GDM.svgMembers of the Global Discussions Moderator group,[1] abbreviated as GDM & denoted by a masthead Tag on their user pages, are Staff-selected volunteers with experience in Discussions Moderation & general Wiki-know-how, whose purpose is to help with community development around the Discussions feature.

Mission statements

  • Help communities who request help or are designated by FANDOM Staff as needing help, usually when a Wiki has an active Discussions area yet no willing admins to moderate it, or when the volume of Discussions is overwhelming.
  • Identify key users who would be ideal Moderator candidates on the local level, & point them out to local Administration.
  • Engage in community building & development by working with local Admins to establish effective Discussions Categories & Guidelines, or to work within the realm of established Wiki-Policy when local Admins are not engaged.
  • Educate Discussions & Community App users about collaborative editing & the community that exists outside Discussions.

What GDMs are able to do

Within Discussions

  • Rename Categories.
  • Create Categories.
  • Merge Categories together (thus deleting one).
  • Edit the Discussions Guidelines.
  • Access Discussions Insights.
  • View Reported Content.
  • Approve reported posts.
  • Move posts to another Category.
  • Edit posts.
  • Lock posts to prevent replies.
  • Unlock posts.
  • Delete posts.
  • Restore posts.
  • Edit replies.
  • Delete replies.
  • Restore replies.

Outside Discussions

How to join

Joining the Global Discussions Moderator program is by invitation only. FANDOM Staff look for the following traits:

  • A history of moderating Discussions and Wikis.
  • Experience using Discussions as a participant.
  • Social and leadership skills.

Anyone who wishes to know more about becoming a GDM may ask FANDOM for more details.


  1. Global User-Groups effect all Wikis on the FANDOM network. A Global Discussions Moderator on this Wiki will be a Global Discussions Moderator on every Wiki you visit.
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