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The Bane of Drones is a Gladiator Boss that has a 5% chance of replacing a Defender spawn. Created by Zathsu.


The Bane of Drones has had a knack for controlling the lesser sentient beings of the realm, the Drones. However, he could never find a way to master the art of summoning them, like an Overlord. So instead, he delved into a much more forgotten and taboo art, Control. He decided that the best way to get their command was to force them under his will. And now he is a feared gladiator that all drone users are CERTAIN to fall to. But one day, he was conquered by Royale, the champion of the arena, whom left him mortally wounded. Dr. Lacus (still under the alias Dr. Tanker) went to great lengths to keep him alive, using experimental parts and pieces. Now he wants revenge against not only the acclaimed warrior who ruined his life, but the spectators who cheered his rival on!


The Bane of Drones is a giant dark gray tank with rusty metal patches over it in many places. It has one black pleading eye, and one giant red cyber eye on the left. He has one arm and hand, the hand being a Smasher tank.



  • Drone Control: All drones in a 100x100 tile radius will become dark gray and circle him in a pink shockwave. They are now his permanently. (BTW, the Bane of Drones has a 100 Drone Count)
  • Mow Down: His hand will grow to 10x size, and begin chasing after players slowly for 4 seconds.
  • Hone In: All drones will converge in one player and chase after them for 8 seconds, or until they or the player die.
  • Kinetic Split: Duplicates all drones in his control. If this would result in him overgoing his 100 drone limit, it will max at 100.
  • Drone Stream: Will release three streams of eight Drones outward in a straight lines like a Tri Shot. If they do not die, they will return to him for reuse.
  • Drone Burst: Will have all drones form a clean circle around him, and release them outward in all directions. Drones that live will return for reuse.
  • Drone Wave: Will line them all up in front of him, then fire them forward in a spreading wave. If drones live, they will return for reuse.
  • By Chance: If he does not gain ANY drones under his control for 30 seconds, 50 will magically pump out from all around his body.
  • Drone Destroy: Requires him to have all 100 drones he can have. They will grow to double size, and chase the closest player until death. These massive drones have the health of a Blue Pentagon.
  • Drone Immunity: Passive effect that's always active. Immune to drones of all types.


  • Just for fun, I realized this now, it almost rhymes with 'Game of Thrones'.
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