Council.svgMembers of the Community Council, referred to as Councilors & denoted by a masthead tag on their user pages, are Staff-selected representatives of FANDOM communities who provide feedback on upcoming site changes & beta-test new features prior to their official release. As such, Councilors sign a non-disclosure agreement that allows them to be privy to information before its release to the broader community.

Community Council Wiki

After acquiring the Councilor user right, members of the group are granted permission to access the restricted[1] Community Council Wiki. Appearance-wise, the Wiki sports the standard FANDOM-brand colors of grey & off-white, making it akin to its sibling Wikis Community Central, the Portability Hub, & the Fandom Developers Wiki. For all intents & purposes, the Wiki operates as a standard FANDOM Wiki would, with Forums, Message Walls, User Blogs, & a chat room. Councilors are permitted access to all MediaWiki pages on the Wiki, in addition to the Admin dashboard, for testing purposes & ease of interaction with upcoming products.

How Councilors work

Councilors generally participate in discussions concerning upcoming changes, as transmitted to them in the form of Forum posts or blogs by members of Staff. However, there are alternative means of interaction. Councilors may recommend changes based upon the needs of their respective communities, or may point out possible improvements that could benefit the network as a whole. Councilors are also occasionally offered the chance to have the communities they represent test out new products; in this fashion, having active Councilors on one’s Wiki can result in frontier access to new products & a direct line to Staff.

How to join

Any user may request consideration for a seat on the Council, though inclusion is ultimately determined by the appropriate members of Staff tasked with managing the group. Submissions appear to be processed in bulk or whenever a new set of Councilors is required, so a significant waiting period (anywhere from several days to four months) may be necessary before a decision is reached.

Required Councilor traits

Desired Councilor traits

  • Leadership skills & positions.[3]

To know more about what is desired in Councilors, anyone may ask via Special:Contact/general.

Term limits

Councilors hold their seats for as long as desired, provided they engage in active, mature discussion on a monthly basis & do not violate the FANDOM Terms of Use. In the event that members wish to retire, they may request demotion at any time for any reason.


Councilors are selected from a wide range of backgrounds, interests, & communities; though as a general rule, many Councilors are established users with a proven history of active participation across the FANDOM network. Many are Bureaucrats or Administrators of large, active communities with a reputation for maturity & outspokenness, while others are experts in technical matters or members of other global user-groups.


  1. Attempting to view the Wiki without the Council user-right results in a permissions error.
  2. Per Staff blog.
  3. Utilizing Administrative rights on one or two large Wikis, & demonstrating expertise in leading them, generally fit this bill.
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