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Confuzzled.png Spawner’s name is Conjectural. No official name has been given, and it is subject to change at any time.

"Spawner" redirects here. For the Arras.io tank, see Arras:Spawner.

Spawners are a type of weapon that spawn Drones (except for the Drone converters, which the Necromancer uses.) There are currently 7 variations of spawners in the game.


Spawners often look like gray trapezoids and appear on certain tanks. Not all of them spawn drones; the ones on the Necromancer are for show, since it has to convert Squares before being able to control them, and for the Factory’s spawner, it spawns Factory Drones rather than regular Drones. Normally, Spawners get wider with distance from the Tank’s center. However, for the Battleship, it is the opposite, as the Spawners’ size gets smaller, and the Mothership, the Spawners appear more like short bullet-firing cannons. It is still a Spawner however, it has just been elongated to the point where it looks like a barrel.


  • Drone Spawners: These summon ordinary, player-controlled Drones. They can be found on the Overseer, Overlord, and Manager. They typically spawn a maximum of 8 drones.
  • Secondary Drone Spawners: These spawn two automatic Drones. They are weaker than ordinary drones, and cannot be controlled. They can be found on the Overtrapper and Hybrid.
  • Drone Converters: These are exclusive only to the Necromancer. They do not summon drones. Rather, if the Necromancer bumps into a Square, or if one of the Necromancer’s converted Squares destroys it, then it converts the Square into a controllable Drone.
  • Partisan Spawners: These can summon player-controlled Partisans, which are small yet fast and powerful drones. These can only be found on the Battleship.
  • Summoner Spawners: These can summon squares unlike the Necromancer, who must convert them first. Only the Summoner has these Spawners. They create Squares regardless of if they touched one or not.
  • Crasher Spawners: These can summon Crashers. Only certain Bosses have them. These Bosses include Fallen Overlord, Guardian.
  • Mothership Spawners: These summon both AI Protectors and controlled Drones. (Similiar to the Battleship mechanic.)
  • Factory Drone Spawners: These are exclusive to only the Factory. Instead of triangular or square drones, these spawners can spawn up to 6 Factory Drones, which look like miniature Arena Closers, that shoot towards the cursor. Note: This spawner can randomly spawn players in specific game modes. These game modes are usually team game modes.



  • The Battleship is the second (and to date only) class to use a small Drone spawner.


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