11:48] <Tacocat247> (tis k)
[11:48] <ArenaCloser1337> (Let's do it)
[11:48] <Tacocat247> Aqamarine: What kind of strong feelings?
[11:49] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: *Blush*
[11:49] <Tacocat247> Aqamarine: Don't worry, *lines appear on Aquamarine* you can say them.
[11:51] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Uh...
[11:52] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine brings out her wings*
[11:53] <The named BOSS> *boss slowly crawls away*
[11:53] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: It's the feeling of love *Extreme blushes*
[11:53] <Tacocat247> Aqamarine: For whom?
[11:54] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I said "I have strong feeling for you", earlier
[11:55] <Tacocat247> Aqamarine: *blushes* Im not... sure...
[11:55] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: You heard it right *blushes*
[11:56] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Are you... sure?
[11:57] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Yes...I'm sure
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