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The Fanon Policies exist to establish a basic standard of quality for fanon articles, set rules for user-conduct in comment sections, and clarify fanon content ownership.

All fanon pages/articles (referred to as works, conceptions, or concepts) must meet the following standards. If not, they will be moved to the User namespace (referred to as userspace) after a one-week grace period.


All fanon articles (with the exception of Tale of Diep) must be placed in the Fanon namespace. This can be easily done when creating a concept by writing a Fanon: prefix in the page name. For example, if you wanted to make a concept called Bazooka, you would use Fanon:Bazooka as your page name.


Each concept must contain
  • The {{Fanon}} template placed at the top with an author-related field filled out.
  • At least two inline links to different pages (navbox or infobox links do not count).
  • At least two sections (not counting an intro/summary/overview), with a minimum of two sentences in each section.
  • At least eight sentences total.

Staff reviewing the concept may add links or split it into sections to help it meet requirements, but only at their discretion, so don’t count on it.

It is highly recommended (and required in fanon contests) to have
  • Well-detailed and suitably organized information that makes it easy to understand all important aspects of the concept (subjective, but essentially a concept should try to meet or exceed normal page quality).
  • At least one image showing the concept or strongly related to the concept (quality isn’t strict here, and users on Discord or Discussions might be able to help).
  • Additional (not necessarily inline) links to related in-game articles or other fanon concepts.
  • Fanon articles should also meet the Style Guide whenever possible, but it is not required.
Each concept may not contain[1]
  • Explicit sexual, racist, or otherwise extremist content or references.
  • Content without any noticeable relation to or inspiration from Diep.io (i.e. off-topic).
  • Blatant plagiarism, either from copyrighted sources or other conceptions on the Diep.io Wiki (proper attribution can provide some leeway).
  • A Fantasy Tank Builder code and little else; there must be textual content.


All fanon articles must be properly categorized. This includes Category:Fanon, as well as more specific categories depending on the article. Template:Fanon automatically adds most categories if used properly and with fields related to the topic of the Fanon. Users should not create their own categories unless given permission by Staff, and should instead use preexisting categories.

It is possible to add comments to fanon articles as a convenient alternative to talk pages. However, they must meet the following standards. Otherwise they shall be deleted and punishments may be levied.

Comment Standards
Comments must
  • Be explicitly related to the article being commented on.
  • Be clear, easily understandable English — no nonsense.
  • Be productive, in the sense that the conversation has meaningful value to add to the page.
    • Questions, constructive criticism, discussions/plans about future development of the page, or other conversations in the comments that readers might find interesting count as productive.
    • “Productive” does not necessarily mean that all comments must be dry, humorless, or extremely serious; conversations can be laid back or humorous as long as they serve a purpose.
Comments may not
  • Contain explicit sexual, racist, or otherwise extremist content or references.
  • Be used for roleplaying or any other games.
  • Be used to harass, spam, or otherwise flood the comment section in a way that buries positive conversations with inanities, abuse, or drama.
If your comment does not meet the standards
  • It shall be deleted, and will not be restored.
  • A warning will be given.
  • Repeat offenders will be briefly blocked.
  • Successive blocks will be exponentially longer, at the discretion of Moderators.
If your comment falls under one of the above prohibited categories
  • Same to the above, only you will be blocked immediately with or without warning.
Comment replies (i.e. a reply to a parent comment) are given a bit of leeway in regards to topic; so long as they are still related to Diep.io in general, then their main topic can be related to the parent comment instead of directly to the article itself, although conversations should still not stray very far from the article itself.

Editing without permission

Unless otherwise stated, all fanon articles are the private work of a certain user (or collaboration of users). As such, please do not edit their conceptions unless:

  • You own, or are part of the collaboration that owns, a given work.
  • The work or a part of the work is considered Public, meaning anyone can edit it.
  • It is being edited to enforce these policies or for general Wiki maintenance.
  • A minor grammar or spelling error is being fixed. If so, please note that in the Edit Changes bar.
Note: works made by anonymous users must be Public, since we have no way of telling the difference between anonymous users.

Adoption is when a fanon article whose owner is not contributing to it is lended to another user who may take temporary ownership of that article and expand upon it. Here is how to adopt:

Ask the original author for permission
If they give consent, the adoptee may add a adoptee-username field to {{Fanon}} on the page and then begin working immediately.
If the original author does not respond to a request within 7 days
Speak to a Community Administrator or above; they will approve or reject the adoption. If approved, you must notify the author that you have adopted their conception, then update the Infobox before you may begin working.
If the original author has not been active for 30 days
A request is not needed, simply go straight to a Community Administrator. If approved, you must notify the author that you have adopted their conception, then update the Infobox before you may begin working.

Note: You may not adopt if

  • The work is “complete,” and needs no further improvement.
  • The original author does not grant you permission.
  • You are denied by an Administrator.
  • The original author revokes your adoption.
Fanon Templates

Users are welcome to make unique templates for their conceptions, Infoboxes excepted. However, all templates must be properly categorized. If not, an Administrator will delete it. Here is how to categorize different types of templates:

In source editor, paste…
<noinclude>[[Category:Personal Templates]][[Category:Fanon Templates]][[Category:Navbox Templates]][[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>
…at the bottom and then save.
Other Templates
In source editor, paste…
<noinclude>[[Category:Fanon Templates]][[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>
…at the bottom and then save.

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  1. Note: articles containing any of the expressly prohibited items may be subject to deletion, instead of simply being moved to the User namespace.
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