Code.svgOn the Wiki, members of the local[1] Code Administrator user-group are able to edit protected pages & pages in the MediaWiki namespace, to enable them to more freely contribute to fragile templates & this Wiki’s overall codebase.

What Code Administrators are able to do

  • Access the AdminDashboard.[2]
  • Edit the MediaWiki namespace.
  • Alter protection settings to control who can perform what actions to a page.
    • Change protection levels:
    • Change protected actions:
      • Move — restricts who can rename a page.
      • Edit — restricts who may edit a page.
      • Create — restricts who may create a page.
    • Change protection duration.

How to become a Code Administrator

Code Administrator rights are granted differently than other rights. Since there is not such a large requirement for activity, & that it is mainly to allow coders to contribute when they are able, skill is more important than anything else. Most users are invited after they have shown, either on this Wiki via templating or in some other fashion on other Wikis, that they have advanced skill in either JS, CSS, Lua, or an amalgam of other skills (such as exceedingly advanced parser function knowledge).

If you believe the Wiki would benefit from you having Code Administrator rights to better improve the Wiki’s local codebase, message a Senior Administrator directly.

Users in this group

  • None


  1. Local User-Groups only effect one Wiki. A Code Administrator on this Wiki will not be a Code Administrator on any other Wiki unless they are promoted separately.
  2. Contains statistics, a panel full of very basic moderation tools, & an advanced panel full of roughly 100 Special Pages used for moderation, analytics reports, & cleanup.
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