Talk PageThe Wiki Discord is a Discord server for the Wiki, founded by Captain Hayden & owned by Banarama. It is a server by & for editors of this Wiki, so though all are welcome, the primary focus is,, & the betterment of this Wiki.

How to join

  1. Register your account on Discord if you don’t have one already.[1]
  2. Make sure you have a Fandom account, or register one if you don’t.[2]
  3. Join using this invite link, or via the “Connect” button on the right hand side of each Wiki-page.
  4. Post a link to your Fandom user-page in #welcome so that you may be verified & given access to the rest of the server; unverified users are kicked from the server after a few days.


Discussions Feed

Whenever threads & replies are posted in Discussions, a web hook operated by KockaAdmiralac notifies the #discussions-feed channel with links to the posts, allowing Discord users to keep up with conversations in Discussions.

Vanilla bots

Vanilla Discord bots within the server include:

Channel topics — public

Main category
On Topic category
Off Topic category
  • #off-topic — A place to goof off; anything goes except spam.
  • #bot-stuffs — The only channel where bot commands may be executed.
  • One voice chat for bot music.
Activity Logs category

Channel topics — private

  1. #mature-discussion
    • This is not a porn channel, but more risqué discussions & images can be posted here. Namely, politics or other mature topics.
    • Gain access by requesting the sekrit role from @Welcomers.
  2. #vip-lounge
    • A private lounge for mature discussion amongst individuals possessing VIP status.
    • Gain access by DMing an Administrator if you are in one of the VIP groups.
  3. #staff-lounge
  4. #code-admin-den
  5. #com-admin-cabal


Emergency pings
  • @Admins — includes @Senior Admins & @Community Admins, for extreme situations.
  • @Mods — includes all Wiki Staff & more, for very serious Discord-only disruptions.
Wiki Staff
  • Discord Mods — trusted users who have moderation rights on the server, yet aren’t Wiki Staff.
  • Emote Managers — can add emotes.
  • sekrit — can access #mature-discussion; request @Welcomers for this role.
  • Members — users that have been verified & thus have full server access.
  • Unverified — users that have not been verified & thus do not have full server access. Unverified users are kicked from the server if they are not verified within a few days.


  1. Curses are acceptable in moderation; extreme profanity is disallowed.
  2. Adult content is permitted only in the #mature-discussion channel.[6]
  3. Stay on-topic for the channel you are posting in. If you are unsure of where to post, read the channel description, look up the channel in #info, or read above. If you are still confused, ask in #general.
  4. Do not spam; be it via text, images, or reactions.

Warnings are given for offenses, but repeat offenders are kicked from the server.

Other servers

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  1. You can download a client later for the device you are on.
  2. Alternatively, if you are a member of any DCCI Discords ( Discord servers), then you do not need a Fandom account.
  3. Specifically, Mee6 commands can only be used outside the #bot-stuffs channel by those with Moderator privileges to perform moderation-related tasks. Within that channel however, normal users can use Mee6 query commands such as !role-info, !server-info, & !user-info. Mee6 will also automatically perform some cleanup in any channel it has access to.
  4. @here is used often, because this is a server dedicated to the Wiki & made up of the Wiki’s editors. Therefore, your very presence is indication that you want Wiki-related news. If not, you can suppress @here in settings.
  5. To acquire the YouTubers role, your YouTube channel must have a minimum of 100 subscribers for Wiki editors, or 1,000 subscribers for non-editors.
  6. #mature-discussion is inaccessible unless you request access to it.
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