[01:24] <Diep.iownu> hi. sorry for last time I was on chat. :(
[01:24] <Diep.iownu> hi
[01:25] <Diep.iownu> um..
[01:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!
[01:26] <ZathusTheMageV> Ooh I have an epic evil black now
[01:26] <Diep.iownu> ahhh im so scared... NOT!
[01:26] <ZathusTheMageV> Screw the cyan. Now I can be different from Nobellion. :^)
[01:26] <Diep.iownu> okayyyy.....
[01:27] <Diep.iownu> are u evil?
[01:28] <Diep.iownu> cuz thats cool! :)
[01:30] <ZathusTheMageV> I was the leader of this place before Ursuul.
[01:30] <ZathusTheMageV> Now I am mainly active on the Conception Wikia.
[01:30] <ZathusTheMageV> Because I founded it and kind of have to. :/
[01:31] <ZathusTheMageV> Not to mention its really nice there. ;)
[01:31] <Diep.iownu> Well... might as well go there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[01:31] <Diep.iownu> bye-bye
[01:33] <Smgamermat77> Who the what now?
[01:33] <Diep.iownu> i back :)
[01:34] <Smgamermat77> It's a lot better than this hell hole
[01:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[01:34] <Diep.iownu> whats alot better?
[01:34] <Smgamermat77> since we don't get updates from Zeach - whereas DCP isn't based off of updates.
[01:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Thats why I'm making stuff myself.
[01:35] <ZathusTheMageV> But you know that already.
[01:35] <Smgamermat77> Get to work on your own clock - which is the best kind of clock (eh) 
[01:35] <Smgamermat77> DCP compared to our wiki
[01:35] <Diep.iownu> oh.
[01:35] <ZathusTheMageV> I expected to put more time into it last week, but IRL constraints held me back hard.
[01:36] <Smgamermat77> Still get to work on your own clock regardless (eh) 
[01:36] <ZathusTheMageV> I need someone to make a killer OST. 
[01:36] <ZathusTheMageV> That isn't my 8-bit shit. XD
[01:36] <Smgamermat77> kek
[01:36] <ZathusTheMageV> And I can't just steal music from YouTube like I have been doing on the pages.
[01:36] <Smgamermat77> maor kek
[01:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Especially not from other games, ha ha ha.
[01:37] <Smgamermat77> rip copyrighting
[01:37] <ZathusTheMageV> A lot of the tracks I used as page BGMs for bosses were from Binding of Isaac.
[01:37] <Diep.iownu> yeah
[01:37] <ZathusTheMageV> Yeah but I respect copyrighting anyhow. Thats why I won't legitimately do it.
[01:37] <ZathusTheMageV> I've taken the habit of putting external songs as BGMs from Bloons Conception Wikia.
[01:37] <ZathusTheMageV> They did it all the time.
[01:38] <ZathusTheMageV> And I spent like three years there going unnoticed.
[01:38] <Diep.iownu> who ever questioned their existence once in their life
[01:38] <Diep.iownu> I still haven't
[01:38] <ZathusTheMageV> m3m3s
[01:38] <ZathusTheMageV> "memes"
[01:39] <Diep.iownu> d0g3
[01:39] <Diep.iownu> (doge)
[01:39] <ZathusTheMageV> Just remembered this gem existed earlier today:
[01:39] <ZathusTheMageV> Too bad the boss was like 12 seconds.
[01:40] <Diep.iownu> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯they hold hands
[01:40] <Smgamermat77> I questioned my existence awhile ago - I came to the conclusion that I'm better off in the afterlife.
[01:40] <ZathusTheMageV> The epicoity truly begins at 0:47.
[01:40] <ZathusTheMageV> *epicocity
[01:40] <Diep.iownu> meeeeeemesssss
[01:41] <Diep.iownu> goodbye
[01:41] <ZathusTheMageV> Battle of Lil' Slugger and My Innermost Apocalypse are probably my favorite of Danny B's songs, ironically both being used in McMillen games.
[01:41] <ZathusTheMageV> I guess ironically wouldn't be correct here.
[01:41] <Smgamermat77> Here's a great song for a boss Zathus
[01:41] <ZathusTheMageV> More like coincidentally.
[01:42] <ZathusTheMageV> "An error occurred. Please try again later"
[01:42] <ZathusTheMageV> Yeah, fuck yourself too YouTube,
[01:42] <Smgamermat77> I got the same problem
[01:42] <Smgamermat77> hold on
[01:42] <Smgamermat77> [yt="FLTj3cugwjE"]
[01:42] <Smgamermat77> there we go
[01:42] <Smgamermat77> Yes - even spongebob music is dope
[01:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Lmao
[01:43] <Smgamermat77> It IS actually pretty ope
[01:43] <Smgamermat77> dope*
[01:43] <ZathusTheMageV> Unrelated, but this page by Beni has a special place:
[01:43] <ZathusTheMageV> "Like Phase 1, but in a cheeseburger"
[01:44] <ZathusTheMageV> Purely for that.
[01:44] <Smgamermat77> I always had the idea of a music-based boss in mind for your wiki
[01:44] <Smgamermat77> two of them actually
[01:44] <Smgamermat77> one would be pretty dope - the other would be semi-dope
[01:44] <ZathusTheMageV> I have something SORT OF similar to a music based boss but not really.
[01:45] <ZathusTheMageV> The Juggernaut uses a speaker on his back in some attacks, and a lot of them have music related names.
[01:45] <Smgamermat77> One boss would be a giant Simon-Says boss; you do what the boss tells you to do or you take damage.
[01:45] <Smgamermat77> Correctly doing what the boss tells you to do makes you deal damage to the boss.
[01:45] <ZathusTheMageV>
[01:45] <ZathusTheMageV> Ooh
[01:46] <Smgamermat77> Like a voodoo simon says
[01:46] <Smgamermat77> but with gunz
[01:46] <ZathusTheMageV> >:)
[01:46] <ZathusTheMageV> I need to make more Achievements
[01:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Every boss has a unique achievement gotten for killing it, so like 50% of my achievements alone are those.
[01:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Its gonna need more diversity.
[01:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Need to work on more mechanics and unique enemies.
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> To be fair I do have like 50 unique enemies spread across Mega Fortresses, game modes, and such.
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> And some miscellaneous ones like Clone Drone and Puncher.
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> ^Want to make more Crasher-based enemies like that.
[01:48] <ZathusTheMageV> I pretty much canonized Fanboys of Panzer.
[01:49] <Smgamermat77> The other boss is called the Powerhouse.
[01:49] <Smgamermat77> He's a giant cube in the center with 4 smaller cubes that are at his corners.
[01:49] <Smgamermat77> Each cube has a core class's ability (Drone launcher, Gunner barrels, Destroyer cannon, and maybe a Trapper launcher)
[01:49] <Smgamermat77> He rotates the cubes periodically to protect himself accordingly to how much damage he is taking and where
[01:49] <Smgamermat77> His giant center cube has a giant mean looking face on it, and when his mouth opens up he shoots out a giant beam of fire wherever his eyes are looking
[01:49] <ZathusTheMageV> :O
[01:49] <ZathusTheMageV> I love giant beams and fire.
[01:49] <Smgamermat77> I really like the center cube part of it
[01:49] <ZathusTheMageV> Panzer uses them a lot.
[01:49] <ZathusTheMageV> Lasers, anyway,
[01:50] <Smgamermat77> a mouth that shoots out fire (and lasers from his eyes as you just said) that rotates and chases players
[01:50] <ZathusTheMageV> And when I say lasers, I mean LASERS. Like, not streams of bullets, but actual beams.
[01:50] <Smgamermat77> oh yeah the fire isn't bullets
[01:50] <Smgamermat77> it's actual fire that can catch the player on fire
[01:51] <ZathusTheMageV> I think one of my favorite mechanics I need to explore more is 'tiles', which when walked through give different effects.
[01:51] <ZathusTheMageV> Some bosses use them.
[01:51] <Smgamermat77> I prefer the idea of environmental hazards
[01:51] <ZathusTheMageV> Well its kind of like that.
[01:51] <ZathusTheMageV> Tower of Gladii has lava pools.
[01:51] <ZathusTheMageV> Which are tiles.
[01:52] <ZathusTheMageV> Inflict Burning, Slowed, AND Broken.
[01:52] <ZathusTheMageV> The Pestilent spawns poisonous tiles around him as he moves, which vanish after about 10 seconds.
[01:53] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh shit, realized the Final Sons don't have Achievements for killing them lol
[01:53] <Smgamermat77> Vortexes can occasionally spawn throughout the map, which suck in polygons of all shapes and sizes, as well as players.
[01:53] <Smgamermat77> They continue to suck in random objects until they hit a set limit (which is random when spawned)
[01:53] <Smgamermat77> When the limit is reached, they shoot out tons of pentagons (and occasionally an Alpha)
[01:53] <Smgamermat77> The pentagons are shot out really far and REALLY quickly, so anyone nearby will take tons of damage
[01:54] <Smgamermat77> You can also just omit the Pentagon aspect of it and make it solely a hazard
[01:54] <Smgamermat77> OR
[01:54] <Smgamermat77> if a player gets sucked into a vortex, they will be thrown randomly somewhere else on the map
[01:55] <Smgamermat77> (with a bias on the throwing them towards the enemy spawn area)
[01:55] <ZathusTheMageV> I might make a Tale of Diep suggestion thread.
[01:55] <Smgamermat77> I have shitloads of ideas for diep - I just don't write them down cause it takes too long
[01:55] <ZathusTheMageV> Solely for things like this.
[01:56] <ZathusTheMageV> Not everything will be accepted, but I can see various types of vortexes working. Fits with the end all challenge being called The Void lmao
[01:57] <ZathusTheMageV> Need an Achievement name for beating The Warhand...
[01:57] <Smgamermat77> link me to his page
[01:57] <Smgamermat77> I'm great with names
[01:58] <Smgamermat77> nvm
[01:58] <ZathusTheMageV>
[01:58] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> Might sketch up images of all the Final Sons.
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> To show what they all look like together. :P
[01:59] <ZathusTheMageV> The Warhand is the one I'm looking forward to drawing most, ha ha.
[02:00] <ZathusTheMageV> His design is probably the best of them.
[02:00] <Smgamermat77> Achievement name for killing the Warhand: The Art of War
[02:01] <Smgamermat77> (eh) 
[02:01] <ZathusTheMageV> WOW
[02:01] <Smgamermat77> show the master of war who's boss
[02:01] <ZathusTheMageV> I already named it that
[02:01] <ZathusTheMageV> LMAO
[02:01] <ZathusTheMageV> 
[02:01] <Smgamermat77> (eh) funny how things work out
[02:01] <ZathusTheMageV> Great minds think alike ;)
[02:02] <Smgamermat77> >zathus called me great
[02:02] <Smgamermat77> time to brag to everyone else lmao
[02:02] <ZathusTheMageV> Collectively, all of the achievements related to Final Sons
[02:02] <ZathusTheMageV> *The Apocalypse: Kill one of the [[Final Sons]] at the end of a [[Mega Fortresses|Mega Fortress]]. (Secret until They get Bigger is achieved, found under Game Mechanics)
[02:02] <ZathusTheMageV> *Purgatory: Fight back the hordes of [[The Harbinger]].
[02:02] <ZathusTheMageV> *Art of War: Fight back the hordes of [[The Warhand]].
[02:02] <ZathusTheMageV> *Wither Away: Fight back the hordes of [[The Siphon]].
[02:02] <ZathusTheMageV> *Euthanasia: Fight back the hordes of [[The Pestilent]].
[02:02] <ZathusTheMageV> *Revelation: See the death of all four [[Final Sons]].
[02:02] <ZathusTheMageV> *Double Trouble: Conquer Wave 50 of [[Endless Defense]].
[02:03] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[02:03] <ZathusTheMageV> It tried to make all of them links on this wiki
[02:03] <ZathusTheMageV> (BTW Wave 50 of Endless Defense features two copies of every Final Son at the same time)
[02:04] <ZathusTheMageV> (Dont worry, theres supposedly hundreds of players working together)
[02:04] <Smgamermat77> Was about to say
[02:04] <ZathusTheMageV> (Diepmon created the game mode and I just canonized it and agreed to add it)
[02:04] <Smgamermat77> sounds a little impossible given diep's fanbase
[02:04] <ZathusTheMageV> XD
[02:04] <Smgamermat77> [mg]spin2taem
[02:04] <ZathusTheMageV> Thats why it might not all be Diep.
[02:05] <ZathusTheMageV> But it has to be similar, or else I can't use art already made by Gravi ;)
[02:06] <Smgamermat77> rip
[02:07] <Smgamermat77> I'm trying to figure out names for those achievements
[02:09] <Smgamermat77> so the Pestilent is two smaller people making up one final son?
[02:10] <ZathusTheMageV> No.
[02:10] <ZathusTheMageV> Just has a mask.
[02:10] <Smgamermat77> o
[02:10] <ZathusTheMageV> I need like...a better tag team battle.
[02:10] <ZathusTheMageV> The Twins is merely 'eh'.
[02:10] <Smgamermat77> >terraria twins
[02:10] <ZathusTheMageV> I need like... duo attacks where they do stuff with each other.
[02:10] <ZathusTheMageV> No not Terraria twins.
[02:10] <ZathusTheMageV>
[02:11] <ZathusTheMageV> IDEA
[02:11] <ZathusTheMageV> MWA HA HA HA HA
[02:11] <Smgamermat77> For killing the Pestilent achievement, it should be something along the lines of "only the weak hide behind a mask"
[02:11] <Smgamermat77> or something like that
[02:11] <ZathusTheMageV> Too long -_-
[02:11] <Smgamermat77> yea
[02:11] <ZathusTheMageV> Euthanasia is clever ;)
[02:11] <Smgamermat77> Im trying to figure out how to shorten it
[02:12] <Smgamermat77> tru
[02:12] <ZathusTheMageV> Considering its just ending someone to put them out of their misery, and The Pestilent is pretty much a rotting corpse hiding behind a mask.
[02:12] <ZathusTheMageV> Its also illegal and inhumane. :D
[02:13] <ZathusTheMageV> "the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The practice is illegal in most countries." Thanks Google
[02:13] <Smgamermat77> Personally I think it's human and should be legal
[02:13] <Smgamermat77> humane*
[02:14] <ZathusTheMageV> I like a lot of my Achievement names tbh
[02:14] <ZathusTheMageV> And yeah, I mean, its understandable. I think it would be better to put someone out of their misery.
[02:15] <ZathusTheMageV> If consent wills it of course.
[02:15] <Smgamermat77> ^
[02:15] <ZathusTheMageV> On the Crest of a Wave: Deal the final blow to The Prince.
[02:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Can't Stump the Trump: Defeat Trapper God in his own domain!
[02:15] <ZathusTheMageV> Electricked!: Get shocked by a Tesla Coil while it fakes deactivation.
[02:16] <ZathusTheMageV> Flashy Red Weak Point: Deal the final blow to The Furnace by hitting its weak point. This will be achieved alongside Cremated if it is your first time killing The Furnace.
[02:17] <ZathusTheMageV> I'm Having A...: Defeat Meltdown.
[02:17] <ZathusTheMageV> Mythos: Touch the back wall of the Labyrinth in Fortress Mode, and live to tell the tale... (Secret)
[02:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Wow SR stayed in chat for more than 10 seconds at a time. Impressive. :^)
[02:18] <Teamerz> caught you
[02:19] <Smgamermat77> You should have a boss that continues to flood the room with water or toxic gas (basically the boss is on a timer and if you fail you die immediately)
[02:19] <Smgamermat77> Achievement for dying horrendously "Asphyxiation: Die horribly"
[02:19] <Smgamermat77> Achievement for winning "A breath of fresh air: Win"
[02:19] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[02:20] <Smgamermat77> Bosses based on timers are cool - makes you panic n' shit
[02:20] <ZathusTheMageV> God damn it, now I need to create a secret achievement for getting killed by The tactician's Self Destruct XD
[02:20] <ZathusTheMageV> *The Tactician
[02:20] <ZathusTheMageV> Lower case t. -_-
[02:20] <ZathusTheMageV> Grrrr
[02:20] <Smgamermat77> Thanks for standing still: Get Headshot by a Boss
[02:20] <Smgamermat77> how headshots work is beyond me
[02:20] <Smgamermat77> so dont ask
[02:20] <SuperRobot9338> HI
[02:21] <Teamerz> "survivals of the fittest" - survive 20 seconds while standing still
[02:21] <Smgamermat77> ^
[02:21] <Smgamermat77> yes
[02:21] <ZathusTheMageV> Ooh
[02:21] <Teamerz> i thought u would have figured that one out before but k
[02:21] <Smgamermat77> stupid but very challenging achievements are the best
[02:22] <ZathusTheMageV> Making a Tale of Diep game suggestion thread ASAP. I'll allow any suggestions: Achievement names, bosses or ideas on the wiki already or on the spot, game mechanic ideas, etc.
[02:22] <ZathusTheMageV> Not all will be accepted of course.
[02:22] <Teamerz> another thread?
[02:22] <Teamerz> .-.
[02:22] <Smgamermat77> And if they are accepted..... what then?
[02:23] <Teamerz> w8 zathus
[02:23] <Teamerz> is there a Suggestions board
[02:23] <SuperRobot9338> HI
[02:24] <Smgamermat77> howdy
[02:24] <Teamerz> hoedie
[02:25] <ZathusTheMageV> I just put it on the Fun and Games board ;)
[02:25] <Smgamermat77> Speaking of rape - one time my buddy keith went to a candy store....
[02:25] <Teamerz> ye but zathus
[02:25] <Teamerz> ders so many suggestion threads
[02:25] <Teamerz> >:(
[02:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Like with DCoW Card Suggestions thread, but this one matters.
[02:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Ok well
[02:25] <ZathusTheMageV> Too bad :^)
[02:25] <ZathusTheMageV> I want my community to help me :)
[02:25] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[02:26] <Smgamermat77> This message brought to you by DCoW Industries: "Bringing you a better game"
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> btw
[02:26] <Teamerz> "Bringing you a game"
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> why does SM, of all users, now have fancier chat colours than me?
[02:26] <Teamerz> bc u suk
[02:26] <SuperRobot9338> @_@
[02:26] <Teamerz> do u rly think i know
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> nu
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> i wasn't asking you
[02:27] <Teamerz> ik
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> btw
[02:27] <Teamerz> :^)
[02:27] <Smgamermat77> Because I won the image replacement project shit
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> if my colours have been boringified
[02:27] <Smgamermat77> so basically I am a god
[02:27] <Smgamermat77> (eh) fear me
[02:27] <Teamerz> no
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> your colours must also be bringified
[02:27] <Teamerz> ur only a god here
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> time to do this the hard way
[02:27] <Smgamermat77> still a god tho
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> *cracks knuckles*
[02:27] <Teamerz> ye but everyone can be a god
[02:27] <Diep.iownu> hi
[02:27] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[02:27] <Teamerz> dey just have to make their own wiki
[02:28] <ZathusTheMageV> "My colors have been boringified"
[02:28] <ZathusTheMageV> (Are my old colors)
[02:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[02:28] <Diep.iownu> chaenuh (china)
[02:28] <Teamerz> well tbh zathus
[02:28] <Smgamermat77> Go ahead and break my font - my insurance covers that for a full duration replacement
[02:28] <Teamerz> dey were boring
[02:28] <Teamerz> a neon red woulda been better
[02:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Well to be fair his text isn't cyan
[02:28] <Teamerz> bc hes a pleb
[02:28] <Teamerz> >:)
[02:28] <Diep.iownu> MEGA FAGGET
[02:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Just his name and icon border.
[02:29] <Smgamermat77> SR you are not demanding enough of your given rights from ursuul
[02:29] <Smgamermat77> demand moar :3
[02:29] <Teamerz> ^ dat :3 tho
[02:29] <Teamerz> ruined
[02:29] <Diep.iownu> but... I thought we had free rights
[02:29] <Smgamermat77> it ruined YO FACE
[02:29] <Smgamermat77> oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[02:29] <Teamerz> we do have free rights
[02:29] <Smgamermat77> swag 
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338> (sjw) 
[02:29] <Teamerz> the rights to edit and vandalise
[02:29] <SuperRobot9338> I AM A FREE INHABITANT
[02:29] <Teamerz> evne tho that will get u banned
[02:29] <ZathusTheMageV> BTW I'm changing back the sideborder thing now to its original state,
[02:30] <ZathusTheMageV> But the fire embers stay.
[02:30] <ZathusTheMageV> I love them.
[02:30] <Smgamermat77> everyone has free rights
[02:30] <Diep.iownu> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[02:30] <Smgamermat77> to not be cool
[02:30] <Smgamermat77> eeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[02:30] <Diep.iownu> UGGHHHHH
[02:30] <Diep.iownu> STAAAAHHHP
[02:30] <SuperRobot9338> i liked my old pink + orange
[02:30] <Smgamermat77> demand from ursuul
[02:30] <SuperRobot9338> it was the one of the last visible vestiges of the Golden Age
[02:30] <Smgamermat77> he even said himself that admins would get their own colors
[02:31] <SuperRobot9338> wait really
[02:31] <SuperRobot9338> in chat?
[02:31] <Diep.iownu> SR the pink + orange really stood out
[02:31] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[02:31] <Smgamermat77> have you not been listening?
[02:31] <SuperRobot9338> which iz gud
[02:31] <Smgamermat77> he literally said it like a week ago
[02:31] <SuperRobot9338> I wasm't paying attention the the Cht part
[02:31] <Smgamermat77> he asked us if admins should get their own colors
[02:31] <Diep.iownu> who ya talkin to
[02:31] <Smgamermat77> we all said yes
[02:31] <Smgamermat77> case closed (eh) 
[02:31] <Diep.iownu> nooooo
[02:31] <SuperRobot9338> oh well then I'll put back my colours
[02:32] <Diep.iownu> yes
[02:32] <ZathusTheMageV> And now I am left to ask myself... why is Smooth Criminal stuck in my head?
[02:32] <Smgamermat77> ur an admin for a reason
[02:32] <Smgamermat77> cause im cool
[02:32] <Diep.iownu> n0p3
[02:32] <Diep.iownu> n00000000p3
[02:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Nilly's Realm came back today.
[02:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Which is fucking phenomenal.
[02:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Game went down for about five months.
[02:33] <Diep.iownu> nananananananananananananananana.... FATCAN!!
[02:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Thank God they didn't wipe everything again, because I have a pretty dope 6/8 Trickster. ;)
[02:34] <ZathusTheMageV> And I think like a... 3/8 Wizard?
[02:34] <Smgamermat77> [yt="gvdf5n-zI14"]
[02:34] <ZathusTheMageV> brb
[02:37] <Diep.iownu>
[02:38] <ZathusTheMageV> I have returned.
[02:42] <Diep.iownu> imnotgay
[02:42] <Diep.iownu> urgay
[02:55] <Diep.iownu> na
[02:55] <Diep.iownu> n
[02:55] <Diep.iownu> oo
[02:55] <Diep.iownu> lj
[02:55] <Diep.iownu> hi
[03:05] <Underslime> [s] fkoclmedslkcmnjds [/s]
[03:23] <Underslime> Damn rammers
[04:02] <Skye Sim> Hi guys
[04:38] <Skye Sim> Hi
[05:32] <Underslime> Skye
[05:32] <Underslime> Yo
[05:34] <Underslime> Skye?
[05:34] <Skye Sim> Hi
[05:34] <Underslime> Oh
[05:34] <Underslime> Wanna diep
[05:34] <Skye Sim> I was eating lunch
[05:35] <Skye Sim> Yes
[05:35] <Underslime> Oh
[05:35] <Underslime> K
[05:35] <Underslime> Hang on
[05:35] <Skye Sim> But have to do my work
[05:35] <Underslime> OK
[05:35] <Underslime> Tell me if ur done
[05:35] <Skye Sim> Ok stay there
[05:35] <Underslime> k
[05:38] <Underslime> hi
[05:45] <Kuro redfox> Hi slim
[05:45] <Underslime> Hi
[05:46] <Kuro redfox> How r u feeling
[05:46] <Underslime> Um
[05:46] <Underslime> Okay
[05:46] <Underslime> Oh
[05:46] <Underslime> Still slightly sick
[05:46] <Underslime> But improving
[05:47] <Kuro redfox> I'm just finished translating zeach's information that
[05:47] <Kuro redfox> Gws
[05:47] <Kuro redfox> And don't kys
[05:47] <Underslime> KYS?
[05:47] <Kuro redfox> (kys) 
[05:47] <Underslime> (wtf3) 
[05:49] <Kuro redfox> lol
[05:49] <Underslime> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[05:50] <Kuro redfox> Got tuition 25 mins later
[05:50] <Kuro redfox> :(
[05:50] <Underslime> Wha?
[05:50] <Underslime> Whaddya mean?
[05:51] <Kuro redfox> Yesterday I am playing as an assassin
[05:51] <Underslime> And...?
[05:51] <Kuro redfox> Tuition: extra class
[05:51] <Underslime> OHHH
[05:51] <Underslime> why tho
[05:51] <Kuro redfox> Just when I got out the base to adventure
[05:51] <Kuro redfox> A overlord killed me
[05:51] <Underslime> ._.
[05:51] <Kuro redfox> I got really mad
[05:51] <Kuro redfox> And I got mad
[05:52] <Kuro redfox> I upgraded to sniper, and dashed out base for all I care
[05:52] <Underslime> Lol i was playing in maze an hour ago and i couldn't reach level 30
[05:52] <Underslime> Because ramming boosters were everywhere
[05:52] <Kuro redfox> And gone attacking big guys
[05:52] <Underslime> And spikes
[05:53] <Kuro redfox> And I shot a booster like mad
[05:53] <Kuro redfox> 50k
[05:53] <Kuro redfox> And I killed him
[05:53] <Underslime> Did you kill it---?
[05:53] <Underslime> Nice!
[05:55] <Kuro redfox> I rely
[05:55] <Kuro redfox> Mg suckssssss
[05:55] <Underslime> Yea
[05:55] <Kuro redfox> I rekt*
[05:55] <Underslime> I hate it when MG dudes kill meh
[05:55] <Kuro redfox> I played necromancer
[05:55] <Underslime> :O
[05:55] <Kuro redfox> I'm not good
[05:55] <Underslime> But Ursuul is
[05:55] <Kuro redfox> I am learning
[05:55] <Underslime> I'm learning to utilize the overlord tho
[05:56] <Kuro redfox> So I go to our necromancer page to check strategies
[05:56] <Kuro redfox> (lenny) 
[05:56] <Kuro redfox> I felt proud
[05:56] <Underslime> Am skilled at the triplet and sprayer tho
[05:56] <Underslime> But i suck at predator and other sniper classes
[05:56] <Underslime> Like ranger
[05:56] <Underslime> And
[05:56] <Underslime> Stalker
[05:57] <Kuro redfox> I love sniper classes
[05:57] <Kuro redfox> I am interested in assassin branches
[05:57] <Underslime> Lol
[05:57] <Underslime> We're opposites
[05:57] <Underslime> I suck at assasin branch
[05:57] <Underslime> [big] ._.
[05:58] <Underslime> Oh no
[05:58] <Underslime> Gotta reboot my computer
[05:58] <Underslime> REBOOTING....
[05:58] <Underslime> IN 3
[05:58] <Underslime> 2...
[05:58] <Underslime> 1...
[05:58] <Underslime> DING!
[06:00] <Kuro redfox> Dinggggg
[08:32] <Underslime> Huh
[08:33] <Skye Sim> You're back!
[08:33] <Skye Sim> Uh.
[08:34] <Skye Sim> Bye Ozun.
[08:34] <Underslime> Lag again
[08:34] <Underslime> Whew
[08:35] <Underslime> Lag is gona
[01:26] <Ursuul> alright wot
[01:26] <Ursuul> SR
[01:26] <Ursuul> pl0x
[01:27] <Ursuul> do your table I think
[01:27] <Ursuul> & just merge it with Nobel’s organizational scheme
[01:30] <Ursuul> damn it SR why do you call me to chat if you’re just going to leave every single time
[01:34] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[01:35] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[01:35] <SuperRobot9338> chat plox
[01:35] <Underslime> hi
[01:36] <SuperRobot9338> no i want ur suul
[01:36] <Underslime> ._.
[01:36] <Underslime> k
[01:36] <Underslime> i just wanted to hang out here
[01:36] <Ursuul> ey
[01:36] <Underslime> yay
[01:36] <Underslime> SR
[01:36] <Ursuul> get 2 bainstorming lad
[01:37] <Underslime> Wut
[01:37] <Underslime> Waddya mean
[01:37] <Underslime> Ursuul
[01:38] <Ursuul> hang on
[01:38] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[01:38] <SuperRobot9338> so ursuul
[01:39] <SuperRobot9338> i was thinking we have my SlimStyle™ on the main Builds page
[01:39] <Underslime> wut
[01:39] <Ursuul> slimstyle?
[01:39] <Ursuul> wot
[01:39] <SuperRobot9338> then include Nobel's CYOA Builds on. subpage
[01:39] <Underslime> named after me lol
[01:39] <SuperRobot9338> SlimStyle™ is the one I made
[01:40] <Ursuul> actually 
[01:40] <SuperRobot9338> wut
[01:40] <Ursuul> I think we should leave the Builds page as it is for now
[01:40] <SuperRobot9338> ?
[01:40] <SuperRobot9338> yes
[01:40] <Ursuul> do Nobel’s version
[01:40] <Ursuul> then clean up Main Page
[01:40] <SuperRobot9338> in a subpage
[01:40] <Underslime> ye
[01:40] <SuperRobot9338> ok
[01:40] <SuperRobot9338> how's main page
[01:40] <Underslime> looks gud
[01:40] <SuperRobot9338> we
[01:40] <Underslime> .-.
[01:41] <SuperRobot9338> we will utilise the next WU's Opinion Polls
[01:41] <SuperRobot9338> This time "Builds Page Overhaul" will be included
[01:41] <Underslime> WU?
[01:41] <SuperRobot9338> Weekly Update
[01:41] <Underslime> Oh
[01:41] <Ursuul> alright
[01:41] <SuperRobot9338> Ursuul
[01:41] <Ursuul> yes?
[01:41] <Ian75> When is weekly Update?
[01:42] <SuperRobot9338> you think we should make a page explaining abbreviations?
[01:42] <Ursuul> Fridays 
[01:42] <Ursuul> uh
[01:42] <Ursuul> what?
[01:42] <Underslime> lol wat
[01:42] <SuperRobot9338> Weekly Update comes noon on Fridays
[01:42] <Ursuul> abbreviations?
[01:42] <Ian75> I'll look forward to it.
[01:42] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[01:42] <SuperRobot9338> like dps
[01:42] <Underslime> y tho
[01:42] <SuperRobot9338> a noob just asked me what that meant
[01:42] <Ursuul> not really
[01:42] <Underslime> ._.
[01:42] <Underslime> noobs everywhere lol
[01:42] <Ursuul> it’s pretty obvious & not many people will not know it
[01:42] <Ursuul> plus
[01:42] <Ursuul> if they’re so noobish to not know what DPS is
[01:43] <Ursuul> then they won’t read any notice explaining it
[01:43] <Underslime> exactly
[01:43] <Ursuul> unless it notifies them every 2 seconds
[01:43] <SuperRobot9338> that's a good point
[01:43] <SuperRobot9338> on the CR Wiki it works becuz of Demographics
[01:43] <Underslime> CR
[01:43] <Underslime> Wats that
[01:43] <Ursuul> Clash Royale 
[01:43] <SuperRobot9338> even if you don't know DPS, if you're on the CR Wiki you're old enough to find the page
[01:43] <SuperRobot9338> But here
[01:44] <SuperRobot9338> you probably don't know what "jargon" means
[01:44] <Ursuul> SR’s “““““Home Wiki”””””
[01:44] <Ursuul> ye
[01:44] <Ursuul> probs
[01:44] <SuperRobot9338> with 50% of my edits here
[01:44] <SuperRobot9338> i now have almost twice as many edits here
[01:44] <Underslime> nice
[01:44] <SuperRobot9338> and yet i still consider CR wiki my true home
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> mostly becuz it's more stable
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> CR Wiki islike my house
[01:45] <Ursuul> how iz it more stable tho
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> and Diep Wiki is more like my office
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> well
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> there we only have three active staff
[01:45] <SuperRobot9338> an b-crat, admin, and the only Disc Mod that ain't Rip Van Winkle
[01:46] <SuperRobot9338> (the disc mod is also a content mod)
[01:46] <SuperRobot9338> plus it's more mature
[01:46] <SuperRobot9338> and less stuff happens
[01:46] <Ursuul> I mean
[01:46] <SuperRobot9338> so unless i'm proactive
[01:46] <Ursuul> have u seen your greeting 
[01:46] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[01:46] <SuperRobot9338> wut about it
[01:46] <Underslime> wat greeting
[01:47] <SuperRobot9338> only three peeps have thrown poop on my wall
[01:47] <Ian75> I posted a New message on your well, SuperRobot9338.I'll leave in next 20 sec.
[01:47] <Ursuul> >likes CR more because stability & maturity
[01:47] <Ursuul> >lobbies to demote more Staff & has a gallery as their greeting
[01:47] <Underslime> I see nothing lol
[01:47] <Ursuul> I’m jus sayin’ man
[01:48] <Ursuul> but enough about dat
[01:48] <Ursuul> The builds page is what is important
[01:48] <Underslime> ye
[01:49] <Ursuul> do you want to leave it under Nobellion’s care for now?
[01:49] <Ursuul> & see what he does with it before overhauling it?
[01:49] <Underslime> Yeah
[01:49] <Underslime> Wait, does nobel have a plan for the builds page
[01:49] <Underslime> ?
[01:50] <Ursuul> He used a bunch of templates instead of actual code so we’ll have to go through & figure out what he wrote; I like doing that myself because I wrote the code but when other people do it its confusing as hell.
[01:50] <Ursuul> 
[01:50] <Ursuul> Yes, check this: [[User:Nobellion/Tester]]
[01:50] <Underslime> OH
[01:50] <Underslime> That tester
[01:50] <Nobellion> Hey
[01:50] <Ursuul> oi
[01:50] <Nobellion> Want me to explain?
[01:50] <Ursuul> SR pls
[01:50] <Ursuul> yea go ahead
[01:50] <Underslime> I was just fiddling with nobel's tester lol
[01:50] <SuperRobot9338> k
[01:51] <Nobellion> K lol
[01:51] <Nobellion> I basically made a bunch of button toggles
[01:51] <SuperRobot9338> i'm going to say tot was demoted for "inability to display maturity when expected"
[01:52] <Ursuul> uhhh
[01:52] <Underslime> Wait, so we apply/get what Nobel did to his tester and put it on the builds page?
[01:52] <Underslime> Ursuul
[01:52] <Underslime> ^
[01:52] <Ursuul> oh you’re updating the [[Project:Staff/Former Staff] page?
[01:52] <Nobellion> Not yet tho
[01:52] <Nobellion> Because it's far from done
[01:52] <Ursuul> what the plan is now
[01:52] <Nobellion> The extra spacing is confusing as hell
[01:52] <Underslime> Oh
[01:52] <Ursuul> is to have Nobel port things over, then me & SR will come in & standardize the layout
[01:52] <Ursuul> once it’s done we will make it a subpage of [[Builds]]
[01:53] <Nobellion> I had to redo my templates a bazillion times to get it to this stage
[01:53] <Ursuul> & you’ll likely have to do it a trillion times more :/
[01:53] <Underslime> ^
[01:53] <SuperRobot9338> why are my colours still cyan in chat
[01:53] <SuperRobot9338> you updated Staff.css
[01:53] <Nobellion> I also used SRs Builds template and tweaked it so that it allowed triggers and {{Stats}}
[01:53] <Ursuul> I honestly done know
[01:53] <Ursuul> let me test it
[01:54] <SuperRobot9338> tbh I don't like {{Stats}}
[01:54] <Ursuul> yeah
[01:54] <Nobellion> Y not
[01:54] <Ursuul> I don’t think we will use it
[01:54] <Ursuul> it’s too bulky 
[01:54] <Ursuul> too delicate 
[01:54] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[01:54] <SuperRobot9338> and a bit buggy
[01:54] <SuperRobot9338> with alignment
[01:54] <Ursuul> plus it doesn’t show the actual number
[01:54] <Nobellion> K fine
[01:54] <SuperRobot9338> back to QuickStat
[01:54] <Nobellion> That's a I have quick stats beneath it
[01:54] <SuperRobot9338> my personal invention
[01:55] <SuperRobot9338> i should add that to the page
[01:55] <Underslime> lol i found some m&m's
[01:55] <Ursuul> man I can’t keep up with all the templates you make lads
[01:55] <Ursuul> oh yeah I saw that
[01:55] <Ursuul> the colors are inaccurate tho
[01:56] <Nobellion> SR and I have the same chat color lol
[01:56] <Underslime> yea
[01:56] <Ursuul> yeah because you never changed your old News Team colors
[01:56] <Nobellion> I was just working on a boss tank too
[01:56] <Ursuul> you can change it to whatever you want
[01:56] <Ursuul> cuz Editor of the Month
[01:56] <SuperRobot9338> why are colours inaccurate
[01:56] <Underslime> Fluid?
[01:56] <Underslime> Mobel?
[01:56] <Nobellion> Yee
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> goddam
[01:57] <Ursuul> check: [[Template:MP-Tanks]]
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> my chat colours are still cyan
[01:57] <Nobellion> I don't care about the colors honestly
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> even after refreshing cache several times
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> i think the code is glitched
[01:57] <Ursuul> it is not
[01:57] <Ursuul> it’s just my bad CSS
[01:57] <Ursuul> will fix
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> thats wut i meant
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> your css
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> iz glitched
[01:57] <SuperRobot9338> cuz "Intermediate"
[01:57] <Nobellion> My notifications weren't showing up for me a few hours ago
[01:58] <Nobellion> Is gud now
[01:58] <Underslime> yay
[01:58] <Ursuul> brb
[01:58] <Ursuul> ohhh
[01:58] <Nobellion> K
[01:58] <Ursuul> I know
[01:58] <Underslime> wjy
[01:58] <Ursuul> it’s not my CSS
[01:58] <Ursuul> my CSS iz gud
[01:58] <Ursuul> but
[01:58] <Nobellion> Mhm
[01:58] <Ursuul> [[MediaWiki:Chat.css|Chat.css]] loads last
[01:58] <Ursuul> it loads after Wikia.css
[01:58] <Ursuul> so it overrides Staff.css
[01:58] <Nobellion> K
[01:59] <Ursuul> take dat SR
[01:59] <Ursuul> brb porting the CSS from Chat.css to Wikia.css
[01:59] <SuperRobot9338> k
[01:59] <Underslime> Potassiu,
[01:59] <Underslime> Pottasium*
[02:00] <Nobellion> Wut lol
[02:00] <Underslime> Coz periodic table that's why
[02:01] <SuperRobot9338> lol
[02:01] <Nobellion> K
[02:01] <SuperRobot9338> *high five*
[02:01] <SuperRobot9338> Kelvin
[02:01] <Underslime> *highfive*
[02:01] <Nobellion> *misses*
[02:01] <Underslime> Nu
[02:01] <Underslime> Celsius
[02:01] <Underslime> Or Fajrenheit
[02:01] <Nobellion> Fare height
[02:01] <Underslime> -_-
[02:01] <Underslime> I keep
[02:01] <Nobellion> Lol
[02:01] <Underslime> making typos
[02:01] <Nobellion> Calvin
[02:02] <Nobellion> Sellseeus
[02:02] <Nobellion> Fahrunheight
[02:02] <Underslime> lmao
[02:02] <Underslime> dat typos tho
[02:02] <Underslime> Yo nobel
[02:03] <Ursuul> SR type something
[02:03] <Underslime> What time is it at your place
[02:03] <Ursuul> m9
[02:03] <Underslime> probably AFK lol
[02:03] <Ursuul> welp then I guess he’ll have to live with the CSS if it doesn’t work
[02:03] <Ursuul> I may need to port everything
[02:03] <Ursuul> to Common.css
[02:03] <Ursuul> although I’m not sure
[02:05] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[02:06] <Underslime> um
[02:06] <Underslime> hi.../
[02:06] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[02:06] <Underslime> SR lol
[02:06] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[02:07] <SuperRobot9338> who am i
[02:07] <Underslime> lol
[02:07] <Underslime> Saying hi to everyone
[02:07] <Nobellion> SR is broken lol
[02:07] <Ursuul> SR
[02:08] <Underslime> Yo nobel
[02:08] <Ursuul> iz da CSS registering now?
[02:08] <Nobellion> Yee Under
[02:08] <Ursuul> the CSS is perfect, it just needs to register properly 
[02:08] <Underslime> What time is it at your place
[02:08] <Underslime> ?
[02:08] <Nobellion> Like 7:30 pm
[02:08] <SuperRobot9338> 7:30 am
[02:08] <Nobellion> It's wierd
[02:08] <SuperRobot9338> god damn nobel you're halfway round the globe
[02:09] <Underslime> XD
[02:09] <Nobellion> Yeah lol
[02:09] <Underslime> My guess was 7:25 
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> nope
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> still not regiatering
[02:09] <Underslime> close enough lol
[02:09] <Underslime> y 
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> under
[02:09] <Ursuul> rip
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> can you clear you cahce
[02:09] <Ursuul> I hav idea
[02:09] <SuperRobot9338> does it work for you ursuul
[02:10] <Underslime> Ye?
[02:10] <Ursuul> since Staff.css is imported with JS
[02:10] <Underslime> Why you call me SR
[02:10] <Ursuul> imma copy the import to Chat.js
[02:10] <Ursuul> mayhap it’ll work
[02:10] <Underslime> Clear my cache?
[02:10] <SuperRobot9338> nvm
[02:10] <Ursuul> also yeah it doesn’t work for mua either SR
[02:10] <Underslime> Ctrl + F5 amirite?
[02:10] <Underslime> To clear cache?
[02:10] <Ursuul> Underslime
[02:10] <Ursuul> [[Help:Bypass your cache]]
[02:10] <Underslime> yes?
[02:11] <Ursuul> also, SR is SuperRobot
[02:11] <Ursuul> his nickname
[02:11] <Nobellion> Same here :/
[02:11] <Underslime> I was right lol
[02:11] <SuperRobot9338> *assumed gender*
[02:11] <Underslime> ctrl+F%
[02:11] <SuperRobot9338> !kick Ursuul
[02:11] <Underslime> u wot m8
[02:11] <Ursuul> rip
[02:11] <Ursuul> ohhh
[02:11] <Ursuul> yeah I definitely get it now
[02:11] <SuperRobot9338> didn't install the script
[02:12] <Ursuul> you know how we put !kick into global.js?
[02:12] <SuperRobot9338> for !kick
[02:12] <Ursuul> & it didn’t work?
[02:12] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[02:12] <Ursuul> Common.js doesn’t apply to Chat I think then
[02:12] <Ursuul> only GlobalChatJS or Chat.js does
[02:12] <SuperRobot9338> can you fixes?
[02:12] <Nobellion> Give me link to kick dev page
[02:12] <Nobellion> Lemme se
[02:13] <SuperRobot9338>!kick
[02:13] <Ursuul> SR
[02:13] <Ursuul> you have to install
[02:14] <Ursuul> [[w:c:dev:GlobalChatJS|GlobalChatJS]]
[02:14] <Ursuul> & put !kick in that
[02:14] <Ursuul> try it
[02:14] <Ursuul> c if it works
[02:14] <Nobellion> Why isnt !kick in our Chat.js?
[02:14] <Underslime> ^
[02:15] <Ursuul> script holocaust
[02:15] <Ursuul> plus
[02:15] <Ursuul> Chat.js hates us
[02:15] <Underslime> y thi
[02:15] <Underslime> thi
[02:15] <Nobellion> shoot
[02:15] <Underslime> tho
[02:15] <Ursuul> we finally got to the point where Chat can load without crashing for half of the people who use it
[02:15] <Nobellion> Then what is SR trying to do?
[02:15] <Ursuul> by cutting back on Scripts
[02:15] <Nobellion> yeah
[02:15] <Ursuul> SR is trying to install it personally
[02:15] <Nobellion> Oh kay
[02:16] <Underslime> brb
[02:16] <Nobellion> You guys are stupid lol
[02:16] <Underslime> U WOT M8
[02:16] <Nobellion> read the last line lol
[02:17] <Underslime> lmao
[02:17] <Underslime> I saw it lol
[02:17] <Ursuul> shieeeeeet
[02:17] <Underslime> Well,
[02:17] <Underslime> Gonna update my blog
[02:17] <Underslime> brb
[02:18] <Nobellion> k gud werk on that blog 
[02:18] <Nobellion> !kick Underslime
[02:18] <Ursuul> you didn’t install
[02:18] <Nobellion> I did
[02:18] <Ursuul> [[w:c:dev:GlobalChatJS|GlobalChatJS]]
[02:18] <Nobellion> I tried
[02:18] <Underslime> Why does everyone wanna kick me lol
[02:18] <Underslime> First Mos
[02:19] <Underslime> Then nobel
[02:19] <Ursuul> you failed :/
[02:19] <Nobellion> rip
[02:19] <Ursuul> install that in global.js
[02:19] <Ursuul> then chat.js will work globally
[02:19] <Nobellion> Oh whoa read this
[02:19] <Nobellion> Silly geese
[02:19] <Ursuul> gud
[02:19] <Nobellion> Limitations Edit
[02:19] <Nobellion> The script works via a click handler on all chat links. This means the script has no effect if you open chat by methods other than clicking a link (e.g. by entering the URL to Special:Chat yourself). For the same reason, it will also not work if you refresh the chat window.
[02:20] <Ursuul> rip
[02:20] <Ursuul> hit a link then
[02:20] <Nobellion> Isn't that what SR's been doing now lol
[02:20] <Ursuul> lolrip
[02:20] <Ursuul> also Rappy hates me
[02:20] <Nobellion> !kick Underslime
[02:20] <Nobellion> wat
[02:20] <Underslime> I can't spell "maneuverability" lol
[02:20] <Underslime> Why me
[02:20] <Ursuul> he only approves scripts on this Wiki every other day instead of every day :(
[02:20] <Underslime> pick someone else
[02:21] <Ursuul> everywhere else he does it every day
[02:21] <Underslime> ;-;
[02:21] <Ursuul> excluding weekends ofc
[02:21] <Nobellion> !announce
[02:21] <Nobellion> !kick Underslime
[02:21] <Underslime> /announce tesr
[02:21] <Ursuul> /announce wrong announce trigger
[02:21] <Ursuul> [[Special:JSPages]]
[02:21] <Underslime> lmao
[02:22] <Ursuul> look at all those sexey scripts
[02:22] <Ursuul> I also found a way to bend the rules a little bit
[02:22] <Ursuul> not sure if I should
[02:23] <Nobellion> YAYAYAY
[02:23] <Nobellion> I GOT IT TEH WERK
[02:23] <Nobellion> HAHA SR
[02:23] <Nobellion> I DID IT FIRST 
[02:23] <Ursuul> lol
[02:24] <Ursuul> oh shit
[02:24] <Ursuul> I need
[02:24] <Ursuul> a
[02:24] <Ursuul> svg
[02:24] <Nobellion> 4?
[02:24] <Ursuul> Vietnam flag
[02:24] <Ursuul> 4 Modified Flags script
[02:25] <Nobellion> [[File:Flag of Vietnam.svg]]
[02:25] <Underslime> Jesus christ Nobellion
[02:26] <Underslime> y u kick me ;-;
[02:26] <Nobellion> That was quick lol
[02:26] <Nobellion> Sorry
[02:26] <Underslime> lmao
[02:26] <Ursuul> ok mayhap
[02:26] <Ursuul> I shoulda said
[02:26] <Nobellion> I got the !kick thing to werk
[02:26] <Underslime> :D
[02:26] <Ursuul> that it needs to be on mediawikicommons
[02:26] <Ursuul> hang ong
[02:26] <Ursuul> oops
[02:26] <Ursuul> Wikimedia I mean
[02:26] <Nobellion> !kick Ursuul
[02:26] <Ursuul> yeah
[02:26] <Nobellion> lol
[02:26] <Underslime> lel
[02:26] <Ursuul> *Sith cackling intensifies*
[02:27] <Ursuul> now you will experience the full power of the DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE
[02:27] <Underslime> [big] LOL
[02:27] <Nobellion> thx
[02:27] <Nobellion>
[02:27] <Ursuul> gg Nobellion
[02:27] <Nobellion> ;-;
[02:27] <Ursuul> thx tho
[02:27] <Ursuul> ur a good sport
[02:28] <Nobellion> Lol
[02:28] <Nobellion> oops
[02:28] <Nobellion> !kick overslime
[02:28] <Ursuul> y lol
[02:28] <Underslime> y u do dis
[02:28] <Ursuul> enough of that lol
[02:28] <Nobellion> oh wow lol
[02:28] <Ursuul> also that’s only temporary Underslime
[02:28] <Underslime> WHAT THE ABSOLUTE SHIT
[02:28] <Underslime> OH
[02:28] <Nobellion> Underslime!
[02:28] <Underslime> Yeah?
[02:28] <Nobellion> You have power
[02:28] <Underslime> :O
[02:28] <Nobellion> but he can't kick meh -_-
[02:28] <Underslime> Can i kick myself?
[02:28] <Nobellion> I'm chat mod
[02:28] <Ursuul> nor can you kick him
[02:28] <Nobellion> nope
[02:29] <Nobellion> damn it
[02:29] <Ursuul> “You have no power here!”
[02:29] <Nobellion> Y YOU STEAL MEH FUN
[02:29] <Ursuul> *gets wacked by Gandalf*
[02:29] <Underslime> ;-;
[02:29] <Nobellion> lol
[02:29] <Ursuul> shiet
[02:29] <Ursuul> you better have got that ref tho
[02:29] <Ursuul> cuz you may have to be executed if not >:(
[02:31] <Nobellion> Lol yeah
[02:31] <Nobellion> relax i got it 
[02:31] <Nobellion> i think
[02:31] <Ursuul> holy shit
[02:31] <Ursuul> who has been editing the Polish Wiki?????
[02:31] <Underslime> Polan
[02:31] <Ursuul> it only had 30 pages yesterday!
[02:32] <Ursuul> [[pl:Message Wall:TrapperDominator]]
[02:32] <Ursuul> kudos to that guy
[02:32] <Underslime> I just joined a random diep
[02:33] <Underslime> party
[02:33] <Underslime> lol
[02:37] <Ursuul> Polska has into-space
[02:37] <Underslime> :O
[02:37] <Underslime> Pics
[02:38] <Nobellion> I like the polish wikia background alot
[02:38] <Underslime> Ursuul
[02:39] <Underslime> Why the fuck am i an intern
[02:39] <Nobellion> lol
[02:39] <Underslime> I didn't apply
[02:39] <Underslime> [big] YET
[02:39] <Underslime> but why tho
[02:39] <Underslime> Ursuul
[02:39] <Underslime> Answer
[02:39] <Underslime> pl0x
[02:40] <Ursuul> wot
[02:40] <Ursuul> oh yeah
[02:40] <Ursuul> that’s automatic 
[02:40] <Ursuul> cuz ur chat mod
[02:40] <Underslime> I saw the intern--- wot
[02:40] <Underslime> Oh
[02:40] <Ursuul> brb removing 
[02:40] <Underslime> k
[02:41] <Underslime> AFK
[02:41] <Ursuul> rip
[02:41] <Underslime> Rest in pepperoni
[02:41] <Ursuul> Nobel Polska doesn’t have background l0l
[02:41] <Ursuul> oh wait it does
[02:41] <Ursuul> when did that happen
[02:41] <Ursuul> Polska is into spaceing!
[02:49] <Kuro redfox> GUYS
[02:50] <Kuro redfox> i can't finish the page tonight
[02:50] <Kuro redfox> but i cant leave it there half done also
[02:50] <Kuro redfox> what should i do
[02:50] <Nobellion> wat is ursuul up teh
[02:50] <Nobellion> What page?
[02:51] <Kuro redfox> biography of zeach
[02:51] <Kuro redfox> lotta stuuff
[02:51] <Kuro redfox> i just finished translation
[02:51] <Kuro redfox> all left is typing
[02:51] <Nobellion> oh gawd
[02:52] <Ursuul> it’s ok
[02:52] <Ursuul> do it later
[03:02] <Kuro redfox> ursuul
[03:02] <Kuro redfox> should i publish it first
[03:41] <Kuro redfox> (kys) 
[04:10] <Ursuul> o
[04:10] <Ursuul> lagged
[04:10] <Ursuul> rip
[06:36] <Count of Howard> Count waz here
[06:36] <Count of Howard> hehehehehehehehe
[08:49] <Diep.iownu> hi
[09:23] <Diep.iownu> helloo
[11:37] <Sniperman22> How do you...
[11:37] <Sniperman22> Wait chat.
[11:37] <Sniperman22> I can't see chat.
[11:38] <Sniperman22> How do you create categories?
[11:38] <Sniperman22> 
[11:38] <Sniperman22> I have no idea/
[11:40] <Smgamermat77> uhhh
[11:41] <Smgamermat77> ask Ursuul - I forgot how he taught me to make them
[11:41] <Smgamermat77> It's actually pretty easy but I completely forgot
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