Blocks Discussions Fanon Blog Style Guide This page shall serve as general guidelines for how best to behave on the Wiki.

Universal Guidelines

  1. Don’t spam or behave inappropriately; be constructive.
  2. Don’t be a jerk to people; be helpful.
  3. Don’t clam up; communicate when you have an issue, suggestion, or criticism.
  4. Don’t hold grudges; you can’t change the past, look to the future.
  5. Assume good faith; not everyone is a vandal.

Too Long; Didn’t Reads

TL;DR — Style Guide

Maintain these four tenets when editing the Wiki to keep with the Style:

  1. Objectivity; no opinions!
  2. Brevity; be concise!
  3. Accuracy; make sure your info isn’t bogus.
  4. Standardization; keep with the currently existing theme & format.

TL;DR — Blogs

  1. Do not stray off-topic.
  2. Do not be abusive.
  3. Blogs must not be low-effort.

TL;DR — Fanon

  1. Don’t edit other people’s conceptions without permission.
  2. Make sure to properly categorize your conceptions.
  3. Don’t abandon your conceptions, edit them until they are presentable.

TL;DR — Discussions

  1. Post threads in the correct boards.
  2. Don’t intentionally cause drama or derail posts.
  3. Don’t Spam or Necropost.
  4. Don’t harass or slander.
  5. Don't post NSFW/NSFL content.
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