Sentinel.svgMembers of the local[1] Sentinel user-group are patrollers with several extra tools that help with the moderation of content & with rapidly dealing with spammers or vandals.

What Sentinels are able to do

  • Block other users via Special:Block.
    • Unblock other users.
    • Change block settings, such as to extend or shorten blocks.
  • Moderate content:
  • Remove Vandalism:
    • Use the Rollback tool to undo bad edits.
    • Delete pages.
  • Remove themselves from the Sentinel user-group at any time.

How to become a Sentinel

Community Administrators are tasked with selecting new Sentinels, & generally they select responsible users who would make use of the given-rights in an effective fashion. If you believe you need Sentinel rights in order to better help the Wiki, please visit the Joining Staff page.

Users in this group

  • None

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  1. Local user-groups only affect one Wiki. A Sentinel on this Wiki will not be a Sentinel on any other Wiki unless they are promoted separately.
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