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Abaddon is one of the Gladiator Bosses. He has a 5% chance of replacing a Fallen Overlord spawn. Created by Zathsu.


Abaddon is a dark angel from the bottomless pits of the afterlife. He shares a common interest in preventing Panzer's return, yet he doesn't see eye to eye going about it the same way. And as such, he wishes to take us out of the picture and claim it all for himself! That's what happens when you make ties with the darkness... swords must swing and blood must bleed.


Abaddon looks like a giant skull tank with a large bone grin and glowy red eyes. Black angel wings extend from the sides of the skull and constantly do a flapping animation. When standing still he vibrates and twitches in his left eye. He has a few missing teeth and a flame can be seen within the skull's mouth.



  • Exhale: Opens his mouth and the sound of a fire going out plays, as a ring of sixteen bullets is fired outward.
  • In Beat: Skips a beat in his wing animation and curls them both inward in front of him, dealing Body Damage to players hit.
  • Scrutinize: His glowing pupils will move away from each other, and then sweep a rapid stream of bullets as it waves downward from the sides toward his front.
  • The Pits: Two black holes will be placed on the map. Within a few seconds, they will begin sucking players toward them. Players who touch them die instantly.
  • Dash: Will fold his wings in front of his skull and dash in a random direction like a spear.
  • Plague Bearers: Dark green Drones will begin flooding the area, and inflicting Poisoned for 3 seconds to those they touch.
  • Architect of Chaos: Random Maze squares will begin being placed around randomly, but vanish 20 seconds later.
  • Barrier: An arc of Traps will be fired forward from his mouth, and last 30 seconds. These Traps cannot be destroyed or moved.


  • Abaddon is an actual figure in many religious texts. Usually represented as an angel of death and a bearer of plagues.
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