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Current Staff

User Ranks About
Banarama Bureaucrat-small.svg
No longer second banana (lol), now leads the Wiki, maintaining its codebase and guiding the community.
JustLeafy Admin-small.svg Code-small.svg
Young, enthusiastic and successful on Fandom, at just 16 years old, JustLeafy originally played a few times back in 2017, and occasionally casually edited/communicated on the wiki. JustLeafy came back to in late 2018, played it and even downloaded the mobile app. Only on August 2019, he finally got to briefly play Moreover, he completed most of the tank articles and in under one week, he became part of the staff team. To add, he has experience with CSS, HTML and wikitext and is even a content moderator on the Fandom Developers Wiki, which made him directly become a code administrator and a sentinel.
GellyPop Admin-small.svg
Knowledgeable user for most aspects (excuse the codes), one of Wiki's Community Administrators, a Staff Artist usually around content (whose successor of said title is either former Graviatar aka The Tale of Diep Artist, or Anonymoususer12321, main artist), Democratic Era-born citizen, semi-regular Wiki activity patrol/watchman, Wiki loyalist, music-lover-of-not-all-genres, former glitch slime, a drunk cat from an orange juice, and now a distorted reality of a glitchy girl(?) (read: Guy In Real Life). Currently tries to complete Woomy Arras Tiers, but will probably take forever with his screenshot tactics. Here's his message wall but Discord is better for contacting him.
Briskmetal007 DiscussionsModerator-small.svg ChatModerator-small.svg
An always curious 15-year old who has a strong hatred towards pineapple pizza. Self-proclaimed as a great editor, and has a ton of ideas in store. I'm mainly known for creating the Watergun. If you need something or want to tell me something, message me on my wall if you'd like.
Sentinal94K ChatModerator-small.svg
Sentinal94K is a staff member commonly described as the only staff member with a sense of humor. You can contact him on Discord, but you will not get replied to for quite a while. Also, I feel good :) If you want to contact me, go here.

Staff Rank Descriptions

Bureaucrat-small.svg Senior Administrators

Senior Administrators are currently active Bureaucrats. Senior Admins have full power & head the Wiki.

Admin-small.svg Community Administrators

Community Administrators are trusted community managers in the same sense as normal Administrators on other Wikis. They have full moderation control, can promote, demote, or Block users, & have access to nearly all administrative tools, excepting only MediaWiki access.

DiscussionsModerator-small.svg Moderators

Moderators are users selected by Community Administrators who have been given permissions to moderate all social areas of the Wiki.

ChatModerator-small.svg Sentinels

Sentinels are users selected by Community Administrators who have been given extra permissions to help with content moderation, namely the rollback,[1] Block, & Suppress Redirect[2] tools.

Code-small.svg Code Administrators

Code Administrators are technical specialists who have been given freer access to the Template & MediaWiki namespaces to allow them to contribute to our Wiki’s codebase.

Rollback-small.svg Interns

Interns are users with temporary user-rights. They may have Sentinel rights, Moderator rights, or both. This is to allow them to prove that they will use their rights consistently & fairly. For more info on Interns, click here.

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  1. Allows a user to undo all edits by another user in order to help clean up vandalism.
  2. Allows a user to move pages without leaving a redirect behind.
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