Talk PageThink you’re ready to Join Staff? Hit up the Résumés category at Discussions to submit requests to join!

Not Sure if you’re ready yet?

Not a problem. It’s easy, you just have to meet a few criteria, & then make a request to join on the Discussions (make sure to post at Résumés category). If you don’t meet enough criteria, you will have your Résumé rejected with an explanatory note detailing how you can become a better applicant. Be sure to put some effort into your Résumé both so that you can look desirable in addition to letting everyone get to know you more. If you’re still confused, keep reading.


#1 You’re active

We’re a relatively old Wiki, & is a relatively old game, with few new additions of late. This means that people are becoming inactive as there is little left to do. If you can prove that you are active & that you will stay active for a while, either by making frequent contributions or by staying in Chat for long periods of time without becoming unresponsive, then you’re golden.

#2 You’re established

We can’t very well just let random people we don’t know join Staff. You have to have been on this Wiki for at least two weeks, & you have to be somewhat well known. Be friendly & interactive with the community, & you’ll meet this criteria in no time.

#3 You understand what you’re asking for

Preferably, you have to know what a Chat Mod can do, how to rollback, how to block, & how to utilize the Content Mod/Discussion Mod powers before you acquire them, not after, otherwise we will have to school you through their uses. You also have to be responsible enough to respect the powers we may give you. If you can prove your responsibility, then you’re all set.

#4 You have experience

This is not required, but it helps a lot. If you’ve been a mod before on this Wiki, other Wikis, or on similar websites such as Reddit, UESP, or Wikipedia, then that will make it much easier to become Staff. Having any Rewards will also make your Résumé look good.


Write whatever you want, but focus on why you want whichever rights you’re requesting (Sentinel or Moderator) & what you would do with them. Including a bit of information about yourself doesn’t hurt either.

Once you’ve posted it on the Discussions, a Community Administrator will review it. They may then either accept, reject, or suspend your Résumé.


Having your Résumé rejected, whether right off the bat or after a period of time as an Intern, means that your application has been thrown out. A Community Administrator will list his or her reasons for the rejection, & then you may reapply in one week.

Suspension Intern.svg

This is what most usually happens when your Résumé is submitted, since Résumés are rarely approved or rejected outright. Suspension means that you get to become an Intern for a period of roughly seven to fourteen days, so that you can prove yourself worthy to be Staff. The Community Administrator who suspended your résumé will become your “sponsor,” & will watch & guide you throughout your Internship until they have decided whether you should remain on Staff permanently. If you’d like some details about how to be a successful Intern, click here.


Acceptance is when the Community Administrator assigned to your Résumé believes, either after sponsoring your time as an Intern or because you were qualified enough from the get-go, that you are fit to join Staff. You will be offered usually either Sentinel or Moderator rights in a permanent sense, & should you accept, then congratulations, you will have officially joined Wiki Staff!

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