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The Battle Carrier is a Polygon Boss that spawns in various areas in The Realm such as Paradigm Dunes, Shattered Coasts, and Neverest Mountains. It appears to be an upgraded form of a Guardian. Unlike its predecessor, it has a much bigger arsenal, but less use of certain attacks. Battle Carrier's strength comes from the variety of small armed minions it can produce from its large back spawner. With that, combined with turrets and small Crasher spawners placed on the other two sides, this boss can really put up a fight.


The origins of the Battle Carrier started as a project by Octrax to promote the use of mountable weaponry, like how the Defender was weaponized. He wanted to find improvement in the already infamous Guardians that were sent out to defend most of the Polygons at this point. While Pentavian (and the Polygon Mother) insists not to tamper with preexisting potential summons, both eventually came in agreement to continue this experimentation. In the bigger picture, the breakthrough with creating larger guardsmen, like Leviathans, nearly all Disciples were inspired to incorporate the shared newfound technology, and more giants arose because of this.

The Battle Carrier was not only just larger, but also uses minions. Large scale entities like Guardians are at this point hard to incorporate into smaller bodies. While not entirely well-understood, smaller Polygons are less able to have weapons attached to them without having to interfere with their internal components. As for the Battle Carrier, they had to engineer and modify the Crashers themselves once again. A few new types arose, such as XL's and Splitter Pentagons.

XL Crashers became the point of interest to innovation. Pentavian, Octrax, and many honorable engineering scientist picked by him were able to successfully convert these special Crashers into the current-day Battle Carrier minion. They not only were exclusive to the boss, but also serve in the protection of Polygon-inhabited areas, where bosses couldn't reach. This is how Nest Defenders came, and it begins here. These are since incorporated into the ever-expanding repertoire of possible summons.

Battle Carriers were created along with Leviathans to aid in assaults against the Tank Empire during the The Old Era. Currently they still remain in use as full on protectors for the Pentagons. Occasional conquests are held, involving many of them to barge into Tank-Empire territory.


Battle Carrier has many similarities to a Guardian, but it is much larger. Like the Guardian, it is a large pink Triangle. Three heavy-auto cannons evenly placed in a similar fashion as the Defender, the difference is that they appear larger and there are trapezoidal bases between the turret body and its barrel, having similarities to a Ranger in design. Three small and short trapezoidal spawners are placed evenly on the front two sides. These produce small Crashers, like the Guardian. Lastly, a large and wide back spawner is placed on the back side of the boss. It has a small trapezoidal back extension onto the main body.


Auto Turrets

There are three heavy auto turrets on the top of the boss. They fire fairly strong bullets but with a slower reload time. Bullets move at a high speed, making them harder to avoid. All turrets have 360 degree rotation.

Small Spawners

The side spawners on the Battle Carrier are much smaller than normal ones, each spawner can summon up to 4 Crashers, making a total of 24 entirely. The spawners will produce 2 Crashers per second, 1/3 the rate of a Guardian. Crashers have the same stats as those made by the Guardian.


Minions are the boss's main form of attack. They are launched from the back minion spawner, which will respawn one 15 seconds after one dies. There are four types of minions, all having at least one weapon and their own ways of attacking. Minions created by the Battle Carrier are also classified as Nest Defenders, as they can independently spawn in Pentagon Nests. The boss can have a max of 10 minions at once.


Guardian Lites

Guardian Lites are one of the four minions that can be spawned by a Battle Carrier. It takes the appearance of a Guardian, but smaller. They have one small spawner that produces small Crashers at a rate of 4 per second. It can have a max of 8 controllable Crashers. It simply sends them at the nearest target at once. Guardian Lite does not force Crashers to return once it sends them. Crasher stats are exactly like those spawned by the Battle Carrier.

Guardian Lites move somewhat slowly. They usually come at their targets from the side, and when getting close enough they will turn around and return back to the Battle Carrier. While attacking, it sends its following Crashers at the target.

Guardian Lites have 430 HP. Upon contact they will deal 15 HP of body damage. They regenerate 4 HP per second, increasing by 500% when left unharmed for 30+ seconds.


Dashers are one of the four minions that can be spawned by a Battle Carrier. They have a small auto cannon on top of it that fires bullets with decent penetration and damage. The cannon has moderate reload. Dashers also have a back spawner can create a max of four Crashers at once. These are exactly the same ones spawned by the Guardian in stats. It respawns Crashers at a slow rate.

Dashers move somewhat slowly, but they occasionally speed up when they trail too far behind the boss or while following their target. Dashers attempt to encircle their enemies while the cannon fires at them and their miniature Crashers tracking down the target. They will keep doing this until either having sustained enough damage or getting too far from the Battle Carrier.

Occasionally while fighting, Dashers are able to increase speed by 500% for 1.5 seconds to avoid dangers such as ammunition. They quickly slow down after dashing.

Dashers have 400 HP. Upon contact they will deal 15 HP of body damage. They regenerate 4 HP per second, increasing by 500% when left unharmed for 30+ seconds.

They have an uncanny similarity in appearance and functionality to the Crasher Dasher prototype polygon.

Crash Fighters

Crash Fighters are one of the four minions that can be spawned by a Battle Carrier. They have two small cannons that shoot small, medium-low damage and penetration bullets. The cannons fire rapidly. Crash Fighters also have a spawner on the back that creates a max of four small Crashers, which aren't directly controlled and will target the nearest enemy. Spawner and Crasher stats are exactly like Dashers.

Crash Fighters are the quickest of the four. They will speed up when trailing too far from the Battle Carrier, and when attacking. While attacking, they charge head-on to an enemy. When within 3 tiles to an enemy, Crash Fighters will turn back away from their target and once reaching enough distance, repeats its original action. Crash Fighters will leave and return closely the Battle Carrier if sustaining enough damage.

Crash Fighters have 430 HP. Upon contact they will deal 15 HP of body damage. They regenerate 4 HP per second, increasing by 500% when left unharmed for 30+ seconds.

Caltrop Fighters

Caltrop Fighters are one of the four minions that can be spawned by a Battle Carrier. They launch medium-high penetration traps that does moderate damage. Fire rate is somewhat low.

Caltrop Fighters are the slowest of the four. It plays as a more defensive type, instead of attacking its enemies, it follows the Battle Carrier to protect it from harm. When low in health, they try to get even closer to the boss. When the Battle Carrier has 1/4 of its health remaining, these are only produced.

Caltrop Fighters have 500 HP. Upon contact they will deal 16 HP of body damage. They regenerate 4 HP per second, increasing by 500% when left unharmed for 30+ seconds.


The Battle Carrier moves slower than the Guardian because of its size. This boss rely mainly on its minions to defend it, but it can also use its Crashers and auto cannons for self-defense. It rapidly recreates a random minion type if it gets destroyed. When it hits 1/4 of its health, it will only spawn Caltrop Fighters to make a shield of traps around it.

Death Animation

Upon reaching 0 HP, the Battle Carrier slows down and stops moving. Minature explosions where the small spawners and auto cannons are begin to happen. The body begins to form white cracks coming from the sides. Beams of light emerges from the cracks and shortly after, the Battle Carrier explodes in white flash. The large back spawner gets flung out for a small distance before also exploding. The other various weapons break off and land onto the ground, fading away after 12 seconds.


  • Caltrops are spiked objects used to impede travel for vehicles or horsemen. Since they have similarities to Traps in both purpose and design, it would make sense to use them as an alternate name for just traps.
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