This page shall serve as general guidelines for how best to behave on the Wiki.

Universal Guidelines

  1. Don’t spam; be constructive.
  2. Don’t be a jerk to people; be helpful.
  3. Don’t clam up; communicate when you have an issue, suggestion, or criticism.
  4. Don’t hold grudges; you can’t change the past, look to the future.
  5. Assume Good faith; not everyone is a vandal.

Alternate Accounts Side Note

We block any alternate accounts, or alts, that we find, due to past issues with sockpuppetry. If you have an alt, then you can submit it to an Administrator so that it can be flagged. This means that a white “Tolerated Alt” flag will appear on that profile, & it will then be allowed to be used.

If we find your alt before you submit it for flagging, we will ban it, & only unban it if you come forth & take responsibility for it. Alts that are misused, whether flagged or not, are given lifetime bans, & the owner will be reprimanded if found. We heavily recommend that you do not use alts at all, but if you feel you must, then it is better that it is out in the open than hidden in shadow.

Too Long; Didn’t Reads

TL;DR — Chat

  1. Don’t Spam.
  2. Don’t Harass.
  3. Don’t use alts to break the rules.

TL;DR — Forum

  1. Post threads in the correct boards.
  2. Don’t intentionally cause drama or derail posts.
  3. Don’t Spam or Necropost.
  4. Don’t harass or slander.

TL;DR — Style Guide

Maintain these four tenets when editing the Wiki to keep with the Style:

  1. Objectivity; no opinions!
  2. Brevity; be concise!
  3. Accuracy; make sure your info isn’t bogus.
  4. Standardization; keep with the currently existing theme & format.


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