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Hatred comes in many forms...


Adversary is a Gladiator Boss that has a 5% chance of replacing a Fallen Overlord spawn. Created by Zathsu.


Adversary is a black tank with two red eyes near the front. The front barrel is a Hunter barrel, and there is a tail of gray triangles extending from the back, similar to The Wolf. In fact, Adversary is almost a 'The Wolf' reskin. It too has Auto Turrets, but instead of claws, these ones have Dominator barrels. There is a spawner on each diagonal back side, with the tail in between. Three glowing red slash marks sit on the back half of the body. Is the same size as The Wolf. Refer to that page's image for context.

Attacks and Abilities

Nemesis Minions

These are the official name for the enemies spawned by Adversary. They look like tiny black hexagons (slightly larger than a big Crasher), with stunted regular barrels evenly spaced on three of the six sides. The other sides have nothing on them. An Auto Turret is on top of the Nemesis Minion as well. They are spawned throughout the fight, about one every five seconds from each spawner. They have about as much health as a Pentagon and release bullets from all three barrels rapidly while slowly spinning. The Auto Turret fires at the closest player. They do not actively chase, and lazily float around Adversary.


  • Nightmare Rush: Will dash forward, before having two black portals appear, one in front of him and the other in front of a group of players. He will go through the portal and come out of the one near the players, rushing at them. Easy to dodge because of how telegraphed it is.
  • Blacken: The screen will drop to half brightness for varying lengths of time.
  • Vortex Punch: Will shoot an Annihilator bullet forward, only to have a portal appear and disappear in front of it, followed by a second portal appearing somewhere else, launching the Annihilator bullet forward in a random location. Used quite commonly.
  • Evaluate: Will stare down a single player for 4 seconds, before releasing an Annihilator bullet, followed by a Destroyer bullet, in the fashion of a Hunter round.
  • Rubberband: The tail will wrap around the full circumference of the body, reflecting all bullets back for 3 seconds. Regardless of their countdown, 2 Nemesis Minions will spawn when this ability begins.
  • Whiplash: Will rapidly spin and swing its tail at the strongest bullet flying at it, shooting it right back into the player who fired it. They still have time to dodge, though! Happens to about 25% of the bullets coming at it too, so the tail is CONSTANTLY moving and deflecting bullets.
  • Dominate: One of its Dominator Auto Turrets barrel will blink red, dart between aiming at four players, and then fire four bullets at once in each of those player's directions.
  • Recuperate: Will vanish in a black portal and appear somewhere else on the map, recovering 500 health. Very rarely used.
  • Riposo In Pace!: Will aim both of its Auto Turrets at one player, before releasing six shots in rapid succession at them, and then darting forward to seal the deal!
  • Ballistic Blasts: Its Hunter barrel will aim at players and fire normally.
  • Enforcer: Will release eight Nemesis Minions at once, four from each barrel. Will be Stunned for 3 seconds, however.


  • Adversary and the originally scrapped Gladiator Boss, Second Witness, were actually both similar in mechanics and inspiration, so I stuck to this one. Second Witness eventually made a return, though.
  • The original idea was based on the Adversary boss from The Binding of Isaac, but that was changed massively during development of this page. Some hints of this can still be seen in some of the attacks.
  • Riposo In Pace is actually Italian for 'Rest in Peace'. This marks the fourth non-English language used in one of my pages. Prior to this page, I have used Latin, French, and Spanish. Coincidentally all Romance languages (Latin was the language from which the Romance languages derive from, but it counts).
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