Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Why do you hate? Why do you love? What makes you assume you can decide your destinies? Who do you think created this world for you? Who gave you the lives you live and the feelings you experience? Who do you think offered the endless happy days enjoyed endlessly, and the somber times that causes you to better yourselves? What makes you feel as if you've been in control? Of life and death? Of worth and value? Because you are not.

If I were to form, I would not look like anything you'd recognize. Your minds could not fathom it. You would go insane at mere sight, for I am a being beyond your realm. So... let me ask you again: Why do you hate? Why do you love? Who gave you your happy lives and your beautiful world?

I did. And it's about time I take it back from your ungrateful hands...


The Avatar of Panzer is the official final boss of The Tale of Diep story line. It is Panzer manifest as best as he can after being bound to a sub-realm for thousands and thousands of years. It is the biggest and ultimate challenge within the expansion, and is easily the most complex boss with the most effort put into it. While other powerful beings with incredible designs and mechanics have come before, be prepared to meet their maker…

The Avatar of Panzer is found at the very end of The Void, a game mode accessible through the Tower of Gladii on the last three days of a 'Return of Panzer' month event, which occurs every few months within the game. The Void can only be accessed by players who have beaten the Tower of Gladii at least once, as it is only accessible at the end of some Tower of Gladii runs anyway.

The battle consists of four phases, each more increasingly symbolic and crazy than the last. It’s do or die for the great god of The Realm, so all of his force shall go into ending the lives of all who oppose him, even if it means breaking the very fabric of the world he created to do so. One of few bosses subject to Health Scaling.


The Avatar of Panzer is amorphous, unable to hold a solid form at the time of doing battle. After all, the Archprophet DID just summon him back from the ethereal chains of a world he helped lock him in. Generally, most color schemes of the Avatar of Panzer in its phases (past Phase 2) are a mixture of white, black, yellow, and red. Each Design is detailed under its own phase list.


World’s End, another name for the massive area that the Avatar of Panzer is encountered in, is incredibly large for a boss arena. The tiles are completely black, to the point where if nothing else was on screen you wouldn’t even be able to tell if you were moving. Red and orange fiery and smoky particles sometimes appear and drop down the screen. Every once in awhile, the invisible lines separating the perfectly black tiles will flash a blinding white, actually looking like they all connect to a vantage point at the back and right sides of the Void, respectively according to whether they are the horizontal or vertical lines. But of course, the void doesn’t end, so don’t even bother.

The tiles around the Avatar of Panzer bend awkwardly around him, as if gravity wills that he isn’t even there. Bullets fired by players that approach the Avatar of Panzer will also all act like this if the white flash occurs while they are near him.

Phase 1: Archprophet Possessed


Remember that the Archprophet, in BIG SECRET 2: THE AVATAR revealed that this would be the way that Panzer would manifest at first, until he could truly gather power. He’d need a body and soul to feed upon until he could properly revert to his normal and constant form. As such, the battle begins with him inside the body of the Archprophet. Red smoke particles curl upward from the yellow eyes. The body seems weak and almost… melting, as the phase progresses. The crown glows bright against the black floor. The scarf-like cape is torn and tattered, as seen in VISION 4 of the Month of Panzer Countdown.

He warned us long ago this was his plan. He won't survive...


  • Mega Blast: Will throw both arms forward, and release a solid orange laser beam that sweeps from center, to left, back to center, to right, and back to center, inflicting Burning for 3 seconds to those touched.
  • Conjure Winds: The scarf will begin whipping in the wind, as he throws his arms out at the downward left and right angles with an angry expression. From behind the Avatar of Panzer, a storm of small black Gunner bullets with white outlines will begin sweeping in like a storm from the left and right sides at a curved diagonal angle.
  • Firestorm: A more complicated version of the original Fireball Storm. Creates a ring of eight rotating bullets around each hand, then throws them out like boomerangs. They travel thirty tiles in their whipped direction before coming back. Afterwards, he will whip them out a shorter distance, and swipe them in opposite directions before catching them in the other hand. And after that, the rings will be tossed out once more, before exploding outward at the end of their path instead of returning.
  • Sword Dance: Will summon eight rotating lances around him with a twirl of his arm upward and with a snapping sound effect, they will fire out a good thirty tiles while still rotating, and return upon reaching the edge of their path, before shooting out again.
  • Chain Link: Will raise one of his hands, and fire a chain lightning bolt on that side, that attaches to an infinite number of players so long as they're within 12 tiles of each other. Does moderate damage and inflicts Paralyzed for 0.7 seconds.
  • Penance: All players will take damage equal to their own Bullet Damage, and the Avatar of Panzer will heal for all of that damage combined. An animation of a static-y void mouth appearing in place of the skull mask and firing out gray bullets at all players will occur with Penance.
  • Decadence: Will close both eyes, and then re-open then, replaced by completely black pits with glowing red symbols on them. After about two seconds of rapidly flashing between them, each eye will get a symbol. Depending on the symbols, different effects will occur. If the eyes are keys, two void portals will open and begin spawning random enemies. If the eyes are fire, a shotgun of ten orange Missiles (the bullets that shoot bullets) will be launched out around his front half. If the eyes are dragons, targets will begin dotting the map and soon giant bullets will rain down, exploding in a 10x10 tile radius. If the symbols are mis-matched, nothing will happen.
  • Ichor: Will release sixteen streams of fifteen bullets all around him, followed by various other random patterns of bullets in a random order. Imagine a rapid combination of varied numbers of bullets at varying angles for a good ten seconds non-stop.
  • Pursuit: Will throw his arms out to the left and right, as two large black homing bullets with smoke trails behind them shoot out of each, for a total of four. These shots will endlessly chase down players until destroyed, doing massive contact damage. They have 1200 health each but will disappear after 30 seconds if not killed.
  • Stream of Light: Will begin rapidly firing a stream of alternating shotguns ranging from one bullet to eight. Fired in order of number of bullets. Once it hits eight it will go back down to one. Cycles three times.
  • Hush: Will hold a hand to his skull mask and close his eyes. The screen will go darker and static will begin rocking the screen every once in a while. The Avatar of Panzer will vanish, before reappearing from the ground and firing out streams of Destroyer bullets in all eight directions.
  • Pride: Will pull out the mug, laugh, and then chuck it a player. Upon connecting with a player or the ground (it is shot with an arc to it to give depth), it will explode into eight white shards. Only used once.
  • Visceral Slash: Will pull out a copy of the Archprophet's ritual blade and thrust at a group of players with it, before slicing it from the downward right to the top left. Player struck are dealt hefty damage and are inflicted with Bleeding for 3 seconds.
  • Melting Point: Sticks his arms down into The Void, blackness surrounding the lower half of his hands as they are planted in the ground. Black tendrils will begin erupting from the ground as the Avatar melts into the floor, travelling as a spectral gooey face along the floor, before popping up somewhere else and releasing a wave of Tears of Panzer.
  • Illuminate: The Avatar will rise into the air, white balls of light swirling around him with trials like comets as he faces towards the screen and sticks his arms diagonally down with his eyes going pure white. A black and white goo pillar will begin slowly rising out of the ground up to the Avatar. From his eyes, white hazy beams will begin being fired downward one at a time at players, with a target marking where the beam will hit placed two seconds prior. These beams are powerful, doing heavy damage and afflicting the entire 12x12 tile area around it with not just damage, but Slowed for 2 seconds. However, the pillar arising beneath the Avatar can be stopped if he sustains 5000 damage over the course of 10 seconds, ending the ability early. If not, the pillar will rise, and then melt away, covering a massive area with black and white goo that inflicts Stunned and Confused for as long as its stood in.
  • Inquisition: Pulls out and raises the Archprophet's sword as red lightning strikes it. The Avatar will then rear it back over his head and swing it downward four times in rapid succession from left to right, turning 45 degrees each time. Each time he swings downward, a thick red beam will fire out from the blade, doing heavy damage.
  • Soulfire: Will close his eyes and fold his hands as a blue aura permeates from the body. Four white wisps of flame will begin slowly circling around the Avatar as he begins to move. These flames will fire spreads of three bullets that inflict Burning for 2 seconds at the closest player every few seconds. The Archprophet is Invincible until all flames have been destroyed, each having 12000 health. Every 12 seconds, every flame will be healed for 1000 HP x number of flames remaining.
  • Hymn of Revelation: Will hum a short tune as a red portal appears in front of him, spilling many enemies into the arena for 3 seconds before closing. These can be any enemy found in the Tower of Gladii game mode.
  • Rift Break: Will raise his arms as four sets of two flickering white rifts open. One will be on each cardinal direction of him, while its pair will be randomly scattered around nearby players. He will then begin firing energy attacks into each portal one at a time, having it go out the appropriate portal in the rest of the area. The Avatar is Armored during this attack. Each set of portals is a different shape. As his health approaches that of Stage 2, he will begin making them all the same shape, and eventually switching them mid attack.

Phase 2: Emerge

Entered at 75% Health


The Archprophet's body withers away and turns to dust, leaving nothing but his scarf and crown. His body could not hold all the endless power of Panzer. However, nearby, the arena will shake, the music will falter, and finally, a giant vortex similar to the Glimpse of Panzer in Phase 1 appears.


  • Black Death: The sound of gushing winds sound as the particles that float about the storm rift pick up speed. Four rotating streams of black Destroyer bullets will begin spiraling out from the center of the rift. Followed by three bursts of ten bullets in the eight directions.
  • Out of My Mind: The heart of the rift will grow a soft blood red, as four black and purple portals form a square shape. Out of each one, a spew of a random number of random non-boss enemies will emerge. This burst of enemies occurs every 10 seconds until the portal is destroyed. Each portal has 2000 health.
  • Hallow Thee: A black mass of formless moving darkness will take the shape of a hand from the center of the rift. It will fire thick red laser beams out in random directions, telegraphing them by pointing in that direction for 2 seconds prior. Occurs three times in quick succession.
  • Attero: An attack very similar to Black Death, but each shot is smaller and inflicts Broken, Slowed, and leaves a trail behind that will damage long after the attack ends. Instead of releasing bursts of shots in eight directions at the end, the initial rotating stream attacks will happen again, but in the opposite direction. The long term effect of this attack is that the ground around the rift becomes untouchable for quite a while.
  • Weeping Angels: A deep booming laugh will sound, and tons of Tears of Panzer will begin tearing themselves out of the portal.
  • Bullet Crunch: All player bullets will become half transparent, freeze, and be sucked into the rift, being nullified and becoming useless as they vanish into the rift.
  • Supernova: Will release all built up bullets from past Bullet Crunch uses in a random ring assorted of every piece of ammunition sucked in since the last use of Supernova.
  • Blizzard: Will fire out a storm of red and black bullets either left or right, which then infinitely seem to warp to the opposite side for four cycles, taking about twenty seconds (Basically, he will fire bullets in one direction, then, they will reappear on the other side of him and keep falling in the direction he initially shot them, making players dodge from behind). During this attack, the maw of the void will be releasing shotguns of five slow moving Destroyer bullets with smaller bullets rotating them at nearby players as they try to dodge hell. The Avatar of Panzer gets Armored during this attack.
  • Scripture: A white beam will shoot into the ripping complex, and soon after static will fill the screen. Once it stops, two layers of holographic Protector shields will begin rotating around the Avatar. Each spaced evenly apart on each of the two players. Shields have 2000 health and will not come back after breaking. Scripture is only used when the Avatar of Panzer is at 250,000 health and marks the transition to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Amalgamation

Entered at 60% Health


The Avatar of Panzer assumes a melting black and white form, a spherical head with two deep eye sockets that have red lights in their pits. Beneath the eyes is large mouth empty black maw connected with strings of white and black goo. Will assume the forms of various other previous bosses, with many new attacks. All of these bosses have the same design, save for the new melting black and white color scheme... He will switch between them every few seconds, doing one or two attacks. All bullets are white no matter what it says in attacks below, and the color scheme favors white with black as the secondary color. May be an excuse for the copy-paste, but since the Avatar of Panzer is using illusions to toy with your mind, bosses are called by their official names in the attack pools below.

You can call this lazy and cheap... or symbolic and powerful...


The Furnace

  • Fire Lines: Will move left to right, firing his 'missiles'. None of the main bullets will actually move until all five are created. Instead of having two back barrels at an angle, these ones have a single one on the back.
  • Burnout: His barrel will rapidly flash red for about 2 seconds, before releasing a giant rocky bullet with four of the smaller shooters on it. The Avatar will take huge recoil backward from this attack. The giant bullet will go forward slightly, stop moving, then slowly rotate as the smaller shooters begin releasing streams of bullets. After three seconds, the smaller ones will stop shooting, and the giant bullet will continue firing forward progressively speeding up.
  • Massacre: Burnout, but the smaller shooters continue firing as the bullet begins moving forward again.
  • Furnace Blast: Fire will begin glowing around the tank with flame particles building up around it. From the barrel, a missile with a Gunner-like back will be released, and the small shooters will fire orange bullets that inflict Burning (however these bullets stay frozen in place). Upon hitting the opposite wall, super fast bullets will be released in all directions, and the trail left behind's bullets will split left and right, depending on which barrels released them. The Avatar gets Frenzy for 5 seconds and Broken for 3 seconds as well, after this attack.
  • Cremation: Two giant orange Drones will appear from the crack on its body, and hunt down then connect to players. They will slowly begin being dragged back toward the Avatar. Should they pulled in, they will die and Avatar's barrel will puff forth a cloud of black bullets that spread outward in a giant mess of randomly sized, randomly speedy bullets. It will not move or rotate or take damage until the two Drones are killed or all players attached to them have been cremated.
  • Spiraling: Its launcher will release a giant rotating missile with three evenly spaced small shooters on it. They fire every 1.2 seconds.
  • Waste Disposal: Will sort of jump in a movement jolt one direction, then eight lines of bullets that inflict Burning will be fired out a short distance.


  • Rise: Will raise both of his arms in a swooping upward animation as ten light blue bullets rise from the water placing ripples (5 on his left and 5 on his right), do a quick full body 3D rotate (his eyes will actually rotate a 360 and vanish as he turns around as if he was a 3D figure) with a spin effect, and then a finger snapping sound will play as they all begin firing toward the closest player as he strikes a pose and puts both of his eyes into a half open position.
  • Storm Drain: One of his eyes will half close, and he will rotate once. Alongside the purely aesthetic rain, some bullets will begin falling from off screen, light blue like the water. Deal light contact damage, but Slow for a second. The Avatar stops moving and becomes Armored during this attack.
  • Gather: A random amount of small bullets will rise out of the water in the fashion of Rise's bullets, and gather into a giant bullet above him, his hands cupping it. Will drop his hands then point them both straight outward. The giant bullet will explode into a mess of randomly sized bullets firing in random directions at random speeds.
  • Downpour: He will sink beneath the waters, effectively becoming Invincible. Every once in a while, he will twirl like a drill while darting upward out of the water before quickly going back down again. Every time he emerges, a ring of sixteen bullets is fired out from that location. On contact with a wall or player, these bullets split into four more bullets going in each cardinal direction, but don't travel very far. Happens 3 to 6 times in quick succession.
  • Flash: Will clap both of his hands above his head and wink. He will disappear in a flash of lightning before reappearing along the left or right wall, and releasing two wavy streams of Gunner bullets. Occurs 2 to 4 times in quick succession. Each time he will switch which wall he is along, alternating between left and right (or right and left if he starts on the right).

The Keeper

  • Scope: The scope part of the barrel will flash red, before a VERY quick bullet is fired outward.
  • Nigh End: His three barrels will begin flashing purple from left to right rapidly, before all firing at once. The two thin side barrels will release Streamliner streams of Gunner bullets, while his main barrel will fire Destroyer bullets on an interval. This ability can last varying lengths of time.
  • Civil Guardian: Drones will flood the area. Some will dart after players in an attempt to damage them, while some will move toward the Avatar and heal him for 500 HP each.
  • Warp: Will teleport to another location in the Fortress in a vortex of gray particles.
  • Protection: Will get the Armored buff, and get four small Smashers rotating around him, evenly spaced apart. They last until they die, and will stack up in numbers if not killed when the Avatar uses the ability again. The Armored buff only lasts 5 seconds, though.
  • Custos Ira: His eye's pupil will dart around quickly, angrily glaring from player to player. Then the pupil will flash white, and all players will get Blinded for 10 seconds. During these ten seconds, the Avatar will actively chase down players while firing Annihilator shots slowly.


  • Fireball Storm: Four orange bullets will rotate quickly around each hand, before being fired out in disks and come back again in a straight line like a boomerang. This boomerang style happens four times. And then, he will join his hands and release the eight bullets as a shotgun spray.
  • Sword Dance: Forms a giant lance on his left hand, and swings it around. He has the Armored buff during this ability, but is also Slowed.
  • Warp: Will teleport to another location on the map.
  • Energy Wave: Will call forth seven reddish bullets and fire them out. These bullets home in on players and explode 10x10 tiles around it. Anyone within these tiles get the Poisoned debuff.
  • Striker: Will stop moving, and point his hand at a player. His eyes will go angry, and four streams of Gunner bullets will be fired EXTEREMELY RAPIDLY at that player. These bullets move fast too, and bounce off of walls.
  • Verdict: The Avatar will go invisible for a long period of time. Then, out of no where, he will appear and fire a gigantic black bullet that deals incredible damage and pierces players. It moves very slowly though.

The Warhand

  • Twirl Lunge: Will twirl his sword upward, and then lunge himself forward left or right with an afterimage.
  • Bust and Blast: Will laugh, and then aim his sword in a direction, releasing a stream of bullets that will sweep back and forth at a 10 degree angle. Lasts about 8 seconds and he is Armored.
  • Cannonade: Will begin launching Traps from his Dominator cannon. Two seconds after their fired, they explode into eight bullets that inflict Broken and slow down over time until vanishing when they stop. This attack always lasts 5 seconds, but the number of Traps fired is random based on his fire rate.
  • Ares: Will close his eyes and relax his face, facing directly forward. Is Invulnerable as Tears of Panzer spawn. Once all of them are killed, he flashes red and gets Frenzy for 10 seconds.
  • Destroy: Used right after Ares. His sword will glow red and then grow in size to triple its length. He will then rotate a 360 and fire out streams of bullets in all eight directions. Happens over the course of 2 seconds.
  • Gunned: Will sweep his Dominator cannon as a line of ten Missiles (the bullets that shoots bullets) are fired in an arc. They bounce off of the wall once if they hit it, and explode into a ring of 16 bullets on second impact.
  • Charge: Raises his sword and opens his mouth wider with a shouting animation. Then, he will dash either left or right while waving his sword back and forth rapidly. Once he flies through the wall, he come back out the other side (if he goes out the left, he will come back from the right). Has a 1/3 chance to keep going one more time after his return from the first charge.

The Fallen King

  • Fallen Strike: Will stab his sword downward and release a wide twelve bullet shotgun at the closest tank.
  • Crimson Slash: Will hold up his sword to his left or right, and arc it downward, doing damage.
  • Crimson Fire: A rotating ring of bullets that inflict Burning will fire outward from him, as his sword flashes red.
  • Crimson Clasp: A ring of Traps will surround the three closest tanks for 6 seconds before vanishing. They are also Paralyzed, as to avoid unfair deaths.
  • Crimson Beam: Will fire a constant Streamliner stream of larger (but not quite Destroyer) bullets that he will aim at the closest player. They fire from the end of his sword (which he points at the player for the duration of the attack).
  • Crimson Lightning: A chain lightning strike will be fired from him, chaining six players. It does no damage, but inflicts Slowed and Blinded for 4 seconds.


  • Nightmare Rush: Will dash forward, before having two black portals appear, one in front of him and the other in front of a group of players. He will go through the portal and come out of the one near the players, rushing at them. Easy to dodge because of how telegraphed it is.
  • Blacken: The screen will drop to half brightness for varying lengths of time.
  • Vortex Punch: Will shoot an Annihilator bullet forward, only to have a portal appear and disappear in front of it, followed by a second portal appearing somewhere else, launching the Annihilator bullet forward in a random location. Used quite commonly.
  • Evaluate: Will stare down a single player for 4 seconds, before releasing an Annihilator bullet, followed by a Destroyer bullet, in the fashion of a Hunter round.
  • Rubberband: The tail will wrap around the full circumference of the body, reflecting all bullets back for 3 seconds. 20 Tears of Panzer will spawn when this ability begins.
  • Whiplash: Will rapidly spin and swing its tail at the strongest bullet flying at it, shooting it right back into the player who fired it. They still have time to dodge, though! Happens to about 25% of the bullets coming at it too, so the tail is CONSTANTLY moving and deflecting bullets.
  • Dominate: One of its Dominator Auto Turrets barrel will blink red, dart between aiming at four players, and then fire four bullets at once in each of those player's directions.
  • Riposo In Pace!: Will aim both of its Auto Turrets at one player, before releasing six shots in rapid succession at them, and then darting forward to seal the deal!
  • Ballistic Blasts: Its Hunter barrel will aim at players and fire normally.
  • Enforcer: Will release eight Nemesis Minions at once, four from each barrel. Will be Stunned for 3 seconds, however.

The Heretic

  • Demon Breath: Will aim a direction, and sweep back and forth, releasing a spray of flaming purple bullets that travel outward and inflict Burning on contact. Lasts about 4 seconds.
  • Seize: Will raise both of his detached hands a tiny bit while his fingers are curled upward and consumed in red flames. Each times he does his hand lifting motion, black and white goo tiles will replace some of the floor, slowly building up, until the ability ends, before all disappearing at once. Obviously, uses this more than once in succession, but never more than five times.
  • Cough: Will make a coughing animation, and release a purple Destroyer bullet from his mouth that explodes and deals area damage on contact. From its bombing place, four bullets will be fired outward in the cardinal directions, and four Tears of Panzer will spawn.
  • Fire Ring: Will close his skull mouth and his right eye fire will go out as if he closed his eyes (which he can't, because they're sockets), and curl his fingers into a meditating position. Eight purple Destroyer bullets will slowly build up in a rotating ring around him while he has Armored, and then once they hit eight, they will all fire out. Happens more than once in a row, each time the charge rate quickening.
  • Gateway: Will open his mouth largely, as a black and purple wormhole effect show within it, as he laughs. From his mouth, anywhere from 30-70 Tears of Panzer will spawn.
  • Inhale: Will do the same effect as Gateway, but instead of summoning enemies, it pulls them toward his mouth. Should players get within five tiles of him, they will die instantly.
  • Dry Mouth: After Gateway or Inhale, he will sputter and cough for a bit from holding his mouth open for too long, and his jaw will unhinge slightly. From his mouth, a spray of randomly sized bullets moving at random speeds will fire out, and wherever they land will leave a tile of black and white goo that inflicts Stunned and Confused for 5 seconds. Goo will vanish after 30 seconds.
  • Tainted Slash: Will summon five lances in a half circle shape, and then fire them outward in a shotgun. The lances have white tipped points, and tanks hit suffer from Confused and Stunned for 3 seconds. The lances themselves leave behind goo themselves.
  • Vindication: His eyes will flash red and chain lightning strikes connecting up to five players within 20 tiles of each other, will be fired out. Chain lightning does minimal damage in comparison of his other attacks, but applies Broken and Slowed for 3 seconds.
  • Genesis: All Traps, Bullets, and Drones will go half transparent, stop moving, then be absorbed into his body, and soon after he will release all of their added damage as a red bullet from his mouth. The more damage it deals, the larger and slower it is. Is Invulnerable while inhaling everything.

Guardian X

  • Crasher Swarm: Releases 32 Tears of Panzer over the course of 4 seconds.
  • Crasher Orbitals: All Tears of Panzer will clump together and begin rotating in a giant blob around the Avatar as it rushes at players.
  • Crasher Shield: All Tears of Panzer will form a circle around it, and once hit, they will chase after players until death.
  • Battle Stance: Will begin flashing red, and move 20% faster for 4 seconds. All attacks do 10% more damage will active.
  • Panzer Bolt: A red chain lightning bolt will fire outward and chain four players.
  • Demon Screech: A ring of Gunner bullets will fire in all directions, and all players hit are Slowed and Blinded.

Usurper of the Sun

  • Sunlight: Releases eight streams of twelve bullets like a Streamliner all around him.
  • Sun Wave: Aims his Destroyer barrel at a player. Then a spread shot of 10 regular sized bullets fires towards them.
  • Solar Flare: His visor's slits will blink with red light, and then he will release four spirals of Gunner bullets outward from his center, which inflict Blinded for 3 seconds. After the ability's end, he gets Frenzy for 4 seconds.
  • Jolly Cooperation: Will flip his gun around to the Drone Spawner side, and then begin releasing swarms of Tears of Panzer.
  • Sun Slash: Will swing his lance, in an attempt to strike players. Leaves a red afterimage. Players sliced are inflicted with Slowed for 4 seconds.
  • Heavy Heart: His visor gets cracked and raises upward, becoming more like The Prince's. He takes double damage but moves and attacks quicker for 12 seconds. Then it falls again. Underneath the visor is a second one.
  • Sunspot: Will mark a large 20x20 area with an red target. Then, all tanks within it will take massive damage and be Paralyzed and Stunned for 4 seconds.
  • Solar Corona: Will get a red ring of light around him, and raise his lance. Then he will spin around, and release Missiles as he goes.

The Estuary

  • Shields Engaged: Will turn around and release the same shield as a Protector does. Read that page to see how shields work. Bullets that hit this shield become black with a white outline, and will inflict Stunned and Confused for 3 seconds.
  • Stream: Will release his two-bullet-wide stream at the closest player, switching targets if one becomes closer.
  • Destroy: Will charge up his cannon, and slowly release three Missile shots in semi-rapid succession. Shots inflict Broken for 3 seconds.
  • Gun Down: The one wide barrel will separate into four thin barrels, and begin rapidly firing Gunner bullets in a giant spray. After this ability, the barrels become one again.
  • Nobility: His side lances will extend, and he try to dash at the closest player, but slightly to the side, so that his lances brush them. After this attack ends, his lance size returns to normal. If the player is struck, they will be marked for 6 seconds and all Tears of Panzer will focus them.

Wicked Prince

  • Charge!: Will slowly pick up speed before rocketing forward with his lance, dealing massive damage to everything hit through Body Damage.
  • Wicked Strike: His lance will flash purple, and streams of bullets will be released from it. These bullets inflict Poisoned for 3 seconds each.
  • Rally Flag: Will plant a 20x20 tile area on the map. From it, hordes of Tears of Panzer will begin spawning. This flag lasts 8 seconds.
  • Smash: Will swing his lance from left to right. This does less damage than 'Charge!', but covers more ground.
  • Brimstone: Giant orange bullets will begin being fired in from off screen. Tanks hit will suffer the Burned debuff.
  • Average Prince: Will just kind of wander and do different motions with his lance occasionally. His lance always does damage. This ability usually lasts long periods of time.


  • Perdere: Will aim and fire Destroyer bullets at players like a usual Hybrid. This lasts for a few seconds.
  • Ictum: Stabs his lance forward. Tanks hit directly take a lot of damage, but a bullet shaped like a lance will fly forward after, doing less damage than the initial strike, however.
  • Testudine: Acts like a Protector, and sets up a barrier with his shield hand.
  • Dio Segmentum: His lance will extend 5x longer, and he will swing it from his right to his left.
  • Confringet Arma: Will smash a player with his shield hand, inflicting Broken onto them and doing some damage.
  • Potest Iecit: Will charge up his cannon, and release a giant bullet that splits into four Destroyer bullets a few seconds later. These bullets fly out evenly spaced in four directions. This attack causes him to get pushed back a lot though.
  • Fucus Cultro: Will pump out sixteen Tears of Panzer.
  • Confringes: Will pull a player right in front him with a Griever hook, go Invincible, and smack them with his lance. They will spin backward, and get five random Debuffs.
  • Praesidio: Will hold up his shield in front of him, lightly push it forward, and release a spreading wave of twenty bullets.
  • Ut Mortem: Grabs a random player from the crowd on a Griever hook, pulls them in front of him, and shoots them right in the face with a Destroyer bullet.

The Torrent

  • Storm Warning: Passive effect. The Avatar passively spawns Gunner bullets around it that travel from top-left tiles around him to somewhere in the bottom right, to simulate raindrops falling and swirling around him. These will target players that get too close and inflict Unfocused for 8 seconds.
  • Strifle and Rifle: Will release two Destroyer bullets, one from each Twin cannon, as well as a wave of Spreadshot bullets. Every shot inflicts Paralyzed for 1.3 seconds.
  • Overcast: The arena goes a bit dark, as The Avatar goes invisible, and bullets will begin raining in from random patterns off screen. Due to their numbers, each individual one doesn't do much damage. At the end of the ability, it re-brightens and he becomes visible once more.
  • Gauss Gun: Both of his twin Destroyer barrels will glow red while magical beams begins crackling in front of them. Three seconds later, a giant solid spreading red laser of damage will blast forward. Deals incredible damage, but has a long warning sign.
  • Accelerate: Will begin blasting wave after wave of Spreadshot rounds, each progressively firing earlier than the last until its a monsoon of bullets. Lasts varying amounts of time, but no more than twenty waves.
  • Overkill: Each of the barrel symbols and the eyes of his skull symbol will begin glowing and crackling a golden yellow, before releasing Streamliner-like beams straight forward all at once (creating like a web of bullet lines). Ends a few seconds later. He cannot move during this time.
  • Bullet Wrap: Will fire purple homing shots for eight seconds, that sort of lightly bend toward the player, but not with so much effort its unavoidable. These bullets also do less damage.

The Tres Geminos

  • Munitions: Fires out two waves of Hunter shots from all of his barrels. Shots leave behind black and white goo that inflicts Stunned and Confused for 5 seconds.
  • Vortex of Death: Fire rate increases to 5x of usual as he begins spinning incredibly fast for three seconds. For every shot that connects, a Tear of Panzer will spawn at the Avatar's body
  • Adcommodatus: Will begin to flash red and move at 4x speed as it begins charging players and targeting the nearest players.
  • Vestibulum: Its barrels begin spraying HUNDREDS of slow moving Gunner bullets which quickly spread out randomly like a Machine Gun.
  • Armada: Each of its barrels will fire out a triangle with a barrel on each side. The six triangles will all fire simultaneously before all disappearing at once in a burst of black and white goo.
  • Complexum Hamo: Its barrels will fire out purple beams. Players or shapes that enter those purple beams will begin being rapidly sucked toward the Avatar and suffer massive Body Damage if they touch him.

Phase 4: Omniscient

Entered at 30% Health


The Void is cracked! All players will be warped to a small cliff-side made of rocky interlinked hexagon tiles. The arena itself is pretty small for the number of people, about 70 tiles back and 150 tiles left and right. From over the cliff-side, Phase 4 stands.


The Avatar of Panzer takes on the form of a skull, with two giant white cracked squares each with long conjoined barrels making fingers, one on each side. The deep eye sockets glow red and occasionally a blast of yellow will emerge from all around the body. Beneath the skull is a large yellow scarf-like cape hanging connected to a red-cloaked body extending from beyond the edge of the cliff face.

Who's face is that we've seen before...?


  • Smash: Will raise one of the arms and smash the fist into the ground, sending out a ring of thirty-two Destroyer bullets that will pulsate in size.
  • Abyss: The eyes will flash, the Avatar will turn its head, and then the eyes will fire twin laser beams, one from each eye. Inflicts Burning, Slowed, and Broken for 4 seconds.
  • Placebo: Will lower his head, raise his hands, and then fire out soundwave-like bursts of bullets from his hands. They are all purple, and if they connect, they will do damage to that player then bounce off of them to try and hit another.
  • Cataclysm: Will have the animation of taking a breath, followed by a single giant laser beam fired from the skull, which will sweep a 90 degree angle back and forth once.
  • Honor: Will back off into the blackness, so only the glowing eyes and the crown's gem can be seen. Soon after, two Sons of Panzer will begin spawning at a time, until all have been killed. A wave will not spawn until the last one has been defeated. Afterward, the Avatar will re-emerge. Used once, at 212,000 health.
  • Valor: Will back off into the blackness, so only the glowing eyes and the crown's gem can be seen. Soon after, two Final Sons will begin spawning at a time, until they have all been killed. Unlike the random pairs of the Sons of Panzer in Honor, it will always be The Warhand and The Harbinger followed by The Pestilent and The Siphon. Used once, at 106,000 health.
  • Bastion: The eyes will flash red and then yellow, followed by three streams of bullets going back and forth, each at the angle of a Tri-Shot firing. Players must move back and forth with them while standing between as to not get hit. Shots inflict Confused and Slowed for 3 seconds!
  • You Know Not: The skull will release a giant red bullet that travels forward until its about halfway through the length of the platform (about thirty tiles deep), and then stops moving. Afterwards, four Destroyer bullets will appear and rotate around that bullet, releasing streams of bullets as they orbit, creating spreading waves of bullets. After a few seconds, the Destroyer bullets will explode into rings of sixteen homing bullets. Once all that ends, the main shot bursts into four laser beams in the cardinal directions.
  • Guardian: Will cover his skull with both of his hands, followed by occasionally peeping out while moving left and right, firing a laser. Is really annoying, as the Avatar is Armored during this attack.
  • Sorrow: Will put his hands too his eyes sort of like during Guardian, but instead of becoming Armored and attacking, the Avatar will stand in place and weep, releasing swarms of Tears of Panzer from each eye for multiple seconds before moving his hands again and continuing on. Is Broken during this attack.
  • Vindication: Will move both arms, as four purple bullets the size of Dominators begin rotating around them. These will block shots, slowly moving around the hands, blocking shots. After a few seconds, they will spawn three orbitals evenly spaced each, which will block shots for them. A few seconds even after that, the four main bullets will fire outward in the direction they're facing, have their three orbitals launch outward, and then have the main bullets explode into rings of thirty-two bullets outward in wavy patterns.
  • Hand of God: Will create three glowing red holographic copies of each hand, two on one side of each original and one on the other. They will begin chasing players, leaving behind black and white goo tiles that inflict Stunned and Confused for 4 seconds as they go. These tiles last 30 seconds. The hand clones themselves vanish after 12 seconds.
  • Ensnare: Will throw both arms out as black targets begin to dot the arena. Giant spikes will shoot up from the ground one at a time in the orders the targets appear. The targets and spikes appear and rise quickly, and there are numerous. Do not be fooled. Players hit by any will suffer heavy damage and be Paralyzed for 1 second, possibly exposing them to more.
  • Hymn of Panzer: A slowed version of the first few seconds of the game's title theme will play as the arena slowly darkens so much that only the yellow eyes of the Tears of Panzer that flood the arena during this ability can be seen. The Avatar's eyes and crown gem can still be seen glowing if you're stupid enough not to pay attention.
  • Smite Thee: Will angrily throw up an arm and point the finger of the hand at a location, a very large black and red target appearing for two seconds before a massive explosion that does incredible damage and inflicts Burning for 4 seconds strikes there.
  • Bloody Ritual: An aura will emanate from the Avatar as giant holographic golden copies of the Archprophet's sword will begin appearing and spinning in place, before launching themselves that the closest player, dealing powerful damage and inflicting Bleeding for 3 seconds. The Avatar will heal for the total damage done. There will be many swords, and each vanishes after the dash, regardless of if they hit or miss.
  • Cacophony: A booming laugh will sound, as many Dungeon Crawlers begin flooding into the arena through Portals. These Portals will not stop summoning until destroyed, in contrast to other Portals, and when they do close, a massive burst of black and white goo will shoot out of them.
  • Sanctify: Will relax as both arms sort of sweep outward, bright white circles dotting the arena. They act as barriers that not only absorb shots, but will send them back out from one of the OTHER circles randomly. Players that enter them will also take heavy damage every second and be left Burning for another 2 seconds when they walk out of them. Sanctuary circles will be summoned in varying sizes and density around each other.

Death Animation

Tears will begin rolling down the face of the skull, looking back and forth as its skeletal hands start to crack and break into pieces. Looking down as the body crumbles and the robe and scarf falls.

Static now, back in The Void...

The Avatar takes the form of an angel split down the middle by color. The left side is white with a black eye and the right side is black with a white eye. The form splits in half, goo trying to connect the two together to no avail. Desperately reaching out for each other before melting into the ground.

Static again, but location doesn't change...

The goo piles recombine, and start shifting between all fifteen forms it can assume in Phase 3, slowly sinking back into the ground.

Static once more, faster now...

A rift forms... not too far away from where the prior part of the cinematic occurs. The goo begins slowly being pulled toward it, crying in a black and white form of the Archprophet. With a final pull, his grasp is wrung free and the body is vacuumed into the rift, the crown and torn scarf landing neatly on the ground.

Static again, back in the Sanctum, where the Archprophet was fought...

The Archprophet appears, laughing his 'OH HO HO', before vanishing in a cloud of black and white smoke. The game mode ends in a fade to black, static consuming the screen.

You have just delayed the inevitable... no more. I am eternal. You die...


  • The final boss of The Tale of Diep, the long-running, month spanning epic of Diep.io which is too far beyond the expectations of coding for the game at this point.
    • Despite being the official final boss, it is more the icing on the cake. While difficult, the atmosphere, intensity, formality, and meaning of the Archprophet fight almost directly preceding it holds much more weight and is much more comparable to that of a final boss. It is near impossible to lose this fight, as players can keep respawning endlessly. The only way to lose is for EVERYONE to give up.
  • The boss is representative of the fact that Panzer is still actually trying to form himself mid-battle. It doesn't work out and he has to revert to a glorified form of the Archprophet by Phase 4. He never could reach Phase 4.
    • There was a planned Phase 6, but it was scrapped due to time and cheesiness.
  • Avatar of Panzer has the most health of every boss in The Tale of Diep, at 600,000+, increasing by 30,000 for every player above 60.
    • Despite this, the added health of the Sons of Panzer and Final Sons spawned during Honor and Valor in Phase 4 makes this a lot more.
    • Archprophet is half of his health points, for second place though, at 600,000.
  • This boss, like The Void itself, sends you on a large trip down memory lane... all the hard work you did to get where you did and all of the challenges you had to overcome to reach the great god himself.
  • In Phase 3, some attacks from every form were removed, for either being too long, requiring a certain health pool, or for having a health recovery ability. Should I have oversighted one, point it out and it shall be removed.
    • The Fallen King lost a lot of attacks in his warped form because of this.
  • Panzer really wasn't evil. He was just the creator of the world who happened to favor other things over tanks. He had nothing against them, but they demonized him especially. For hundreds of generations, tanks have been brainwashed to thinking otherwise...
    • This was detailed and hinted at in BIG SECRET 4: THE OMEGA.
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