Community_Administrator.svgMembers of the local[1] Community Administrator user-group are able to exercise most local permissions offered by our Wiki. Compared to Full Administrators, they lack only MediaWiki access & a few technical tools.

It should be noted that Community Administrators are regarded as social leaders on the Wiki, as Full Administrators might be seen on other Wikis, & are therefore accorded a great deal of respect & responsibility.

What Community Administrators are able to do

  • Alter protection settings to control who can perform what actions to a page.
    • Change protection levels:
      • All — anyone can perform a given action.
      • Autoconfirmed — only autoconfirmed users may perform a given action.
      • Sysop — only Full Administrators, Community Administrators, & Code Administrators can perform a given action.
    • Change protected actions:
      • Move — restricts who can rename a page.
      • Edit — restricts who may edit a page.
      • Create — restricts who may create a page.
    • Change protection duration.
  • Delete pages.
  • Restore pages that have been deleted, or specific revisions thereof.
  • Rename pages in addition to their subpages.
  • Suppress Redirect (move a page without leaving a redirect).
  • Use the Rollback tool to undo vandalism.
  • Move files.
  • Protect files against users uploading.
  • Have access to several restricted special pages, including but not limited to:
  • Delete Message Wall or Forum threads so that only Full Administrators or other Community Administrators may view or restore them.
  • Moderate blogs:
    • Move blogs.
    • Edit other people’s blogs.
    • Delete blogs.
    • Disable or enable comments on other people’s blogs.
  • Block other users via Special:Block.
    • Unblock other users.
    • Change block settings, such as to extend or shorten blocks.
  • Grant & revoke the following groups to users:
  • Remove themselves from the Community Administrator user-group at any time.

How to become a Community Administrator

Senior Administrators select new Community Administrators from amongst our standing Moderators & Sentinels based upon their performance, skillsets, & upon the necessity for new Community Administrators. Provided that another Community Administrator is desired, Senior Administrators generally look for one or more of the following traits in potential candidates:

  1. Personability: being able to get along with one’s editor peers in a friendly fashion.
  2. Pliability: willingness to complete assignments, & to adhere to hierarchy.
  3. Leadership: initiative in leading efforts to improve one area of the Wiki or another.
  4. Responsibility: frequent exercise of one’s given rights in a fair fashion.
  5. Judgment: being able to gauge where another person’s skillsets lay, as Community Administrators are tasked with the promotion of new Moderators & Sentinels.

Users in this Group

  • None


  1. Local user-groups only effect one Wiki. A Community Administrator on this Wiki will not be a Community Administrator on any other Wiki unless they are promoted separately.
  2. Contains statistics, a panel full of very basic moderation tools, & an advanced panel full of roughly 100 Special Pages used for moderation, analytics reports, & cleanup.
  3. Views a list of a given user’s deleted contributions which would be invisible otherwise.
  4. Allows pages from other MediaWiki projects to be imported as pages here, including their file histories.
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