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"Beware the metal man. For he has gone to hell and back, with no one to hear his tale..."


Belisarius is one of the three main villains of The Tale of Diep, serving as the head of the Praetorian Legion, the Archprophet's personal guard. He is a recurring encounter, being the big brute the Archprophet first sends after any Tank Empire soldier who dare try to be a hero and battle against him. The Archprophet puts great trust in Belisarius, relying on him for taking down intruders in the Tower of Gladii, leading legions of his army, heading his personal guard and secret police, and a lot of other minor tasks such as exterminating entire populations single-handedly. Fear the name and do not step into the bright blue gaze of the ever-powerful guardian Belisarius.


Belisarius is one of the oldest-serving members of the Archprophet and his Cult of Panzer. Belisarius wasn't always a robotic warrior, beginning as your average high-ranking cultist serving the Archprophet. It wasn't until a fateful Cult Raid near the dawn of The Middle Era following the end of the Dormancy Period where Belisarius would truly begin to rise prominently. Belisarius was severely wounded by the great Tank Empire hero, Aero (protagonist of Curtain of Steel), who brought him to the edge of death in battle.

Through the miracle mechanical work of the terrible Dr. Lacus, Belisarius was restored but not without the cost of most of his biological body. Replaced by much machinery, loss of vocal communication, and reliance on the large packs on his back to breathe and/or power his body, Belisarius was made a massive, intimidating, cyborg. This caught the Archprophet's attention, who soon made him the head of the Praetorian Legion after blood had been spilled unto his name. Belisarius now remains a silent but ever strong and loyal menace who stands taller than two men and can fight ten times that at once. His two main characteristics are his titanic gauntlet on his right hand, and the powerful cannon on his left, which can switch between different types of weapons. Belisarius now relies on power packs on his back to retain movement, and should they deplete, his mechanical pieces, most of which guide his ability to move around, will be entirely frozen, yet he will remain aware of the situations around him. Thus, Belisarius always likes to make sure he's sufficently charged before entering battle.

Tank Design

Curtain Of Steel

Belisarius with the other two main villains of the Tale of Diep.

Belisarius is a large metallic tank with an exaggerated top half, like layered metal armor. The front of his upper plate has a blue sigil that glows bright blue. Above this is an indentation that acts as an entry point to the armor, where Belisarius' 'neck' and helmet emerges from, covered by two horizontal metal bars. The helmet is almost disc-like, but not really to the point of being flat and ovular. It is sort of an oval shape with a declining cone-like shape. The slit in the helmet for his gray eyes to shine through also follow his triangular point downward. Two horns emerge from the top of the helmet.

To the left and right of his helmet, connecting to the armored body, are two large, metal-plated, spiked shoulders. By extension, his arms, braced by metal rims and reinforced by large metal-plated armguards, both connect into large weapons. His left arm leads into a massive energy-based Destroyer cannon, which can also switch between various other types of weapons at a whim. His right arm leads into a massive metal gauntlet with a sigil on it similar to his chest plate, but a much larger more exaggerated triangle shape.

ZathusBoss Belisarius Depleted

When he runs out of power in Club Panzer.

From his back, four 'power packs' extend upward and downward, two each direction. Each has three bars of blue energy, and exaggerated ends. These will deplete as Belisarius remains active, notably during the Club Panzer chase sequence, where players escape him due to his running out of power. At the bottom of his body is a large spawner-like extension.


Belisarius is encountered multiple times throughout The Tale of Diep, and fought thrice. When he's not fought in a battle, he's usually chasing players down hallways doing simple attacks as players flee.

Chase Sequences

Chase Sequence BGM, created by Tacocat247:

Chase sequences are areas where Belisarius will run down a hallway or multiple hallways while using simple attacks and forcing the players in said direction. Chases usually end with him being too large to fit through certain doorways or compartments. The main gamemode this chase sequence mechanic appears in is Mad Science (but does happen elsewhere), with him usually breaking in through the walls and chasing the players through a section of the level.

During a chase sequence the camera will zoom in heavily on the player, and the screen will rotate itself to put the players running down toward the bottom of the screen and Belisarius behind them. Players have no control over this but can effect how fast they run, and players that fall too far behind will be grabbed by Belisarius and thrown like a projectile, suffering massive damage, typically. Players will have to move left and right entirely on their own, and if a hallway turns, the turn will happen automatically as the camera will rotate to make moving through it down. Belisarius always moves at the same speed, and players cannot travel too far ahead, as forward is the bottom edge of the screen.

Belisarius will use very simple attacks during the chase sequence, choosing one relatively three seconds after the last one. This gives some strategy to the encounters other than just running away and trying to stay fast enough. These attacks, despite the gamemode of encounter, are:

  • Sweep Blast: His cannon will retract and reform into a Vulcan, and he will sweep the barrel from left to right. Despite the barrel looking like a Vulcan, this is only aesthetic, and the shots themselves will be normal-sized and there will be about eight of them in a spread made one at a time as he sweeps his cannon, that players can squeeze through.
  • Target Shot: Will place a red target marker on the ground where players are which will flash red and yellow quickly. Two seconds later, it will become solid orange, and a powerful Annihilator shot will be fired there from his large cannon, dealing incredible damage to players caught in, and within 2 tiles of the blast, which explodes on contact with the ground.
  • Rocket Fist: His gauntlet's blue sigil will flash white before he moves to the left, right, or center, aims it in front of him, and fires it off in a straight line, piercing through players and dealing damage, before boomeranging back into his wrist socket.
  • Bombard: His cannon will turn into a Gunner-like one, and he will begin randomly firing off a barrage of four to six explosive bullets one at a time. Each one is like an individually weaker Target Shot, but a lot less focused.
  • Power Throw: If a player falls too far behind and comes within Belisarius' reach, he will grab them with his fist, and throw them like a projectile forward toward the players. Anyone hit takes damage equal to that player's body damage, and the thrown player rarely survives.

Chase sequences usually end when Belisarius is too large to fit through a gap that players can (like players entering the ventilation shaft to escape his first chase sequence in Mad Science). There are instances where he will 'fake end' the sequence, by acting like he's stuck behind a wall or something, before breaking through it with a swing of his gauntlet.

Most chase sequence layouts are explained on the pages of the gamemodes they appear in, shown under the infobox at the top of the page.


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  • Belisarius himself was quite an originally shoehorned in concept, but it's going to grow dramatically into something I think people will love. He has roots in an inspiration from another game and the addition was pretty clearly due to it.
  • Belisarius contrasts both the Archprophet's goofy but terrifying and competent nature and Dr. Lacus' generally hammy nature with his mute and serious stature. He is also the only big three villain who gets no dialogue whatsoever, once again, due to his condition.
  • The Curtain of Steel design of Belisarius came far before the tank design for him, making him the first Tale of Diep character whose humanized art came before their Tale of Diep variant. This was because Belisarius was originally going to be a Curtain of Steel EXCLUSIVE character.
    • Because of this, some aspects of his backstory will be altered between adaptations. While his backstory in-page now says he lost his ability to breathe without the packs, this may change in the Tale of Diep game to just being how he powers his body. The breathing exposition will only come to fruition in Curtain of Steel.
  • Belisarius' very first design featured cannons on his back instead of upward fuel packs. Originally those only stretched downward with a large jetpack thruster connecting them. This has obviously changed in recent artwork, now with him having four fuel packs, two stretching upward and two stretching downward.
    • Other design changes came in his height. Originally Belisarius stood no taller than the Archprophet himself in Curtain of Steel art (which features humanized versions of the three villains), but now he stands taller and larger than many of the other characters in-and-out of The Tale of Diep game, as well as Curtain of Steel.
  • While not a creation of Dr. Lacus, Belisarius owes his life to him, and is almost more loyal to the doctor than he is to the one he's trying to protect.
    • This is why Belisarius appears not once, but TWO different times in Mad Science, trying to stop players from reaching Dr. Lacus.
  • Doesn't like toy.
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