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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

The Ballista is a tank that upgrades from the Basic Tank at level 15 in the Tale of Diep, and can further upgrade into the Griever or Eagle. Created by Diepmon. Based off an idea by Zathsu.


It has a crossbow-like shield on the front of the tank, but there is a normal tank barrel in the middle of the crescent.


The Ballista has a slowed (about 75% of the average tank) fire rate but shoots red arrows. Arrows (which look like tiny spinning triangles) have a 50% chance of dealing 2x damage and do more damage than a Sniper. The tank cannon becomes more like a crossbow, but with a pointed tip. The class is good for surprise kills, but not on the level of the Sniper, which is its balance in comparison, due to a lack of increase in view range.