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Wiki Sandboxes have now been discontinued indefinitely; feel free to join our Discord server instead!

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What was a Wiki Sandbox?

It was two things; a place to discuss, & a place to game. The first hour was a Chat session with an Admin & as many other Staff as could attend; they were there to answer questions & discuss any topics brought up by normal Users. Each user was entitled to one topic or question, but they could ask a second one in case there was extra time left over.

For the second half of the Sandbox, after the discussion was over, everyone would go to an open server (usually Sandbox) where people could have a good time together. The session officially lasted for one hour, but could be as long as there are people in the server.

As said previously, the first hour was for discussion of topics that users have brought up. They may do so by posting them in the Sandbox Talk Page. Users would title thieir topics with “MYUSERNAME’s Primary/Secondary Topic”, & then wrote briefly about their topics. Primary Topics would be covered whereas secondary topics might be covered; first come first served. There was a limit of two topics per-user, so tertiary topics would be removed from the Talk Page wholesale.

This was the time to game. After the discussion ended, an Admin would post a party link & everyone would head there to play; there were no rules. Though it is called a Sandbox because that is the most popular Game Mode for meetups, alternative Game Modes such as Domination could be used instead if the majority of attendees preferred.