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The Acolyte is one of the three classes that are upgraded from the Mage at Level 30, and can upgrade further into the Necromancer, Pyromancer, and Prophet. They are a professional in the art of fire spells but are still on the path to mastery. Created by Zathsu.


The Acolyte is your average blue circle tank, with eight circles spread evenly around it (like an Octo Tank's barrels).


  • When firing, it takes 2 seconds to charge, and while charging the bullets rotate around the Acolyte, forming a shield. If the bullets are shot and destroyed while charging (and guarding you), there will be less bullets fired at your cursor.
  • When fired, the bullets attack from all sides, being fired in arc from where they were in orbit around your body.
  • Bullets fired by the Acolyte will all reach your cursor at the same time, regardless of distance. Farther ones will just move faster.
  • Bullets from Acolytes have a smaller explosion. Since they can be touched before reaching their destination, they all individually explode. This is why if all bullets hit the target, it does massive damage. Its eight bullets + eight explosions worth of damage.
    • However, on their own, each bullet doesn't do much in the first place. The Acolyte comes from its strength in numbers when it comes to bullets.
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