[04:35] <Teamerz> *walks away*
[04:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Master Ursuul has revived the ancient guardian!
[04:35] <The named BOSS> *teamz explodes*
[04:35] <Teamerz> *splits*
[04:35] <Teamerz> eh
[04:35] <The named BOSS> *everything is exploding*
[04:35] <ZathusTheMageV> That means he must be alive and I dont need to be stuck with the worse master Teamerz c:
[04:35] <Teamerz> UWOT
[04:35] <The named BOSS> *teamerz explodes 10 more times*
[04:35] <Teamerz> *splits*
[04:36] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[04:36] <ZathusTheMageV> IT WORKS
[04:36] <The named BOSS> YAY
[04:36] <Teamerz> hi chap
[04:36] <ZathusTheMageV> You did it, master!
[04:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Chap.
[04:36] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> Sorry if mah activity seems on the low side
[04:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Master is aive!
[04:36] <Ursuul> u put cyanide in me pills
[04:36] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I'm on vacation
[04:36] <Teamerz> aive
[04:36] <Ursuul> u fug
[04:36] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> kek
[04:36] <Teamerz> master is aive
[04:36] <Teamerz> gg
[04:36] <ZathusTheMageV> I dont need to be stuck with the evil master Teamerz.
[04:36] <Ursuul> hi Chap
[04:36] <Teamerz> ursuul
[04:36] <The named BOSS> *boss catches on fire, so does teamerz*
[04:36] <Teamerz> zathsu says ur aive
[04:36] <ZathusTheMageV> *alive
[04:36] <Teamerz> i think he means naive
[04:36] <Teamerz> >:(
[04:36] <ZathusTheMageV> No
[04:36] <The named BOSS> Yes
[04:36] <The named BOSS> YES
[04:36] <ZathusTheMageV> I mean alive
[04:36] <Teamerz> no
[04:37] <The named BOSS> Y E S
[04:37] <ZathusTheMageV> Please listen to me master
[04:37] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> Ursells will nevah be my master >:D
[04:37] <Teamerz> you mean anive
[04:37] <ZathusTheMageV> Not evil Temz
[04:37] <The named BOSS> I AM MASTER TOOOOOOO 
[04:37] <Ursuul> 2 late for that Chap
[04:37] <Teamerz> o chap
[04:37] <Teamerz> ur one of zathsu's masters
[04:37] <Teamerz> just sayin
[04:37] <ZathusTheMageV> Stop telling people that
[04:37] <ZathusTheMageV> ;~;
[04:37] <Ursuul> I’ve already blundered my way into my own cult of personality 
[04:37] <The named BOSS> *a spaceship lands on teamerz*
[04:37] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> Oh noes, is thou 'Suul my masterith?
[04:37] <Teamerz> at least i tell the truth unlike you
[04:37] <Teamerz> >:(
[04:37] <ZathusTheMageV> ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )
[04:37] <Teamerz> [big] >:(
[04:37] <Ursuul> yeah apparentleh Chap
[04:38] <Ursuul> I dindu nuffin, I just woke up one day Master of the World™
[04:38] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> [giant]oh noes
[04:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Chap, don't even try to become best underling or I'll have to kill you.
[04:38] <Ursuul> get heck’d 
[04:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Hee hee
[04:38] <The named BOSS> *boss grabs an ax and chops teamz head off*
[04:38] <Teamerz> zathsu
[04:38] <Teamerz> chap is part of hivemind tho
[04:38] <Teamerz> so if you kill him
[04:38] <Teamerz> he split
[04:38] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I AM A ROGUEEEEEEEEH
[04:38] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> How am I supposed to be on two different wikis if I am an underling of you >:D
[04:38] <Ursuul> oh Zathsu I figured out why Rem was toast
[04:38] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> I AM AN UNDERLING OF NOBODY
[04:38] <Ursuul> Amazon terminated my instance again >:(
[04:38] <The named BOSS> *boss says L*
[04:39] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[04:39] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *jumps off of a building because he feels in the moment*
[04:39] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *never seen again*
[04:39] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> jk
[04:39] <The named BOSS> Oh zathsu and chap already did
[04:39] <The named BOSS> *boss grabs the Ls*
[04:39] <The named BOSS> *and blows u
[04:39] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> DARETH YOUETH
[04:39] <Teamerz> "and blows u"
[04:39] <Teamerz> (lenny) 
[04:39] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHERGOegijerogijesriogjesrogjeorigirjr9ue9d904d940d0x34esdx804red089er09809834rwe984re
[04:39] <The named BOSS> *and blows up the moon for the third time*
[04:40] <ZathusTheMageV> o-oh...
[04:40] <ZathusTheMageV> I dont wanna be blown
[04:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> LOL @Tramz
[04:40] <The named BOSS> *boss slits throat *
[04:40] <Teamerz> huh
[04:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *chap commits suicide*
[04:40] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> *end*
[04:40] <Teamerz> he probably slit it so he could have a longer throat
[04:40] <Teamerz> or should i say..
[04:40] <Teamerz> a deeper throat
[04:40] <Teamerz> (lenny) 
[04:40] <Ursuul> god someone spamming interwiki links
[04:40] <ZathusTheMageV> oml
[04:40] <Ursuul> don’t freaking advertise yer wikis on
[04:40] <Teamerz> wait good idea ursuul
[04:40] <The named BOSS> OMG
[04:48] <ZathusTheMageV> So... (eh) 
[04:48] <Teamerz> ye i died like a million times
[04:48] <The named BOSS> Dammit
[04:50] <The named BOSS> Chat is ded 
[04:50] <The named BOSS> Let's do something
[04:50] <The named BOSS> *grabs bazooka*
[04:51] <The named BOSS> Wait 
[04:51] <ZathusTheMageV> When did Ozun die again?
[04:51] <The named BOSS> Oh fuck
[04:51] <ZathusTheMageV> Didnt even notice
[04:51] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[04:51] <Özün Oldun> *glares reproachfully at everyone*
[04:51] <The named BOSS> Was that bit where I left twice recording?
[04:52] <The named BOSS> TELL MEEEEEEE
[04:52] <The named BOSS> PLS
[04:53] <Ursuul> Özün Oldun doesn’t record kicks, bans, leaves, or enters in chat
[04:53] <The named BOSS> No I mean
[04:53] <The named BOSS> During that bit
[04:54] <The named BOSS> I mean
[04:54] <The named BOSS> Was the part where I...
[04:54] <The named BOSS> This is recording
[04:55] <The named BOSS> Umbrella
[04:55] <The named BOSS> Shit
[04:55] <The named BOSS> Autocorrect
[04:55] <The named BOSS> Um*
[04:56] <The named BOSS> *sigh*
[05:00] <The named BOSS> Y
[05:00] <The named BOSS> L
[05:01] <The named BOSS> *grabs anti hive mind spray*
[05:01] <The named BOSS> *and spring boots*
[05:01] <ZathusTheMageV> (BOSS talking to himself)
[05:02] <The named BOSS> (Yup)
[05:04] <The named BOSS> *kills teamz znd than sprays a hivemind clone of them with the spray and they dissipate*
[05:08] <Teamerz> *another teamerz comes in*
[05:08] <The named BOSS> *boss sprays them too*
[05:10] <The named BOSS> *and celebrates for no reasom*
[05:10] <Teamerz> *another comes in*
[05:11] <The named BOSS> *boss sprays them too*
[05:15] <The named BOSS> *and boss runs after the one that is about to appear*
[05:15] <Teamerz> *another appears*
[05:16] <The named BOSS> STAHP 
[05:16] <The named BOSS> *boss heats up the container and runs*
[05:16] <The named BOSS> *anti hive mind spray goes everywhere*
[05:18] <Teamerz> *after the spray dissipated another appears*
[05:18] <The named BOSS> *boss walks away*
[05:20] <The named BOSS> *but comes back and gets another container of spray*
[05:22] <The named BOSS> *they don't use it yet though*
[05:22] <The named BOSS> (Rip) 
[05:23] <ZathusTheMageV> I have a problem lmao
[05:24] <The named BOSS> What is it?
[05:24] <ZathusTheMageV> I very rarely admit it to people xD
[05:24] <ZathusTheMageV> But it exists
[05:24] <ZathusTheMageV> And I've acknowledged its existence again
[05:24] <The named BOSS> Oh okay
[05:24] <The named BOSS> [s] RARGH
[05:25] <Ursuul> henlo
[05:26] <ZathusTheMageV> well like
[05:26] <ZathusTheMageV> I only mention it when its relevant.
[05:26] <ZathusTheMageV> Well okay, I mentioned it, but I mention WHAT IT IS, when its relevant
[05:27] <Ursuul> (grin) 
[05:28] <The named BOSS> Zathsu explain alzok or whatever the summoner pls
[05:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Oml
[05:28] <ZathusTheMageV> Fine
[05:29] <ZathusTheMageV> Alzok was a character I created in a D&D-esque game some IRL friends dragged me into. He had a ghost butler named Boris as one of his summons (his main one in fact) who he could only communicate with telepathically. Alzok himself was a mute and Boris was his only vocal connection through thought and could speak for him lol. Alzok had control over telepathy, spirits, and telekinesis.
[05:30] <ZathusTheMageV> He died fighting a lava golem summoned by the demon prince
[05:30] <ZathusTheMageV> Like four weeks into the game (it lasted a REALLY long time)
[05:30] <Ursuul> omfg
[05:30] <Ursuul> (xd) 
[05:30] <ZathusTheMageV> wut
[05:31] <Ursuul> he left while you were still explaining lol
[05:31] <Ursuul> >bored to death
[05:31] <ZathusTheMageV> lol
[05:31] <ZathusTheMageV> BOSS so r00d
[05:31] <Ursuul> r00d
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> That was like four years ago though now, holy crap.
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Boris lived a long time in the minds of us.
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Because he trapped a kid in a sock puppet and ruptured peoples organs by slapping through them.
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> lmao
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Now I guess he serves the Archprophet.
[05:32] <Ursuul> Boris sounds messed up
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> No explanation, he just does.
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[05:33] <Ursuul> need to give him a chill pill
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> I uploaded an image of Alzok and Boris to DCoW
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Like an updated image
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> That I drew a couple of weeks ago.
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Since the one from four years ago:
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> A. I lost
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> B. Looks like shit
[05:34] <Ursuul> lenk me
[05:34] <Ursuul> also
[05:34] <Ursuul>
[05:34] <Ursuul> why
[05:34] <Ursuul> who does this
[05:35] <Ursuul> Like can I call this kid’s parents
[05:35] <Ursuul> I wanna talk to his parents
[05:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Tryna find it
[05:35] <ZathusTheMageV> Why did that happen, master?
[05:35] <Ursuul> I have no freaking idea
[05:36] <Ursuul> there’s 20 notifications lmao
[05:37] <ZathusTheMageV> Found
[05:37] <ZathusTheMageV>
[05:37] <Ursuul> we need to get a Slav to voice him
[05:37] <Ursuul> Russian accent
[05:37] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[05:37] <ZathusTheMageV> Boris?
[05:38] <Ursuul> he should we wearing adidas tracksuit
[05:38] <Ursuul> & he should be slav squating 
[05:38] <ZathusTheMageV> The other guy?
[05:38] <Ursuul> Boris
[05:38] <Ursuul>
[05:38] <ZathusTheMageV> But he boneless
[05:38] <Ursuul> only with skull head
[05:38] <ZathusTheMageV> And dont have legs
[05:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Boris is the ghost
[05:38] <Ursuul> no be got dat 🅱️one
[05:38] <Ursuul> his skull
[05:38] <Ursuul> Slav Ghost
[05:38] <ZathusTheMageV> ?
[05:39] <Ursuul> Ghost Squat
[05:39] <ZathusTheMageV> xD
[05:39] <Ursuul> give him minions too
[05:39] <Ursuul>
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> I also do fan art for Bit Heroes on Discord
[05:40] <Ursuul> how many Heroes series are there
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> For example, after unlocking "Raid 2" I made this image of my character fighting the boss of the second raid
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV>
[05:40] <Ursuul> DCoW Heroes, Bit Heroes, normal heroes Diepmon did
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> lmao
[05:40] <Ursuul> I like red guy
[05:40] <Ursuul> his grin is gr8
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> Well Bit Heroes is entirely different
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[05:40] <ZathusTheMageV> Thx
[05:41] <ZathusTheMageV> I think Kaleido is the most anatomically correct thing I've ever sketched
[05:41] <Ursuul> but why is the girl putting her hand there tho
[05:47] <Ursuul> god
[05:47] <ZathusTheMageV> What?
[05:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh
[05:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Right
[05:48] <Ursuul> brb kms
[05:48] <ZathusTheMageV> ok master
[05:48] <Ursuul> type some stuff so my spazzing doesn’t get logged
[05:50] <Teamerz> typing some stuff
[05:50] <Teamerz> typing some more stuff
[05:50] <Teamerz> typing even more stuff
[05:51] <Özün Oldun> Eredhras ono thelduin
[05:51] <Özün Oldun> Ursu-kun
[05:51] <Ursuul> alright lads
[05:51] <Ursuul> what was I saying
[05:51] <Ursuul> oh right
[05:52] <ZathusTheMageV> Lol
[05:52] <ZathusTheMageV> Check my PMs
[05:52] <ZathusTheMageV> I'm being a freak again
[05:54] <Ursuul> lol
[06:06] <ZathusTheMageV> *cricket noises*
[06:13] <The Tidal Wave> Sup
[06:14] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Tidal
[06:33] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[06:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Drac.
[06:36] <Teamerz> zathsu
[06:37] <Teamerz> make me 109 sammiches
[06:37] <ZathusTheMageV> *making 109 sammiches*
[06:37] <ZathusTheMageV> You add one every time
[06:37] <ZathusTheMageV> Why
[06:37] <Ursuul> make that 110
[06:37] <Ursuul> am hunger-ee
[06:38] <Teamerz> because
[06:38] <ItzDracius> i got kicked for hacking
[06:38] <Teamerz> after a few months
[06:38] <ItzDracius> loll
[06:38] <Teamerz> i want to see how many times i asked u
[06:38] <Teamerz> to make sammiches
[06:38] <ZathusTheMageV> Wow
[06:38] <ZathusTheMageV> *adds one for Ursuul*
[06:39] <Teamerz> and then we can remember
[06:40] <Teamerz> all the times you made sammiches
[06:40] <ZathusTheMageV> Because (slavery) 
[06:45] <Teamerz> yes
[06:52] <Teamerz> guyz
[06:52] <Teamerz> how come some people r streaming diep and theres 30 peeps watching them
[06:52] <The Tidal Wave> idk
[06:52] <The Tidal Wave> they're interested?
[06:52] <Teamerz> ye but srsly
[06:52] <Teamerz> streaming diep
[06:52] <Teamerz> ._.
[06:53] <ZathusTheMageV> wow
[06:53] <Teamerz> plus they arent doing anything exceptional
[06:56] <FallenBooster> hi
[06:56] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Fallen
[06:56] <The Tidal Wave> Hello
[06:57] <FallenBooster> why am i inactive
[06:57] <FallenBooster> when im active on chat
[06:57] <FallenBooster> also sorry, i'm sometimes busy
[06:57] <FallenBooster> ok i will make an edit
[06:57] <FallenBooster> ok?
[06:58] <FallenBooster> may i upload something
[06:58] <FallenBooster> will that make me active?
[06:58] <FallenBooster> i am not being a dick
[07:03] <Ursuul> Because you have to edit to be considered active
[07:04] <FallenBooster> ok
[07:05] <ZathusTheMageV> Guess I'll never be active then (eh) 
[07:05] <ZathusTheMageV> jk
[07:06] <FallenBooster> i wrote a fact down in the comment section in the [[Skimmer]] page
[07:06] <FallenBooster> (shrug)
[07:06] <Teamerz> @ursuul
[07:07] <Teamerz> but u said if im only in chat im considered active
[07:07] <Teamerz> :(
[07:07] <FallenBooster> yeah
[07:07] <FallenBooster> remember that staff used to have some tags in brackets that glow?
[07:07] <FallenBooster> and describe :P
[07:09] <Teamerz> fb
[07:09] <Teamerz> y do u write facts in the comment section instead of in the game
[07:10] <Teamerz> page*
[07:11] <FallenBooster> sry
[07:11] <FallenBooster> i don't know if this is really true
[07:11] <Teamerz> wot is it
[07:11] <FallenBooster> da fact that predator can stop a skimmer bullet by backing away and auto-firing
[07:11] <FallenBooster> i did that experiment with lemonbird03
[07:12] <Teamerz> all the tanks can destroy the bullet by doing that tho
[07:13] <FallenBooster> but
[07:13] <FallenBooster> annihilators bullet can be easily stopped by predator with max dmg
[07:13] <FallenBooster> yeah too obv
[07:13] <FallenBooster> because me and lemonbird03 did random experiments
[07:13] <Ursuul> @Temz
[07:13] <Ursuul> I mean internally
[07:13] <Ursuul> the system only registers activity if you edit
[07:13] <FallenBooster> oh
[07:13] <Ursuul> we consider chat moderation to be activity 
[07:13] <Ursuul> (but we really do want edits too)
[07:13] <FallenBooster> senseable
[07:13] <FallenBooster> because bots that aren't chat based
[07:14] <FallenBooster> cant check chat based activit
[07:14] <Teamerz> i only do edits if i see somethin wrong tho
[07:14] <FallenBooster> *activity
[07:14] <FallenBooster> also
[07:14] <FallenBooster> the ac fact i wrote is true
[07:14] <FallenBooster> the ACs delay even harder now
[07:14] <Teamerz> but i only check the AC, mothership and dominators page
[07:15] <Teamerz> and even den i only do it occasionaly
[07:15] <FallenBooster>
[07:15] <FallenBooster> Thats teh fact i wrote
[07:15] <FallenBooster> the acs delay so fucking hard
[07:15] <FallenBooster> that i can kill a noob hybrid while they destroy useless stuff
[07:16] <Teamerz> wat do u mean ac delay.
[07:18] <Teamerz> also players aren't "useless stuff"
[07:20] <FallenBooster> i mean bosses
[07:20] <FallenBooster> n stuff
[07:20] <FallenBooster> sry
[07:20] <FallenBooster> ac delay
[07:20] <FallenBooster> when acs spawn much later than the ac message
[07:21] <FallenBooster> i mean too overdue
[07:21] <The Tidal Wave> Why is Tacocat's 2 teams blue and orange?
[07:21] <Teamerz> why not
[07:27] <The Tidal Wave> dead
[07:29] <Nobellion> Hey
[07:30] <Nobellion> Whatsup?
[07:30] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, Nobel
[07:30] <The Tidal Wave> Hello
[07:35] <Nobellion> hola Zath
[07:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Hey...
[07:39] <ItzDracius> today i dont feel like doing anything
[07:40] <Nobellion> Anyone up for some Domination...
[07:40] <Nobellion> I don't feel like doing anything else
[07:42] <The Tidal Wave> not me
[07:43] <ItzDracius> sandbox?
[07:44] <FallenBooster> fact
[07:44] <FallenBooster> im playing geometry dash :D
[07:44] <ItzDracius> EYY.
[07:44] <ItzDracius> I'm making a Hard-Insane Demon level called "Permafrost"
[07:45] <ItzDracius> It uses Polargeist as its song and it has 1.0-styled blocks.
[07:52] <ItzDracius> OH MY
[07:52] <ItzDracius> NEW GAME UPDATED
[07:53] <ItzDracius> WHYYYYYYY
[08:01] <Ursuul> hey lads
[08:02] <Ursuul> I’m, gonna head out for a bit
[08:02] <Ursuul> goodbye
[08:10] <Nobellion> ciao
[08:11] <Nobellion> cya
[08:12] <The Tidal Wave> bye
[08:12] <FallenBooster> i am making Stereo ire
[08:12] <FallenBooster> *Stereo irregularity
[08:13] <FallenBooster> aka stereo madness but with cancer gameplay
[08:13] <FallenBooster> and its a hard demon
[08:13] <FallenBooster> no rly
[08:13] <FallenBooster> >:3
[08:14] <FallenBooster> and its how noobs see stereo madness
[08:25] <Nobellion> oi
[08:26] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[08:26] <Nobellion> what
[08:27] <The Tidal Wave> nothing
[08:27] <Nobellion> Ignore me dude I'm just testing
[08:27] <Teamerz> never
[09:11] <Ursuul> henlo
[09:11] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[09:11] <Ursuul> Chat doesn’t like <li> CSS Nobel
[09:12] <Ursuul> (well, at least Chat doesn’t like gradients, not sure about other stuff)
[09:13] <Teamerz> ursul
[09:13] <Ursuul> tem
[09:14] <Ursuul> wot
[09:14] <Ursuul> m9
[09:15] <Teamerz> hi
[09:16] <Ursuul> hi
[09:17] <Teamerz> u were supposed to say henlo
[09:18] <Ursuul> henlo
[09:21] <Teamerz> :D
[09:21] <Teamerz> (d1) 
[09:22] <Ursuul> (d1) 
[09:22] <Ursuul> I liek Templates
[09:22] <Ursuul> you can do so much useful stuffs with dem
[09:22] <Teamerz> ikr
[09:23] <Ursuul> [[Template:WDS]] is my fav
[09:25] <FallenBooster> ok
[09:53] <TOTMGsRock> Did anyone see this:
[09:53] <TOTMGsRock> [[User blog:GellyPop/ Comparisons Part 1: Auto Trapper vs. Gunner Trapper]]
[09:53] <The Tidal Wave> hello
[09:59] <ItzDracius> ...
[09:59] <Teamerz> hi
[09:59] <Luigi1006YT> Hiheyhello
[10:01] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[10:02] <ItzDracius> hiauhfpaodihpzcxojvihaspodifhapodsuihzpocxuvhapsdughapdifuhaoicuvhaosdiufgaocijvhadioufhapdojshvciuh
[10:14] <Luigi1006YT> sandwich
[10:14] <ItzDracius> pen
[10:14] <ItzDracius> pineapple
[10:14] <ItzDracius> apple
[10:14] <ItzDracius> pen
[10:15] <Luigi1006YT> n[giant] o
[10:15] <ItzDracius> yES
[10:15] <ItzDracius> fidget
[10:15] <ItzDracius> spinners
[10:16] <Luigi1006YT> n
[10:20] <ItzDracius> yeAH
[10:21] <Ozziene> s
[10:35] <ItzDracius> ...
[10:36] <Luigi1006YT> ok
[10:48] <ItzDracius> SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME
[10:48] <ItzDracius> THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME
[10:48] <Teamerz> no
[10:57] <Teamerz> hi
[11:25] <The Tidal Wave> hi
[11:26] <Teamerz> hi
[11:28] <IceTudor> hi
[11:28] <IceTudor> temz
[11:28] <IceTudor> you know how to make sorting algorithms?
[11:28] <IceTudor> 
[11:28] <Teamerz> mayb
[11:28] <Teamerz> im not gonna help with making any tho
[11:29] <IceTudor> ik
[11:29] <IceTudor> you wanna do a chat game
[11:29] <IceTudor> 914567382
[11:29] <IceTudor> we have to arrange that.
[11:29] <IceTudor> using a sorting algorithm
[11:29] <IceTudor> actually
[11:29] <IceTudor> 9145673820
[11:29] <IceTudor> there.
[11:30] <Teamerz> wot do u mean arrange it tho
[11:30] <Teamerz> there are dozens of way to arrange it
[11:30] <IceTudor> to make a sorting alg
[11:30] <Teamerz> .3.
[11:33] <IceTudor> lemme try mix sort
[11:33] <IceTudor> 9145(6)7382
[11:33] <IceTudor> 9145(6)73820**
[11:33] <IceTudor> 1450236978
[11:34] <Teamerz> how does dat work
[11:34] <IceTudor> 1450236798
[11:34] <IceTudor> basically
[11:34] <IceTudor> it separates the first round like quicksort
[11:34] <IceTudor> the uses insertion sort
[11:34] <IceTudor> then**
[11:34] <IceTudor> 1450236789
[11:34] <IceTudor> 1405236789
[11:35] <IceTudor> 1045236789
[11:35] <IceTudor> 0145236789
[11:35] <IceTudor> 0142536789
[11:35] <IceTudor> 0124536789
[11:35] <IceTudor> 0124356789
[11:35] <IceTudor> 0123456789
[11:35] <IceTudor> of course
[11:35] <Teamerz> so basically were trying to make the smallest number possible?
[11:35] <IceTudor> no
[11:35] <IceTudor> we're sorting the random numbered list
[11:36] <IceTudor> into an increasing order
[11:36] <Teamerz> oh .3.
[11:36] <Teamerz> dat sounds easy
[11:38] <The Tidal Wave> why can't we just order them directly
[11:39] <IceTudor> because an algorithm doesnt just immediately sort th elist
[11:39] <IceTudor> to sort it fully at once
[11:39] <ItzDracius> I WAS WATCHING A STREAM
[11:39] <IceTudor> it needs to know the sorted version already
[11:39] <IceTudor> but to let it see that
[11:39] <IceTudor> it needs another sort to let it see that
[11:39] <IceTudor> and again and again
[11:39] <ItzDracius> I CAME BACK TO A DELETED VID
[11:40] <IceTudor> lol ripe.
[11:40] <IceTudor> wait 
[11:40] <IceTudor> y u left the thing
[11:40] <IceTudor> to fix stuff
[11:40] <IceTudor> just leave it open and pause
[11:40] <ItzDracius> i left it open
[11:40] <Teamerz> or open another tab
[11:40] <ItzDracius> i left the room
[11:40] <ItzDracius> to fix my stuff for school
[12:00] <The Tidal Wave> test
[12:00] <The Tidal Wave> yup, dead chat.
[12:02] <Teamerz> yep
[12:07] <Teamerz> wow ursuul managed to stay 2 mins without leaving
[12:07] <Ursuul> new Staff m80s: [[Thread:114095]]
[12:07] <Ursuul> hi
[12:07] <Ursuul> henlo*
[12:07] <Teamerz> henlo
[12:08] <Underslime> brb
[12:09] <Teamerz> w8
[12:09] <Teamerz> that guy is an admin
[12:09] <Teamerz> ?
[12:09] <Ursuul> naw ni🅱️🅱️a 
[12:09] <Ursuul> Junior Moderator, Discussions Mod
[12:09] <Teamerz> wot dat mean
[12:09] <Ursuul> You don’t know what Discussions mod is
[12:10] <Teamerz> i do
[12:10] <Teamerz> but why do we need such fancy names like junior moderator
[12:10] <Teamerz> cant we just use simple ones
[12:10] <Teamerz> :|
[12:10] <Ursuul> Junior Moderator = Discussions Moderator + Chat Mod & Rollback
[12:10] <Teamerz> disc mod = chat mod
[12:10] <Teamerz> but better
[12:10] <Ursuul> ja, but our Rollbacks are OP
[12:11] <Teamerz> y cant u just say disc mod and rollbak
[12:11] <Ursuul> mouthful
[12:11] <Teamerz> or disc back
[12:11] <Ursuul> pls
[12:12] <Teamerz> bro ish just a few more words
[12:12] <Ursuul> 3words5me
[12:12] <Teamerz> 3 words
[12:12] <Teamerz> let me think
[12:12] <Teamerz> ^ 3 words
[12:14] <IceTudor> idea
[12:14] <IceTudor> Mini moderator
[12:14] <Ursuul> we already use Junior Moderator, if we keep changing the names constantly it’ll get confusing lol
[12:15] <IceTudor> Chat mod + Content mod
[12:15] <IceTudor> not jr mod
[12:15] <Ursuul> o
[12:15] <Ursuul> hmmm
[12:15] <Teamerz> junior moderator is already confusing
[12:15] <Teamerz> :|
[12:15] <Ursuul> but y Ice
[12:15] <Teamerz> also y would content mod not have rollback
[12:15] <IceTudor> i feel like Mini mod should be Jr. mod
[12:15] <Ursuul> Content Mods can Rollback
[12:15] <IceTudor> and Jr. mod to be Jr. ADMIN.,
[12:15] <Ursuul> in the same way Discussions Mods can moderate chat
[12:15] <Ursuul> if anything
[12:15] <IceTudor> fuk.
[12:16] <Ursuul> mini mod should be sentinel 
[12:16] <IceTudor> what other staff types are there
[12:16] <Ursuul> because Sentinel is just out of thin air new name
[12:16] <Teamerz> cant it just be disc mod + rollback qq
[12:16] <IceTudor> or
[12:16] <IceTudor> chatmod + discmod + anything like fourms, chat, comments
[12:16] <IceTudor> etc
[12:16] <IceTudor> Talk mod
[12:16] <Ursuul> Senior Admin = Bureaucrat
[12:16] <Ursuul> Junior Admin = Normal Admin
[12:16] <Ursuul> Senior Mod = Content Mod + Disc Mod + Chat Mod + Rollback
[12:16] <Ursuul> Junior Mod = Disc Mod + Chat Mod + Rollback
[12:16] <Ursuul> Sentinel = Chat Mod + Rollback
[12:17] <Teamerz> once again
[12:17] <Teamerz> y all those fancy names ffs
[12:17] <Ursuul> it’s meant to give general sense or tiering to normies who don’t know what the normal user rights are called
[12:17] <IceTudor> so disc mod + chat mod will be talk mod then
[12:17] <Ursuul> Senior Mod is always above Junior Mod for example, anyone can figure that out
[12:18] <Teamerz> so instead of getting normies used to normal user rights names, you confuse dem
[12:18] <Teamerz> fair enough
[12:18] <IceTudor> talk mod would be the lowest level right?
[12:18] <IceTudor> or maybe
[12:18] <IceTudor> Begginer mod?
[12:18] <IceTudor> or Starter mod?
[12:18] <IceTudor> ??
[12:18] <Ursuul> Nope. We get normal people with no fandom experience at all to understand basic hierarchy without needing to know anything
[12:18] <Teamerz> once again, instead of making them learn
[12:19] <IceTudor> thats like flat earth....
[12:19] <IceTudor> Instead of learning
[12:19] <IceTudor> you make up some random shit
[12:19] <Ursuul> People who are visitors don’t tend to take the time to learn, so yeah
[12:19] <IceTudor> because you dont feel like learning.
[12:19] <Ursuul> we don’t even try
[12:19] <Ursuul> people who stick around do & should
[12:19] <Ursuul> it took you that long lol
[12:19] <IceTudor> yep
[12:20] <IceTudor> as long to realise that java =/= javascript.
[12:20] <Ursuul> "Java is to JavaScript as ham is to hamster."
[12:21] <IceTudor> hey
[12:21] <IceTudor> what's a vandaliser's fav type of meat?
[12:21] <IceTudor> SPAM
[12:21] <IceTudor> LMAOO
[12:21] <IceTudor> ya im terrible
[12:21] <Teamerz> dats not true tho
[12:22] <Teamerz> vandaliser's fav type of meat is hate
[12:22] <Ursuul> I thought it was boredom 
[12:22] <IceTudor> lol
[12:22] <Teamerz> no 
[12:22] <Teamerz> .3.
[12:22] <Ursuul> honestly how bored do you have to get to vandalize pages lmao
[12:22] <Teamerz> not a lot
[12:22] <Ursuul> out of all the things to do in the world
[12:22] <IceTudor> person: mm deez NU- vegetables are roasted good as hell
[12:23] <Ursuul> & they’re reduced to destroying encyclopedic articles?
[12:23] <Ursuul> Sounds like intense boredom lol
[12:23] <IceTudor> person_2.exe: Let's see how the chef does it
[12:23] <IceTudor> *in the kitchen*
[12:23] <Teamerz> nu ursuul.
[12:23] <IceTudor> Chef to vegetables: you ugli bich, u hav no life, ur sad and wil never fuk
[12:23] <IceTudor> *vegetable gets roasted*
[12:24] <Ursuul> where’s Underslim
[12:24] <Teamerz> gone
[12:24] <IceTudor> going to a coffin gym
[12:24] <Ursuul> rip
[12:26] <IceTudor> get it?
[12:26] <IceTudor> UNDER? SLIM?
[12:26] <IceTudor> wait a sec
[12:26] <IceTudor> its underSLIME
[12:27] <The Tidal Wave> fail.
[12:28] <The Tidal Wave> hello
[12:28] <Underslime> hello
[12:29] <Ursuul> Slim
[12:29] <Underslime> ye?
[12:29] <Ursuul> how goeth the Discussions cleanup lad
[12:29] <Ursuul> only a few more posts to go
[12:29] <Underslime> there's progress
[12:29] <Underslime> I'm currently doing it rn
[12:30] <Ursuul> Ok good. I did a 250 reply one a few hours ago, so good luck & carry on :)
[12:33] <Underslime> ok
[12:50] <Ozziene> 😩
[12:50] <Ozziene> i killed 2 lv45 tanks purple while ambushed
[12:51] <Ozziene> i was doing the lumojite challenge with 👰 annihilator and the ntarget score is 524.6k ut i died at 184.9k
[12:51] <Ozziene> 
[12:51] <Ozziene> how ti stop getting killed by predators
[01:05] <Luigi1006YT> b o r e d o m
[01:09] <Luigi1006YT> ;3;
[01:11] <ItzDracius> put
[01:11] <ItzDracius> ipconfig /release on cmd
[01:11] <ItzDracius> loljk
[01:12] <Luigi1006YT> delete sys32
[01:12] <Luigi1006YT> okno
[01:12] <ItzDracius> im pretty sure system32 is a virus
[01:12] <ItzDracius> jk
[01:12] <Luigi1006YT> xdxd
[01:12] <Luigi1006YT> eggs
[giant] d
[01:14] <Luigi1006YT> oh hi trursuul
[01:16] <Luigi1006YT> oh bye trursuul
[01:20] <Luigi1006YT> b o r e d
[01:21] <Luigi1006YT> y
[big] e
[giant] s
[01:21] <The Tidal Wave> test
[01:22] <Teamerz> tset
[01:24] <Luigi1006YT> to
[big] il
[giant] et
[01:42] <Luigi1006YT> ok back
[01:42] <Luigi1006YT> nvm chat is still dead
[01:46] <Luigi1006YT> wew
[01:57] <Enpanzran> I was thinking about a thing.
[01:57] <Enpanzran> That if Destroyer Dominators had sound, I thought it would be like this.
[01:58] <The Tidal Wave> like what?
[02:07] <TOTMGsRock>
[02:07] <ArenaCloser1337> hey
[02:07] <TOTMGsRock> hello
[02:07] <TOTMGsRock> join pls
[02:07] <TOTMGsRock>
[02:07] <The Tidal Wave> hi both
[02:08] <ArenaCloser1337> I didn't upgrade myself in time
[02:09] <The Tidal Wave> good god.
[02:09] <The Tidal Wave> th elag.
[02:09] <The Tidal Wave> the lag*
[02:09] <The Tidal Wave> Why am i lagging so bad in a [i]Singapore[/s] server?
[02:12] <The Tidal Wave> So. Much. Lag.
[02:13] <TOTMGsRock> what's taking so long?
[02:13] <TOTMGsRock> lag?
[02:14] <The Tidal Wave> i left because of lag.
[02:14] <The Tidal Wave> dunno why
[02:14] <The Tidal Wave> why there's so much lag
[02:15] <The Tidal Wave> Usually it's less laggy in Singapore.
[02:15] <TOTMGsRock> why is everyone else afk
[02:15] <TOTMGsRock> AC1337 why u left
[02:15] <Enpanzran> When firing:
[02:16] <Enpanzran> When it hits a tank:
[02:16] <Enpanzran> That is what I was thinking about Dominators.
[02:16] <TOTMGsRock>
[02:16] <TOTMGsRock> join
[02:16] <TOTMGsRock> enpanran
[02:17] <Enpanzran> Nope.
[02:17] <Enpanzran> If it's Singapore, never.
[02:18] <TOTMGsRock> u are in singapore?
[02:18] <Enpanzran> No.
[02:18] <The Tidal Wave> I got >2300 latency in an Atlanta server once.
[02:18] <TOTMGsRock> I am not in singapore lol
[02:18] <The Tidal Wave> Horrible times.
[02:18] <TOTMGsRock> Enpanzran why u no join
[02:18] <Enpanzran> If the server is Singapore, no.
[02:19] <TOTMGsRock> I made the server so the server is not Singapore
[02:19] <TOTMGsRock> I think
[02:19] <Enpanzran> The east servers are always Singapore, which I promised myself not to join.
[02:19] <The Tidal Wave> why not?
[02:19] <The Tidal Wave> Lag?
[02:20] <TOTMGsRock> Enpanzran, try it first
[02:20] <TOTMGsRock> if it is really laggy, then u can leave the serb
[02:20] <TOTMGsRock> serv*
[02:20] <Enpanzran> Singapore = Internet Hazard in Britain.
[02:21] <Enpanzran> Even with a Metro Ethernet, I get 325 Ping avarage.
[02:21] <The Tidal Wave> RIP then.
[02:22] <Tacocat247> Hi.
[02:22] <TOTMGsRock> hello
[02:22] <TOTMGsRock>
[02:23] <ArenaCloser1337> Hi tacobell cat
[02:23] <Enpanzran> Hi Tacocat.
[02:23] <Tacocat247> Wanna know something ironic?
[02:23] <ArenaCloser1337> What
[02:23] <Tacocat247> Look at my user name.
[02:23] <Tacocat247> I own a dog...
[02:23] <ArenaCloser1337> O.O
[02:23] <ArenaCloser1337> A cat owning a dog?
[02:23] <Tacocat247> [s]Sometimes my parents get confused
[02:23] <Enpanzran> Pff.
[02:24] <Tacocat247> [s]By parents i mean owners
[02:24] <TOTMGsRock> rip
[02:24] <TOTMGsRock> why u no join taco
[02:25] <TOTMGsRock> [small] and why the censorship?
[02:25] <Enpanzran> Because of weirdness.
[02:25] <Enpanzran> [censored]Test.
[02:25] <ArenaCloser1337> How do you do lines, already? I don't remember
[02:25] <Tacocat247> [ s]Line Through
[02:25] <ArenaCloser1337> [s] Test
[02:26] <Enpanzran> [s]Test.
[02:26] <Enpanzran> [s][s]Test.
[02:26] <Tacocat247> Anways
[02:26] <TOTMGsRock> huh
[02:26] <TOTMGsRock> why did u quit the serv
[02:26] <Tacocat247> Badaepel was me :3
[02:26] <ArenaCloser1337> [s] Test [/s]
[02:26] <Tacocat247> BC im about to initiate something
[02:27] <Tacocat247> Get ready
[02:27] <ArenaCloser1337> [s] Test [/s] Test 
[02:27] <Enpanzran> [s][s][s][s][s][s][s][s][s]Test.
[02:27] <Tacocat247> /announce Scary Monsters and Nice Parapsrites
[02:27] <Tacocat247> (Does anyone still remember what that means?)
[02:27] <Enpanzran> yes.
[02:27] <Enpanzran> Vargskletehor Joel?
[02:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Cotton/Aquamarine are [s] my waifus [/s] tacocat's creations
[02:27] <ArenaCloser1337> jk
[02:28] <The Tidal Wave> Hi Taco
[02:28] <The Tidal Wave> oh rop
[02:28] <The Tidal Wave> rip*
[02:28] <ArenaCloser1337> Taco's internet: (done3) 
[02:28] <The Tidal Wave> No.
[02:29] <Enpanzran> (nuke) ?
[02:29] <The Tidal Wave> Yes.
[02:29] <Teamerz> taco's internet: (done2) 
[02:29] <The Tidal Wave> (done1) 
[02:30] <TOTMGsRock> hey teamerz
[02:30] <TOTMGsRock>
[02:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Hi teamz
[02:30] <TOTMGsRock> landmine's invis is up
[02:35] <Tacocat247> FINALLY
[02:35] <Theelementalmaster> hi
[02:35] <The Tidal Wave>
[02:35] <The Tidal Wave> Hi taco
[02:35] <Tacocat247> hi
[02:35] <Tacocat247> 
[02:35] <Tacocat247> hi
[02:35] <The Tidal Wave> check out that iblob code
[02:35] <Tacocat247> Looks like a lightsaber
[02:36] <The Tidal Wave> fire it
[02:36] <Tacocat247> I did
[02:36] <The Tidal Wave> it's a lightsaber axe
[02:36] <Tacocat247> And i removed the circle
[02:36] <Tacocat247> The random red circle
[02:36] <The Tidal Wave> idk how
[02:36] <Tacocat247> I know how
[02:36] <The Tidal Wave> how
[02:36] <Tacocat247> Remove the word circle from the ftb code
[02:36] <Tacocat247> 32*circle*#00b2e1[] Normal Ball
[02:36] <The Tidal Wave> oh
[02:36] <Tacocat247> 32**#00b2e1[] Nothing
[02:37] <The Tidal Wave> YAY
[02:37] <The Tidal Wave> THANKS
[02:37] <Tacocat247> You are welcome! :3
[02:37] <Tacocat247> Anyways
[02:37] <Tacocat247> anyone?
[02:37] <Tacocat247> RP?
[02:37] <ArenaCloser1337> okay
[02:37] <The Tidal Wave> Sure
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> But
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> One thing
[02:38] <Tacocat247> Ok
[02:38] <Tacocat247> GO on'
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> Can you ban Grevious?
[02:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Of course
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> or however you spell it.
[02:38] <Tacocat247> I made an exception for Grevious
[02:38] <Tacocat247> BC boss loves that charecter
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> fine
[02:38] <The Tidal Wave> oh well
[02:38] <Tacocat247> [s]Although i will admit, he did go overboard.
[02:39] <Tacocat247> If he goes overboard again... Ban.
[02:39] <The Tidal Wave> I really need to make some polygon bosses.
[02:39] <Tacocat247> Kay
[02:39] <Tacocat247> You can have Alpha
[02:39] <The Tidal Wave> I'd make my own
[02:39] <Tacocat247>
[02:39] <Tacocat247> 
[02:39] <Tacocat247> Alpha
[02:39] <The Tidal Wave> but for now i'll be using sth else
[02:39] <Tacocat247> Anyways
[02:40] <Tacocat247> /announce Scary Monsters and Nice Parasprites
[02:40] <ArenaCloser1337> RP starts?
[02:40] <The Tidal Wave> (what does that mean)
[02:40] <The Tidal Wave> rip
[02:40] <The Tidal Wave> (rip) 
[02:40] <Tacocat247> (nuke) 
[02:41] <The Tidal Wave> (ik)
[02:41] <Tacocat247> "Scary Monsters and Nice Parasprites" is one of the randomly generated phrases for the start of a RP
[02:41] <The Tidal Wave> (ok)
[02:41] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Wakes up and yawns* 
[02:42] <The Tidal Wave> (also i wanna do a good old RP battle later)
[02:42] <Tacocat247> (tis k)
[02:42] <Tacocat247> Astra: Time for breakfast...
[02:42] <The Tidal Wave> *Cryoyeti and Inferno are battling*
[02:42] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: I've prepared breakfast!
[02:42] <Tacocat247> Astra: Not this *yawns* early... *Scratches head*
[02:43] <Tacocat247> Astra: Why are you at my house this early?
[02:43] <The Tidal Wave> Cryoyeti: THE COLD SHALL REIGN SUPREME!
[02:43] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: I waked up early
[02:43] <The Tidal Wave> Inferno: NOT ON MY WATCH!
[02:43] <The Tidal Wave> (rip) 
[02:44] <The Tidal Wave> (i love that emote)
[02:44] <The Tidal Wave> (and (nuke) as well
[02:44] <ArenaCloser1337> *woke
[02:46] <The Tidal Wave>
[02:46] <The Tidal Wave> (use it)
[02:48] <Theelementalmaster> (I think chat finally loaded, hi)
[02:48] <The Tidal Wave> (hi) 
[02:51] <Theelementalmaster> Rip Chat™
[02:51] <ArenaCloser1337> Yep
[02:51] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[02:51] <Theelementalmaster> Hi
[02:51] <ArenaCloser1337> Hey
[02:52] <Enpanzran> Chat died unexpectedly, I had 75 new messages.
[02:53] <Theelementalmaster> dıɹ
[02:53] <The Tidal Wave> (patiently wait for 9 lives of the party's internet to get fixed)
[02:54] <ArenaCloser1337> If I was him, I would change my internet
[02:54] <The Tidal Wave> were*
[02:57] <Theelementalmaster> *ɹǝɥ
[02:57] <Enpanzran> [u]Test
[02:57] <Theelementalmaster> Ok enough upside down text
[02:57] <Enpanzran> [p]Test.
[02:57] <Theelementalmaster> [u]ok
[02:57] <Enpanzran> [l]Test.
[02:57] <Enpanzran> [n]Test
[02:57] <Enpanzran> [upside]Test.
[02:57] <Enpanzran> Nope.
[02:58] <Enpanzran> [f]Test.
[02:59] <Theelementalmaster> îㅆ ɧѧṿîՅ₲ ₮ò ㅆû€ɧ ℱûՅ
[02:59] <Theelementalmaster> Idk
[03:00] <Theelementalmaster> [s][u][i]Tacos Internet: (nuke) 
[03:05] <ArenaCloser1337> Taco plz
[03:07] <The Tidal Wave> ((rip) 9 lives of the party's internet)
[03:07] <The Tidal Wave> oh fail
[03:07] <The Tidal Wave> ( (rip) 9 lives of the party's internet)
[03:08] <ArenaCloser1337> (rip) (rip) (rip) 
[03:12] <ArenaCloser1337> What now?
[03:12] <The Tidal Wave> wait?
[03:13] <ArenaCloser1337> *waiting*
[03:13] <ArenaCloser1337> ugh
[03:15] <The Tidal Wave> [[Thread:111446]]
[03:16] <The Tidal Wave> try them
[03:20] <ArenaCloser1337> They're pretty cool
[03:21] <IceTudor> my kitten is sleeping
[03:21] <IceTudor> oreoo is cooote
[03:24] <The Tidal Wave> i don't really like cats
[03:25] <The Tidal Wave> cmon taco
[03:25] <The Tidal Wave> please
[03:26] <ArenaCloser1337> I LOVE kitties
[03:26] <ArenaCloser1337> so
[03:27] <IceTudor> oreo is preety easy to take care of
[03:27] <ArenaCloser1337> good
[03:27] <IceTudor> considering he's below the age of even shedding his hair
[03:27] <IceTudor> or going around the house fully
[03:27] <IceTudor> he's still meowing for his mother
[03:27] <IceTudor> we cant find it really
[03:27] <IceTudor> he just showed up one day outside
[03:27] <IceTudor> someone keeps bringing animals
[03:27] <IceTudor> idk why
[03:29] <IceTudor> btw 
[03:29] <IceTudor> she**
[03:29] <IceTudor> she**
[03:29] <IceTudor> she**
[03:29] <IceTudor> she****
[03:29] <IceTudor> she***
[03:29] <IceTudor> because its a girl
[03:29] <IceTudor> =p
[03:32] <ArenaCloser1337> =P
[03:33] <ArenaCloser1337> Hi chappy
[03:33] <The Tidal Wave> hi chap
[03:33] <The Tidal Wave> taco plz
[03:33] <The Tidal Wave> i haven't got much time
[03:33] <Chapsteck4yurlipis> hai
[03:33] <The Tidal Wave> school tmr
[03:36] <Skye Sim> Wow my Chat was from yesterday
[03:36] <ArenaCloser1337> .-.
[03:36] <ArenaCloser1337> hey
[03:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Taco is missing!
[03:38] <Skye Sim> What's your timezone?
[03:39] <ArenaCloser1337> 11:39 am
[03:39] <Luigi1006YT> h
[big] i
[03:40] <The Tidal Wave> 11.41 pm
[03:40] <The Tidal Wave> come on come on
[03:40] <Enpanzran> Hi Chapsteck.
[03:40] <Luigi1006YT> 16:40 for my tiem
[03:40] <Luigi1006YT> [big] i did that typo on purpose btw
[03:47] <Skye Sim> Gtg sleep
[03:47] <Skye Sim> Bye
[03:48] <The Tidal Wave> COME BACCCKKKK
[03:52] <Tacocat247> ok.
[03:52] <IceTudor> 18:52
[03:52] <Tacocat247> :3
[03:53] <Tacocat247> Im here.
[03:53] <Tacocat247> What are your other wishes?
[03:54] <Tacocat247> ...anyone?
[03:56] <The Tidal Wave> FINALLY
[03:56] <The Tidal Wave> You're back
[03:56] <Tacocat247> What are your other wishes?
[03:56] <Tacocat247> 
[03:56] <Tacocat247> *Slaps self*
[03:56] <The Tidal Wave> aw man
[03:57] <Tacocat247> Well, what now?
[03:57] <The Tidal Wave> the moment you come back i have to leave.
[03:57] <Tacocat247> 3sad5me
[03:57] <The Tidal Wave> wait
[03:57] <The Tidal Wave> yeah
[03:57] <The Tidal Wave> gtg
[03:57] <Tacocat247> is it 11:57 pm for you?
[03:57] <The Tidal Wave> 11:58
[03:57] <Tacocat247> I was close
[03:57] <The Tidal Wave> yeah
[03:57] <Tacocat247> For me its 10:57 AM
[03:57] <The Tidal Wave> bye taco
[03:57] <Tacocat247> bye :(
[03:58] <Tacocat247> Anyways. what now?
[03:59] <IceTudor> lmao you know whats funny?
[03:59] <Tacocat247> (wut) 
[03:59] <Tacocat247> (wat) 
[03:59] <IceTudor> normally sugar acts as a fucking drug
[03:59] <Tacocat247> .-.
[03:59] <IceTudor> the sweet taste releases dopamine
[03:59] <IceTudor> for me
[04:00] <ArenaCloser1337> back
[04:00] <Tacocat247> YAY
[04:00] <ArenaCloser1337> let's rp
[04:00] <Tacocat247> tis k
[04:00] <Tacocat247> /announce You dropped a pineapple pie
[04:00] <Tacocat247> (yes, randomizer)
[04:01] <Nobellion> hi
[04:01] <Tacocat247> (hi there)
[04:01] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *eating breakfast*
[04:01] <ArenaCloser1337> (Hi nobellion)
[04:01] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Sits down on chair, drinking tea* Hmm...
[04:02] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Grabs Physics book*
[04:04] <Tacocat247> Astra: What to do...
[04:04] <Nobellion> ~hoi~
[04:04] <Tacocat247> (woah) 
[04:04] <Nobellion> !announce test
[04:04] <Nobellion> /announce hoi
[04:04] <Tacocat247> (hi) 
[04:05] <Nobellion> /announce wassup
[04:05] <The named BOSS> o/ 
[04:05] <The named BOSS> Hello
[04:05] <The named BOSS> I see an rp is going on
[04:05] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Knocks on door* May i come in please
[04:05] <Tacocat247> ?
[04:05] <Tacocat247> Astra: Sure!
[04:06] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Comes in*
[04:07] <The named BOSS> *boss zips by*
[04:07] <The named BOSS> (Is it winter in rp?)
[04:07] <Tacocat247> (No)
[04:07] <The named BOSS> (K)
[04:09] <Enpanzran> Oh.
[04:09] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[04:09] <Enpanzran> Didn't see anyone coming.
[04:09] <The named BOSS> Hi
[04:10] <Tacocat247> (INTERNET=(nuke))
[04:10] <Nobellion> /announce greta
[04:10] <Tacocat247> (nuke) 
[04:10] <The named BOSS> (INTERNET= (nuke) )*
[04:10] <Tacocat247> Astra: Hi Aquamarine!
[04:10] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Hello!
[04:11] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: Sup
[04:11] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Not much...
[04:11] <Theelementalmaster> Hi
[04:11] <The named BOSS> Hi
[04:12] <Tacocat247> Hi
[04:12] <Tacocat247> (TNB, i have something to say about Grevious)
[04:12] <The named BOSS> (Mk)
[04:13] <Tacocat247> (He might be banned from RPs)
[04:13] <The named BOSS> (Mk)
[04:13] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: Me neither. Not much happened.
[04:13] <The named BOSS> (But you don't control all rps)
[04:14] <The named BOSS> (So it's up to others too)
[04:14] <Tacocat247> (IK That)
[04:14] <Tacocat247> 
[04:14] <Tacocat247> (But that wasnt my decision)
[04:15] <ArenaCloser1337> (I agree banning Grevious) 
[04:15] <The named BOSS> (Mk)
[04:16] <Tacocat247> Astra: Goodness me... I forgot to cook breakfast...
[04:16] <ArenaCloser1337> Kevlin: Welp, imma go watch TV.
[04:16] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *Turns TV on*
[04:16] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Makes cinnamon rolls*
[04:17] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *Sits on the couch like a lazy *ss*
[04:17] <Tacocat247> (You can curse)
[04:17] <Tacocat247> (I dont mind)
[04:17] <ArenaCloser1337> (I don't like cursing)
[04:17] <Tacocat247> (mk)
[04:17] <Nobellion> /announce I feel like a god
[04:18] <Tacocat247> /announce Good 4 you
[04:18] <ArenaCloser1337> (megalomaniac)
[04:18] <ArenaCloser1337> (jk)
[04:18] <Tacocat247> Astra: Done!
[04:18] <Tacocat247> Astra: Cinnamon roll anyone?\
[04:18] <Nobellion> /announce noice
[04:18] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: I'll have one
[04:18] <Tacocat247> Astra: Ok!
[04:19] <Nobellion> /announce very gud
[04:19] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Gives cinnamon roll to Kelvin*
[04:19] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: Thanks
[04:19] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *eat the cinnamon roll*
[04:19] <Tacocat247> (brb_
[04:20] <Tacocat247> (Back)
[04:20] <Theelementalmaster> (Taco)
[04:20] <Tacocat247> Astra: Now, where is Blazar. I haven't seen him in a while
[04:20] <Theelementalmaster> hi
[04:20] <Tacocat247> (Hi )
[04:20] <Radium212> Hi
[04:21] <Tacocat247> (Nice job on Jr Moderator)
[04:21] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: I think he's sle- Blazar: Hey guys!
[04:21] <Tacocat247> Astra: oh there he is!
[04:21] <Radium212> thanks, Tacocat247
[04:21] <Tacocat247> (You are welcome)
[04:21] <ArenaCloser1337> (I will never become a moderator :c)
[04:21] <Tacocat247> (Just call me Taco.)
[04:21] <Tacocat247> (Easier on the fingers)
[04:21] <Radium212> Ok, Taco
[04:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Hey, Kelvin, do you mind if we play video games?
[04:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: No problem
[04:22] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Blazar!
[04:22] <ArenaCloser1337> *Both take a controller*
[04:22] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Hugs Blazar*
[04:22] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Hi, Aquamarine!
[04:22] <Radium212> Hi
[04:22] <ArenaCloser1337> *Hugs back*
[04:22] <Luigi1006YT> wew i'm here
[04:22] <Tacocat247> (hi dere)
[04:23] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: Blazar might want a cinnnamon roll, Astra
[04:23] <Tacocat247> Astra: Do you?
[04:23] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Of course!
[04:23] <Theelementalmaster> Brb
[04:23] <Luigi1006YT> *Omegadus spawns*
[04:23] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: I already ate one
[04:24] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Gives cinnamon roll to Blazar*
[04:24] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: o hai
[04:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Thank you!
[04:24] <Tacocat247> Astra: Hey!
[04:24] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine; Hello there!
[04:24] <Tacocat247> (epic semicolon_
[04:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: We're playing "Tank Kart", okay?
[04:24] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: No problem
[04:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: Imma get a beer
[04:25] <Luigi1006YT> (epic semicolon meme inserted to windows 10)
[04:25] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Blazar, have you heard the news?
[04:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Which news?
[04:25] <Theelementalmaster> Back
[04:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *Gets a beer*
[04:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *Goes back to couch*
[04:25] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Astra did an experiment.... On herself...
[04:25] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: And it worked.
[04:25] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: What happened?
[04:26] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: She gave herself wings, and then got rid of them... By herself.... WIthout freaking out...
[04:26] <Utkar22> Hello
[04:26] <Utkar22> Hello
[04:26] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Okay...?
[04:26] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Did you know?
[04:26] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: oh i remember that hell hound of astra losing her sanity before she decided to put the wing back on
[04:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Not really. Do you want to play "Tank Kart"?
[04:27] <Tacocat247> Astra: I dont even have wings right now.
[04:27] <Theelementalmaster> *something is forming*
[04:27] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Sure!
[04:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: *Gives a controller*
[04:27] <Theelementalmaster> *Hourglassacre does not know how to teleport from planet to planet*
[04:27] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Alrighty! Let's start the race!
[04:28] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: oh, i wanna play tank kart right now, but first i need to screw up logic.
[04:28] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *sips beer while playing*
[04:28] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: *barfs out a controller*
[04:28] <Theelementalmaster> *hourglassacre finally manages to spawn on the planet*
[04:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> Nobel....?
[04:28] <Tacocat247> (Nobel is inactive)
[04:28] <QUEEN AYSHA> Oh.
[04:29] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: *is playing tank kart with some tanks*
[04:29] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Hmm...
[04:30] <Tacocat247> Astra: Well, ima go do something real quick.
[04:30] <Theelementalmaster> *Hourglassacre teleports into the house while invisible*
[04:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Ahh! Kelvin launched a shell at me and he stole my position AKA first place! 
[04:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: It's the power of the beer
[04:30] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: oh nice, i got a blue shell! C:
[04:30] <Theelementalmaster> (which shell? Red,? Blue? Green)
[04:30] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *sips beer*
[04:31] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: *uses blue shell on Kelvin*
[04:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: You know what? You can have my first place, Blazar.
[04:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Yay!
[04:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: *sees blueshell*
[04:31] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: 3rd place, i'm getting there.
[04:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Crap
[04:31] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: lul
[04:31] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Blue shelll... I could use this...
[04:31] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: Gotcha
[04:31] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: oh nice, i'm 2nd now :D
[04:31] <ArenaCloser1337> (Blue shells are pretty rare)
[04:32] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *USes blue shell and succesfully gets in 1st*
[04:32] <Tacocat247> (IK, but Aquamarine is pretty far behind)
[04:32] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: knocked down to 3rd place again lul
[04:32] <Theelementalmaster> Random Hourglass:This is awesome
[04:32] <ArenaCloser1337> (How do you get first just by launching a blue shell_
[04:32] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: oh noicc i got a red shell
[04:33] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: *uses red shell on 2nd place tank*
[04:33] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *Launches 3 green shell at Aquamarine*
[04:33] <Theelementalmaster> (well, blue shells messes up first places day so if 2nd throws a a blue shell at 1st 2nd can get past)
[04:33] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *ONly gets hit once*
[04:33] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *Gets first*
[04:33] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: oh nice i'm 2nd again
[04:33] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: IM second.
[04:33] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *Launches a banana behind* 
[04:34] <Tacocat247> Astra: This is why i dont play video games.
[04:34] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: *bumps into aquamarine's kart*
[04:34] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: *Gets third place*
[04:34] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: *Gets the star*
[04:34] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: FINISH LINE
[04:34] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: omahgawd
[04:34] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: wait how a hec can you get star in 3rd place
[04:35] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: I don't know. I got lucky, I guess
[04:35] <Teamerz> hi ac
[04:35] <Teamerz> hi tot
[04:35] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Its a very rare occurrence.
[04:35] <ArenaCloser1337> (hi) 
[04:35] <Tacocat247> (hello)
[04:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> wait what
[04:35] <Teamerz> hi tac
[04:35] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: very lucky...
[04:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> who's tot
[04:35] <Teamerz> hi Q&A
[04:35] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: oh wewz i got another red shell
[04:35] <ArenaCloser1337> (We finished the race)
[04:35] <QUEEN AYSHA> i''m not q&a, stop calling me that.
[04:35] <Teamerz> nu
[04:35] <Teamerz> :)
[04:35] <Luigi1006YT> (nvm)
[04:36] <Teamerz> back to afk
[04:36] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Im second place/
[04:36] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: i think i got 3rd or 4th
[04:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Got third place!
[04:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> I
[04:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: I don't care...
[04:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> woops
[04:36] <Luigi1006YT> (bad message timing AAAAA)
[04:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> sorry
[04:36] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Omegadus got 3rd.
[04:36] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: No sorry
[04:36] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: Fourth
[04:36] <Theelementalmaster> Hourglassacre:[small]That was aweso-wait am I still invisible?
[04:36] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: it's only the second time i've played this
[04:36] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Wanna play "Tank Party"? It's more casual.
[04:37] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: no thank you!
[04:37] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: hungry, like always. ;3;
[04:37] <Tacocat247> Astra: I want to do something real quick. 
[04:37] <Theelementalmaster> Hourglassacre:[small]I think I'm still invisible...
[04:37] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Imma play "Super tank bros" with Kelvin, then. He never minds playing with me!
[04:37] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: *eats a dus*
[04:37] <Tacocat247> Kiosk: *Appears on the TV* Hello!
[04:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: Sup.
[04:38] <Tacocat247> Kiosk: *Walks out of the TV* I hate physics!
[04:38] <Theelementalmaster> Hourglassacre:[small]And nobody can hear me
[04:38] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: We know that
[04:38] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: i hate physics aswell sometimes.
[04:38] <Tacocat247> Astra: Hourglassacre, i can hear you.
[04:38] <Theelementalmaster> Hourglassacre:Ohhh okay
[04:39] <Tacocat247> Astra: Besides, i was about to get my wings back again.
[04:39] <ArenaCloser1337> Blazar: Kelvin reminds me of my dad. He always played with me at video games whenever I wanted to. Until...
[04:39] <ArenaCloser1337> Kelvin: *sips cold beer*
[04:39] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: need to wait 364 days for the special thing to happen again
[04:39] <Tacocat247> Astra: Omegadus.
[04:39] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: w h a d
[04:39] <Tacocat247> Astra: Lemme show you something
[04:39] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: ok
[04:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> :'(
[04:40] <Theelementalmaster> *Hourglassacre becomes visible again*
[04:40] <QUEEN AYSHA> Goodbye everyone.
[04:40] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: what is it?
[04:40] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Pokes Omegadus on the back, splitting him into 12 dus'* 
[04:40] <Tacocat247> Astra: Are you happy?
[04:40] <Luigi1006YT> Dus: well i have 23 extra me's now.
[04:41] <ArenaCloser1337> (brb)
[04:41] <Tacocat247> Astra: Anyways, i gotta do something real quick...
[04:41] <Tacocat247> (ok)
[04:41] <Luigi1006YT> Dus: i think i'm getting cramped ;3;
[04:41] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Goes to her room* Time for this again...
[04:41] <Luigi1006YT> Dus #16: same here.
[04:42] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Goes into Machine* Was it the blue button or orange button... I should label these sometime in the future...
[04:42] <Tacocat247> Astra: It was orange. *Presses orange button*
[04:42] <Theelementalmaster> Hourglassacre:Pretty sure it was the blue button, but idk
[04:43] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Closes eyes* This feeling... why does it feel so good? Why...?
[04:43] <Theelementalmaster> Hourglassacre:[tiny]Computer, Activate Physics Breaking Form...
[04:43] <Theelementalmaster> Fail
[04:43] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Grows wings*
[04:44] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Walks out of room, trying to hide wings*
[04:44] <Tacocat247> Astra: Alright, im back!
[04:44] <Tacocat247> Kiosk: Coffee break?
[04:44] <Tacocat247> Astra: No.
[04:45] <Luigi1006YT> All of 24 Dus': we're hungry.
[04:45] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Throws 700 pieces of bacon at the Dus* Here.
[04:45] <Luigi1006YT> All of 24 Dus': oh thanks
[04:46] <Luigi1006YT> *The 24 Dus' eat the 700 pieces of bacon*
[04:47] <Luigi1006YT> (Y U M)
[04:48] <Tacocat247> Astra: Now... What to do... *Trying to hide wings*
[04:49] <Luigi1006YT> 24 Dus': we can still see them wings you know.
[04:49] <Tacocat247> Astra: Shhhh...
[04:50] <Luigi1006YT> *All 24 dus' go silent*
[04:51] <Theelementalmaster> Hourglassacre:I have to go soon
[04:51] <Luigi1006YT> (Anti-internet activated on tacocat247)
[04:52] <Theelementalmaster> Tacos Internet:
[04:53] <Theelementalmaster> (rage5)
[04:53] <Theelementalmaster> fail
[04:53] <Luigi1006YT> internet
[giant] BROK
[04:53] <Theelementalmaster> (nuke) 
[04:54] <Theelementalmaster> Rip Alpha G
[04:56] <Luigi1006YT> aaa
[05:01] <Luigi1006YT> seeing tacocat have good internet is like dus' going into bacon heaven :^)
[05:03] <Luigi1006YT> dead chat of c o u r s e
[05:04] <Theelementalmaster> Rip
[05:04] <Luigi1006YT> tru ^
[05:05] <Luigi1006YT> internet very [giant] BROK
[05:06] <Luigi1006YT> *john cena midi plays*
[05:11] <Luigi1006YT> (latency test)
[05:12] <Tacocat247> /announce Fluttershy is Blue
[05:12] <Tacocat247> 
[05:12] <Tacocat247> internet very [giant] BROK 
[05:13] <Luigi1006YT> yeys
[05:13] <Luigi1006YT> i thing you l e a r n t
[05:13] <Tacocat247> UAHNBDjsnjk
[05:13] <Tacocat247> SpaceMachineBroke
[05:13] <Luigi1006YT> bac to rp
[05:13] <Tacocat247> TIs k
[05:13] <Luigi1006YT> *All 24 dus' go silent*
[05:13] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Tries to hide wings*
[05:14] <Tacocat247> *Heavy metal music is playing across the street*
[05:14] <Luigi1006YT> *even though the 24 dus' see the wings still*
[05:14] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Covers ears* WHAT IS THAT!!!
[05:14] <Luigi1006YT> Dus #4: what is what?
[05:14] <Tacocat247> Aquamarine: *Covers ears*
[05:14] <Tacocat247> *Heavy metal music is playing across the street*
[05:14] <Tacocat247> 
[05:14] <Tacocat247> *and loud too...*
[05:15] <Luigi1006YT> *all 24 dus' cover ears*
[05:15] <Tacocat247> Astra: I think it stopped... *Uncovers ears* It did...
[05:15] <Luigi1006YT> *all 24 dus' uncover ears*
[05:15] <Tacocat247> (HI there)
[05:15] <Luigi1006YT> Dus #22: thank god
[05:16] <Tacocat247> Astra: Agreed...
[05:16] <Tacocat247> Astra: *blushes as she tries to still hide wings*
[05:17] <Luigi1006YT> *all 24 dus' facepalm*
[05:17] <Tacocat247> Astra: What?
[05:19] <Tacocat247> Astra: *Clearly shows both wings* Did i do something wrong?
[05:19] <Tacocat247> 
[05:19] <Luigi1006YT> Dus #6: you're still trying to hi- Dus #8: She said be silent dus #6.
[05:19] <Tacocat247> Astra: No, its OK. You can speak.
[05:20] <Luigi1006YT> All 24 dus': oh ok
[05:20] <Luigi1006YT> INTERNET
[giant] ; ; ; ;
[05:20] <Tacocat247> Astra: Now... Wait... I think you are forming back together into Omegadus.
[05:20] <Luigi1006YT> Half of the dus' oh wew
[05:21] <Luigi1006YT> :*
[05:21] <Tacocat247> Astra: Now, you do see these wings right?
[05:22] <Tacocat247> Astra: Dus' can fly right?
[05:22] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: yes, i can see the win- I FORMED BACK :D
[05:23] <Tacocat247> Astra: Do you wanna separate again, or no?
[05:23] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: no thanks.
[05:23] <Tacocat247> Astra: All you need to do is lightly tap your back.
[05:23] <Tacocat247> Astra: Thats it.
[05:24] <Tacocat247> (Wanna play 2 teams?)
[05:24] <Luigi1006YT> Omegadus: what, do you think that i can tap myself 180 degrees from my front?
[05:25] <Luigi1006YT> (maybe sandbocks)
[05:25] <Tacocat247> Astra: No...
[05:25] <Tacocat247> (Yeah)
[05:25] <Tacocat247> (Sandbox)
[05:25] <Tacocat247> /announce Fillygroove
[05:25] <Luigi1006YT> time to open that mini diep console by pressing the home key ;3;/
[05:26] <Tacocat247>
[05:26] <Luigi1006YT> intrente
[05:26] <Tacocat247> Hi TEM
[05:26] <Theelementalmaster> hOI
[05:27] <Tacocat247> I used the console to get old colors back
[05:27] <Luigi1006YT> meme
[05:27] <Tacocat247> ren_soft_stroke_color false
[05:27] <Tacocat247> Actually
[05:27] <Tacocat247> This is it
[05:27] <Tacocat247> ren_stroke_soft_color false
[05:27] <ZathusTheMageV> Hello...
[05:27] <Tacocat247> HI Zath
[05:28] <Enpanzran> Hi.
[05:28] <Luigi1006YT> h m m m
[05:28] <Tacocat247> We are Playing Sandbox
[05:28] <Tacocat247> 
[05:28] <Tacocat247> My name is "Fillygroove"
[05:29] <Enpanzran> I like the new colour scheme.
[05:29] <Tacocat247> I can change it to the old one
[05:30] <Luigi1006YT> i'm le dus
[05:31] <ZathusTheMageV> Uktar made a 'one year' post, so that made me check when I joined the wiki. Apparently I joined exactly one week after it was made.
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Because he had been here for one year lol
[05:32] <Teamerz> zathsu
[05:32] <Teamerz> i have to arrest you
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Yes, Teamerz? -_-
[05:32] <ZathusTheMageV> Why
[05:32] <Luigi1006YT> almost git kilde
[05:32] <Luigi1006YT> xd
[05:32] <Tacocat247> brb
[05:32] <Teamerz> because you forgot to make me 110 sammiches today
[05:33] <Enpanzran> (evil)
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Yeah Temz is evil
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> More evil than SR
[05:33] <Teamerz> wot
[05:33] <Teamerz> now
[05:33] <Teamerz> no*
[05:33] <Teamerz> only in ur dreams
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Dreams my ass.
[05:33] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[05:34] <Teamerz> no i dont dream about your ass
[05:34] <ZathusTheMageV> Thats not what I meant
[05:34] <ZathusTheMageV> And you know it.
[05:34] <Teamerz> (grin) 
[05:36] <Enpanzran> Troll'd.
[05:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome, BOSS
[05:36] <Tacocat247> Bak
[05:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> Same
[05:36] <Da Clorax> I HAST DONE IT
[05:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> Still want to die
[05:36] <Da Clorax> Bill gates boss
[05:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> I
[05:36] <Da Clorax> [[User blog:Da Clorax/Bill Gates]]
[05:36] <Tacocat247> [[User:Tacocat247|Look here for something]]
[05:36] <QUEEN AYSHA> I'll be AFK
[05:37] <ZathusTheMageV> What
[05:38] <TheGameNation> it's been a long time...but im back...
[05:39] <ZathusTheMageV> Well welcome back, Game
[05:39] <Da Clorax> No reply to bill gates boss?
[05:39] <Da Clorax> Lol
[05:39] <TheGameNation> so how have you all been doing?
[05:42] <Teamerz> zathsu
[05:42] <Teamerz> 110 sammiches now
[05:43] <ZathusTheMageV> *making 110 sammiches*
[05:43] <Teamerz> *eating 110 sammiches*
[05:44] <ZathusTheMageV> did i do a good :3
[05:44] <Luigi1006YT> ranger
[05:44] <Luigi1006YT> G O O D
[05:45] <Teamerz> sure ig
[05:45] <Teamerz> ur keeping up with the sammiches increasing
[05:45] <Teamerz> *tosses 2 baked potatoes*
[05:46] <ZathusTheMageV> :D
[05:46] <Da Clorax> This might be the most ridiculous boss I ever made.
[05:46] <Da Clorax> [[User blog:Da Clorax/Bill Gates]]
[05:46] <ZathusTheMageV> So I saw
[05:47] <ZathusTheMageV> It was partially inspired by Trapper God too
[05:47] <ZathusTheMageV> SEE, I CARE. ;~;
[05:47] <Teamerz> >sees leaderboard on a click counter
[05:47] <Teamerz> >tries once and beats it
[05:47] <Teamerz> welp
[05:47] <ZathusTheMageV> Good
[05:47] <ZathusTheMageV> I.... guess
[05:48] <Teamerz> like
[05:48] <Teamerz> the highest score was 90 clicks
[05:48] <Teamerz> i just went up and did 131
[05:48] <Luigi1006YT>
[05:48] <ZathusTheMageV> Oh wow. If all the edits did carry over (just checked for some reason and was reminded), I'd have 4k here.
[05:48] <ZathusTheMageV> LOL
[05:48] <ZathusTheMageV> Not that it matters
[05:49] <Teamerz> oh i beat my own score
[05:49] <Teamerz> 146
[05:49] <ZathusTheMageV> Awesome
[05:50] <Teamerz> beat it again
[05:50] <Teamerz> 191
[05:51] <Luigi1006YT> nerf
[05:51] <Luigi1006YT> smashe[giant] r
[05:53] <ZathusTheMageV> But Smasher isn't even THAT good.
[05:54] <Luigi1006YT> congratulations on not knowing what an obvious joke is.
[05:54] <Luigi1006YT> :clap:
[05:55] <Luigi1006YT> :clap:
[05:56] <ZathusTheMageV> -_-
[05:57] <ZathusTheMageV> So many people and so little conversation.
[05:57] <Luigi1006YT> ok
[06:01] <Luigi1006YT> a
[big] a
[06:02] <Teamerz> ah, zathsu
[06:02] <Teamerz> do you remember when it was as simple as making 101 sammiches
[06:02] <Teamerz> the good times
[06:03] <ZathusTheMageV> Yeah
[06:03] <ZathusTheMageV> 101
[06:03] <ZathusTheMageV> (slavery) 
[06:03] <Teamerz> ^
[06:03] <Teamerz> zathsu
[06:03] <Teamerz> make me a sammichaeaeeaeah
[06:03] <Luigi1006YT> i wanna sammic``h aswel ples
[06:04] <ZathusTheMageV> A... sammichaeaeeaeah?
[06:05] <Teamerz> yes
[06:05] <Luigi1006YT> yes
[06:05] <ZathusTheMageV> *makes whatever that is*
[06:05] <Luigi1006YT> me too
[06:05] <Luigi1006YT> plea
[giant] s
[06:05] <ZathusTheMageV> *and one for Luigi*
[06:05] <Teamerz> *eats whatever that is*
[06:05] <Teamerz> -_-
[06:05] <Luigi1006YT> *eats sammic``h*
[06:07] <ZathusTheMageV> Welcome again, CHap
[06:09] <ZathusTheMageV> And coolest too.
[06:09] <Coolestpip> Thank you ^^
[06:10] <Teamerz> --___--
[06:10] <Enpanzran> Hi Coolestpip.
[06:10] <ZathusTheMageV> What is that face, master Teamerz?
[06:10] <Enpanzran> Haven't see you since the DCoW chat lockdown.
[06:10] <ZathusTheMageV> Why such the...
[06:10] <ZathusTheMageV> LONG FACE
[06:10] <ZathusTheMageV> xD
[06:10] <Teamerz> for emphasis
[06:12] <Coolestpip> Well Enpanzran, I have been busy doing stuff irl or I have been playing other games. I will be more active when we can edit stuff again, as I have a load of ideas I am holding onto rn
[06:16] <Enpanzran> I see. Good to see you back however.
[06:18] <Teamerz> good202 to see you back
[06:18] <ZathusTheMageV> Ew
[06:32] <ZathusTheMageV> And so it just began people leaving and rejoining.
[06:32] <Enpanzran> Chat dies.
[06:33] <ZathusTheMageV> And so we make it reborn.
[06:33] <ZathusTheMageV> Like a pheonix. :P
[06:36] <The named BOSS> (laugh11)
[06:36] <The named BOSS> (owo) 
[06:36] <ZathusTheMageV> Thats what I was saying
[06:36] <ZathusTheMageV> (grin) 
[06:37] <The named BOSS> (hitler77) 
[06:37] <The named BOSS> That is still a thing
[06:37] <ZathusTheMageV> (stalin)
[06:37] <ZathusTheMageV> That used to be one
[06:37] <ZathusTheMageV> lmao
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