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Talk Page This page shall serve as a guide for how articles should be formatted on the Wiki.


  1. Use standard layout; keep with the currently existing theme & organizational scheme.
  2. Use standard format; maintain the basic standards of neatness & photo/videographic placement.
  3. Be accurate; make sure your info isn’t bogus.
  4. Be objective; no opinions!
  5. Be brief; concise and clear!

Those are the essentials — always keep them in mind when adding new info to an article. For more info on what constitutes each of these tenets, keep reading.

Standard Layout

It is fairly clear that one should strive to use good grammar and spelling when editing pages, and that one should try to remain somewhat professional. However, there’s more to it than that. Keeping pages standardized is one of the biggest tasks our Wiki attempts to undertake — a page should follow Standard Format. Read further for info on how each page should be laid out.

If an Article is about a tank, it should follow this format.


The summary, or the first bit of info above the Table of Contents, should describe the Tank; very briefly give background info on its upgrade path, its changes since upgrading (if any), and its technical changes. You can also include context-links here to direct to other pages in case of confusion.


This should be the first section of any tank page. It should describe, in a short paragraph, everything about the physical appearance of the Tank, its ammunition, et cetera.


This should be the second section of any tank page. It should describe every single technical change (stat changes, field of vision changes, ammunition changes, et cetera) that occurred after upgrading to the tank.


Strategy sections, which should be third, are by far the most free-form. Ideally, they should include an “As” and “Against” subsections. Here is an example format from the Quad Tank page:


Strong Against: Multiple Low-Level enemies.
Weak Against: Focused bullet spammers, rammers, Snipers, Overseers/Overlords.

As the Quad Tank

Yadda yadda yadda, you can do X/Y/Z well with this tank, but this tank struggles with A/B/C.

Against the Quad Tank

Yadda yadda yadda, X and Y Tanks are effective against the Quad Tank because Z, but A and B Tanks are not effective against the Quad Tank because C.

Strategy sections with non-standard subsections, such as Drones, Game Mode specific subsections (e.g. Survival), or other miscellaneous subsection names should have those subsections removed or merged with the others.


The achievements section follows the Strategy section, and should list any Achievements that are related to the Tank; naturally, if there are no related achievements then the article does not need an achievements section. Achievements should be listed in this format:


  • First Achievement Name — First Achievement Trigger
  • Second Achievement Name — Second Achievement Trigger


The History section should have information that previously applied to the Tank, but which is no longer applicable due to the relevant features being removed or replaced. It follows the achievements section if it exists, or the Strategy section if it doesn’t. Naturally this section will not need to exist if there is no available historical information.


The Trivia section should have miscellaneous information about the Tank. It should always follow History and be preceded by either a Bugs, Gallery, or Footnotes section.


The Bugs section should list every known bug related to the surrounding page. Bug sections should start with the {{Bugs}} template, followed by the {{BugList}} Template. The second template should have <h3> headers and bullets depicting each bug, and each bullet should start with a Template identifying the platform ( PC  or  Mobile ). The end result should look something like this:


This section contains bugs related to Style Guide. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please screenshot, then reload. If the bug happens a second time, then get a second screenshot to verify that the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template.
  3. Describe the bug in detail, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person-anecdotes: such discussions belong in either the comment section or on the appropriate forum board.

Patched or Removed Bugs

  •  PC  Description of a random PC Bug that has been patched/the subject of the bug was removed.
  •  Mobile  Description of a random Mobile Bug that has been patched/the subject of the bug was removed.
  •  PC   Mobile  Description of a random bug that affected both PC and Mobile versions of Diep.io and has been patched/the subject of the bug was removed.

Unpatched Bugs

  •  PC  Description of a random PC Bug that still occurs.
  •  Mobile  Description of a random Mobile Bug that still occurs.
  •  PC   Mobile  Description of a random bug that still affects both PC and Mobile versions of Diep.io.


The Gallery section should contain either a small assortment of images, or an actual <gallery> tag wherein abundant but nonetheless relevant images can be collected. If there are no images available, or if they are all placed inline, then this section is not necessary. It should either be last or second-to-last.


The Footnotes section exists to contain <references/> tags, if there are any <ref> tags present. If this section exists, it should always be the very last.

Templates on the Diep.io Wiki should follow this format.


Any templates that are created should be properly categorized. This should ideally be done by adding {{documentation}} to the bottom of the template, and then including the category within the /doc template. That can be done by placing the following code within the documentation template:

<noinclude>[[Category:Template documentation]]</noinclude>
<includeonly>[[Category:Infobox Templates]][[Category:Templates]]</includeonly>

Standard Format

This is much more miscellaneous than the above, which was about layout. Format regards image placement, video restrictions, grammar, et cetera.

Videos are heavily restricted on the Diep.io Wiki. If it does not have an express purpose on a page, then chances are high that it will be deleted. Videos should not be placed on pages unless they offer pertinent content directly related to the topic of the page.

Positionally speaking, videos should be small and out-of-the-way. They can be placed within a gallery, a reference (if used to prove something), or in unobtrusive areas if used inline, although that last should be rarely. Videos specifically commissioned as guides or walkthroughs may be placed prominently at the top of some pages, but this is even more unorthodox.

While there are currently no restrictions on uploads, their page placement is standardized. Images should only be placed inline (that is, in the text itself) when said image is particularly pertinent to the adjacent text and is accompanied by a description. Images that are related but not necessarily pertinent can be collected into a <gallery>. However, even when inside galleries, images should not detract from the article, and should all serve at least slightly different illustrative purposes from each other.

Perhaps the biggest problem the Diep.io Wiki faces is point of view. Third person should be the universal standard to ensure that our pages are professional. It is advised to rework any instances of first or second person point of view into third person wherever possible.

While it is preferred to keep things grammatically consistent, we currently lack the means to enforce this. Instead, as opposed to only capitalizing proper nouns, all phrases that have articles made after them should be capitalized (e.g. Bullets, Game Modes, Tanks, et cetera) to ensure easy standardization across the site.

Footnotes, or references, can be used to hide away small addendums that would be awkward to type inline. Besides that, they can be used as a means to verify the authenticity of a certain statement. If this latter is the case, then it should be noted in the reference in addition to the external link.

Objectivity, Accuracy, and Brevity

Accuracy is pretty simple — pages shouldn’t include random information that isn’t known to be true, as that’s not what wikis are for. A wiki is fact, not clickbait and overspeculation. For example:

Incorrect:Breaking newz! The Pink Pentagon is confirmed! I saw it today on a YouTube thumbnail — it’s probably worth 9002 XP! I bet it has 2600 HP. This is amazing!

Make sure information comes from reliable sources, and not one YouTuber’s thumbnail or the like. Articles should not contain misinformation — what good does that do? Is anything learned? One must ensure that the content they add is helpful to users.

Objectivity means “not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased”. Now what this means is that you shouldn’t put opinions in articles. For example:

Incorrect:The Predator is a horrible tank and the only tank worse is the absolutely unusable Overlord — it is obviously hard to control and you can’t get a good score with it.

The issue with this is that no one can prove that the info is correct — it’s just what some random editor thinks. Even if there is more than one editor who thinks such, you must recall that wikis are collections of facts, not blogs. Thus, only objective statements that are actually true should be included in articles.

Brevity just means “briefness”. Now, at first glance you might wonder why this is necessary. Shouldn't paragraphs be embellished a little? The truth is, long-winded explanations are hard to read. For example, take this:

Incorrect:Overlord Drones are the solemn property of the previously mentioned tank specifically, but only one of those discrete and autonomous bodies, and they can only be controlled (or otherwise belong to — they can also be set to automatic mode by disabling Auto Fire, accessed through the key imprinted with the Latin alphabet letter “E” on any standard United States QWERTY English keyboards) by one player (although it is possible that that player is actually multiple players, using one account, though for our intents and purposes we will consider that to be one player, or more accurately, “entity”).

All that this said was “Overlord Drones can only be controlled by one specific Tank”. Compare those two phrases — which one would you want to read through, if you were looking for quick information? Would you choose the long, tedious first paragraph? Or just the second sentence? A wiki is home to information, as previously mentioned — not walls of text that people cannot read. Always remember to keep pages concise and helpful while editing.

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