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Talk Page Tags Info Internships Join StaffThis is the page that holds general information regarding the Diep.io Wiki Staff.

Current Staff

User Ranks About
GellyPop Bureaucrat-small.svg
Knowledgeable user for most aspects (excuse the codes), a Staff Artist usually around Diep.io content, as so with Anonymoususer12321, Arras.io main artist. Initially joined the Staff team as a Sentinel few years ago, and currently one of the leaders of this Wiki. Usually seen performing article-related tasks and maintenance. For queries, contact him on his message wall, or via Discord.
JustLeafy Bureaucrat-small.svg
Young, enthusiastic and successful on Fandom, at just 16 years old, JustLeafy originally played Diep.io a few times back in 2017, and occasionally casually edited/communicated on the wiki. JustLeafy came back to Diep.io in late 2018, played it and even downloaded the mobile app. Only on August 2019, he finally got to briefly play Arras.io. Moreover, he completed most of the Arras.io tank articles and in under one week, he became part of the staff team. To add, he has experience with CSS, HTML and wikitext and is even a content moderator on the Fandom Developers Wiki, which made him directly become a code administrator and a sentinel.
Banarama Bureaucrat-small.svg
Advisory person who's been on the wiki around five years and was the former leader, feel free to ask me about anything when it comes to running the wiki, writing stuff, or maintaining the code :) My activity on the wiki is probably going to vary a lot, though, so try asking me on Discord for a faster response.
AJ (QA) Admin-small.svg
Veteran, old-guard, whatever you call it, AJ (previously known as QUEEN AYSHA or QA) has been here a long time (since the end of the Dawn Era/late 2016, to be exact). An 18-year-old gay k-pop stan and stan of many things in general, at least 100. Strong opinions on food (fight me if you don't like pineapple pizza), but overall pretty chill and friendly. Most easily reached on Discord.
EXPLODINGLLAMA DiscussionsModerator-small.svg ChatModerator-small.svg
In early 2016, at 11-12 years old, EXPLODINGLLAMA, or also known as Brandon, stumbled upon diep.io, a game, which, at the time, was very popular. In 2017, EXPLODINGLLAMA found the diep.io wiki. There on, he became an avid user and even became an intern twice. However, he was very inactive in between late 2019 to late 2020, only lurking around every few months. However, he came back at the end of 2020 and is active every day-partially because he doesn't have people to talk to. EXPLODINGLLAMA has many hobbies which include playing Valorant, singing, and playing the guitar. If you have any questions for me you can always message me on my wall :)
GeoScoph DiscussionsModerator-small.svg
Former thread moderator of the HUH wiki (holy-unholy hangout) ever since it was deleted... now back in action. I'm mainly just a spam and necropost locker. (as I use to do) But I'm also a frequent editor. I'm mainly active outside of school hours, so please don't tag me from 8AM to 3PM. Feel free to talk to me outside of those hours.
Anonymoususer12321 ChatModerator-small.svg Code-small.svg
An absolutely not anonymous user, who is good at drawing something using Inkscape, and mainly drew images for arras.io articles. Active here from 2018, recently creating an arras.io server that contains these three's Fanon things. If you want to contact me, please use my MW, because I'm not active at Discord.
CyberDGun Rollback-small.svg N/A

Staff Rank Descriptions

Bureaucrat-small.svg Senior Administrators

Senior Administrators are currently active Bureaucrats. Senior Admins have full power and head the Wiki.

Admin-small.svg Community Administrators

Community Administrators are trusted community managers in the same sense as normal Administrators on other Wikis. They have full moderation control, can promote, demote, or Block users, and have access to nearly all administrative tools, excepting only MediaWiki access.

DiscussionsModerator-small.svg Moderators

Moderators are users selected by Community Administrators who have been given permissions to moderate all social areas of the Wiki.

ChatModerator-small.svg Sentinels

Sentinels are users selected by Community Administrators who have been given extra permissions to help with content moderation, namely the rollback,[1] Block, and Suppress Redirect[2] tools.

Code-small.svg Code Administrators

Code Administrators are technical specialists who have been given freer access to the Template and MediaWiki namespaces to allow them to contribute to our Wiki’s codebase.

Rollback-small.svg Interns

Interns are users with temporary user-rights. They may have Sentinel rights, Moderator rights, or both. This is to allow them to prove that they will use their rights consistently and fairly. For more info on Interns, click here.

Ranks Unique to the Diep.io Wiki

The Diep.io Wiki Staff ranks differ somewhat from other wikis, due to changes intended to optimize the structure for more utility — grouping powers to manage community or code, and moderate social or content areas.

  • All Staff members, except Code Admins, have blocking powers (elsewhere reserved for Admins) to allow them to quickly wipe out spam & vandalism, also requiring us to be strict on the responsibility requirement to join Staff.
  • The wide range of Admin powers have been split between two ranks matching how they are often used — Community Admins have most powers and function as leaders, but the ability to edit protected code pages is given instead to Code Admins with proven technical skill.
  • Moderators are mostly similar to Discussion Moderators elsewhere, but can edit Blogs.
  • Sentinels have more anti-vandalism powers versus rollbacks elsewhere, being also able to patrol pages, move pages without leaving redirects, and delete pages.
  • And lastly, our Intern system is also unique to this wiki.

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  1. Allows a user to undo all edits by another user in order to help clean up vandalism.
  2. Allows a user to move pages without leaving a redirect behind.