[12:37] <Teamerz> .3.
[12:43] <Tacocat247> Hello there
[12:44] <Tacocat247> You have been in suspension for [font="roboto"]50[/font] days.
[12:45] <Teamerz> mk
[12:47] <Tacocat247> im bored.
[12:51] <Tacocat247> *waits patiently for other people to join*
[12:56] <ZathusTheMageV> We're gonna watch colorful air explosives soon, so I figured I'd stop by to see if anyone was here
[01:05] <Tacocat247> DAMMIT >:(
[01:05] <Tacocat247> [s]should have stopped by sooner.
[01:05] <The named BOSS> Hi
[01:05] <Tacocat247> Oh hi
[01:06] <Tacocat247> Fun Fact: Every tank in has at least one line of symmetry.
[01:06] <The named BOSS> How do you strikethrough?
[01:06] <The named BOSS> Neat
[01:06] <Tacocat247> [ s] no spaces
[01:07] <The named BOSS> [b] [c="orange"] [s] [giant] SHOULD HAVE COME HERE SOONER
[01:07] <Tacocat247> |[u][o] You Failed [u][o]|
[01:08] <The named BOSS> [s] Argh no
[01:10] <Tacocat247> Im going to try something
[01:10] <The named BOSS> Oh you are now Huh
[01:10] <Tacocat247> lol
[01:15] <Tacocat247> im bored
[01:15] <The named BOSS> Same
[01:15] <The named BOSS> Rp?
[01:15] <Tacocat247> People are blowing shit up outside 
[01:16] <Teamerz> terrorists
[01:16] <Teamerz> aaaa
[01:16] <Tacocat247> [s]yes they are terrorists[/s] fireworks
[01:17] <The named BOSS> RP?!
[01:17] <Tacocat247> After i finish
[01:18] <The named BOSS> K
[01:24] <Tacocat247> Im bored
[01:25] <Tacocat247> frick
[01:27] <Tacocat247> [c="red"]>:(
[01:30] <Tacocat247> yay ur bak
[01:30] <The named BOSS> Hmmmm?
[01:31] <Tacocat247> You left
[01:31] <Tacocat247> Anyways
[01:31] <Tacocat247> RP, yes
[01:31] <The named BOSS> You start
[01:31] <Tacocat247> /announce RP START!
[01:32] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Reading Quantum Physics Book*'
[01:33] <The named BOSS> *glass crashing noises, loud "bzzt fzzt" noises*
[01:33] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Looks up to see a TV with a Static Screen*
[01:34] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Looks back at Quantum Physics Book.*
[01:35] <The named BOSS> *faint metal on metal noises far away, another crash sound*
[01:35] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Looks to the left at a bookcase full of books*
[01:36] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Looks to the right to se-*
[01:36] <Tacocat247> Reformer: NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD!
[01:36] <Tacocat247> Astra: No.
[01:36] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Looks back at book*
[01:36] <The named BOSS> *explosion noises from far aaay*
[01:36] <The named BOSS> *away*
[01:36] <Tacocat247> Astra: OK, what was that?
[01:37] <Tacocat247> Reformer: Fireworks idiot!
[01:37] <Tacocat247> Astra: *rolls eyes, and looks back at book*
[01:38] <Tacocat247> Astra: Alright. Done. On with the next one.
[01:38] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Picks up a book about "Happy Numbers"*
[01:39] <Tacocat247> Astra: *immediatly puts down book*
[01:39] <The named BOSS> *more metal on metal scrapes, and loud static from far away*
[01:40] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Trying to avoid fireworks to land*
[01:43] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Gets hit by a firework, and falls to the ground*
[01:44] <The named BOSS> *sound of metal scraping, louder now*
[01:44] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: OK... That hurt... At least im on the ground...
[01:45] <The named BOSS> *metallic screech*
[01:45] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Covers ears* WHAT [big]IS[/big] THAT!???
[01:46] <The named BOSS> *sound of something slamming into something heavy*
[01:46] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: What... Where?
[01:47] <The named BOSS> *ccrashing sound*
[01:47] <The named BOSS> *crashing**
[01:47] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: What the [s]hell[/s] is that?
[01:48] <The named BOSS> *laughing, the evil kind*
[01:48] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Grevious?
[01:48] <The named BOSS> *sound of metal agianst metal, and loud bang sound*
[01:49] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I hate this...
[01:51] <The named BOSS> *a computer ish voice yells: "HELP..." and static*
[01:51] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *looks at her wings, to see if they had been damaged*
[01:53] <The named BOSS> *the same laughing*
[01:53] <Tacocat247> Cotton: Hi Aqua. Are you alright?
[01:54] <Tacocat247> (Im basically talking to myself ._.)
[01:54] <The named BOSS> (•______°)
[01:54] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Im... fine...
[01:55] <The named BOSS> *more evil laughing*
[01:56] <Tacocat247> Cotton: *yelps*
[01:56] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Are you ok?
[01:56] <The named BOSS> *more metal on metal sounds*
[01:56] <The named BOSS> *more static*
[01:57] <Tacocat247> Cotton: *Sits on the ground and starts to cry*
[01:57] <Tacocat247> (Yes, this is accurate to Cotton)
[01:58] <The named BOSS> *another metallic voice yelling help*
[01:58] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Calm down...
[01:58] <The named BOSS> (Well, the same)
[01:58] <Tacocat247> (Cotton is squeamish, to say the least)
[01:59] <The named BOSS> (K)
[01:59] <Tacocat247> ([giant][/giant])
[01:59] <Tacocat247> (lep
[02:00] <The named BOSS> *the same voice yells help agian, but with, like static in the background*
[02:00] <Tacocat247> Cotton: *Screaming and Crying* 
[02:00] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: CALM DOWN!
[02:01] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Puts down book* What is going on over there?
[02:02] <Tacocat247> (Hi Grav: Things are exploding outside)
[02:02] <Tacocat247> (and this rp is screwed)
[02:04] <The named BOSS> *they realize it is power converters voice*
[02:05] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Runs over to Aquamarine and Cotton* Now i see what is going on...
[02:08] <The named BOSS> *metal on metal noises , but louder from far ish away*
[02:09] <Tacocat247> Astra: We need to go there...
[02:12] <The named BOSS> *another metalic screech*
[02:13] <Tacocat247> Cotton: *Stops crying*
[02:13] <Tacocat247> (God we need active people)
[02:14] <The named BOSS> (Yeah)
[02:15] <The named BOSS> *grevious laughs agian from distance*
[02:16] <Teamerz> im playing with chap rn
[02:17] <Tacocat247> (is bored)
[02:19] <Tacocat247> (hi) 
[02:19] <The named BOSS> (Continue rp den)
[02:19] <Tacocat247> (not yet)
[02:22] <The named BOSS> (Why not?)
[02:22] <Tacocat247> (bc idk)
[02:23] <Tacocat247> (gtg soon anyways)
[02:23] <Tacocat247> (and no one is even active)
[02:23] <The named BOSS> (Kay)
[02:27] <Tacocat247> (kek) 
[02:28] <The named BOSS> Do you like rping?
[02:28] <Tacocat247> (i do, but it gets harder every day)
[02:28] <Tacocat247> (Not because it actually is)
[02:29] <The named BOSS> (Why?)
[02:29] <Tacocat247> (But because it gets harder to rp as charecters that have extremely deep emotions)
[02:30] <The named BOSS> (Okay)
[02:30] <Tacocat247> (Shall i explain?)
[02:30] <Tacocat247> 
[02:31] <The named BOSS> (Sure)
[02:49] <The named BOSS> Bored
[02:50] <Tacocat247> gtg in a bit
[02:50] <The named BOSS> K
[02:52] <Tacocat247> Press Y to jump
[02:53] <The named BOSS> Y
[02:53] <The named BOSS> DAMMIT YOU TRICKED ME
[02:55] <Tacocat247> Press start to money
[02:55] <Tacocat247> [s]Money is not an action
[02:57] <The named BOSS> [s] Shaddap 
[02:57] <The named BOSS> [s] - _ ÷ + =
[02:58] <Tacocat247> Press U to type Z
[02:58] <Tacocat247> Z
[02:59] <The named BOSS> ...
[03:00] <Tacocat247> Press YOZ to OZY
[03:00] <The named BOSS> *explodes*
[03:00] <The named BOSS> (nuke) 
[03:01] <Tacocat247> Press [/b](nuke) to nuke a square on the screen
[03:02] <Tacocat247> [i]Be Grand For High Quality.
[03:02] <Tacocat247>
[03:02] <The named BOSS> 7
[03:03] <Tacocat247> Grand
[03:08] <Tacocat247> [i]Press Back Space to restart project.
[03:09] <The named BOSS> Back space back space BACK SPACE!!!
[03:10] <Tacocat247> [i]Go to Weegeeland
[03:10] <Tacocat247> [i]Yes or no?
[03:10] <The named BOSS> *jumps out window*
[03:11] <Tacocat247> [i]Interpreting vague answer as yes.
[03:12] <The named BOSS> GR8
[03:13] <Tacocat247> [i]Press space to rich.
[03:14] <The named BOSS> *accidentally smashes keyboard with a laser hammer of explosions, hitting space*
[03:14] <Tacocat247> [i][giant]WE HAVE REAched hyPERSPACE1!111!1!!!!!
[03:15] <SuperRobot9338> is chat ded
[03:16] <Tacocat247> [big][font="comic sans ms"]i dunno
[03:18] <Tacocat247> [i]Push start to make America rich again
[03:18] <Tacocat247> gtg bye
[03:18] <The named BOSS> Bye
[03:22] <Ursuul> hi
[03:23] <The named BOSS> With
[03:23] <The named BOSS> Wth*
[03:23] <Ursuul> wot
[03:24] <Teamerz> u changed ur avatar
[03:24] <The named BOSS> ^
[03:26] <Ursuul> yeah because PATRIOTISM 
[03:26] <Ursuul> I’ll probs keep this until my Wiki Anniversary 
[03:26] <Ursuul> den I’ll pick another
[03:26] <Skye Sim> HI
[03:27] <The named BOSS> Hello random overlord
[03:27] <Skye Sim> Hello
[03:27] <Skye Sim> I AM RANDOM!
[03:27] <The named BOSS> Okay...
[03:31] <Skye Sim> Now what?
[03:31] <Ursuul> hey Skye
[03:31] <Skye Sim> Hi
[03:31] <Ursuul> you know Chinese righte?
[03:31] <Skye Sim> Well
[03:31] <Skye Sim> Not really
[03:32] <Skye Sim> Why?
[03:32] <Ursuul> o nvm
[03:32] <Ursuul> I have like, 30 pages to do: [[Category:Language Cleanup]]
[03:32] <Skye Sim> Oh
[03:33] <Ursuul> but never mind that
[03:33] <Ursuul> you want a different job? I can give you temporary Discussion Mod rights to complete it
[03:37] <Skye Sim> Ok
[03:37] <Skye Sim> What is it?
[03:37] <Ursuul> [[Category:Candidates for deletion]]
[03:37] <Ursuul> If you could go through the [[Special:Whatlinkshere]] of each of those files, & edit them out (not just remove the replies), then I could delete those files without causing redlinks
[03:38] <Ursuul> Would save me loads of time
[03:38] <Ursuul> you’d need Disc Mod rights for it though, so I’d have to give them to you temporarily 
[03:39] <Teamerz> ursuul
[03:39] <Ursuul> ja
[03:39] <Teamerz> hi
[03:39] <Ursuul> hi
[03:39] <Skye Sim> WAIT WAIT WAIT 
[03:39] <Skye Sim> I haf to et lunch first 
[03:39] <Skye Sim> 
[03:39] <Ursuul> take your time Skye
[03:40] <Teamerz> take your time skype
[03:40] <Ursuul> it’s not a DO IT NOW type of thing lol, just when you have time
[03:40] <Skye Sim> Ok then
[03:40] <Skye Sim> brb lunch
[03:40] <Ursuul> kk
[03:41] <Ursuul> so Temz
[03:42] <Ursuul> actualleh nvm
[03:42] <Teamerz> wot
[03:42] <Teamerz> tell me
[03:42] <Teamerz> >:(
[03:43] <Ursuul> wondering if you’d like 2 help with merge
[03:43] <Ursuul> redlinks
[03:43] <Ursuul> Bot handled most, but the custom navboxes people use haven’t been updated
[03:44] <Ursuul> actually nvm I’ll get the bot to take care of dat
[04:46] <ZathusTheMageV> Zathsu is here :3
[04:53] <ZathusTheMageV> But no one else is apparently
[05:02] <ZathusTheMageV> :(
[05:09] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> is chat ded?
[05:09] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> loling at Zathsu's comment up there kek
[05:12] <ZathusTheMageV> What
[05:12] <ZathusTheMageV> I'm here :D
[05:34] <The Tidal Wave> Hi everyone
[05:35] <Skye Sim> Hi
[05:35] <Skye Sim> I just installed the Ubuntu font
[05:36] <The Tidal Wave> Ok
[05:48] <Skye Sim> Now what?
[05:49] <The Tidal Wave> idk
[06:03] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[06:03] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> hi SuperbRoboto
[06:03] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> :3
[06:56] <FallenBooster> hi
[06:57] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[06:57] <The Tidal Wave> as you can see, the chat is dead
[06:58] <FallenBooster> how do i search namespaces?
[07:00] <The Tidal Wave> you don't
[07:00] <The Tidal Wave> i think
[07:00] <The Tidal Wave> just type name
[08:07] <Skye Sim> I suppose once the DCoW pages actually come onto this wiki there will be more activity.
[08:32] <The Tidal Wave> Agreed.
[08:34] <Skye Sim> Now what?
[08:35] <The Tidal Wave> idk
[08:53] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[09:36] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[09:37] <Skye Sim> WAZZUP FRIEND?
[09:37] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[09:37] <Skye Sim> Hi Enpanzran!
[09:38] <Skye Sim> Under, are you in favor of the merge?
[09:38] <Underslime> HECK YEA
[09:38] <Skye Sim> Me too.
[09:38] <Enpanzran> He is hyped for it seems .
[09:39] <Skye Sim> Yup
[09:41] <Skye Sim> I'll be a little busy
[09:41] <Underslime> kk
[09:42] <Skye Sim> Writing an alternate ending for The Silmarillion
[09:42] <Skye Sim> (school stuff)
[09:42] <Underslime> what
[09:42] <Underslime> is it some sort of story
[09:42] <Skye Sim> J.R.R Tolkien
[09:42] <Skye Sim> Prequel to the Lord of The Rings
[09:42] <The Tidal Wave> Hi Underlome and Enpanaran
[09:42] <Underslime> WADDUP
[09:43] <The Tidal Wave> Underslime*
[09:43] <The Tidal Wave> sorry m8
[09:43] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[09:43] <Underslime> it okei
[09:44] <Enpanzran> Seems you got used to Enpanzran.
[09:44] <Underslime> ye
[09:45] <The Tidal Wave> Not really
[09:46] <The Tidal Wave> it's long and hard to remember
[09:46] <Skye Sim> I got used to it
[09:49] <Underslime> Now it's quiet
[09:50] <Enpanzran> This chat gets quiet once in a while.
[09:50] <Underslime> ye
[09:55] <The Tidal Wave> Any of you ever heard of DD Tank?
[09:55] <Enpanzran> No.
[09:56] <Underslime> what
[09:56] <The Tidal Wave> correction, DDTank. One word.
[09:58] <Skye Sim> Gtg shower.
[09:58] <Skye Sim> I’ll be back!
[09:58] <Skye Sim> 
[09:59] <The Tidal Wave> bye
[09:59] <The Tidal Wave> for now.
[09:59] <Underslime> bai
[10:04] <Nobellion> Hi
[10:04] <Nobellion> Wassup
[10:04] <Nobellion> 
[10:04] <Underslime> helloooo
[10:04] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[10:04] <Nobellion> Yey under's here!
[10:04] <Underslime> yep
[10:04] <Underslime> back from HIATUUUUUS
[10:04] <Nobellion> Hi Tidal
[10:04] <Nobellion> Ya
[10:06] <Nobellion> Under, I have a job for ye... First, how much cash do you know?
[10:06] <Nobellion> *CSS
[10:06] <Underslime> wat
[10:06] <Underslime> oh
[10:06] <Underslime> None lol
[10:07] <Nobellion> (wut) 
[10:07] <Nobellion> Shiet
[10:07] <IceTudor> the only thing i can program is mods in KSP and TPT and also sorting algorithms in scratch
[10:08] <Nobellion> Umm, could you tell me the list of most popular templates?
[10:08] <IceTudor> fuck me right?
[10:08] <IceTudor> nobellion
[10:08] <IceTudor> try putting this in source {{Seizure}}
[10:08] <IceTudor> oh wait
[10:08] <IceTudor> fuck
[10:08] <IceTudor> its only on dcow
[10:08] <Nobellion> I remember scratch coding, that was da shit
[10:08] <IceTudor> tru
[10:08] <IceTudor> i still program in it
[10:08] <IceTudor> but mostly in txt
[10:08] <IceTudor> i only program in it when im lazy as shit.
[10:08] <IceTudor> y'wanna see my sorting algorithms?
[10:09] <IceTudor> its another project i found
[10:09] <IceTudor> about them
[10:09] <Nobellion> Or actually, Under, could you tell me the templates you use the most?
[10:09] <IceTudor> but i replaced selection sort, insertion sort and bubble sort
[10:09] <IceTudor> with MY sorts
[10:09] <IceTudor> cashew sort, mess sort and pop sort
[10:09] <The Tidal Wave> test[font="agency fb"]
[10:09] <The Tidal Wave> [font="agency fb"]test
[10:09] <The Tidal Wave> [font="agency fb"]good
[10:09] <The Tidal Wave> [font="agency fb"]it works.
[10:09] <Nobellion> [b]Hi[/b]
[10:10] <IceTudor> anyone wanna see my sorting algorithms?
[10:11] <Nobellion> No
[10:11] <Nobellion> I want to see it man
[10:11] <Nobellion> Chat was lagging
[10:11] <Enpanzran> I would like to.
[10:11] <Nobellion> Please put the link on my wall and I shall check it out
[10:12] <IceTudor> cashew sort is currently just cocktail
[10:12] <IceTudor> i'm planning on making it better
[10:12] <IceTudor> wait a sec...
[10:12] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big][big]OK[/big][big]OK[/big]
[10:12] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:12] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:12] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:12] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:13] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:13] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:13] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:13] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:13] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:13] <Nobellion> [big]OK[/big]
[10:13] <Nobellion> Sorry
[10:13] <Nobellion> I'll stop mow
[10:13] <Nobellion> *now
[10:13] <Nobellion> *now
[10:15] <IceTudor>
[10:15] <IceTudor> here
[10:15] <IceTudor> can you give me ideas and tips for cashew sort?
[10:17] <Underslime> backkk
[10:24] <IceTudor> so what do you think
[10:24] <IceTudor> oh rip nobellion
[10:29] <Skye Sim> I'M BACK DUDES
[10:30] <IceTudor> hi
[10:30] <Skye Sim> Hi
[10:31] <Underslime> hi
[10:31] <Skye Sim> diep?
[10:31] <Skye Sim> Anyone?
[10:31] <Skye Sim> Hello?
[10:32] <Skye Sim> Slime?
[10:32] <Skye Sim> Drac?
[10:32] <Underslime> oh
[10:32] <Underslime> watchuing
[10:32] <Underslime> yt
[10:32] <Skye Sim> Oh ok
[10:36] <Skye Sim> I'M PLAYING IN LONDON
[10:37] <Skye Sim> OH THE LAG
[10:37] <Underslime> what game u playin
[10:38] <Underslime> brb bye
[10:40] <ItzDracius> playing mc rn
[10:40] <ItzDracius> sorry
[10:43] <Skye Sim> Is ok
[10:44] <Tungster24> hello
[10:45] <Tungster24> has anyone played
[10:45] <Tungster24> i have
[10:45] <Skye Sim> Not me
[10:45] <IceTudor> ye
[10:45] <IceTudor> hi tung
[10:45] <IceTudor> ur back1
[10:46] <Tungster24> yup
[10:46] <Tungster24> i am active on the wiki
[10:46] <Tungster24> not entered the chat much
[10:50] <The Tidal Wave> hi tung
[10:50] <Tungster24> hello
[10:56] <IceTudor> why did they disable chat on DCoW
[10:56] <Tungster24> they said very little was using it so was clssed early
[10:57] <IceTudor> so
[10:57] <IceTudor> instead of just letting it there
[10:57] <IceTudor> and letting it empty
[10:57] <IceTudor> they destroyed it...
[10:58] <IceTudor> that's like cutting your dick off to prevent pregnancy
[10:58] <Tungster24> xD
[10:58] <Tungster24> duud they were going to do it eventually
[10:59] <Skye Sim> It was supposed to be on Monday
[10:59] <Skye Sim> But they moved it to Friday
[11:00] <Tungster24> but
[11:00] <Tungster24> buuuut
[11:00] <IceTudor> when is the merge happening for fucks sake?
[11:00] <Skye Sim> This week
[11:00] <Tungster24> if the things go right, people may be able to make conceptions on this friday
[11:00] <Tungster24> maybe not this fridar, or is it idk ask ursuul
[11:01] <Skye Sim> Oh wait
[11:01] <IceTudor> this is like brexit
[11:01] <IceTudor> noone wanted it
[11:01] <Skye Sim> nvm
[11:01] <IceTudor> you made it happen
[11:01] <IceTudor> NOW DO IT FOR FUCKS SAKE
[11:01] <Tungster24> who?
[11:01] <Tungster24> and i think you are going to explode within conceptions if you dont
[11:01] <Tungster24> a
[11:01] <Skye Sim> b
[11:02] <IceTudor> c
[11:02] <IceTudor> d
[11:02] <IceTudor> e
[11:02] <IceTudor> f
[11:02] <IceTudor> g
[11:02] <IceTudor> h
[11:02] <IceTudor> i
[11:02] <IceTudor> j
[11:02] <IceTudor> k
[11:02] <IceTudor> l
[11:02] <IceTudor> m
[11:02] <IceTudor> n
[11:02] <IceTudor> o
[11:02] <IceTudor> p
[11:02] <IceTudor> q
[11:02] <IceTudor> r
[11:02] <Tungster24> q
[11:02] <IceTudor> s
[11:02] <Tungster24> tuv
[11:02] <IceTudor> t
[11:02] <IceTudor> u
[11:02] <IceTudor> v
[11:02] <IceTudor> w
[11:02] <IceTudor> x
[11:02] <IceTudor> y
[11:02] <IceTudor> z
[11:02] <Skye Sim> Ice, there was a vote to merge the wikis
[11:02] <Tungster24> a
[11:02] <IceTudor> skye
[11:02] <IceTudor> i know
[11:02] <Skye Sim> But?
[11:03] <Tungster24> isnt that fair?
[11:03] <Tungster24> a huge majority wanted this.
[11:03] <Skye Sim> 20/8
[11:03] <Skye Sim> 2.5 time the nay-sayers
[11:03] <Skye Sim> *times
[11:04] <Tungster24> 5gr summer
[11:04] <Tungster24> jk
[11:04] <Tungster24> in where i went to it was like winter for 2 days
[11:08] <IceTudor> brb
[11:17] <Enpanzran> What did I miss?
[11:18] <The Tidal Wave> not much
[11:44] <ArenaCloser1337> hey
[11:44] <ArenaCloser1337> guys, I've got a great idea
[11:45] <Enpanzran> ?
[11:46] <ArenaCloser1337> In discussion/threads, I have an idea to make: A RPG
[11:49] <ArenaCloser1337> It's slightly similar to the game diepmon, but, it's on a discussion/thread.
[11:52] <IceTudor> YASS
[11:52] <IceTudor> we should do it
[11:52] <ArenaCloser1337> Welp
[11:52] <ArenaCloser1337> I'm working on it
[11:53] <IceTudor> why dont we take theese rp's and make them an R.P.S.
[11:53] <ArenaCloser1337> It'll be in the wikia, because of the merge
[11:53] <IceTudor> A role play story
[11:53] <IceTudor> or as i like it
[11:53] <IceTudor> PRPS
[11:53] <IceTudor> Post-Roleplay-Story
[11:53] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah, but it's a RPG
[11:53] <ArenaCloser1337> You can encounter squares
[11:54] <ArenaCloser1337> :3
[11:55] <IceTudor> eh
[11:55] <IceTudor> i like PRPS' more.
[11:56] <IceTudor> hey
[11:56] <IceTudor> RP rn anyone?
[11:56] <IceTudor> IASC and CI thingy?
[11:59] <IceTudor> AC
[12:01] <IceTudor> wanna rp
[12:03] <FallenBooster> back
[12:03] <IceTudor> faalleen
[12:03] <IceTudor> wanna rp?
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> I wanna RP
[12:03] <The Tidal Wave> got nothing better to do
[12:05] <ArenaCloser1337> Would It be allowed to do it on the normal wikia?
[12:05] <The Tidal Wave> idk
[12:05] <The Tidal Wave> ask ursuul
[12:05] <IceTudor> ya
[12:05] <IceTudor> lets do dis
[12:05] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah
[12:05] <IceTudor> gonna be a IASC and CI thing?
[12:06] <The Tidal Wave> whatever
[12:06] <The Tidal Wave> cus i'm neither
[12:07] <IceTudor> plox join iasc
[12:07] <IceTudor> only i am there
[12:08] <The Tidal Wave> I plan on staying neutral frever
[12:08] <The Tidal Wave> forever*
[12:08] <IceTudor> y
[12:08] <The Tidal Wave> cus i like neutrality.
[12:08] <The Tidal Wave> brb
[12:10] <The Tidal Wave> bac
[12:10] <The Tidal Wave> k
[12:10] <TOTMGsRock> hello
[12:10] <ArenaCloser1337> Hello
[12:10] <TOTMGsRock> <span class="me-username">* <span>TOTMGsRock</span></span> issues order 66
[12:10] <TOTMGsRock> execute order 66
[12:11] <TOTMGsRock> anyway, check out the [[Builds]] page
[12:11] <The Tidal Wave> Hi TOTMG
[12:11] <TOTMGsRock> look for my Manager build
[12:11] <TOTMGsRock> called
[12:11] <The Tidal Wave> Haven't seen you in a while
[12:11] <TOTMGsRock> "LEGO Movie Micro-Manager"
[12:11] <TOTMGsRock> hello
[12:12] <The Tidal Wave> why's it named that
[12:12] <TOTMGsRock> because the tank with the build is a manager
[12:12] <TOTMGsRock> Micro-[b]Managere
[12:12] <TOTMGsRock> Manager*
[12:12] <TOTMGsRock> get it?
[12:13] <The Tidal Wave> I get that part but why Lego Movie Micro?
[12:13] <ItzDracius> i really hate
[12:13] <ItzDracius> all of these
[12:13] <ItzDracius> "simple life hacks" videos
[12:13] <ItzDracius> im sick of them
[12:14] <ArenaCloser1337> okay
[12:14] <TOTMGsRock> Because Micro-Managers are from the LEGO Movie
[12:14] <TOTMGsRock> I guess you haven't watched it before
[12:15] <The Tidal Wave> I watched it a looooooooooooong time ago
[12:15] <The Tidal Wave> i forgot everything
[12:15] <TOTMGsRock> hmm ok
[12:15] <The Tidal Wave> so now what?
[12:16] <ItzDracius> lemmejust
[12:16] <ItzDracius> go to my
[12:16] <ItzDracius> schools "facebook" thingy
[12:17] <IceTudor> TOOT
[12:17] <IceTudor> yAY YOUR EHEDRE
[12:20] <Enpanzran> What happened?
[12:20] <The Tidal Wave> totmg joined chat
[12:20] <The Tidal Wave> RP?
[12:21] <IceTudor> ya
[12:22] <The Tidal Wave> you start.
[12:23] <TOTMGsRock> rp time
[12:23] <TOTMGsRock> Ice?
[12:26] <Enpanzran> Tudor, this merge doesn't seem so bad after all.
[12:26] <TOTMGsRock> uh
[12:26] <TOTMGsRock> The merge did not even happen yet
[12:27] <Enpanzran> Seem.
[12:27] <Enpanzran> I said seem, and it started to happen.
[12:27] <IceTudor> same
[12:27] <IceTudor> i thought they were gonna just make this wiki into shitrings
[12:27] <Enpanzran> Not sure how long will it take, but hoping for the best.
[12:27] <The Tidal Wave> also iice
[12:28] <The Tidal Wave> i think there's this quote i need to tell you concerning the merge.
[12:28] <IceTudor> ?
[12:28] <The Tidal Wave> "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
[12:28] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[12:28] <The Tidal Wave> brb, dinner
[12:28] <IceTudor> no
[12:29] <TOTMGsRock> <span class="me-username">* <span>TOTMGsRock</span></span> is a Hybrid
[12:29] <IceTudor> The ignorance of tthe many outweigh the true needs from the few
[12:29] <IceTudor> thats better.
[12:29] <TOTMGsRock> why do u hate the merge
[12:30] <Enpanzran> It's will be a clump of clanchees I thought, but it didn't turn that way.
[12:31] <TOTMGsRock> nononono I'm talking to ice
[12:31] <TOTMGsRock> Ice, why do u hate the merge
[12:31] <IceTudor> its useless
[12:32] <Enpanzran> Eh.
[12:33] <TOTMGsRock> How is it useless?
[12:33] <TOTMGsRock> It's more efficient in a way
[12:34] <ArenaCloser1337> TOT is right
[12:35] <IceTudor> explain how
[12:35] <TOTMGsRock> You can edit conceptions and pages in the same wiki
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> That's really useful
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Honestly
[12:35] <TOTMGsRock> it also puts together the people who only visit the DW and people who only visit the DCoW
[12:35] <ArenaCloser1337> And, it won't rip the community apart, unless you want it to
[12:36] <IceTudor> you dpmt really need to edit DW pages
[12:36] <TOTMGsRock> uh yes u do
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Well, updates exist
[12:36] <TOTMGsRock> yeah
[12:36] <TOTMGsRock> updates
[12:36] <IceTudor> and DCoW at the same time
[12:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Dude, it's better for the moderator to merge
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Because moderation reasons
[12:37] <IceTudor> fine
[12:37] <IceTudor> looks like they got you too
[12:37] <IceTudor> the staff
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Dude
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> The worst thing are noobs. And, the noobs, we can ignore them
[12:37] <TOTMGsRock> Mod won't need to exit the wiki and go on the DCOW to eliminate a vandal edit in the DCOW if the DCOW and DW pages are all at the same wiki
[12:37] <TOTMGsRock> Mods*
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> So, it's not that ba
[12:37] <TOTMGsRock> hello nobellion
[12:37] <ArenaCloser1337> *bad
[12:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Look in the bright side of things, IceTudor
[12:38] <IceTudor> i only see a brick wall with a blown out light
[12:38] <Nobellion> Hoi
[12:38] <Nobellion> I just flooded recent activity
[12:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Okay
[12:39] <TOTMGsRock> At first, I thought the Merge was bad, but then when I thought about it I realized that there were really no big problems with the merge
[12:39] <The Tidal Wave> Back
[12:39] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah, the moderators will fix the problems
[12:39] <The Tidal Wave> hi Nobellion
[12:39] <Nobellion> I'm not sure if THE GREAT PUN would like it
[12:39] <Nobellion> *ONE
[12:39] <ArenaCloser1337> Nobellion AKA Mr. Firefox
[12:39] <The Tidal Wave> "THE GREAT PUN"
[12:39] <Nobellion> oh wait cya
[12:39] <The Tidal Wave> bye
[12:39] <ArenaCloser1337> bye...?
[12:40] <The Tidal Wave> so RP?
[12:40] <ArenaCloser1337> I'm working on a "discussion"
[12:40] <ArenaCloser1337> You'll see
[12:40] <ArenaCloser1337> It's an RPG
[12:40] <The Tidal Wave> I saw that
[12:41] <The Tidal Wave> hi drac
[12:42] <Ursuul> hi lads
[12:42] <The Tidal Wave> ...rp?
[12:42] <The Tidal Wave> Oh hi Ursuul
[12:43] <ItzDracius> *gets hit by a bowling ball on the head"
[12:43] <Nobellion> (potato)
[12:43] <ItzDracius> "how's the merge ma'am?"
[12:43] <Ursuul> k
[12:43] <Nobellion> Oh hai
[12:43] <Nobellion> Just testing something
[12:44] <Ursuul> Merge is a bit slow cuz we’re waiting on Utkar
[12:44] <Ursuul> but it’ll be done on-time
[12:44] <Ursuul> @Nobel
[12:44] <Nobellion> I was dumping some images
[12:44] <Ursuul> ye I saw
[12:44] <ItzDracius> Aren't you the youtuber?
[12:44] <ItzDracius> @Nobellion
[12:44] <Ursuul> I’ve been contributing on the English & Spanish Portability Hubs
[12:44] <Ursuul> writing CSS just for the fun of it
[12:44] <The Tidal Wave> What is Utkar doing?
[12:44] <Ursuul> Bot work
[12:44] <Nobellion> ok
[12:44] <ArenaCloser1337>
[12:44] <ArenaCloser1337> Hey
[12:44] <ArenaCloser1337> :3
[12:44] <Nobellion> @ItzDracius
[12:44] <Nobellion> *was
[12:45] <Nobellion> *Weren't
[12:45] <Ursuul> We really need a DCoW Category
[12:45] <Ursuul> I’ll make one now @AC
[12:45] <Nobellion> Concepts
[12:45] <ArenaCloser1337> Thanks :D
[12:45] <Nobellion> Isn't that t
[12:45] <Nobellion> and holy christ
[12:45] <TOTMGsRock> gotta eat dinner bye
[12:45] <Nobellion> there's 12 peeps in chat
[12:45] <Nobellion> now 11
[12:45] <Ursuul> lol
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> rip totmg
[12:46] <Ursuul> will be missed
[12:46] <Enpanzran> Timezone differences.
[12:46] <Enpanzran> Dang it.
[12:46] <ArenaCloser1337> sorry
[12:46] <The Tidal Wave> so now what?
[12:47] <Nobellion> I just scanned through the emojis list and i discovered some nice ones
[12:47] <ArenaCloser1337>
[12:47] <Nobellion> *Emoticons
[12:47] <ArenaCloser1337> Join the epic adventure
[12:47] <Ursuul> lads
[12:47] <Nobellion> (amerifat) 
[12:47] <Ursuul> new category
[12:47] <ItzDracius> I can't falsetto.
[12:47] <Nobellion> Oh sorry
[12:47] <ItzDracius> Now.
[12:47] <Nobellion> Keep going
[12:47] <Ursuul>
[12:47] <Enpanzran> I am glad there are no English fat jokes.
[12:48] <Ursuul> there are bad teeth jokes tho
[12:48] <Nobellion> and tea
[12:48] <Ursuul> & Britistan jokes
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> BWhat
[12:48] <ArenaCloser1337> What are you talking about?
[12:48] <Ursuul> UK -> UE
[12:48] <Nobellion> Anyway lol, the RPG looks interesting. But does it need it own Category?
[12:48] <Ursuul> United Emirate 
[12:49] <Ursuul> @Nobel
[12:49] <Ursuul> we merged wikis
[12:49] <Ursuul> they’ll need a space for conception talks
[12:49] <Enpanzran> Well, those jokes are not true at all.
[12:49] <ArenaCloser1337> Not really, just join and have fun
[12:49] <Ursuul> in the future
[12:49] <Nobellion> Oh go it
[12:49] <Nobellion> *got it
[12:49] <Enpanzran> The tea one is true.
[12:49] <Nobellion> Like discussion cats
[12:49] <Enpanzran> But the others are just stupid.
[12:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> Hi.
[12:50] <Nobellion> I thought you meant Catergory:Somethinglikethis
[12:50] <The Tidal Wave> hi Aysha
[12:50] <Nobellion> Hoi
[12:50] <ArenaCloser1337> Hey
[12:50] <Ursuul> damn worst timing
[12:50] <Ursuul> :(
[12:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> I probably have to leave very soon
[12:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> Me?
[12:50] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[12:50] <Ursuul> oh ok good
[12:50] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[12:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> Why?
[12:50] <Ursuul> cuz I do too lol
[12:50] <Nobellion> 12 PEEPS in chat
[12:50] <QUEEN AYSHA> oh well whatever
[12:50] <Nobellion> oh not me
[12:50] <Nobellion> I have time
[12:50] <Nobellion> for once
[12:51] <Ursuul> I told ye the surrogate community thing would work fam
[12:51] <Ursuul> damnit
[12:51] <Nobellion> wut?
[12:51] <Ursuul> the one day you have time I have to leave lol
[12:51] <Nobellion> rip
[12:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> yeah ik I shoulda showed at up at 5:20 but I couldn't get up that early
[12:51] <Nobellion> (rip) 
[12:51] <Enpanzran> That sounded like a joke for some reason.
[12:51] <Ursuul> s’ok Aysh
[12:51] <QUEEN AYSHA> what are u doing Ursuul
[12:51] <Ursuul> I was just finishing up writing CSS for the Portability Hubs in English & Spanish
[12:51] <Ursuul> They’re the Vanguard home Wikis
[12:51] <Ursuul> [[w:c:p]]
[12:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm still depressed as shit by the way
[12:52] <Nobellion> I'm just flooding the activity
[12:52] <Nobellion> and i need to leave
[12:52] <Nobellion> rip bai
[12:52] <Enpanzran> Bye then.
[12:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> Sorry for everyone who has to put up with me
[12:52] <QUEEN AYSHA> Oh bye
[12:52] <Nobellion> (cry) 
[12:52] <Ursuul> bai~
[12:52] <Ursuul> Aysh it’s fine
[12:52] <Ursuul> I mean not fine that you feel bad
[12:52] <Enpanzran> Put up? It's perfectly normal.
[12:52] <Ursuul> but we like having ye around
[12:52] <Ursuul> I’ve gtg soon fug
[12:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> Why tho?!
[12:53] <Ursuul> lolno
[12:53] <Enpanzran> No.
[12:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> and immature
[12:53] <Enpanzran> Annoying people are not smart at all.
[12:53] <Ursuul> ok maybe a lil immature, but you’re not annoying & it’s cool having ya around
[12:53] <Ursuul> I’ve rly gtg though fug
[12:54] <Enpanzran> And you are not annoying, if we look at that factor.
[12:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> k
[12:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> bye then Ursuul
[12:54] <Enpanzran> Bye Ursuul, then.
[12:54] <The Tidal Wave> bye [s]Ursula
[12:54] <The Tidal Wave> oh rip
[12:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm just good at hiding my annoyingness
[12:54] <The Tidal Wave> too late
[12:54] <Enpanzran> No.
[12:54] <Enpanzran> As I said.
[12:55] <Enpanzran> I met a lot of people and annoying ones are always in spotlight. 
[12:55] <Enpanzran> You are not annoying, maybe a bit immature, but not annoying AT ALL.
[12:56] <The Tidal Wave> By my standards, Aysha
[12:56] <Enpanzran> I know how it feels, as I gone through depression for a long time.
[12:56] <The Tidal Wave> You're not annoying at all.
[12:56] <The Tidal Wave> I've met far worse.
[12:56] <The Tidal Wave> and unfortunately they are my classmates. Hopefully, not for long.
[12:56] <QUEEN AYSHA> Well
[12:57] <ArenaCloser1337> Me too
[12:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> Thanks for trying to make me feel better
[12:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> Somehow I think
[12:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> that in today's society
[12:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> People who game a lot have a higher chance of depression
[12:57] <Enpanzran> My classmates in college were morons, even though I am 14...
[12:57] <QUEEN AYSHA> Not stereotypin em' or anything
[12:58] <QUEEN AYSHA> I just think that they'd game to get away from problems maybe
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337>
[12:58] <Enpanzran> It's true for me.
[12:58] <The Tidal Wave> i already commented
[12:58] <QUEEN AYSHA> Also, sorry AM waves and Arena Closer
[12:58] <ArenaCloser1337> Your build is way too much
[12:58] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[12:58] <Enpanzran> I want to stay away from humanity via playing games.
[12:58] <QUEEN AYSHA> and sorry to anyone who has too many problems and too much stress
[12:59] <The Tidal Wave> I thought i could add 40 to 15/15/0/10.
[12:59] <ArenaCloser1337> Oh
[12:59] <ArenaCloser1337> that's not how it works
[12:59] <QUEEN AYSHA> I want to stay away from humanity via YouTube and books.
[12:59] <ArenaCloser1337> It was just an exemple, Tidal
[12:59] <Enpanzran> Don't be sorry. The same condition must be understood. We are real human beings, and we understand others.
[12:59] <The Tidal Wave> is it good now?
[12:59] <QUEEN AYSHA> >grind
[01:00] <QUEEN AYSHA> *Mind falls into the gutter*
[01:00] <Enpanzran> Not a:
[01:00] <Enpanzran> ◙ Emotionless fool
[01:00] <Enpanzran> ◙ Disconsidering twat
[01:00] <Enpanzran> ◙ A humanist tinker fool.
[01:00] <ArenaCloser1337> .-.
[01:00] <Enpanzran> So, there is no need to be concerned.
[01:01] <ArenaCloser1337> Do you even Grind in RPGs?
[01:01] <The Tidal Wave> Me = mostly emotionless intelligent non-fool
[01:01] <The Tidal Wave> Mostly.
[01:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> .......meh
[01:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> I feel so numb...
[01:02] <IceTudor> ◙ Emotionless fool
[01:02] <IceTudor> ◙ Disconsidering twat
[01:02] <IceTudor> ◙ A humanist tinker fool.
[01:02] <The Tidal Wave> and how did you do the bullet points?
[01:02] <IceTudor> ya could'a just said ice
[01:02] <IceTudor> because its a synonym
[01:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> wait what's humanism again?
[01:02] <QUEEN AYSHA> 
[01:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'm too lazy to google it
[01:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> um....
[01:03] <Enpanzran> No matter. They are annoying when they go too far.
[01:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> no no
[01:03] <Enpanzran> You are not one of those.
[01:03] <The Tidal Wave> a rationalist outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters.
[01:03] <The Tidal Wave> a Renaissance cultural movement which turned away from medieval scholasticism and revived interest in ancient Greek and Roman thought.
[01:03] <The Tidal Wave> noun: Humanism
[01:03] <The Tidal Wave> (among some contemporary writers) a system of thought criticized as being centred on the notion of the rational, autonomous self and ignoring the conditioned nature of the individual.
[01:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> HumanisM
[01:03] <Enpanzran> Any of those.
[01:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> Thanks
[01:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> I learned about it in Humanities 8 (Grade 8) this year
[01:03] <QUEEN AYSHA> Just forgot
[01:04] <The Tidal Wave> So now what?
[01:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> Anything's annoying when taken too far
[01:04] <The Tidal Wave> duh
[01:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> But I don't really see
[01:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> the problem with humanism
[01:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> the teacher
[01:04] <Enpanzran> They are exceptionally annoying I meant.
[01:04] <IceTudor> some are annoying only when not taken enough
[01:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> The teacher said that
[01:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> Canada's education system is humanistic tho
[01:04] <QUEEN AYSHA> and it's just
[01:04] <Enpanzran> I am not sure, but all of my teachers adore me.
[01:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> y'know....
[01:05] <IceTudor> ur canadian?
[01:05] <Enpanzran> I know.
[01:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> go to my profile
[01:05] <IceTudor> "y'know"
[01:05] <IceTudor> hey thats my like
[01:05] <Enpanzran> Well, not everyone on England is a real human either.
[01:05] <Enpanzran> They are just dressed up monkeys.
[01:05] <QUEEN AYSHA> It's just humans not thinking too much about star positions and stuff and what not and instead focusing on doing good things
[01:06] <QUEEN AYSHA> Sounds good to me.....
[01:06] <IceTudor> i just realised
[01:06] <IceTudor> having a large enough buttplug with a hole in it
[01:06] <IceTudor> will make you shit but never wipe your ass again
[01:06] <IceTudor> ..
[01:06] <IceTudor> i wonder if i'm going crazy
[01:07] <ArenaCloser1337> ._.
[01:07] <Enpanzran> But I know this: Talking about this more will flame our insights about sadness and depression.
[01:08] <ArenaCloser1337> Whatever, you can join this RPG adventure:
[01:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> uh huh
[01:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> not too many more links, ac
[01:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> or lse spam
[01:08] <QUEEN AYSHA> *else
[01:08] <The Tidal Wave> is it good now
[01:10] <QUEEN AYSHA> ...wuh...?
[01:10] <ArenaCloser1337> oh
[01:10] <ArenaCloser1337> sorry
[01:10] <ArenaCloser1337> Just wanted some people to join my RPG adventure
[01:11] <QUEEN AYSHA> iz fine
[01:12] <ArenaCloser1337> Tidal, the magic tricks are Custom: You can learn whatever you want. But, the mana cost is decided by me.
[01:12] <IceTudor> woah.
[01:12] <IceTudor> i just realised
[01:12] <The Tidal Wave> oh ok
[01:12] <ArenaCloser1337> You can only learn only a maximum of 4 magic tricks
[01:12] <IceTudor> putting a marijuana filled teabag into alcohol will make a superdrug
[01:13] <ArenaCloser1337> When you reach level 10, you may get a new one
[01:13] <ArenaCloser1337> Finally, you'll start with 2 magic tricks. It won't be too op
[01:13] <The Tidal Wave> oh ok
[01:13] <The Tidal Wave> kinda like pokemon moves then
[01:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah, but your magic tricks are custom
[01:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Doh, there's limits
[01:14] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[01:14] <The Tidal Wave> so
[01:14] <The Tidal Wave> is combat turn-based?
[01:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Yes
[01:14] <The Tidal Wave> oh good!
[01:14] <The Tidal Wave> so i start with 2?
[01:15] <ArenaCloser1337> Yes, 2 magic tricks
[01:15] <ArenaCloser1337> You decide!
[01:15] <ArenaCloser1337> You decide: What kind of magic tricks you want
[01:15] <The Tidal Wave> uh ok.
[01:15] <The Tidal Wave> i'll go comment
[01:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> Oh hwew comes the RPing
[01:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> *here
[01:16] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'll go watch YT then
[01:17] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[01:17] <The Tidal Wave> define a turn please
[01:17] <IceTudor> where
[01:17] <IceTudor> where do i comment
[01:17] <The Tidal Wave> thread
[01:17] <The Tidal Wave>
[01:17] <ArenaCloser1337> It's exactly like pokemon
[01:17] <ArenaCloser1337> The turns are exactly like pokemon
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> That's why I added "Speed"
[01:18] <The Tidal Wave> hold up
[01:18] <The Tidal Wave> so
[01:18] <The Tidal Wave> in 1 turn
[01:18] <The Tidal Wave> does 1 unit attack once or all units attack once?
[01:18] <The Tidal Wave> I don't play pokemon
[01:18] <ArenaCloser1337> Depends on the speed of your units
[01:19] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[01:19] <The Tidal Wave> doesn't help
[01:19] <The Tidal Wave> so
[01:19] <The Tidal Wave> Say there's 1 Guardian and 2 tanks
[01:19] <The Tidal Wave> in 1 turn
[01:19] <The Tidal Wave> How many units can attack?
[01:19] <ArenaCloser1337> If one of you're unit is slower than what you're attacking, it'll attack after the ennemy. If the rest is faster, it'll attack before the enemy
[01:19] <The Tidal Wave> Say Guardian is the fastest
[01:19] <ArenaCloser1337> *enemy
[01:19] <ArenaCloser1337> Guardian will attack first
[01:20] <The Tidal Wave> In 1 turn
[01:20] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah
[01:20] <ArenaCloser1337> everyone attacks
[01:20] <ArenaCloser1337> but, the order depends on the speed
[01:20] <The Tidal Wave> Does it only include Guardian attacking or Guardian and teh 2 tanks?
[01:20] <ArenaCloser1337> got it?
[01:20] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[01:20] <The Tidal Wave> so in 1 turn all attack once
[01:20] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah
[01:20] <The Tidal Wave> got it.
[01:20] <ArenaCloser1337> But, the fastest guy attack first
[01:20] <ArenaCloser1337> The slowest guy attack last
[01:21] <ArenaCloser1337> want to find some polygons to get to level 2?
[01:21] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[01:21] <The Tidal Wave> still making magic tricks
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> I don't recomend too make OP stuff, since your mana is 12
[01:22] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> *to
[01:22] <The Tidal Wave> how much would damage reduction by 50% cost?
[01:22] <The Tidal Wave> to self
[01:22] <The Tidal Wave> for, say, 2 tuens
[01:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Umm...
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> That could be op
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> but...
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> wait
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> how many turns does it last?
[01:23] <The Tidal Wave> 2
[01:23] <ArenaCloser1337> Only?
[01:24] <The Tidal Wave> is that not enough? 
[01:24] <The Tidal Wave> 3
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Does it attack every enemy or only one unit?
[01:24] <The Tidal Wave> then
[01:24] <The Tidal Wave> attack?
[01:24] <The Tidal Wave> My tank?
[01:24] <The Tidal Wave> Only one for now
[01:24] <ArenaCloser1337> (Oops, I meant "Does your effect hit every ennemy, or only one unit)
[01:25] <The Tidal Wave> NOT ENEMIES OF COURSE!
[01:25] <The Tidal Wave> Only ME!
[01:25] <The Tidal Wave> I mean
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> What
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> That's not what I meant
[01:25] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[01:25] <The Tidal Wave> by damage reduction
[01:25] <The Tidal Wave> i mean a shield
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> I mean: Does your magic trick reduce everyone's power or only one unit's power?
[01:25] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[01:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Everyone = All the ennemies
[01:26] <The Tidal Wave> let's say everyon
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> Alright, lemme calculate...
[01:26] <ArenaCloser1337> Reduce 50% of the power of every ennemies for 3 turns...
[01:27] <ArenaCloser1337> I'd say 5 mana
[01:27] <ArenaCloser1337> or 4
[01:27] <ArenaCloser1337> You know, I'd say only reducing it 25%
[01:28] <The Tidal Wave> sure
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> Why? Your magic trick will evolve too
[01:28] <The Tidal Wave> how much is it then
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> When you'll hit level 2, It'll do 26-27%
[01:28] <The Tidal Wave> if only 25% for 3 turn
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> eh
[01:28] <The Tidal Wave> i mean teh cost
[01:28] <ArenaCloser1337> 4 mana
[01:29] <ArenaCloser1337> or 3
[01:29] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[01:29] <ArenaCloser1337> Also, don't forget to upvote the post
[01:29] <ArenaCloser1337> It will really be useful to me
[01:30] <The Tidal Wave> check the post
[01:30] <The Tidal Wave> updooted
[01:32] <ArenaCloser1337> Updooted
[01:33] <Enpanzran> It would be good if the Diep was updated.
[01:34] <ArenaCloser1337> Remember: Your tricks will get better later. But, It'll cost more mana
[01:34] <ArenaCloser1337> Which is balanced and good
[01:38] <The Tidal Wave> Smoke bomb costs 6?
[01:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Well, I was not sure
[01:38] <ArenaCloser1337> I mean, it's very good
[01:38] <ArenaCloser1337> I should change it
[01:38] <ArenaCloser1337> wait up
[01:39] <ArenaCloser1337> 5 mana
[01:39] <ArenaCloser1337> is that okay?
[01:39] <ArenaCloser1337> wait
[01:39] <ArenaCloser1337> Should I do 4 mana instead?
[01:39] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah
[01:39] <The Tidal Wave> 4
[01:39] <ArenaCloser1337> There you go
[01:40] <ArenaCloser1337> It seems more correct
[01:40] <The Tidal Wave> oh ok
[01:41] <The Tidal Wave> so now what can i do?
[01:41] <ArenaCloser1337> You can grind polygons/tank to get xp and god
[01:41] <ArenaCloser1337> *gold
[01:42] <The Tidal Wave> ok
[01:42] <The Tidal Wave> do i have to say "I grind polygons" in the discussion?
[01:43] <ArenaCloser1337> Just say "grind"
[01:43] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[01:43] <The Tidal Wave> grind
[01:43] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[01:43] <The Tidal Wave> in here or in discussions?
[01:44] <ArenaCloser1337> discussions
[01:44] <The Tidal Wave> uh
[01:45] <The Tidal Wave> what does my (+1) in my attack and sword stand for?
[01:45] <The Tidal Wave> Sword gives +1?
[01:45] <ArenaCloser1337> Wooden Sword
[01:45] <The Tidal Wave> Gives +1 atk?
[01:45] <ArenaCloser1337> If you read everything, you'll understand why you have a wooden sword
[01:45] <ArenaCloser1337> yeah
[01:46] <ArenaCloser1337> But, It'll break one day
[01:46] <The Tidal Wave> and i have to get something new.
[01:46] <ArenaCloser1337> Yeah
[01:47] <ArenaCloser1337> Tankits are pretty easy to get, in this game
[01:48] <The Tidal Wave> I'm grinding...
[01:49] <ArenaCloser1337> You found something!
[01:49] <The Tidal Wave> (disc plz)
[01:50] <Kurofox zero> Hi guys
[01:50] <ArenaCloser1337>
[01:50] <ArenaCloser1337> Join an epic adventure!
[01:50] <ArenaCloser1337> hi
[01:50] <Kurofox zero> Say "yogurts are brainless"
[01:51] <ArenaCloser1337> Tidal, you can do your fights in the chat
[01:56] <Skye Sim> Yoghurts are brainless
[01:57] <The Tidal Wave> i hit the penta with my sword
[01:58] <ArenaCloser1337> 6 damage done!
[01:58] <ArenaCloser1337> The Pentagods spins in place, doing nothing...
[01:59] <The Tidal Wave> i hit it again
[02:02] <The Tidal Wave> AC?
[02:08] <TOTMGsRock> Can I join the rp game as a tank
[02:08] <Skye Sim> Hi TOT
[02:08] <The Tidal Wave> well
[02:08] <The Tidal Wave> ask AC
[02:08] <TOTMGsRock> ac can I?
[02:09] <Skye Sim> Gtg sleep
[02:09] <Skye Sim> Bye
[02:09] <The Tidal Wave> bye
[02:10] <Skye Sim> VOOP!
[02:10] <Skye Sim> DING!
[02:11] <The Tidal Wave> AC? You there?
[02:13] <TOTMGsRock> rip
[02:13] <TOTMGsRock> WAIT
[02:13] <TOTMGsRock> is it the summer holiday for you guys?
[02:13] <The Tidal Wave> not yet
[02:13] <The Tidal Wave> soon.
[02:13] <TOTMGsRock> huh? It's already summer holiday for me
[02:14] <TOTMGsRock> eh well
[02:14] <TOTMGsRock> different schools I guess
[02:17] <The Tidal Wave> AC you there?
[02:23] <Enpanzran> Hello TOTMGsRock. 
[02:23] <Enpanzran> Whatd
[02:23] <Enpanzran> What did I miss?
[02:31] <The Tidal Wave> brb
[02:50] <The named BOSS> Hi
[02:50] <The Tidal Wave> back
[02:50] <The Tidal Wave> hi boss
[02:50] <The named BOSS> Hi Tidal
[02:52] <The Tidal Wave> Now what?
[02:54] <The named BOSS> Idk
[02:54] <The named BOSS> Rp?
[02:54] <The Tidal Wave> got nothing better to do
[02:54] <The Tidal Wave> sure
[02:57] <The named BOSS> You start
[02:57] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[02:59] <The Tidal Wave> can i use unreleased tanks?
[02:59] <The Tidal Wave> i mean conceptions.
[03:00] <The named BOSS> Sure
[03:00] <The Tidal Wave> *The Inferno has joined the game*
[03:01] <The Tidal Wave> (boss variant of
[03:01] <The Tidal Wave> (gonna ask diepmon if i can make extended sons f panzer
[03:01] <The Tidal Wave> of*
[03:01] <The Tidal Wave> after merging)
[03:02] <The named BOSS> *a random cult tank walks up to the fortress and knocks on the part that opens*
[03:03] <The Tidal Wave> Inferno: Yes?
[03:05] <The named BOSS> Cult Tank: This may be a bit much to ask from the great inferno, but could I have a little bit of help? This one tank is attacking and killing cult members and fanboys like crazy, and they are coming toward me, I could help defend your fortress...
[03:06] <The Tidal Wave> Inferno: Is it the one named Grevious?
[03:06] <The named BOSS> Cult Tnkk
[03:06] <The Tidal Wave> (what)
[03:07] <The Tidal Wave> hi diepmon
[03:07] <The named BOSS> Cult tank: No, it is a Skimmer called "The named BOSS"
[03:07] <The named BOSS> (Accidentally hit enter)
[03:08] <The Tidal Wave> (lol, "tnkk")
[03:08] <The named BOSS> (Shaddap)
[03:08] <The Tidal Wave> Inferno: Oh that dude. Yeah, I'll try to deal with him.
[03:08] <The Tidal Wave> *The Inferno readies his fire bombs*
[03:09] <The Tidal Wave> *as well as his flamethrowers*
[03:10] <The named BOSS> *The named BOSS slowly approaches*
[03:11] <The Tidal Wave> *the Inferno starts launching everything he has at BOSS*
[03:12] <Enpanzran> You remember the old Sprayer? Overpowered.
[03:12] <The Tidal Wave> (There was a difference?)
[03:12] <Enpanzran> Yes.
[03:12] <The named BOSS> *fighter barrels pop out of boss's back and sides, and boss is dodging all of the bullets and stuff*
[03:12] <Enpanzran> It shot big bullets all of the time.
[03:12] <Enpanzran> Had a bit more Reload increase.
[03:13] <The named BOSS> (Instead of firing a Gunner bullets every second shot along with a machine gun bullet it would shoot 2 machine gun bullets every second shot)
[03:13] <Enpanzran> It didn't shoot small bullets like the current one does once in a while.
[03:13] <Enpanzran> Yes.
[03:13] <The Tidal Wave> Inferno: Oh THIS thing!
[03:14] <The Tidal Wave> *Inferno starts firing in front of BOSS*
[03:14] <The Tidal Wave> (Hi diepmon)
[03:14] <Diepmon> Yawn
[03:14] <Enpanzran> Seems bored, or his middle cortex needs oxygen.
[03:14] <Enpanzran> Or both of them.
[03:14] <The Tidal Wave> Hey Diepmon
[03:15] <Diepmon> I am chewing on an Apple Pencil cover thing, laying on my side in my underwear on a bed with the light on at 12:15 AM in a Tokyo apartment
[03:15] <The named BOSS> *boss turns around and dashes the other way, then starts approaching inferno quickly*
[03:15] <Diepmon> Can things get more boring than this
[03:15] <The Tidal Wave> Could I make Extended Sons of Panzer based off my own tanks?
[03:15] <Diepmon> Also my feet are in the curtains
[03:15] <Enpanzran> Interesting situation report.
[03:15] <Diepmon> I responded
[03:15] <Diepmon> Yes
[03:16] <Diepmon> Although no lancer branch tanks please, Tidal.
[03:16] <The Tidal Wave> Oh cool
[03:16] <The Tidal Wave> I mean
[03:16] <Diepmon> There are a crapload of them
[03:16] <The Tidal Wave> my tanks
[03:16] <Diepmon> Your tanks are fine
[03:16] <The Tidal Wave> Like
[03:16] <Diepmon> Go ahead
[03:16] <The Tidal Wave> Coll
[03:16] <The Tidal Wave> Cool*
[03:17] <Diepmon> Though notify me first which ones, I have to review both the boss and the tank for EToD
[03:17] <The Tidal Wave> I'm gonna wait after the merge.
[03:17] <Diepmon> And the entire tank's branch if it has a unique one
[03:17] <The Tidal Wave> well
[03:17] <The Tidal Wave> the one i just sent
[03:17] <The Tidal Wave> for teh tank
[03:17] <The Tidal Wave> along with Howitzer
[03:17] <Enpanzran> Lancers are going nuts.
[03:17] <Diepmon> I've already seen this idea and mortar, both are great
[03:17] <Enpanzran> If anyone else knew, they would make heck load of tanks.
[03:18] <Diepmon> and howitzer
[03:18] <The Tidal Wave> Cool, thanks
[03:18] <Diepmon> Lancers haven't been touched in like 4 months lol
[03:18] <Diepmon> Last I think was Tailcan by taco
[03:18] <The named BOSS> I am most likely going to consider making sons for EToD Lancer tanks
[03:18] <ArenaCloser1337> sorry
[03:18] <ArenaCloser1337> I was afk
[03:18] <The named BOSS> And making 3 new ones
[03:18] <Diepmon> I describe it as a crocodile tank
[03:19] <Diepmon> Okay which ones -_-
[03:19] <ArenaCloser1337> I'll be afk again
[03:19] <The named BOSS> Uhmmmm
[03:19] <Diepmon> No ones that I did unless I give permission
[03:19] <The named BOSS> *glare*
[03:19] <Diepmon> Which I probably will
[03:19] <The named BOSS> One is going to be like a bastion
[03:19] <Enpanzran> Tidal Wave, may I improve the design of the Mortar?
[03:19] <Diepmon> Because 80% of other users' ideas are mine, lol
[03:20] <The named BOSS> But like with 2 normal barrels
[03:20] <The Tidal Wave> @Enpanzran You mean art? 
[03:20] <The Tidal Wave> Or design in general?
[03:21] <The named BOSS> And another would be a bastion with, like, a crappy destroyer barrel instead of gunner ones
[03:21] <Diepmon> We already have Heavy Bastion
[03:21] <Diepmon> And Armored Bastion
[03:21] <Diepmon> Mega Bastion maybe?
[03:21] <The named BOSS> Don't even 
[03:21] <The named BOSS> Yeah
[03:21] <Enpanzran> Art and design.
[03:21] <Enpanzran> Yes.
[03:21] <Diepmon> 3 normal, not 2
[03:21] <Enpanzran> A bit of a tweak.
[03:21] <The Tidal Wave> Sure, go ahead.
[03:22] <Diepmon> Ohh my delta Crashers, shush, I'll get to you eventually
[03:22] <The Tidal Wave> lol
[03:22] <The named BOSS> Delta phasers ftw 
[03:23] <The Tidal Wave> Hi Teamz
[03:23] <Teamerz> hi
[03:24] <Diepmon>
[03:24] <Diepmon> Entire lancer branch, if anyone curious
[03:24] <Diepmon> Minus tailcan
[03:25] <The Tidal Wave> that has the wrong design.
[03:25] <The Tidal Wave> Hold up
[03:25] <The Tidal Wave> Can I make tanks on DCoW now?
[03:25] <Diepmon> Wait nvm it is there
[03:25] <Diepmon> But has wrong design
[03:25] <Diepmon> No, it is still clows
[03:25] <Diepmon> closed
[03:25] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[03:26] <Diepmon> DW will be open for conceptions in a few days
[03:26] <The Tidal Wave> YAYAYAYAY
[03:26] <Teamerz> actually
[03:26] <Teamerz> there's already a conception made
[03:26] <Teamerz> on DW
[03:26] <The Tidal Wave> I need to make sure no one steals the name "The Inferno".
[03:26] <The named BOSS> Guardian Y
[03:27] <Teamerz> ^
[03:27] <The Tidal Wave> Which one
[03:27] <Teamerz> hi gra
[03:27] <Teamerz> grav*
[03:27] <The Tidal Wave> Hi Grav
[03:27] <Graviatar> hi
[03:27] <Graviatar> :)
[03:27] <Diepmon> GRAAAAVI
[03:27] <Graviatar> YE
[03:27] <Diepmon>
[03:27] <Diepmon> Lancer branch
[03:27] <Diepmon> Lol
[03:27] <Graviatar> Discbuddies 
[03:28] <Diepmon> O/ \O 
[03:28] <Graviatar> what's new here
[03:28] <Diepmon> Oh just some thoughts about EToD sons
[03:28] <Diepmon> for Tidal's tanks
[03:28] <Graviatar> coolio
[03:28] <Diepmon> And lancer branch tanks
[03:28] <Enpanzran> Oh.
[03:28] <Enpanzran> Hi Graviatar.
[03:28] <The Tidal Wave> Gotta reserve "The Inferno" for me.
[03:29] <The Tidal Wave> Son of the
[03:29] <Diepmon> Waaait
[03:29] <Enpanzran> Tidal Wave, Is it just a circle?
[03:29] <Graviatar> I'm mainly focusing on ones Zathus particularly requested to be in ToD
[03:29] <The Tidal Wave> what
[03:29] <Diepmon> That's the name of an EToD guardian boss 
[03:29] <Enpanzran> The body.
[03:29] <Diepmon> Jk
[03:29] <The Tidal Wave> Enpanzran, yes. The tank body is normal.
[03:30] <Diepmon> :|
[03:30] <Diepmon> O_O
[03:31] <The named BOSS> ?
[03:37] <The Tidal Wave> dead
[03:40] <Enpanzran> Tidal Wave. Done.
[03:41] <The Tidal Wave> Cool
[03:41] <The Tidal Wave> wait let me check it
[03:41] <Enpanzran>
[03:41] <The Tidal Wave> what are the side bars for?
[03:41] <Enpanzran> I added handles, as it's a mortar.
[03:42] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[03:43] <The Tidal Wave> hi sparky
[03:45] <The Tidal Wave> hi good
[03:45] <Good202> hey, new image
[03:46] <Enpanzran> Have to go. Bye.
[03:46] <The Tidal Wave> bye
[03:47] <Good202> thiis eogito [[User:Eogito]]
[03:47] <Type: Sparky> .-.
[03:47] <Type: Sparky> what if
[03:47] <Type: Sparky> diep never existed
[03:47] <The Tidal Wave> *gulp*
[03:47] <The Tidal Wave> Then I'd never had made this account.
[03:49] <Good202> future update is very cool ^_&
[03:54] <Good202> [[Thread:113486]]
[03:57] <The Tidal Wave> gtg
[04:02] <Good202> don't eat raw meat is bacterium
[04:02] <Good202> crafting amethyst tools
[04:03] <Teamerz> *prepares ban hammer*
[04:04] <Good202> who?
[04:16] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[04:51] <The named BOSS> Hi
[04:59] <IceTudor> FUCK
[04:59] <IceTudor> BAN GOOD
[04:59] <IceTudor> PLEAS- oh he left
[04:59] <IceTudor> phew
[04:59] <IceTudor> i think i know what good is actually
[05:00] <IceTudor> WHAT THE HELL?
[05:00] <IceTudor> GOOD IS SPANISH?
[05:00] <IceTudor> WHAT
[05:04] <IceTudor> also
[05:04] <IceTudor> toomz
[05:04] <IceTudor> you're north-american right?
[05:04] <IceTudor> so
[05:05] <IceTudor> canadian, mexican or USA-an *since american just seems awkward at that question*
[05:08] <IceTudor> guys
[05:08] <IceTudor> good202 is spanish
[05:08] <IceTudor> i just found out
[05:09] <Tacocat247> Hi.
[05:09] <IceTudor> taco
[05:09] <IceTudor> i just found out
[05:09] <IceTudor> good202 is spanish
[05:09] <Tacocat247> Ik that
[05:09] <Tacocat247> .-.
[05:09] <IceTudor> that means we can finally talk to him so he can understand- oh
[05:09] <IceTudor> how
[05:10] <Tacocat247> Google translator has those grammar problems from Spanish to English.
[05:10] <SuperRobot9338> ye
[05:10] <IceTudor> oh
[05:11] <SuperRobot9338> I just found out everyone on the wiki is mentally disturbed except Ursuul
[05:11] <IceTudor> GT is horrible at translating
[05:11] <SuperRobot9338> That must be why he's bcrat
[05:11] <Tacocat247> agreed.
[05:11] <IceTudor> ESPECIALLY URSUUL***
[05:11] <SuperRobot9338> I mean legit
[05:11] <Tacocat247> Why am I mentally disturbed?
[05:11] <SuperRobot9338> eh
[05:11] <SuperRobot9338> im disturbed too
[05:11] <SuperRobot9338> [[Thread:82991]]
[05:15] <IceTudor> you know
[05:15] <IceTudor> i dont have any of those
[05:15] <IceTudor> but im worse than anyone here
[05:15] <IceTudor> any adjective with MENTALLY doesnt work for me
[05:15] <IceTudor> because i'm
[05:15] <Tacocat247> Im bored
[05:15] <IceTudor> SO TO SAY
[05:15] <IceTudor> mentally COO COO
[05:15] <Tacocat247> Crazy
[05:15] <IceTudor> ya
[05:15] <IceTudor> i have a normal side
[05:15] <IceTudor> its soft tho
[05:15] <Tacocat247> Lets hope you dont have any conniptions any time soon.
[05:15] <IceTudor> its like yin
[05:15] <IceTudor> but my other side
[05:15] <Tacocat247> Conniption: Fit of rage.
[05:15] <IceTudor> is fucking horrifying
[05:16] <IceTudor> it could just rip your chest open and kill you in 0.6 seconds
[05:16] <IceTudor> and it has no morals
[05:16] <Tacocat247> How do you know?
[05:16] <IceTudor> no care
[05:16] <IceTudor> no emotion
[05:16] <IceTudor> it only feels happines from doing evil shit
[05:16] <Tacocat247> Did you actually do that?
[05:16] <IceTudor> =)
[05:16] <Tacocat247> 2ManyConniptions4Me
[05:17] <IceTudor> lets just say
[05:17] <IceTudor> that if i didnt have my nice side
[05:17] <IceTudor> i would feel bad for you
[05:17] <IceTudor> NOT.
[05:17] <Tacocat247> [s]We would all be dead.
[05:17] <IceTudor> =P
[05:17] <IceTudor> yep
[05:17] <IceTudor> i would just get in
[05:17] <IceTudor> vandalise every hard-worked page
[05:17] <IceTudor> vandalise EVERYTHING actually
[05:17] <IceTudor> then i would spam
[05:17] <IceTudor> track you all down
[05:17] <IceTudor> kill you
[05:17] <Tacocat247> Rifleman 2.0 i guess.
[05:17] <IceTudor> and then probably do some weird shit to you
[05:17] <IceTudor> anyways
[05:17] <IceTudor> no
[05:18] <Tacocat247> at least you don't act like that.
[05:18] <IceTudor> rifleman would fucking get scared
[05:18] <IceTudor> and leave
[05:18] <Tacocat247> Well
[05:18] <IceTudor> taco
[05:18] <IceTudor> how do you know
[05:18] <IceTudor> i use it sometimes
[05:18] <IceTudor> in hard times
[05:18] <Tacocat247> [s]We dont talk about that.
[05:18] <IceTudor> =)
[05:18] <Tacocat247> hi dere'
[05:18] <Tacocat247> "Zathsu's Revenge" plays.
[05:18] <IceTudor> if i only had my bad side
[05:18] <IceTudor> you would all be dead
[05:18] <IceTudor> if i only had my soft side
[05:18] <IceTudor> i would be dead
[05:18] <IceTudor> you understand?
[05:19] <IceTudor> i need both
[05:19] <IceTudor> its like bipolar
[05:19] <Tacocat247> yis\
[05:19] <IceTudor> but not with emotions
[05:19] <Tacocat247> IceTudor
[05:19] <IceTudor> one is crazy batshit evil
[05:19] <IceTudor> and the other is nice and soft
[05:19] <Tacocat247> You have Bipolar Disorder.
[05:19] <IceTudor> no
[05:19] <Tacocat247> .-.
[05:19] <IceTudor> bipolar = drastic mood changes
[05:19] <Tacocat247> It sounds that way when you say that.
[05:19] <IceTudor> but i have a MIX of them
[05:19] <IceTudor> i dont just switch from one to the other
[05:19] <Tacocat247> k den
[05:19] <IceTudor> my soft one has one strong thing
[05:19] <IceTudor> it can hold the evil one
[05:19] <Tacocat247> Superposition BIpolar Disorder
[05:19] <IceTudor> and my evil one
[05:19] <IceTudor> ha sa weakness
[05:19] <IceTudor> it cant get past my soft one
[05:20] <IceTudor> understand?
[05:20] <Tacocat247> yes.
[05:20] <Tacocat247> [i]Press start to rich.
[05:20] <IceTudor> i'm like a yin yang
[05:20] <SuperRobot9338> "How tf are you able to stay calm when this... this... NAKALIPITHECUS comes into the wiki and starts making dumb excuses for his complete inability to comprehend the basics of itself!? Sheesh! More and more people in the internet are becoming dumber and it's no coincidence that this is happening after Trump became the POTUS!
[05:20] <SuperRobot9338> 
[05:20] <SuperRobot9338> It's unbelievable! We're HUMANS, one of the most intelligent beings on Earth, yet most of our population is becoming dumber than a single-celled organism! No wonder natural selection is so important."
[05:20] <SuperRobot9338> 
[05:20] <SuperRobot9338> -TOTMGs after a noob is confused about
[05:20] <IceTudor> not a switch to switch on and off a light
[05:20] <SuperRobot9338> i see
[05:20] <Tacocat247> *coughs*
[05:20] <Tacocat247> *yawns*
[05:20] <Tacocat247> *gunshots screams explosion*
[05:20] <IceTudor> [s]altough i can be turned on and off[/s]
[05:20] <Tacocat247> I sleep
[05:21] <IceTudor> PIZZA FELL OTU OF BOX
[05:21] <IceTudor> real shit
[05:21] <Tacocat247> *The new bionicle lego set has come out*
[05:21] <Luigi1006YT> R E E L
[05:21] <IceTudor> you know theese
[05:21] <IceTudor> RIP *who left*
[05:21] <Luigi1006YT> Yes
[05:21] <IceTudor> things i do
[05:21] <IceTudor> if my bad side somehow secretly got past my soft
[05:21] <Luigi1006YT> A S C E N D E D
[05:21] <IceTudor> that would not be a joke.
[05:21] <IceTudor> that might be the reason they left
[05:22] <IceTudor> =[i])
[05:24] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[05:24] <Tacocat247> *gunshots screams explosion*
[05:24] <Tacocat247> I sleep
[05:24] <Luigi1006YT> I dont sleep
[05:25] <Luigi1006YT> I A S C E N D
[05:25] <Tacocat247> Snicker
[05:25] <Tacocat247> z
[05:25] <Luigi1006YT> Lul
[05:25] <Tacocat247> igi1006yt
[05:25] <Tacocat247> A S C E N D E D
[05:25] <Tacocat247> [i]Press start to rich.
[05:25] <Luigi1006YT> Cocat247
[05:25] <Luigi1006YT> When :^)
[05:25] <Luigi1006YT> Wait i think i hit the wrong button
[05:25] <Luigi1006YT> *presses NUT*
[05:26] <IceTudor> HLSKBD
[05:26] <Tacocat247>
[05:26] <IceTudor> Homeless/Serial killer- Bipolar disorder
[05:26] <IceTudor> lol
[05:26] <Tacocat247> Fortran on weekends
[05:26] <Tacocat247> [i]Press start to ri- Screw it. Im already rich.
[05:26] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[05:26] <Tacocat247> hi
[05:26] <Tacocat247> hi machine broke
[05:26] <SuperRobot9338> hi
[05:27] <Tacocat247> hi machine broke
[05:27] <SuperRobot9338> i'm working
[05:27] <Tacocat247> Have a good day
[05:27] <SuperRobot9338> stalking peeps, doxxing, etc.
[05:27] <SuperRobot9338> The usual
[05:27] <Luigi1006YT> Understandable, have a TACO in a CAT what is 247 dollarz
[05:27] <Tacocat247> no
[05:27] <Luigi1006YT> Yes
[05:27] <Tacocat247> 247 forts
[05:27] <Luigi1006YT> No
[05:27] <IceTudor> 247 farts**
[05:27] <IceTudor> god that would smell like shit
[05:27] <IceTudor> litteraly
[05:29] <Tacocat247> rb
[05:29] <Tacocat247> ack
[05:31] <Tacocat247> [big][b][rainbow]I EXIST
[05:32] <Luigi1006YT> [big] [rainbow] holy wew
[05:33] <Tacocat247> Existing is hard to do
[05:33] <SuperRobot9338> HEIL HYPHEN
[05:34] <Tacocat247> [big]HEIL TILDE
[05:34] <Tacocat247> [giant]~
[05:34] <SuperRobot9338> LOL
[05:34] <Luigi1006YT> Xd
[05:34] <SuperRobot9338> Also
[05:35] <IceTudor> HEIL COTPER
[05:35] <SuperRobot9338> I actually appreciate MasterOv
[05:35] <SuperRobot9338> Not in the clickbait but just his determination
[05:36] <Luigi1006YT> Heil hitle- *gets shot*
[05:36] <SuperRobot9338> To grow your channel into a 2.4mil sub empire after getting banned from ever making videos about your main source of content again is just kewl
[05:38] <Tacocat247> "[i]Oh, im sorry. It seems like my navbox is missing. It will be right back after these messages. *plays commercial for a Captain Crunch cereal* [/i]"
[05:39] <Tacocat247> dun
[05:39] <ArenaCloser1337> I'm back for real, now
[05:39] <Tacocat247> YEY
[05:39] <Tacocat247> Hi'
[05:39] <Tacocat247> [i]Press start to rich.
[05:40] <IceTudor> wait
[05:40] <IceTudor> what ban
[05:40] <Tacocat247> ?
[05:40] <IceTudor> MOv got baned?
[05:40] <IceTudor> y
[05:40] <SuperRobot9338> from Clash of Clans
[05:40] <SuperRobot9338> he posted hax
[05:40] <IceTudor> lmao wheen
[05:40] <IceTudor> 2012?
[05:40] <IceTudor> lol
[05:40] <SuperRobot9338> At that time it was all he made videos about
[05:41] <SuperRobot9338> Now he has 2.4 million subs
[05:41] <IceTudor> rip
[05:41] <IceTudor> 2.4 million 7 year olds
[05:42] <SuperRobot9338> ^
[05:42] <SuperRobot9338> MasterOv OP
[05:42] <Tacocat247> I like how when i have chat open, i cant leave comments xD
[05:42] <Tacocat247> (wink)
[05:44] <IceTudor> y wink
[05:44] <IceTudor> theres nothing sexual
[05:44] <IceTudor> also
[05:44] <IceTudor> talkin about that
[05:45] <IceTudor> you cant say anything here anymore without it being sexual or a ship
[05:45] <IceTudor> "imma buy some crackers"
[05:45] <IceTudor> boom taco ship made
[05:45] <IceTudor> "imma listen to the radio"
[05:45] <IceTudor> boom am waves ship made
[05:45] <IceTudor> anything else
[05:45] <IceTudor> ugh
[05:47] <Teamerz> ov has 2.4m subs?
[05:47] <Teamerz> thats when you know humanity is turning into brainless corpses
[05:49] <IceTudor> only from that?
[05:49] <IceTudor> wut bout
[05:49] <IceTudor> ANTI-VAX
[05:49] <IceTudor> FEMINISM
[05:49] <IceTudor> FIDGET SPINNERS
[05:49] <IceTudor> KENDAMA
[05:49] <Teamerz> fidget spinners too
[05:49] <Teamerz> but ov is the biggest proof that humanity is decaying
[05:49] <IceTudor> no its not
[05:50] <IceTudor> all yters like arcade-go
[05:50] <IceTudor> or ov
[05:50] <IceTudor> are 
[05:50] <Teamerz> ov is the worst imo
[05:50] <IceTudor> rly?
[05:50] <IceTudor> also what about the guy who plays that music that sounds like a strangled goose
[05:51] <Teamerz> dont care about that
[09:52] <Teamerz> huh
[09:53] <Teamerz> y am i involved in any of this
[09:53] <Teamerz> wot did i do
[09:53] <ArenaCloser1337> (Nothing)
[09:53] <Teamerz> AC.
[09:53] <Teamerz> Tell me
[09:53] <Teamerz> ffs
[09:53] <ArenaCloser1337> (I'm just marking your words)
[09:53] <Teamerz> kden
[09:53] <Pariscat11> now btrp
[09:54] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[09:54] <Pariscat11> -The C. Tank notices the Power Converter and shoots it-
[09:54] <The named BOSS> Great
[09:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> Hello, fellow earthlings
[09:54] <Tacocat247> (sorry)
[09:54] <The named BOSS> *power converter fires lasers at it*
[09:54] <ArenaCloser1337> *More police comes and they use a tazer to immobilize the C. Tank*
[09:54] <QUEEN AYSHA> I am here to wait hopelessly for Ursuul to show up 
[09:54] <Pariscat11> -An Crazed Sniper spawns-
[09:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> as well a watch an insanely unhealthy amount of YouTube
[09:55] <QUEEN AYSHA> *as
[09:55] <Tacocat247> Astra: How long is this chess game going to last?
[09:55] <Pariscat11> -The number one player was a Spike-
[09:55] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: I dont know.
[09:55] <Pariscat11> Spike: HURRY I NEED TO GET SOME WOOD
[09:55] <ArenaCloser1337> (Paris, we're playing CoS)
[09:55] <Tacocat247> (Spike can be in COS)
[09:55] <ArenaCloser1337> (Yeah, but he talked about ranks)
[09:56] <Tacocat247> (and when i leave, ill brb in about 30 minutes)
[09:56] <ArenaCloser1337> (Why doh)
[09:56] <Tacocat247> Haircut
[09:56] <ArenaCloser1337> (That's a fast haircut)
[09:57] <ArenaCloser1337> (Also, "You really should not be happy living with this kind of internet" -Code: Red
[09:57] <The named BOSS> (Power converter in cos style would be like, a big grey orb split into 5s by lines , with one blie shiny orb Imbedded on each fifth*
[09:58] <The named BOSS> )
[09:58] <Pariscat11> (Crazed Tank is basically a regular CoS tank with black dots on the sides, and the bottom is pitch black)
[09:59] <Ursuul> get heck’d emailz
[09:59] <Ursuul> I’m like Killary Klinton
[09:59] <The named BOSS> (Power converter almost never pays attention, and bumps into things on accident alot)
[10:04] <Ursuul> why does everyone leave whenever I come into chat lol
[10:04] <Ursuul> am I ugly ;-;
[10:04] <Ursuul> (sad2) 
[10:05] <Teamerz> i didnt
[10:05] <ArenaCloser1337> "Insert spongebob episode here
[10:05] <The named BOSS> (sad) (sad2) (sad3) 
[10:05] <Ursuul> (tfwnogf) 
[10:05] <The named BOSS> (sad4) (sad5) (sad6)
[10:05] <Ursuul> temerz tru bro
[10:06] <Ursuul> 🅱️ro
[10:06] <The named BOSS> CONTINUE RP
[10:06] <Pariscat11> (TAKE ALL THE TAPE)
[10:06] <ArenaCloser1337> We can't, tacocat left 
[10:07] <The named BOSS> *sigh*
[10:07] <The named BOSS> Rip
[10:07] <Teamerz> just bc hes not here we cant rp
[10:07] <Teamerz> k
[10:07] <ArenaCloser1337> Well
[10:07] <The named BOSS> Yes
[10:07] <ArenaCloser1337> I mean: He's important
[10:07] <The named BOSS> Teamz is right
[10:07] <Teamerz> yeah but hes not our god
[10:08] <The named BOSS> ^
[10:08] <Teamerz> he doesnt need to be in every RP we do
[10:08] <The named BOSS> ^^^^
[10:08] <ArenaCloser1337> Well...
[10:08] <ArenaCloser1337> I know, but he's a part of this rp
[10:09] <The named BOSS> Well...
[10:09] <Teamerz> so it makes us unable to make another rp
[10:09] <The named BOSS> We can still rp
[10:09] <Teamerz> or make a part of the rp where hes not included
[10:09] <ArenaCloser1337> Actually
[10:09] <ArenaCloser1337> I was thinking about doing another rp
[10:09] <Teamerz> then do it.
[10:09] <The named BOSS> Yes teamz
[10:09] <Teamerz> without taco
[10:11] <The named BOSS> RP CONTINUE1111!1!1!1!1!!1!!111!!!!!
[10:11] <ArenaCloser1337> Uhhh...
[10:11] <ArenaCloser1337> What is the rp?
[10:11] <The named BOSS> Idk
[10:11] <Teamerz> you dont know what a rp is?
[10:11] <The named BOSS> Let's all think of one
[10:11] <ArenaCloser1337> I do
[10:13] <ArenaCloser1337> Taco! :D
[10:13] <The named BOSS> RP CONTINUE
[10:13] <ArenaCloser1337> RP Continue!
[10:13] <Tacocat247> Haircuts suck when you are a cat :|
[10:14] <Tacocat247> /announce RP CONTUNUE!
[10:14] <Tacocat247> Astra: How long is this chess game going to b-
[10:14] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Checkmate
[10:14] <Tacocat247> Astra: Good job!
[10:14] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I'm hyped when I'll finally beat this game for the 4th time!
[10:14] <ArenaCloser1337> brb
[10:14] <ArenaCloser1337> I'll be back very soon
[10:15] <Tacocat247> tis k
[10:15] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Walks over to Kiosk* I have a question
[10:15] <Tacocat247> Kiosk: *Looks at Astra* Yes?
[10:16] <Tacocat247> Astra: How in the world did you make that cat face?
[10:16] <Tacocat247> Kiosk: *Looks at Astra with a cat face :3*
[10:16] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Looks at Kiosk with a worried expression*
[10:19] <ArenaCloser1337> back
[10:19] <The named BOSS> *metal on metal, banging and static, etc is heard, and power converter returns, with one laser core cracked, and some dents and scratches in the metal*
[10:19] <Tacocat247> (BOSS, no)
[10:19] <Tacocat247> (Please?)
[10:19] <ArenaCloser1337> (This is a casual rp)
[10:20] <The named BOSS> (I don't do casual)
[10:20] <Tacocat247> Kiosk: Blazar! ITS THE FINAL BOSS!
[10:20] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Yeah! I'll beat it for the 4th time!
[10:21] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine and Astra walk over to the couch that Blazar and Kiosk are sitting in, and watching the game*
[10:21] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Back up! Back up! He's charging his shot!
[10:22] <Pariscat11> -The Crazed Tank gets rekt by a tank-
[10:22] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine flies backwards, and Astra goes to sit in a chair in the same room as Blazar and Kiosk*
[10:23] <The named BOSS> *power converter drifts out slowly*
[10:23] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Phew...That was close...
[10:23] <Pariscat11> Tank: Awesome! A new tank!
[10:23] <Pariscat11> -The tank upgrades to Crazed Tank0
[10:23] <Tacocat247> (Paris, stop please)
[10:23] <Tacocat247> (This is CoS, not Diep)
[10:25] <The named BOSS> (Sigh)
[10:26] <Tacocat247> (am bored)
[10:27] <The named BOSS> (I NEED ACTION)
[10:27] <Tacocat247> (Its a casual RP)
[10:28] <The named BOSS> (eh, bye then, imma go play sky force reloaded if this rp is going to be boring)
[10:28] <Teamerz> "this is a CoS RP"
[10:28] <Teamerz> "this is a casual RP"
[10:29] <Tacocat247> (CoS like)
[10:29] <Tacocat247> (It has CoS aspects)
[10:29] <The named BOSS> Oop 
[10:29] <Tacocat247> (Just because it is a CoS rp doesnt mean its causal)
[10:29] <The named BOSS> Hi
[10:29] <Theelementalmaster> Hi
[10:29] <The named BOSS> lolwut
[10:29] <Teamerz> yeah but with you in it its always "casual"
[10:29] <Teamerz> emphasis on the "
[10:29] <The named BOSS> ^
[10:30] <Tacocat247> (Do you want actions)
[10:30] <Tacocat247> *action
[10:30] <Tacocat247> [s]I cant spell
[10:30] <The named BOSS> YES
[10:30] <Teamerz> (i want a RP where you dont control stuff)
[10:30] <Pariscat11> hi
[10:30] <Tacocat247> (Hello there)
[10:30] <The named BOSS> Teamz has the idea
[10:31] <Tacocat247> ok
[10:31] <Tacocat247> Idea
[10:31] <The named BOSS> Oh the latency
[10:31] <Tacocat247> We do whatever the fuck we want, as long as the concepts are not OP
[10:31] <Tacocat247> :3
[10:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Chaos will happen
[10:31] <Teamerz> thats perfect.
[10:32] <Teamerz> and no godmodding
[10:32] <The named BOSS> LIKE 30 SECOND DELAY WTF
[10:32] <Tacocat247> (But just saying)
[10:32] <Tacocat247> (If it gets to the point where it just becomes this...)
[10:32] <Tacocat247> ???: HELLO THERE
[10:32] <Tacocat247> Guy1: Who are you?
[10:32] <Tacocat247> Sassafras: According to all laws of aviation...
[10:32] <ArenaCloser1337> AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH
[10:33] <Tacocat247> Guy2: I cast my smite spell!
[10:33] <The named BOSS> Aka half of the rps ever
[10:33] <Teamerz> taco
[10:33] <Teamerz> that only happens if people dont use common sense
[10:33] <Tacocat247> (Im not done)
[10:33] <ArenaCloser1337> I liked the casual rp...
[10:33] <Tacocat247> (1st 2 are ok)
[10:33] <Tacocat247> (last 2)
[10:33] <The named BOSS> Which is always
[10:33] <Tacocat247> (no)
[10:33] <The named BOSS> Jk
[10:35] <Tacocat247> (Im bored)
[10:35] <The named BOSS> RP START 
[10:35] <Pariscat11> TNB
[10:35] <The named BOSS> lagggg
[10:36] <Pariscat11> Check your private messages
[10:36] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Flying in the sky*
[10:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: We defeated the final boss! I did it for the 4th time!
[10:38] <The named BOSS> *power converter is kind of beat up, and drifts around lazily, like usual*
[10:40] <The named BOSS> (Dead chat)
[10:40] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Still flying in the sky*
[10:40] <Tacocat247> Kiosk: YAY!
[10:41] <The named BOSS> *a group of Chargees and Bulletees notice aqua*
[10:41] <The named BOSS> *they go to get renforcements *
[10:41] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Soaring through the air without a care in the world*
[10:46] <The named BOSS> *a large thing, like a blocky real life tank thong rolls up, it has a mounted rocket battery on top*
[10:47] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Smiling*
[10:47] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine fires 50 traps to the ground*
[10:48] <The named BOSS> *it starts firing small heat seeking rockets at aqua, but backs up away from the drop zone, the Traps kill most of the chargees and Bulletees except one of each, those ones ecsape to try and get more reinforcements*
[10:49] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine pulls out a cell phone while dodging the rockets*
[10:51] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Hey, Kiosk. Want to play "Sonic the Polygon"?
[10:51] <ArenaCloser1337> (sorry)
[10:53] <QUEEN AYSHA> brb
[10:57] <Tacocat247> (EEH)
[10:57] <Tacocat247> brb
[10:58] <Tacocat247> (back)
[11:01] <The named BOSS> *the tank jeeps firing the heat seeking rockets at aquamarine*
[11:01] <The named BOSS> Keeps*
[11:01] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Dodging the rockets*
[11:01] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Calls Blazar*
[11:02] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: What is it, Aquamarine?
[11:02] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I just got on vacation AGAIN :P
[11:02] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Im being attacked by tanks
[11:02] <Tacocat247> (CHAP!
[11:02] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> hiya
[11:02] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: By who?
[11:02] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: TANKS!
[11:02] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Not like the tanks we know
[11:02] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: But robotic tanks
[11:03] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Ohhh...
[11:03] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Please help!
[11:03] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: *Attack the "tank" tanks*
[11:03] <The named BOSS> *they all attack back*
[11:03] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: *avoid*
[11:04] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar keeps attacking*
[11:07] <The named BOSS> *the chargees all ram blazar, and the Bulletees circle them so thier shots can no longer all be avoided*
[11:07] <ArenaCloser1337> *Blazar blocks the rammer with his drones*
[11:07] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine fires traps at the Bulletees and Chargees*
[11:08] <The named BOSS> *about 25 remain*
[11:09] <The named BOSS> *the bulletee and chargee return with 100 more*
[11:09] <The named BOSS> *the tank is firing heat seeking rockets at blazar*
[11:09] <Tacocat247> *Most of the new ones die due to the traps*
[11:11] <The named BOSS> *after a while, all of the metal tanks are dead except fro the tank, which then overheats and explodes, and the bulletee and chargee that called for reinforcements*
[11:11] <The named BOSS> *the bulletee and chargee that survived are not attacking*
[11:13] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Fires traps at the bulletee and chargee* 
[11:14] <The named BOSS> *the bulletee is cracked and broken in some parts, and the chargee tires to drag them away*
[11:14] <Tacocat247> *Aquamarine kills the chargee*
[11:16] <The named BOSS> *the chargee dodges and backs away slowly*
[11:16] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Lands behind the chargee and fires 10 traps at it*
[11:17] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Flies back up into the air*
[11:18] <The named BOSS> *the chargee runs away, one trap hits it, and sends it flying, it comes back, slightly damaged, but tries to drag the bulletee away*
[11:18] <Teamerz> *teamerz blocks the traps*
[11:19] <Tacocat247> (Im bored)
[11:20] <The named BOSS> *the chargee is struggling trying to drag the bulletee away*
[11:20] <Tacocat247> (Who wants to play 2 teams?)
[11:21] <The named BOSS> (Mobile)
[11:21] <Teamerz> (immobile)
[11:28] <The named BOSS> Hi
[11:28] <ArenaCloser1337> my chat froze
[11:29] <Teamerz> my chat burned
[11:29] <The named BOSS> *the chargee is still trying to drag away the bulletee but to no avail*
[11:30] <Tacocat247> My chat just lost connection
[11:31] <The named BOSS> *the chargee is still trying to drag away the bulletee but to no avail*
[11:33] <Teamerz> *helps with the dragging*
[11:33] <ArenaCloser1337> gtg
[11:33] <The named BOSS> (Bye) 
[11:33] <ArenaCloser1337> bye :(
[11:34] <Tacocat247> :((((((
[11:34] <ArenaCloser1337> (wave) 
[11:34] <The named BOSS> ( Bye)
[11:36] <The named BOSS> *soon enough, more Chargees notice and start dragging too*
[11:38] <Tacocat247> (Im bored)
[11:38] <The named BOSS> (Same)
[11:40] <Tacocat247> (Or we could do something else
[11:41] <The named BOSS> (Eh) 
[11:41] <Tacocat247> (eh) 
[11:41] <The named BOSS> (Maybe)
[11:41] <Tacocat247> (lenny) 
[11:41] <Tacocat247> (heavybob) 
[11:41] <Tacocat247> I should stop
[11:41] <The named BOSS> Yes
[11:41] <The named BOSS> No...
[11:41] <The named BOSS> (yes) 
[11:42] <The named BOSS> (DD)
[11:42] <The named BOSS> (XD) 
[11:42] <The named BOSS> (xd) 
[11:50] <Tacocat247> bored
[11:53] <Tacocat247> eeh
[11:53] <The named BOSS> New role play?
[11:53] <Tacocat247> nu
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