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This is just a concept idea for a new boss in diep.io. Such enemy doesn't exist. (Maybe)

An eccentric being created by the Polygon Mother in the intent to defend the Hexagons and its original variant of the quadrilaterals - Parallelograms. Though how it defends, they say he's a bit clumsy. Encounter with caution.


The Armorboat is a farily large lime-colored parallelogram boss. It only spawns when a Superior Hexagon Nest is in effect or after 50 parallelograms has been killed in the server. It has varied weaponry varying from Streamliner Turrets to the use of the Grapple Hook (not to be confused with the Griever, this weapon is exclusive to polygon-based bosses). When it spawns, it passively rotates. Ironically despite being a parallelogram shape, it rotates like an even rectangle as parallelograms are basically slanted rectangles.

The Armorboat will always spawn near the center of the Arena, and will circle the center nest tightly.

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The Profile

Armorboat is slightly larger than an alpha pentagon. It has a lime-green parallelogram body. Each side has one Auto Streamliner Turret and one spawner next to each other. Each pair of sides are flipped versions of the other, one pair is longer than the other. On the center is one Grapple Launcher.



Boss Stats

Armorboat has 7,600 HP, damage received by enemies will be reduced by 10%. Armorboat regenerates a meager 3 HP per second, if left unharmed for over 45 seconds, regeneration boosts up by 500%. It deals 23 HP of body damage per hit. Armorboat moves as fast as the Defender. Armorboat will reward 77,500 EXP and points when destroyed, any player that dealt 8% of the boss's health will receive 13,000 EXP.

Streamliner Turrets

Four Streamliner cannons are placed on all four sides of the boss. It has six barrels, as opposed to the five on the Streamliner tank class. Each barrel fires a medium-low penetration, high damage bullet with average speed. Like the Streamliner tank, the turrets can form long thin streams of bullets that can be very dangerous when being directly forced into. Each turret has a 50 degree rotation for both sides, it can't turn towards the body. The turrets will target strong tanks regardless of distance. Each cannon has a 60 tile range.

Grapple Launcher

Grapple Launcher.png

Grapple launchers are a special kind of weapon that only exist in three known bosses, The Armorboat, Distributor, and the Dreadnought. It has 60 degree rotation left and right and it couldn't face into the body.

How a grapple works, it aims at the nearest and most powerful tanks. It will launch a gray arrowhead-like projectile that is attached to a passable chain made of gray rectangles, the chain has no hit-box.

An example of what the chain looks like when fired. This is not full length. Notice that the launcher looses the gray triangular point.

The projectile is quite fast, however it is limited in range. If it misses it will stop and slowly retract, tanks can still get caught if they only touch the hook. When a tank is caught, the grapple will deal 10-20 damage. The tank is severely slowed down and couldn't turn its body, it will slowly get pulled inward. However, the tank can still move slowly around and alter the pathway the chain retracts.

The only way to escape is destroying the grapple hook. The grapple hook has 150 HP. If the tank's barrels are facing into the grapple, it can still damage it. Use drones to destroy the grapple hook if you have any, another tank can also destroy the grapple hook, but they can also destroy the tank if they are not on the same team. When a tank is "pinned", the boss can aim its mounted weapons to the tank, destroying it very quickly. This method of attacking can be very effective. The boss will be slightly slower if a tank is attached. Grapple hooks reload as fast as a normal Destroyer tank.

The use of the grapple launcher on Armorboat is significantly different than the other current users. Instead of "pinning" tanks onto the launcher, it will detach itself when the designated target is close enough to the boss.


  • This boss was actually a recommended boss enemy from the user StroypletToy.
  • It is one of five polygon bosses that are four-sided. Others are the Vanguard, Trapperzoid, Messenger and Constructionist. (Summoner would also count).
  • They made me make this page...
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