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  1. Do not disrespect the policies you enforce.
  2. Do not neglect your power.
  3. Do not misuse your power.

These are the three central tenets that all Wiki Staff (including Interns) must follow if they wish to retain their User-Rights & remain on Staff. Failure to comply with these can result in demotions, being fired outright, or in a full ban from the Wiki. Ignorance of these policies is not an excuse for breaking them.

I am a free inhabitant of the Earth…all the rights of a US citizen without following any of their laws
—Someone being arrested on YouTube
This is rather self-explanatory; it is the attitude, or belief, that the policies either do not apply to oneself or that they need not be applied to all users equally (read: Cronyism).

We have work to do & no one who wants to do it
In essence, this is inactivity, or the underuse of power. Failure to fully utilize the powers you have been granted may result in a demotion to a lower level. Repeated streaks of inactivity may result in ejection from Staff.

You can’t ban someone for bad memes
This is essentially the opposite of neglect; it is the overuse of power. It is also the tenet with the most serious repercussions because the potential for abuse is so great, so it is explained in great detail below.[1]
What is the Misuse of Code Admin Rights?
  1. Unnecessarily removing or altering vital MediaWiki namespace content without a justifiable reason for doing so.
  2. Editing protected pages just because you can; the rights exist primarily to access protected Templates, not policy pages for example.
  3. Any other exercises of Code Admin rights that a Senior Administrator deems to be unacceptable.

What is the Misuse of Sentinel Rights?
  1. Rollbacking a series of edits when only one of them needs to be nullified.
  2. Blocking accounts without a justifiable reason for doing so, such as to stop spammers or vandals.
  3. Blocking accounts for ludicrous amounts of time.[2]
  4. Frequently using IP Bans.
  5. Unblocking accounts without just cause.
  6. Any other exercises of Sentinel Rights that a Community Administrator deems to be unacceptable.

What is the Misuse of Moderator Rights?
  1. Editing the comments of other individuals without a serious reason, such as to turn off autoplay modules, to shrink obnoxiously large images, or to remove other forms of spam.
  2. Removing Forum or Discussions posts without a serious reason, such as to remove spam, harassing comments, or other threads which break the Forum Policies or Discussions Guidelines.[3]
  3. Closing/locking threads without a serious reason, such as when threads are many weeks cold, to stop necroposting, or for concluded posts.[4]
  4. Restoring threads without a serious reason.
  5. Highlighting or unhighlighting threads without approval from a Community Administrator.
  6. Using the “delete all posts” button on Discussions if the user in question is not banned. Even then, that button should be used sparingly.
  7. Any other exercises of Moderator Rights that an Administrator deems to be unacceptable.

What is the Misuse of Community Administrator rights?
  1. Protecting unofficial User Subpages without permission from the User.[5][6]
  2. Edit-Protecting Talk Pages so that normal users cannot write on them; Talk Pages should have Move-Protection only.[7]
  3. Protecting Main namespace pages so that only Community Administrators can edit them for a duration of more than one week, or for any reason other than to protect it from spam, vandalism, or edit wars.
  4. Unprotecting Project namespace pages without permission from a Senior Administrator.
  5. Unprotecting User & User Talk pages of banned accounts.
  6. Unprotecting special templates, such as Main Page templates, without Senior Administrator authorization.
  7. Deleting pages without a serious reason, such as to remove spam or when merging pages.
  8. Undeleting pages without a serious reason.
  9. Giving unearned promotions to other Staff Members; Staff must prove they deserve their promotions via frequent contributions, helpfulness, or leadership.
  10. Carelessly using automatic tools.[8]
  11. Using unofficial mass edit tools from personal accounts instead of from a bot account.[9]
  12. Using Administrative privileges to silence opposition & to hide when you have done something questionable.
  13. Failure to maintain the respectability that is expected of such highly trusted users.
  14. Any other exercises of Community Administrator Rights that a Senior Administrator deems to be unacceptable.


  1. Those with higher user rights, such as Administrators, must still follow the policies below, as they possess the powers of those below them.
  2. Avowed vandals may be banned for longer periods of time, & sockpuppet accounts may be banned indefinitely. Violation of this rule is judged on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Removing threads for abusive reasons such as to silence opposition or to curb free speech violates this rule.
  4. Closing Threads to stop a conversation you do not want to happen breaks this rule.
  5. Semi-protecting the top-level User Page is acceptable & sometimes even required.
  6. If the user in question is currently banned, then both the main User Page & the User Talk Page should be given full protection which expires at the same time as the ban. This is to protect those pages from normal users who might spam them while they are banned & unable to protect their User Pages.
  7. Does not apply to User Talk Pages, only normal Talk Pages.
  8. Mass Block, et cetera.
  9. Mass Edits from an account not flagged as a bot will spam the recent activity.

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