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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

If I was to sneak away and construct the vault, I needed a decoy to act in my place whilst I was away. The Cult needed my constant lead, and without a guide of light it'd be a band of loosely controlled crusaders. I would work the puppet through magic from behind the scenes. When I could not be there, he could. Not a perfect copy, but it will do... -Original Lore

With my High Prophets' lives constantly on the line due to the pesky Tank Imperial cockroaches, I needed to devise a system to protect them from their primitive assaults. Something that would knock the Tank Empire dead! A joke and testament to the ages. Henceforth I shall use my magic to power a wooden and string vessel decoy to act in place of a High Prophet I believe is soon to be in danger. That shall show the Tank Empire what happens when thy mess with the Cult hand! -New Lore


The Archpuppet is a decoy of the Archprophet used to fool tanks. He mainly uses it to protect the High Prophets of every Realm Area they reside in by replacing one of their fights with the Archpuppet instead. After fighting through their Cathedral, instead of the respective High Prophet appearing, the screen will go dark, as the Archpuppet descends on strings from the ceiling in a spotlight, and speaks his intro battle dialogue.

It looks like a marionette version of the Archprophet. Has the same red body, but the arms are thin, and have elbow joints held up by strings. The cape is a lot looser, and his body is slack, so the skull is off looking at the bottom left.

The Archpuppet Pattern

(For Graviatar. Will explain what determines what High Prophet the Archpuppet is currently set to replace and what events guide it)


  • Fireball Storm: Four orange bullets will rotate quickly around each hand, before being fired out in disks and come back again in a straight line like a boomerang. This boomerang style happens four times. And then, he will join his hands and release the eight bullets as a shotgun spray.
  • Sword Dance: Forms a giant lance on his left hand, and swings it around. He has the Armored buff during this ability, but is also Slowed.
  • Copy Machine: The Archprophet will vanish, as multiple versions of him will begin to appear every 2 seconds. Each Archpuppet clone has 1 HP, and they will do absolutely nothing until attacked. When killed, they fire a Destroyer bullet at the closet player. One of these will eventually be the REAL Archpuppet, and when hit, eight Destroyer bullets will fire out in all directions and the battle will continue. If any Archpuppet Clones are still alive when the real Archpuppet is found, they will die and he will recover 200 HP for each one left.
  • Warp: Will teleport to another location on the map.
  • Energy Wave: Will call forth seven reddish bullets and fire them out. These bullets home in on players and explode 10x10 tiles around it. Anyone within these tiles get the Poisoned debuff.
  • Striker: Will stop moving, and point his hand at a player. His eyes will go angry, and four streams of Gunner bullets will be fired EXTEREMELY RAPIDLY at that player. These bullets move fast too, and bounce off of walls.
  • Verdict: The Archprophet will go invisible for a long period of time. Then, out of no where, he will appear and fire a gigantic black bullet that deals incredible damage and pierces players. It moves very slowly though.
  • Deus Vult: Does a similar thing to the Archprophet's 'Last Hurrah'. Its a lot shorter and easier to get through though.


  • A redirect to TOTMGsRock's 'The Archpuppet' page kept me from making this, so I had to clear a broken redirect to create this, and even then I asked for his permission to use the name.
  • Used to spawn as part of Fortress Mode. This is no longer the case as it became an Arena Gamemode.
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